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The Summoner’s smile lessened a bit when Ximena said she wanted to see Eric, making him look away from her around the same time she looked away from him. Of course she wanted to see him, why now? Why did it have to be now that she wanted to see him? He sighed softly and nodded to Ximena deciding to phrase it this way. “I will allow that. But I can only let you see him once.” He’d decided to take Ximena down to the dungeons to see Eric then he’d send her back up while he stayed to tell Eric what has happened to his brother.

The proceedings continued with a long drawn out rhythm and the man delivering the blows didn't have any hesitation up till the last lick of the whip. He pulled the whip back like he was going to strike again but there was a slight motion from Valerie and he lowered his arm. Three guards had to stand and hold Philip back who’d struggled and wailed for them to stop. But he had been ignored and once Joseph was untied from the rack and pulled off of it, the Grey Queen stepped back and began to make her way out of the great hall. Joseph's back was cut and bleeding badly, from near his neck and the top of his shoulders to the small of his back and lower sides. His legs could only carry him a short way and when the guards let go, he collapsed onto the floor, shaking with pain.

Valerie waved a slight hand at the guard who were holding Philip down as she passed and they let him go. He was allowed to scramble up and rush to Joseph's side while the rest of the nobility that had been watching slowly left the hall. The guards and two housecarls stayed while waiting for the healers to arrive and the one who’d delivered the punishment recoiled the whip before drawing his sword and holding it in both hands, blade pointed down incase Philip decided to do anything hostile.

By the time the healers arrived, Joseph looked like he was on the verge of passing out. From blood lose or from the pain, it was hard to tell, but he still gritted his teeth as he was pulled up to stand and hurried out of the great hall to have his wounds taken care of. The healers allowed Philip to help support Joseph but once they got him lying down, they made him step out of the room so they could work. He’d be allowed to see Joseph once they were finished but not a moment sooner.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 132d 4h 55m 22s
Ximena let him take her hand even though she stiffened her back at this uncomfortably. She grasped on her skirt with her free hand, trying to find the right words before she felt him rubbing her back of hand soothingly. Strangely, she actually relaxed under his touch and looked at his face directly. "Sir, I have to see Eric." She quickly hid her gaze from him after saying that and hoped he would allow her a visit. She was so worried for the former prince. Only seeing Eric once...would convince her that he was okay.

Neculai dropped his head with a soft sigh and just stepped back silently. He wasn't leased with the way this country was ruled. He knew she could keep peace but he was not sure for how long. He nodded at his granddaughter and she helped him leave the Great hall. He could hear more strikes coming down on the poor boy but sadly he didn't have the power to stop Valerie. He was not close to her and preferred it that way. No matter how beautiful the creatures of Light were, they were still not humans and he couldn't expect humanity from them. For immortals, life had no value. Short living beings like humans were not threat to them. But Neculai believed Light nation was not immune to chaos. It was sad he couldn't stop anything, the best he could do was going to his room and not being a part of the wicked show.

Philip was held down by the guards when his thrashes got stronger as Joseph received more strikes. He couldn't believe this was the Light nation people immigrated into for better life. Their queen seemed even worse than Eric. For once, he had a better idea of the older prince. Yes, he dragged his brother into this mess but Valerie' s way of punishment was far worse.

Johar looked satisfied when Valeiri ignored Neculai' s request. He admired Grey queen. He had seen her dictatorship and was one of the very few who missed those times. He didn't like low lives holding him back from controlling people. Peasants were a bunch of fools who couldn't even recognize what was best for them. They didn't deserve a great queen like Valerie who made these lands powerful in her clench. He stared at the scene with a smile on his face.
  Johar / valkyira / 132d 10h 18m 15s
Ryuu noticed Ximena’s hesitation and her quick glances at him and he tried to hid his bothered expression. Smiling softly he shook his head and reached over taking one of her hands gently in his. “It is nothing you need to concern yourself with.” He told her calmly. Hr wasn't upset by her concern or her cautious curiosity. He rubbed the top of her hand with his thumb in a comforting manner and he waited patiently for her to ask what she wanted to about Eric.

By the time Neculai bowed down, the punishment was already four strikes in. But Joseph did not scream, his breathing hitched in fresh pain and he dug his nails into the frame of the rack. She hadn't made the proceedings wait when her older Minister stepped forwards with protest. “You forget your place, Neculai.” She said coldly, her eyes never leaving the scene in front of her. She doubted that the Minister was a traitor with his plead like Johar had said and she slowly turned and looked at him and his granddaughter.

