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Sorit looked up after Dosia as she walked away and he forced down a soft whine of sympathy. He’d be back soon enough and he turned round, making his face to the castle gates to leave. The sooner he left, the sooner he could return and his brothers in kind would return with him for whatever his Queen needed of them.

The Summoner pulled his hands back as Romeo took the arrow from him and he just stared as the Vampire continued to grow more excited and ask more questions. He rubbed his grazed hands and inched away, pressing his back flat against the headboard and subconsciously gulping. “I… Uh, no I didn’t make it myself. All Arrow’s are handcrafted by another, usually a Summoner’s mentor. And it’s not Voodoo. Summoning is a completely different art than Voodoo.” He said, partially correcting Romeo before he noticed how close the Vampire was getting.

Immediately the thought of being bitten again came to mind and one of his hands shot up to his neck as he put the other one out to stop Romeo from coming any closer. “No,” He said in a firm voice that held more confidence than he felt. “You aren’t going to bite me again.” His cold blue eyes narrowed at the Vampire and he pressed his lips together.

The girl had been mostly quiet after her last comment and Eric was just fine with that. He was too busy fussing with a headache and his sore arm when a few guards came down to get him. They didn’t put him in chains but a guard did hold him still by either side as they pulled him out of his cell. In passing he noticed the girl’s brown eyes on him and he looked away, walking in pace with the guards. He noticed that it was already morning again after the failed execution the day before and he also noticed that the guards were taking him somewhere he recognized.

The Paradise room. He gritted his teeth, rounding the corner to the room where the trap door was and watched as they opened it and threw him down. He was able to land relatively well on the floor below and he looked around, looking for Johar or any of his monsters. The room was darker than before and he spotted something that made his heart leap into his throat.

Joseph had turned away to flee but again the monster was much faster than him. It noticed his movements and looked at him, spitting out the sticky substance towards him again. This time the glue caught his legs and feet and the last thing he remembered was falling before there was a pain on the side of his head and the back of his head. He’d lost consciousness from how he’d fallen and it was easy for the injured monster to get him once it had gotten away from Philip. He woke to someone shaking him lightly and a familiar voice hissing at him.

“Joseph? Joseph?” He opened his eyes to see… Eric, wide eyed and he immediately felt his brother hug him. “Oh thank Azier.” He breathed still in a soft hissing voice and he drew back looking down at Joseph’s bound wrists and feet. “How did you get back here?” Eric pressed and Joseph just shook his head. It didn’t matter now.

There was movement behind his brother and Joseph glanced back to see one of the Queen’s ministers standing unnoticed in the shadows. Eric quickly noticed Joseph’s attention shift and he looked over his shoulder too, seeing Johar and glaring. Right now his brother looked fine, tired, but he still had all of his fingers. He must of just arrived back at the castle and Eric held his glaring look towards Johar, daring him to come closer.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 51d 4h 5m 24s
Dosia pressed her lips together, hearing that he had to leave to get the wolfpacks to fight for Deloriak. But he was right. They absolutely didn't like to be treated like pawns by being demanded by a message or something like that. She just hoped it wouldn't take long and Sorit came back soon. "You are free to start your journey whenever you wish." The queen said softly and started walking again but this time a lot slower towards her chambers.

Ryuu's hands were scratched when suddenly Romeo snatched away the arrow and held it in his own hands with excited eyes like it was already doing some tricks for him. "Oooo! What a wonderful toy! Have you made it yourself? Oh, pretty boy. I am absolutely a fan of you~" The vampire grinned at the Summoner, still having the arrow in his hands. "So, what kind of voodoo you use with this thingy? Who has taught you this?" Romeo pressed, all hyped up as he crawled towards the Summoner, trapping him against the headboard of the bed.

The mage was still not quite convinced but his face turned pale at Valerie's warning and he just dropped his head thinking that all good days were over because of some foolish arrogant Dark races. He didn't like the idea of just losing half l of his servants for a silly war. He had chosen them very carefully and now blamed it on Captain for not having enough men in his army. The spirit was the first to take his leave, confident that no one from Goldenaria would actually dare and attack. The young king ruling there only cared to his legendary harem and the numerous festivals the rich country had. The Captain left after him, his mind all set on war. He was going to make those nations against Light nation regret threatening the borders. Making a blood bath was a good idea. But first he needed enough men for absolute victory. The mage followed them out with a sloppy bow and kept his nagging to himself.

