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Thedore rose up his head to watch the appearing stars. They were not peaceful as always but were foretelling a disaster. It was like the night has opened her eyes and watched the sinners' and betrayerals. What a turn of fate it was. The queen of Light let go if her throne and turned her back to her own people for some twisted desires of being owned for once. The shady vampire gave in to his forgotten past and was struggling to revive it with substitutes even though he was already broken and it was too late to mend a ruined heart.
Night was always a soothing mother for creatures like him. He could hide in her darkness and bury his crimes away from prying eyes, but he felt being judged by Night. Maybe it was because Mother Nature was not forgiving this time?

His train of thoughts was cut by a tug on his sleeve. He turned his head immediately to look at Valerie who seemed to be annoyed by acting all submissive to him without any reason. Slowly he wrapped his hand around her wrist and pressed on it to make her let go as he answered her calmly. "Yes I agreed but you didn't mention time.I can do it whenever I please."He gave her a toothy grin as he yanked away from her. "Hurry up if you don't want to freeze."

Negomin leaned back her head, like even talking was tiring for her. She bit her lips as he mentioned her struggles to save him and she remembered how he refused. "Heh...If? You...are...a...dragon." She slowly turned her head to him, a few tears dropping. Oh they could live so happily together and she was never going to be alone. "I...have a cave. It needs cleaning but it has a nice river passing by and pretty flowers...everything is...lively and...and...full of hope but now...Everything is...going to be destroyed. You don't know...anything...about go and leave me alone...go and fight...for your dear queen you insist on serving so much!" There was a hint of jealousy in her eyes before Negomin looked away again and coughed some, licking her mouth to decrease its dryness a bit.
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Valerie took several steps in the direction Theodore had turned when he told her to move, walking passed him before stopping and looking back as he gave the Duchess her orders. Her teasing wink didn’t gain much of a reaction and Valerie scowled a little, waiting for Theodore to start walking so she could follow him. “Tsk,” She spat quietly, “It doesn’t matter, none of them do...” She said under her breath, her eyes fixed on their footprints in the snow. She didn’t care anymore, the world could break apart around her and it wouldn’t matter.

Quietly, the two walked, the icy silence stretching between them again. Around dusk was when the wind began to howl and the snow start to fall again. It seemed like all they had done was wander and Valerie slowed her pace, gazing around at the snow fields that all looked the same. She caught sight of a few stars beginning to shine and she could feel the temperature around them dropping. The night was so bitterly cold being out in the snow, away from any shelter of any kind.

“Where are you taking me?” The queen finally asked, looking towards Theodore, staring daggers into his back while she pressed her lips together firmly. When he didn’t respond right away a sharper edge entered her voice. “Answer me.” She picked up her pace for a few steps and grabbed a hold of one of his sleeves to make him face her. “You agreed to help me.”

The words Negomin cried, her rasping voice echoing through the room. It made Ryuu hurry back to the ledge and start down into the pit. He wasn’t sure what he was going to tell her or what even he could ask of her since she’d given up. But he hadn’t. Scaling down the pit with a rope he wasn’t sure would even reach the bottom, Ryuu reached the end of the rope and jumped down to the floor. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get back up if Negomin refused to help him but he still had to try.

“There is still a chance to end this.” He told her quietly, not approaching her yet but also not leaving. “I’m not going to leave you here, not like this.” The Summoner paused before approaching her, eyeing the heavy chains that kept her there. “If I were a dragon…” He started, trying something else to keep her from flat out refusing his help. “A dragon like you, one that could change forms and go where you please. Where would you have taken me? That day you carried me off and said you’d help me… Where would we have gone?”
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Duchess smirked, folding her arms over her chest. "Oh. Looks like We will have a cutie demon in our graaasp~Isn't that right Theo?" The vampire did not answer and just stared down at Valerie, a hint of rage in his eyes since she had not told him that from the beginning..However, she acted quite submissive to tell them this information volunteery. This both amused and disgusted him. She did not care a bit to her own people. She was throwing away everything for her own desires. But it didn't matter to Theodore. They had a blood contract and she was to be his. Her blood and...

"Get moving." He simply ordered to the queen and turned, walking away. Duchess' jaw dropped at his reaction. "What? What?!" She was not even able to talk. The vampire explained the reason briefly. "Karim certainly has an eye on him. Since his purpose of this war is unknown, we cannot risk interfering in his plans."

