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The prisoner’s eyes widened at Johar’s bluff, but after a few moment’s the death in them returned and boldly he spat. “I don’t believe you.” He stood as Johar turned away and he stepped towards the bars of the cell. “The Light Nation will be in ruins before you could ever catch them.” He added, watching the monster minister glance back at him. After all his brother had survived like a ghost for a few long years without ever being tracked down so he could disappear again if he needed to. “You’ll just have to keep that rage bottled up for now,” Eric sneered lowly, leaning close to the bars so he could look directly at Johar,

“Because who knows when you’ll really need that extra… Push to survive what's coming.” With a taunting smirk, Eric stepped back from the bars and turned away without any hesitation, he walked to the back of the cell since there was nowhere else for him to go. Once in the shadows he stepped to the side where he could no longer see the Minister. He didn’t mention anything about little Juno, he didn’t even know where she could be but he doubted that she was even still alive.

Sorit turned when he smelt the noble and his eyes softened for Dosia’s kin. Abantes indeed could fight, but was he ready to fight in a war. Wars were far from planned, deaths happened constantly and the dead often remained unnamed and were buried as such. What would happen if Abantes died that way too? “Abantes, it’s admirable to want to fight. But fighting in a war is very different than fighting in a raid or siege. Orders must be followed and enemy lives will be taken without discrimination.” He paused at the Nobleman’s remark for being ‘a man now’ and the werewolf smiled dishearteningly.

“Come with me to the training grounds. I am going to hand pick a few warriors to help Deloriak’s champion, whoever they may be.” With that, he began walking again and soon they had reached the outskirts of the city and could see the large barren field which had been cleared for training. “Look at the generals, Abantes.” Sorit suddenly said, looking towards the three that were there, standing a little ways off. They were there to train and send the warriors to the border. “They are all avid fighters but their stronger skill is strategy and tactical planning. Our champion can’t just be a good fighter, they must also know when to step aside for their assistance.”

Upon hearing the knock on the window, Ryuu turned to see the Succubus and he only remembered thinking one thing, [i Well Shit...] And then his mind was lost to her allure. He opened the window for her and didn’t reject her advances, even flirting back a little before quickly moving to the bed. Ryuu wasn’t like Eric, he was only human and didn’t have the grasp to think that anything was wrong. And he’d never reject such a beautiful specter at his window.

Now the guest from the Light nation also wasn’t bad looking, its partially why he’d been taken in, in a heartbeat by the Light Nation’s Queen. She liked the way he looked, so did many others. Maybe N.V was right about her not really caring about him. He didn’t know. When he regained conscious awareness, he felt sore and weak. A Succubus’ charm on mortal men was strong and he was no exception. He sat up with a tired groan and looked around to see if he was still alone. He didn’t know how long he’d been out but the sky was already dark out so he assumed it had been at least a few hours.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 59d 21h 56m 48s
Johar kept staring in silence after Eric declined helping him. "My spy has...what was his name? Yes, Joseph and also...surprisingly the same little girl." The minister talked so calmly, his eyes fixed on Eric for any slightest reaction. "I don't think Karim will heal them too, Hm? I need to just pour my rage on someone." The monster master turned away, sighing. "Only if you were wise enough, your brother would have ten fingers likes others." Of course Bird had lost them but Johar was bluffing until Bird actually could catch them again.

Before Sorit could reach the training grounds to find his candidates, somebody called him from behind. "Sorit?" The scent of dog filled the wolf's nose as Abantes approached him with pleading eyes. "Sorit. I know the queen think I'm too young...but I absolutely can fight in first line. I can't sit here and witness others protecting us. O am a man now!" The nobleman firmly said with wide hopeful eyes. Dosia didn't let him join the others since she considered him too young and naive. Besides, what of she lost him?

Just when Ryuu thought he was left alone and could rest some, there was a knock on the window and there sat a attractive woman with revealing dress and deceiving gaze. Her wings were open as if she had just landed on the edge of window. The Duchess Succubus had heard about a handsome guest from Light nation and of course she was not going to lose this chance. Her gaze dropped on his topless body and she licked her lips, flipping her hair and pushing down the top of her shameless dress more.

