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[center A prince from a kingdom with a history of power, control, and bloodshed can only watch as the walls around him crumble and the forces which wish to crush him close in. [+ffa500 Muse A], is that Prince. A young and cold hearted ruler whose reign began in warring times and it seems it will end in them as well. It wasn’t just a rebellion of the citizens that brought [+ffa500 Muse A]’s kingdom of Chamlek to its knees, it was also the force of a neighboring realm which threats from either side had been passed and with the Rebellion building up, the outside Kingdom decided to attack, declaring war and sealing [+ffa500 Muse A]’s demise.

The neighboring realm, though a smaller territory, has many more resources and alliances then the Chamlek Kingdom has. And with the Rebellion going on, this smaller kingdom arrived with the upper hand and swiftly brought Chamlek’s fall. [+4169e1 Muse B] was the ruler of this smaller kingdom, and with the fall of Chamlek it comes as a surprise when [+ffa500 Muse A] is captured near the border having fled the capital and his home lands. [+ffa500 Muse A] still has a group of his loyal warriors spread far across his fallen kingdom, but nothing can be done now that he has been captured. Now the question’s rise about what should happen to [+ffa500 Muse A]. He isn’t a very pleasant person to have about but even with the loss of his kingdom, he still has his use. Besides his rather short life story, [+ffa500 Muse A] has some fairly interesting tales to tell, when he’s in a good mood. But there is also a rumor of a grand secret of Chamlek that only the royal family knows about and it is said to be some sort of great treasure.

It is up to [+4169e1 Muse B] to decide what happens to [+ffa500 Muse A]. Should [+4169e1 Muse B] listen to the calls for an Execution or should [+4169e1 Muse B] keep the defeated prince around as an asset for the future.

[I ]


-01- This roleplay is open to any pairing. Though [+ffa500 Muse A]’s gender has already been decided, so they have to be pairings that work with that, unless it’s with two other character
-02- Make them interesting. Don't make your character flat
-03- Art/illustrations or photographs, either works
-04- I do not mind any posting speed as long as you don't fall off the face of the planet. Please notify me before long hiatuses. My PM box is always open!
-05- I require you be able to post at least 1000 CHARACTERS for this roleplay. I understand writer's block, but please don't be lazy. Please have a decent grasp on the English language.
-06- This is not first come first served.

[b Viewer's discretion is advised-] Mature subject matter is sure to occur. If you are not okay with discussions of drugs, violence, cursing, graphic scenes, maybe character death, or anything of that nature, then this is not the roleplay for you. That being said, any sex, if any, will be taken elsewhere if it is to occur or time skipped entirely.
[b This is a team effort-] I am not going to be the only one responsible for plot twists. If you join me in this, please be willing to contribute.
[b Fantasy-] I am fine with this just being an average fantasy world. But I am very open to suggestions!

[I Also this has been inspired by a Rp started with [b -Solaris-]
You should go check them out, they have some pretty cool threads to watch.]

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Eric looked forwards towards Ural, his golden eyes piercing the king as he ignored the trembling guards. He could feel the ancient word of Darkness clear on his face and his powers, they felt [I limitless]. He was unarmed at the moment, but that didn’t last long as he scanned the edge of the room with just his eyes. He spotted a spear in the hands of a suit of armor off to his left and in blink of an eye he was by it, wrenching the weapon away from the armor and turning back to face the shocked onlookers.

“It seems I have the Divine Right on my side again.” He said, calm and clear with his tone. He smirked slightly and pressed the end of the spear down to the floor, creating a clap of sound. “Dosia Hersilia is still alive,” He suddenly declared, making sure that all eyes were on in. “and she will soon be joining us here, to witness Lilith’s arrival.” He paused stepping away from the side of the room and laughing slightly when he saw a few of the guard’s stumble backwards away from him. Eric then fixed his gaze on Urla as he started to speak again.

“I have heard her songs and have been blessed as her heir. As her harbinger, I say now! These lands will crumble and give way to the beginning of a new dark reign!” He lifted the spear again, striking the end down on the floor again to emphasis the last word and he looked around the throne room, just to see the reaction he was getting. But he had one more thing to say.

“There is no stopping the beginning of the end, there is only acceptance for the inevitable…. And to those who wish to live,” He paused again looking around before laying his gaze back on Urla. “I suggest you [I don’t] get in my way.”

Across Deloriak, a low rumble could be heard. It sounded almost like an avalanche, thundering and rolling across the skies. Sorit heard it, after many restless nights with Dosia dealing with ‘night terrors,’ they both could feel that something was wrong. It wasn’t like when Lilith’s song started, it seemed tamer, but it was just as foreboding as her song had been.