Philip came back with Negomin who was licking her bloodied hands. Some fur was stuck to her hair and She looked pleased by the hunt she just ate. Juno immediately got on her feet, glad that they could finally move on. But before she could even make a step, she was suddenly gone. Philip froze in place, looking around in shock. Negomin smelt the area and sharply looked up, seeing six yellow eyes staring at them before disappearing again. But its smell was still there. Negomin growled and readied herself to change.

Then she felt something dashing behind her. Before she could even react, the girl was slammed down and Philip gasped at the sight of the monster. It was like a giant spider but with actual human like arms. It also had an enormous bottom, keeping its small prisoner, Juno in it. The monster hissed and bit down on Negomin, injecting its paralyzing venom into her. Philip ran towards Joseph to protect him as the monster slowly rose up its head and stared maliciously at the former prince. But Joseph was too slow compared to the spider monster. The creature spat out a ball of gluelike subject towards Joseph to trap him. Negomin whined and tried to move but she couldn't feel anything. She watched in panic when the spider dashed towards Joseph and Philip tackled down his friend, taking the paralyzing shot instead in back as he threw up blood immediately on Joseph's face, still covering his body like a meatshield. "R...R...Run..." With his last remained strength, Philip turned and stabbed the monster in its middle body, The monster shrieking and thrashing around. Phikip became all paralyzed, the monster hitting on his injured body repeatedly in frustration, distracted.
  valkyira / 51d 5h 21m 7s
Sorit met Dosia’s gaze unwaveringly and he bowed his head to her at her request. “Of course, there are some who I know will help if I can contact them. But I will have to leave to do so, they’ll only agree to help if I ask face to face.” He stepped back from his Queen and glance out the window she’d been looking out moments earlier. “I know this situation is pressing and growing more so by the day.” He looked back towards her earnestly. “I will leave immediately, or at your leisure, and do all i can to gain what support you need.”

Ryuu heard the door creek open and he rolled over looking towards it with narrowed eyes. He knew the door didn’t lock he had closed it all the way, hadn’t he? He didn’t get to question it for much longer as a breeze blew through the now open window and he sat up fast, scanning the room before Romeo’s voice startled him and he looked up. He stared as the vampire made a cruel joke and landed on the end of the bed, making the Summoner draw back against the headboard. At his sudden, hissing request, Ryuu could feel a cold sweat chilling his body and he glanced over to his folded clothes.

Reaching over without another glance towards Romeo, he pulled the arrow out and held it in both hands. It wasn’t like the vampire would be able to use it. The tool was handcrafted for him and him alone, but still he hesitated. “What… Do you want with it?” He asked slowly, looking back at Romeo who was still grinning widely.

Eric groaned and shook his head, looking towards the girl before narrowing his eyes at her as he saw the flash of icy blue in her gaze. He didn’t know what he’d seen but he doubted the girl was anything special. He tsked and slowly stood back up, holding his head and moved to sit as far away from the girl as he could.

Valerie looked on as the three stood before her and she first spoke of what she had learned, picking and choosing what she shared carefully. “It is said that he who hesitates is lost so I will wait no longer while my subjects tolerate the fronts that are at the borders. There are multiply powers, banding against the Light but I wish to turn the tide against them, to strike hard and strike first. My captain,” She began, looking over towards her army’s commander and fixing her cool gaze to him. “There are already many forces in the border districts do to the quarantine of the sickness. I request that you have those on the outer lines of the district move forwards to assist the front. Keeping our defense at a far will not be of any use if the front is broken through if an invasion begins.” She looked towards the forest spirit.

“Dear spirit, the border of Chamlek and Goldenaria are near the westernmost edge of our great Forest of Illusions. No strife has spread to those parts yet, but I fear that will not stay the case forever. The forest will all its majesty would be a key location to take an enemies army straight here, to the capital. I wish for you to allow and assist our army to move a waiting front there incase Goldenaria alliances with the other attacking powers.” She gazed upon the boy and he gave her the response of a slight nod of understanding. That was enough for her and she looked towards the tired mage.

“Mage of my court, for many years now the luxury and comfort we have has been brought by the many that are under you. The man power your servants hold is immense and it is now that I ask for the strong of that force to help fight and defend the Light nation.” She could see his mind working as a look of disgruntlement passed over his face but she kept her expression cool and spoke again. “Allow me to put it this way, I wish for those under you so that we may keep this way of life, not lose it.” She looked back over the three and a sense of warning crept into her tone.