"Good day, Sugarhoney~" She purred and winked, checking out his body with approving eyes and a sweet encouraging smile. "Won't you let a lonely Duchess in? I have to greet such a handsome man properly. I see you have already taken off your top~ How mischievous of you~ Teehee~" The Succubus chuckled.
  Johar / valkyira / 60d 1h 5m 46s
Eric sat up and turned his deathly gaze onto Johar, watching him and seeing the strange look that the minister had. He didn’t answer the questions but when Johar mentioned sealing Karim away again, he just shook his head.

“I’m not going to help you.” He said harshly. “I’ve already told you there is nothing I can do against him. He won’t fall for the trick twice and allow himself to be locked away with a summoner's gift again…” He paused for a moment before leaning forwards and staring hard at the monster Minister.

“And, I know for a fact that Ryuu won’t assist me, even if I wanted to repeat the spell. He promised not to and would rather be skinned alive then do so again.” He leaned back and looked away from the impatient minister. There wasn’t anything else he would say and no amount of threatening or pain would change that.

Sorit winced as he watched his anxious Dosia walk away from him. “It’s… Alright. I understand.” He said aloud, mostly to himself but still hoping his queen had heard him. She wasn’t much of a fighter. She was a leader and a pretty good one when she let her walls come down. But he understood the feeling, the great weight of expectation. A good warrior didn’t mean they would be a good ruler. Sorit waited till Dosia was out of sight before he stepped away from her throne and trailed out after her. He moved to follow the scent of her distress before stopping and sighing.

He couldn’t get closer to her, not now and not at a time when the territory need it’s leader’s guidance more than anything else. He instead turned away and moved to leave for the training grounds right outside of the city. The werewolf was still going to hand pick several warriors to train and trust to protect the Queen if she did decide to go into battle herself. And if she didn’t then he would allow each of them to try and prove themselves to become her champion.

“Aarghh...!” Ryuu let out a snarling groan as N.V ran out of the room and he wiped at his face, shaking of his hands and glaring towards the open doorway. He wouldn’t go after the brat in his own element but he was compelled to go to the door and slam it shut. He didn’t want any interruptions. He walked back to the bed and being alone, stripped off his soaked shirt, tossing it carelessly aside before looking about for a piece of paper to write on.

He finished his letter and pulled out his golden arrow, writing a few symbols and creating a summoned that looked like a simple black raven. The only way it could be seen as a summoned was the fact that it’s eyes were a burning red. He tied the letter to it’s leg and opened the window, sending the creature off and back to the Light Nation. It would take some time but soon many questions would be answered.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 60d 20h 32m 5s
The girl quickly sat in the furthest corner of the cell as the steps became closer. The steps were quick and firm and it was easy to tell the owner of the steps as not pleased at all.

"Ah. How amazing. You are all healthy again. Another trick of that...Karim?"

Johar's cold voice echoed through the stone walls. The way that he reacted so normally about the miracle of Eric being healed in a short time, was absolutely a warn of storm coming. The minister stood right in front of the bars, in his eyes not rage but...something much darker. Ironically that he was a Light.

"So, Eric."

Eric. He didn't call him Pet anymore. It was one huge and worrying change. "Why are you still caged? Why isn't your 'Father' helping you? Does it mean...You are not on his side?"

Again, a pause.

"So, Eric. I believe there is an option of once again sealing Karim away with the assistance of..." He gave out a frustrated breath. "Ryuu." His eyes stared into his impatiently as his lips were pressed together.

Another one fighting for her name? This sounded convincing but for some reasons, triggered Dosia. "No." She suddenly said and clutched her fists. "If anyone can fight that well for this country, then they should be called the ruler. I doubt if anyone would throw the chance of betraying me once they have the people support." The anxious queen turned away from Sorit and started walking away in rush, feeling trapped and discouraged. Everything was too much for her. Yes, she knew Valerie was of great power. She knew trusting vampires was not the best choice. She knew her territory was currently one of the poorest ones among neighbours.

Yet she took this risk and there was no going back.

