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Cyan stared with disblief at Eric. He had gone nuts from all the torture and maybe that was why he thought he could defeat a Monster Master with a simple sharp glass and broken limbs. Maybe it was his way of suicide? He didn't have any idea but shut his eyes tightly when the trapdoor starred opening...But then again it closed Lighter steps could be heard and then the sound if girl apologizing and the guards snapping at her. Johar's tone sounded calm as he talked about proper clothing and such. The trapdoor opened again but the one who was climbing down was not Johar but the girl. She saw the glass almost coming for her and gasped, more amazed by Eric's determination. She had some clothes in her hands for him. One guard shouted at her what took her so long. The girl was staring at Eric as she just shouted, "OH F****! I think he is already dead!"
"What?!" Johar hissed. Cyan opened his mouth to warn but the girl gave him a 'Really?!' look as she pointed at his bandages. Cyan closed his mouth again, all nervous and frightened but he had a feeling Johar would dispose of him soon. The girl quickly stepped away when the minister called for his monster to take him down...

Juno kept a safe distance from him as she followed Ryuu silently. She was checking if her ring was still in pocket when he suddenly turned and sat. The girl was not worried since he barely cared even to her existence. That was pretty okay with Juno. Except that she was bored and tired with him. Juno stared down at the grasses before he laid down and she kept staring down, slowly humming something for herself before she suddenly asked timidly. "I..have...heard a story about Ryuu....sir." She paused before continuing, "Are you....Do you really have two spirits?"

Negomin was watching the ground with her sharp eyes before she spotted two men. One following the otber and stumbling some. "Is that them?" She shouted in the wind and started lowering her height.
  valkyira / 40d 4h 22m 54s
Eric shrugged at Cyan’s firm words and he adjusted himself up again. Not having complete use of his legs would make things slightly more difficult, but he highly doubted things could get any worse. “You can tell him, but it won’t help him any.” He growled and watched Cyan pale, hearing the footsteps above them.

He heard Johar talking and he glanced up once, waiting before he then reached down and grabbed the long shard of glass. He slid it into his mouth and clamped his teeth together on the end, holding it there. If all else failed he could swallow the glass. He then looked back up towards the trap door and waited, one hand clutching the neck of the broken bottle at his hip and his lips pressed together firmly, holding the shard between his teeth.

Ryuu stepped back as Negomin looked at him with a threatening gaze and he stayed silent as she turned back to Juno, assuring her that she’d be alright with him. He wasn’t good with kids, he mostly ignored them. He waited as Juno stood next to him and they both watched as Negomin changed into her dragon form and took Joseph, taking off in the direction on the mountains in the Light Nation. He watched till she disappeared from sight and after a few moments he turned began walking along the River bank.

“Let’s go.” He said simple back to Juno as he continued to walk away. There wasn’t anywhere that they could go but he wasn’t going to stay by the river, especially with night falling. It was safer to be inside at night but in the open fields would also be safer then by the water. He didn’t look back again but the sound of Juno’s fast footsteps let him know that she was following and wouldn’t get left behind.

It was a few minutes before Ryuu steered away from the river and began walking through the fields. It was just tall wild grass for as far as he could see and his sighed to himself. He didn’t even know which direction the capital was and he walked for a few more minutes before stopping, turning back to Juno and sitting down. He saw her gripping something in her pocket and he made a careless motion for her to sit down.

He didn’t really care if what she had was sentimental or if it was stolen or anything like that. He was just tired of walking and she looked tired too. Looking up, he could see that the sun was almost completely down and he wordlessly laid back, slipping one arm behind his head. The Summoner laid still, staring up at the darkening sky and watching as the stars began to slowly appear.

