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A chase. Even though the kid had gotten a head start, and was fast for his age, The Prince knew he could catch the boy. But his body protested immediately when he took off after the kid, still recovering from Succubus Duchess kiss.

“You’re going to pay for that!” The Prince growled as the servant continued to taunt him with names. It wasn’t really the taunting that was getting to him, it was the ever growing feeling that at any moment they could round a corner and The Prince would be caught again. And he was sure this time, if he was captured, he wouldn’t be getting out so easily. He noticed the torches dying as the kid passed them and the darkness made him even more on edge.

That’s when he picked up the pace and raced up to the boy as they both darted around a corner. The Prince reached forwards to grab the servant but his first swipe missed and he slowed, all the while with the kid jeering at him. He then raced forwards again and instead of grabbing for the kid, Eric pounced forwards and grinned as hid foot caught the back of the servant’s heel, making him stumble.

“Check.” He sneered then closed the space between them again before the boy could dart off. He grabbed the boy by the back of his shirt and yanked him backwards, letting the kid fall off balance before knocking him down the rest of the way and watching him land on his back. Panting a little, Eric stepped closer to the kid and knelt down, pressing his right leg down hard into the boy’s chest so he couldn’t squirm away.

“Check Mate.” He then breathed and his smile disappeared into a grimacing scowl. “Now where do I go to leave this place?” He asked and he leaned down just a bit more, pressing harder down on the kid so it was difficult for him to breath, let alone squirm out from under The Prince. “And answer clearly.” He said sounding tired and annoyed, with narrowed eyes. “Because I won’t mind snapping each and every one of your bones to get my answer.”

Eric wasn’t kidding about hurting the kid badly but if he didn’t get a good enough answer then he might just leave this servant for dead and stay on the move so the guards wouldn’t catch him.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 298d 12h 20m 15s
The kid held his painful jaw and moved it slightly to make sure it's in its place. Slowly he looked up, his expression hard to read. Maybe shock, pain, confusion...then his eyes widened in pure excitement and he startes giggling like a little boy in an amusement park. His dangerous teeth were fully presented as his giggles turnes into a joyful laughter.

"You are funny! First, you want to take something precious from me yet you're not giving me anything...Pfffft. Who's going to fall for that? Secondly, You're disrespecting the castle calling it wretched. It means you're offending us servants who work hard here to make this place look pretty! Thirdly, you call this meaningless games? Our Kindheart Lady is using YOU as a toy in this huge game! I'm sure she's enjoying seeing you run around...So, let's play another meaningless game~" The kid stood up and made a step backward, grinning playfully.

"Oi, Dirty Prince. Catch me if you can!" And with that he darted out of the Kitchen, running off. He was quite fast for his age and he was so enjoying it.

"Come on, lazy ass! If you catch me, I'll give you anything you want!" He kept running, the torches dying as he passed them.

"If you apologies, I'd slow down!"

However, this one looked honest and kinder for he was dragging him to the outside step by step.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 298d 14h 38m 9s
“Damn..” He cursed, hearing the guards and stepping away from the Duchess’ door. Finding the map was curse didn’t seem like quite a fair trade to being out of her company, but there wasn’t time to dwell over that so he started towards the kitchen. He staggered a bit, starting slow as he regained his bearings but once he was able to start walking, he was able to pick up the pace and stay ahead of the sounds of the guards coming after him.

Stepping past the Servant’s rooms, The Prince could feel eyes on him but he knew none of the other servants would try to stop him, he just had to hurry. He entered the kitchen and found the young servant on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. Eric stepped into the room and in no mood to play anymore games, he stalked over to the boy and dropped the map to the ground by his bare feet.

“I need the rest of this map.” He growled, crossing his arms and glaring down at the kid. The servant only looked then glanced down at the piece of paper.

“I’m trying to clean,” He then said matter-of-factly, looking at the map and glancing past it towards the Prince’s feet then up towards his face. “and your feet are dirty.” This comment caught the prince off guard a little. “I’d expect someone like you to be cleaner than this..” The second comment only ticked Eric off that the kid wasn’t going to help him straight forwards.

“What is this?” The Prince asked with a growl but the Servant ignored Eric’s question and stood up.

