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N.V and Negomin slept quite peacefully the rest of the night. There were no noise this time. Early in the morning, quietly a chocolate colored dog moved past the trio. He had the same blue eyes. The dog had dropped tail and ears as he started digging the ground. Negomin heard the sound and slowly opened her eyes. She noticed Eric was not in her coil and her heart sank but then she saw him not so far a away and sighed in relief. Feeling a bit ticklish, she peeked under her wing and grunted seeing N.V sleeping there. It was a sensitive area at the base of her wing. Gently she shook her body and let the young one slip down.

The sound of digging attracted her attention and she slowly rose up, noticing it was hard to sneak out without waking everyone in that shape so she shrunk to her human form. Her dress was with Eric but she didn't want to bother him so the coverless Negomin tip toed out, the cold weather getting into her. Her eyes widened as she saw the dog busy digging. She could recognize his smell;

Dosia's cousin, Abantes.

His father was the youngest uncle of the queen, in charge of the southern lands. What was he doing here? Abantes' father was known as a brave, loyal man. As loyal as a dog they said.

Excited, she tiptoed back to Eric and hesitated before putting a hand on his cheek to wake him up quietly. "Prince out there. Abantes...I'm sure that's him. Do you know him? The queen's younger cousin. What should we do?!"

N.V shifted slightly but continued sleeping.

Ximena read the words and bit her lips since she had never seen such a caring man before. So the Joy Bloodline weren't all bad. Maybe that was why Philip loved his prince so much and talked about him every now and then. She found herself smiling at Joseph in admiration, her cheeks turning pink. Ximena adored kindness in any way.

Philip arrived and she stiffened, looking away awkwardly. "Hey, Ximena. Don't just sit there, help me cook something. Women cook better you know."
"Oh and who said that?!" Ximena protested but stood up anyway and started making something with the supplies they had recieved from the shrine. Philip turned to Joseph and sighed in annoyance, knowing that stubborn face. "Ugh...why you still care for that...that...fine." Joseph was his weak point, anyway. "But you have to eat something first so sit down until I get an idea where should we go first." he pushed down on Joseph's shoulders to make him sit on a rock." I only do it because I'm a fool. A fool which promised to stay by your side and protect you from the wild wolves in the stories..." Philip shrugged, remembering their childhood when he talked and talked...while Joseph only listened and listened to his untrue brags.

Ximena prepared a stew and Philip was right. Women knew how to cook.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 229d 16h 44m 5s
Eric held the man’s gaze, seeing what weapon he had and wondering who this man was that he’d stumbled across. “Curious...” he mused softly and turned his sword, almost like he was going to turn it on the man but instead the tip of the blade was pressed down into the ground as he leaned on his sword.

“You’re right that I’m not just a traveler or a friend. But I’m not here to fight… or disrespect the dead…” He looked past the man towards his deceased relative before stepping back and putting his sword back into its sheath as he turned away. "But you don't want to know who I am..." He said starting away before pausing and saying one last thing over his shoulder as he started back up towards the mouth of the cavern.

“Mourn in peace for I won’t be here to concern myself with your father’s death.” He said and walked away, heading back to where he’d left Negomin and N.V. It would be morning and if he was lucky he could get some more rest before the sun woke them again.

Joseph looked to Ximena when she scooted closer and he took the stick she handed him, glancing at her for a moment before brushing the ground with his hand and beginning to scratch through the dirt. His writing was fast, while still readable and he wrote out that he agreed with her.

“[I … I’d like to find my brother. See him one last time before he makes some mistake that might kill him. He’s too stubborn, too rash for his own good and I know he won’t change. But I can’t go another day without trying to help him…]” He paused when he heard Philip coming back and he glanced at Ximena before looking over at his friend and putting his hand over the words. His fingers curled and Joseph dragged his hand back through them, shifting the dirt and making the writing unreadable.

The prince gave Philip a tentative look then stood up to meet him as if saying. ‘Now we were friends for a long time and you know me well enough to know…’ He had his mind set on finding his brother. He knew Philip wouldn’t agree and there was no guarantee that they’d actually find him, but this was something Joseph had to do.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 229d 17h 46m 14s
The young man didn't like Eric's threat the slightest as his eyes narrowed into a glare. Protectively he placed the body down and rose up on his feet, getting in front of hia deceased father. Those blue eyes of him stayed brave. "Put your sword away. Unless you are a foe. Who are you? Travellers do not ask too much and draw their weapon at anyone they please..." In a flash his own sword was out. It was a fine weapon, only held by nobles.