He didn’t have to ask if she could hear and feel it too, he only needed to make sure that she was okay. “Dosia..?” He was in his human form and the worry was clear on his face. He needed to make sure that she wouldn’t freak out and change into something so she could just run off without him being able to stop her.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 13d 4h 15m 10s
This time, no shadows or any force resisted against his short journey. Lilith seemed to trust him with his desicion this time. The only thing disturbing him were the sudden scene of a pair of pure white eyes staring at him with a hint of anger. But it did not last for long since he was already in the throneroom, where it all started. Cracks in wall were fresh and still dust and small pieces were drifting in the place. Oh but he was no alone. Soldier were circling the prince with fear and shock. They all held their weapons shaking clearly in their boots. None of them dared to make a move.

Urla immediately realised the cause of the shakes and forgot all about Niva as he rushes towards the most important part of the castle. He was nervous and worried, preferring to have the circle under his control only.

Negomin was still being handles by the healer when she felt the shakes and something familiar yet malicious and dangerous. Her eyes snapped opened and this made the healer step back since her crimson eyes only reflected wildness. The dragon girl ignored the existing person in her cage and dragged her wounded body towards the bars, sniffing and listening all alerted. Her instinct told her to kill the intruder of the portals.

Abantes was pacing around the cell when the shakes made him lose his balance and he fell over, not having the slightest idea what was happening. He just found himself in dog form, howling at the heavy atmosphere.

"...How?!" Ural broke the silence as he entered the throneroom and saw Eric. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword. "Just how did you..." He was unable to finish his sentence, just glaring at the devil prince.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 36d 15h 27m 18s
He didn’t open his eyes till he felt the wild wind slamming against him on the mountain top. Even then, Eric was hesitant to look around himself, he could hear the shrieks of the monsters, echoing across Muerte. He then noticed something, worn down into the rocks and hardened ground. It was a circle, a portal, large and faint nearly covering the entire summit. This portal led back to his home world but the prince couldn’t be sure where it would open up.

Unknowing to him, the large portal connected to the one that had been set up in the throne room of Dosia’s castle and even though some of the symbols had been changed there, the portal would still open if it was activated on this side. Walking across it slowly, Eric looked around, his demon side in control now as he inspected sections that had faded in the rocks, but he deemed that it would open. He could already feel his nails biting into the palm of one hand and he knelt down by the inner part of the large portal, brushing his bloodied fingers along the faded lines.

The prince did this to a few spots then stood up, stepping back to the middle of the portal as the symbols and markings began to glow and the ground beneath him groaned as the portal started to open.

There was no resistance from the host as Joseph was almost completely unconscious when the soldiers pulled him up and tossed him onto the bed. He registered that he had been moved, but he couldn’t think of anything else as his mind was a complete blank haze and he was close to falling asleep. The last thing he noticed before he blacked out was a banister starting to rattle where it was hanging.

“Your highness,” Niva stopped when she was confronted by Urla, seeing the look in his eyes and hearing the tone in his voice, it made her cautious, but it didn’t have to be any secret with what Bhediya wanted her to do. “Lord Bhediya was only asking me to go out to the nomad’s lands to strike up an agreement with them.” The captain folded her hands behind her again, watching Urla calmly to see if that was all he wanted to know, but neither of them got a chance to say anything else. A slight trembling began to shake the castle grounds as a low rumble sounding throughout the castle, coming from the direction of the throne room.

The Captain was confused at first with what was going on but she quickly put two and two together and the look that Urla had showed that he knew what was happening as well. Niva purposefully waited for Urla to turn away from her and race down the corridor, and she quickly followed after him, silently cursing her connections for not ruining the portal so that it couldn’t open. The trembles were growing stronger and cracks were beginning to form in the ceiling as the rumble grew louder.

The shaking could be felt everywhere around the castle, from the farthest watch towner to the deepest cell in the dungeons. The portal opening without the host present hadn’t been planned, Niva knew that much. So that meant that someone, or something else had opened the portal from the other side.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 43d 17h 54s
Eric could almost feel Lilith's excitement. She pushed him back slightly and placed a hand on his chest, right on the place which waa where his heart was located.

[b Good boy. I love you.]

The Mother of Dark cooed and planted a cold kiss on his right cheek. The spot started heating up, almost burning. Patterns appeared on his face, burning his face and spreading all around his neck. His surroundings started fading.

He was once again near that mountain. But this time, on his right cheek was a tattooed word in ancient Dark.

[i Darkness]

The wild wind slammed against his figure, reminding him of the current location. Shrieks of monsters flying around the castle were brought by the wind.

Morbida's eyes widened slightly when he just collapsed on the floor. But she didn't budge fron the door. Joseph was obviously drugged but the mother was so sure that her brother had a good reason for that. So she tried not to pity the young prince and just opened the door to walk out.

"P-p-put h-him on b-b-bed." She ordered the soldiers before leaving.The soldiers entered the place immediately and just threw the host on bed.