N.V stared at Ryuu grinning and making fun of him. Slowly she looked down to watch the cup for a while like what he demanded him to do was not in his list. "Judgement and Loyalty? Did you hit your head hard? Good riddance for Light nation I see." The servant quietly whispered and took the cup gently.

"Yeah I don't care." Suddenly he splashed the tea on Ryuu and ran out like a mischievous kid.
  valkyira / 61d 2h 42m 31s
Eric stared forwards, his eyes dark with death in his gaze, but he didn’t give the girl any reaction. He didn’t remember much of his mother but he remembered how she looked the day she died. She had been scared like he was now and he remembered her telling him this.

[i ‘I have lived a good life without a king. Many would disagree and say that I have made many awful mistakes, and maybe they’re right. But you, and your brother, were not one of those mistakes’]

He tightened his hands into fists against the ground and closed his eyes, listening and remembering, staying still till the sound of footsteps echoed down the hall of someone walking towards the cells.

Sorit nodded slightly, understanding Dosia’s worry. He looked over as she stood and stepped closer to him and he listened as she rested a hand on his arm. He smiled gingerly at her nervousness and laughed a little. “ No? Well it isn’t hard.” He smiled trying to lighten the mood. “I have fought in many battles, maybe nothing like a war but I do know the fundamentals of it. I know that war must be taken day by day. One battle at a time and go life by life by every life that is taken. Day by day, battle by fight, and life by life. The goal is to finish the war with as little life lost and a few of days taken as possible. The longer the war, the more the battles and the more of deaths…”

He paused and looked away from Dosia again, knowing he’d swung the mood back around to somber but he didn’t intent to make his queen worry anymore than she already was. “I know that it seems daunting, but the fundamentals are easy and no one is asking you to lead yourself. You are more than deserving to have a champion fight in your place and lead the war in your name, for your cause.” Sorit smiled his assuring look and he hoped to have reassured Dosia in that the war and their cause would be worth all it will cost.

Ryuu looked down at N.V before breaking into a grin with narrowed eyes. His gaze was annoyed but he was grinning to hide it. “Heh, you’re funny. You’re [i so] funny for not knowing anything.” He said still grinning. “In fact, I’m a creature of loyalty and judgement while you… Just don’t really [i Care…] Heh, heh that’s real funny.” He stood up and stretched, cracking his fingers and rolling his wrists like he was about to start drawing symbols.

“Now why don’t you get lost? You’re funny but you’re not that amusing. Oh and you can take the tea with you. I’m not too fond of… Well whatever comes out of your mouth.” He picked up the cup and moved like he was going to throw its contents onto N.V, but he didn’t. He slowed his movements and held the cup out to the servant, waiting for him to take it. His icy eyes still looked down with annoyance but he wasn’t going to act on that annoyance, not while he was the fly trapped in a spider’s web.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 61d 16h 37m 10s
The girl huffed and sat cross legged, folding her arms. "You can't tell me to shut my trap, F***ed up narcissist. At least I'm happy my lovely ma only sold me away not f***ed a demon, you 'Oh so destined noble Bastard'. Really, the old hag must have been a b***h in heat all the time...Seriously Who would accept some Fu**in' demon seeds just for fun of it?! Served her right. At least she won't cry over your f***ed up body." Spitting on ground, the girl just cursed more silently and stared at darkness. She didn't answer why she helped but at least she was a bit calm that the symbol was gone. Though they were going to kill her anyway.

"I really hope so, Sorit." Dosia rubbed her forehead, finding it hard to solve. "But the simplest changes can be fatal for us, Sorit...And...I Don't want to deal with another superior power. What if it claims the world for itself?" The young queen sat up again and stared at the werewolf. There were times she wished she had the enough courage to get closer to him but she was afraid it it could make things complicated and uneasy for Sorit. The young woman respected him and knew him much wiser than her. Quietly she stood and stepped closer to him, she reached out a hand and placed it on his arm. "Sorit,...I have never really led a war." The naive queen confessed, looking away nervously.