“You do not need to stay if you do not wish see this happen. We will talk [i after] this punishment is finished.” To say the Queen was mad was an understatement. She was livid and turned her gaze back towards the rack, seeing two more licks from the whip had been added across Joseph's back. She understood how this looked, punishing the weak rather than the strong was cowardly. But she was making a statement and dealing with whatever backlash came from this would be apart of her statement. She’d only ever done a few wicked thing that were not justified completely in her older minister's eyes and when he stepped forwards with protest, most of the time she did stop and reconsider. Most of the time. But for this she would not because frankly at the moment she didn't care. But also because she knew this would help break Eric and keep him from acting out while giving him back something to lose.

She wasn't bothered by Philip’s screams nor did she seem bothered by this scorning her presence in the Light Nation. A life time before Neculai became one of her ministers, The Grey Queen had been much more willing to spill blood and beat down any opposition she had. Back then her rule would have been considered more of a dictatorship rather than an empire in her Iron vase grip. Yet she had relaxed that grip quite a bit in the past hundred years, slowly giving the nation's citizens more freedom than penalties and allowing criticism of her rule to be outspoken and rallied around. As long as the rallied cause remained peaceful, Valerie would accept that as only lobbying and nothing more.

She still had the power to turn the Nation right back around into a dictatorship which was something no one wanted. This little bit of unpopularity would not risk the fall of the Light Nation since she had tied it together so well. Neculai would be in his rights to speak out and the backlash from that would be dealt with, but she highly doubted any plots of a rebellion or attempts of assassination would come from this.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 132d 10h 57m 57s
Ximena didn't move from her spot when he sat down on bed. She kept her gaze on her hands when he started talking, merely nodding as a respond to his question. She hesitated about asking him about Eric and was afraid if he refused. She still didn't know Ryuu' s personality and was catious around him. Breathing deeply, she inched closer to Ryuu. Ximena didn't want to rush things. He looked bothered by something and she knew it was about the queen.

The dancer sat slowly next to him and refused to look at face. She was afraid if she did, she would lose her courage and escape the room. "Sir?" She softly asked and played with her fingers awkwardly before continuing, "Is there something wrong?" She gave his face a quick glance to make sure he was not upset.

Philip put the pieces of puzzles together when he saw the rack. But he was too slow and before he could do something, they took Joseph away and grabbed Philip so he wouldn't be able to stop them. Philip started struggling against them, unable to shout from shock and dread. His struggles strengthened when Joseph was tied to the stand. The man saw the whip and his heart sank. The crack on the floor snapped Philip out of his shock and he started shouting. "STOP IT! STOP IT! HE HASN'T RECOVERED YET! I WILL TAKE HIS BLOWS INSTEAD! PLEASE!" They covered his mouth and muffled his screams. His widened eyes watched in horror as the whip was risen up.

Johar was watching the scene with a calm expression. He had no sorrow or pity towards the punishing human. Johar found humans disgusting and low. He even once tried to make humans second rate citizens in this country but somebody stood against him; One of the ministers. He was an old man near 100, inches away from grave but his brain still worked perfectly. He was a rare human without royalty blood in his veins but he was popular among peasants. He was the one ordering for an orphanage to be made. None of the neighbour countries had orphanage. He didn't interfere much in the politics and was not around the queen most of the times unlike Johar. But this time, he was in the Great hall for some reasons. His loyal granddaughter was supporting his weight when he suddenly stepped forward and coughed.

"My queen!" Neculai called Valerie loud and clear. Johar frowned, looking at the old man with despise. "My queen...Please reconsider about the punishment."

"How dare you Neculai! Queen's orders are absolute!" Johar snapped at the old man.

"Only justice is absolute. My queen...punishing a weak against the front of everyone's eyes is not the wisest choice. His wounds will heal but this day will never be forgotten...that our Grey Queen did not have the enough courage to straightly punish the guilty one!"

"My queen, this old man can't think straight anymore!"

"Please, my queen. We know you are doing it for our country's safety but the stories of other kingdoms all show that one mistake, one injustice, will endanger the glory of a king. You made this decision out of rage. It is a minister's responsibility to remind you patience and mercy. If you whip this young man for his unstable brother's mistakes, then you should whip every single royal for the criminals in Light nation. This way, the royals will work better in fighting against crime, isn't that right? Effective but cruel."

"My queen, he is clearly a betrayer." Johar whispered.

"The fear of the prophecies have make all of us blind. But we all can see what ruined Deloriak was not Lilith's was the wicked massacres of the royals! So please...reconsider about the punishment." Neculai bowed down with the support of his granddaughter.
  Johar / valkyira / 132d 13h 30m 51s
Ryuu hurried from where Valerie had scorned him and his brisk walk slowed as he approached crossing halls. He knew what weakness the Queen had for him but he also knew she did not like giving up control unless she did it willingly. He’d overstepped that thin line and as far as humiliation went, she hadn't torn into him too badly, she didn't mention anything about his past or his habits. The Summoner sighed to himself and knew The Grey Queen would be headed next. He felt a little guilty that Joseph had to be the one to endure this, but it had more to do with sending a message and making it clear that the Light Nation would not crumble from the presence of demons. Like its neighbors had. He swallowed back his guilt and straightened up, deciding once the proceedings were done he would go tell Eric.