“For what forces we gain, I wish that the front be strengthened and a new front be formed along the west so that there is no access to the Forest of Illusions from the outside world. I will plan the next move once the defense is set but in the meantime, i wish for you three to respect each others wishes, but keep in mind that the greater good and well being of the light nation relies on your cooperation.” She waited to make sure the three agreed before she dismissed them.

The mage’s workforce would need to be trained before they could fight or even defend but she was sure that her captain could handle it and the location of the forest for more defense was one of the weak points that she figured an invasion would occur from. The forest spirit’s assistance for keeping that side protected would be of great use and once the defenses were settled, the campaign of full on war could begin.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 53d 3h 43m 8s
Dosia nodded in agreement. Of course. Chamlek was neither much friendly with the neighbour nations which were still ruled by nobility. Once she knew what to do with Ryuu, she focused back on the war. "Sorit. There is another factor I need to ask you." The queen gently said, doubting if he would accept immediately. Yet she had to try. "I need the werewolves' help. Do you think you can convince them since they still respect you as a former alpha?" Her blue eyes stare into the greenish yellow ones.

Just ten minutes of peace passed before Ryuu heard the creak of the door and then the window opened, the curtains moving with the outside breeze. Yet nobody could be seen...yet.

"Hello, Pretty boy!" A face appeared in front of him from above. Romeo grinned at the Summoner as hanging upside down from his whip which was tied to the candelabrum above. "Glad you are already awake because I was worried if I would disturb you~" The vampire grinned, his fangs glowing in the moonlight. He then let go of the whip and landed on the bed right at Ryuu's feet, making the bed shake slightly. "Now, what is that face don't make me 'whip' that off." Amused at his own cruel joke, Romeo grinned even more as he never looked away from Ryuu's eyes for a second.

"Can I see your arrow please?" But that long 'please' sounded more like a hiss.

Annoyed and hurt, the girl cursed and rubbed the bruising spot before picking up the pebble and was about to throw it when Eric suddenly cried out. This shocked her and the pebble fell off from her hand, feeling a familiar pattern of magic washing over her as she witnessed the chain attacking Eric out of no where and disappearing after that. "Oh shit. I thought Lord Ryuu is gone. Strange as f***k." The girl whispered and stared at Eric with wide eyes. Her eyes were no more brown but the exact icy blue as Ryuu. But it lasted Just for seconds and she blinked, her eyes changing back to normal. "I guess you are all f***ed up. The b**ch can even torture you from far. Hehe."

Soon, the three were there at Valerie's service. The fat mage was still yawning sleepily while the Forest Spirit hardly showed any similar human like feelings. The Captain had barely rested through the night, thinking of possible strategies against the Dark. But he didn't look tired at all of course. He was the Captain afterall. Not a rich, spoiled old man like the mage.
  valkyira / 53d 4h 55m 41s
“Perhaps,” Sorit nodded, seeming to agree with her small idea. “Though proceed with caution before giving away what we’ve gained. I’m not sure how recruiting for their help will play out after what seemed to be the start of all this.” Chamlek’s rise to independence, chasing out the crowned prince right into Dosia’s grasp. But… Well they both knew what had happened after that. “I wouldn’t tell them who Ryuu is, I’d first see if they’re willing to help us.” Yes, Chamlek was apart of the united nations but it wasn’t in any better shape than Deloriak.

Ryuu looked over at Cat in time to see her sneering and he sighed, trying to keep his head up as he walked back to his room and waited for the maid to leave. He closed the door, feeling his stomach drop as he realized that it didn’t have a lock, and he looked over towards the window. The window at least had curtains and he pulled them shut, going to sit on the floor with his back against the bed.

He then picked up his golden arrow and began to draw in the air, sketching outlines of symbols before waving his hand over them and having them move into a circle. He them closed his eyes and held his hand up to the center of it, waiting. The magic had to stretch hundreds of miles to work but after a few moments he felt it work and he smiled, opening his eyes and letting the symbols disappear. Turning to his bed, he changed and slipped under the covers, looking up at the ceiling of his room before closing his eyes to sleep.

The stone hit Eric on the side of his jaw and he looked up sharply, glaring daggers across his cell towards the girl. “Stop it, Hey!” He snapped and jumped to his feet as she continued to throw pebbles at him. A few more hit him before he snatched one up from off the ground and threw it back at her, hard. The pebble easily reached her and he heard her yelp as it struck her arm, leaving a small darkening bruise above her elbow.