“Oh, but lately I’ve been quite hungry. So I might be willing to help you, if you get me something to eat.” With this the boy grinned and Eric slowly unfolded his arms, tightening his hands into fist as he remembered what the Duchess had suggested he give this servant. But the Prince had no intention of letting this kid take a bite of any part of him.

“Listen here you…-” Eric started and lifted his hand to point a finger at him, the kid still seemed to be ignoring most of what the prince was saying, but he did see what Eric was doing and a smile appeared on his face.

“Are you offering that?” He asked, cutting Eric off and the Prince just stared at him.


“Your hand. It’ll be enough and I’ll gladly take that~” The kid grinned and he reached forwards, snatching Eric by his wrist and baring his teeth like he was going to bite. But again the Prince had no intention of letting the cannibal snack on any part of him.

Twisting his wrist free, the Prince drew his free hand back and stepped forwards, closing the space between himself and the Servant. They both knew what was going to happen next and the Prince didn’t give the kid any time to react when he swung forwards and punched him, hard across one side of his jaw. The blow was enough to send the kid sprawling and Eric only rubbed the wrist that he’d been grabbed by, glaring again in the servant’s direction.

“I didn’t come here to give you [I anything.] I only came here to find a way out of this wretched castle and I’m done wasting my time playing these meaningless games.” He said harshly then turned towards the Servant with a very threatening gleam in his eyes.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 298d 15h 3m 4s
Standing straight and pleased, Succubus Duchess licked her lips. Oh, his taste was a unique one and she was dying for another kiss or even more. Yet, he was right.

A deal was a deal.

Demons had some strict rules to wander on the surface. So the Duchess ran a hand through her silky hair before nodding in agreement. "As you wish, love. Though that kiss was so sweet~" Chuckling again, she started walking into the room. Calmly she pulled out a piece of paper from her drawer then walked back to him, tucking the paper in his collar. "Be careful, sugar. I look forward to another 'session' with you...The map is not complete. You'll have to ask a servant...the only one who would help you is the youngest one. It's easy...he loves meat but he doesn't recieve much." Chuckling some more she sits down on her bed, observing the exhausted Eric in amusement.

"He's Cannibal. You might need to give him some about your thumb, hm? That' won't reduce your sexiness...Hmmm might just even turn me on! Ahahahahaha! And good luck stumbling around with those weak legs! Hehehe!!! You'll find him in the servant kitchen~bye bye~" The Duchess waved her hand and the doors shut in the Prince's face.

The map was drawn horribly, showing him that he wasn't running the wrong way. Just a few turns then he would reach the servants' rooms. The kitchen was located there.

The guards were after him. Their snarls and growls could be heard. And they knew where he was going because the map was cursed...Never trust a Succubus. At least they knew his location as far as the map showed...

The kid was in the kitchen alone, scrubbing the floor. He looked pretty normal except his pointy teeth.

Aaaand the Duchess lied again.

He loved Eric's meat but was wise enough not to eat the Queen's prisoner.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 298d 20h 58m 44s
Succubus Duchess. If the twists and turns of the many halls weren’t enough to keep The Prince from escaping, now he had to deal with Dosia’s exotic collection of.. guests. He grimaced at the sight of her sharp claw like nails and wings, trying to ignore every other aspect of her luring appearance.

Despite the obvious warning, Eric reached up and knocked her hand away from his face and stepped back from her suggestive body language. “What makes you think I need a map?” He asked, humoring her tone with a lighter one of his own.

“I’m sure you’ve been stumbling around these corridors for hours.” She replied, chuckling again. “Besides, everything here in our Kindheart Lady’s castle knows what roll you’re playing. Little mouse in a trap~” When she moved closer again, The Prince took a step back but stopped himself from going any further.

“I’m graciously offering you a gift.” She said. “Is a kiss too much to give for your freedom?” she cooed hungrily and slid both of her hands up and over his shoulders, her nails brushing the back of his neck. Eric tsk’d, turning his head away as he thought and tried to resist looking at her.

“I still can just call for the guards, Love.” She reminded him in a sweet voice and finally The Prince looked at her, no longer grimacing.