He walked back to his chambers and noticed that Ximena wasn't standing by his bedroom door anymore. He stepped into the room and saw her laying on his bed, looking tired till she noticed him watching her. He didn't say anything to her sheepish apology and he watched her step back, bowing her head in shame. He wasn't upset that she’d been in here waiting or that she wanted to talk about Eric. He was still reeling from his own wounded pride and somehow he decided he couldn't let her know what was about to happen to one of her friends. He knew he couldn't stop her from finding out but he could distract her from knowing for a little while.

“Of course.” He said calmly to her, going over and sitting on his bed next to the head board. He wanted her to come sit next to him but he didn't want her to feel trapped. She could come sit next to him if she wanted, and she’d be closer to the door so he wouldn't be in her way if she wanted to leave. “I’m sure you’ve heard that somethings happened.” He began and glanced at Ximena to make sure he.was right. “So what do you want to know?”

Joseph noticed his friends unease and that in turn also made him uneasy. He didn't know what she was going to say or do but he would soon find out she wasn't going to say or do anything. They entered the great hall which was decorated by armor and weapons and banners and paintings, all little monuments for the Light Nation's history and accomplishments. It was also a very large corridor which most likely stretched half the length of the entire castle grounds.

Joseph then saw what else was in the room and it made his blood run cold. There were other higher ups in the room, a few of the queen’s other ministers as well as Valerie herself, standing to one side. All were watching the two men and in the center of the hall was a wheel rack. A circular wooden contraption with four pegs on the edge of the circle and supports. There were also a few royal guards and housecarls there to make sure the proceeding went without anything interrupting or anyone trying to stop it.

Two guards walked over and grabbed Joseph, pulling him across the hall to the contraption and two more grabbed Philip to hold him back as he tried to go after his friend. The young former Prince was confused and horrified as one of the housecarls took the ring that he’d been given by the Queen and he was shoved forwards onto the rack. His hands and feet tied to the pegs at his wrists and ankles and his shirt was cut off to reveal his back. A second housecarl stepped around behind Joseph and everyone watching could see the whip that was strapped to his belt.

“For the actions of your brother you will receive 50 lashing.” He stated, giving Joseph his sentence before uncoiling the whip. The whip was first snapped out against the ground, making the hall deathly quiet as it was then pulled back for the first strike.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 133d 54m 0s
Ximena looked embarrassed when he ignored the fact she just chose the bedroom to search for him. This wasn't her fault, he only mentioned his bedroom earlier. She pulled away uncomfortably when he reached over to the doorknob and opened it. She felt her feet glued to the ground as she just stared at the room before her. No, she was not going in. They could talk here. Fortunately, a soldier came and told Ryuu the queen wanted to see him. She just nodded at his promise and watched him leave. She was standing there awkwardly for some minutes before looking in the bedroom. Curiosity kills the Cat but now that was he gone, she felt a lot braver and stepped in. She wasn't sure what she was looking for. Ximena had never seen a higher up's bedroom before. She ran a hand in the blanket and smiled slightly at its softness.
[b I always wanted to sleep on these beds for once. I bet it is pretty normal for him to have the sheets washed and ironed everyday.]
She quickly scolded herself for such stupid thoughts. Eric was in trouble and she wanted to meet him just one more time.

Johar had heard from Cyan that Ryuu was called again after Eric's unsuccessful attempt to break free. He knew the queen was not going to praise the Summoner so he eagerly took part and entered the room with a head bowed respectfully at Valerie. When he glanced at the humiliated Ryuu, a smile stretched his lips. He indeed felt victorious and pleased. This was a good small lesson for this worthless human. This would probably put him in place. His grin didn't fade until he was dismissed.

Johar followed his queen with a distance silently, feeling that she was not in the mood. The last thing he wanted was her rage.

Philip followed Joseph with a deep frown since he wasn't feeling well for some reasons. Something told him the queen was not kind enough to meet them just because Joseph requested that. He felt tensed and alarmed when they entered the big hall. Why is such a place? She seemed to prefer meeting them in private. He gazed around nervously and saw Johar's piercing eyes on Joseph.

Ximena couldn't control herself and she laid down on the bed, resting her head on the pillow. She just realised how tired she was and this soft bed just encourages her to sleep...her eyelids felt heavy and she was relaxing slowly when she heard footsteps. It took her a while to snap out of her sleepy state and sit up. Ximena saw Ryuu watching her and she felt her cheeks heating up, blushing slightly. The girl clumsily got out of bed and stood with her face down and staring at her hands.