Joseph guided Negomin to the mountain side but he didn’t know where exactly his friend was, it all looked so different from the sky and he didn’t know which direction the Dealer had been taking them in. He stopped pulling on her scales and brought a hand up to his face. He knew they were close but…

He shook away the thought and peered down towards the rocky mountainous woodlands, trying to see if he could spot either the bridge they’d rested under or
  Prince Eric / bbj / 40d 5h 9m 31s
Cyan's mouth opened then closed again as he stared at the bold hybrid in shock. He shifted some before frowning and trying to sound firm as he spoke, "And why do you think I won't tell Master Johar about it? Don't think for a second I will be siding with a dirty Dark like you. You are so stupid." He tried his best to glare and folded his arms. "And you really thought you can actually harm him? He is Master of Monsters. You don't have a chance!" He heard the familiar steps and stiffened becoming pale. The steps stopped and he heard Johar saying something to the guards. He was sure taking his time before opening the trapdoor.

Negomin's smile fell by the bad news he kept telling her. It was worse that what she was expecting. Once he was done she pulled her arm away and glanced at Ryuu with a serious gaze before turning her head back to Joseph. "He...he is...I took him here. Don't worry. He is a dragon. He just has to remember." Negomin turned red as she heard herself. She sounded stupid at the moment. Quickly she changed the topic and started asking questions again. "Eric...He is still alive, right? Do you have any idea why the Grey Queen has kept him? I can't trust the Immortal. We need to rescue him first because I'm afraid he might be the source of a disaster. The Light nation is falling apart. Mother of Nature might cast chaos as a punishment of breaking the rules....And this kid, Juno. Right? We should find somewhere temporary for her first...Ummm..." She looked around and looked at Ryuu hesitantly. "...Can I trust you with her for a while? Joseph has to come with me to show me where Philip is first. Ryuu. It is alright if you deny being a dragon but if you try ANYTHING out of your ridicilous loyalty to an ancient murderer...especially with this child, you are not even a human anymore. I will track down your unique magic pattern and...I won't have mercy." Negomin stared at Ryuu for the first time with a threatening gaze before looking back at Joseph and Juno with a smile. "I'm sure Ryuu is soooo kind that he won't be a danger! He is a sweet man, trust me~" She reached out her hand for Juno to take and the girl gripped on Joseph tighter but then remembered Philip being in trouble because of her helping a dangerous man so she shakily took Negomin's hand and followed her lead standing beside Ryuu. She made a safe mistake, avoiding looking at his face since she had learned it was rude to look at a royal person in eyes. She silently stood, playing with her fingers. "We will be back soon. I'm counting on you Ryuu." Negomin grinned at the poor Summoner before turning into her true shape again and lowering her head for Joseph to climb on and give her directions. "Lead me by pulling on my scales." She suggested.
  valkyira / 40d 8h 1m 43s
“What do you think I’m going to do?” He asked with a soft chuckle. He paused and carefully pulled a long curved piece of glass from the shards, gingerly running a finger along the edge before setting it down near him and shifting away from the rest of the glass. Now all he needed to do was wait. There wasn’t really any hiding the broken glass, he just had to make sure that Johar’s guard was lowered before he struck. He didn’t really expect there to be anything for him if he did manage to get out, but he’d be sure to take his tormentor with him into the afterlife.

Ryuu continued to stare as Negomin rushed over to hug Joseph. “I… I know,” He said after some hesitation, “I know who he is.” He glanced at Juno again before looking at the young man and cautiously walking forwards. Joseph’s expression had become distraught and he was frantically tracing to Negomin, telling her that Philip was in trouble and that the Grey Queen was hunting him and going to kill his brother. He was so lost with what to do and his expression showed it. Ryuu didn’t know what Negomin was being told but he watched her expression carefully incase Joseph told her anything that would be bad for him.

Joseph finished with telling Negomin who Juno was and that she needed to go somewhere safe. She couldn’t stay in the Light Nation with all the dangers that it held. He glanced over at Ryuu, hesitating for a moment before he looked worriedly at Negomin and asked her Why Ryuu was there with her.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 40d 9h 11m 46s
Cyan just pressed his back against the wall, staring at Eric with huge eyes. How could he still hold such a dark expression even in the condition he was? Of course he did not move a bit at his order and just gasped slightly when the bottle broke and it seemed like Eric had found a weapon. When he looked back at him, Cyan shivered and finally asked weakly. "What...what are you do?"