“On my own terms,” He started, his voice a low growl. “you wouldn’t have called me a gentleman.” He said, baring his teeth in a snarl like smile. He knew what would happen if he kissed her, but what real choice did he have? She could just as easily call for the guards if he refused as she could cut him open with her sharp nails in asking for a kiss.

Kissing her might also give away what he was, more than human, but it would certainly be a power trip for this Succubus and he knew he wouldn’t be left helpless afterwards. So without prompting, he leaned forwards, not giving her any time to say anything.

And kissed her.

Immediately he felt weakened and legs wanted to give out from under him, but he forced himself to stay standing, wavering slightly when Duchess Succubus took the kiss hungrily and held on to him to stop him from pulling away. After a minute of growing weaker and weaker, Eric gritted his teeth and pulled away, breaking the kiss, breathless, and almost staggering back.

He could see the light of new energy flashing across the Succubus’ eyes and she moved forwards to kiss him again but he held up one hand to stop her, fixing his sharp eyes on her face and shaking his head.

“No… You promised me a map for a kiss… One kiss.” He said, still trying to catch his breath. He stepped back, steading himself against a wall and he looked back at Duchess Succubus, watching her expectantly for her to give him a map of Dosia’s castle.
  Prince Eric / bbj / 298d 21h 48m 39s
Ironically, the vampires didn't follow him anymore. It was like the door was an obstacle for them or maybe they were just...lazy? Vampires are sure some lazy ones. That's good news for humanity.

The halls were like a maze, full of corridors. It was like the whole castle was challenging our prince. Each corridor led to a mysterious place. Each corridor held stories within. The torches guided him through the darkness but they could not tell him the secret hidden in the walls.

Only the maids knew the corridors well. Because, well...our Kindheart Lady wanted her palace to shine in a glorious way. So the corridors were undoubtedly clean and dustless.

The corridor he chose was like any other corridor in this place. Yet something was absolutely off with it...

The shadows...

They were watching him. Aside from his steps and heartbeat, he could hear some very very quiet whispers. What they were saying would be always a mystery to the history. Anyway, nothing blocked his way, nor attacked him. One could not even be sure if [b [i they]] were capable of doing anything physical at all.

Soon, the prisoner was offered decent light from an oddly welcoming and open room.

Suddenly in a blur something came out of the weird room and blocked his way. A figure it was...

A female.

Certainly that suggestive outfit wasn't proper for someone living in a castle. But who cares? She had such a lovely and dreamy body for men. Everything about her was a man's wish except those black long sharp nails which looked absolutely deadly. Oh, and let's not forget about the terrifying wings folded on her bare back.

Succubus Duchess.

"Oh. My my. Why is such a gentleman in a hurry?" Her deceiving tone came out as she approached him. Those wings opened in full size to completely block the way for any possible escape.

Clank, clank...

Her highheels made noises as she calmly with a small smile and greedy eyes cut space with the prince. Duchess Succubus reached out a hand to stroke his cheek with the threatening nails.

"You're trying to run when you surely know you cannot do without a map?" A chuckledescaped the plump lips. "But it's your lucky day, darling. Because I do have a costs you..."She leaned towards him, letting her body touch his slightly." A kiss."

A hungry Succubus she was.

"Or...I would just call the guards here, sweetheart."

And we all know a Succubus' kiss costs you most of your energy.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 299d 18h 29m 35s
The prince couldn’t help but become tense when Romeo reached over and grabbed him. The cooing that Romeo was doing over him, calling him sweet and all wasn’t exactly how Eric imagined this going. He knew Theodore was still looking to drain him, but the Prince was prepared to deal with the two. Before he had entered the study where two were, he had picked up a scribe’s stylist. A small wooden, writing utensil that was used to write in charcoal, with a dull tip but a durable hold to it, sharp on one end and flat on the other. Since there weren’t any swords around to be head the Vampires with, Eric decided that the wooden stylist instead that he’d haphazardly picked up by chance. But it would work well enough when he needed to get lose from these two.