"Now go back and do not disrespect my father's presence anymore." Firmly he ordered, challenging Eric with that stern face.

Ximena rested her chin on her palms as she leaned forwards to look at Joseph's expression. She found it interesting that Eric's brother couldn't talk. Philip observed his master's expression carefully before realising the look. He shook his head firmly. "No, no, no...I know that face. Last time I saw it, the horse broke my leg." He grabbed the pot and walked to the river to fill it. Ximena glanced at Philip as he walked off then scooted close to the prince and smiled softly handing him a stick. "I'm sorry I can't understand you like Phil. Use this to write on the ground for now. What is it you want to tell?"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 230d 10h 47m 13s
Eric, seeing the lights of the capital city in the distance, sighed and turned away. He glanced towards Negomin, seeing where N.V had crawled over to sleep, and he walked over to sit down near them, not trying lean against Negomin again but he was sitting nearby. Up in the peaceful mountains, the night was silent, no sound, nothing nearby. He let out a breath and closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep.

Joseph’s shoulders slumped a little but he gave Philip a small gracious smile, sitting down with them but their fire. He almost agreed with Ximena to go after Eric, but he had no idea how they’d go about finding him. Things were now beginning to click in his mind, Eric wasn’t being held as a prisoner anymore, either because he escaped and was now running rampaged, or he’d been turned loose and was now on the run to stay in hiding. Knowing the older prince, it was probably the latter that was true, but Joseph didn’t want to think his brother would take him freedom and toss it to the wind by creating chaos in the kingdom. Though his brother was rash, Joseph didn’t want to believe…

He sighed and looked towards his friend, giving a doubtful but knowing look. This meant that he was considering something, something he knew Philip wouldn’t agree with and something that was probably along the lines of what his brother would do. The younger prince didn’t want to but he glanced at Ximena with a thoughtful look before pressing his lips together and looking back at Philip. What he was considering wasn’t good and the expression he had could only mean that what he was considering, was trouble.

Eric awoke to a sound. A soft, choked sound that made him open his eyes and glance around before looking to the back of the cave. It was the sound of someone… crying. Slowly, the Prince stood up and gripped the handle of his sword, though he didn’t draw it. He approached the source of the sound and in the darkness he could see a two figures, one dead and the other mourning over the body. He let his steps become less cautions as he walked forwards and he gazed through the cave towards the man with his sad, sharp blue eyes, like Dosia’s.

“Just a traveler.” He replied in a low growling voice. The prince looked over the man and his dead companion and he relaxed his grip on the hilt of his sword, though he didn’t let go of it. He stepped closer and noticed the resemblance between the living and the dead, making the connection quickly that he’d found a son, mourning the death of his father. And that only made the Prince grimmest coldly.

“Though finding this… this would bring up many questions in anyone’s mind.” He growled, drawing his sword and stepping fast towards the man, making him stiffen and hold the body closer to him as the Prince stopped around a meter away from him. “What did this?” He asked, still looking down at the stranger with his sword out, though he hadn’t turned it on the man yet.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 230d 16h 43m 11s
N.V shrugged with a carefree expression. He knew well that Lilith wouldn't call a 'human'. He yawned some more and moved towards the sleeping dragon and found a warm place under her wings after he climbed up her scales.

While in the mountains it was quiet and nice, down there chaos was arriving at the kingdom. The portals were destroying the balance of Deloriak. The plants were dying, wild animald had become more aggressive, there were fewer births and more deaths. Even the barbars had started expanding their attacks. Far far away, Eric could see some light through the darkness. The Capital had started funeral for the death of their queen.

People at the Capital mourned for the Kindhearted Lady of Deloriak. They watched at her coffin was being carried on the royal guards' shoulders. The coffin was designed with colorful gems and the symbol of owl was carved on it. At the front someone in black court outfit and riding a white horse was leading the soldiers. He had several rings on his fingers and the symbol of wolf was painted on his fine cloak. He was Dosia's uncle, in charge of the border lands. Much wasn't known about him just that as a kid, Dosia was scared of him for some reasons.