“I said St-!” Eric began to growl, but he was cut off as a demon chain shot out of the ground and wrapped around his left arm, shooting pain through him. He shouted as the chain yanked him down hard before disappearing. He gritted his teeth, glancing towards the cell door to see if Ryuu or his spy was there but neither were.

Morning flooded the Light castle and Queen Valerie left her chambers, going to her throne room and pausing when she noticed something out of place. A small black bird was perched on the back of her chair and when she lifted her hand towards it, it flew over and landed on her finger tips, a letter tied to it’s leg. She could tell it was a summoned and she delicately brushed a hand over it, watching the bird’s red eyes close before it seemed to just turn into sand, falling to the floor.

Opening the letter, Valerie read it through and half smiled at what she read. “So, Dosia wants to play, even after asking for help. Hmm… Very well.” She let out an amused breath before folding the letter and walking to her throne. “Round up the high court mage, my captain, and forest spirit,” She said to one of her waiting guards. “It is time we stop tolerating the taunts of this.. United Nations.”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 53d 14h 35m 11s
The queen stopped beside a large window in the hallway and folded her arms, looking out at the garden beneath with a frustrated sigh. At Sorit's offer, she slowly shook her head and turned her face towards him with a tired smile. "No no. He is not the source of my inconvenience. I could not just keep up with the fake confidence he had. It was like he was absolutely sure his queen will start the attack." Dosia brought up one hand and rubbed her forehead. "I am just curious in the power he holds. Our Summoners are currently useless but if we just find out what kind of magic he is using...Maybe we could use it too." The young woman narrowed her blue eyes, tapping on the window thoughtfully. "I have heard some people in Chamlek are actually interested in researching about these kinds of things. Maybe we can recruit them for this occasion?" Dosia looked at Sorit's face to see if he would approve of her raw idea.

"Meow." Cat was already behind Ryuu, being all silent and light with her steps. She noticed the redness of his face skin and a gave a sneer as her tail swayed with satisfaction. She stepped away for him to walk back to his room as she followed him. Once they were back in the bedroom, the maid placed sleeping clothes on the bed. She had changed the sheets and again had prepared the bathroom. Proud of her work, Cat again walked past Ryuu with a stiff tail.

Juno immediately got on her feet and followed Eric out but was stopped by Philip who pulled her back slightly and went after his friend to stop him too. "You stay here. I will go find her." He then headed to the road, looking around carefully for any sign of Negomin. Juno sat at the doorway, looking up at the bright sky silently. Soon she became bored and started humming to herself, playing with her fingers and braids.

"F***k you." The girl spat back and sat back down, growling in annoyance. Soon she found some pebbles here and there and grinned, throwing one at him and it perfectly hit his head. She kept throwing, amazed at her own skill.
  valkyira / 53d 16h 48m 58s
The Summoner stiffened as the queen’s demeanor suddenly changed. He didn’t dare move as she walked over and around him, laying it out simply that he was a hostage there.

“If you know my Queen won’t protect me than what makes you think she’ll fight to get me back?” He asked as she turned away and in a split second of saying that, Dosia turned back and slapped him hard across the face. His eyes were wide and he looked back after her, bringing a hand up to his face as she stormed out of the dining room. He captain waited a moment longer before following his own queen, staring Ryuu down before walking after calmly Dosia.

Sorit shut the door to the dining room slowly and he looked down the hall after his queen. She’d slowed her pace after leaving the dining room but he could still tell that she was upset.

“Are you alright, my Queen?”

Sorit asked as she was still in a huff and her face was turned away from him. “If you wish, I can teach him a lesson for offending you.” He offered and waited for her response. He didn’t know what exactly he’d do to Ryuu for this, but if Dosia gave the word than he’d figure it out quickly and make the Summoner pay.

Joseph looked sadly at his friend as Philip sat down. Seeing the All Demon again had brought back memories of a time that wasn’t so present for him and he wearily looked away towards the window. It would be sunrise in about an hours’ time and he could already see the sky beginning to brighten. Sighing Joseph looked away and closed his eyes, trying to suppress what he was feeling and remember what he was now trying to do. Half an hour later, he stood and walked over to Juno, waking her again and making a motion for her to get up. He turned away, walking to the door to go outside and look for Negomin. She still wasn’t back yet and the sooner they left, the better.