N.V stared at Ryuu with a tilted head with those emotionless eyes like he didn't even care whom he was or what he thought of Deloriak. "No wonder you are the ancient queen's pleasure pet." He blurted out, still staring at the Summoner. "No, really. Why do you even CARE to Light nation? Big news, you are not a pretty Elf, dummy. I Don't really CARE how Dark, Light, whatever whatever want to fight. At least there will be dead bodies and more meat for me. But for just some creepy queen over there waiting for a young slave to smooch her hand and make her feel good about herself like...oh, yes. I'm kind. I feed Ryuu and let him run around until I get bored and execute him for some reason. Oh! Like...He came here by himself and smooched another queen's hand." N.V became all quiet again, staring at him like he was challenging Ryuu. He didn't really know either Ryuu or queen but that didn't stop him from teasing the summoner.
  valkyira / 62d 2h 26m 2s
“That symbol doesn’t work anymore, you piece of Shit.” Eric muttered just loud enough so that the girl would hear him. He looked at her through the spaces between his fingers and his golden eyes glared darkly. “You aren’t going to die when I do. Not to say that you won't still die for helping me but you won’t be made an example of… F***ing Healthy, My health doesn’t matter, my strength doesn’t matter. My mother was killed by that damn F***ing Shadow and still nothing matters…. You were born into a class of servitude, Bitch. Nothing will change. You should be glad for Death, it’s the only thing you have going for you.” With that he shifted away and curled up in the shadows of his cell. “Now quit your b*tching and shut the f*** up, I don’t know why you tried to help me and I don’t f**king care.”

Sorit nodded to what Dosia said and he looked out a window of the Throne room, hearing Dosia shift to relax as the two Vampires left. Her whispered question made him look back at her and seeing her worried eyes, he thought carefully before answering. “Yes, I do. I don’t know exactly why but…. I feel like whatever took Lilith away is back.” He paused for a moment before gazing back at Dosia and finishing, “But I don’t think it’s come back for us.”

Ryuu was a bit taken back by how bold the servants were, or maybe they just didn’t care all that much for strangers, either way he didn’t comment on it. “This is crazy.” He mumbled to himself and ran a hand back through his hair. “Would Negomin have let them take me here?” He wondered to himself and looked around the modest guest room again. He also wondered what she’d stirred inside of him, but he didn’t ask that thought aloud as someone he recognized entered the room with food. It was the messenger he’d met trying to get… Well get something from him back in the Light Nation’s capital. He stared at N.V as the kid spoke and simple blinked at his honest confession before he turned away.

“Wow.” He simply said, seemingly dumbfounded by how arrogant everyone he’d met here was. “This is all the United powers have to offer against the Light Nation from their home front?” He crossed his arms and sat back on the bed watching N.V with a mocking look. “I guess that’s to be expected since there wasn’t much to be given from the battlefront either. If you can even call it a battlefront.” He let out a mocking whistle and shook his head. “No wonder…” He began aloud but didn’t finish the thought.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 62d 3h 57m 31s
"Oh?! Really?! Hey Goldie, do you kiss your mommy with that mouth?!" The girl gave a mocking grin before her expression fell and she suddenly snapped, "F*** You!" The bars were banged again with a frustrated kick of her. "Don't say bullsh*t! The only f***ing curse I can see is screwed up nobles like you f***ing up peasants and getting away with it! Why the hell are you even f***ing alive when you did some shit and killed too many! And us, being f***ked around under the eternal rule of some b*tch and her pack of d*cks! And you are f***ing telling me you are oh so in pain?! Kiss my ass! You are all healthy and f***king walkin' because that huge shit sewed ya up! And guess what, asshole?!" She pointed at the symbol on her neck. "They are gonna f***k us both because yay I'm just a little peasant b*tch feeding on their shit!"

"..."Johar didn't leave immediately. He took his time, watching his queen's face change ever so slight at the news. A hint of jealousy hit the minister and his face darkened. The worthless human was the one on his queen's mind. He dared to make discomfort to Valerie by his disappearance. He...he lied to the queen and abused her trust. How dared he...Johar pressed his lips together and turned away, not being able to keep his cool anymore so he walked off in hurry, his teeth gritting to eachother and his eyes wide in pure rage. He envied this special Summoner.

