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Philip was easily convinced since he did not expect any danger in the shrine and placed the dagger back to his belt. "Traveler? I thought there's only me here." Thinking slightly, he shrugged and started approaching him. "You're walking with trouble. Are you injured? Damn beasts. Where I come from, we don't meet many monsters but boy, this land is quite a wonderland! Let me help you up, buddy." Philip said warmly and before asking for permission, he wrapped Eric's arm around his neck and let him put his weight on him.

The clueless one didn't even try to take a look at his face. Because he would never ever expect the 'Fallen Prince' himself be hiding there. "The shrine is quite skilled in healing but they're going to face some troubles. Deloriak insists of equality while they don't let in any Demonic race. Unfortunately they're not even letting in the Queen herself. She's the patient one I swear. Maaaan...when I compare her to that fallen prince...he could stay in his throne instead of going wild...Heh." Philip sighed quite sadly, feeling bad for the Eric he knew. Well, he didn't know him much. Philip was a trouble maker especially in the stable. He was crazy about horses, always breaking a leg or two for trying a wild unprepared horse. And his mother punished him well for misbehaviour.

"Hey, buddy. Where's your roo-ugh!" The tanned man felt his foot hitting a statue in darkness when he was deep in thought and fell over along with Eric. That was when he met eyes...The black ones widened at the sight of the golden eyes.

"" Lost for words and frozen, he even poked Eric's face to make sure it's real. "ER-" Philip covered his own mouth to avoid waking everyone up. Looking around, suddenly grabbed Eric's shoulders and pulled him up, whispering harshly.

"What are you doing here?! I thought you're already dead dammit. Coming to shrine...have you lost your mind?! How do you want to escape?!" Stressed out, he shook Eric slightly.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 312d 19h 22m 0s
When Juno hugged him, the prince was a bit surprised, nevertheless he smiled softly. Her innocent actions made him slightly glad that the war hadn’t spilled over into this neighboring kingdom. If it had this shrine might have been destroyed in the crosshairs of war and this little girl and her mother might have never found a safe haven. And then Eric would have never met little Juno, but if he’d never met her then he wouldn’t have cared.

He noticed that she’d forgotten to lock the door behind her, so after a bit of debating he stood up and tested his weight on his legs again. Using the wall to steady himself, he shuffled over to the door and opened it stepping out into the hall. He might as well look around to see if this Shrine held any other secrets for him. Eric didn’t plan on going very far, since he didn’t trust his legs to carry him back to his room quickly if he went too far. But as he was deciding to turn back, he heard a door open softly behind him and looked over his shoulder to see another traveler stepping out into the hall.

He was standing in the shadows of the hall, not close enough to one of the windows to be seen in the moon light, and the fallen prince was glad about that. Had he been any closer, this man would have saw him flitch at the sight of his dagger. He didn’t recognize this man’s voice, but he did recognize his face and cursed silently to himself when he saw who it was. Philip. He’d known the other men when they were children in his mother’s court but his younger brother had been friends with him, more than Eric had.

“Put your dagger away, I’m just another traveler.” Eric said in a quiet and harsh voice, not moving an inch so Philip couldn’t see his face clearly. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you, but I was just heading back to my room…” He added, still not moving until Philip lowered his dagger. He wanted to ask, but he didn’t want to give himself away. Philip had left the royal’s castle and he didn’t know if that meant he’d joined the rebellion or not.

Keeping his head turned low and looking away from Philips, he shuffled forwards slightly, hoping he wouldn’t be recognized and hoping Philip didn’t see his eyes as his passed. His eyes were the most recognizable thing about him and hadn’t changed very much from when he was younger. It was said that when he was younger, the prince had a laughing smile and kind eyes. But now that he was older, his smile was only sinister to those who knew him and his eyes held no kindness for mostly anyone.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 312d 21h 34m 48s
Juno listened carefully with wide eyes and opened mouth, believing everything he said innocently. She gasped when he said a monster made his legs look like this and leaned forward, following his made up story eagerly.