Down in the prison below the Light Castle, Eric grumbled to himself as the girl called out to him and he ignored her banging on the bars. At the last remark he snarked back, “F**k off! I don’t care if you’re bored…” He laid his head back against the wall and closed his eyes, taking his attention away from her again.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 54d 3h 19m 7s
"..." At first, Dosia was just smiling at him like she had not heard anything he said. She kept the smile one for one minute before suddenly breaking the silence with her palm smacking against the table and making the silverware and glasses shake.

"Oh, how arrogant of our guest."

The queen cooed but it was clear she was offended since her eyes were set on Ryuu like a hunter. Slowly the shaoeshifter stood and let the servants quickly clean up the table as she casually and calmly walked around it and made her way towards the Summoner taking her time. She started pacing around him, her blue eyes glued onto his form the whole time and her tone being firm and impatient.

"Of course we know you have no value. Else, why wouldn't your dear queen protect you? We know you are a mere refugee finding his way into the castle as a 'pitiful pet'. If we needed information, we would have already executed you." She coldly whispered standing behind Ryuu. "And you as a hostage, have no place to decide whether you are worthy or not."

Huffing, Dosia stood in front of him, glaring up at his face. "And Don't you ever look down on Queen Dosia, COWARD PUPPY." The queen turned away and the servants were about to step forward to lead Ryuu back into his room but then the Queen turned and slapped him hard across the face. Only after that she do it stormed out of dining room.

Philip stayed close to Joseph, not saying anything about Karim at all since he knew the prince had enough. Negomin left the house for a walk to cool herself down and maybe hunt something to eat on way. Juno against fell asleep, cherishing the chance of sleeping comfortably on an actual bed. Little did they know, a monster was already after them in the shadows.

"Oi. I'm bored. Let's play a game." The girl called out to Eric. "Let's play riddles. C'mon. Don"t be a b***h." She banged on her prison bars to get his attention.
  valkyira / 54d 17h 7m 57s
Ryuu pressed his lips together at the warning look and he listened as Dosia spoke. He noticed the slightest tremble with her hands movement but it was gone as she inquired about him knowing Eric. “I thought I did. As much as anyone else knew of him. I knew he was arrogant and brash, and that he’d pay well when he came to me, asking for help. I didn’t think that the only payment I’d get was to keep my life.”

He paused and looked away from the queen, swallowing down his bitterness. “I only worked with him for about a month before whatever i was doing, was done. He then threatened my life and forced me to flee. He also made me swear not do try and perform the spell again. I know he was trying to make a seal, but for what, i do not know.”

The Summoner took a moment before realizing something and he closed his eyes, smiling to himself. [i Wow, here I am spilling my guts to this gal just from a few questions… Oh well, soon enough my Queen will know where I am.] He thought and looked over towards Dosia again. Having finished the meal, Ryuu stood and kept his gaze on her.

“Thank you, fair Queen, for dining with me. The meal was lovely and our conversation quaint.” He said and bowed his head to her before looking up again with his icy blue eyes holding a seriousness in them. “But there is one thing I would like to clear up here, despite what I’ve been called in front of you and what you, yourself have said about me. Yes, I was taken under Queen Valerie’s wing but she doesn’t share very much with me. No plans or procedures or anything of much importance. I am just one of her servants and I know very little with how she rules the Light Nation.” He finished, still watching Dosia with the seriousness in his gaze.

Joseph’s shoulders slumped as his friend walked over to him and he stayed looking down at where Karim had been before he disappeared. All they could do was move on and try to escape the dangers that trailed after them in the light nation. He didn’t notice the bird that Juno did and he walked over to the fireplace again moving to sit down and rest for a little while longer before sunrise. They could leave in a few hours.

The little blue bird watched them for a minute mor before taking flight and heading back to the castle. The group was far away, not really. Only about a two hour horse ride. Even when they left at dawn, on foot they wouldn’t make it very far.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 56d 9h 35m 10s
Dosia's spoon holding hand stopped in mid air as he asked the question. She was moveless for a moment before sighing again and putting down the spoon. She thought before answering, wondering why he needed to know such a clear thing. "Well. Your supposed 'tormentor' was our prisoner. We showed generosity and regretted it for sure." The queen gave him a meaningful gaze as a good threat then smiled again and ate a spoonful before continuing. "He attracted Lilith, then...something happened and it was all over. Something that I never understood." Remembering the sudden presence of All Demon made her slightly pale but she noticed her hand shaking slightly and cursed herself internally before putting her calm mask back on.