He allowed Romeo to continue bantering while he had a pricking feeling on the back of his neck from Theodore’s cold glares. Now he knew for sure that there was going to be a ball tonight, as he was led to the fiction section and handed off to Theodore to hold. Great. The two were discussing the point of finding the book with Theodore stating that he was ‘quite thirsty’, And this made Eric grit his teeth a little, adjusting his hold on the wooden stylist that he was holding on the inside of his arm so it couldn’t be seen. But Romeo was adamant about finding the book before they did anything with the prince, though he had no idea he was looking for something that didn’t exist.

A sudden screech rang out through the corridors and this caused Eric to almost jump, if it wasn’t for Theodore holding him. “Romeo, they rang the alarm. They’re really searching for him.”

“But he needs the book!" Romeo protested and Eric tensed as Theodore grabbed the Prince with both hands on his shoulders.

“There isn’t any time!” Theodore finally snapped back and Eric curled his fingers around the stylist. “And my thirst has-!” Theodore was cut off as the Prince turned sharply in his grip, his golden eyes flashing with a dangerous look and the scent of fear and nervousness disappearing from him. He quickly swung up with the stylist and stabbed Theodore on his right side instead of his left, causing the Vampire to shriek in pain and surprise. It was a good enough distraction to cause Romeo to freeze while Eric wrenched himself free from Theodore’s grip and take off, leaving the stylist in Theodore’s side. He knew the shock would only last a few seconds and the wound he’d given the gruffer Vampire wasn’t fatal. But he had to get out of the library and find a way out of the castle itself. He didn’t have any time to waste with living relics. He had just gotten out of sight when he heard Theodore’s cursing and Romeo’s laughter moving closer, very fast.

“I don’t have time for This!” Eric hissed to himself reaching an entrance way to the library and sprinting out into the hall, quickly closing this door behind him and stepping back. After waiting a few seconds with nothing happening, The Prince looked around then took one direction down the hall, not knowing where he was going but being more then quick to leave the area and work his way out of the castle.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 65d 18h 38m 42s
Now who was being all humble and scared? Though it was one of the best reaction the two had seen since working here. Fear and rush could be clearly smelled from this young one.

He desperately needed a book. A book of story?

Wait a minute, Chamlek?! Joy bloodline?! Oh, dear. Games of destiny sure were being played on our Eric.

Theodore and Romeo exchanged unreadable glanced between each other. Romeo was the first one to answer, of course.

"Oh! Eric of the Joy bloodline! Well, aren't you a sweet boy? Coming all the way from dungeon just to read a book!" The vampire didn't hesitate to grab on his arm with his cold grasp in a quite friendly way.

"Sweet? Indeed." Theodore whispered with a clear thirst in his tone, his tongue licking on the pale lips.

"Oh,quiet you! We can't just go on draining a lovely kid who's from a adorable family who killed our kind long time ago!" Romeo shooed away his fellow vampire with a wave of his hand then looked back at Eric with his weird overfriendly grin. "You've come to the right place and right people. Goldenaria? Oh, I guess their king is also invited to the ball tonight. Do you know how to dance? Of course you know. Ah, too bad an old vampire like me has no dance partner~" The cheerful bloodsucker span the fallen prince around to lead him to the fiction section. Theodore was following the two, his eyes digging holes on Eric's back.

Oh, no. The two were not letting their new 'toy' go that easily.

Romeo kept a grip on his arm as he stood and gazed at the number of books daring them to search. "Goldenaria you said? Hmm..Theo dear, hold him for me." With a slight push Eric was now grabbed by shoulder with strong hands of Theodore.

"Romeo. It's pointless. They're not allowed to have books in dungeon."

"Oh, my. Then maybe he can read his last story while we drain him?"

"I guess this will work. Hurry up and find the book. I'm quite thirsty."

"Patience my dear, patience!" Romeo happily scolded his friend as his eyes observed the books.

Suddenly a screech rang through the corridors.

"Romeo, they rang the alarm. They're really searching for him."

"But he needs the book!"
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 67d 9m 22s
Eric had made his way through the library, looking for another way out, but what he found instead was, two Vampires. One looking for blood while the other had a delirious kindness to him, Romeo and Theodore.

“Ah, ha… Vampires..” Eric knew he had to tread lightly here, but he didn’t turn to make a run for it since all three knew he wouldn’t make it out of the small study alive.