Negomin was looking for another unlucky fish when she felt a weird Light source of magic before swiftly looking back to see if it was Ryuu's doing but then she saw something more incredible, a portal opening. She stared along with Ryuu as two people fell out, a kid and...Joseph? Eric's brother? Her eyes widened and a grin appeared on her lips before she ran towards the confusrd prince and hugged him immediately. "Joseph! You are alright! What a relief!" Juno flinched being slightly pressed between the two adults before Negomin pulled away not knowing Ryuu already knew him. "Look, Ryuu! He is Joseph. I can't believe you are here! But how?! What was that portal? Do you know Light magic?! Ooops! I forgot!" Negomin rolled up her sleeve and held her arm in front of Joseph to write on it. Juno gazed up seeing Ryuu. She didn't know but knew his outfit well. He was from castle and she as a refugee hadn't seen good treatments from them so she immediately looked down and pressed more against Joseph.

Artemis was struggling in her mind to wake up but Ryuu's spell didn't let her. She was just running in darkness aimlessly, becoming anxious at what could be possibly happening in the outside world.
  valkyira / 40d 10h 51m 36s
Eric watched the girl leave before glanced down at the bottle. It was half empty but it smelled rich with age. He was able to shift and adjust himself more easily since his wounds had been taken care of and after a taste of the wine, he lowered the bottle and looked over towards Cyan.

“Come here.” He suddenly said after making eye contact with the shaken servant. When Cyan didn’t move, and of course why would he? Eric huffed irritable and looked up towards the trap door. There was no way he’d be able to reach the door to get out in the state he was in.

Gazing at the door for a few minutes, he then began to inspect the bottle and took another swig before breaking it against the wall next to him. The sound of breaking glass was loud in the paradise room and Eric looked content with the jagged edge he’d gotten from the broken bottle.

Carefully, he set the half top half a little behind him at his waist and he reached over to pick through the other shards, glancing at Cyan once more with an uncertain but dark expression.

Joseph stepped back, trying to keep Juno away from Bird as she leapt forwards. He felt the monster’s weight shove him backwards and he heard Juno scream but as he fell, there was a bit of a delay before he hit the grassy ground hard.

Wait, he was in the grass.

The area that he’d just been in had been rocky and dark surrounded by trees but now. The sky was growing to a light pink as the sun began to set and he sat up, stunned that they were no long in the woods and being attacked by the Monster. Joseph had landed on his back, which hurt, but his first move was to make sure Juno was alright since she’d screamed before they’d fallen back. He then heard an excited gasp and looked up two see the two faces he’d recognized.

Negomin and… Ryuu.

Ryuu had been staring at the fish that Negomin had thrown to him, having no knowledge of how to clean the fish when he felt a circle open behind him and heard something hit the grass of the bank. It startled him enough to make him jump up and spin around, no standing in the river and soaking his feet through his boots. What he saw shocked him even more and he stood wordlessly, his mouth agape.

In the grass was Joseph and in his arms was a child, a child that didn’t look like it was his yet she clung to him, frightened. The two looked at each other and Ryuu continued to stare as Joseph looked towards Negomin and relaxed, knowing she wouldn’t hurt either him of Juno.

The Queen thought for a moment as her captain asked about the execution. She looked out of a western window to see that the sun was setting and she shook her head.

“No, I wish for her to be executed tomorrow morning at daybreak. Out in front of the castle grounds. Hm… And I want the All Demon’s son present, his execution will be soon.” She said, nodding contently and watching as her captain bowed and turned away to leave.

It would be a bit of a hassle if Johar couldn’t get Eric to cooperate right away, but since artemis was captured, the Queen decided that she mustn’t have succeeded in bring back the All Demon. That thought made her relax and grow confident that everything would soon be under control again.

