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"I was told to wash the dungeon. It has forever since it has been cleaned." N.V was stepping closer to the glaring guard. The man spat at the young one. "Don't say shit! Who the he'll would ever clean a dungeon?!"
"Well, the new King is such a clean man that-"
"Shut up. How dare you mess around with a guard?! I will split you in two right he-" He held up his sword but then he felt a vague pain and his sword fell down as blood splattered around. "Grrrreghhhhh!!!!" He tried to push away the Cannibal chewing on his throat but N.V knew how to hunt a stupid prey. Yet, there were more guards and soon they would be coming. He hopped from from the choking man, snatching the key from his belt and threw it at Negomin's cell. Negomin quickly caught it and used it to unlock her metal collar. Now she could change without a vital damage to her neck.
"Quick N.V! No time for....eating!" N.V spat out the piece of meat. "I had almost forgotten the taste of a fresh human." Negomin slammed the door open and ran along other cells. Now she only had a single arm but that was enough for her.
"Hey! She has escaped! RUN!"
A booming roar came out as Negomin changed back into her dragon self and the battle began.
N.V turned, seeing the Lieutenant of Captain Niva entering the dungeon."...More trouble."
Abantes who was kept in a 'royal' cell, lost his balance from all the shakes but managed to reach the door cell and listen carefully.

Dosia seemed even more delighted by his laughter. She also giggled ridiculously with him but heard the doors opening very clearly. Looking back, She saw Niva along with some soldiers all armed and ready. Before she could react a whip wrapped around her neck and pulled her away from Eric. "Ah!" She was dragged to Romeo who had snuck in from the large windows. "Sorry~ Can't have the queen for a while as long as you are alive~"

Morbida had felt the shakes which made her even more nervous. She looked over at Joseph then gasped as she heard howls of war. Quickly she changed into her wolf form and laid beside Joseph, her ears twitching.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 261d 8h 42m 5s
When Eric returned to the throne room, he found it to be mostly empty. He made his way across the room and stood by the throne before turning and looking down at the spot on the floor where he had been forced to kneel in front of the Kind Hearted Lady of Deloriak. He then looked over the circle with all of its symbols and he sighed, sitting back on the throne.

“I hope this works.” He mumbled to himself, the burst of power and energy that he had gotten from being so close to Lilith now beginning to wear off. Though that side of him was still in control, Eric was starting to feel tired and drained. There were a few guards lingering in the room with him but none made a move towards him of spoke loud enough for him to hear. Bhediya was no longer in the room either and that made him feel slightly better. This would be much smoother without the lord who was dead set on bringing Lilith back.

Now it was only a matter of time…

Sorit continued to race towards the capital, ignoring her childish giggles and tugging at his fur as they entered the ruined city. He could smell the blood and death, the pain and rot and hopelessness in the air. But he tried to ignore it all and replay what Dosia had said to him. She wasn't afraid, not like him, and she…. She said…

He let her down as they came into view of the castle and when the werewolf guards stopped them, he could feel his fur rising again and he stood protectively by her. A short exchange between his breather let Sorit know that they knew who he once was and watching as Dosia was taken into the castle, Sorit stiffened slightly before speaking.

“I am only here for her.” He said before stepping forwards, changing into his human form mid stride and racing into the castle after her.

Niva stared after Theodore and she just barely noticed Romeo wrap an arm around her. “This isn't a lost cause…” She murmured almost like she was looking for reassurance. Quickly the captain pushed away her doubts and nodded, mostly to herself then to Romeo.

“Yes… Yes, this will be worth it. And neither of us will die.” she said now looking at the mischievous vampire. “And Deloriak will not fall… I’m going to make sure of that.” she lowered her voice then looked away from Romeo. “Do what you have to, to prepare and when you're ready meet me by the throne room doors.” With that, Niva turned away and left the library to find her right hand. It didn't take her long to find him and her lieutenant listened with a troubled expression. “Have our forces ready in 30 minutes.” she said and he just shook his head.

“We don't that long... Dosia is already here.”