"So I suppose you know Eric more than others. Since you fled even before the revolution." She narrowed her blue eyes at him, waiting for an answer.

Negomin did not calm down until All Demon started talking so casually to Joseph like he was his father. This was strange. The dragon could not sense any relation between the two and this sort of affection was weird. Yet Joseph didn't show any resistance. She only gave a silent hiss when Karim paid attention to her then quickly moved over next to Joseph and Juno to keep a distance from Demon.

Philip was taken back when Karim said his name and claimed that he did remembered him. What? how? Philip was confused but he didn't say anything and only held out his dagger which ended up falling on floor with a clank and felt some relief in his shoulder and abdomen. This surprised him and he stared up at the being as he warned him not to get injured easily for the sake of Joseph. This was crazy. It was like It in really did cared for Joseph and the reason was unknown.

The two felt relieved once Karim disappeared.

"Eric?" Juno sleepily asked as sitting up. She had just woken up and saw a pair of golden eyes before they disappeared and half concious Juno thought it was Eric. Yawning, She started comprehending her surroundings, a bit cold since the fore had died out.

Phikip walked over to Joseph and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't bother yourself with that. We will leave this hellhole."

"..." Juno looked over at the window and was surprised to see a blue Bird watching them.
  valkyira / 56d 11h 20m 53s
Ryuu forced a smile of understanding as Dosia pointed out his f00d and he was sure his smile was more anxious than anything else. He took the time to eat a little more before answering her question. “It was a risk for me, but at the time, I didn’t have much of a choice but to flee there.” He paused wondering if he should add anything else, and he noticed the captain’s narrowed eyes and he swallowed.

“At the time I was more worried about being hunted than I was about entering the Light Nation. Indeed it wasn’t a kind experience, but I learned from it and found my way soon enough.” By now they’d both finished eating and the Summoner decided it was his turn to ask a question.

“Fair Queen, it is not my place to ask but.. How is it that my past tormentor was able to bring as much chaos here as he did to our old homelands?” It was a very bold question, but Ryuu had direction with it. If he could get her to answer this then he might have a piece of mind for why there was a war pushing at the borders.

“[b Oh shush…]” The All Demon purred, his low voice still a hissing whisper. “[b I’m not going to do any of you harm. I’m here to see my kin.]” He said and turned his gaze back towards Joseph. The young man looked away at this and he could still feel Karim’s gaze on him. “[b Dear mouse, are you still hiding in the silence? Come here, let me see you.]” Karim’s voice was almost soothing as he addressed Joseph but there was still one fact the All Demon wasn’t aware of. Joseph was not one of his children. Not by blood or by heritage. The young prince knew that but Karim did not.

Slowly, Joseph put a hand on Philip’s arm to let him pass and he glanced worriedly at Negomin, hoping she wouldn’t do anything rash. Karim’s eyes were still blazing in the dark and he shivered as a clawed hand was placed on his shoulder. “[b Ah, little Joseph. Look how much you’ve grown.]” Karim purred, “[b Still with old loyalties and with no less but a Dragon on your side. Heh, heh heh…]” Karim moved forwards, stepping around Joseph and circling him before stopping and looking down at the child. “[b This little one, is she one of yours?]” Karim asked in a coy tone and Joseph quickly shook his head. “[b Ah, of course not…]” The All demon replied in a tone that the young man couldn’t place and he stayed still as Karim looked back towards Negomin and Philip. He then leaned forwards and placed both of his hands onto Joseph’s shoulders as he whispered.

“[b Well, little mouse, there are to be some interesting events happening very soon. Something where the young and the weak may not survive. The war that is coming will be more than a border dispute. Oh it will be so much more than that… Just know as Rachel’s son that I don’t expect of you what I expect of your brother. For you showed no gifts, unlike him. But do know that I will remain an ally, if you ever need one.]” Joseph stayed looking away as Karim remained leaning over his shoulder, and he nodded to what he was told. Karim seemed satisfied with this and let go of him, turning around to face Philip and Negomin.

“[b Many years to you dear ancient.]” He said smoothly to Negomin before turning to Philip and stepping closer to him.