"S-sorry." She whispered before stepping aside and pressing her back against the wall in shame. "I...I...wanted..t-to talk....a-about...Eric."
  Johar / valkyira / 133d 2h 8m 43s
The Grey Queen sighed at the news when it was reported to her, at least he hadn't made out of the dungeons. “How is he being treated?” She asked, mentally considering what punishment would be fitting for the two brothers.

“He is chained and lord Ryuu has ordered that he be starved.”

“He what?” She looked up at this wondering who the Summoner thought he was to be overseeing the way her prisoners were treated. Though after some consideration, she pushed aside her annoyance with Ryuu. “Hmm, very well… That Devil’s brother must still pay for his kin’s insolence. Have him brought to the great hall and make sure the floors are cleaned well once all is done.” Her royal guard nodded and Valerie thought for a moment before adding. “And bring Ryuu from his chambers… I want to speak with him before the proceedings.” The guard nodded and left the Queen's presence, leaving to fetch the Summoner.

“Over here.” Ryuu’s calm voice spoke from behind Ximena, making her jump and spin around to face him. He was closing the door to another room behind him and it was clear he had been upset about something. But his gaze softened when he saw Ximena and he walked over to her, not noticing as she trembled slightly and shifted away. “It’s good to see you.” He purred and leaned close, waiting like he expected Ximena to meet him halfway with a kiss.

When she didn't, he forced a small smile and stood back giving her space. “You went straight to my bedroom, I see.” He said, teasingly and he reached over to open the door. Ryuu then stepped aside and waited for Ximena to enter holding the door open for her like a gentleman even though he was everything but that. He was about to insist that she enter the room with him when a guard interrupted them and he frowned a little upon hearing he’d been called by the Queen.

“Wait just a moment, dear Ximena. I will be back soon.” He said to her before turning away to follow the guard.

Ryuu wasn't too eager to see The queen after what had happened, especially since Ximena had come willingly to see him. But he did go to see his queen and waited like a loyal subject did. Only approaching to kiss her hand as she lifted it to him and stepping back when she waved him away.

“My Queen?” He asked mildly since they were alone.

“I heard what happened to Enoch.” She began causally with her sharp eyes closed. “Have you seen him?”

“I was actually just with him.” Ryuu replied, now a little anxious. “But his wounds aren't too bad. Nothing a little time and rest won’t fix.” The queen didn't seem humored or amused by Ryuu's quick response which made him even more nervous.

“I see, and Eric?”

“I… I haven't gone to see that demon…” He replied slower.

“Yet you feel inclined to order my servants to ignore one of my prisoners.” She said with a sudden sharpness and Ryuu looked up to meet his queen's sharp Violet eyes. She stared coldly at him and he forced himself not to shiver under her gaze.

“My Queen, I only-”

“You only what? Hmm? Do you think you have enough influence here to change little things like this? Hmm?” Well.” Ryuu didn't reply since he’d noticed that Johar had silently joined them and was watching this all go down. “I think you should be the one to inform Eric of what will happen to his brother because of his foolish actions. Once you have done that you are not to speak to him ever again and the servants will be allowed to go feed him once his brothers injuries have healed.” At this, the Summoner lowered his head and bit his tongue before speaking softly.

“That devil still thinks his brother is dead.” Valerie smiled a little when Ryuu said this and she could only imagine how painful it must be to drag his pride through the mud to do this.

“Then I see no better person to do this then you. You will tell him that his brother is still alive and the punishment he’ll endure will be 50 lashings and one hundred more if anything like this ever happens again.” Her voice was smooth yet sten and Ryuu bowed his head, swallowing before replying.

“Yes my queen.” And he was dismissed while Joseph was sent for and the Queen stood to go wait in the great hall.

Joseph hadn't tried to stop Ximena when she rushed out of the room. He just looked towards the food that was brought in before looking away, having no appetite at the moment. He only looked up again when a guard knocked on the door before opening it.

“The Queen will see you now.” He said to Joseph and that made him stiffen as he remembered her small threat to him. But that didn't stop him from nodding and getting up to follow the guard. Philip wasn't stopped from following either.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 133d 13h 43m 34s
N.V stumbled towards the hole by his push. He was right, Eric couldn't escape that easily. Back in Deloriak...many supported him but in these lands he was a black sheep. The Cacador hesitated when he heard the door slamming opened. Was Eric going to use his demon powers? But a chain was shot out and brought Eric down easily. N.V quickly hopped into the hole and started running, feeling eyes on him. But the Cacador was a Hunter himself so he knew stopping would make them attack at him. The kid kept running and running, planning to get out of sewers and then enter the castle again like he had nothing to do with this. Back in his room, he could plan something to rescue the devil. Or maybe not. He didn't have any allies afterall.

The soldiers surrounded Eric and were glad to see the chain made their job a lot easier. One of them stepped forward and hit back of Eric's head with his hilt of sword brutally and knocked him out. They dragged his unconscious body back to his cell but this time chained him to the wall. Enoch was taken to his own room since he hadn't woken up yet.