Urla stepped in front of the Captain when she was walking in corridora. His eyes reflected bloodlust as he glared direcrly af her. "You.what did my father tell you?" he blocked her way completely.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 43d 20h 41m 56s
Eric walked forwards without the push of the shadows, stopping at her side and standing still under her touch. The spark that was ignited in him made his powers seem, stronger and his demon half perk up, looking to slip back into control. The whispers that he heard still made him want to shiver but… The voice speaking them made the language sound rather nice. At her question, the Prince paused wanting to first step away when he felt her hand rub against his side. Right now he was holding the eye but it wasn’t heating up enough to actually burn him again. The soothing feeling made him more relaxed to answer her and he closed his eyes, saying one word.


Joseph managed to glanced over at Morbida, wincing at what he was to them. The host… He looked away from her, continuing to pace back and forth around the room but he never went near her. The haze was finally overwhelming him and he stopped pacing, moving to lean on one of the bed posts when she snapped at him and he looked again at her. The suddenness and sharpness of her voice made him take a step back, losing his balance as his vision began to blur and he fell back.

Joseph had been able to keep himself sitting up but his need to rest was continuing to overwhelm him. Almost forgetting that Morbida was there, and no longer having the strength to pull himself back up onto the bed or at least move himself over to be sitting back against a wall, the young prince covered his face with his hands, gritting his teeth and laying back on the floor. His breathing was beginning to hic as he fought back tears and he felt his consciousness slipping away.

Niva tilted her head slightly, noticing the two vampires walking up behind her but she didn’t turn around completely to look at them. Instead she fixed her eyes back on Bhediya, “My safety is never a concern, for I live to serve this kingdom.” She said plaintively. “This proposal sounds like something an admiral’s patrol would take care of, but if you think sending me would work better, then of course. I can leave tomorrow morning.”

She bowed to Bhediya then turned around to leave, glancing at the two vampires with an unreadable expression as she passed them. She recognized them, knowing exactly who they had been when Dosia was still alive, but now the twisted noble had assigned them as… Guards to her? To travel with her to the neighboring desert to strike up an agreement with the nomads there. The captain had a bad feeling about this and though she was tempted to send a lower soldier in her place, Niva knew she couldn’t, it would seem too suspicious for her to want to stay in the castle, being both the captain of the royal guard and one of Dosia’s few remaining soldiers.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 44d 19h 15m 59s
"..." Lilith did not break the heavy silence. Instead, she rose up a hand and shadows swirled around Eric this time. But gently they just pushed him closer to Eric until he was by her side. Slowly, she faced the prince. At first her face was...empty without any feature then slowly a smile appeared. A smile which was too similar to his mother's. Still, her eyes were mystery. Lilith reached over to his face. Her touch sparked fire within him, exciting his demon side. Lovingly she storked his face before the hand went to his back of neck and she pushed his face into her shoulder, half hugging him.


She had none.

Just some whispers...

Whispers in ancient language...

[b Soon, soon we will finally meet.]

[b Only one body of your dimension...and they you will never leave my hug...]

[b They can never separate us.]

[b Tell me, my Eric. Will you get me the body?]

Soothingly she rubbed her hand against his painful side. It hurt him at first but then it cooled down, healing. The pattern of an eye appeared on the skin.

She looked around and despite the soldiers' worried gazes she entered and closed the door behind. Because of the drugged state of him, the guards were a bit relieved that he wouldn't do anything threatening to the pregnant woman.

Morbida stayed beside the door, staring before finally talking with the difficulty she always had. "A-a-a-are y-y-you th-the h-h-host?" she did not move any closer. Even her hand was on the knob. She had heard about Joseph...One of the devil princes of Chamlek. She was clearly clueless about her brother and father's acts outside the castle, her new home. "D-don't t-t-touch her b-b-belongings." she suddenly snapped.

Bhediya sat back down, not inviting her to sit. "You are one great soldier, as I have heard from the [i remained] soldiers of the deceased queen." He placed his palms on the table, tapping on the fine wood, smiling at gods knew what. "So, I am sure. You know those 'nomadics' and the importance of their land. Unfortunately..." He sighed and looked up. "Somehow...their precious wells are dried..." A smirk played his lips. "So I guess they're pretty desperate."

"I need go there...and tell them we will generously give them a river branch...if they give us a 'Guide'."

Chuckling he stood up.

"Don't bother to pick some soldiers to go with you. I already have chosen two."

Behind Niva, the two vampires approach.

"These two will make sure you're [i safe.]"
  valkyira / 44d 23h 46m 44s
Taking deep breaths, Eric pushed himself up onto one knee then shakily made his way to his feet. His side felt tender and he crossed one arms away so it wouldn’t brush up against his side. He then began to look around for Artemis the only traces he found of her was a trail of blood leading off in one direction. He took a step that way, moving to go after her but something pulled at him and he stopped.

“What…?!” The prince’s eyes widened as he felt himself losing control and the pulling he felt was his demon half, turning them around and looking off into the forest. He then started walking letting his arms fall back to his sides and hardly noticing the pain as a humming melody sounded in the distance. It was short and sweet and oh so alluring, And Eric could only watch as his powers seem to be back in full without any resistance from his own body. [I Where are we going?] He thought, starting off in the direction of the distant melody and he vanished from his walk, taking off fast towards the sound. Towards Lilith, calling him to her.