The pledge was mostly taken care of, the trespassing dark would be executed soon, the dragon in her land would be slain and any growing army at the borders would be swiftly dismantled.

Everything would be under control.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 40d 11h 35m 45s
"Geez. How many wounds you have?!" The girl nagged and got a sponge, cleaning his body with a disgusted face though she didn't look embarrassed the slightest since shebwas used to it. She saw his legs broken and cursed again. She touched the swollen broken place then started bandaging them tightly since she didn't have any sticks to support his broken bones. Yawning she noticed the burnt feet and rolled her eyes, she rubbing some ointment on them and bandaging them too. "Well, I did well. Now you look less f***ed up." She shrugged and remembered something. "Oh, yeah. I forgot." She shoved her hand in the leather bag and pulled out a small wrapped up object."I made it myself so ya might have to thank me like a freakin' gentleman yer not." She opened the cover and revealed a Wrap. She teared it up into morsels and shoved it into Eric's mouth. Despite what he was probably expecting, she actually was a good cook. "If ya spit it out, I'll spit on your F***in' face. That is da best to make with dead rats..." She watched his expression and grinned. "I'm messing with ya. This is just some herbs and a bit of stolen goodies from kitchen." She stood and threw him a small bottle. "Some booze for pain." She grabbed her bag and walked towards the trapdoor again, whistling before one guard lowered his spear for her to hold on and pull herself up.

Negomin puked up her dress and without a second though it walked into the water. She stared at the stream carefully before suddenly diving into the river and disappearing for some second. Finally she came out with one fish and threw it at Ryuu happily. "Clean it at least if you don't want to hunt!" She stuck out her tongue at him.

Bird stared at his gesture emotionlessly and didn't bother finding out what he was trying to say. She didn't care. The monster suddenly leaped at them, her wings flapping in their faces. Juno screamed, covering her face from the claws. Bird held on the child and pulled on her hair roughly. Juno screamed and cried in pain, holding on Joseph tightly before she felt the ring burning in her pocket. Before she could look at it a portal opened beneath their feet and Bird quickly pulled away watching in awe and the other two got sucked into it and disappearing along with the portal. The ring teleported them randomly to the easiest spot. A summoner's magic presence. The portal opened right behind Ryuu and they both fell out, the portal disappearing again.

"It is still unknown which territory the army is from. It is more like a union of nations, my queen. But they are not much of a threat for the borders." The captain reassured his queen before pressing his lips together at her next order. To defeat a took many sacrifices but he was not afraid of it so he bowed firmly. "Yes, your highness." He was about to leave before hesitating slightly. "My queen, now that the Ba'al is captured...Do you wish for the execution to start?"
  valkyira / 40d 21h 18m 55s
Eric grimmest and winced as she went back to work only hissing out a breath as she wrapped the bandaging tightly around his head. He just snorted at what she whispered, turning his face as she began to pay attention to his scratched eye. The ointment stung, but it wasn’t enough to make him complain anymore. He wasn’t paying attention to Cyan or any of the monsters that were still lurking in the shadows. His mind was on the few words he’d heard from his father and where his tormentor was.

Ryuu let Negomin pull him along to the river and when she tired to comfort him, he glanced away from her before sighing and nodding. “Fine.” He said simply looking back at her with his cold blue eyes before he stepped away from her and sat down on the edge of the river bank, looking dully into the water.

If he was in a better mood, he’d mention that he didn’t know how to fish and if he had been more confrontational he’d tell Negomin that he couldn’t turn into a dragon like she could and demand that she take him back to the capital. But he wasn’t any of those things and he just quietly sat, listening and dwelling.

Joseph was slow to stand up as Bird calmly and coolly ordered him to let go of Juno and surrender. He then shook his head ‘no’ and stepped back from her. He gave her a hardened stubborn look and pointed one hand back in the direction that he and Juno had come from. He held up on finger and pointed to himself then towards rid and back in the direction that they’d come. He was trying to say that he’d go with her if she helped him. There wasn’t an easy way of saying his friend was in trouble but he just hoped she knew that there was something he wanted her to see in exchange for himself.