“What…?” the captain thought she'd misheard her Lieutenant but he just shook his head again. “Then gather as many forces as you can, we have to end this now.” Niva ordered and her Lieutenant watched her race back towards the throne room. He did as he was ordered, gathering soldiers and guards that were still loyal as he made his way to the Dungeon steps and started down them to find the two beings that couldn't say no to helping him.

Eric looked up as Dosia entered and ran over to him, Lilith’s song having already taken control of her mind, body, and soul. He pulled her back up to her feet as she purred at him like a lover, and he laughed. His laugh was strong and booming and it sounded so triumphant. No one would every guess how much of a show he was putting on.

“Indeed…” He growling encouragingly, and he didn't notice the throne room doors swing open with an unwanted challenge waiting.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 261d 10h 22m 16s
Theodore stared at the leaving new King with an unreadable gaze. He had very well seen the new mark on his face and was smart enough to know it wasn't there for no reasons. But was Lilith really coming back? The ancient vampire couldn't tell. He had seen many chaoses in his long term life but this one was something new and far more serious. Sighing, Theodore turned away and started walking to the place he always belonged. The library.

Opening the wooden doors of the library with the slightest sound, his nose caught the scent of two beings. One was absolutely Romeo but the other one was a human being. Was it a meal of his partner? He made casual steps towards the back of the room when Romeo blocked his way, the female Captain near him. Theodore rose up an eyebrow but stayed silent.

"Hey hey Theo! This lovely lady and guess who....Urla boy are planning in a bloody rebellion! Wanna join us? It will be fun. I love giving little Eric some challenges...They are sooooo desperate that they want to give us anything we want~"

"...Enjoy it then. I have no intention of playing around." Theodore coldly answered and walked pass the two.


"A stupid little rebellion. This woman will die the first for nothing. Deloriak will fall. It is the end."

"I don't caaaare what will happen to this little kingdom! I only want to..." Romeo stopped, observing Theodore. "Ohhh...something tells me someone is happy about seeing Lilith..."

Suddenly Theodore turned to them, a hard glare being offered. "...I am a library worker. Who the king is won't affect my ways." And with that, he went to the small room and closed the door.

"It is for the first time we are separating." Romeo shrugged then wrapped an arm around Niva. "But then maybe it is worth it!"

Bhediya stood in the empty throneroom when the doors opened. He was expecting Eric but instead, his son was there. And the expression he made, was not what Bhediya liked.

"Father. I have some private."
"...Very well."

The two shifters left the place be.

Dosia was getting more and more excited when they approached the Capital. "Here we are! Here we are!" She childishly pulled slightly on his furs. "Can you smell the death and blood?! Ohhh...where is everyone?! Are the citizens all dead?! Unforgivable! They shall all come celebrate the arrival of me!" Giggling she hopped down and ran forward to where the castle was located. The werewolf soldiers smelt her but more importantly an alpha...Growling they changed into their wolf forms and circles the two.

"You morons! Stay back from us!" Dosia shouted out, not retreating from their bare teeth.

"Stop!" One werewolf in his human form approached, panting slightly. "She...she is the one our new King is waiting for."

"WHAT about...this ol' alpha?!: One snarled.

Another one howled. "He is our your mouth!"

"Alpha...! You are going to join us?" A young wolf wagging his tail but keeping a respectful space almost barked out.

Dosia was taken in the castle.

She was brought to the throneroom. "Uhh! Look at this giant circle!" She span around on it. The guards were confused yet did not say anything. the former queen heard somebody entering as the guards stiffening in fear...

"Ahaha~ My king...My king...Hybrid! The one who shall rule the corpses!" Dosia cheered and knelt in front of him, taking his hand kissing it lovingly. "Mmm...I can taste the blood..." The lunatic queen purred, blushing. "Forgive me. These fools didn't give me pretty clothes... I am in such dirty state...But that is how we all are in inside...isn't That right my amazing king?! Hahhhhh...just the thought of giving up my body~" Again she purred like she was in arms of her lover.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 261d 13h 45m 12s
Eric heard the familiar voice and turned, looking back to see the ancient Vampire standing a ways behind him. Watching Theodore step forwards and bow his head, congratulating him. It brought another sneering grin to his face and his golden eye flashed brightly.