Around the guards were marching men and women whom people pulled away themselves from. They had wild grins on their faces and their golden eyes glowed in the night. Werewolves; It was a shock for others since these packs never had good relationship with government.

Behind Dosia's uncle, rode his son who was doing his best in making a sorrowful expression. His sly eyes were wandering around, nodding at certain people. It was almost certain that this one was the next king.

Many of the court had been replaced.

Dosia Hersillia was dead, afterall.

Back to the cave, Eric could hear...barely just barely faint sobs of a young man from depth of the the absolute dark, a cloaked figure was kneeling down. He was hugging a fresh dead body dearly. The body of an old man, his fathet it seemed. The body was torn apart by....


The mourning man suddenly stiffened and looked back with widened eyes. Those eyes were blue, same as the queen's. His face had a fresh scar which had just stopped bleeding. His sensitive ears sensed somebody approaching. "Who.. Who's there?!" Though he did not pull out any weapon.

Philip knelt down beside the fire, placing a small pot on it. "We? We were just speaking about it what to do." He pointed Ximena quite rudely which made her scowl. "This crazy woman wants to go back to the savage prince. What about you, Joseph? You..don't seem okay. Why don't you sit?"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 230d 20h 34m 2s
The fallen prince had started to drift to sleep when he heard N.V’s voice whisper at him. Slowly, he shifted himself away from Negomin and walked over to the boy. At his gesture for Eric to kneel down, the prince hesitated for a moment before he sat down and looked towards N.V. “What is it?” he asked in a quiet voice and he listened to what the boy had to say.

Lilith. Eric grimmest at the name but shook his head at N.V’s question, listening to him finish talking before swiftly speaking up, still in a quiet voice though as to not wake Negomin up. “That’s not going to happen.” Eric said with a suddenly dark tone in his voice. “If you haven’t noticed, my blood line has been notorious for killing off the dark races. Not ruling them.” He said and stood back up, looking down at the boy.

“And I don’t plan on changing that any time soon.” He finished started to turn away but paused and looking back at N.V. “As far as you’re concerned, I am human and I will not be the king of any dark races...” He said, lowering his voice to a growl as he turned away and walked over to the mouth of the cave. He stood sentinel, crossing his arms and staring out into the night, staring away from two behind him. Negomin, who was still asleep, and N.V, who was probably reveling in the fact that Eric’s stubbornness will probably but gets him killed.

Hearing what had happened to Philip and Ximena, Joseph recoiled a little at Philip’s question and he lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck indecisively. The sensation around the bite mark on his neck returned when his fingers brushed over it and he quickly covered it with his hand hoping Philip didn’t notice as he began to confide to him why he was in why he was in Deloriak.

He, in truth, was looking for his brother. The young prince had booked it over to the smaller kingdom the moment he heard rumors that Eric was captured, but he wasn’t there on some noble quest to ‘save’ his brother. Joseph knew as well as anyone that the fallen Prince was beyond saving. It was more of a journey of kinship, that was very important to the royals of Chamlek and Joseph needed to see his brother once more, if he could, before Eric was killed or formally executed.

Joseph hesitantly admitted that he was very ill prepared since he’d run into some… Bad company. He gave Philip a slightly look of distain before inquiring with a motion towards Philip and Ximena what they what they were doing since Eric ‘left’ them. He used that meaning lightly with what he was silently asking, not completely knowing what all had happened to the two and if the Vampire’s that were after Eric had been the same ones he’d run into.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 230d 23h 54m 49s
Convinced by his answers, Negomin laid her head down and closed eyes. Soon her huge body was rising and falling with heavy breaths as she slept. Only her tip of tail twitched slightly as she started dreaming. N.V started mumbling something about meat and being hungry as he turned and continued sleeping lightly. Finally coldness got to him and he shivered slightly, opening eyes. He sat up and yawned, looking around for a warmer place when he saw Eric being 'hugged' by the dragon. He made a disgusted face before remembering something.

