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"Oh no problem sir~" Weasel sang as leading him to his room. The bee's sheets had been changed and new clothes were on his bed. A pleasing scent came from the bathroom since Weasel had used herbs in the tub for relaxation. Weasel ran to the tea set and poured some hot tea for Ryuu and served it to him letting him drink as carefully taking off his clothes to prepare him for bath. Weasel then led him in the warm water but his services did not end here. He gently massaged the Summoner's shoulders explaining for his ease. "I noticed you are anxious for some reasons so I thought maybe this would help." Weasel also helped with washing his hair then left the bathroom with his permission to give him privacy for the rest of his body. Once Ryuu was done bathing, Weasel helped him with dressing himself when Ryuu was ready to sleep, Weasel turned into his animal form again and ran around excitedly, making sure everything in the room was clean and okay.

"Eric!" Juno gasped as the man fell over. She tried shaking him but he was out. Her heart slammed against her ribcage, feeling alone and helpless. Cyan had told her she was not going to live much long anyway. She didn't want to be alone her last days of life so preferred to lay beside Eric and watch him with wide eyes. She shakily poked his horn then touched his wings gently. They were real. This confused her more but she didn't think much about it and soon fell asleep beside Eric. What they both didn't notice was a small mirror moving around until the reflection of Artemis appeared. She looked over at the sleeping Eric and frowned. Suddenly the mirror hit Eric's head to wake him up before she adjusted it again.
  valkyira / 42d 21h 34m 50s
Ryuu looked after Dosia, listening to her words and watching her get up and leave him in the garden. She was right that he’d have to choose wisely and he smiled to that, having already admitted that he wasn’t a wise person. He then felt something scramble up him and he caught a glimpse of the fluffy little weasel before it jumped onto his head and then scurried down and changed into his human form. He held his smile and nodded to what the servant was saying, standing up and stretching a little before heading back to his room. “Thank you for coming to get me Weasel.” He said before walking after the hyper servant, hoping tonight he wouldn’t be visited by the Duchess Succubus or either one of the Vampires.

Eric winced and huffed as the Minister pulled his head up to look at him and when he was told to rest, he felt suddenly tired. He didn’t want to feel tired, he wanted to still be angry, to attack Johar, to act and fight. But he couldn’t bring himself to do any of that and he stayed where he was, hearing the trapdoor open and close. He didn’t react when Juno was let go by the monsters and he only really noticed her again when she raced over and hugged him. He winced at how sore he felt from all of the symbols and Light magic tested on him, and the tiredness was encroaching on his thoughts.

“Juno…” He mumbles as she began to apologize with a sorrowful tone. “Juno… It’s alright.” He said, not having anything else to say. “It’s alright right.” He repeated and looked up towards the ceiling, towards the real trapdoor that the minister had left through. Slowly his eyes closed and after a minute of sitting still his body leaned, falling over, unconscious from all the strain that he’d just endured.

Valerie stood alone in the field outside of her castle. She was alone with her thoughts but not completely by herself. Soldiers waited at the castle doors and those who lived closest to the castle wall could see her in the field. All watching all waiting for something to happen. Noon had passed, the All Demon was making her said, making the Light squirm. Many had demanded that she refuse and she planned to, not having any chance of putting her own life on the line for some Demon’s game. But what did he intend on doing if she refused.

“I know you’re here…” She whispered and lifted her head up as the wind began to blow. Around her, she had a black furred cloak, large and heavy and brushing the ground around her feet. It made her stand out against the wild grass and the pale reddening sky above. She had ordered to meet the All Demon alone, to face him for the Light Nation. To do what her role was and to lead the threat away before it added to the coming war. A gust of sharp cold wind made her narrow her eyes and she could see Karim’s form, dark like the night sky, this time having seemingly stars shining through his skin. He’d come alone, but so had she.

“You’re late.” She said,

“[b And you noticed.]” He replied coolly, “[b Have you come to a decision?]”

“What happens if I refuse?” She asked and Karim paused.