"Tch...Fine. Then what should we do now? Don't tell me this ugly bitch is going to follow you everywh-"

"Take the group to Light nation Capital. Slaughter any royalty or military in there. This should terrorise them some more. Also..." He stood and looked back maliciously. "And set up...a scenario...give Goldenaria a reason to attack. This will weaken the Capital. I want all of the ministers dead."

"Ooooohhhhh...I will tear up all of those filthy Lights~" Blushing like she was aroused by imagining the bloodshed, she gazed at Valerie and licked her lips with a wink. "I'm gonna enjoy it, hun." She then flew off.

"...Ryuu?" Negomin only opened her eyes as she heard the Light sword falling at her feet with a clang. She slowly looked up and squinted her eyes which could see a blurry scene since she was trapped in pitch black for a long time. She had gotten skinny and her loose dress barely hung from her shoulders. She coughed as her dried throat ached with each word being choked out.

"G-get lost."

Tears rolled down her bony face as she hissed weakly at him. "" She coughed again, taking a deep breath as she sobbed. " use him.I hate...all...of you...I..hate myself...for not...putting an..end to it...while...I had...the E-eric...N-now.
.is.too.late...l-leave me alone...I...I..." Sobbing more, her.salty tears dropped on the ground.

"Sh-should...h-have...never opened my heart."
  valkyira / 272d 17h 30m 17s
Valerie shared the icy quiet with Theodore until he stopped and she saw the shadow of the Succubus swooping down over her. She took a few steps back towards Theodore without realizing it. She listened to what was reported and she glanced over her shoulder to see Theodore now watching her.

“I don’t know why he’d be heading for Deloriak…” She began but paused as the Duchess added that he wasn’t traveling alone. “One of them must be a Light.” She said, seeing Theodore look at her again from the corner of her eye but she ignored it. “Since he’s been changed, he can’t refuse any order from a Light.” Valerie explained, finally looking back at Theodore since she didn’t want to meet the Duchess’s glaring expression. “...” She probably shouldn’t have said that. It wouldn’t help her in any way to let them know that and they were still fighting on opposite sides of the war. The Queen looked away murmuring,

“I only need to find Johar…” Maybe finding Eric would help since she could control him but… That would almost be like handing over the Light’s weapon to the Dark. “I just have to….” She murmured quietly, her voice dropping lower as she refused to look back up and eventually stopped talking.

Ryuu shouted in surprise as the small monster bit the back of his neck and Johar’s blade sliced one of his legs. Collapsing to the ground, the summoner looked up to see the boar charging only meters away and his palms pressed against the ground. He opened a circle under him and letting himself drop through, closing before and monsters could jump in after him. He wasn’t sure where he was going to appear but once the circle spat him back out, he saw he was nowhere near the battle. The giant room was dark but his sword created enough light that he could see where he was. He was underneath the Light castle, down far below in the dungeons where a heavy stone lid lay in line with the floor, the chains to move it rattling slightly with a slight wind currant. He felt something, that thing Negomin had stirred inside his soul.

Negomin. He looked towards the cranks that moved the chains to lift up the lid and he rushed over, grabbing onto one to move it, but the gears wouldn’t budge with just one man pushing at them. Stepping back, Ryuu brought out several summons and had them open up the pit while he went back to the ledge and looked down into the darkness. His grip on the Light sword slipped and with a sinking heart he watched it fall and clatter at the bottom of the pit, but now he could see the Dragon that was trapped down there. He wanted to go back to the battle but… He wouldn’t be going back alone.

“Negomin!” He shouted, down into the pit, “Hold on, I’m coming down there!” He shouted and stepped back from the ledge, looking for something to lower himself down into the pit.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 272d 19h 3m 39s
They walked without bothering to break the icy silence between them. Theodore was still annoyed, she could tell. He did not look back once and only walked fast and firm through the thick snow. He only stopped to gaze up and see the Succubus flying abive their heads before she landed right behind Valerie with a disgusted face yet she didn't say anything about her and just reported that she had found Eric.
"That cute demon is heading to Delroiak all of sudden. I thought he was searching for the camps but he suddenly changed his direction and is now going straight to the borders."
Theodore rose up an eyebrow before looked at Valerie with his narrowed eyes. "What is the plan? Why is he going there?"
"Oh and two girls are with him. Maybe he has gotten himself prizes. Can't tell. They don't look like warriors or something."