“Thank you, [i Theo.]” Eric did still remember what that Vampire had done to him, but it was probably a good thing that he didn't know what the vampires did to Joseph. The king turned away from the mere library worker and continued back towards the throne room. Holding the eye in hand again, he grinned to see that Dosia was very close now.

Niva pressed her lips together and swallowed back a sigh. There was no real reasoning with Romeo so ignoring the fuming Urla, she spoke up for the both of them.


“WHAT!?” She cringed slightly at the wolf's sharp outrage but the captain managed to keep her voice even.

“Just go deal with lord Bhediya!” She said looking at Urla with her sharp eyes digging into him. “I’m going to go find that demon Eric myself and let Romeo and Theodore deal with him their way.” with that the captain turned, not pausing to tell Romeo to follow her as she stalked away in the direction of the library. She was going to find Theodore first to make sure he’d actually help before going after Eric next.

Sorit huffed and sniffed sorrowfully till Dosia made him look up and told him she'd never forget the one she loved. He looked at her then, his ears flicking up at that last word before she pulled away from him.

“A-alright… okay.” He breathed standing again as her crazed manner returned and his yellowish-green eyes looked up in the morning light, towards the capital. Being strong and agile, the werewolf would be able to get them there in just under half an hour.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 262d 5h 55m 6s
Morbida tried her best not to show the fear he inflicted on her. Her eyes widened slightly when he casually admitted that he was never planning to serve Lilith. She was lost for words and only stood there silently when he started passing her. What he said next, as a threat, just made her gasp and put her hands protectively on the belly. Her face lost its colour and she didn't dare to look back when he left the room. "...C-c-oward...t-t-trash." She swore silently and glanced down at Joseph again. "..." She fixed the blanket on him and sat down on the other side of the bed. She just could feel a real chaos coming.

Romeo taped on his chin with a wide smirk, enjoying every bit of this opportunity. "Hmmm...What will Theo dear say, I wonder. Because my lovely Niva, you know him well. He and that bloody swo-"
"Shut uo. Just answer already!" Urla snapped at Romeo aggressively.
"Oh, my! You have the temper of a wounded boar. I will be more than happy to help such desperate beings~" Romeo grinned and shook a finger in front of the boiling Urla. "But we do have some rules too. We will do the things 'our' way."
"WHAT does that even supposed to mean?!"
"I wonder~"

Dosia's smirk faded for a moment when the wolf started pleading her. She watched his head rubbing against her and she felt something in her just crack. The song was still in her head but she had a heart. "You...wolf...were the kindest one to me." Her shaky tone came out and the female hugged his head, stroking his furs and ears lovingly. Dosia gently took his snout in her hands and let their noses touch as she stared into his eyes with a strange, blushed expression which was clearly not maniac. "I am not scared. Let's go. I will never ever forget the one I...." She bit her lips, whispering. "Love."
Quickly she pulled herself away. "Now, stand wolf!" She let the craziness rule to hide her fear. "And take me to out Mistress!"

"A king. How unsightly." A familiar voice called from behind. Theodore was standing there, his glare set on Eric. Suddenly he stepped forward and bowed his head very slightly which was too much respect from someone like him. "Congratulations, King Eric." He acted like they has never met before. Like he was a mere worker in library.
  valkyira / 262d 7h 50m 32s
Now this was unexpected. “A mere slave?” Eric echoed the words like he was unfamiliar with them, being used that way. He then chuckled softly and turned to face Morbida, a little surprised that she'd made the connection between him and his brother. But then again she might have already known who they both were.

“My fair dear, I am a slave to no one.” He said calmly, “and all this show? It is for someone, but that someone isn't Lilith, or you or your father.” He said, pausing before smiling a little and bringing a finger up to his lips.

“Shhh…. I didn't say anything and this mark,” He leaned closer to Morbida, “Isn't the mark of a slave, it’s the mark of my inheritance.” Eric grinned a little at Morbida before straightening up and moving to step past her before pausing by her shoulder.