One of the guards informed the royal guards that everything was safe now and the prisoner didn't succeed in escaping the dungeon.

Philip saw the door opening and he shot up on his feet but there only a maid there with tray of food. Sheer silently set the food on the table. "The prisoner is caught. You can come out now." She dryly told them before turning and walking out. Ximena gasped slightly. "Eric! H-hey tried to run?" She bit her lips, her hands on her chest grsping each other tightly. "Is he okay now? I have to see him." But she was quite sure they will not allow her...Ryuu! He could help her. But of course he would probably want something from her and this made Ximena nervous. What could she offer him? And he asked pure intentions which made it even harder. How could she act towards him like he had nothing to do with their current condition? Before Philip could stop her, she rushed pass them and hurried towards the guards. She stared at the floor humbly before whispering if she could go meet Ryuu. The guards exchanged meaningful looks before agreeing. Ryuu could handle a single girl so there was no threat in it. They called one of the guards who was patrolling the whole servant wing to take her there. The guard just gestured her to follow him and took her to the whole different part of the castle. He let Ximena find the chambers herself since he didn't want to go any further. They gave Ximena more freedom than other since she was pretty easy to handle.

The dancer remembered what Ryuu told her and she found the chambers. She hesitantly stood behind the bedrooms door and noticed her own hands shaking. Breathing deeply, the dancer knocked and whispered nervously. "S-sir?"
  Johar / valkyira / 133d 15h 1m 42s
Eric had stopped moving once he too heard the soldiers and let N.V push him into the empty cell. The door was closed but this one didn't have a lock on it since it wasn't supposed to be used. But now he felt strange, exhilarated. Though his nerves were still burning to their ends and he knew this was nothing to feel eager about. He stared towards the doorway before N.V snapped at him to help and he quickly turned around, stepping over to the wall and prying more bricks and stones away. But progress was slow and when footsteps and the banging of cell doors grew closer, the gap in the wall was only big enough for the little Cacador to fit through. Glancing over his shoulder with a growl, Eric pried away one last stone before pushing N.V towards the hole and standing up.

“You go. Enoch doesn't know who you are so there's no point in you being caught with me. Besides things were bound to be worse before they got any better for me.” He turned back around to see the shadows of the guards approaching the cell and he sharply looked over his shoulder, demon eyes flashing briefly. “Go Now.” He hissed and looked forward again locking eyes with a guard through the bars as he alerted the others and threw open the cell door.

Joseph glanced at Philip and the look told him. Something was going on with the Demons and nothing in the castle seemed to like that at all. He then looked over at Ximena and shook his head at her. He didn't know exactly what was going on. All he knew was that that were now condemned to the rooms until further notice.

Ryuu lingered and stalled while going back to his chambers, trying to figure out what was going on. But none of the guards would talk, they only tried to.rush him back to his room before another housecarl approached with some news. “That Devil beat Enoch bloody and tried to escape.”

“What?! Is he…” The Summoner trailed off and the Housecarl just snorted.

“No, your little spy is still alive, but that demon hasn't been found yet. I'd watch my back if I were you…” He warned and walked away, leaving Ryuu to wonder and imagine just where Eric could be. He doubted the devil had left the dungeons but he had one way of finding out. Tracing a few symbols in the air, he waved his hand over them and then turned the symbols, watching them glow then disappare. Down in the dungeons, Eric felt a tingling before a demon chain shot up from the floor, snarring him around his neck and shooting a bolt of searing pain before that was overwhelmed by surprise. The Demon chain suddenly yanked him back down and nearly slammed his body onto the ground, almost making him fall unconscious. His vision was swimming and he was too dazed to pose any threat anymore.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 133d 18h 54m 42s
N.V was anxious and on rush as he ran with Eric. This wasn't how he wanted to die. Why the hell he helped this Demon?! How were they going to escape?! N.V wasn't the type to plan. He usually followed orders but now Ngeomin wasn't there to tell him what to do. He heard soldiers hurrying into dungeon and his heart sank in disappointment. He desperately pushed Eric into an empty cell which had an open door. He closed the door behind and held his head, looking around. Now what?! He glanced at the barred window but it was too high and small. They were doomed but he smelt something...rotting and disgusting. Sewers! But how did it...he noticed a small mouse shoving itself in a crack and disappearing. Maybe that was a sign from gods? N.V crazily clawed at the stones over there and noticed it moving easily. He pried out one stone. "H-help me!" He hissed at Eric. There was a reason the cell was not used. It was just above the sewer canals and it was where Johar's monsters lurked under the castle. The sewers were not actually a safe escape...but it was the only way and they didn't know about the monsters.

Enoch rose up his bloody head when the soldiers flooded the cell. "He maid..." The Creep groaned before his vision getting blurry and he fainter after that.