“[b You know that Lilith sang to create and destroy, well, in her desperate attempts to create something like her, I got the latter of her songs. It certainly would be a shame for the Light to fall to a simply. Little. Song.]” He purred and gazed expectantly at the Grey Queen.

“Fine.” She said in a quiet mutter. “We will win the war at all costs.. And according to your deal, you will get nothing from it.”

“[b Of course.]” Karim said with a quiet delight in his tone, “[b And you have my weapon?]”

“And you will not interfere again.” Valerie replied with a nod, holding out her hand for him to shake. At this the All Demon paused and lifted his hand up, raising his palm above hers and brushing his claws across the top of her hand and fingers. This action made her yank her hand back and stare at him, wanting to shiver.

“[b Be sure that you win. Everything you have depends on it.]” He growled in a sobering tone and his form faded, disappearing completely as the sun began to set.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 42d 22h 31m 31s
"...Building of trust you say." Dosia was now staring forward at the flowers. "Do you know what trust is?" Her blue eyes narrowed slightly. "Trust has its meaning when there is no fear of betraying. When it is a 'choice' to act purely. But you..." The queen suddenly placed a hand on Ryuu's, making him look in her eyes. "You are only scared. This is how an immortal takes control of mortals. Fear of death and being forgotten. Trust has no meaning for a mighty being. You have no choice but to gain 'Trust' in order to live and be noticed by her. You are just sacrificing your life to revenge, I guess. You hate the ones who shunned you, don't you? So you will do anything to prove yourself. You keep serving the most powerful queen to prove yourseld. Oh, how easy for a ruler to take advantage of a desperate elite. Don't. Don't throw away your life this. There will be a time, when you look back and regret. I was about to lose my throne once and that was when I found out how irresponsible I had been. I was lucky to find people who helped me sincerely. Else, I would have just been like you...A mere refugee seeking for attention of a powerful being. It is not too late. We only live once. Why are you gifting this precious life to an ungrateful immortal? Nobody can ruin your life only yourself so...choose wisely, do you really want to give up your own desires and try to keep up with an independent being? Or find your own place among the ones whom you can trully affect their lives?" The queen pulled back her hand and stood.
"We will give you some time to think about it." She then walked away, leaving him be. Ryuu wasn't left alone much long because the fluffy weasel suddenly ran up his legs and in a second was on his head, more like waiting for a pet or something then again he hopped down before changing back into his human form. "Good night, sir! Master told me to keep serving you since for some odd reasons unprofessional servants had been doing it! I have prepared you tea and bath. It will relax your muscles and help you sleep better!" He bowed his head with a grin and waited so impatiently for him to move.

Johar stared at him at first in disblief. He was even about to clap his hands once to make a point about him being serious about his threats. But then observing Eric's expression proved Johar wrong. He sighed in annoyance and again grabbed the demon by the horn to pull him up and got in his face with narrowed eyes. "Very well. Rest for now. I will find out myself in the hard way." He dropped him down and walked to the trapdoor before climbing up the ladder after Cyan and it was pulled up, the door shutting. Juno was dropped down by the monsters and the first thing she did after getting her vision fixed was hurrying to Eric and hugging him despite fearing his new appearance. "Eric!" She was just so happy like nothing bad had happened. "I'm sorry...I..I wasn't brave as you wanted me to and I...escaped the orphanage." The little girl confessed sorrowfully.
  valkyira / 42d 23h 21m 16s
Ryuu nodded to all the questions she was asking but he didn’t answer a single one, not yet. He knew it didn’t make sense, living in such a hostile state, have no respect from others that he served alongside. Being one of the only humans in the Castle of the Light. When she brought up the option that this place could be his home inside, he smiled, a little ashamed, and looked away. He’d like that, to live in peace, to start a family, to pass on a legacy. But he’d already taken steps to undo that offer. When she spoke of her confidence and the risk that she knew she was taking, Ryuu turned back towards her looking down slightly, still with the small smile on his face.