“I must thank you for taking care of Joseph.” He said calmly, like he hadn't just admitted to plotting against Lilith. “but do know that if you speak a word of this to anyone, i will not hesitate to carve that child from your womb and use them as Lilith’s host instead.”

And there it is, the bone chilling threat he just couldn't leave quiet. He stepped away from Morbida and walked to the door, not saying anything else as he took the spear in hand again and walked away.

Niva stiffened at Urla's warning and looked back at him when he said he was going to give his father a chance. When Romeo spoke up suddenly, Niva turned sharply to look at him, but she knew better then to draw her sword.

“How much did you hear?” She asked and the amused smirk let her know that he’d heard everything. She sighed half to herself, knowing that Romeo could and probably would try to turn this around to help himself and Theodore then herself and Urla.

“Would Theodore help…? If he knew...?” She began to ask, knowing fairly well what Eric did the first time he met the Vampires.

“Will you two help us deal with the Devil’s prince?”

Sorit couldn't stop the small whimper from rising up in his throat as Dosia petted his snout. She truly was gone now. He flattened his ears against his head and bowed his head, pressing against her arms.

“Dosia, Dosia…” He began to murmur. “You do not have to fool anyone, you are no longer the Kind Hearted Lady… No one has the right to ask this of you… Please don't go to that…. That voice… Dosia it is not… Dosia, dosia…” There was a soft whine behind his pleading and he continued to just ask her not to go.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 262d 9h 46m 44s
Morbida made no move to bow down or step back from the possible threat She had some pride, keeping her chin high and not letting her weaknesses get on her way. Boldly, Morbida stared into Eric's eyes and answered clearly. "Th-the d-daughter o-of L-l-lord B-b-hediya. M-m-morbida." She sniffed the scents in the place and realised something. Looking up, she asked. "Y-y-ou t-two sh-share th-the s-s-same s-smell. R-related....w-w-with b--b-blood." Morbida was so sure about her conclusion that didn't wait for an answer and approached him with a hand on her back. "Wh-what a-a-are y-you p-p-planning? M-making a-all th-this sh-show...t-t-o f-fool o-others...a-about..b-being ch-chosen?! a...D-dark n-nature. E-especially...S-somebody...t-t-too h-h-human.Th-that s-silly...w-word...o-on y-yes...f-face...." She glared at him like a wild wolf. "M-means y-you're a m-mere s-slave!"

"Watch you tongue, woman." Urla warned her with a growl and then looked away again. "For now, I have to discuss something with me father. I will give him a chance..." His hand wrapped around his sword hilt."To cooperate."
"Oh? Something going on~" An amused Romeo stepped out, making Urla unsheath his sword immediately. "When did you?"
"Hmmm? I am an old man...just strollin' around in boredom seem to have some fun stored for me? A secret...between a son and a traitor Captain~ May I jooooin?" The vampire grinned and gazed at Niva with anything but pure intentions.

Dosia frowned...yes frowned that her wolf was exhausted and couldn't go any further. Such a disappointment he was. "Wasting my time..." She whispered gratefully before blinking in surprise at his sudden questions. For a moment her face became her serious self before she cracked into an unstable laughter. "AHAHAHAHA! Worried, wolf?" She reached up and stroked his snout like he was her tamed dog. " are so right to act like this. Because...Dosia can fool anyone! Even herself!" Giggling, she looked at the dawn and continued with a happy tone. "Our Mother Lilith is waiting for become her vessel because she knows...what a spider I am!" Her gaze became lost in memories. "Dosia...Dosia...spider is cursed...Dosia can never become the queen with a cursed shape...Dosia brings doom in future...Dosia Dosia...obey us...Dosia...make another shape...a fortunate cover your ugliness...a white owl...hail for the queen...the white owl...the shifter with two shapes...Dosia...the Kindhearted Lady. Hush! It is a secret! Bye bye Urla...Nobody should know the pain I went through to learn another shape! The forbidden training!...AHAHAHAHAHHA!" Again Dosia laughed though years were rolling down.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 262d 11h 1s
Eric observed her strange braveness, as well as the stutter in her voice and the condition she was in. “Yes.” He said answering her question and making no comment on the second thing she said.

