After the Broken Lands. (Finished)

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After the capture and destruction of the Capital, it didn’t take long for the Kingdom of Chamlek to fall. The prince, stood back from the ruins and fighting, disbelief and rage rushing through him.

[I I’ve lost…] He thought and narrowed his eyes in spite as the sounds of fighting reached him. Suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder and he was turned around by the captain of the royal guard, Fisnik.

“We have to leave, Your highness, Now.” He said, a bit of panic sounding in his voice, but the prince just wrenched free from his captain’s grip, taking a step back.

“No! I won’t run like a coward!” He snarled but his captain just shook his head.

“It would be more foolish then cowardly to stay and die in this lost battle.” Gritting his teeth, the prince gave one last look back at the burning city then turned back to his captain.

“Fine, let’s go.” He growled and hurried to meet with the rest of the guard’s men before leaving the city.

Two day later, the border of the territory was a day’s travel away but the group would never make it. In the thin woodlands, an ambush was launched and a regiment of 30 soldiers over took the fleeing party of 18. Fisnik stayed at his prince’s side by even then the prince had to draw his own sword and fight till he was disarmed and forced to yield.

“You will burn for this…” The Prince growled to his captures, but he knew that his captain had escaped, so there was a chance that he’d be able make good on his threats.

In chains, he was taken out of Chamlek and marched to an encampment while word was sent to the smaller kingdoms Queen. Eric, Heir of the Joy bloodline and eldest prince of Chamlek had been captured. He was safe from being executed by his rebelling people, but now he a new set of problems were with him and his life was going to become a very difficult. He was told of his judgement, which would be passed by the queen and he only scoffed.

“Her judgement will mean nothing.” Eric spat in return to this news, but a hint of curiosity was with him. He’d never met or even seen the ruler of this smaller territory which he shared borders with, but under the circumstances, he wasn’t too eager to meet her.
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