“I never thought I’d make an acquaintance to any such as yourselves. My humble greeting and also deepest apologies for disturbing you.” Eric had taken one step back but it was only to straighten up and look at the two who stood in his way. He didn’t forget himself when speaking to them, now being careful not to say anything that would cause Theodore to see an invitation for another kill.

“You two have asked my name, but you know I am from the dungeons, a prisoner. And here, disturbing this quiet place, with my ignorance. How crude of me.” Eric paused then looked away from the two vampires around in the darkness of the room carefully, but he wasn’t foolish enough to turn away from either of them.

“Say… I have not come to have tea with you but I am looking for a book. A story of sorts. Though I do not intend to read it leisurely.” He began, “I was given a small segment of it, only… last night I presume, and it has caught my interest in finding.” Eric looked back at the two and tensed, as he saw the unamused look from Theo and a curious look from Romeo. He thought he might be able to sway Romeo in to letting him leave without harm but Theo seemed intent on seeing the prince as nothing more than prey, so Eric had to find a way to change that.

“Hmm, my name, yes. Forgive me but I’m sure both of you have heard about the fall of Chamlek? Well, I am it’s fallen leader, Eric. Heir of the Joy bloodline and once a free prince. Heh, heh… but it seems there isn’t any escaping the errors of my way.” The prince pause, knowing that the longer he stayed there, chatting away his demines from these two Vampires, the soon it would be for Queen Dosia to hear of his escape and then the soon it would be before guards came looking for him here, in the vampire’s quiet sanctuary.

“Perhaps you two can help me then.” Eric started again, a sense of urgency creeping up on him but he didn’t dare show it. “I don’t know what the book is called, or it’s author, though the segment I’ve heard holds reference to Goldenaria country, but I believe the book to be fiction. Perhaps, if it isn’t too much trouble for either of yourselves, you two could help me find what I’m looking for?” He was playing a dangerous game here since he knew there would be no such book written that would match what he was looking for.

In truth he was only recalling the story Dosia had told him and was twisting it ever so slightly to get by with calling it fiction. He didn’t know if the two Vampires would fall for it, but it was all he had, being defenseless and unwilling to share his secret with the world just yet. If push comes to bite then Eric knew he’d have no choice, but as long as he could hold his secret close, he would always have that small ace to play. Then again if he did reveal his secret then it would give Dosia more of a reason to kill him, and that would do no good for him at all.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 75d 13h 3m 55s
From all places he could hide, library was chosen. Library, where the maids and servants didn't dare to step in and loved to tell stories about it. Stories about the two who worked in there.
A grand library it was indeed. Everything in order, everywhere clean, silence was the thing that was never broken there.
Not just a usual forced silence in the libraries you might know of, but a deadly,natural silence. It was like...
[b Would you dare to talk in our presence?]
Our prince but bravely made his way deeper in the place. His footsteps echoed in the room, reaching some sensitive ears. Yet, nobody responded and let the prisoner think he was alone and safe for now.
Even his heartbeats were amusing for them.
"Dear friend, he's approaching our privacy."
"Oh, quiet. He's running away."
"Oh, dear I can smell fear hormones."
"Forget about hormones, talk about [+red blood.]"
Two men, looking middle aged, were sitting on chairs and reading book in the poor light of their room in right corner of library. They were going to sleep after reading some pages of the ancient history of Deloriak but the new smell kept them up and quite excited.
Neat, noble clothes they were wearing.Rings designed their slender fingers. Oh and talk about their pale skin.
One was taller, wavy red hair tied into a loose ponytail. He had a stoned, strict face. His seriousness was vivid in those light brown eyes of his. The other one, shorter but the easygoing one had strange haircolor...a mixture of pink, purple and blue. Maybe he had colored it like that himself? His blue eyes were glowing in playfulness. Finally something had happened.
"Please let me visit our guest!"
"I'm sure he will be leaving soon.what could possibly be in a library for someone smelling like him?"
"Maybe our young boy is a bookworm?"
"Bookworms...they're so rare in this kingdom."
"I have a feeling it's your fault."
"Says the one who drained the maid."
"Ohoho...was she lost?"
"And sure you guided the hell."
"Now don't embrass me...I make sure to lead this one to heaven!"
"A prisoner never goes to heaven."
"Especially our Kindhearted Lady's prisoner."