“And you are…?” he asked turning to look over at her, his hands folded behind his back. The eye was hidden by one of his hands and he has left the spear he’d come in with, by the door. But the mother didn't seem to notice it, or even really care that it was there.

As far as Eric could tell anyways.

Niva jumped when Urla rushed forwards suddenly and slammed a hand down near her head. She felt disgusted as he took a breath of her scent and she stood rigid, waiting for him to move back. Her initial shock passed quickly, though it didn't leave her without her doubts if she was doing the right thing.

“I will put one of my Lieutenants on that immediately.” She said in a steely tone. Niva might be strong about what her beliefs were and how she felt, but the other side of her knew how take and follow orders. Even orders she disagreed with.
“As many as five legions.” She answered confidentiality, the entire army. “But that might be a little less now, depending on how many your mutts have killed.” She added, no humor in her voice as she remembered what chaos the capital and surrounding lands were left in by the werewolves.

She met Urla’s gaze for a few long seconds before lowering her eyes, knowing that statement was uncalled for. But it was probably the truth.

Steps slowed as a sleek and strong bodied werewolf stepped out of the winding tunnels and into the twilight of dawn. He was breathing hard and they were still around twenty miles away from the capital. He needed to stall for, some time, as much as he could get. To try again and try to get through to Dosia.

Sorit took a few more steps away from the tunnel before dropping down into a crouch, still holding her as he panted. “I need… some rest… just… just a little….” He said through his heavy breaths and he felt his fur began to rise again as Dosia turned to look at him. Was this how she really was? Was that crazy in her eyes real? The werewolf swallowed nervously and he began to try and get through to the woman he had met only a few days before.

“Please, tell me why we must go… Tell me who is waiting for you! What is calling you there?” He pressed worriedly, anxiety stressed in his voice was he asked, still holding Dosia in his arms.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 262d 12h 29m 59s
N.V was still startled when Eric just walked around him. King?! What the hell had just happened? What was with that sign under his eye? He stood back up again and watched him enter the room. There wasn't much he could except finding everyone else in the castle and get more information about the craziness. So he just rushed down the hallway, leaving the shocking news behind.

Urla observed Niva's actions and smirked slightly. "Of course, ruling over ruins is hopeless." Suddenly his palm slammed against the wall next to Niva's head. "Something that dear Dosia, your true owner, was trying to do." He leaned in closely to the captain's face and took a whiff. It was just like a wolf, trying to remember the scent forever. If they were going to work together, he had to be sure whether there were suspicious scent on her or not. Finally, the shifter stepped back and gave his first order. "Get a trustworthy pawn of yours keep an eye on this...demon king. Also, I need to know how many soldiers would be loyal to you to the very end."

Morbida was there in a corner, witnessing the stranger walking into the chambers. She had of course felt the shakes and didn't have the slightest clue about what happened until one of the maid informed her about the arrival of a mysterious man whom her father gladly handed her brother's throne to him. How simple and ridiculous. He may be a demon yet a loss without a good fight sounded so desperate. She was glad that he dismissed the guards This way, she could easily go in. The guards were protesting the way she paid attention to the prisoner.

Morbida breathed deeply and let her hand test on the belly before she entered the room. There, she met [b him] for the first time.

"A-a-a-re Y-you s-s-supppppoused to b-b-be th-the n-ew k-k-king?" She asked with a surprising braveness, stepping forward. "H-he i-i--s d-drugged." She glanced at Joseph, sighing.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 262d 14h 39m 48s
He had to ask a guard where they were keeping his younger brother, but once he was on his way, Eric didn't look for any familiar faces till he spotted someone who he was sure he’d never see again.

The little kid who’d run off on the mountain turned to face him and dropped the bucket of water in shock. They were close enough to Dosia’s old chambers that one of the guards noticed what had happened and quickly came over, making N.V kneel. He chuckled at this but shook his head slightly.