“[b And Philip, I remember you,]” He mused and noticed the dagger that the man still held tightly. “[b And I also remember that you’re utterly useless with such a thing.]” He remarked, touching the tip of the dagger and shocking Philip, making him drop it and straighten up. Strangely his shoulder was no longer hurting and he could stand without causing any pain from his stab wound. “[b Don’t go getting yourself uselessly hurt again. Or i might think that Joseph isn’t in good hands here.]” Karim smirked coyly and straightened, stepping back from. He looked back towards Joseph once more before mocking a showy bow and fading from sight, the glow of his eyes leaving the room just as dark as the night was outside.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 56d 16h 13m 23s
Dosia rose up her eyebrows upon hearing Chamlek name. Goodness. Why all the trouble was from that country? She set down her spoon silently and forced out a caring smile that she was good at. The queen wondered if he knew anything interesting about Eric who seemed to be still a Light nation's prisoner. But then again she changed her mind and preferred to know more about the Summoner himself and slowly melt down the ice wall between them like he was the one approaching het.

"Oh? So interesting. It is a long way indeed. We are curious why you even took such a journey. Was there a place guaranteed for you in Light nation? Or it was just a risk? We have heard they do not treat immigrants kindly." She smiled again with a tilted head then looked at the plate in front of him, her smile stretching more.

"Your soup is getting cold. We do hate wasting food, unlike Light."

Johar looked away when he realised he hadn't told Valerie about Eric healing again. But he didn't bother himself to explain. That would just add to get worries. Though he did liked to worry her about Ryuu's disappearance but it was hard to crush the trust she had in the summoner. He just silently nodded and left the room, thinking of just breaking Eric mentally. So he had to find Joseph first. The minister headed to Cyan's room, where he and his birds were resting through the night.

Philip didn't acknowledge the sudden presence of All Demon but when he saw the fore dying out and hearing him speaking clearly alarmed the servant and he stood in front of Joseph, pulling out his dagger in a defensive mood. "Don't you go near Juno!" Philip growled, shaking slightly.

Negomin on the other hand quickly sensed the powerful Dark and a growl formed in back of her throat. "You..." She hissed and moved forward towards the source of inconvenience threateningly, her crimson eyes shining in the dark and her skin itching to turn into scales."Leave now. You are not welcomed here, demon."

Juno was still asleep though she did shifted a bit and curled up more.
  valkyira / 56d 20h 26m 6s
The Summoner stiffened when Dosia pointed out the unexpected and he looked towards her sheepishly, lowering his gaze with a quick apology. It didn’t make him feel any better when she said he didn’t need to apologize and he didn’t say anything else in reply till she asked her next question. Where was he from? Indeed Ryuu was not a common name in the Light Nation or really anywhere else. It was a family name, skipping every other generation.

“I am from Chamlek, fair Queen, the most eastern province.” He answered solemnly. Having seen that look in her eyes he knew he had to answer simply, honestly, and carefully. Glancing up he could see the older man that he assumed as her captain of the guard and the man’s greenish yellow gaze didn’t make him feel any better either.

The Immortal Queen of the Light Nation did not acknowledge her minister’s worry as she stood and slowly paced back to the center of the tapestry. She stood over top of the capital city and spoke with a silky calm in her voice.

“Being able to redoing the spell or not isn’t a concern right not. All we need is to know what the Devil’s son can do for us. He may have given up but the world of the living is not done with him yet… Hmm, go back and see if he has a way of contacting the All Demon. A peaceful approach is still priority for this matter.” She paused, letting her eyes traveled over the tapestry again.

“You have your ways Johar,” She said, lifting her eyes to look towards him. “But don’t keep him crippled. Use… A less damaging method, but just as painful to make him talk. I trust you will find a way.” She kept her gaze on him coolly and watched as he left the dark Skyroom. A few moments after the doors shut, Valerie returned to her study of the map in the tapestry. She would remain there all night till something either clicked for her or one of her minister’s come up with something brilliant.

Not too far away from the Forest of Illusions and in a seemingly abandoned farmhouse, four little runaways sat mostly in silence. There was still wood in a backroom to burn in a fireplace and a pantry that looked mostly untouched after whoever had last lived there, left. Joseph sat next to the fire with Philip and Negomin sat across from them watching the flickering flames. Juno was lying on a bed and they’d managed to find some old sheets to put on it for her. Once she laid down she had fallen into a deep sleep. The others made sure not to disturb the child as she slept and they all sat like statue.

