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Expecting this to be another failure, Artemis immediately sat up once she heard Karim. Looking to her side, she saw him and it was quite a pleasure finally somebody was seeing her in this world. "How...then how can I call you?" She suddenly said in frustration before shaking her head. What was She saying?! She wasn't there to just nag about ways of communication. She stood to look taller and more in control while she was not. She boldly looked up into his eyes, trying to sound firm and brave. "This...this is not a form we agreed on. You never even mentioned to change me into a useless ghost! I can't even talk-" That was when she realised it that for some reasons, She could hear her voice. It was weak, like coming from a far place. After this noticeable pause, Artemis clenched her fists. "This is like cheating! This is NOT what I wanted...Also...what...what are you doing...with Eric...and...and...interfering in a war...wanting the Light to win and...Arghh...Why don't you leave Eric alone!" She did her best to shout out the last part as she stomped on ground angrily but it was a weak aggressive whisper.

The wound Eric laid on the bull's eye made it only more thirsty for his blood. It gave out a roar and stomped its heavy hooves on the floor, the floor shaking and dusts rising. It stretched his jaws opened and revealed its pointy deadly teeth, saliva running down its fur. It's round eyes glowed red and it charged again this time faster along with snapping jaws to bite his head off.

Johar, impressed with Eric's ability to rid himself from the chains in a blink. Maybe he was not going to be so useless after all. Since it was the first night, He would go easy on him. But it didn't mean he had all the time in world to watch a simple battle.

"You have one minute to finish it off, each seconds delay is a whip lash on the child."

Once Ryuu stepped into the hallway, he could feel it was not a silent night. Whispers, steps and heaving breaths echoed through the walls. It was like everything was alive and aware. He could feel the atmosphere tense, like the place could blow up anytime soon. Shadows were crawling on the walls and invisible eyes were set on the Summoner. Suddenly he was grabbed on leg by a warm thing.

The Succubus Duchess. But...she wasn't the cool collected creature anymore. She was panting heavily, hugging his leg and stroking it lovingly and in a needy way. Once she looked up at him, He could see the crazed look in her eyes and the lustful expression as she licked her lips.

"Ooohhh~ Only a kiss, only a kiss..." She almost begged and tried to reach up to him with a greedy grin but she was yanked away by another stranger female and they started rolling on floor, fighting. It gave the lucky Ryuu to escape. Some birds passed above his head, chirping loudly. But among all those low noises one stood out.

Somebody was singing in a silky tone

More like humming a song.

A very chilling but strangely familiar song.

It was echoing through the hallways and led into the queen's chambers.

Dressed in a loose, sleeping gown, Dosia was humming a song she had never sung before. In other words, She never had sung anything at all. She twirled around and went to another corner with smooth moves, her face hidden beneath her hair as moved her hands slowly and rhythmically in a corner. Once she looked back with a drunken smile and a dreamy expression like she was sleep walking, she revealed a thread hanging from her mouth and as the moonlight shone in her room, it revealed a giant spider web in the chambers. She twirled again and her bangs went out of way, showing eight pitch black eyes on her grinning face.
  valkyira / 277d 23h 2m 21s
There was silence before a soft wind breezed around her and the All Demon’s voice reached her ears. “[b You don’t need to do that anymore.]” He was standing a little ways from her, still under the tree. His large wings outlined his form and the starry pinpoints on his skin blended with the night sky behind him. His golden eyes looked down towards Artemis and he stood before her, waiting for her to reply.

“[i Yess…]” Eric hissed in a seething voice. He’d nodded first to show he understood but he remembered what happened the last time he didn’t speak. The chains gave him little slack but it was enough for him to stand a few inches from the wall, his arms at his sides. He stared towards the bull like monster as Johar stepped aside and he narrowed his eyes at the order, bracing his stance. He then stilled as a hissing, sizzling sound came from the chains. The same sound that Johar had heard before in the paradise room. The chains began to turn brittle and weaken and Eric continued to stand his ground. He waited till the monster was only inches from him before he leapt back, and the bull hit the wall, trying to gouge him with its horns.