When the prince asked about 'the fallen prince of Chamlek', she blinked curiously but she found it fair to answer as well.

"We don't hear much from the outside world but I've heard the queen sent her army to the border of Chamlek to block the remnants of the Prince's men and to the northern borders for the barbarians who want to take over the Chamlek Kingdom by passing Deloriak. The Holy Shrine is against keeping the prince because he brings the wrath of gods upon us. Brother Cato says there are some of the Chamlek men in Deloriak who wants to replace the Queen with their Prince so that they could use the army to take back Chamlek. But mom says I shouldn't believe these rumors." Juno took a deep breath and looked back at the door, yawning tiredly.

"I should leave before mom finds out I'm not in bed. Good Night, Eric!" She hugged the liar before tiptoeing towards the door and closing it behind. But this time, there was no click sound since Juno had forgotten to lock the door.

The hallways were quiet and dark, carvings of heroes and demon were on the white stoned walls of the place. Suddenly a figure opened one of the doors. A man around prince's age came out one of the room, stretching and yawning.

"Uhnnn....Time to leave here-Who's there?" He quickly drew out his dagger, looking around suspiciously, he made steps forward until the moonlight revealed his face.

That was Philip. The son of former queen of Camlek -Eric's mother- trusted maid. He had black hair tied into ponytail and a tanned skin. He was wearing some traveller's clothes. When queen passed away, he and his mother left the castle. During the wars of Chamlek against Eric, Philip's mother died due to old age and he ran away from the country in fear of being executed for being once in the castle and close to royalty. Now he was a traveller, selling stuffs to places. He brought fruits and meat to the Holy Shrine and could sleep freely there.

Finally a friend...well not exactly but at least he knew Eric from Childhood.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 313d 4h 38m 40s
“I’m not a warrior…” Eric replied, listening as the man continued to talk and talk. So these were what rumors floated around Dosia’s kingdom. He watched the man rewrap fresh bandaging around his legs, noting where Theo had stabbed at him the most, the clean, healing wounds were worst behind his knees and down his calves. A few of the cuts had strayed up the sides of his legs but by the looks of it, Theodore had mostly focused his attack on the lower half of his legs. At least they were healing and he simply nodded a farewell to the man when he wished the prince good night and left.

He managed to get some sleep when Juno came back to his room, Eric sat up when she came in nervously and he shook his head at her concern that he might tell her mother she was there. “No I won’t tell her.” He said, humoring her as she offered him a cookie and he sat up. When she jumped into her nonstop question, he chuckled and quietly shushed her. “One at a time.” He said and started with what he’d been planning to tell her and carefully leave out anything that would let her figure out who he really was.

“My name is Eric and my home is very far from this place. I wouldn’t call myself a hero, I’m only a traveler here.” He told her about his brother, who he spoke of as a hunter and he said that both of his parents have long since passed away. When she brought up the questions about his injuries and the two Vampires that brought him here, He stuck with Theo’s story, begrudgingly, but he didn’t let that show in his voice and he said he hadn’t been traveling with them for very long when they were attacked.

“… We are only going in the same direction, that’s why they were with me when we were attacked.” He went on to say he was heading to the capital to meet with a friend that lived there, though he never mentioned where he was coming from. But the little girl didn’t seem to notice, she was busy listening to him talk and watching his golden eyes in the dim light.

“Hmm, well, I’ve had some questions of my own that I was wondering if you’d be able to answer.” He said after he’d finished with his spun tale of lies. “What has happened to this Kingdom since the war in Chamlek ended? I’ve heard the Prince was brought here but there had only been rumors…” It was a little Ironic, that he was talking about himself to little Juno, trying to figure out what course of action he could take when he was fully healed and able.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 313d 15h 40m 14s
After an hour or two, the man came back and brought some new bandages as promised. He pulled away the sheets and gently started opening the bloody bandage. "These are indeed some ugly wounds. Are you a warrior? Dosia has startrd strengthening her borders. She is using any demonic and forbidden race she wants..." He frowned in disapproval. "The dark ones easily obey her but the Light only chooses the right path. Soon their curses will bring chaos to this land. I've even heard she is keeping the fallen Prince of Chamlek for herself...Gods know what kind of evil he is. Sadly, there are a few demon hunters nowadays thanks to our heathen queen! Tch!" Realising that he's talked too much, the man speeds up and soon the legs are bandaged again.