"Tsk. You talk too much, dirty human!" Johar face out an inhuman growl before hissing some words and a huge boar charged at Ryuu from the other side of the battlefield, crushing soldiers on its way. "I will shut this mouth of yours forever." One small monster jumped on back of the Summoner's neck and bit into it. This gave Johar a chance to kick his face and bring down the heavy sword in his leg to cripple him.
The war was now mostly focused on Ryuu since Rage had blinded Johar. He just wanted to tear his body apart. Deloriak got the opportunity to pass the two fighting and attack the other soldiers without being harassed by the monsters. Abantes was the only one watching Ryuu with worried eyes. He has to do something and help. Ryuu could get tired any minute and lose his balance.
  Johar / valkyira / 272d 23h 58m 33s
Valerie stared after Theodore as he stalked out of the cottage and she looked down towards the floor, covered in half finished and messily drawn marks. She dragged her feet over a few of the lines to scuff them before she hurried out into the snow to catch up with the vampire. She immediately felt the sting of the icy cold and thought about going back to get her own fur cloak, but before she could Theodore threw his cape back at her. Her pace slowed at this and she looked after him, staring into his back before she started walking again and slowly wrapped the heavy fabric around herself.

Like she’d promised, she said nothing else and simply followed the vampire, not prompting him to know where they were going or asking where the rest of his group was. But she didn’t stop thinking. She had no idea where Johar was or could be. She guessed that he may have gone back to the army camp, but whether he stayed there with the false queen or not, there was no way of knowing. She wanted to ask what Theodore was going to do to help her, but instead she gritted her teeth and kept her mouth closed, staying silent and her eyes cast down to watch and follow Theo’s footprints.

“Rrrr, Shut. UP!” Ryuu snarled, turning on Johar with a hard stomp and lashing out with his own sword. He heard a rip and moved passed Johar, drawing more summons and bringing out more and more summons as he went. He looked back and was disappointed to see he’d caught the monster’s side but he hadn’t cut Johar. “I’m here to prove that I don’t need to serve someone like that anymore.” He moved to meet Johar’s next attack and their swords clashed. Ryuu didn’t have the strength to hold off the Monster’s strikes so he deflected it and danced back, deciding to throw his owns taunts while he still had a tongue to speak with.

“Besides you won’t get the chance to tell her!” He rushed forwards again to avoid one of Johar’s monsters and he sidestepped one of the monster’s slashes, stepping behind him to hiss, “I’m sure you’d love to hear the things she said about you when you’re not there.” And he rammed the hilt of his sword into Johar’s back before he spun to block the heavy swing that came with Johar turning around.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 274d 15h 8m 3s
So Karim wanted the Light to win. Maybe he was not after Chaos like Theodore was. So maybe the Light had to lose and let the small territories take over only for other wars to happen. But then...the All Demon would end Valerie's immortal life. The vampire stared at her face before he pushed her back carelessly. "The contract is accepted." He grabbed on her bloody hand and then walked out of the cottage. "Then move." He ordered and started walking, passing the remains of Bird. His face was once more stone and emotionless. He noticed Valerie shaking in cold and he took off his own cape and threw it to her to wrap it around herself. Aside from that, he paid her no mind.

Johar stumbled back from the unexpected punch. He held his face and narrowed his eyes seeing his enemy, Ryuu. So he came here by his own will. That fool. The minister smirked and easily dodged the sword, "Well hello little Summoner. Ximena you say? That pleasure slave you were training? Actually, I never cared. She was already dead and done for. Who you are kidding?! You killed her the moment you brought her to castle. But...this is just you, Ryuu. Taken over by meaningless and weak desires." He dodged another attack and whispered something as a monster's huge face appeared beneath his feet and opened its wide dark mouth. Johar pulled out a heavy sword from it and charged at him. Some small monsters leaped at Ryuu and tried to throw him unbalanced.
"Oh, poor poor Summoner. Never have a real place, just wagging tail for anyone. What will our queen think of a betrayer like you? Hm?" Chuckling, Johar attacked again.Now most of the monsters focused on Ryuu.
  valkyira / 274d 15h 37m 20s
The Queen was caught off guard as he yanked her close and smacked her twice. She stayed looking away until he turned her head to look at him and she could see the anger in his eyes. The Dark’s rage that burned stronger than her own. She looked away at his questions and pressed her lips together as he tightened his grip on her. If she had to answer then she was going to take her time. “He wants the same thing I am offering you.” She said softly, her eyes looking down towards the marks on the floor before glancing over towards the windows that she could see. “He wants the Light to either win the war or he’ll take my life and…” She swallowed, shaking her head. “Something else, but he will get nothing.”