Ryuu had to die.

The cat hissed as some of the warm water splashed on her as she filled the tub. Once she was done, she silently walked out of the room, not even glancing at him with her chin up and her tail stiff as if she was the mistress there. She didn't waste her time asking him if he wanted help to change or not. He was not a royal. He could do it by himself. End of Story.

Dosia smiled sweetly at her savoir and whispered in his ear after tilting her head towards him.

"Sorit, dear, who said a fly in spider web is safe and sound?"

The queen covered her widening smile with her hand before leaning to her side, whispering to one of her maids. The maid nodded with serious eyes and left the throneroom to give the orders.

Romeo looked at Theodore, expecting him to tell about the feather but Theo just bowed and turned away, leaving. The other vampire blinked then shrugged, following. Dosia didn't stop them. She didn't like negotiating with them. Once they were alone in throneroom, Dosia sighed and laid on the throne, playing with her hair thoughtfully. "Sorit?" She whispered at looked at the older man with wide, worried eyes. "Do you feel much stronger within, too?"

"Welcome,...Gyuu or whatever." N.V loudly announced and set the plate of food on the table.."Wow. You look horrible." The servant stared at Ryuu boldly. After a long silence, he poured him some tea then walked away before stopping.

"I spat in the tea."

He confessed and casually started walking out.
  valkyira / 62d 5h 30m 47s
“Well no Shit it isn’t something you see everyday.” Eric finally snapped back, losing his cool with the girls persistence. “My whole F***ing Life isn’t something you see every f***ing day! Not everyone has to deal with a damned curse and a f***ing shadow that won’t leave me the f*** alone!” He went quiet for a few moments before covering his face with his hands and not saying anything else.

Valerie looked at her minister with a slightly surprised look. Ryuu, Eric had Ryuu help him? As far as she knew, the two hated each other and that's why Ryuu had fled to the Light Nation. Because if he’d stayed in Chamlek then he would have been killed, like all the other Summoners Eric had massacred. “Hmm…” Her expression was uncomfortable. Silently conflicted with this new knowledge. She didn’t seem to mind Johar watching her and she frowned a little, nodding.

“I see, and Ryuu still hasn’t been found.” She exhaled softly and lifted her head up, forcing down the uncomfortable expression as she looked back to Johar. “Thank you for telling me. I will call for all of the ministers when Ryuu has been found or our prisoner decides to tell us anything else that is helpful.” The Queen had a look of content with that decision and she looked away from him, dwelling in her own thoughts while giving Johar the opportunity to quietly leave.

Standing ridged and alert, Ryuu watched with growing alarm as Dosia approached him and he tightened his hands into fists as she tilted his head up to inspect the strand of symbols he’d used to heal himself. Swallowing, He waited till she stepped back and turner her attention away from him. He looked up back towards the throne as Romeo blurted something, and while he didn’t find it all too offensive, he saw the older man have a look of anger cross his face before he hid it with a scowl. Dosia was have him taken away to a guest room and he silently, but gladly, obliged in following the servants.

He hadn’t abandoned his loyalties to the Light. He just wanted to know what was going on beyond the borders that would being such creatures like Dragons and Vampires into the Light Nation. Seeing other nationalities in Deloriak’s capital let him guess that the smaller territories were banning together for something big. And that something would not be good at all for the Light Nation if no word was sent back quickly.

Sorit had a low growl in his throat as he watched the two vampires speak with Dosia after the Summoner had left. But he stood still where he was, waiting for his Queen to walk back to her throne before murmuring quietly. “Do you really think he’s left the ungrateful Light behind him?” He asked and turned his greenish-yellow eyes down towards the floor. He was old and new to the complex life of the world of Nations but he’d stayed too quiet when Dosia let the Vampires go on their little expedition into the Light Nation. Now they’d brought back a potential enemy and he wouldn’t make the same mistake of not voicing his worry to his beloved queen.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 62d 17h 58m 16s
The girl of course was not convinced so she pressed on, "What the heck?! You don't give me that shit! Seriously who was that freakin' shadow?! It just healed you with a simple f***in' touch! Man. This shit ain't something you see everyday!"