“No need for that, he’ll be paying for all he’s done soon enough.” Eric said and looked down at the young Cacador to meet his gaze. “Good to see you again, N.V.” He grinned, the mark of Darkness more pronounced on his face under the glow of his eyes. He straightened and stepped around the former servant, not looking back as he approached Dosia’s chambers.

Eric wordlessly entered the door and he didn't notice the eyes of a expectant mother, peering towards him from around a corner, watching as the door swung closed.

Niva narrowed her eyes at Urla and tightened her grip on her sword, slowly sheathing it as he stepped back from her. “Only for the sake of Deloriak.” She said harshly and forced herself to let go of her sword's handle.

“I don't care if you try to become king or not, i only care that the demon blood back there is taken care of.” she crossed her arms and closed her eyes, forcing herself to take a few breaths to calm down before speaking again. “There is no point in ruling over ruins.” Niva said and she looked back at Urla again, her anger having mostly gone out with her first few shouts.

Joseph has been left on the bed but the covers had been pulled up over him by someone else. Eric walked over to the bedside and held the eye in hand, sighing half to himself before closing his eyes. He couldn't see anything, could sense anything from his brother’s mind. Joseph was usually a light sleeper and the only reason he was like this was because he was either drugged or had a spell put on him.

Eric sighed again and froze when he heard the soft click of the door behind him opening. He’d sent the guards away, in case Joseph had somehow woke up. He didn't want them to eavesdrop while he spoke to his brother, but now someone else was in the room with him.

“What is it?” He asked over his shoulder, keeping his voice solemn and low.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 262d 23h 44m 5s
Bhediya didn't like this vague way of answering his questions. He didn't like it at all. Everything had to be under [b his] control. Why did he just show up with this much of a power? What was Lilith thinking? Oh, he thought he could even control the Mother. But he had to just focus and try not to get nervous easily. So with a small smile, he bowed down his head as Eric left and just stayed.

Urla's hands clenched into tight fists but before he could decide whether to claw at her or not, Niva had already thrown a fit and his eyes set on the slash before going back to Niva who seemed not to be afraid of fuelling his flame. "Woman..." Urla growled a response and stepped closer to her, glaring down. "[b Shut Up.]" yet, she had made some point. So true. What now? Was he going to stay in his father's shadow forever? "...A rebellion." He growled. "I will have the throne whether you like it or not." He smirked in Niva's face.m before pulling away. "And I assume you want to help me. For the sake of Deloriak, Hm?"

"Okay. I am crazy and have a death wish." N.V muttered as walking along the corridors which was once familiar but was all deadly to him. "Good thing they don't have an updated list of the servants..." He looked around with the bucket of water in hand. Suddenly he stood and gazed at a certain door. "Hm? The chambers of former queen is deserted of course but...why is it...being guarded?!" He didn't want to get trouble so just turned around and then one he saw behind himself just made his heart almost stop. The bucket of water splashed on Eric's boots. N.V was so confused what the he'll was going on?! One of the guards rushed to him and snapped him out of it by a punch to head. N.V gritted his teeth and knelt.

"You brat! My king, I will now take this ignorant scum to dungeon!"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 263d 3h 4m 18s
“... Heh, yes. Entertainment…” The demonic king waved his free hand dismissively so they could proceed and he closed his hand into a fist around the eye, concentrating more on it then anything else that was going on around him.

Dosia was on her way. He could feel it, almost hear the steps that carried her and the song that controlled her mind. He shook his head slightly and exhaled soft, taking the goblet of wine from the shaking servant and letting her leave without a single glance.

“... Might as well enjoy this.” Eric suddenly said out loud, half to himself, “When Lilith arrives, none of this will even matter anymore.” He half heartedly answered a few of the prying questions that Bhediya had, but all he was really saying was that the Mother of the Dark was arriving soon and everything that once mattered would no longer matter anymore.

Niva let Urla yank his arm away from her and demand what she wanted. She faced him fully but her gaze showed the wrath that she was also now feeling.