Quietly he crawled to the prince. "Pssst. Sleeping beauty. Sounds strange but I feel the duty to tell you something...since you 'saved' me." N.V went into a cornet waiting for him to come. When he approached the boy, Nُُ.V pulled on his sleeve to make him get on same level with the smaller one then whispered in his ear.

"Do you know 'Lilith'?" He seemed catious as he looked to see if Negomin was awake then continued whispering."I saw..I the forest...Not clearly...only her arms seemed real...they reached out...and she was whispering your name...That was when that general got me. Lilith...calling someone like you...I feel pity for the dark races....going to have a king like you. Well I'm glad I'm not a Dark dork."

Ximena tilted her head at his strange gestures. She wondered why he wasn't speaking at all. Philip carefully watched him before nodding seriously. He was like a translator when they were kids. "Eric? Yeah we saw him. Actually I helped him escape from vampires...But then he left us to be screwed up by days ago?!"
"That is so untrue! He's a fair nobleman!" Ximena snapped at Philip, remembering how he he took her to the shrine immediately. She then turned at Joseph nodding, "He said he's heading for Deloriak. We were going to go by Caravan but now..."
"Pft. He has a dragon now...he can be anywhere." Philip mumbled before a sigh then he asked curiously." But what are YOU doing here?!"
  valkyira / 1y 230d 23h 20m 1s
Eric had sat down far enough from the entrance of the cave so that the chilled air wouldn’t get to him and he glanced at Negomin as she moved N.V before she came over to where he was. He’d turned his gaze back towards mouth of the cave, less interested in sleep at the moment, though he’d been awake for nearly an entire day. Negomin wrapping around him pulled him back from his thoughts and Eric looked at her, with her comment about the peacefulness of the mountains. [I I suppose…] He thought but didn’t say anything. Then she suddenly asked a question that made him stiffen slightly. He also felt his other half paying attention now but he answered all the same.

“No. I didn’t know it.” He said tilting his head back slightly to stare up towards the ceiling of the cave, but he looked back down when he felt Negomin nudge him gently.

“I know, Negomin.” The prince sighed, looking away from her and closing his eyes as he leaned back against her. “I’ll try not to let that side of me back out.” He said inanely returning to his thoughts. He didn’t plan on using his power again, he never planned on using his power. Hell, he’d spent three years trying to make sure he’d never have to, but still he found that side of him showing though time and time again. Not to say that his ability hasn’t been useful in some cases but it mainly just made him seem more like what everyone already thought he was. A monster.

Joseph smiled softly as Philip defended his humanity but he simply brushed Ximena’s hands away from his face and shook his head. He wasn’t a son of an All Demon, though Philips claim of him having the heart of an angel maybe exaggerating it quite a bit, given his first impression with Dosia and what had happened to him over the last couple of hours.

But they had been discussing his brother, Philip only used a certain tone when he was calling Eric a ‘Jerk’ and Joseph knew that tone very well. He gave Philip a scowling look, then a questioning one as he pointed to himself. He wanted to know if they’d seen his brother or if they knew where he was or even if they knew whether or not he was still alive. But the question Joseph was asking then was whether or not Philip had seen Eric anytime soon. His imitate follow up questions was ‘When?’ and ‘Where?’ as he leaned forwards intently.

The young prince then remembered something that made his expression go blank for a moment. He literally had nothing with him besides the clothes on his back and though Philip knew Joseph well enough to understand him though his expressions and slight motions, he knew it would be easier if he could write what he wanted to say down. But at the moment, the two Vampires that had taken Dosia had his journal, that being a window into what Chamlek was before the civil war tore the kingdom apart. As well as a peek into Eric’s past from when Joseph would write about his brother. The rest of the things that he’d had with him had been in his saddle bag, on his horse, that ran away.

He huffed out a breath as he held a hand to his face in disbelief that he’d just now remembered such a thing and shook his head at himself. This wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 231d 10h 20m 27s
N.v sighed in relief when he touched the ground with his feet again. Exhaustion pulled him down and he almost collapsed beside the wall, falling asleep immediately. Negomin carefully entered the cave and picked the sleeping boy up with her mouth, placing him deeper into the cave so that the cold breeze wouldn't make him sick. After that, she moved closer to Eric

"The mountains of Deloriak are always calm and peaceful. That's why I like it here. Peace...." The dragon sat down and coiled her body to get comfortable, having Eric at the center of the coil warming him up. Tilting her head curiously, Negomin suddenly asked. "At the portal...that...shadow...did you know it?" Worriedly she approached her snout to him, nudging him some as an act of care. "Prince Eric, please don't break our promise again. Do not use the 'power'." With a pause, Negomin continued with a whisper like voice. "It's not your friend. It will try to take over you if you give it a chance. And if it no more belong to this age."