Johar was still looking down when he slowly stepped in and kept his silence. Then Valerie reminded of his loyalty and his close place to the queen before Johar brought up his head and his expression again softened, his eyelids falling slightly but his fists were yet clutched. Yes. Valerie was so generous with him but Ryuu could have that place too. The minister didn't waste more time and finally talked with a quiet, a bit depressed tone, "My...My queen. The hybrid demon claims that he had help in sealing the All Demon. He...said,..." Johar took a deep breath and let it out of his nose in frustration. "It was [b Ryuu] who helped." Immediately he gazed at her face to see what kind of feeling she held for the Summoner.

Dosia suddenly stood with a bit of surprise on her expression. "You...can summon other than Dark?" The young queen tilted her head and started approaching Ryuu, her high heels clanking against the floor surface. Quietly she reached and grabbed Ryuu's chin and tilted his head gently back to get a good look at the symbol. It was not something she could recognize. Indeed he had gifts. A smile appeared on her lips and she gazed at the two vampire behind Ryuu with a nod.

"This pretty boy here, is queen's lapdog! " Romeo announced and glanced at Sorit with non spoken taunt in his mischievous eyes. "Lapdog?" Dosia repeated and smiled sweetly but for a short time. "Now. We should not disrespect our guest. He was brave enough to let go of an ungrateful Light. So we will not disappoint him. Prepare a decent guestroom for him and make sure he eats well." The servants standing there nodded and bowed before going to Ryuu and leading him out. They led him to a room in guests hallway. It was a glorious master room. They let Ryuu be alone for now but after fifteen minutes or so a knock was heard and the Cat entered, bringing clothes and towels. She casually placed them on bed then headed to the bathroom to prepare it for him.
  valkyira / 64d 7h 41m 40s
Eric spun around to face the girl as she began to shout at him, demanding to know what had just happened. “You saw that?” He asked before remembering that she probably wouldn’t be shouting at him if she hadn’t. “That was… Just hope you never see it again.” He replied simply, turning away and going to sit in the back of the cell. He didn’t want to explain what was happening to someone who’d find out soon enough.

Valerie was sitting in her parlor, laying on the loveseat when she noticed Johar’s form lingering in the doorway. Turning her head away like she hadn’t seen him, she waited a few more minutes before calling out. “Are you going to just stand there or will you come in?” She glanced over to see him enter cautiously and his hesitation made her sit up and beckoned him closer with an extended hand. “My dearest Johar,” She mused solemnly, “You have stood with me for nearly 200 years now and your loyalty is beyond and questionable doubt. Even now in our Nation’s greatest time of need. Tell me, why do you hesitate in front of your Queen? It isn’t any doing of yours that has brought the Dark to us so tell me what is troubling you so?”

Sorit who was standing behind Dosia’s throne in his human form narrowed his eyes as the two vampires came prancing back with their little prize from the Light Nation. Who was this Ryuu? A royal guard? A minister? If he was anything like that then he probably wouldn’t have been brought back so easily. But still, who was he? He looked nervous, gazing around at the repaired castle but he still bowed to Dosia as he was pushed to introduce himself, like someone who was use to following orders. The werewolf watched carefully as Ryuu introduced himself and he caught sight of the symbols across the side of his neck and the golden arrow on his belt.

“You’re a summoner?” He finally stated, drawing Ryuu’s attention and holding it with a sceptical gaze.

“I am.”

“How?” Sorit then asked, “How do you still have that gift?” All of the Dark knew that Summoning should have died when the portals to Muerte were closed permanently but here was Ryuu who could still use that kind of magic. There was hesitation before Ryuu answered without really giving an answer.

“I have many gifts, other than that.” Sorit wasn’t satisfied with that answer but it wasn’t his place to continue pressing for a better one.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 64d 22h 6m 40s
The girl covered her mouth, muffling a cry of shock when she witnessed the shadowy form.of Karim himself. She didn't know what was happening up there or what All Demon was. All she saw was something scary and seemingly related to the Demon Hybrid. She was still frozen in shock when Eric started moving again and Taadaa. He was no more crippled...He could walk! Gulping down her remaints of surprise, the girl gripped on the bars and followed his paces with her wide eyes before suddenly shouting out her excitement and disblief.