The Prince was out of the dark, dark forest and across the lands towards a distant mountain range that stood opposite the one where Muerte’s royal castle was. He stopped halfway up the mountainside and looked back behind him across the night covered land. Eric was out of breath, which was rare since he’d been using his demon half, and slowly he was given back control. The melody was now louder and he turned around to look up the mountain side towards the top. He wouldn’t find anything here.

Sitting down where he’d stopped, he took the cooled, glossy eye in his hand and held onto it tightly, closing his eyes and concentrating for a few moments. When he opened them again, he was still on the mountain side, but he wasn’t in Muerte anymore, not really. It was like he was half way in the illusion of the dark but still somehow awake. The song was much clearer now and he started up the mountain side, reaching the summit with hesitant steps as he saw her long flowing raven hair and her shining diamond cloak.

“Lilith…” He murmured her name and saw her turn her head slightly, but she didn’t turn to face him, she only stopped singing. Thoughts, memories, delusions, and nightmares all flashed through Eric’s mind when he saw her but he managed to speak again.

“I am here for you…”

Joseph walked with the guards quietly, letting them guide him to Dosia’s old chambers since his mind was growing clouded and tired. He staggered frankly resisting the tiredness as best he could before a female voice startled him, temporarily making him become alert and slightly more aware. He’d been pushed into Dosia’s room and he looked up to see a young woman, dressed in black and noticeably pregnant. The young prince slowly walked around her as she eyed him and he looked towards the doorway when Urla spoke.

Relief pushed away his awareness when the king and his sister left and that gave way to the tiredness again, beckoning for him to sleep. Joseph slowly walked over towards the bed and a tired thought crossed his dulling mind. [I I’m going to be sleeping in a dead queen’s bed… No!] He shook his head, sitting on the edge and holding his hands up to his face. Dosia wasn’t dead, he’d made sure of that. He didn’t notice Morbida peering in at him as he rubbed at his eyes and his face, pushing himself back up from the bed to stand and try to keep himself awake for as long as he could.

Niva entered the room and waved the idling guards away with the prisoner, not noticing Urla slinking after them. “You wanted to talk, my lord?” She inquired, folding her hands behind her and looking Bhediya in the eye. Her ranking was just as high, if not higher than his though she knew fully well he had the king, his son, under his control. So she spoke with respect, though Niva stood tall to show she wouldn’t bend to the Noble’s will if she didn’t agree with him.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 45d 18h 45m 1s
Artemis was not around, only blood stains showed the way she had limped to. She had leaned against a tree, breathing hard. Her own claw had stabbed through her abdomen. Lilith had taken the controlof Artemis' body. It seemed like whenever Eric was in danger, the Mother of Dark was there for him. The demon felt like a fool. He did not need her guidance. Lilith was supporting him and soon, he would accept to be the king.

She had already lost.

Swiftly, she pulled out her claw and the crismon liquids poured down on the grasses. "Damn...him." She whispered, not wanting him to see her in that state since she was not sure if he would help her again. This time, he would just probably kill her easily. The demon princess stood up shakily and headed to a random direction. Maybe she could find somewhere to...hide? Until she found her own army? Against whom...Lilith?! She could make her commit suicide with a single song.

Growling lowly, Artemis tried to speed up.

Behdiya smiled in pleasant when the young one drank some of the drink. He could already see he was getting sleepy. He also noticed the Captain waiting patiently.

"Come in, Captain." He said, his son looking towards the entering woman. "Also, tell the guards to take this young prince to the deceased queen's bedroom. We need to talk privately Captain." He glanced over at glaring Urla who mumbled some unauidable words and headed out after the soldiers took Joseph away. He decided to follow Joseph, maybe he could pour his rage on him once they were out of reach of his demanding father.

Dosia's room had been untouched, except that the broken window had been fixed. Once the soldiers pushed Joseph in, a female voice came out.

"D-d-d-don't y-y-you kn-know th-this p-p-place sh-shall n-n-n-ot b-be u-used. I-it's r-r-respect f-f-for dead." A young woman about 19 stepped closer. She had hazelnut hair curled inward at the end which reached her ears. She had gemstone earrings showing that she was noble. Her slightly tanned face was puffed due to her pregnancy. She was wearing an oversized gown but still her big belly was noticeable under the black fabric. Her dark green eyes dropped on Joseph curiously before going back to Urla who stepped forward.

"Morbida."Suprisingly he was acting much more gentle."Go back to your chambers."Yet demanding.

"B-b-b-roth-ther...y-you c-can't..."

But Urla had already walked off, disappointed that he couldn't teach that little prince a lesson.