The soldiers knew they were still in dungeon so they started searching every single cell by kicking the doors open.

Philip couldn't handle all this confusion and stress. "Now what?! What is wrong now?! Joseph?" He looked over at his friend for any possible answers but he didn't look much calmer either. Ximena opened the door of her room slightly and peered in curiously. She looked much more relaxed but felt insecure for some reasons. " going on?"

Artemis was out in the courtyard. She was running to the stable with her permission letter in her hand. She was running fast because she was hoping it would wash away her sudden stressed state. What was wrong with her?! Artemis heard guards shouting to close the gates. Oh, no! We're they going to stop her? She was going to do the deal and get that damned book back! Growling she changed her way towards a guard who was riding on a horse and shouting at the gate keepers to close it. The Ba'al leaped at the rider and threw him down, riding the horse instead. She was a bit surprised by her own leap but did not have much time to think about that. Artemis rode pass the shocked gatekeepers and grinned as she was finally out of the castle. Her grin soon faded when arrows followed her. She kept riding as fast as she could, not stopping even when one arrow hit her in left shoulder.
  Johar / valkyira / 134d 4h 53m 25s
Eric’s murderous intent wavered as he felt N.V bite him and make him collapse down onto his knees. He quickly turned around and stared at N.V, anger flaring up for being interrupted, but then the words.reached him. Don’t use his…. Why should he even care anymore? … Some part of Eric knew the kid was right and with a heavy breath and seemingly great effort, he stood back up and pushed his demon side back down. He broke his tap into that foreign energy running through him and he looked at N.V with eyes that were dead serious.

“Don’t [i ever] do something like that.again..” He said in a tone that matched the way he looked. “Because next time… I probably won't stop.” He felt N.V tugging on his arm to get him to start moving but again he was wondering why he should even care. N.V’s warning had come one emotional moment too late. Ever native of the Light Nation that was close enough probably felt him for those few moments. But the other side of him refused to lay down and die. After all what did he have to lose now?

He knew things would be bad if they left the dungeons and were caught but glancing back of Enoch’s crumpled form, he knew he didn't want to stay and find out what would happen to him for this. Almost like he was in a trance, tired yet feeling like all of his senses were being pushed to their limit, The former Prince easily kept pace with N.V. Now letting the little Cacador lead him while silently hoping they wouldn't be caught.

Ryuu, who wasn't really watching where he was going, looked a little surprised when he almost bumped into Artemis. Yet he looked more surprised when she moved to attack and stopped herself mere moments from doing it. He stepped back then hurried around her too put off to be nosy with whatever she was doing. He left her be in the hall behind him and continued on his way but he was soon stopped by a few royal guards ordering him back to his chambers. Indeed something was very off and with a sigh and a scowl, he obliged and headed back to his chambers.

Valerie stood still in her study after hiding her wings again, hoping beyond a doubt that what she just felt wasn't what she knew it was. The demonic presence didn't scare her, instead it just rubbed her the wrong way and she left her wing of the castle, finding Joseph and two guards wait for her but she didn't stop for them. Instead she stepped past them then turned suddenly and stared hard at Joseph.

“I swear if this is your brother’s doing, you both will pay in blood.” She hissed at him with uncharacteristic aggression. But then again Joseph didn't know how the Grey Queen normally was. So he just let the guards.take him back towards the servants rooms. He was nearly shoved back into the room with Philip and he didn't bother trying to communicate. Something was terribly wrong here and he was sure it had something to do with either Artemis or his brother.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 134d 6h 44m 25s
At first the Creep was giggling nonstop while being beaten up brutally but when Eric's show collided with his head, the pain took over and he stopped. Enoch didn't expect his outrage but that was not like he cared or even thought about it. He moved a little before laying there at his mercy. N.V was in a corner, watching Eric lose control. He was saved but knew somebody had to stop Eric He didn't mind seeing that creep die but he also knew once Eric kills one, it is hard to stop him from killing others. What did he have to do? Eric would attack him too. Negomin was a dragon and could handle it but N.V was not strong enough. The soldiers would arrive any moment and he didn't want to get caught so he cursed himself crawled towards Eric.

Eric felt a soft bite at the back of his knee, making his knee bend. N.V used this distraction to calm him down as he grabbed his hand. "Lovely show. Now Let's go!" He pulled on his arm. "Negomin said Dark is not allowed here so Don't use your daddy inheritance here. Here in Light nation, a Dark won't stand a chance!"

Artemis was stepping shakily in the hallway, full of mixed feelings. The power in her was alien and strong...she felt like she couldn't handle it. Then...feelings struck her. Feeling which were not her own. Sorrow...pure sorrow...then rage... flaming rage. The Ba'al was confused. What was the deal doing to her? She was so lost in her weird condition that she didn't notice Ryuu and bumped into him. Her eyes fixed on him as the little Ba'al suddenly felt too much hatred towards this Summoner. She didn't know why but wanted to rip out his heart and end his life painfully.