Philip just stared dumbly when the one he favoured the most just stepped in out of no where and hugged him. "J-Joseph?! I-is that you?" A wide grin appeared on his lips as he slammed his palms on his shoulders, laughing. "Joseph! Oh Joe, I missed you boy! Where the hell were you this whole here....Who could guess...You didn't even send me a message, dammit!" The former servant hugged him again, squeezing him slightly before letting him go and pulled him towards their fire. "Come...come sit here. Ximena, that's the Chamlek's prince. Prince Joseph..."
Ximena rose up eyebrows and stood up slowly, holding her bandaged hands close to her chest. "You mean he's..."
"Yep. That jerk's brother..can you believe it?!"
Ximena rushed to Joseph and held his face with her hands, her eyes widening. "You are an All Demon too?!"
"Ignore her Joseph...Of course not! Joseph has a heart of an angel!"
  valkyira / 1y 231d 10h 30m 6s
Eric noticed what N.V did but he didn’t say anything, he didn’t scare easily when it came to something new, and flying was something he’d never done before meeting Negomin. Peering past her claws, the prince could see the world below them sweeping past as she flew swiftly, searching for a cave. The sight gave him a sense of awe and he began to wonder. How much of this would disappear into ruins and chaos if he tried to ascend Deloriak’s throne.

He stepped down from Negomin’s claws when she landed and pulled his arm from N.V who was still looking uneasy and regaining his balance on the ground. Looking into the cave, he could see the dark stone walls stretching back into the cave, but a few hundred feet past where the light of the moon stopped, he could see the flood disappearing, probably dropping away into a system of tunnels probably going deeper into the mountain.

“I think we’ll be fine here.” He said stepping into the mouth of the cave and peering about some more before walking forwards and turning to see where Negomin and N.V were. Eric had a way of seeming like he’d settled acting calmer and no longer sporadic with his actions, but in truth he was more like a viper, coiled and waiting for one wrong move, one wrong word to give him a reason to strike.

Joseph listened and his eyes widened when he realized he recognized the one of the voices. It was Philip, a former servant and friend who’d left Chamlek shortly before Joseph had. He hadn’t seen him for a long time and found himself grinning ecstatically as he started towards the voices. The prince spotting Philip and a woman, apparently stopping to rest while he changed the bandaging around her arms.

His crow fluttered up into the trees, cawing and watching as Philip noticed Joseph approaching and straightened when his old friend pulled him into a hug. It was good to see a familiar friendly face and Joseph pulled back, his hands still resting on Philip’s shoulders as he smiled trying to convey with his expression how glad he was to see him.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 231d 18h 31m 42s
Negomin nodded as she understood. "That's so kind of you! I like my form better too. No offense but how you guys survive without scales?!" She almost asked herself, stretching her wings slightly. N.V. sighed lazily and stood up sluggishly. "I don't think they would bother coming after us." He yawned after that.

Negomin rose up her head as she heard his request. "Sure...Maybe I can find us a cave! But it might be cold up there so get on my palm. I'll keep you warm in my grip " Negomin promised and opened her claw, waiting for them to get on. N.V hesitate before stepping on her scales. A hint of fear was obvious in his expression. He was scared of flying. Slowly he sat down and gripped on her thumb. Negomin took off, covering them with her other hand from the cold wind. She made some sudden turns which made poor N.V unbalanced as he let go of the thumb and stumbled back in the palm, grabbing Eric for support. Without really acknowledging his action, the boy gripped on him tightly with shut eyes and a pale face.

The camp was near the mountains so it did not take long until the dragon found a cave and headed down towards it. She landed in there, setting the other two on the ground."Is this place good? I hope no beast is living in here."

Joseph started hearing two poeple arguing; A man and a girl.