At that moment the chains broke and the demon lashed out. The monster bellowed and staggered back, it’s three horns having missed Eric’s frame and there were five slices across its eyes, right where the skin of his fingers had grazed the monster. He’d attempted to claw at the monster and ended up cutting it with just his skin, just like Karim. With the monster distracted, he bolted from where he was cornered, running a few meters away before turning and watching the monster, still stepping back till he felt he was a safe distance away from it.

The All Demon’s presence and activity had indeed made most of the Dark more alert and powerful. Ryuu was finally hit by the surge of the dark power and it woke him from his sleep, his nerves tingling and a heavy feeling invading his mind.

Something felt… Off to say the least.

He sat up in bed, his ice blue eyes scanning the room around him. Nothing was out of place or seemed a miss but still he didn’t feel completely right. The feeling was enough to make him get up, dress and slowly pace to the door, quietly slipping out of his room to carefully roam the castle.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 277d 23h 57m 0s
Artemis didn't follow them to the tower. She couldn't so anything for them in that state so she had to try and find Karim instead. She had many things to tell him but she hoped she would not lose her temper and get herself killed instead. The Ba'al didn't know how to call him this time so decided to use the old ways. Maybe hibernating could help? She easily got out of the castle and chose a tree to lay under. Relaxing sloely, she focused on calling Karim as her eyes started closing.

It was not a long way to the tower yet it seemed like to take forever for Juno as she desperately tried to keep up with with the blue haired boy's horse since he had warned her not to fall behind. Johar had an eye on Eric, his gaze almost burning holes on the demon. Once they reached the tower, Eric was taken to the highest part of the tower which was built for arenas and training for elite slaves, though they did not survive for long once they were not needed. Cyan took the panting Juno to the basement.

They chained Eric to the wall and Johar stood in the middle of the room. "From now on, you will be trained under [b my] watch. One disobedience and the girl will lose a finger, understood?" The minister glared at the prisoner and then stepped aside, revealing a bull like monster, growling in an offensive position. "Now, get yourself free and fight it." Johar ordered and the monster charged at the bound Eric with its three horns pointed. The floor shook under it as it charged.
  valkyira / 278d 9h 23m 24s
Eric only saw her drop the mirror. He couldn’t see her reaction and he didn’t see her excuse. He just looked away again and back towards Juno. She didn’t deserve to be dragged into this. He closed his eyes again and was still, not saying anything else, not waiting for Artemis to do anything more, just being still. A few minutes later, he could hear something above him. A few sets of footsteps, agitated voices. Eric looked over towards the Trap door again and stayed waiting.

“So that’s what we have to work with. Naivety. Weakness.” She sighed irritably as they left the dungeon and she placed a hand her forehead. “He’s at least being more cooperative… Have him brought up to the east bell tower. Find out what he can and cannot do and,” She paused and looked back at Johar. “See if he can actually fly with those wings.” Eric might be some use to the war after all.

The devil and the child had been pulled out of the paradise room. Eric had been stilled by an order from one of the guards though he still looked extremely upset, like an animal that had been kicked one to many times. He didn’t struggle or fight as the group of guards passed him and Juno on to a patrol of waiting soldiers that were accompanying Johar. Cyan would be watching the girl and Eric glared back at the minister with narrowed eyes, his head lifted up and his wings closed tightly. He didn’t realize they were leaving the castle till he noticed the dark night sky above them and Eric gritted his teeth together, clearly wanting to resist but he was seemingly unable to. The bell tower wasn’t far from the castle and very few were awake at this time of night.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 278d 10h 4m 5s
[b Why does it matter to you?]

The question caught her off guard, making her drop the mirror and she felt her stomach turn as her face reddened. Sheesh, what the hell was happening to her. Artemis swallowed before folding her arms and looking away. It was a relief Eric was not looking at her reflection anymore. Because she didn't know what she would do if he saw her ridiculous blush and embarrassed eyes. Snapping out of it, The little Ba'al also looked away and folded her arms. There did not have to be any reasons. She just felt like it. Yes. That should explain.

There was still a reflection of her on the dropped mirror. 'Because it disgusts me to see a pathetic loser like you! Even thinking of your pouting around sickens me! Damn you!' Artemis stuck our her tongue and looked away again with a silent huff.

Negomin's shouts and growls were silenced when the lid was put back in place. Philip shivered seeing Valrie paying attention to him but at the mention of Joseph his back stiffened and confusion washed over him. What did she mean? What had happened to Joseph?! Before he could even talk the soldiers took him away to place him in another cell.