Valerie could still feel the stinging in her face as well as imagine the redness that it brought to her cheeks. She turned her head back towards Theodore, but she didn’t look at him. “I would rather give away my life, my title, give away any power and importance that I have then let it be taken from me. Because… At least then I have some control in what happens after that….” She bit her tongue and gave a small, maddening grin. “You once said it was pathetic that I couldn’t stop the war… But did you ever stop to think… That maybe I wanted the war to happen. Heh… My offer still stands until you give me an answer… I will say nothing more.” She murmured, still not looking at him as she closed her eyes and stayed still in his grasp.

Eric didn’t answer Penelope’s question but he did look as the granddaughter pointed to where they wanted to go. The flicking of his tail slowed so it was more like a lazy annoyed cat, be it didn’t stop moving and Eric didn’t seem to notice the nymph touching his tail. “Hmm, alright.” He said, taking the map back and rolling it back up. They’d have time to start moving and make some decent distance before it got dark but he wasn’t going to offer anything else except to escort them to their destination. The hybrid would do what they asked but he wasn’t going to help by giving them ideas.

Ryuu was just beginning to feel the bitter cold as night fell before he caught the scent of smoke in the air and could see the glow of fires from the city. He gritted his teeth and charged his steed forwards, his arrow out and cutting symbols out as he rode down fast into the chaos. Two giant worms had surfaced in the battle, swallowing monsters whole as they dug up and burrowed back down into the earth. Other summons began to flood the battlefield as well and Ryuu cleared a path for himself, heading straight into the heart of the city. He made his way through the chaos and spotted Johar who was just beginning to notice the shift in the fighting. However the Minister didn’t see the Summoner approaching him from behind before Ryuu spoke.

“Johar!” He spat in a low voice, causing the minister to turn around right before Ryuu punched him hard in the face. “That’s for Ximena, you fucking swine!” The Summoner snarled, drawing out the sword of light magic and holding it out in front of him, pointed towards the master of monsters. “And this is for every other time you’ve pissed me off.” He growled and charged the Minister, not wanting to give him a chance to change into his monster form.
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Theodore's expression darkened as he heard her terms. So all she wanted from him was revenge? Revenge from a trusted one? The vampire looked down at the the hand which was reached out. He also took out his hand like he wanted to grab it but instead snatched her wrist and pulled her roughly against his chest before he smacked her face twice out of rage. He grabbed Valerie's shoulders and when she looked through his eyes, it was anger...only anger. Not coldness or anything like that. It was like he really cared.

"So you want to become the lowest of low. A mere slave. Just to take out your worthless minister?" He gave her shook, aggressively hissing in her face. "This is not a game. Giving away your life is not the best thing you can do for me. Minerva...would never do such a thing for revenge." His eyes reflected pain and old scars in past. "Listen. The hybrid's transformation...It was Karim's doing. Wasn't it? What did he want?" He gripped tighter on her shoulders.

Penelope took the map and observed it carefully. "Oooh. Who has given you this map? It is very very detailed." The granddaughter motioned the nymph to hand it over and she then turned to Eric and pointed at their destination on map. She wanted to go to northeast then go directly to the capital. The nymph poked the flicking tail curiously since it moved way too much.

Dosia raised an eyebrow at his quick answer then nodded pleasantly. "Very well. You can leave now." She dismissed him and sat back down.