Joseph only glanced up when he thought he saw something pass by a window over the bed. And just as sudden as the shadow he thought he saw was gone, there was an overwhelming feeling of dread and a scraping sound before the fire went out in a cloud of soot and ash. There was the feeling of a Dark in the room and the sound of footsteps going over to the bed in the dark. They were on their feet before the ash and soot had settled and a low chilling hiss of a voice made Joseph freeze as he recognized it.

“[b Sshhhh… Don’t wake the girl.]” Two blazing golden eyes shone in the dark and there was a glistening shine on his bared teeth. Joseph could just see the All Demon’s giant silhouette and He stayed where he was, not making a moved towards Karim.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 57d 8h 15m 33s
Dosia didn't mention his lateness and just nodded at him with a small smile giving him the permission to sit. The moment the Summoner sat down the servants started serving the dinner, pouring drinks first. The queen took her time sipping on her appetizer before pointing out something unexpected.

"We don't remember allowing you to call us with our first name."

Something flashed in her blue eyes which was somehow threatening. No. She was not going to make a step. She wanted to push him away and convince him that she wasn't planning on making him talk.

"You don't need to aplogize. We understand the Queen of Light considered you a close a friend."

Sighing in a bored manner she set her glass on the table and tapped on it gently before finally answering his question.

"We are simply being generous towards a guest." They brought it the soup and Dosia again paused, making herself busy with the soup, stirring it before clearing her throat.

"You are called Ryuu. We couldn't help but notice this name is not very common among the Light. Where are you actually from?"

"My queen."

Johar was at the entrance of the most beautiful room of the castle, the dim light showing his slightly worried expression which poorly masked his jealousy.

"The hybrid is too stubborn. There is not much to be done with a being who has already given up. Also, Ryuu...I have a feeling he will not accept to redo the spell. Else, why would he just leave this country on the edge of a possible war?"
  valkyira / 57d 11h 2m 21s
Sorit looked over at the young shapeshifter and he gazed calmly at Abantes’ question. “I hope it doesn’t come to that but yes, I swear not to leave her side.” He looked away again and sighed heavily. “But… There is this idea, the idea that a good ruler must be able to fight and to protect their lands and all who live in them. I don’t believe in that idea. I believe that there is much more to being a good ruler than that.” He paused after a few moments and looked to Abantes.

“And the same goes for what you’ve said. Fighting for this cause, dying for it. That is easy. But staying alive for it, making changes that war cannot. That is much harder… I will talk to Dosia tonight. See if I can convince her that you are ready to train and fight alongside her other warriors, but you will have to wait before joining the war. There is still time to live and time that you can prove yourself to our Queen.” As evening fell, Sorit learned that Dosia was going to have dinner with the ‘guest’ the Vampires had brought back. He went with her silently, standing on the inside of the room, watching and listening, sure that Ryuu wouldn’t do anything but… Just in case. He was there.

Ryuu stared bewildered at the fresh clothes for a minute, still trying to process what was happening and what the servant had told him. After a few minutes, he tried to get up and move around with minimal success and about ten minutes after he’d been called to dinner, he was ready to make his appearance. He was just a little more than fashionably late but he could easily chalk it up to not know the castle at all and wanting to keep his collected impression lasting as long as he could. He too looked a little tired but his sharp icy gaze gave him a calm expression, rather than a tired one.

“Queen Dosia.” He greeted her, bowing and standing by the table side before making sure he was allowed to sit, after royalty of course. “To what do I owe your company this evening?” He asked smoothly and was prepared for the tame little mind game they were about to start playing. He wanted to know all about Deloriak’s condition and how the proceeding for war were being planned, and he was sure the sharp witted Queen in front of him wanted to know the exact same thing about the Light Nation.

Standing in her skyroom, the starlight above and a candles in every window, Queen Valerie stood at the end of a massive tapestry, one of the Light Nation in its entirety. Alone with her thoughts, and the few silent castle guards, she walked over the clothes sheet and approached what was the border of her lands and she stood, gazing down at it. From the troubled borders, the capital was only eight short steps away.

Was the distance really that short?

It wasn’t.

She smiled, amused at the thought and paced slowly along the border. “Where, oh where?” She mused quietly to herself. “If I were to destroy a city, which brick would I remove next?” She stopped at the borders most eastern edge and she observed the tapestries detail. It was so accurately made that even the smallest of streams could be seen woven through each crossing thread. She gazed fondly over the tapestry before kneeling down on the edge and looking over it in the dark. The candles did little to light the room but the starlight was bright enough.
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