Johar noticed Valerie was not in her best mood. So it took him some time before he cleared his throat and explained with a catious tone while keeping up with her impatient steps. "My queen, he is no longer fighting back but claims that he is not aware of Karim's intentions and the change is pushing him too much...he doesn't even seem to have the enough stamina for the change. Light magic still dmaages him and he still naive with his new body. He is not a problem anymore, I can assure you."
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 278d 10h 32m 28s
“...!” Eric was startled and yanked himself back as Artemis struck him with the mirror. He didn’t catch what she was saying till she repeated the last word again and again.


He stared at the cracked mirror and he forced himself to look at where she really was, even if he couldn’t see her. He pressed his lips together and slowly sat backup, crossing his legs and resting his arms on his knees. Eric didn’t say anything back to her, not another word. He just looked away and glared up towards the trapdoor. His sore shoulder wasn’t bothering him very much and he began to wonder.

“So what?” He suddenly asked. “Why does it matter to you?” Eric’s voice had a strange calm to it and he kept his gaze away from where she was.

“Ha!” Valerie laughed at Negomin’s claim. Her rule was not over, it was far from it. She looked down into the pit, down on the ancient dragon and she forced back the smile she wanted for give. “You know not of what you speak.” She said in a soft, musing voice. “Light is infinite while the dark is only ever there when there is something for it to hide behind. But war is also war. The Dark has waged it so I will answer. There is no Avoiding what is to come!” She tightened her grip on the sword and began to pace around the pit.

Seeing Negomin spread her wings and start to change, she looked towards her captain and nodded for the seal to be placed again. The only reason the pit was so blindingly dark was because it had a lid. A large rolling, circular slab of rock that was fitted over top of the pit and sat level with the ground. It was difficult to move by hand, but the Light had made a way to make the cage work. If Negomin broke the walls than the slab would fall, crushing her. After hearing everything that the dragon had said, The Grey Queen decided that they were done talking. Her warning fell on deaf ears and the Queen waited for her to be sealed away from the light again before she turned towards Philip.

“You are Joseph’s follower, correct? Not his brother’s?” She asked walking over to him and looking at him with her sharp eyes. “Tell me do you have any idea where he could have gone if he were to disappear to some place, safe for himself?” She asked and she noticed Philip’s eyes widen. Joseph was far gone by now but it still didn’t mean that he couldn’t be found again.

Upon his hesitation, Valerie looked away and she noticed Johar, standing near the doorway to the stairs that lead away from the pit. She looked back to the soldiers and told them to ‘take care of him,’ before she turned away and walked over towards the stairs. “Johar.” She said with an off putting cold tone and she walked past him, expecting him to follow and way what he needed to say while they walked. She hadn’t expected to see him so soon but since he was here, she decided that he better have learned something of use.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 278d 11h 18m 40s
Artemis' eyes widened slightly as she heard of his past. The All Demon just kept pushing him beyond his limits to change him into a complete demon. That sounded quite pathetic to the Ba'al. If he was so obsessed in having a powerful demon seed, then why did he even choose a human female to be the carrier? She shook her head then noticed Eric sitting back down admitting his defeat. This pissrd her off. She hated that attitude. As long as his heart was beating, He had no right to bow down to the selfish creatures of this world. She lost her temper again and suddenly charged at the hybrid with the mirror in her hand. She whacked him on head with it, the mirror cracking and revealing the angry face of Artemis who seemed to be shouting out something until she was out of breath, panting like a worn out bull. She then started mouthing,

'Stupid.Loser.Can't even fight for yourself. COWARD!'

She shook her fist at him, dying to bruise him.