“That demon wasn't ever a part of your plan, [i was he?]” She asked bitterly and she didn't give Urla a chance to respond. She instead, drew her sword and turned away from him fast, slashing at the wall behind her, carving into the wood and ripping at the wall paper carelessly.

“And now he’s going to [i destroy] Deloriak!” She spat and turn back to face Urla. “So what are you going to do about it?! He apparently wants us to believe that he is also trying to resurrect Lilith but you and I both know what happened when he was last given control of a kingdom.” She stalked up to Urla and glared dangerously at him and continued talking.

“Honestly, I don't think either of you are fit to rule but I know at least Deloriak would stay standing under your rule. So tell me, if you aren't so incompetent that you can't stand up to anyone, [i what are you going to do about it?]” It was a risky move, playing at Urla’s insecurities and testing his self worth. But the captain would rather risk death this way then see her home destroyed.

It was almost dusk when Eric stood from the throne and seeing Bhediya taking notice, he simply chuckled a bit and wrapped his free hand around the spear he brandished.

“Continue with the song and dance, food and drink to keep yourself entertained.” He grinned, his smile almost seeming friendly if it wasn't for his eyes and the mark of darkness on his face.

“I will be back shortly.” He said and stepped away from the throne, causing the dancers and music to stop momentarily as he moved to leave the room. He wanted to find where they were keeping his brother, and maybe something else to hold his attention while he waited.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 263d 5h 6m 40s
Bhediya was not amused when his suggestion was immediately rejected. He didn't show much of a reaction since he knew better. The older one just gave a bitter smile and nodded to the soldiers to pick up and take the younger former prince away back to the chamber. But one thing had been confirmed to him; Eric did still cared for his brother. This could be useful in future. "As you wish, my king. Then we shall wait for the worthy vessel." He was also curious to know what kind of body Lilith had claimed. Eric confidently made his way to the throne and showed an object in his hand. Bhediya narrowed his eyes but didn't figure what it really was. An eyeball? What it exactly did? Mysteries of Muerte. Bhediya didn't have the slightest clue.

"But as we wait, my king. Please let us keep you entertained." He turned his head and motioned the confused soldiers to get out. Soon, musicians of Deloriak and lovely dancers were there. They all shook under Eric's gaze yet tried their best to keep doing their job. The servants brought food. One of them could barely stand with those shaky fears as she brought the drink to him.

Bhediya was standing beside the new king, determined to find a worthy place in the new coming era.

Dosia had a twisted smile on her face the whole time. She was strangely excited to embrace her doom. "Oh, do go faster! I don't want to make our Mistress wait. She is coming wolf! You will kiss the feet of the true Queen through my worthless body!" And again like she just heard a joke, started laughing loudly. Her laughter echoed through the tunnel, covering the hasty steps of Sorit.

Deep down, Dosia was fearing her death and struggled weakly against the bindings around her. Yet, she felt too pathetic to break through The song echoing was humiliating her, reminding her how poor excuse of a queen she was.

What an actress she was.

Kindhearted Lady.


Only...only one knew...who she really was.

And it costed poor little Urla his reputation.

Urla's wild eyes flashed with rage when he felt her contact on his arm. Yet he swallowed down the anger in the already tense room and let Niva lead him out Once they were somewhere safe from unneeded ears, the wolf shifter snarled and pulled away his arm. "What is it?!"
  valkyira / 263d 14h 57m 45s
The silence again became suffocating as Eric looked down at his brother's body. He looked slightly amused and slightly annoyed when Bhediya suddenly rushed to him with a false allegiance to him. But now, seeing Joseph unconscious and being dragged into the throne room… His expression was unreadable and his bright golden eyes seemed to darken. This wasn't how he imagined he’d see his brother again but he knew this wasn't how Joseph died.

“This body isn't worthy to be Lilith’s vessel.” He growled, still looking down at Joseph. He turned away and didn't bother looking at Bhediya as he gave his next order. “Get him out of my sight but do [i not] kill him.” Eric walked across the throne room, sneering a bit as the guards stepped back and made way for him. He walked up to the throne and then turned to face the room.