Soon, our prince felt the presence of them. It didn't take long until the candles died and two figures stood in front of Eric proud and tall.

"Ahaha...Name's Romeo, little adventurer!" The weird colored head one opened his arms in a welcoming manner.
"Theodore, but it's not important.You chose the worst place to come..." The red head one whispered as stepping closer to the prey...
"Theo, dear. He ran all the way here to have tea with us! Didn't they give you tea in dungeon? Poor thing, what's your name?" Romeo pulled back his annoyed partner and tilted his head at Eric.

"Ahaha...Running away from two survived vampires is the most stupid and funniest thing to do! Are you looking for a book?"

Oh. Vampires?! Weren't they extincted by Eric's ancestors?

Dosia sure had a collection of rare races.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 75d 19h 25m 32s
Eric listened as she tried to say there was going to be a ball. [I How peculiar.] He thought, smirking with a nod and finishing what little he had been given. Eric, had only been left with the wool clothing that he had been wearing underneath his armor the day he had been caught. The shirt was long sleeved and made from black wool with thick leather straps sewn into the material. The straps looped over both shoulders and across his back with a few leather rings in the front. They had once carried two daggers but those had been taken from him when he was captured. His pants were also solid black wool, but it wasn’t much to keep him bare footed.

When he heard the jingling of the cat girl’s keys he stayed still and watched her unlock the door and walk towards him. He was up on his feet when she stooped to pick up the bowl and he swiftly, grabbed onto her shoulders and spun them both around to shove her back, away from the open door of the cell. When he let go of her, Eric jumped back and slammed the cell door shut, turning the key’s and taking them out of the lock. The sound seemed to echo through the dungeon and this caused the prince to hesitate, bracing himself. He then looked back at the stunned cat girl now trapped in his cell and he took one step back from the door.

“I’m sorry to do this…” He started but then stopped and shrugged. “Well, actually no I’m not, but I for one don’t plan on spending the rest of my days here in a cell. But I suppose you don’t either…” He dropped the keys where he stood but he didn’t know if they were within reach or not. He then bid the girl ‘farewell’ and turned away, swiftly racing down the hall he had been taken through the day before. He made a wrong turn once and gritted his teeth as he passed more empty cells. It was as if there were enough to hold an entire army. But Eric didn’t dwell on that long. He hid as guards past but sooner than later he was spotted by one.

“Hey! What are yo-!” The guard didn’t get a chance to finish his question as Eric had whipped around and leapt for the guard. Eric caught the man off guard and easily managed to slip his sword from its sheath. Then with a forward’s jab it was buried into the man’s chest. Eric dropped the guard to the ground and quickly left the sword as he knew where he was and knew where the stairs were to get out of the dungeon. He did meet another few guards, but when he was at the stairs, the prince wasted no time, running up them and into the castle. He looked around the hall, the door he had come out of was very unassuming but he left it wide open as his next move was into a large library. It seemed like there wasn’t anyone there so Eric’s feet took him to a small back study, which was among many there and his mind raced as he tried to think of what to do now.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 84d 9h 26m 42s
To be honest, the cat was sightly surprised to see the prisoner was trying to start a conversation with her; A half animal. Maybe it was because of loneliness. However, the catgirl did not know much about quick chats, she barely could talk his language properly. The female was an uneducated cat, afterall.

But she tried to respect his attempt, even if it was rude, with a struggle to find the right words. " Meow..above...meow...a gran...graaand, meow,,...drinking...meow?" The cat tried to mimic ball dancing slightly to make her point. "Tonight..." Well, she made it. Again, she became silent and watched him eat. The cat had no problem in staring in those sly eyes of his. As if she was bored, the female licked her hand and rubbed it against her cat ears. A quick bath, you could call it.

It seemed like ten minutes had already passed, or at least the catgirl assumed. The key was placed in keyhole once again and the door opened.

Quiet steps of her approached the water bowl and carelessly she bent down towards the dish to pick it up...