Morbida looked down, already used to it before peeking in since the soldiers had no right to block her way unless the king told them too. Her eyes stared at the prisoner.
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 45d 21h 50m 47s
“Argh! Get Off Of Me!” Eric snarled, trying to ignore what she was saying as he twisting in her grip, trying to reached back and do some kind of damage to her, to get her off of him. He growled again in pain as Artemis dug her claws deeper into his shoulders and his arms dropped under him to try and push himself up. He’d stopped trying to reach back and push her away when the song started and he felt a burning on his side. The edge of his vision was swimming with blackness and the last thing he heard was Artemis, screaming.

Eric opened his eyes to find himself in the illusion again, the song growing louder and with just a glance to one side he could see he wasn’t alone again. Dosia was a few meters away from him and the voice that he’d heard, the voice that was supposed to be Lilith’s, spoke dotingly towards him. He gripped his hands tightly into fists and instead he felt his left hand close around the hilt of something. Looking down he could see that it was the gem encrusted dagger he’d used to get the eye. The shadows were raising Dosia up, suspending her so it seemed almost like she was laying on a pedestal, at the perfect height for Eric to just reach out and slice open her throat to kill her like Lilith wanted.

He couldn’t help but take a step back when she spoke and now Lilith’s words were almost pleading, beseeching that he killing Dosia now for her. He could, it would be easy, but then what? “Lilith…” He said, speaking out to her for the first time and he could hear her song lessen, it’s sway on him faltering slightly. He lifted the dagger, then set it down on the shadows, watching them swirl and turn till it dropped to the floor. Lilith’s voice was quiet, quiet like when someone is holding their breath with anticipation, or with fear. Eric put a hand one Dosia’s shoulder, almost feeling her shiver at this as he looked away into the darkness of the Illusion around them.

“Lilith, I need to see you here first.” Eric said out loud, hearing the song almost die out completely as he pushed Dosia off of the shadowy pedestal that had her hanging in midair. He then opened his eyes and found that he was awake again, no longer in the illusion. The singing had stopped and Artemis was no longer on top of him, there was a deep stabbing pain in his side and he groaned out in pain, shifting to push himself up but only managing to roll onto his other side. He had to take a few moments to cope with the pain before he tried to get up and look around to see where Artemis was.

Joseph watched Bhediya wearily, almost wanting to laugh at what the lord was saying but at the same time he shied away from the tea and Bhediya’s hand. Lilith’s Host. So Abantes had heard right. He’d shakily reached for the cup, not knowing what else to do and picking the drink up like he was going to comply when Urla came in. Listening to what Bhediya had decided for him, despite Urla’s slight protest, Joseph lifted the cup to his lips and tipped it towards him slightly, like he was drinking the clearly tainted tea. He swallowed and set the cup back down, letting his shoulders slump as he tried to decide how he should feel and after a few moments, he settled with bitter contempt.

The young prince stood slowly from his seat, looking towards Bhediya with dull eyes before he dropped his gaze to the floor and nodded to them. He’d drunken a little of the tea, knowing what it would do to him but he just hoped the small amount wouldn’t keep him unconscious for as long as Bhediya and the king wanted. The king, based on the look that Urla had, Joseph was sure that he wouldn’t be going to rest on some fine royal bed if he was left with Urla. His eyes drifted past the king for a moment as a shadow stopped just past the doorway but didn’t enter the room. The captain had just arrived and she respectfully turned her back towards the door, standing at attention in the hall and waiting to come in and give her report that the other two prisoners have both been taken care of.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 47d 19h 39m 4s
Eric totally caught her off guard since she didn't expect this overreaction. She rose up an eyebrow when he got into her face and spat out whatever he had to say. Slowly, those eyes of her narrowed and his lips twisted into a scowl. The part about the queen struck her bad and she became all tensed and angru, flexing her clawed fingers dangerously.

When he walked off once again, she looked over at him with a crazed look on her face. Bloodlust took over the demon again and without the slightest warning the girl had leaped at Eric, slamming him down. Her claws dug into his shoulders mercielessly and she growled into his face with an inhumane glare.

"Shut up, PRISONER." She hissed and dug even more. "You think you have the upperhand?! Let me tell you're a hybrid. A hybrid who has no place. Some mere peasants just kicked you out and you've survived by leaning on EVERY fool who helped you. You're just a weak piece of flesh and the whole you being a king is probably just Lilith's joke!" She dug them in even more, not thinking probably.

"Now, tell me what did the queen-"

The song.

Singing and singing.

The eye hidden in Eric's clothes started heating up rapidly.

His vision became blurry then completely dark.

Artemis's scream was the last thing he heard.

"Ah..." Once again he was in the illusion. Dosia was a meter away, crouching down. The song was becoming louder.

[b Eric...You found me a body! Good boy...Good boy...]

Shadows swirled around Dosia who couldn't even open her eyes.

[b Kill her mind for me. Then I can rule over her body. What a smart boy. Using my eye to find mother bodies~]

Lilith's voice cooed. Dosia was brought up by the shadows.

[b My lovely Eric...kill her now.]

"E...eric?" Dosia weakly spoke up, hanging by the shadows."Eric..." She whispered again.

[b Now, Kill her now. She humiliated the future king...Come on, my dearest...]