"Good night." He said before closing and locking the door behind.

On midnight, soft knocks and a whisper disturbed him. "Sir...I'm here." Juno silently unlocked the door and came in with a pocket of cookies in hand. "My mom has made them! I 'borrowed' some of them!" The girl worriedly looked around before closing the door again. "If mom finds out, she will be really angry. You won't tell her I came here. Right?" Juno hopefully asked before approaching him and offered the cookies happily. "So, can I ask now? I'v been thinking about them the whole time! Where do you come from? What's your name? How old are you? Are you a hero? How many beasts have you killed? Do you have brothers ot sisters? Where are your parents?-" Juno went on non stop.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 313d 18h 13m 20s
Eric listened as the man started to answer his questions and he wanted to laugh when he was told he couldn’t leave this room until he was purified. They could sure as Hell try to purify him, but if they had any idea who he was then they would have turned him away at the door, despite what this man was saying.

He began to drift off and was slightly aware that the light outside was changing as he drifted in and out of sleep. But then a knock came from the door and he glanced over to see a little girl with a tray of food. The Prince calmly watched her shyly come in and set the tray down before he realized that she’d been staring into his gaze the entire time.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position at her first question and smiled a little distastefully at the second question, he was about to answer her when a woman called from the doorway, her mother. He arched an eyebrow, listening as little Juno meekly apologized, then he spoke.

“That’s quite alright.” He said, the haze having cleared from his mind after he’d fully awoken. Her mother sounded exasperated as she called for her daughter to come out and let him rest and she started off when Juno turned glumly walking to the door to leave. That’s when he had an idea and hissed after the little girl.

“Psst!” When she turned around, he gave her a sly smile and spoke quietly.

“Come back later and I’ll answer whatever questions you have.” He said, and watched her green eyes widen with glee as she nodded and hurried out the door, closing it and locking it behind her. But the Prince didn’t mind the clicking sound, now he had a way that might allow him to walk out of this place without having to go back into the queen’s hands.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 313d 19h 41m 57s
After the injection the man put away the syringe and fed him some pills before checking his legs with gentle hands, trying not to inflict more pain. When he was done, he pulled the sheets over him and started answering him calmly as gathering his stuffs.

"Capital? it's a long way. About two weeks walk. We do not want to hear anything from the queen." He noticed the drugs kicking in and helped the fallen prince to get comfortable and sleep some.

"You're welcomed to stay as long as you wish. Holy Shrine never rejects sheltering people." He replied and smiled behind the veil before heading out. "Yet I should lock the door since you're an outsider and have been with the demons for a long're only allowed to stay in this room until we purify you. That is, of course, your choice. You'll be brought food and drink. I'll come back later to change your bandages."

And closed the door, locking it with a click.

The Holy Shrine was quiet and peaceful until there was a knock on the door again before being unlocked. This time it was a little girl with curious green eyes. "..F-food..." Shyly she rose up the tray in her hand and stepped in. Carefully, she set the tray on the table. The whole time she was staring at Eric.

"D-do your legs..hurt?" She said quietly. Playing with fingers, she added catiously.

"A-are you a run away slave too? They cut mom's legs too. She uses a wheelchair now...yet she still...cooks...the best. Taste it yourself..." The little girl looked up watching his golden eyes with tilted head. She had never seen eyes like his.

"Juno! Don't bother him. Let him rest. Come out." A woman called at the doorway. She was sitting on a wheelchair and a blanket covered her missing legs. "I'm really sorry sir. She hasn't seen many strangers."