Let's go upstairs, where our queen was in her chambers. The last night was quite an adventure for her. It had been a long time since she had shifted into her other forms and the recent experience was quite pleasing for her. Oh, what was she thinking. It was a duty. A duty of Dosia to make him open the chest of secrets he held in his heart.

But for now...

Her bored, blue eyes scanned the paper in her hand while her other hand was under her chin. The queen was sitting at her desk, where letters and reports were checked and answered by herself.

Dosia indeed enjoyed her position as a queen but one thing she didn't like much was arranging a ball. Uh, too bad it was necessary to be held since her advisers told her it was important to share the victory with other friend kingdoms.

A ball meant the dear queen had to let herself be led by kings and princes while.their eyes held either hatred either greed. Shapeshifters were so sensitive about a person's aura. There was an embarrassing story of one of the shapeshifter queens who turned into a rabbit in middle of a dance out of stress.

Dosia prayed that she wouldn't turn into her owl form to run away, or worse her spider form.

[i A pure dance, is a story for children.]

And oh, this was so right.

The queen focused on the list of the guests and noted how nobody lost the chance of joining this dance after this victory.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 84d 15h 12m 58s
“…” Eric was silent while the voice spoke. Dosia’s voice, soft and raspy, but it was hers. The way she spoke to him was scorning, but he could tell there was something like sympathy under her words. When she started talking about Goldenaria and the war’s which had brought its late king’s downfall. He remembered that war, something his brother had strongly disagreed with, but his brother was only an adviser. That war had taken three long years. It was fairly short for the wars were only to show his power as a ruler of the strong Kingdom. He couldn’t have imagined that five years later he would be overthrown and captured as a prisoner by a smaller kingdom.

He listened to Dosia’s story and when she bided him farewell his reply was harsh and short. “When we meet this next night.” He growled, looking towards the barred doorway to see if he could spot her form leaving, but he didn’t. A few minutes later, Eric stood up and walked around his cell again and noticed something different. A spider’s web. Full and untangled. He gazed at it then looked away, walking over to the bars of his cell and leaning down against them. He couldn’t see very far down the hall but it was enough that he could see the dim glow of a dying torch. That light didn’t reach his cell but he could still see it and a smirk played at his lips. A plan had begun to form in his mind. If Dosia did come back to visit him again, then he’d humor her request to know more about him. It would take time but that was something he had lots of now.

“We’ll see, we’ll see.” He chuckled to himself and paced back towards the back of his cell, to sleep on his growing idea and see how long it will take him to work through it. He awoke to the sound of soft footsteps stopping at his cell and he sat up to see a half cat girl staring in at him keys in one hand and food in the other. Eric stood up as she entered the cell and he took a few steps towards her but stopped when the hard roll of bread was thrown at him. He scowled and took a step back, and was more glad that she didn’t decide to hurl the bowl of water at him. He picked up the roll and gave a look of disgust, he then looked at the girl when he noticed her staring.

“Planning to watch me eat?” He smirked, sitting down next to the bowl of water and using his fingers to crack the roll in half. “Because if you are, you might as well indulge me in some talk. What all is happening up there in the world of the living?” He asked mockingly, sitting back and moving one half of the roll in one hand before taking a tough bite out of it. He laid his eyes up at the cat girl and didn’t look away as he matched her golden stare with his. He knew she had to come back into the cell to get the bowl he was sitting by, he figured he’d make a move then since there were no guards around and he was still skilled in close combat. A few days’ worth of not fighting wouldn’t change that Eric also assumed that he could just kill her if she fights against him. So he sat, keeping a dangerous and overconfident look in his eyes, waiting to make his move the moment she stepped into the cell. And maybe revile a small secret of his own that hardly any knew about.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 87d 15h 4m 11s
"Short stories are not entertaining, Eric. But the pain behind each word, might give a hint of what an unfortunate prince you are."

The spider kept knitting the web carefully. A web for insects like Eric who were desperately wandering in the darkness. Her fragile legs moved the silky strings around so gently, just like the tone she was using with Eric.

"Then I shall tell you a story as return. It may lighten you up, may make you cry, may make you laugh but all I know is that even a word from a 'friend' worths speeches of your enemy.