"Eric...I need your help, please. Everything is...dying."

"Oh, so you're finally back. Come and take a seat, Prince Joseph. Untie him." Bhediya rose up from his seat and pushed forward a cup of tea towards Joseph who was forced to sit. "Why did you run? My son is absolutely a short tempered one. But you should not be scared." He leaned forward, smirking maliciously as he whispered. "You have a precious blood, afterall." He circled the desk and walked towards Joseph. "Don't be scared. It's will go to a looooong sleep...and the rest of the trouble is on [b her]. So there's no need to run..." He ran a hand into Joseph's hair, enjoying to inject fear in his preys. "Lilith host."

He looked at Urla who just came. "Our Joseph is scared of dungeon. Why don't you prepare him a decent room?"

"But father, this worm-"

"Urla will let you sleep in a fine royal bed, just as you have always slept. Just enjoy the few hours of body freedom."
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 47d 21h 10m 1s
Eric’s lips curled into a snarl as Artemis blocked his path, glaring at him in return before she turned around with some degrading remarks to add to her statement about being the boss. Losing his patience and his passiveness from his recovery, the Prince quickly walked after Artemis and grabbed her by one of her shoulders, spinning her around to face him. “Stop Calling Me A Prisoner.” He snapped at her, getting in her face and not backing off. “We both know that you have no leverage to be saying that. It doesn’t matter that we are in your world anymore because you did not capture me and bring me here. You ran,” He growled finally stepping back from her.

“And I chased you here…” The prince looked at Artemis, trying to read her expression when a thought entered his mind and he shook his head at her slightly. “Maybe what your dear queen said about you is true…” He muttered, moving to step around her and start walking again, not elaborating on what he meant by that.

Stepping back, Joseph turned towards Abantes and saw behind him, Negomin collapsing to the ground. With the soldier’s surrounding them, he could only stand still as he was tied up and forced to his knees. Abantes put up more of a fight but in the end, he was also kneeling next to Joseph while Urla walked over to him. He looked up at the king, his eyes flashing with something unreadable right before he was slapped across his face. He waited for another strike, gritting his teeth but Negomin saved him from that humiliation and he looked up slightly, looking at her with fearful expression for her. Joseph glanced over towards Abantes who still hadn’t lost his fighting spark and then he met Urla’s gaze again, letting the soldiers pull him to his feet as he stared right back at Urla, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Joseph couldn’t believe this. Within hours of his freedom, he was captured again. Was whatever cause he was trying to thrive for really so hopeless that it had put him on the run like a rogue? He didn’t know what to expect now, in a matter of minutes he was back in the capital and was being led back into the castle to wherever Lord Bhediya was waiting. No doubt Urla would be following to join them soon. Though he tried, Joseph had never been very good at hiding what he was feeling and with every push and stumble his expression betrayed just how anxious he was.

Niva was silent at Urla’s orders and she waved the soldiers away that had a hold of Abantes and Joseph, ordering them to head back to the capital. She turned to face Negomin, well, more like face her soldiers that were beginning to surround Negomin and she gave her order.

“Do what you have to, to make her change forms then bring her to the castle.” She turned her steed away, letting the horse’s walk turn into a slow gallop back to the nearby capital. She reached the castle just in time to see the two Prisoners being taken inside and shortly after her lieutenant arrived from the separate patrol that had passed the one that was taking care of Negomin. They had left N.V behind since the escaped prisoners and their ally had been found.

“… Make sure there is a healer ready in the dungeons.” She was murmuring to a servant before sending them off and looking towards her Lieutenant as he approached her.

“There isn’t much you can do…” He said sorrowfully to her and Niva turned away smiling lightly with some agreement.

“Yes, but I can do more than you think.” She replied, starting back inside with her soldier at her heels. “I’ve called on a few favors to buy me a few days when Urla and Bhediya try to open the portal. There are hundreds of symbols and it should take them a few days to figure out which ones have been changed.”

“You are playing with fire, Niva.”

“I know.” She laughed quietly, looking back at her lieutenant in the empty hall. “But the burns will be worth it if we can end this reign of terror before it truly begins.” Her soldier nodded solemnly and she dismissed him, turning away to head to the throne room to where Joseph had been taken and the two noble blooded werewolves probably already were.
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Artemis was munching on a fruit hungrily when Eric just passed her, strangely all upset and annoyed. She swallowed the big piece with effort and followed him. "Oi. What the hell is wrong with you?!" She wiped off her mouth and suddenly stoof in front of him, blocking his way. "Hey, pretty boy. Did you forget? I'm the boss here. Got it, prisoner?" She glared at him to show she had some good glares too then turned and walked ahead towards the wild forest again.

"If you're sulking because I saw your oh so royal body,...don't worry. You are absolutely NOT attractive. Hell, I have more muscles than you." She was glad that her back was to him because her face was blushed and she could feel it.