"You really let him go alone?!"
"Alone? Oh. He had his own 'friends'....Like a DRAGON. don't worry. Probably he has even forgotten our faces."
"I thought you two are friends! Ow!"
"Sorry. My bad. Nope. Not at all...He has been a jerk in his lifetime. There all banadged and new."
Philip looked at his work, smiling proudly at himself as Ximena pulled away her bandaged arms with a flinch.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 231d 21h 26m 55s
Joseph stared after Dosia with her cold, livid words and lowered his hands slowly, watching her walk over to the Vampire. She was right about him being fearful, fearful of death and of violence and pain. But she didn’t know how much he’d endured to only be afraid of those simple things. Yes, he was fearful, but the Prince was no coward.

He stared after the two then sighed. He needed to gain his bearings, find out where he was and… Find another voice.

He reached for where his amulet would be if he still had it and ignored the crow as it fluttered down and landed on his shoulder, sending a few cawing calls out into the night. It would be dawn soon and though he was without coin or weapon, the young prince knew of a few places he could go where he’d be welcomed with open arms.

“I think it might be best if you stay in this form,” Eric said, “At least for a little, to let yourself rest and heal.” He said, almost in a genuine manner. Glancing over at N.V, he sighed with the mention of hunger. He was never hungry in his own castle either, but he got a taste of that when he fought and killed a Summoner back during his training. Dark magic had been mostly eradicated through the centuries of Chamlek Kings, no creatures from the Dark races were welcome in the blood soaked kingdom and that especially went for beings who could control them. Summoners and Witches and Dark magic users alike.

“I’m sorry N.V if I’m not a very good master.” The Prince said, walking over to him and standing in front of him. “But let’s be honest here,” He continued kneeling down and smirking a little at N.V. “You aren’t really my servant, nor is Negomin. Since a servant would make their master run in circles trying to find what their looking for.” He said then stood back up again. “We all need to rest some, but we can’t do that here. This is still too close to that camp to be safe.” He added narrowing his eyes in the directions that they’d come from.

“Do you think you can take us elsewhere?” He asked Negomin, turning his attention back to her. They didn’t have to go very far but Eric wanted to be far enough that if anything else came out of the portal then it wouldn’t find them still in the area.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 232d 14h 15m 42s
Negomin tilted her head as she heard him insisting on going back to capital. She had no idea Dosia was 'dead' so she lowered her head to ask him softly as nearing her snout to the prince. " Do you think she knows about all these horrible things? I didn't know she's meddling with dark magic." N.V sat down on ground, adjusting the bandage on his cut finger "I want to go back too. You suck. I was never hungry back in castle."

Negomin blinked and glanced at her wings. "These are a bit painful but I can use them. My arm still needs some rest and yes, my true form is much more powerful. Why do you ask?" The dragon stared at him curiously.

In disblief, the queen watched how Joseph easily pulled himself away from her, showing that he didn't want to do anything with the vampires. Those blue eyes of hers reflected rage and disappointment as the Kind Hearted Lady spoke with a low but shaky tone. "You...are a coward..I am so disgusted with you. Don't you dare call yourself a man ever again...Now just leave. You have done me enough." She knew escape was not an option for her since she barely remembered anything. Plus, she still hadn't regained her energy and needed some rest. The vampires didn't kill her when they had the chance so she believed they must have something to tell her.

Clenching her fists she walked past Joseph with firm steps towards the grinning creature of night. Romeo did a slight bow at her which was hard to tell if it was a mock or not. The vampire glanced at Joseph and waved goodbye."I'm kind enough to let the little mouse of Chamlek go~" He then focused back on his queen and led her through the trees. "This way my lady. Do not chase after Chamlek folks ever again. They're so adorable yet untrustworthy." Dosia didn't answer and only followed after him, all of her senses sharpening at the slightest sounds.

The two reached the river where Theodore was washing the blood of his hands and face. The river stream was taking away the body of a girl away. Dosia's steps slowed down but she did not show much fear when Theodore started approaching her. "Queen Hearsilia...What do you remember?" He asked with a calm face.