“I appreciate the offer you are giving me, Kind Queen.” He said in an almost plight tone. “And you say I am wise, but we both know I am not. If I was we wouldn’t be having this conversation… I was born into the lowest class, I grew up knowing what it’s like to have to fight for my own keep and these gifts, this magic I have. It made all of that obsolete.” He sighed a little regrettably. “If I were wise, I would have realized sooner that my life is not one of servitude. Of blind loyalty. From my life in Chamlek, I was raised so that I would have gladly fought for the joy bloodline, had I not been forced to leave. It hurt me to leave, I was younger and brasher and I didn’t understand the sudden turn of events till I was already in the Light Nation, under the Grey Queen’s rule… You’re right that I can see which place is better. And this decision shouldn’t be hard with how much I gave and what little I got in return…”

The Summoner sighed looking away again and turning his blue eyes up towards the sky. “But I can’t stop thinking, all that pain, the building of trust, everything I lost to start again from the bottom up. It has to be worth something. If I stay, all of that would start again. I appreciate the offer to stay, but these past few days have not made that thought lost to me. As of now we stand on opposite sides of this war. I will be no hindrance to you nor will I be of aid… That actually, is what I really wanted to speak with you about...” Ryuu paused anxiously, hoping the queen would still be willing to listen, even after he told her that he still didn’t wish to stay.

Eric pressed his lips together at the first question, something he couldn’t answer clearly but he was compelled to try. “I don’t know why he changed me. Before I could just control my powers. Just. And now…” He felt a dull ache start up in his head and he shook his head, groaning,

“I can’t think… I can’t be still like this. I want to move, I want to act now! … I want to be changed back.” He held his head in his hands and the headache slightly took his mind off of the pain in his shoulder and wing. “I don’t know if I am 'supposed' to do anything for you… But you can ask the All Demon himself. He said he’d be returning.” This point wasn’t helping Eric in anyway but he had to still mention it.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 16m 43s
The queen turned her head to him staring at his face for a moment before chuckling silently. "Your loyalties lay there..." She whispered and then asked him a question instead of answering. "Why are you loyal to her? What did she give you that we did not? I wonder, I wonder if your situation wasn't better if you had came to Deloriak first for refugee." She tapped on her chin and continued. "As you can see, we have gathered quite the odds here. The humanity is equal to Dark here but in Light nation, what did you see? Tell me, aside from you...Which of the queen's trusted ones is a human? Do the higherups hold any respect towards you? Or you are simply just struggling to stay safe with the Grey Queen by serving her day and night? If she cared the slightest to your safety, she could have easily rescued you. So we are quite curious to know the reason of your stubbornness. This place could be your home where you will be praised for your skills and live as a respected guest in our castle. We even had a dragon here so you won't be much of a trouble for us." She smiled at the last part in a quite warm way.
"So what is your answer? You still 'loyal' to the immortal queen and your mind is set on murdering your own race to please the 'better' ones? Or you finally want to start living your own life and even...start a family?" Her smile was now more like the smile the 'Kindhearted lady' would give.

"You are a wise man, Ryuu. We can tell by your manner, so we are quite sure deep inside that you will clearly see which place is better for you. Sometimes it is necessary to take risks and now we are taking a risk since we believe in our way of ruling and are confident that we can convince you to stay here."

"Good. Finally acting wise." Johar smirked but soon the smirk turn into scowl as he asked the first question, with lower tone since Juno had stopped crying, just sniffling silently as she became dizzy from the position she was held.

"This form. Why, why would All Demon change your appearance? Is there a difference? Since you...Tsk...are 'supposed' to fight for us." He spat at Eric, narrowing his eyes.
  valkyira / 43d 1h 12m 2s
Ryuu didn’t know what he was going to do. He guessed he wanted to know if he missed anything of interest the night before when he missed dinner and he kind of wanted to try again in figuring out why he was brought here. The Summoner now knew that the Vampires had their own secret agenda and he had his but he might be able to use that against them if he played his cards right.

"It is you again, Ryuu." He turned as he saw the Queen walking towards him, looking a little tired herself, as he was sure he did too.