Negomin was starting to lose the feeling in her legs yet she didn't back off and tried to scatter the soldiers with her tail. The ground was shaking nonstop and unfortunately Negomin didn't notice the other two being cornered. She was just focused on soldiers, snapping her jaws and roaring out. Then she completely lost balance and with a shocked growl fell over, wildly flapping her painful wings to get back up but it was no use since she was already paralysed in limbs. A whine came out of her throat when she witnessed Abantes and Joseph being surrounded. Suddenly she felt something stabbing into her underbelly.

"Worthless lizard." Urla, in his human form, pulled out his sword and stabbed in again. The dragon was resisting to shriek. "Lowlife beast..." He muttered and stabbed again, again, again, again...

"STOP IT YOU PIECE OF SHAME!" Abantes' made him look up with a twisted grin. "Oh, look who's here...shouldn't you be with your hell?" The king chuckled, approaching his cousin who was struggling to leap at him while the soldiers tied him up. "Oh..and here is our bad boy." His gaze dropped on Joseph and he slapped his face hard and in a humiliating way. "I know how to tame pathetic mutes like you, little prince!" He rose up his fist for another strike but Negomin's tail hit the ground hard, making him stumble some.

Growling, Urla glanced at Niva. "Cut off that tail of her. Force her to change to a smaller form then cage her in the dungeon. I want to have her dying painfully. And this dear cousin of mine...prepare our best cell for him." He stared at Joseh with pure sadism. "But for our guest...Take him to Lord Bhediya."
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A bath, it had been a long time since Eric had bathed and he nodded slightly to himself with an ‘alright’ that he’d leave and let Artemis rest while he went to get cleaned up. The pond didn’t look to appealing seeing at it didn’t have clean water, but it was better than nothing and by the time Artemis came tromping through the trees, calling for him, Eric was standing in the waist high water, scrubbing the grime out of his hair and feeling quite a bit better himself. That was till Artemis stepped into view and spotted him, staring for a few moments before she turned around and walked back into the bushes silently. Water was glistening off of his finely toned body, but even from where she’d been standing, the faint scars on his sides were clear.

It was a few minutes before he came from the pond and found Artemis, smelling much better with his hair still damp. “Let’s go.” He said in a low, irritated voice before Artemis could say anything and he stalked past her, ready to leave the little civilization behind and keep moving. “You said you were feeling better,” He turned back glaring at the demon. “So let’s go.” He was demanding they leave now, obviously upset about something though it was unlikely that his was this upset about Artemis seeing him half naked. Something else had gotten to him, but it was hard to say what.

Joseph looked up at the sound of his mare outside and then was on his feet with the werewolf’s noises. He let Negomin pull him to the back of the cottage and they waited by a back window, hearing the werewolf circling around the cottage, sniffing before the sounds grew faint and disappeared. Is it gone? He wondered, giving Negomin a puzzled look before cautiously going back into the front room.

Abantes had the front door open and was looking out but there was no visible sign of the werewolf anymore, or of his horse. The young prince knew they had to leave soon but if they were going then they might as well take the time they were given to pack provisions. “We should leave prepared.” He wrote, meaning since they had the time to collect what they needed and could bring with them.

No more than twenty minutes later, with the scent of the werewolf beginning to fade with the wind and all three of them calming some, was there a thump on the roof. There were three more thumps with two being further down the room and one hitting the side of the cottage. The smell of smoke was beginning to fill the cottage and the crackling of fire above them told the three all they need to know about what was going on. They were able to go out the front, with the cottage burning from the top down and both Joseph and Abantes climbed onto Negomin’s back as she changed into her dragon form and prepared to take off. Something then whizzed past the back of Joseph’s head and there were slick, soft sounds, along with Negomin’s roars as Arrow’s landed in her sides through her wings.

Niva was fast after the two werewolves, climbing onto her steed with her two other soldiers and shouting to her Lieutenant. “Regroup with the eastern patrol, if all goes well I’m send someone to get you.” She said turning to leave when the Lieutenant called out. “What about him?” He was talking about N.V and Niva looking at the servant, like she had something to say, but instead she didn’t answer and rode after Urla and the werewolf soldier. The other werewolf was waiting outside of the grove, nursing his kicked shoulder from the mare and he told them what the King wanted to hear.

“Light the torches.” She ordered her soldiers then had the Archers prepare to take aim and shoot. Once the cottage was a blaze it didn’t take long to send the mice scurrying to escape and the arrows went flying. But these weren’t any normal arrows, the ones Niva had her soldier’s bring were tipped on the head and top of the shaft with poison, the same poison that Joseph had stopped Urla from using at the arena. This time there was no avoiding it. Niva could see the young prince, as well as another man who she recognized to be one of Urla’s and Dosia’s cousins, Abantes, through the trees and jumping down from Negomin’s back as she turned towards them snarling, the poison not yet taking effect.