Juno pouted slightly. "But I wasn't bothering him...Mom look, he has some unique eyes!"

"Juno! That's so rude, apologise to him now!"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 314d 6h 10m 18s
Eric jumped when he heard the man’s voice behind him and he spun around to face the door as it opened.

“They aren’t my friends.” He said harshly and watched the man prepare the needle. He slunk back along the wall and over to his bed, sitting down on the side of the bed. If these people knew what he was then they wouldn’t have let him into this Holy Shrine either. He was lucky to seem more human then he really was.

“Where is this place?” He asked, shifting with some hesitation to lay down on his stomach, crossing his arms and resting his head down on them. He watched the man, waiting for his answer, wanting to know how far from the capital he was and if there’d be a chance for him to take off when he was in full health, though he was sure that wouldn’t happen.

“Hmm…” He had more questions than answers, and this man might be able to answer a few of them. [I Do you know who I am? Do you even care? Does it only matter that I am hurt here? Are the ones I came with just waiting outside of this place? How long will I have to stay here? How long have I already been here? Do you think I…?] The questions were on his lips, but he didn’t ask any of those, He still only wanted to know where this Holy Shrine was in Deloriak.

“How far away is this Shrine from the Capital?” He asked, seeing the man turn towards him with the needle and syringe. Really, Eric wanted to know what was going on and why he was all of a sudden being rushed about. He didn’t believe for one second that Dosia was trying to keep him safe but he did think that she was trying to keep him out of someone else’s hands. But who’s? And what did she want from him? He remembered her first request, asking him to tell her, his story but she should know by now that wasn’t going to happen.

The prince ignored the pricks of the needle and only flicked his eyes back towards the man when he was done. His mind was starting to numb from what injections that he’d been given and he rolled over when the man stepped back. Sighing, the fallen Prince only had one more question that he was willing to ask.

“How much longer will I be here?” He asked, feeling tired and gazing blankly up towards the ceiling.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 314d 13h 32m 0s
There was garden outside, filled with colorful flowers, plants and trees. There were statues of religious creatures and heroes. Some people were standing there in white robes and covered faces. They were kneeling down towards a craved wall, singing something together.

A shrine.

Suddenly one of them rose up head and looked back, noticing Eric. He leaned towards the one next to him and whispered something. That one nodded in acknowledgement and rose up, walking backward respectfully until he left.

"I'm coming in." A knock was on the door before the door was unlocked. A man in his 20s was at the doorway, dressed in the same white clothes. A veil covered his head and face, revealing his blue eyes only. He looked at the Prisoner briefly before stepping in and setting down some bottles and a syringe on the small table beside the bed. "It's time for your drugs and injection. They were tough wounds. The sisters were able to stop the bleeding only by the 'Heal Glow'. Yet, they still might be infected. Please sit down on bed. You fought well against the fever. Now you need some rest." He explained softly and pointed at the bed patiently.

"Your friends weren't allowed it. Seeds of darkness are not allowed in Holy Shrine. They had severe wounds too but the evil helps them to heal...It's like a curse." He was whispering with a bit of disgust as preparing the needle. "Lay on your stomach please."
  valkyira / 314d 14h 16m 20s
The prince let out a blood curdling scream when Theodore began to hack and slash mercilessly at his legs. It was certainly painful and he wasn’t sure if his limbs would survive this when the vampire added insult to injury by stomping down on the wounds, pulling another wail from the Prince. He shivered when he felt Romeo reach down to pick him up once more and he didn’t answer the question, Theo had left him gasping and shaking with pain.

This was by far very unfair to the fallen prince, but then again he was a Prisoner, and someone who’d evidently had millions killed in apparent cold blood. But he always seemed to have enough of his own blood on his hands, so this treatment was only expected. Eric hardly noticed the Demon bird flying over them, since he was too busy writhing weakly in pain. He wanted this all to just stop, but he wasn’t about to start begging for it. Then the shock of Theo’s attack mercifully set in, causing the Prince to pass out and leave whatever the Vampires had planned to do with him entirely up to them.