Negomin had gone...mad, wild and savage. There were no hint of sympathy or worry in her eyes anynore. Her wide crimson eyes glued onto the form of the queen up there and a growl echoed through the pit. "[b Gray Queen.]" She called back and pulled on the chains which restricted her limbs, the rattling sound adding to the tension. "So you could not even protect your [b OWN] land's balance and even brought the Greater Dark here? Unforgivable! Unforgivable! The Mother of Nature will turn against you and twist the world in a way you have never seen before. Your time and age is over. If you have the smallest respect for the ancient rules, [b AVOID THE CHAOTIC WAR]!" Scales started appearing on her face, as she roared out more. "A war between Light and Dark has no winner but misery! Once the rules are broken...The ancient guardians will be awakened. I'm warning you...Stop messing with the balance. There will be a time when even the immortal is not safe." The ground started shaking as her wings spreads out, putting pressure on the walls.
  valkyira / 278d 11h 51m 15s
Eric frowned as she mouthed the words she wanted to say, but after a few moments he got it and his shoulders slumped. “No.... I didn’t.” He said looking. “Do you remember when I told you that my power could kill me if I used it too much? This is just Karim’s way of fixing that, He tried to make me like this before but…” He winced at the memory and shook his head. “I was able to convince him not to.”

He glanced back towards Artemis then looked over his shoulder towards little Juno. She was still asleep and she’d curled up even more after he’d stood and stepped away from her. “I don’t know what to do…” He sighed walking back over to the child and sitting down beside her. “Even if they weren’t using someone’s life against me, I still feel like I can’t say no. He did something else to me… Like… My will isn’t all mine anymore.” Eric sighed again and covered his face with one hand, still looking away from the mirror and Artemis.

“... I see.” Valerie paused when the housecarl hesitated slightly about what to do. “I will go down to see her.” She said, taking a few minutes to get something before she headed down to the dungeon. Around her waist was a belt and hanging from the belt was a sword of light, almost like the same one Ryuu had used to keep the Monsters at bay. The only difference was that Valerie knew how to use it as a weapon instead of a deterrent.

Down in the dungeon above the pit, she saw that Philip had been pulled out and was being tended to by two healers. He’d been near her when she went mad and she’d grazed him, but not too badly. There were many soldiers about, some muttering and other just watching on. And down in the pit, Negomin was snarling. “Dragon!” She finally called, looking down towards the red eyed girl and seeing the vicious look that she had. “You wanted to talk,” She continued, and stepped closer to the edge of the pit, “So let’s talk.”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 278d 13h 40m 1s
Artemis just stared as he asked his question then flinched when he just hit the bull's eye by guessing she had made another deal with the All Demon. She gritted her teeth together, now feeling stupid for dealing with the untrustworthy demon. Just because to see Eric again...what was wrong with her?! Artemis noticed him approaching her and even though he couldn't see her or even feel, she felt uneasy seeing his wings and horns. Yes, he now looked much like her people but the little Ba'al preferred his original appearance; Especially when Karim forced this upon him. Now it was not any time to regret. She opened her mouth and tried to ask if he was okay then remembered it was not going to work. Her expression fell but she tried to mimic the words with her lips.

'Yes. I did. For a personal reason. Your horns...'

She pointed at her head then her shoulders.

'You always had them?'

It was hard understanding her silent but she tried to help with her hands and gestures.

Nobody dared to disturb Valerie but after an hour or so a housecarl had to ruin her peace by knocking on the door and coming in hesitantly. He was a bit pale and his eyes looked troubled. "Your highness...the dragon we captured...Is making quite a fuss in the dungeon. She wants to see you." He didn't feel the need to say that she threatened to change into her dragon form even with the magical chains they used. She started it all when Karim appeared. His presence just drove her crazy and snapped her out of depression. "Shall we...bring her here or..."
  valkyira / 278d 14h 54m 55s
This treatment felt strange. Ryuu was usually playing the role that little Weasel had and he felt a little guilty for accepting the pampering. He watched the boy change into his animal form and race around excitedly, enforcing that little feeling of guilt. “Thank you Weasel.” He said again and watching the boy change back into his human form, grinning before he left the room, closing the door behind him. By now it was dark outside and the curtains had been left open. The Summoner laid on his side, dwelling over what Dosia had told him in the garden and he slowly drifted off to sleep.

The sharp jolt of the mirror hitting him woke Eric and he sat up too fast, growling quietly and trying to regain his bearings. He glancing around, seeing that the monsters weren’t close enough to be bothering them and Juno was still asleep. He continued to look around till he spotted the little reflective object floating around in mid air. He glanced up to see if it was attached to anything but it wasn’t. And he watched as it turned and he noticed the reflection of someone that he thought he’d never see again.