“She asked me for someone specific,” He said, sitting down on the throne and resting the spear in the crook of his arm, revealing the eye he’d gotten in Muerte. “And i know….” He grinned, holding the eye up and peering at it intently.

“... That they are now on their way here.”

Sorit could feel the hair on the back of his neck begin to stand on end as Dosia became calm and her words weird and stuttered.

“We can’t go back.” He said softly and hastily he grabbed at her wrists. “Please Dosia, you have to snap out of this!” He couldn't hear Lilith’s song so the werewolf didn't know how hopeless this was. The former queen just giggled and shook her head, still blushing. She let go of his collar and looked up at him with lost, crazed eyes.

“We must hurry… She is waiting for me…” Dosia replied, still blushing and Sorit felt his shoulders slump. He let go of her hands and with his fur growing, he swept her off of her feet and turned back in the direction they had come. He wouldn't make it to the capital in one night, even if he was running the entire time. But there was one way that he could go, through the tunnels which they were at the farthest reaches of.

He knew this was wrong. Oh so wrong to just give in, but what choice did he have?

The werewolf sniffed and found one of the secret entrances, setting Dosia down only to move the stone that blocked it before picking her back up again and dashing through the tunnels towards the capital city.

Niva was standing in the doorway of the throne room. Just as shocked as all the other on lookers were. The Devil Prince, the All Demon’s son had just come through the…

“Shit.” She whispered to herself, not noticing that Bhediya had passed her till he spoke out. That's when she noticed Urla slinking back, stepping out of the way and moving to slip out of the doorway. “[i Hey…!]” She hissed, reaching out and catching his arm before he could step past her. Before he could turn on her with his short temper she put one finger up to her lips and started pulling him away from the throne room.

Really under any other circumstances, she wouldn't resort to trying to get Urla to help her. But it seemed that both of their plans were no longer options now.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 264d 9h 29m 2s
Nobody dared to break the suffocating silence when the powerful being was done with his speech. The things he claimed were too shocking to digest. The former queen was alive? The soldiers shared looks with pale, uncertain faces. Urla, who was shaking with both fear and rage, did not like the fact that now the dirty secret of them was revealed this quick. Yet, he did not retreat and stepped forward quite bravely. It took him a few seconds to be able to talk. An accusing finger of him was shot forward, pointing towards Eric as the king shouted out all nervous and outraged.

"N-nonsense!" The soldiers were a bit moved by his courage and looked at the wolf shapeshifter.

"Q-queen is absolutely dead! are going to wake her from her grave...And the dark what we are all waiting for so don't...."

"My king! Such a pleasing sight! You are back for us!" Bhediya interrupted his son and entered the place with a wide grin . Fearlessly, he rushed towards Eric and bowed before him. "We have been waiting for you and our Mother of Dark. All of these...are all yours! We tried to get rid of the rebellious queen for you but she escaped our grasp. Do forgive us~ Now...." He rose up his head, his excited eyes glued to the demon's. "Shall we bring the vessel of Lilith." With a clap of his hand two soldiers entered, dragging the unconscious body of Joseph along. Urla stepped out of way, not liking the fact that his own father was just handing everything to the half blood.

"With this body...Our true Mother will be able to rule over this dimension!"

Dosia covered her ears. This song...was different this was putting more pressure on her...It was calling her...demanding to go somewhere important. The former queen fell on her knees, refusing to go but the song rang through her head and turned her deaf to outside sounds. she could not hear Sorit or anything else. The song had started sucking out her sanity. Those sleepless nights also were pushing her to the breaking point. Dosia clutched on her hairs hard and felt herself light and calm all of sudden . The song was now the only thing ruling her mind and soul.

"Heeeheee...she is...calling me...I be...her...body...I..." A weird chuckle escaped her lips." T-tale me there, wolf! Our mistress is calling!" She grabbed Sorit's collar with blushed cheeks..."M-mistress wants to live inside me...a dirty spider like me...such an honor...such an honor...Hurry up...I need to go there...clean and pretty....for her."
  valkyira / 293d 15h 25m 15s

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