When he woke up, he was again in a different place. He was in another bed and in a small room. He could feel he wasn’t in the same clothes that he had been in when he was in the Hut, for less than six hours. There was one window, with the curtains drawn and one door, which was closed. Neither of the two Vampires were in the room with him and he shifted with some effort, pulling himself up into a sitting position and remembering the state that Theodore had gladly put in him. There had been a lot of blood.

Immediately his hands shot up to his neck and felt around to make sure neither of the blood suckers had drank from him while he was out. He didn’t feel any bite marks and that made him sigh in relief. He then pulled back the covers, half expecting himself not to have his legs anymore since Theo had almost hacked them off. To his slight surprise and great relief, he still had both of his legs and they were wrapped tightly with only a few spots where blood was starting to show. So they had taken him to a healer after he’d past out, that made him wonder how long he’d been out. He wiggled his toes and rolled his ankles to make sure he could still control all the way down his legs. He then tried to bend his knees and the tight bandaging restricted that movement just a little, and his legs also protesting with a dull pain, but he could move them just fine.

Eric glanced towards the door seeing that still no one had come in and he slowly, carefully shifted his legs to the floor, testing his weight on them to make sure he’d be able to stand on them. He then pushed up from the bed, wavering slightly as he stood but the aching pain didn’t increase any. That was good. He then moved to take a step forwards and collapsed heavily to the floor with a small gasp, feeling his legs suddenly give out on him. He may have been able to move his legs just fine but that didn’t mean they were going to support him when he tried to walk.

“Just great.” He muttered, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees and slowly working his way back up till he was standing. “Bloody Fantastic.” He reached over to the wall when he was standing again and used it to steady himself. He took one slow step, then another, making his way towards the door and he tested the doorknob. Locked. That figures, so he turned around and made his way over to the window, peering out between the curtains to see if he had any idea for where he was now.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 314d 16h 14m 32s
Romeo was standing there with a slightly bored face, looking at the prince who looked stuck in hysteric reaction. None of his gazes affected him. The only thing he was seeing was a stupid boy who loved to be stubborn.

The thing important here was the summoner who was getting closer and closer.

Romeo only smiled when his friend, Theodore struck Eric from behind and immediately slashed at back of his legs skillfully making him fall down.

"The monster attacked..."Theodore put a foot on his head and pressed on mercilessly. He rose up his sword and slashed at his legs again.

"And clawed your legs..over and over again."


"Until you became crippled."

One deep stab as a final one. Blood splattered on the green grass.

"So we had to carry you around until we find a healer because your legs were such mess..." The cruel vampire stomped on the wounds hatefully.

"Theo dear! Stop it! That's enough lesson...wounds get infected you know!" Again Romeo pulled Theodore off and the angry vampire stepped aside, cleaning his sword carefully.

"Why do you keep asking for punishment, Eric boy?" Romeo asked with a sad tone and reached down to once more carry him. A shadow on them made them look up...

A demon bird was flying above them.

"Oh, no..." Romeo whispered. Theodore rose up his sword and used his enemy, sun, to reflect light on the bird's eyes.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 314d 17h 13m 19s
A summoner? Was it really that important to someone that he was alive, or dead? I mean, he could understand why but he knew that this wasn’t the work of any of his men, as skeptical as they were with summoner’s magic, and mainly any magic in general. Eric had dragged himself back away from the doorway leading outside and away from the broken window, a mixed expression of distain, disgust, disbelief on his face when Romeo looked back over to him.

“You’re kidding me!” He snapped over the commotion of Theodore slicing at the arms and Romeo rolled his eyes turning to face the fallen prince fully.