"...What is your business with me, I shall kne first." Dosia replied coldly.
  valkyira / 1y 232d 16h 59m 26s
“We leave.” Eric replied, slipping down from Negomin’s claws as she landed. He was fine and the only blood he had on him was from the soldiers who he’d killed being up close to them, though it wasn’t a lot. He’d managed to pick up her dress when he’d darted close to her right after she’d changed into her true form, though now he was starting to think that it’d be better if she stayed the way she was.

“You both know what I want to do, and that hasn’t changed.” He said, stepping away from Negomin and walking away a few steps before stopping. “I don’t care if either of you continue to help me or not, but it’s time for me to start moving instead of running in circles here.” He added, turning back to look the two since N.V had come down to the road from where he’d been resting. But the prince had his attention back on Negomin.

“How is your arm and how are your wings?” He asked her. “You said you could fix them in your true form?” He pressed, remembering what she’d said in front of the inn.

Joseph paused when he felt Dosia’s hand on his, and he pressed his lips together, continuing what he was doing till he managed to slip the cuff off of her wrist. He then looked back at her, giving her an earnest and distraught look. He then froze when he heard Romeo’s voice from a few meters away. He stiffened and glanced at the queen as she started to step back and away from the Vampire, she seemed more confident now, like the kind hearted lady he’d heard of. But what the vampire said next made him wince at what had probably happened to Peanut, that meant she was probably as good as dead.

The young prince shook his head at Dosia’s accusation and he shot Romeo a hurt and frustrated look, narrowing his green eyes in the dark and curling his fingers into fists. His hands then relaxed, but his glaring look stayed as he lifted his hands up again and shook his head, taking a step back. Joseph was no longer holder onto Dosia, he’d let go of her hand when they heard Romeo’s voice and he’d let her take a step back. Now he was moving away, hands up in a defensive manner and his expression showing he wanted nothing to do with this anymore. The way Romeo had spoken made him think that the poor witch was probably already dead, he could have guessed that Theo would kill her, and if she wasn’t already dead then…. He didn’t want to go back to see whatever was waiting for him there.

If Dosia wanted to run now would be her chance, and as the prince took one more step back before stopping, his hands still up and his gaze now looking towards the queen sorrowfully. He’d back up so she was now out of his reach and he glanced back at Romeo not knowing what the Vampire would do now or say next. A crow’s cawing made him look away for a moment to see the dark silhouette in the canopy, watching, and he hoped for a moment that Dosia would actually take off and somehow, Romeo wouldn’t catch her. He didn’t know what connection the two vampires had with Dosia, but they seemed to know who she was and he didn’t trust them at all. Joseph was sure that even if the queen had all of her memories that she wouldn’t trust them completely either.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 233d 15h 25m 4s
Negomin was surprised when she realised he didn't want to close the portal anymore but when she remembered how he eagerly was going towards it moments ago, didn't say anything and headed back to the main road, the demon still after her. Negomin growled loudly, Eric could see how frustrated she had become. Suddenly the dragon turned and roared frighteningly at the bird. The bird hesitated at first but struck anyway. This time Negomin did not dodge and opened its jaw widely, biting the demon's neck. Blood oozed out and the creature shrieked. Then it struggled wildly as Negomin started devouring on its energy or soul.

When she was done, she let go of the dead body as he eyes were glowing dangerously. Only after a few blinks she started acting like herself and catiously landed down and carefully set Eric down. She lowered her head to inspect the prince for any injuries.

"Oh. You're back. Now what?" Nُُ.V called out, sitting under a tree to rest.

Dosia blinked at his nervousness and rush. She put a hand on his hands which were trying to open her cuff. "What is it?" she quietly asked Joseph. "Thank you for coming." The shapeahifter added with a small smile which was the first after a long time.
"Good job, boy! Now come over here~" Dosia almost jumped at the sudden call and noticed Romeo standing a few meters away beside a tree. She remembered them being the ones who knocked her out and that was enough for her to make a step backward. "Let's go. They're not trustworthy." She had started talking like a woman in charge again. That was good news of her getting back her memories.
"Ah, ah. Take her here and don't even think of stealing her away. Unless you want your dear red head to be drained...Theo is so angry you know...poor girl..." The vampire smirked. Dosia slowly looked at Joseph with narrowed eyes.

"You did this for them?! I'm a fool for trusting"
  valkyira / 1y 233d 16h 22m 36s

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