“Your highness.” He greeted her with a bow of his head. He had been pacing in front of the bench he was told to wait by and he stood still, waiting for her to sit before sitting next to her, leaving enough room between them that a third person could sit there. “I must say I’m a little surprised with the range of dark races you have here as guests.” He began gingerly. “I’ve met quite a few of them and they are all interesting to say the least.” He continued, pausing a little as he was just stalling now.

“Though I still wonder, why keep me here. You know of my loyalties and where they lie but you keep me here in the same halls as yourself. In the same place you call home.” He shifted, beating around the bush a little when he decided to ask, “I don’t mean to give you any reason to doubt me, but I do have my ways. What makes you so sure that I won’t find something I’m not supposed to and somehow get that back to the Light Nation?”

The Summoner wasn’t asking to be maniacal or threatening, to make her worry or to taunt her. He was genuinely curious and trying to proceed with caution. He wanted a look at her sharp mind he’d only heard so much about and he wanted to respect her for it, but he had to see her reasoning first.

“[i Rrahhhhrrrggrrr...!]”

Eric snarled as Johar stepped closer to him but when the minister spoke, he surprisingly did quiet down and stopped struggling. He didn’t want to calm down, he wanted to know what had happened to him and he wanted to be changed back. Yet, he felt like he should calm down, for no reason other than he’d been told to. He felt the monster’s weight move off him and he began to sit up, suddenly hissing out in pain as Johar twisted his already hurt wing. His hands both shot up to his shoulders, holding it out of pain before he saw the ladder come down and the servant drag in a little girl. Someone he recognized. He stared at Juno as she flinched at his appearance and he gritted his teeth upon hearing Johar’s little threat. He didn’t want to humor that threat with a response but they way Johar phrased it, demanding that he answer over Juno’s cries. He felt like he had to again.

“No… I don’t want to see that.” Eric mumbled through gritted teeth, unsure of why he was answering. It wasn’t for Juno’s sake, despite the situation. “...” He paused, trying to think of what Johar had asked him that he actually wanted an answer to. He couldn’t think of anything so he turned he gaze towards the minister. “You want me to answer a question?” He stated, apparently needing the minister to fill in the blanks.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 2h 19m 22s
Dosia was in her study, reading letters and writing back to some of them. She had started having headaches and only the herbal drinks could make them tolerable for her. She sighed as setting her pen down, her hand reaching for the cup. She sipped on it, the scent of the herbs calming her down. Normally nobody would disturb her while she was doing paperwork but this time a guard asked for her permission, informing her that the Summoner was looking for her. Dosia sighed heavily, any seconds with the shady man passed like minutes but she had to play along so told the guard to tell Ryuu wait for her in the garden.

Dosia took her time changing in her leisure dress and let her hair down. She kept a small smile on her face as walking through the lively garden to the bench where they had led Ryuu to.

"It is you again, Ryuu." The queen managed to hold back a yawn.

Johar walked beside the restrained Eric and knelt beside him. The minister lowered his head to Eric's ear, hissing to him hatefully. "Shut up and calm down, you lowlife demon slave. You think you can do whatever you want freely now that your pathetic excuse for brother is gone? I told you I have much more options...and yet you dared not taking them seriously." Out of rage, Johar held on the injured wing and bent it some more before calling out firmly. "Cyan!"

Soon from a further corner up there, a ladder was dropped and Cyan climbed down with one hand since the other one was already full. "Stop squirming or I'll hit you again, brat!" The servant whispered angrily to the one in his arm. Once he was down, he dropped it and then yanked the shaky kid up by her arm again. Juno could barely make a sound from fear as she catiously looked around. Her eyes dropped on Eric and her expression changed but seeing his new features and the monsters around him brought back fear and fright and she dropped her gaze again, letting Cyan drag her to Johar.

"I suppose you have met her before? How adorable. Didn't know worms like you care about youngsters." Johar clapped his hands once and Juno yelped as one monkey monster snatched her by ankle and held her upside down, swinging the poor kid like it was going to throw her anytime.