“Not at all!” He exclaimed, scooping the Prince up since it was clear he wasn’t going to cooperate now and they were out the door in a flash. They darted out so fast Eric didn’t get a chance to see what exactly had been attacking the hut and soon Theodore was hot on Romeo’s heels, his sword still out in case he needed to use it again for any reason.

[I This is how the Kindheart Lady keeps her prisoner’s safe?] The fleeting thought crossed his mind and it almost enough to make him laugh, and he would of, if he wasn’t being carried about like a child and didn’t feel like he was going to break from the stress that had been building up from the past few days.

“Put me down.” He said it in almost a whisper as he decided it was now or never that he reveal what he was. Heck he might even escape in this situation if he used his hour long limitation on the ability he had carefully, he might even escape Dosia. “Put me Down!” He said in a stronger voice, opening his eyes and knowing that Romeo had heard him by his expression but they were still busy trying to get away from the summoner. “Now, Romeo!” He said, almost shouting but still Romeo was ignoring his demand.

“Now, now Eric boy. We’re almost-!” But the fallen prince didn’t let him finish.

“I said Put. Me. DOWN!” He yelled and the palm of one of his hands flashed up, whacking the vampire on the bottom of his jaw. The strike wasn’t hard, comparing Eric’s strength to Romeo’s at that moment, but it was enough to make him skid to a stop and drop the Prisoner, letting the prince hit the ground hard mostly out of surprise.

The fall took Eric by surprise as well, but he got over it fairly quickly and as fast as his worn down body would let him, he inched away from Romeo and found himself next to a tree trunk only a few steps away from the Vampire. He didn’t care that they were being chased right now nor did he seem to care that Theo still had his blade out. He fixed his sharp golden eyes onto Romeo and said in a surprisingly firm voice.

“I’m not going Anywhere with either of you.” He hissed, like he had a choice in the matter and he pushed himself up to his feet, leaning on the tree trunk for only a moment before taking a step back on his own, still weary on his feet but clearly trying not to let that show. He had looked back up at Romeo, his expression a snarl of pure malice and he’d started the beginning of an Insult. Saying,

“And you can take this message back to your queen…!” He then felt a rush of motion behind him and heard the soft [I shhing] of Theodore’s sword moving through the air. Of course he hadn’t been paying attention to the Vampire that was armed, he’d been looking only towards Romeo since he knew he’d had that Vampires attention. He’d left himself completely open for Theodore to intervene at any time and he wasn’t prepared to strike back or defend himself in that moment.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 315d 5h 20s
Romeo raised up an eyebrow at Eric's stubbornness. Shrugging he set the bowl aside and walked to the stool sitting on it. It was noon and already passed his bed time. The vampire yawned tiredly and leaned back to the wall with a bored expression. His eyes started closing and after some minutes, his head was dropped like a dead man.

That's how sleeping vampires look like. They've deceived many preys with that.

Some growls started getting closer. Eric could see a shadow behind the curtains. Two circles glowed and suddenly taps could be heard from the window. Something was tapping and tapping. The taps became aggressive.

Suddenly a shriek shook the hut and Romeo fell over, scrambling up on his feet. "Oh, dear. What's that? None of the beasts get this clo-"

The window broke apart and a large human like hand was shot in, stretching right towards Eric. It grabbed on Eric's leg and dragged him towards the window. The scent of rotten meat had filled the place.

Romeo leaped at the hand, grabbing it. He tightened his grip and a sickening crack could be heard as the monster screamed again but let go of the prince. Some other hands joined in.

"Eric boy! Get behind me if you don't want to-Gah!" The hands grabbed on the vampire and started pulling on his limbs brutally, drawing out cracks and pops from his joints.

"D-damn..what...the hell...a-are y-you GAH!!!"

Suddenly something darted towards the hands and sliced down the hands. The hnds fell and wrinkled, the shrieks almost making them deaf. Theodore waa standing there with a sword, his eyes narrowed.

"A summoner is here. They want this brat. Even if we kill this one..they will summon another one. We should escape here."