Before she knew it her claw was raised up, about to slash but she stopped herself in time and let her hand fall. "...Tsk..." The demon growled and sat down, trying to calm herself.

"Get out of here before I kill you..." She hissed at Ryuu, holding her head and trying to kick out of the unnecessary feelings. She had to do her mission as fast as she could. To distract herself, she opened the map and stared at it.
  Johar / valkyira / 134d 12h 10m 48s
Eric glared at The Creep as he entered the cell and he braced himself for a fight but was caught off guard as a painful sensation wrapped around his neck. That damn demon chain. His hands immediately went up and grabbed at the chain and though it wasn’t as painful as Ryuu’s. He stiffened as he felt other chains wrap around his limbs and soon he was forced to the ground. He made a ragged snarl to Enoch’s insane bantering and he bit back a yell of pain when the creep broke one of his fingers. He began to try wrenching his hand away from Enoch and he was finally able to, only when N.V distracted the Creep with a stone. When Enoch focused on the little kid, the demon side of Eric began to grow restless.

Why was he holding back still? Why did he just accept the pain? His brother was dead so he had no real reason anymore. And that strange energy… It both weakened and strengthened him so… Why not let loose all that pent up rage and frustration on this strange, strange man? Eric closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again and straining the chains around his limbs. With the creep distracted, the chains around him didn't stand a chance and he broke his arm with his injured hand free first. He pulled himself back and up, slipping from the chains like a snake before Enoch noticed. But Eric wasn't going to give him a chance to even breath. He reached forwards and punched the Creep hard across his jaw, swinging his injured hand down and jabbing it hard into The Creep’s gut. Pain shot through his forearm but Eric didn't care about that. He was only focused on beating Enoch into the ground. His golden eyes shined with rage and he continued to punch and hit the spy till Enoch dropped down onto one knee. That's when he took the chance to kick Enoch in the side of his head, knocking him down completely. Finally Eric spoke in a deadly tone.

“What did you think you were going to exactly?” He snarled reaching down and yanking Enoch's head up by his hair. “Break a few of my fingers and get to walk out of here alive?” He pulled up a bit more before shoving the Creep's head back down and he lifted a foot up, bringing it down fast. He stomped on the back of Enoch's head and heard a sickening crunch as well as a moan of pain from the other man. It sound like Eric had just broken the Creep’s nose against the hard floor and he lifted up his foot again. Another stomp like that was sure to kill the spy, but nothing was there to stop the Devil anymore and his eye glinted with murder as he stared down at Enoch, intent on killing the Creep and then his master once he found him, Ryuu.

Ryuu’s smile slowly fade while Johar spoke and his eyes narrowed with an unamused expression. “Geez… And I was trying to be nice.” He openly scowled when Johar told him to move and that flash of something… Monstrous did make the Summoner flinch back slightly. He quickly lifted his head and rolled his shoulders back, standing tall as if to try and save his pride but the minister had made it clear. He only saw Ryuu as a pest, a parasite, something that needed to be broken and cast out of sight. He stood still as Johar walked away and the Summoner grumbled under his breath.

“Why do I even bother?” He asked himself quietly, stalking down the hall away from where he’d spoke with Johar. When he first arrived and offered his allegiance to the Grey Queen, he had seen Johar as someone to impress. But as time went on, he found that The Minister wasn't at all impressed or interested in any of the Summoner’s tricks. And with that realization he began to loath the Minister with each passing comment and remark and little exchange like this that they had. He was slowly beginning to humor the thought of making something happen to the Minister and he looked over his shoulder. Johar was already out of sight and with a huff of annoyance, he turned back around trying to forget his moment of weakness.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 134d 13h 1m 6s
N.V showed shock in his face when Eric spat the truth directly. So...he got himself killed. He even had more questions now but wasn't sure how to ask. He hated Eric but that didn't mean he was cruel towards him too. N.V thought he was sorrowful because of his brother which was not hard to accept. The Cacador valued family. N.V snapped out of his pity for him and rolled his eyes at his remark. "I am not here for you, loser. I became a messanger of sorts and Negomin told me she had seen in her dreams you were in trouble so I am just checking on you and..." He heard the steps and let go of the bars, rushing down the hallway to find a hiding place in other cells.

The guards saw Joseph approaching again and he didn't need to ask again since they already knew he was pressing to see the queen again. Philip had refused to go with Joseph. For some reasons, he preferred to stay with Ximena. Also, he was not eager to see Eric at all. So with hesitation and doubt, one of the guards motioned him to follow him as he led the former prince through the hallways.

Enoch started clapping cheerfully, laughing with pure happiness. "Thank you, Ryuu!" He hurried to his own room to fetch the tools he needed for this fun time.