"What the F***?! What was that shit?! Something damn appeared and healed you f***ing right away?! No bullshit!" She gave the bars a slight shake as she banged on them slightly to make Eric answer her.

Romeo wrapped his arm around Ryuu's waist so buddy buddy with the excuse of he might fall. "Ohhh? That feather? It is some super duper lucky thing. A wind of fortune brought it to us. Amazing, isn't it?" He keot talking right behind Ryuu's ear as they flew above the nation. Theodore was in front but he still hadn't moved his hand away from the sword while he stated forwards with a firm position. Soon, the climate started changing and they approached Deloriak more. They passed the ruins of border cities and the war tents there. Then the forests of Deloriak appeared and then the farming lands which had become unexpectedly productive. Finally the renewed buildings of the Capital and then the recently repaired castle. The number of soldiers there had increased by other United nations. They aimed their arrows at the unknown bird but Theodore shouted out their identities and the soldiers lowered their guards making space for the bird to land. They immeaditely reacted seeing Ryuu, who was wearing Light nation fine clothes, with the vampires but Romeo goofily assured them he was no harm and then they entered the main castle.

Dosia was sitting on her throne with her body being hugged by a long, dark blue dress. Her hair was flooding around her shoulders...She seemed fancier compared to before. Fancier and more attractive in her ways. The Kindhearted Lady had started changing little by little, burning down the mask she always had before the entrance of Lilith. The real Dosia loved to show off her beauty features and young impress everyone with her gifts before it was too late. Humming, she sipped on her herbal drink before the soldiers announced her spies' arrival with somebody from Light nation. Dosia stiffened slightly at the news and leaned forward slightly when the vampires entered with Ryuu. Romeo gave Ryuu a push to introduce himself as Dosia watched him curiously, playing with a strand of her hair.
  Johar / valkyira / 65d 2h 16m 40s
Eric yelled in pain as Johar stomped angrily down on his arms, fracturing some of the bones and leaving him almost completely crippled. He was dragged by the guards to a cell before being thrown in and left for dead. He was able to shift onto his side, groaning and trembling. A taunting voice echoed in his mind and as the girl watched him, he murmured and shook. Then a shadow seemed to come to life from the back wall and two glowing eyes stared down at Eric’s broken form. Neither the demon or his son seemed to notice the girl and the All Demon knelt next to Eric, touching his shoulder lightly. Eric’s shaking stopped and the demon sighed.

“[b ... Such a disappointment.]” He said aloud and his figure faded, disappearing completely. After a few seconds, Eric opened his eyes with a joint and sat up fast, gasping. He then began to inspect himself, testing his arms and legs and waving his hand in front of his eyes. He’d been healed but he was still trapped and he’d given up the fact that he’d gotten Ryuu to help him. Cursing to himself, Eric pushed himself to his feet and wavered slightly, getting his balance back before pacing his cell, trying to figure out what to do.

Ryuu tensed as he was pushed forwards, but he allowed them to walk him and steer him towards the large bird. He then saw Theodore pull out the feather and his eyes widened. “How did you get that?!” He asked, still staring at as the Vampire tucked the feather away again. He was uneasy with Romeo’s chipperness but now he was kicking himself for agreeing to go with them, especially since they had an Immortal’s feather. The Queen would have his head if she found out what he was doing now…. But she wouldn’t find out if he left the Light Nation. After all Negomin had carried him far enough, going a little farther to leave the Nation wouldn’t be hard but… Another betrayal would weigh heavy on his mind.

“... Never mind.” He said, indecisive feeling Theodore watching him as he climbed up onto the bird with them. To Deloriak and whatever awaited him there.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 65d 2h 48m 52s
Johar froze in place as he heard the most hated name of all in the position he never could even dream of.


Him again.