Valerie returned to her throne as the room was cleared and she looked down at her captain. “Now, how are our forces dealing with the recent raids at the boards? Has it been determined which territory they came from?” She was determined to set another example after the executions that The Light Nation would not turn a blind eye to any strife against it.

“Send a battalion to find Ryuu and bring him back to the capital.” She then ordered and rested her hands on the arms of her throne. “And have them bring the dragon down, we can’t risk it coming back to assist with any raids or creating any havoc of its own.”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 41d 8h 15m 47s
"LET GO OF MY HA-" The girl shouted at first but then became all silent when he yanked her forward and she stared at him into the eyes with a hint of fear in her gaze. She scowled and pulled herself away the moment he let go and rubbed her aching hand before going back to work. She wasn't as rough as earlier but not gentle indeed. She sloppily poured the bottle of alcohol on the wound then hesitated, wondering how to bandage it. At last she shrugged and bandaged over his head tightly whispering once she was done with the missing ear wound, "Well, too bad you couldn't break the neck of the one who beat the shit out of you, f***ing loser." She said it very quietly though. Then she paid attention to the scratched eye and scratched her head thoughtfully before pulling out an ointment cream, rubbing it on the injury. She started whistling again, her breath stinking too much when she was so close to his face.

"Look! A river! Maybe we can catch some fish first. Because you look...pale and depressed. I noticed you don't eat much. This way you will be thin and weak." The happy Negomin technically dragged poor Ryuu downhill towards the river. Once they reached the water, she gazed at their reflection and saw Ryuu quite...gloomy and displeased. Confused and concerned she looked up at him and blinked. "What is it? It is not like I kidnapped you!" Oh, yes you did." Look. Just give me a chance and then you will realise what you have been missing your whole life." The dragon put a comforting hand on his arm and smiled sincerely at him.

Juno held on Josepher tighter, her heart slamming against her chest as she watched the scary Bird like monster The way Joseph became alerted confirmed for her that Bird was not friendly. The monster approached the two, knowing none of them could fight. "Put the child away and surrender yourself." She simply said and looked casual about she was talking about weather."

The royal guards dragged the excited Enoch out as he was still yelling the same words, the thought Ryuu being in danger while he didn't even know where he was ticked the lunatic off. However, soon the throneroom was cleared and the Captain stood firnly at his queens service.
  valkyira / 41d 10h 31m 2s
“...!” Eric stared as she spat at him before moving forwards to continue her work. He then chuckled and sneered, catching her hand before she could touch him with the cloth and he yanked her forwards so they were face to face again.

“Watch yourself girl, because I could break your neck with just a flick of my wrist.” He leaned forwards and hissed at her. “And you see I wouldn’t have any problem with that at all.” He let go of her and leaned back, he demon eyes flashing at her before he shifted back and over to try and sit more comfortably. He wasn’t bothered by the girls threat or the look she had in her dark brown eyes. He could match that look with his own but he didn’t and he instead turned his head away so she could continue to work on his wounds.

Ryuu glanced at Negomin with a saddened look. He didn’t believe that she’d helped him, he believed that she’d just ruined his life, well ruined it ever more than it already had been. He didn’t know what choice he had since she could just carry him off if he didn’t listen, so the summoner let her take his hand, still beaming happily. He glanced down with a worried but mostly emotionless stare, towards the grass at his feet and the ground beneath them. Free. He didn’t feel free, he felt trapped in an idea that he couldn’t escape, trapped with the thought that maybe his ancestor should have refused the gift and let the Ancient dragon die alone.

Joseph winced at Juno’s tearful questions and when she began to cry, he reached up and wiped the tears from her face, giving her a reassuring smile. He then held her close, trying to sooth her till they both heard something that made him jump. He glanced up and stumbled back as Juno yelped, seeing Bird land and glare down at them. He stared wide eyed before adjusting his hold on the child and lowering his head, making his hold on her more protective since he wasn’t sure what Bird was going to do.