"So, Eric. Answer my questions you want to see her bones breaking one by one?" Johar asked loudly above Juno's sobs.
  valkyira / 43d 2h 56m 29s
Ryuu was getting up and he didn’t shoo Weasle away or tell him that he didn’t need help. He wondered if this was what it was like to have a servant, like Johar, but then again he hardly ever saw Cyan. After getting up and ready, Ryuu ate a little, being mindful in remembering Dosia’s slight berate of him about wasting food. He could almost laugh at that thought.

“Weasel?” He called and watched the boy hop over to him. “For now, I’d like you to go back to your master and tell him that I thank him for having you come help me.” He sounded genuinely pleased and after the boy was gone did his smile fall and he sighed, ruffling his hair back and standing. He might as well start looking for either the Queen or her captain. It wasn’t like he’d have anything else to do and he doubted Abantes would be able to stop the Vampires from coming after him again.

It was no use trying to tire him, hot blood coursed through him and it was boiled with anger. The heat gave him power and the only way to seem to control him was to yank on his horns, like a bull. When the monkey monsters grabbed at him, Eric reached up, clawing with his hands to get them to let go and his wings flapped open, catching a few of the monsters with the hook and he struggled against them. He shouted when one of the monsters caught his wings, bending one in the wrong direction and there was a slight snapping from the joint. With that Eric flailed to free himself and he was dropped but the monsters were still after him.

“[i Damnit…]” He winced holding his shoulder and closing the wings tightly. He heard the chattering of the monsters above him and he ducked as one swiped for his horns. [i Damn these things.] He thought skittering forwards away from the monsters and glancing up towards the trap door. It had been too high for him to reach before but now.. The demon prince decided to take the chance and he leapt up feeling his hands close over the handle of the trap door. His heart was hammering and he thought that maybe there was a way out. But the door didn’t budge, not to be pushed or pulled open.

Like it was locked or… A fake!

The trap door he’d jumped for wasn’t real and he let go, dropping back down to the floor as one of the Monkey monster’s jumped for him. He glanced around the ceiling but he couldn’t find another handle and before he could move, one of the monsters dropped down onto him, pinning him to the ground and holding his head down by his horns.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 4h 37m 9s
The weasel stood/walked in front of the closed door for half an hour before getting bored and changing into his animal form. Weasel jumped around and rolled in the hallway until he spotted N.V coming with tray of lunch. The servant kid didn't notice the animal before the boy appeared right in front of him. N.V stopped and blinked. "Your master is in there?" He asked with a tired tone but the boy shook his head, grinning. "Master Abantes told me to make sure of the guest's comfort. The guest said no disturbing! He is asleep!"
N.V tilted his head but then just shrugged and set the tray down. "He is [b always] asleep. You don't need to be that hyped up for taking care of a lazy ass brat."
Weasel shook his arms in air, protesting. "Nooo!!! He promised he will be up by evening!"
"Heh. Sure thing. Then he will act like he has no sleep. A whiny loser." N.V walked off and Weasel scratched his head. He picked the tray up and smelled the soup. It smelt horrible. Not like Abantes' meals. But his master always said to cherish guests. Ryuu would never like such a thing or worse, think that Deloriak's cooking is bad! He had to change it in kitchen but...he had been told not to leave the door. Else how could he make sure nobody would enter the room? Weasel whispered and looked around desperately until he spotted Liz who just [b happened] to be around Ryuu's room. Weasel hurried towards the surprised girl and started explaining the problem. Liz blushed immediately as offering her help.
On evening, Weasel opened the door curiously to see if Ryuu was awake or not. "Lunch, sir?" He walked in and set the tray on the table. The meal was much different from what N.V had brought earlier. Liz had cooked him soup and meat loaves herself. Weasel didn't just leave. Unlike Cat, he knew how to be a good servant. The boy ran around and brought Ryuu his clothes and even helped him put them on. He was quick and hyper the whole time, not being able to stay in one place.