What was so special about the pathetic human?! Why, why could he not get rid of this guy like the other rivals he had? Now this was going to end up bad for him. The queen would realise that he was even more special and Johar was going to be all forgotten. He was going to lose to the fool while he had been planning to get rid of him this whole time. Now he really wished the dancer peasant was still alive. She was a good key to put pressure on Ryuu. Again, his servant had screwed up.

The minister clutched his fists and stared down at Eric as gritting his teeth in hatred and anger before suddenly he rose up his leg and stomped on his injured arms repeatedly until he heard a crack before turning away and going to report it tonhis queen. What other choice he had? For now, Ryuu had won but that didn't mean he was going to stay that way for long. Also the good part was that he was no where to be found.

The soldiers dragged the crippled Eric to a normal cell in dungeon where the earlier girl was kept there across his cell. Once he was thrown in, the girl crawled to the bars to watch the tough prisoner. Her eyes were red but there were no signs of crying since she didn't allow her tears to fall.

"Who said you are a captive?! You are our precious pretty boy~ Oh! I'm Romeo and I am already a big fan of your arrow thingy magic! Maybe you can sign my diary later?!" The vampire gave a pat on Ryuu's back before pushing him forward. "You also remind me of our cute boy, Eric. He talks like you. Like a spoiled brat~ Are you a royal or something?" Romeo kept on talking and talking but Thedore was so used to it. He was walking so close to Ryuu's back, his hand on the sword's hilt in case he tried anything bold. They led Ryuu to a lake with trees around where a huge bird in size of an elephant. It tilted its head watching the three and Theodore pulled out the feather flinching a bit at its chilly atmosphere before waving It in front of the bird. The birds tilted its head then lowered it body letting them get on as it chirped.
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It had been hours. He couldn’t feel his arms and he knew that they’d be ripped off if this torture kept going. When Johar stopped the horses again to ask him about the seal, Eric numbly murmured. “I… had help…” He was finally talking, if not reluctantly. “I told him… I’d kill him… If he ever tried to… to repeat the spell..” The strain in his arms was distracting him and he shifted with a groan. He didn’t notice the soldiers as they walked over to cut the rope from the horses, he only felt the strain on his arms release and his body unexpectedly hit the dirt. He tried to pull his arms back and cross them over himself but he couldn’t move them and it hurt to even tried. He heard the question asked.

Who did he have help him? And Eric’s answer was quiet since he didn’t know where the Queen’s lapdog was. But he answered honestly.

“I had Ryuu… He helped me.” There he’d said it. That was the reason why he’d gone and massacred any other summoner that didn’t escape Chamlek with their lives. He’d had Ryuu help him seal the All Demon away and then Ryuu ran, angry that Eric didn’t trust him enough to let him stay and afraid he’d be framed as a traitor. So he’d fled to the Light Nation with his secret hidden and only one other living soul knowing about what he’d done. But now the secret was out and the Summoner’s magic was the key.

Ryuu gasped and struggled, pushing back at Theodore and trying to squirm away from him. He could feel blood trickling down from his mouth with how savagely the vampire had bitten him. Then being yanked up by Romeo made his vision spin and he stopped squirming, instead trying to speak as he felt Theodore grabbing for him, trying to get another taste for his blood. He looked over his shoulder and kicked back, letting his foot meet the top of Theodore’s head hard and force him back a little. He then locked eyes with Romeo and said as firmly as he could. “Put Me Down.” As he found his footing, his hand wrapped around the tear in his neck and he held it delicate. Giving an icy look towards Theodore, he carefully got out the golden arrow and lightly carved a set of symbols over the rip in his neck.

The symbols glowed slightly before the bite healed and he let out a sigh of relief. “You two aren’t going to let me go back to the Light Nation’s capital, are you?” He asked in a stronger but more accepting tone and when Romeo smiled and shook his head, he sighed again. “Fine. I will go with you to Deloriak, but I’m going there on my own terms! Not as your captive, got it?!” He turned his cold glare towards Theodore and had the sharp edge of the arrow pointing down, like he was ready to strike with it at any moment. But he didn’t and instead tied it back to his belt while watching Theodore carefully.
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