At the castle, the Queen looked up sharply as one of her spies came bursting in, wailing. Now she’d been hesitant to allow Enoch into her spy ring because of how he thought, but he was diligent and had excellent attention to detail. Along with his unshifting loyalty to Ryuu, she finally allowed him to be trained and he had great promise. What she was seeing now was not the same promise he’d shown upon his arrival, but she caught the few words he was babbling as her guards restrained him. “What happened to Ryuu?” She asked, standing up from her throne and glancing past them towards the door.

“Enoch, Enoch! What happened to Ryuu?!” She asked, suddenly raising her voice above his wailing. She hardly ever raised her voice, even when her emotions got the better of her, she was always soft spoken. But Enoch wasn’t all there. The only way she’d ever been able to get him to respond was by shouting loud enough for him to hear her over his own mad thoughts. She heard him say ‘dragon’ again and ‘gone’ again and she looked up as one of the soldiers came back to the throne room.

“What happened?” She asked softening her voice.

“Ryuu managed to capture the Ba’al but he was just taken by a dragon.

“What?!” Valerie stood and stared at the soldier. There were no dragon’s in the light nation, not except for the one that… Her eyes widened and she turned away from the soldier and from the frightened spy. She looked towards her captain and slowly, calmly spoke to him, through her eyes were anything but calm. “Clear the room, it is too loud, and I wish to have an audience with you. Alone.”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 41d 11h 46m 56s
The skinny girl blinked then glared. She clutched her fists and shook one at the stubborn prisoner. "Oi oi! I'm not supposed to F***ing think about what the hell I am doing to a freakin' F***ing piece of bullsh*t in this rotten place. I am F***ing ordered to stitch ya up since your already look like a ragged doll. Don't you F***ing think I enjoy touchin' torn up naked psychos. So you stay still Goldie so I will do my F****d up job else I swear to whatever you believe in, that I will stitch up a GIRL in end!" The not so polite girl spat at Eric and approached him again with the already dirty cloth.

Negomin tilted her head at his strange reactions which She couldn't understand. She lowered her huge head towards him and poked his body slightly with her snout. "I just helped you~" She happily said and gave a show of her teeth which was supposed to be a grin. "You are brainwashed by the Light but Don't worry I will help you." She kindly nudged him with her snout again and made sure he was okay already. Then she shrunk into the short girl again and grabbed his hand. "Come on! Don't worry. You are free now! Just like how a dragon should be!"

Juno wrapped her arms around Joseph's neck before whispering in his ear worriedly. "Where is Phil? Did the Dealer hurt him?" She bit her lips before a tear rolled down her eye. "It is all my fault him. I thought I am doing good..." Juno sniffled before stiffening at a sudden sound. She looked around anxiously and yelped when Bird landed right in front of Joseph and Juno, glaring.

"Q-queen! Ryuu! Dragon! Gone!" Despite the resistance of the guards, Enoch managed to run into the throneroom and scream out words instead of proper sentences. He was so pale and frightened but the other spy and soldiers just brought Artemis' sleeping figure, leaving the bad news to Enoch.
  Johar / valkyira / 41d 13h 24m 41s
“I suppose not…” Eric replied when he was asked if he still had a purpose. He then glanced up at the guards voices. Was Johar coming back? He gritted his teeth as the trap door opened but it wasn’t the minister coming back, it was someone else. He watched her till she looked over and met his stare and he was taken aback at how unyielding her stare was. Not to mention the whistling. He watched as she casually walked over to him and knelt down, meeting his gaze and grinning at something. He didn’t know what she was grinning at but when she roughly lifted his chin and began to try and clean where his ear was missing, he jerked back, both out of pain and out of how her breath smelled.

“Hey... Hey, hey! Stop!” He snapped and shook his head. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to help him or just cause him more discomfort but whatever it was, he wanted her to stop. Shifting back from her, he lifted up his bloodied and tattered arms to push her back if she reached or him again and he narrowed his good eye at her. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked and waited for her to respond, if she even could.