It was hell. The two armies clashed, neither of the sides planning to retreat. Blood, screams and fire. It was all mixed together but Light had Johar this time. His monsters raided the city and the warriors bravely fought against them. Abantes was also slashing his sword at the soldiers one by one, making his way to the heart of the enemy army...Where Johar was there summoning his underlings.
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Valerie gasped as she felt Theodore’s teeth meet her shoulder and she shivered against him. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest, fluttering like a bird trapped in a cage. Again she felt tears falling down her face and she wasn’t sure if they were from the pain or from the indignity she felt. As he pulled away to look at her, licking his lips and asking what she wanted, Valerie felt her breath leave as he kissed her. It took her a few moments to reply, her voice shaky and quiet.

“I… I need help.... My minister.. The Light. It’s all… It’s all going to…” She couldn’t find her thoughts, her mind was in a mess of thoughts and emotions. “It’s so cold…” She whispered, bowing her head and shaking. “I want.. To make… To make another blood pact with you…” The Queen managed, the trails from her tears beginning to freeze on her face. “Please, come inside with me.” She said with a weak tone, feeling her feet touch the ground as he loosened his grip on her.

She stepped back from him, not looking up to meet his gaze anymore as she kept her movement’s slow and made sure he followed her into the cottage. She didn’t look to see what his expression was towards the unfinished charcoal markings she’d made all over the floor, but that was the least of her concerns right now. “These are the terms I wish for you to agree on.” She said, a heaviness in her quiet voice. She knew she could very well end up regretting what she was going to offer him, but her quiet anger had blinded her reasoning and she could only see one goal.

“From now on, if you choose to agree, I will be yours, to do with what you please. To drink from and scar, to love or hate, to hold or harm. It does not matter. I will not fight you because it is what I give. And in return, you will help me find the one who has betrayed me, and you will help me make an example of him.” Her voice had found a firmness to it. Her eyes finally looking up to meet his. Her shoulder had stopped bleeding and she’d stopped trembling, but there was caution as she lifted up her cut hand and held it out towards him.

“Heh, Sure.” Eric said as Penelope exclaimed how generous he was. He hadn’t agreed because they’d asked or because he recognized them, the demon agreed because he had no choice. His eyes darkened as he had to give Penelope the map and his tail continued to flick. He paid the granddaughter no mind as she stared at him and he waited for the two women to decide where they were trying to go.

Ryuu seemed to wince at Dosia’s glaring before she began to talk. He listened without interrupting, and he stood still as she approached him. Once she was finished, he bowed his head to her, “I’ll leave at once.” Was his reply. His hesitant expression gave nothing else away other than that he was nervous with Dosia’s attitude towards him. But besides that, he was eager to head off and leave for the battlefields. The cities that were being attack were about half a days ride away so he’d arrive just as the sun finished setting and he’d have the cover of night to help him support the Deloriak campus that was there.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 274d 18h 22m 21s
Theodore slowly wrapped his arms around Valerie as blood dropped from his chin on her head. His eyes wandered over her body and he stared at the fresh bandages. They still smelled of her blood. Her sweet, inviting blood. The feather had helped him heal yet he needed blood to recover. His arms snaked around her form and he slowly picked her up, pressing his lips on her shoulder before his fangs tore in and he sucked on her blood greedily, his hold becoming stronger as he regained his energy. He then pulled away and looked at her face with an unreadable gaze, licking off the blood from his lips and chin. "What is it you want?" He softly asked and planted a kiss on the immortal's lips.

Now it was getting a little odd. This demon agreed to do everything they asked. Yet Penelope didn't mind it at all and grinned happily. "Oh, Mr.Eric! You have a heart of gold!" But Neculai's granddaughter was suspicious about it. She was sure something was off but could not lay a finger on it. So she kept her distance and followed the two, staring at Eric's back.

"..." Dosia was rubbing her temples to calm down when Ryuu came in her tent. She ignored his presnece for a short while before she turned her gaze on him. "That didn't take long." She pressed her lips together. "You disobeyed us." She glared at the Summoner before looking away. "Anyway, We are sure you have heard about the several losses and the border town of Delroiak destroyed by the enemy." Dosia stood and paced in the tent but didn't even glance at Ryuu. "We have heard you have faced Eric before." She stopped and stared at him. "And that you know how to fight demons." The queen approached him with firm steps. "So if you are looking for a chance to gain our trust, here it is. Go to the underattack city and push their army back. The campus there will help you."
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Valerie didn’t respond to the cooing taunts and she gritted her teeth at the thought of giving up her wings. [i No, never. I will never give up my wings, my immortality.] She heard Bird’s screams and jumped back up to her feet, rushing back to the window. She spotted the remains of the shredded monster and saw the Vampire standing with one hand placed to his head. She then saw him turn towards the cottage and she ran back towards the door, pounding on it again and yanking at the handle. “I’m here! I’m Here!” She called, hearing Theodore running up to the door before there was another sound and she heard him shout out in surprise.