"Escape? But Eric boy can't even wal-"

"We have no other choice.HURRY UP!" Theodore yelled out as slicing the arms.

Romeo looked at Eric and bent down slightly. "Hurry up! Get on my back!"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 315d 6h 3m 43s
Being knocked off the bed wasn’t what he’d expected to happen, Eric’s head snapping to one side as he lost his grip on the bed and was thrown to the floor. He could feel a growing pain across his face and blood trickling down from his nose, though, thankfully, his nose wasn’t broken. He gritted his teeth in pain as Theodore stepped down on his back, keeping him pinned and Romeo had to pull his partner off of the fallen Prince. He was dazed from the sudden assault and he didn’t resist when Romeo seated him back on the bed and tried to get him to eat something.

The moment he was aware enough to see what Romeo was doing, his hand came up like he was going to knock the bowl away. But instead Eric jerked back with his arm up, like he was going to ward off another attack. That’s when he saw all that Romeo was holding was the soup and his wide eyes narrowed, discomfited and weary, though that didn’t stop him from saying what he did next.

“Stop calling me Boy.” He growled, lowering his arm but only dropping it down to help situate himself on the bed. “You know what my name is… So use it.” He said, crossing his legs as he sat and leaning back against the wall that the bed was pushed up against. He paused a moment then wiped at the blood on his face, grimacing at the sight and sighing heavily. Eric had stubbornly tilted his head down, looking away from Romeo and ignoring him till the Vampire moved away from the bed, leaving the soup on the table where he’d found it. He realized Romeo wasn’t going to be leaving like Theo had and that only made him more bitter towards his company, though he didn’t say anything else.

After a while of this ridiculous and silent standoff, the fallen prince slowly began to realize how hungry he was. He didn’t know how long it had been since he’d last eaten but, with a glance towards Romeo, he didn’t want to accept anything the vampires, even if it was from the supposed better of the two. His stomach gave him a quiet growling reminder every once and a while till finally he looked up to see Romeo wasn’t looking over at him.

He then glanced, suspiciously at the bowl and cautiously left where he’d been sitting, placing his feet on the floor and sitting near the head board again to steady himself. He reached over to the table and picked the bowl up, not checking first to see if Romeo had noticed what he was doing yet or not. He frowned at contents of the bowl but with another quiet reminder from his body, he exhaled quietly and lifted the bowl to his lips.

He swallowed and lifted the bowl up as he half reluctantly consumed the soup. It wasn’t the kind of food that he was used to eating though it wasn’t all bad, but there was no way he’d call it good either. It was something though, and he knew he’d have to eat to heal and recover, and maybe even escape. If he wasn’t killed before then.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 315d 12h 35m 41s
Theodore and Romeo immediately turned to look at the weak Eric who was struggling to stand up before giving up. Romeo made a step forward and eagerly started to answer him with his usual amused expression. "You were brought here because our queen keeps her prisoners safe~ Attacked? Oh. you know that those kinds of creatures don't exist by themselves and they'te artificial forms made by dark magic which can be controlled by anyone who masters the arts....Maybe somebody took its control and-" Romeo couldn't finish his sentence because in a flash the other vampire was standing before him and


His powerful palm collided with his face, drawing out some blood and throwing him on the floor mercilessly with the blow.

"Maybe I should remind you what a rule is." He hatefully spat before pressing down on his back. On a particular spot.

"Stop it, dear! He cannot take any more blows!" Romeo pulled the exploded Theodore away from the prisoner. "We need him alive and healthy!"

"How dare he disobey me?! This ungrateful brat...."Theodore jerked himself away from his partner and rushed outside, pulling the hood over his head.

Romeo helped Eric up with pity." Boy. You cannot seal your mouth, can you?! Look at the bruise he made..."Romeo seated him back on bed.

"Oh. Your soup. You should eat something~" The vampire held up the bowl and placed it to Eric's lips patiently.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 315d 13h 28m 12s

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