A small pause, as like the speaker's thinking, then she started again,

"I believe you know Goldenaria country. It's in south of here, green and gifted with wonderful farming lands. Oh, everyone envy the fruits of the Goldenaria. It was once ruled by a young king. He was still eleven and the minister made the decisions about the country. Goldenaria was in good terms with almost any country.Then Chamlek kingdom declared war against several kingdoms. In wars, the one who has the food source is the absolute winner. You know it well, Eric. So the countries in war pressed on Goldenaria to choose a side. The young king insisted on being neutral but...they couldn't understand. They started threatening the country and the minister was about to give up and choose a side. The king quickly gathered the four dark witches of Goldenaria, demanding them to put the strongest curse on his own country.

The curse worked and the rain didn't visit them anymore. The farmlands were ruined, people were starving and Goldenaria was no more a source.

The countries let go of them but people did not. The minister told the commoners what a devil the king is...putting a curse upon them.soon, the king was executed and the minister took his place.

The short term curse ended and Goldenaria once again was a heaven."

The web came to an end. "Well, Eric. I hope the story entertained you. Maybe it's time for me to say farewell. We'll meet the next night~"

The spider took its leave and the prince was once again alone.

Morning came, though the dungeon didn't give him the slightest hint. Sound of tired steps echoed in the dungeon. The steps were light, for a female they were. A pair of shiny golden eyes approached the cell. To be more specific, a cat's eyes. It was easy to tell the visitor was a half cat girl.
"Food." It was like speaking was hard for her, and rare. Her voice was not soft and silky but close to a cat...A cat which screams the whole night.
Clang clang
The door was opened and the cat girl entered, her eyes worthy in darkness. Her ears twitched slightly and she sniffed the air, getting familiar with his smell.
"Food. In 10 minutes."
Rudely, the hard bread was thrown at him and the bad tasting water in dirty.bowl was set down.
Stepping out of the cell, the door was closed and the girl stared at him. She had to take back the dish in ten minutes.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 1y 87d 20h 34m 47s
“I will not shed a tear for this day, not now nor ever. I will only laugh as it marks this kingdom’s reckoning!” This is what he declared as the doors shut behind him. The court had erupted into outrage at the prince’s words and he was faced with a looming death, but queen Dosia had risen and instead ordered him to be taken down to the dungeons.

As soon as the doors shut to the throne room one of the guards began to give him hell as he was moved, which he laughed at. But when he was pushed down the stairs, He quieted down just to avoid more abuse and to be taken to his cell. Eric was tossed into his cell and left for dead by the guards, but being unchained now, he decided to look around for any means of escape. But there was nothing, even after scouring every inch of the cell’s walls and floor, he found nothing that could help him. So he paced to the back of his cell and sat down in the dark, against the back wall.

He knew his cell was away from any other prisoners so he was completely alone. [I I hope Fisnik comes for me.] He found himself thinking and scowled at himself for thinking that way. With very little light and no sound coming through the dark halls in the dungeon, the prince found it easy to close his eyes without having to look over his shoulder first. He was a prisoner, most likely left for dead by the rest of the world, but he was still alive, young and now he had all the time in the world. This thought made him chuckle to himself and he let go of time passing by to rest. He only awoke when he heard a voice. it was quiet, and raspy, and he couldn’t tell what was speaking to him, but he could hear that it was pitying him.

He opened his eyes and looked towards the sound but he couldn’t see anything in the dark of the cell and his eyes wouldn’t adjust so he just listened. When it asked him to tell his story Eric simply sighed, deep and heavy, exhausted sounding even though he had just awoken and much more peaceful sounding then the prince had earlier.

“What is there to tell?” He asked the unknown voice, not knowing if it was something real or just in his head. “And who is there to listen? Twenty-five years I’ve been alive with my reign starting in bloodshed and ending in it as well. Surely the dead are already done with this world so again, who is there to listen? Or even care?!” Eric looked around trying to get his eyes to adjust but when he couldn’t he just leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes again, mumbling.

“Not my mother, who is dead. Not my father, who I have exiled. Nor my brother, who abandoned me before that bloody civil war started…” Eric trailed off and was silent for a few minutes, not saying another word.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 1y 93d 23h 30m 38s

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