Johar stared at the charging demon with those wings fanned out and the horns...Eric was no more counted as a human. The minister waited till he was close enough then suddenly shifted into his true form, smacking the now smaller one away with his giant tail. The monster master changed back to his humanoid form then sighed, clapping his hands. The monkey monsters screeched and grabbed on Eric's wings and horns, yanking him up only to throw him around to tire him.
  valkyira / 43d 5h 10m 3s
“Ah…” Ryuu nodded in understanding and walked into his room as the boy shifted from side to side. He walked over to his bed and sat down, seeing that the tray was now gone. He pulled off his boots and noticed Weasel trot over, looking eager for something to do. “Um, Weasel?” He asked, watching the boy perk up and feel even more tired. “Could you make sure no one comes in?” He continued and when the servant eagerly agreed. “I’ll be up later this evening.” He said, waiting for Weasel to go out into the hall. After that, he drew the curtains closed and finished getting undressed. The Summoner than crawled into his bed and let his head fall back on his pillow. He hoped Abantes didn’t actually tell the Queen about his little predicament. It would be more than awkward to have to explain what he knew, how he knew, and what he was going to do with that knowledge.

Eric growled as the master of monsters grabbed him by his horns and yanked him up again. He began to struggle when the monster grabbed him and he felt the burning in his back between his shoulders. Tightening his hands into fists, he felt the tension in his new limbs and they slowly unfolded, hanging half open. He could feel Johar’s eyes on him and he kicked his feet down, touching the floor and ripping his limb free from the monster’s tentacles. The monster screeched as it’s limbs were cut by seemingly nothing but Eric’s skin. He braced himself for the monster to grab at him again, but it didn’t.

“Enough.” With an agitated noise, Eric stood slowly and turned towards Johar, a dangerous look in his eyes. He stepped closer and flared open his wings again and baring his teeth. He braced down and bolted towards the minister. His speed was all still there and besides his change in appearance, it wasn’t clear if he’d gained anything else. His wings seemed strong like Karim’s were, they were hooked and webbed but there was no way of telling if he could fly with them or not. He didn’t seem too keen on finding out, instead apparently wanting to see how much he could push the minister’s patience.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 14h 28m 44s
Abantes' eyes widened with concern when Ryuu mentioned he had been the target of the vampires. "Well, this has to stop. I will make sure to place one my of my servants to guard you. If they keep on coming, then the Kindhearted Lady must be informed. I am sure she doesn't want our guests to be harassed by them." The kind nobleman then stepped aside for Ryuu to head to his room while he whistled and waited patiently but it didn't take long before a small furry thing climbed his legs and ran around his body, making him smile slightly and pet the weasel on his shoulder. The weasel then hopped down and soon transformed into a boy, bowing at his master. Abantes whispered something to and pointed at Ryuu who was leaving from a distance. The boy hyperly shifted on his legs and nodded in excitement before changing back to weasel and running fast towards Ryuu. He ran around his legs and jumped around before settling down and following him to his room. Once they were at the place, the Weasel turned into a boy again and bowed at Ryuu with a grin. "I'm Weasle at your service sir!" He opened the door for the Summoner politely, still shifting his legs since he could not stay in one place.

Johar made notes as he watched the wings spread. He didn't answer him or even reacted to his demands to stop. Eric was no more even worthy of.talking to. Like a vile beast he just needed to be tamed. Too bad the queen had told him not to cause any harm. Instead the minister walked to Eric and grabbed his horns again, making him stand. Some tentacles caught the demon's limbs and spread them again, holding him. Johar then activated a circle on Eric's back to see if he could open his wings again by force and hopefully manipulate the new body.

Artemis' heart leaped upon seeing her reflection in the window. She approached the glass and starred at it. So she did.existed still! The little Ba'al just had found a way to communicate. All she needed was a smaller mirror. But then her expression fell. Could she pick up an object? The female demon slowly touched the window, biting her lips. When she realised she was not going through it like her assumptions, she grinned and ran down the hallway to find a lady's room where lots of mirrors in different sizes could be found.
  valkyira / 43d 15h 33m 25s
Ryuu didn’t say another word and he only went through the motions to keep the vampires from attacking him. After he was thrown out of the library, he looked down at his sliced arm and he sighed about to walk back to his room. Abantes’ voice made him jump and he turned to see the nobleman walking over to him.