“Artemis?!” He gasped and quickly climbed to his feet, staring at the mirror and looking towards where it was reflecting. She should be there but, he couldn’t see anything, he could only see her through the mirror. “What is this?” He asked confusion in his voice. “Why are you back here? I thought you wanted to go back to Muerte. Did it not work? Wait… Did you…? Is this another…?” He swallowed and stepped closer to where she should be standing. “Did you make another deal with him? Is that why you’re back here?”

The Grey Queen stayed out in the field for a long time after Karim disappeared and when the sun had just about set, she turned and walked back to the Castle. She said nothing, showed nothing as she walked from the elite Light that had been watching. Many of them wanted to know what she’d said to the All Demon and if she’d agreed to his deal. But still not a word from her.

She walked with a few bold warriors following after her but once they reached her wing of the castle, her housecarls barred the way, not letting any of the guests through after her. She’d have to tell them sometime, but tonight she would not. With a soft sigh, she walked to her study and dropped the cloak on the table, looking down at the map she’d been charting herself. There was a plan, a good plan, something to help win the war. But her little spy on the other side hadn’t sent another letter like he’d promised to. Maybe tomorrow but she highly doubted it.

“What has happened?” She wondered aloud, leaning down on the table and closing her eyes, her back to the door and her mind racing.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 279d 8h 7m 32s
"Oh no problem sir~" Weasel sang as leading him to his room. The bee's sheets had been changed and new clothes were on his bed. A pleasing scent came from the bathroom since Weasel had used herbs in the tub for relaxation. Weasel ran to the tea set and poured some hot tea for Ryuu and served it to him letting him drink as carefully taking off his clothes to prepare him for bath. Weasel then led him in the warm water but his services did not end here. He gently massaged the Summoner's shoulders explaining for his ease. "I noticed you are anxious for some reasons so I thought maybe this would help." Weasel also helped with washing his hair then left the bathroom with his permission to give him privacy for the rest of his body. Once Ryuu was done bathing, Weasel helped him with dressing himself when Ryuu was ready to sleep, Weasel turned into his animal form again and ran around excitedly, making sure everything in the room was clean and okay.

"Eric!" Juno gasped as the man fell over. She tried shaking him but he was out. Her heart slammed against her ribcage, feeling alone and helpless. Cyan had told her she was not going to live much long anyway. She didn't want to be alone her last days of life so preferred to lay beside Eric and watch him with wide eyes. She shakily poked his horn then touched his wings gently. They were real. This confused her more but she didn't think much about it and soon fell asleep beside Eric. What they both didn't notice was a small mirror moving around until the reflection of Artemis appeared. She looked over at the sleeping Eric and frowned. Suddenly the mirror hit Eric's head to wake him up before she adjusted it again.
  valkyira / 279d 8h 39m 24s
Ryuu looked after Dosia, listening to her words and watching her get up and leave him in the garden. She was right that he’d have to choose wisely and he smiled to that, having already admitted that he wasn’t a wise person. He then felt something scramble up him and he caught a glimpse of the fluffy little weasel before it jumped onto his head and then scurried down and changed into his human form. He held his smile and nodded to what the servant was saying, standing up and stretching a little before heading back to his room. “Thank you for coming to get me Weasel.” He said before walking after the hyper servant, hoping tonight he wouldn’t be visited by the Duchess Succubus or either one of the Vampires.

Eric winced and huffed as the Minister pulled his head up to look at him and when he was told to rest, he felt suddenly tired. He didn’t want to feel tired, he wanted to still be angry, to attack Johar, to act and fight. But he couldn’t bring himself to do any of that and he stayed where he was, hearing the trapdoor open and close. He didn’t react when Juno was let go by the monsters and he only really noticed her again when she raced over and hugged him. He winced at how sore he felt from all of the symbols and Light magic tested on him, and the tiredness was encroaching on his thoughts.

“Juno…” He mumbles as she began to apologize with a sorrowful tone. “Juno… It’s alright.” He said, not having anything else to say. “It’s alright right.” He repeated and looked up towards the ceiling, towards the real trapdoor that the minister had left through. Slowly his eyes closed and after a minute of sitting still his body leaned, falling over, unconscious from all the strain that he’d just endured.

