Unfortunate Times in a Bar

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Welcome to Wingate Bar. This is where all supernatural beasts of any kind decide to meet up and talk or just get drunk and start a fight.

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Ike frowned and grasped his shoulder. "I... I need to calm down..." He murmured to himself.
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 8d 3h 44m 53s
"LEE?! LEE?!" Omid yelled out for Lee...no respond back.
  Omid / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 8d 14h 45m 44s
Ike growled out and held his shoulder while grimacing. "Hhhgnnnnhh....."
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 10d 8h 38m 28s
Omid walking past the bar, he takes out his glass pane, he sighs. "Lee...Where are you.."
  Omid / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 10d 15h 8m 55s
Ike huffed, then looked at his fingertips as the nails slowly grew into claws. "Not now...."
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 11d 9h 1m 13s
Um... Bye! *He teleports away, a bit scared.*

What the hell was that about Slappy..must of nothing..
  Slappy The Dummy / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 11d 16h 43m 36s
"What? Do you want me to help you find someone? Honestly, a fine person like you should...." He couldn't finish the sentence as he grimaced.
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 30d 11m 21s

*Slappy sighed, he wondered wheres R.L Stine*
  Slappy The Dummy / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 30d 13m 21s
He huffed, then stood up. His back cracked, and he grunted in pain.
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 30d 15m 21s
Get up you Dummy.

*Eyes turn to red then back to blue*
  Slappy The Dummy / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 30d 17m 32s
"Honestly I don't really care at all... All I care about is honestly nothing."
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 30d 19m 27s

*Slappy looks at Ike like a death stare* .. *Slappy sigh*
  Slappy The Dummy / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 30d 21m 1s
"Uh.... Not really, but... I don't really care..." He said.
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 30d 21m 42s
No, it's fine. Heh. I understand how you feel because it usually happens to me on here as well]]
  Ike [pre-tf] / Omnifox / 4y 30d 22m 31s
This is stupid.... *He said in his mind* you do know what I'm trying to do huh Dummy?
  Slappy The Dummy / _FNAF_TALE_ / 4y 30d 23m 3s

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