“I’m… Fine.” He said tiredly but it wasn’t very convincing and he let Abantes take him to be stitched up. He really just wanted to go lay down but the cut on his arm needed attention and tending to. He didn’t confirm or deny that the Vampires did this to him, he just waited till the stitches were in and stood, glancing at Abantes.

“Thank you… Er…?” He paused, not knowing the noble’s name.


“Thank you Abantes. They’ve been harassing me for the past few days.” He said glancing away. There wasn’t anything else to add to that since he couldn’t say why they had done this to him. He still just wanted to go lay down, maybe find a way to keep his door and window from opening.

Eric groaned and staggered up as Johar pulled at him, he didn’t realize what was happening till the minister knocked him unconscious and he awoke back in the paradise room. Now some of the Light magic did nothing to him while other kinds made him howl and shriek. Not to mention how much Johar was messing with him. Finally before the next circle could be tried, there was a hissing, searing sound and Eric dropped down from the wall, landing in a crouch with his new wings suddenly fanning open in an angry display.

He glared daggers up towards the minister and snarled. “What are you doing to me?!” He tried to stand again and groaned as a wave of nausea overcame him, making him crouch back down and his wings close tightly against his back. There wasn’t much that the tests seemed to be doing to him, other than causing him pain and after a few more moments, he held his head in his hands groaning. “Make it [i stop…!]”

As Artemis walked around, she passed a window which was still on the dark side of the castle and it was reflecting the light of the hall like a mirror. As she passed it, a flicker of movement caught her eye and when she looked, she could see her reflection in the glass. Her body to herself still seemed see through, but she could see herself in the reflection.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 19h 30m 38s
"Good." Theodore did not turn away his stare from the defeated Ryuu before Romeo came, humming a tune with a tray of tea in hand. "Nothing like a hot tea can heal some 'mental wounds~ You might need this advice for later~" Romeo sang as pouring tea for the Summoner happily. Theodore just walked back to his room at the end of the library while Romeo watched Ryuu to make sure he will drink his tea. "Anyway, Nice arrow. I really really like it!" He gave the poor man a grin. Once the tea was done, Ryuu was pushed out of the library and the door shut. "Goodness. Are you alright, sir?" Abantes sniffed the blood on the stranger and gazed worriedly at him. "Did those ungrateful vampires do this to you? It is not a good idea to wander in their cursed library." He said sympathetically and gently took Ryuu's arm to lead him to the servant quarters which was the nearest place to stitch up the wound.

Johar was still not convinced, believing Eric was just pretending to be weak and unstable. But of course the minister didn't protest and just walked to the changed hybrid. He glanced around the room and felt disgusted seeing the soldiers shaken and frightened. So he didn't bother himself to get their help and just grabbed on Eric's new horn to drag him out of the Sky room. Once they were out, the minister growled and kicked back of Eric's head knocking him out.

Once again in Paradise room but this time he was chained to the wall and his limbs were spread. On his body various circles were drawn. One by one, Johar activated the circle to shoot Light magic through his body and push his buttons to witness the results.

Artemis didn't follow Eric. She was not interested in sitting in a corner uselessly and watch somebody be tortured. Instead she wandered around the castle, hoping that this shape would have a time limit or something like that.
  valkyira / 43d 20h 48m 24s
The side of Ryuu’s face was still stinging and the rough way Theodore held his attention seemed to just add insult to injury. He winced at the slight threat and his icy blue eyes flickered with fright. “...” He swallowed and opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but changed his mind and closed his jaw firmly. He flicked his eyes away for just a moment looking for anything to help him but… “I’ll do it, I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll tell you everything I find and uncover.” He said with a defeated tone and he slumped back when Theodore let go of him. What choice did he have now, there was no way in getting that letter back from the Vampires and he sure as hell wouldn’t write another one for them to find and take. He’d just do what they asked and try to find a way out.