Valerie stood alone in the field outside of her castle. She was alone with her thoughts but not completely by herself. Soldiers waited at the castle doors and those who lived closest to the castle wall could see her in the field. All watching all waiting for something to happen. Noon had passed, the All Demon was making her said, making the Light squirm. Many had demanded that she refuse and she planned to, not having any chance of putting her own life on the line for some Demon’s game. But what did he intend on doing if she refused.

“I know you’re here…” She whispered and lifted her head up as the wind began to blow. Around her, she had a black furred cloak, large and heavy and brushing the ground around her feet. It made her stand out against the wild grass and the pale reddening sky above. She had ordered to meet the All Demon alone, to face him for the Light Nation. To do what her role was and to lead the threat away before it added to the coming war. A gust of sharp cold wind made her narrow her eyes and she could see Karim’s form, dark like the night sky, this time having seemingly stars shining through his skin. He’d come alone, but so had she.

“You’re late.” She said,

“[b And you noticed.]” He replied coolly, “[b Have you come to a decision?]”

“What happens if I refuse?” She asked and Karim paused.

“[b You know that Lilith sang to create and destroy, well, in her desperate attempts to create something like her, I got the latter of her songs. It certainly would be a shame for the Light to fall to a simply. Little. Song.]” He purred and gazed expectantly at the Grey Queen.

“Fine.” She said in a quiet mutter. “We will win the war at all costs.. And according to your deal, you will get nothing from it.”

“[b Of course.]” Karim said with a quiet delight in his tone, “[b And you have my weapon?]”

“And you will not interfere again.” Valerie replied with a nod, holding out her hand for him to shake. At this the All Demon paused and lifted his hand up, raising his palm above hers and brushing his claws across the top of her hand and fingers. This action made her yank her hand back and stare at him, wanting to shiver.

“[b Be sure that you win. Everything you have depends on it.]” He growled in a sobering tone and his form faded, disappearing completely as the sun began to set.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 279d 9h 36m 5s
"...Building of trust you say." Dosia was now staring forward at the flowers. "Do you know what trust is?" Her blue eyes narrowed slightly. "Trust has its meaning when there is no fear of betraying. When it is a 'choice' to act purely. But you..." The queen suddenly placed a hand on Ryuu's, making him look in her eyes. "You are only scared. This is how an immortal takes control of mortals. Fear of death and being forgotten. Trust has no meaning for a mighty being. You have no choice but to gain 'Trust' in order to live and be noticed by her. You are just sacrificing your life to revenge, I guess. You hate the ones who shunned you, don't you? So you will do anything to prove yourself. You keep serving the most powerful queen to prove yourseld. Oh, how easy for a ruler to take advantage of a desperate elite. Don't. Don't throw away your life this. There will be a time, when you look back and regret. I was about to lose my throne once and that was when I found out how irresponsible I had been. I was lucky to find people who helped me sincerely. Else, I would have just been like you...A mere refugee seeking for attention of a powerful being. It is not too late. We only live once. Why are you gifting this precious life to an ungrateful immortal? Nobody can ruin your life only yourself so...choose wisely, do you really want to give up your own desires and try to keep up with an independent being? Or find your own place among the ones whom you can trully affect their lives?" The queen pulled back her hand and stood.
"We will give you some time to think about it." She then walked away, leaving him be. Ryuu wasn't left alone much long because the fluffy weasel suddenly ran up his legs and in a second was on his head, more like waiting for a pet or something then again he hopped down before changing back into his human form. "Good night, sir! Master told me to keep serving you since for some odd reasons unprofessional servants had been doing it! I have prepared you tea and bath. It will relax your muscles and help you sleep better!" He bowed his head with a grin and waited so impatiently for him to move.

Johar stared at him at first in disblief. He was even about to clap his hands once to make a point about him being serious about his threats. But then observing Eric's expression proved Johar wrong. He sighed in annoyance and again grabbed the demon by the horn to pull him up and got in his face with narrowed eyes. "Very well. Rest for now. I will find out myself in the hard way." He dropped him down and walked to the trapdoor before climbing up the ladder after Cyan and it was pulled up, the door shutting. Juno was dropped down by the monsters and the first thing she did after getting her vision fixed was hurrying to Eric and hugging him despite fearing his new appearance. "Eric!" She was just so happy like nothing bad had happened. "I'm sorry...I..I wasn't brave as you wanted me to and I...escaped the orphanage." The little girl confessed sorrowfully.
  valkyira / 279d 10h 25m 50s
Ryuu nodded to all the questions she was asking but he didn’t answer a single one, not yet. He knew it didn’t make sense, living in such a hostile state, have no respect from others that he served alongside. Being one of the only humans in the Castle of the Light. When she brought up the option that this place could be his home inside, he smiled, a little ashamed, and looked away. He’d like that, to live in peace, to start a family, to pass on a legacy. But he’d already taken steps to undo that offer. When she spoke of her confidence and the risk that she knew she was taking, Ryuu turned back towards her looking down slightly, still with the small smile on his face.