The seal.

She cursed to herself stepped back. Looking back towards the fire, she rushed over and took a long log, sticking it into the fire until if caught flame. She then ran back to the door and shoved the flames against the door. There was a crackling and as the door began to burn, so did the seal. Soon the hinges began to melt and break, the Queen kicked the door down and rushed out. She ran right into Theodore and wrapped her arms around him, ignoring the blood and cold as she held onto him. “Please, Help me. [i Please...]” She whispered, tightening her grip as the flames on the broken door began to die down.

Eric clenched his jaw as Penelope called him back and at their request for him to come with them, the orders echoed in his head again. Johar never said he shouldn’t listen to another light. Even though they were just asking instead of ordering, the curse Karim gave him still pushed him to agree. “Fine, I will help you.” He muttered, crossing his arms with his tail still flicking.

Sorit saw Dosia’s face drop as she received the report and when she ran out of the tent, he followed her out closely and pulled her hair back as she coughed. At her whispered, he nodded and helped her go back into the tent and get comfortable before going to find where Ryuu was. It didn’t take him long to find the Summoner but he was surprised to find that he was in the main camp.

“Summoner.” He growled, not saying anything about the fact that he was now healed. “Come with me.” He ordered and turned away, expecting Ryuu to follow him. Nervously, Ryuu trailed after the werewolf and he hesitated outside of the tent before entering slowly.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 275d 12h 6m 31s
"[b Summoning your wings? What if he wants them all? will you give them up for more love stick to the vengeance plan, Hm? Oh What a misery you are in! Maybe you have to kill your heart first, child of Light?]" The voice cooed, amused by Valerie.

Theodore ducked his head and dodged another talon before he ran up his sword into Bird's leg and twisted it aggressively. Bird screeched and grabbed the sword with her other talon and pulled it out, slamming Theodore down and making the vampire let go of the sword. Theodore held his twisted wrist and gritted his teeth then quickly rolled over to dodge the diving monster. He hissed as she was able to scratch his body. The vampire then quickly caught her tail and climbed on her back. Bird lost her balance and span around trying to make him fall but Theodore made a tight grip on her neck before he leaned down his neck and bit into back of her neck. Bird screamed and suddenly twisted her neck 360 degree like an owl and bit savagely onto his face, crushing his skull. Theodore's body stopped moving and Bird dropped him down on the ground. She landed on snow to tend to her wounds before suddenly she felt the cold metal of sword digging into her back. She stiffened and glanced back, feeling a familiar presnece and saw Thedore standing there with a half crushed skull, healing rapidly. A small ball was glowing in his pocket. Not hesitating, Theodore dragged down his sword and Bird's blood splattered as her guts fell onto the red snow beneath her talons. The sliced up body fell and Theodore held his head before looking at the cottage. She was still in there.

The vampire ran towards it and just when he was about to break the door, the seal shone and threw him back.

The Nymph frowned , not convinced by his answer and was about to catch his arm but Neculai's granddaughter pulled her back and told her by handsigns that this demon was Eric. Penelope tilted her head. "What the...but he is so nice ad gentleman right now!" She called back Eric despite the granddaughter shaking her head nervously. "Mr.Eric! Would you come here please?" She rolled her eyes at her friend. "Geez. Calm down. Maybe he has just met puberty and those horns and wings are just natural for his specious!" She then smiled at Eric who had no other choice but to approach them again. "Could do what you have to later and help us please? We need to get to Deloriak and are kind of lost here. Also, you have a map so...pretty please?"