Valerie seemed the calmest out of all the Light that was in the Sky Room. she’d watched the All Demon disappear with Joseph and she turned her eyes towards Eric who was now trying to get up, but he was too dizzy and uncoordinated to actually stand. Karim had given Eric a body that could handle his demonic abilities. Johar’s almost panicked sounding snarl had her sigh and she lifted a hand towards him as a signal to wait. “At peace Johar, He may as well come back and accept our refusal, taking his seed with him.” She stood and slowly stepped away from Johar. Walking with an aura of peace and calm, she made her way over to the demon and he managed to look up at her, shaking. He still hadn’t gotten to his feet yet and with a shuddering breath he collapsed back onto his knees.

“Absolutely harmless.” She said, mostly to herself and stepped back. “Johar,” She called back over her shoulder towards him. “Find out what the All Demon did to him, but don’t kill him. We won’t know if it’s safe to do so till he returns.” With that she walked back over to her captain and whispered to him. “The peace must be kept, we can’t afford to let any of our own blood spill through fear or confusion. The Light fears nothing and this will not shake that fact.” She leaned back from him with a hardened look and she turned away from the throne, walking back across the Sky room. She stepped around the prisoner, to the doors of the Sky room and away from the shaken and confused warriors.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 21h 36m 17s
[b Smack]

Theodore was one impatient being. His hilt of sword turned his face with a blow right after he disobeyed his order. Romeo made a mocking gasp and went back adoring the gift like nothing important was happening.
"Hmph. Not even going to confess your most clear guilts? You are trully one lowlife rat. Well, all Summoners are like this. Clinging to other creatures to take their responsibility." The vampire walked off to the back door but Romeo grabbed Ryuu by shoulders and pushed him down on a chair. "I'll go get some tea~" He gave a cruel pat to the fresh injury then walked to another corner, leaving the man with the approaching vampire. Theodore held the letter in his hand as he stood tall in front of Ryuu. "This, is a ticket to your execution or worse. The Kindhearted queen always looks for the opportunity to please her own bloodlust with the most reasonable excuses." The vampire narrowed his eyes at the Light spy. "Pathetic. You didn't even try hiding it. This is almost offending me. Yet..." Grasping on his chin, he dug his claws into his cheeks and made Ryuu look up at his dangerous gaze. "You have quite the talents, young man. They can be a good me." Theo's eyes glowed in th darkness of the library at the last part. "I don't care you spy on the naive queen. I just care about the information you give me. In other words...if you want to live, keep spying on queen and don't keep anything secret from me. Understood?" Theo stared into Ryuu's eyes harshly.

Everyone were overwhelmed with what just happened. They all stared at the spot where Karim and Joseph once were then they quickly focused on the transformed Eric. Their weapons pointed at him with uncertainty but waited for their queen's order. Johar was shaking uncontrollably, now both his eyes were inhuman and monstrous as looked back at Valerie and gestured at Eric. "My queen! Let me just destroy this Dark seed now. He is surely nothing but trouble and will turn on us anytime soon. The All Demon absolutely wants the Light to perish!" He almost snarled out the last words. The silence of the warriors was soon broken and the Sky room filled with whispers of panic and rage. Soon the whispers turned into shouts and arguments. Karim had lessened their confidence noticeably.

Artemis was not sure how-to react. Eric was just in Karim's grasp. He could easily manipulate the young man and the transformation he went through to fully change into a demon was the last thing the Ba'al expected. The ghost like demon rushed to Eric's side and tried to touch him but it was useless. She almost didn't exist. She found herself anxious and worried for The asshole didn't deserve any sympathy yet...Artemis growled..Growled from deep of heart. How dare he just use his own blood for his selfish desires?! And now Karim had disappeared along with the innocent Joseph...More importantly, he had left her in that shape. Panic washed over her. How could she call him?


She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate desperately.
  valkyira / 43d 22h 15m 20s

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