“I appreciate the offer you are giving me, Kind Queen.” He said in an almost plight tone. “And you say I am wise, but we both know I am not. If I was we wouldn’t be having this conversation… I was born into the lowest class, I grew up knowing what it’s like to have to fight for my own keep and these gifts, this magic I have. It made all of that obsolete.” He sighed a little regrettably. “If I were wise, I would have realized sooner that my life is not one of servitude. Of blind loyalty. From my life in Chamlek, I was raised so that I would have gladly fought for the joy bloodline, had I not been forced to leave. It hurt me to leave, I was younger and brasher and I didn’t understand the sudden turn of events till I was already in the Light Nation, under the Grey Queen’s rule… You’re right that I can see which place is better. And this decision shouldn’t be hard with how much I gave and what little I got in return…”

The Summoner sighed looking away again and turning his blue eyes up towards the sky. “But I can’t stop thinking, all that pain, the building of trust, everything I lost to start again from the bottom up. It has to be worth something. If I stay, all of that would start again. I appreciate the offer to stay, but these past few days have not made that thought lost to me. As of now we stand on opposite sides of this war. I will be no hindrance to you nor will I be of aid… That actually, is what I really wanted to speak with you about...” Ryuu paused anxiously, hoping the queen would still be willing to listen, even after he told her that he still didn’t wish to stay.

Eric pressed his lips together at the first question, something he couldn’t answer clearly but he was compelled to try. “I don’t know why he changed me. Before I could just control my powers. Just. And now…” He felt a dull ache start up in his head and he shook his head, groaning,

“I can’t think… I can’t be still like this. I want to move, I want to act now! … I want to be changed back.” He held his head in his hands and the headache slightly took his mind off of the pain in his shoulder and wing. “I don’t know if I am 'supposed' to do anything for you… But you can ask the All Demon himself. He said he’d be returning.” This point wasn’t helping Eric in anyway but he had to still mention it.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 279d 11h 21m 17s
The queen turned her head to him staring at his face for a moment before chuckling silently. "Your loyalties lay there..." She whispered and then asked him a question instead of answering. "Why are you loyal to her? What did she give you that we did not? I wonder, I wonder if your situation wasn't better if you had came to Deloriak first for refugee." She tapped on her chin and continued. "As you can see, we have gathered quite the odds here. The humanity is equal to Dark here but in Light nation, what did you see? Tell me, aside from you...Which of the queen's trusted ones is a human? Do the higherups hold any respect towards you? Or you are simply just struggling to stay safe with the Grey Queen by serving her day and night? If she cared the slightest to your safety, she could have easily rescued you. So we are quite curious to know the reason of your stubbornness. This place could be your home where you will be praised for your skills and live as a respected guest in our castle. We even had a dragon here so you won't be much of a trouble for us." She smiled at the last part in a quite warm way.
"So what is your answer? You still 'loyal' to the immortal queen and your mind is set on murdering your own race to please the 'better' ones? Or you finally want to start living your own life and even...start a family?" Her smile was now more like the smile the 'Kindhearted lady' would give.

"You are a wise man, Ryuu. We can tell by your manner, so we are quite sure deep inside that you will clearly see which place is better for you. Sometimes it is necessary to take risks and now we are taking a risk since we believe in our way of ruling and are confident that we can convince you to stay here."

"Good. Finally acting wise." Johar smirked but soon the smirk turn into scowl as he asked the first question, with lower tone since Juno had stopped crying, just sniffling silently as she became dizzy from the position she was held.

"This form. Why, why would All Demon change your appearance? Is there a difference? Since you...Tsk...are 'supposed' to fight for us." He spat at Eric, narrowing his eyes.
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