Ryuu noticed they were landing and he braced himself to just be dropped once Negomin landed, but he wasn’t. When she set him down gently, he quickly scrambled up and spun around to face her. He didn’t look amused at her teasing, he looked hurt and upset. He turned away from her and took a few steps in the direction that they’d just come from, standing and staring till he threw his hands up in hopelessness. “Oh dear gods.” He moaned and brought one hand up to his face. He finally let his hands fall to his sides and he stared back across the wild grasses towards a place that he couldn’t even see. “Why? Why did you do that?” He asked over his shoulder and he sounded undeniably upset.

Joseph heard Juno shriek as she fell and he pushed himself to run faster till he spotted her by a tree on a small but steep slope. He slowed his pace at the top and quickly, but carefully, picked his way down to her. He knelt next to her to see if she was alright and she seemed to relax when she saw it was him, but she still seemed frantic about something. She then told him that she’d just dropped her ring and that she had to find it. Giving a small sigh but nodding understandingly, he helped her look down among the rocks till his sharp eyes spotted the small golden band lying between two stones.

He reached down and plucked the small ring out from between the rocks and he turned back to Juno, showing her he’d found it and holding it so he could give it back to her. He glanced back over his shoulder hoping Philip would be alright once he got away from the Dealer. With another soft sigh, he stood up and offered a hand to Juno to help her up and pick her up so she didn’t have to walk.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 41d 14h 21m 12s
"...This is pointless. Every..everyone You know just ran and for dead. Do you...even have a purpose now?" Cyan whispered again, his ears ringing and he started seeing black dots before shaking his head and looking again at the swirling image of Eric. Suddenly they heard a faint whistling tune and the soldiers talking firmly before the trap door opened. A slim, unfamiliar figure hopped in with a small leather bag in hand. It looked like a teenage girl well, mostly like a boy. She was as thin as a lizard and her messy hair was short and cut unskillfully. She had a dirty loose white shirt and torn thick pants yet her feet were bare and only bandaged for protection. It looked like she needed a bath but it didn't matter to her for obvious reasons.

She looked between Cyan who just glanced at her and Eric. Her whistling became high when she saw how bruised and bloody Eric was. Casually she walked to him and knelt so close to him, face to face. Before she could start treating the possibly infected wounds she noticed his healthy eye. Her dark brown eyes stared at the golden one curiously since it was new to her. Yet she didn't say anything and just grinned some before opening her leather bag. She pulled out bandaged and ointments then took his chin boldly and made him tilt his head while whistling again. She was not good at being gentle and just impatiently and carelessly started cleaning the ear wound. Her smelly breath was hitting his face while she was still whistling.

Negomin seemed to ignore his pleas so she just couldn't hear them in the wind. But once she felt him shivering in her claws from the cold, Negomin immediately lowered the height and spotted a hill to land on. Smoothly she flapped her wings and landed on the ground, placing Ryuu down gently. She looked at him with playfulness and triumph. "You were screaming like a stolen princess." The dragon teased.

Juno heard someone running after her and her heart sank thinking that itnwas the Dealer. She tried to run faster but ended up tripping over a stone and rolled all the way down, shrieking until she grabbed on a tree to stop. She gasped feeling her ring falling out of her pocket and going down among the rocks.
  valkyira / 41d 16h 26m 54s
Eric was slow to stir and when he did, he heard Cyan saying something but didn’t understand what he’d said. “What?” He asked in a soft tone and waited as the servant repeated himself. At the weak question, he laughed harshly and gave a short hiss of pain from laughing.

“No one [i wants] to die. Johar was right in saying that I want to survive. But survive for what? I’ve exhausted this life and now the only thing I have to wait for is my execution,” He paused and lowered his head slightly, breathing shallowly so he didn’t agitate his wounds.