Johar was not pleased seeing Ryuu. This foolish human dared to talk to him like they were on the same level. The minister stood straight and looked coldly at the Summoner as he judged his happiness.
"Of course. I would be pleased to destroy my queen's enemies. Unfortunately, there is still a small bug I couldn't get rid of asap. A bug who thinks me of a comrade because the queen keeps it around out of pity." The minister didn't notice his hands behind his back...maybe because he was confident Ryuu would not risk dealing with 'Master of Monsters'?
"Move out of the way, pathetic summoner. This is not your place. You had a place once and lost it. So you are indeed a low refugee to me." He suddenly made eye contact and suddenly something inhuman flashed in his eyes before he smiled and walked to move pass him.

"Pretty Prince~ Let's play~" Enoch sang song as he walked to Eric's cell. He stood in front of the door and knocked before opening it. "Look! You still can stand!!! That is cheating~" Giggling, the Creep held out his hand and chains wrapped around Eric's neck tightly, making breathing hard for him. "Is it painful...? Strange...Because your face is adorable! Ahahahahaha!" He dropped the leather bag he held on the floor and let his chains wrap around Eric's limbs as they attached to the floor and spread him flatly on the ground. "Bored? I know! Let's play a game!" Laughing uncontrollably, Enoch dragged the bag along and sat beside Eric. He started setting the dreadful tools on Eric's chest. "Awww...which one to use...which one..." Thoughtfully, the Creep ran a hand along Eric's bound arm until he reached the fingers. "Lovely...lovely fingers..." Suddenly with a swift motion he snapped his middle finger backward and earned himself a sickening crack. "There! now It's pretty! Let's get rid of the ugly nail! I will replace it with nice metal pins..." He took a metal tool, licking it. "Let's start the screaming party~ AHAHAHAHHAHA!" He lunged at his hand and started pulling on the broken finger' s nail while laughing loudly and insanely.
Suddenly a stone hit his head. Enoch paused and rubbed his head, looking back with a blank face. There he saw a little maid standing there. A maid who DARED to throw...a stone...a stone...he hated that. Hated that...When he was a kid...everyone threw him stones...but now...he would not let it..and N.V had awakened his dangerous part without knowing.
N.V liked the smell of blood but he wasn't a sadist and he hated insane people who gave themselves the right to torture others...even if the victim was Eric. His people were tortured enough in the camp and he was not going to tolerate it anymore. "..." The Cacador had a expressionless face as he threw another stone but was surprised by a chain coming his way. It wrapped around his ankle and dragged him towards a silent, too dangerous Enoch...
  Johar / valkyira / 134d 14h 22m 20s
Eric gritted his teeth and looked up again after N.V threw a small rock at him. When N.V left to look in the other cells then came back, Eric was up and standing below the window. He heard the kid approaching and with a winded breath, he jumped up and grabbed the sill of the window, pulling himself up so he could look out. “Joseph is dead” He snarled in a dire tone at N.V before dropping back down out of sight as he let go of the window sill. He didn't say anything else, just paced around a little below the window before sitting somewhere out of sight.

“Why are you even here?” He asked in a dejected tone, the danger in his voice now gone again. “Was having your queen back not good enough for that ruined kingdom?” By now the strange feeling was starting to fade away and Eric bower his head, still not noticing it. What he did notice was the sound of rapid footsteps hurrying through the dungeon towards his cell. He stopped talking at this point and watched the corner of his cell, waiting for whoever it was to step into view.

Joseph’s shoulders slumped and he watched Ximena run into the adjoining room, slamming the door behind her. He didn't say anything since he’d taken off the charmed ring and he looked over towards Philip. He understood how his friend felt, he wanted to be angry and cross, but he couldn't. He wouldn’t be. But he also wouldn't stand by wait for someone else to decide when they left. He stepped away from Philip and took the ring, putting it back on before looking back at his friend. It’s time they demanded to see the queen again.

Ryuu smiled and shook his head at what Enoch said. “No, no. I just want to make sure that kingdom doesn't interfere with any of our plans here.” He began and paused when Enoch asked about Eric and he smirked a little. “You know what? Sure.” He said sneering at the Creep. “You can go have some fun with him, just be careful not to mention his brother. He still thinks Joseph is dead.” He gave his spy an approving nod before turning away and leaving his chambers.

[I Now if i could just find that messanger…] His train of thought drifted away when he spotted one of the Queen's ministers, Johar.

“Uh oh.” The summoner said aloud as the two approached each other.


“You look happy, which probably means you’ve just sent someone to their grave.” Ryuu smirked at this remark and stopped his approach. “Anything you wish to share, comrade?” He asked snottily, folding his arms behind him and tracing small symbols in the air behind himself.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 134d 19h 25m 9s

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