Dosia was breathing deeply, the scroll of report shaking in her trembling hands. No...No...they were losing everything without gaining any. It could not be...They were going to vanish...This was not fair. Suddenly she felt a twist on her stomach and ran out of tent, throwing up out of anxiety The poor queen did not know how to handle it. How to bring back the loss...How to turn the table...What, What made Eric so strong and bloodthirsty like that? Why did he fight for Light? Why was this hapoening to her? If she knew...if she only knew who was behind this all.
"So..Sorit...Sorit..." She whispered desperately, kneeling in the snow. "Ryuu. I have heard Ryuu has faced Eric before and he knows how to deal with demons. Wherever he is...send him here."
  valkyira / 275d 20h 29m 5s
Valerie gritted her teeth at the soft chuckle and closed her eyes, holding back tears of shame. No, she mustn’t waste tears on this, not again. “Lust and desire…” She echoed, giving a sigh and dropping the charcoal so she wouldn’t crush it in her fist. “But vengeance is so much stronger…” Since Johar only saw her wickedness and power as something worthy to follow, then that is what she’d show him. She just had to get out and find him and the false queen that he’d made.

She heard Bird’s claws scraping on the roof as she jumped off and the Immortal jumped to her feet, rushing to the windows till she saw him. Theodore, her enemy, the only one she could call on for help. She knew Johar’s monsters were strong but… The dark had one of her feathers… Any injury the monster might inflict on him would be no hindrance to him. Anxiously she watched before running back to where she’d dropped the charcoal and continuing to frantically remake the symbols and marks that were on the scroll.

Eric looked up when he noticed the granddaughter staring but he didn’t pay her much mind and he looked back at the map again. He only took his attention away when Penelope asked him if they’d met. He gave her a strange look, his expression a mixture between amused and annoyed. “Kindly?” He asked and rolled up the map, nodding. “We have, I’m sure… But I can’t recall where nor do I care too.” He looked up to see where the rising sun was and having made his decision of where to go next, Eric began to turn away to leave.

The soldiers in the United Nations camps grew restless as word of the Light Nation’s activities reached them. First it was the notion that they had a Dark on their side that could wipe out an entire army, next was the reports of two defeats from that Dark and finally it was the survivors of a town that the Light had completely destroy, mercilessly killing those who didn’t or couldn’t flee. Ryuu heard about these, listening as the anxious soldiers talked. He’d found that Abantes was sent to a camp that would be attacking soon and these recent reports made him wonder.

Would any of them survive attack the Light further north if this was what was happening closer to home? He sighed and rubbed his arms. One of the wizards he’d arrived with had offered to help heal his arm and he accepted graciously. Now he was only left with scars, but he could now fight and hold his own. He remembered that Dosia had said he must prove what his intentions were before she’d allow him to fight and he sighed at that thought. When would he get the chance to prove himself if he never went to fight in the battles? It was almost the same dilemma Abantes had, except the Summoner was more willing to wait rather then rushing to fight.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 276d 15h 12m 11s
A soft chuckle echoed through the place. "[b Oh, my my...Are you now seeking help from my children? Mother of light should burn herself down~You loved the kiss didn't you? Oh the pleasure of break the boundaries and make love with a sworn enemy. Lust and desire is more powerful than anything. Isn't it, The supposed pride of Light?]"

Theodore was able to calm himself down and he was leading his group to a nearby training camp before the same addiction hit his nose again. Was it an illusion? The vampire turned his head to its direction. Succubus frowned slightly, mumbling. "What? You are getting that expression agai-"
"You go on without me. There is something I have to check on first." And then he took off because eversince he met the immortal, his heart did not stop beating. Maybe it was a trap but let it be. Anything to remind him of Minerva. He had to hold her again and stroke her lovely face. He had to make her feel safe and never let go. She was his. His.
Nothing was going take his Minerva away again...Ever.

What he saw was a cottage. But he could clearly smell the sweet blood. Thedore spotted the Bird and unfortunately, she did too. The monster flew towards him and the vampire pulled out his sword with narrowed eyes. He just had to finish this quick and reach Minerva sooner.

"Th-thank you, sir!" Still shaken by the disaster, the Nymph panted before standing. "Maybe we should keep his company. He is a nice guy." Neculai's granddaughter shook her head and frowned, feeling odd about this demon. He...he was familiar I some ways. She also stood and slowly walked to him. Carefully she stood infront of him and stared at his face before her eyes widened. The prisoner! But how...his appearance...whaf was going on?
The Nymph tilted her head at her friend's shocked face and approached him too. "Excuse me? Could you kindly tell us if we have met before?"
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