“But do I want to die? No, no I don’t.” He shook his head slightly, sighing before pausing a moment and sneering slightly. He still had his strife and his spirit wasn’t as broken as he could make it seem. Unlike his broken body, which was probably going to be crippling if by some chance he ended up surviving. But he highly doubted he would.

Ryuu had his back turned and didn’t see Negomin’s shadow till she’d snatched him up and took to the sky. “Aghh! Negomin, Let Go Of Me! Let GO!” He shouted, struggling till he saw how high they were really going. “Don’t let go of me! Don’t Let Go Of Me!” He instead cried, grasping onto her hand like doing so would stop him from falling if she decided to drop him. He had no leverage to hold onto her so if she did drop him, he’d be good as dead.

He looked down to see the Forest of illusions below them and soon the trees gave way to prairie grasses, 18 miles away from the capital. There was only the hills and yellowing grasses till they flew over a river, 55 miles away from the capital and after a few more minutes he saw the faint line of a trading road. He didn’t know which one it was but he knew the closest one that ran parallel to the river was over 100 miles away from the capital and he gave a stifled cry.

Where was Negomin taking him? How far was she going to fly? Was she going to take him just to a neighboring kingdom or would she go all the way out to noman’s land? She was fast enough to make it there in about two days travel. He shivered at the wind and squeezed his eyes shut, now wishing he’d left her when she’d fallen asleep and also wishing that this was just a bad dream. He didn’t say anything to her as she continued to fly and he only shivered in her grip, breathing frantically with his heart hammering heavily in his chest.

Joseph scowled and stood his ground as the Dealer took a step towards him. He braced himself before he saw a flash of movement from Philip and stared as his friend tackled the Dealer, shouting for him to run. He shook his head and took a step forwards, looking frantic and wanting to help his friend but one hard word from Philip made him stop.

“GO!” His former servant shouted and Joseph stepped back stunned. He wasn’t in any condition to try and help his friend and even though he was injured, Philip was still much stronger than he was. Feeling hopeless and lost, Joseph stepped back again before listening to his friend’s shout and turning around, running in the direction he’d sent Juno.
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Cyan looked up when he heard Eric mumble out something. It was a protest...but to who? Was he illusioning? The servant put a hand on his painful head as his vision became blurry. He had to blink several times to see the clear image of Eric stirring and waking up slowly. Cyan coughed once due to his dry throat and then asking the former prince weakly, " you want to die faster?" He stared at him with a strange gaze.

Negomin made a step back as Ryuu claimed that he owed the Light nation and the queen. Her widened eyes started narrowing as she clutched her fists slowly. "You are so stupid!" She suddenly said, stepping forward as her body shook in anger. "Do you really think the greedy Light Queen let you in her castle for yourself?! She is just strengthening her army, Ryuu! Once she is done using you, you will no more have a place!" But she saw the Summoner was not listening to her anymore as he went to one of the horses. The dragon became all silent. It was like she had given up talking and just watched before suddenly transforming into her dragon form. Enoch felt a tall shadow on them and barely turned his head over when he was thrown away by force of sudden wind. Gasping, Enoch noticed Ryuu was not beside him anymore. He saw a dragon flying off holding something in her hands...She snatched Ryuu away.

Negomin had her claws around Ryuu's body securely as she flapped her wings and flew higher and faster.

Juno at first hesitated, shocked and scared of what happened between Philip and Dealer but one push and enough for her to encourage her run as fast as she could away. Juno ran as fast as she could, tears rolling down her eyes since she was frightened.

It took Philip some time to overcome the pain and notice his surroundings. He pressed his hand against his wound and gritted his teeth in pain, trying to stand in case the Dealer would want to attack Joseph too. Dealer smirked at Joseph, taunting him. "Oh barely can stand on your feet." He casually stepped towards Joseph to show that he had no fear of the young prince. Suddenly Philip threw himself on Dealer, both falling on ground. "JOSEPH! YOU GO AFTER JUNO!" Philip shouted desperately trying to keep the dagger away from him throat.
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