All of the arrows that had hit her had torn through one of her wings, some getting stuck in her sides and others only making it through her wing. But this meant she couldn’t fly now and was choosing to stand and fight while the Prince and nobleman tried to get away. She’d planned for this, once they were grounded and circled her horse around slightly, taking a cross bow from the saddle bag and aiming to shoot the two arrows that it had ready. The two arrows hit mere inches in front of Joseph and Abantes and the captain with one of her soldiers rode forwards fast to block off their escape and box them in.
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"What the hell is that it smells like a sweaty troll." Artemis snapped at M.G who held the herbal potion in front of her mouth. "Then it smells much more lovelier than your hybrid boyfriend." She said, losing her patience as she pushed the bowl to her face. Artemis stubbornly turned away her face. "He is not my boyfriend..." She paused, before continuing. "He is my prisoner. I kidnapped him from his silly world." Okay, she bluffed but she was a demon and demons are not known for honesty.

M.G rolled his eyes and just poured in the bitter liquid when Artemis mouth opened again to say something.

"UMPH!" The princess gagged on the potion and coughed loudly. "Damn you!'s....horrible!" She looked around desperately for something to get rid of the taste.

"You don't want to wash yourself, Mr.Hybrid pet?" The male Cacador turned to Eric. "We have a small pond. It's not very clean but cleaner than you for sure."

"Yeah, go away stinky boy. Shr needs some rest...if she's wise enough to do that."

"OI! Don't go very far! I will find you, you know!" Artemis shouted after them, being forced by M.G to lay down

The pond didn't have a clear water. Water was something precious in Muerte. "Here. I leave you alone. Nobody bathes in here anyway but at least you won't smell from like 4 Km distance." He turned and left.

It was a peaceful place until he heard something dashing towards him and suddenly Artemis came out of the trees, shouting. "YOU THERE?! Hey, I feel awesome now. We ca-Oh." She stared at him before slowly retreating back in the bushes silently.

Suddenly Abantes whipped his face around,facing the door. Negomin blinked clueless. "What is it?"
"No..." The shapeshifter whispered befoe the mare started making sounds. The dragon's eyes widened. "You mean...they...found us?!" she had probably underestimated Urla's stubbornness. Abantes grabbed on the spear, slowly getting behind the door. "Negomin, we need to fly away...I will distract them. You make sure they won't get Joseph."
"Wh-what if-"
"We don't have time. Quick!"
Negomin nodded and grabbed Joseph's hand, pulling him to the back of the cottage.

Urla was so excited and pleased hearing it." Ahaha. Those pathetic creatures think that they can get away from my rage!" He changed back into his wolf form, his teeth bared as he was led by his soldiers to the place. "Captain." He growled aggressively, watching the hideout from a distance." Burn the place...and tell the soldier to prepare their arrows...I don't want the dragon fly. I want her crippled, at my feet. Got it? But keep that prisoner safe. We need his four limbs working."
  Dosia Hersilia / valkyira / 49d 20h 56m 59s
He narrowed his eyes at the female Cacador, called M.G, but he stepped back and out of the way as Artemis was made to lay down and the medic began to prepare some herbs. Eric listened to their talking, crossing his arms and waiting as M.G mumbled that ‘the day has come.’

The Prince's senses weren’t as heightened as other Dark races were, his human side had dulled out that factor for him though he’d learned to be more aware and alert. Whenever one would mention being able to smell something, or hear something, the Prince wouldn’t be able to relate. It was like a known secret with the outsider being kept in the dark. And he was supposed to be Lilith’s king. It’s a little laughable with how much he could and couldn’t do in comparison to the being of Muerte.

Joseph nodded to Abantes’ question and motioned towards the doorway where a spear was still sitting, he then turned and pointed across the room towards a cedar chest. That also had some weapons in it. He looked back towards Negomin with her comforting gesture but he knew the two Vampires were less like allies and more like wardens with a prisoner. Outside, Joseph’s horse began to snort and whinny, stomping her hooves and looking in the direction of the road.

After a few moments the mare made a loud frightened sound which was also joined by a canine yelp and a few growls. Abantes would have been the first to smell it before the noises came, there was a werewolf outside of cottage and they had been found.

Niva closed her eyes, her shoulders slumping with a sigh and she stepped closer to him, placing her hands on N.V’s arms as pushing him back and down to make him sit.

“I can’t dictate what Urla’s mutts will do with their new rule,” She told him in a low unrestrained voice, keeping her hands gripping his arms. “All I can do is protect my own… And try to salvage what future this kingdom may have.” She stood up and stepped back from the young Cacador, motioning to an approaching soldier to watch him while she turned away to the others to hear their reports.

“Found anything? Any of you?” The soldier’s that had approached shook their heads with some hesitation and Niva sighed, “Is the runner back?”

“Yes, he’s said the eastern patrol hasn’t found anything either.”

“Damn…” Niva cursed under her breath and was just about to ask if either of the two werewolves she’d sent out had come back when one of them bounded over towards her and changed back into his human form just as he reached her.

“We found something!” He exclaimed and she nodded, choosing three soldiers to go with her and the werewolf as she turned briskly to inform Urla that they had something.
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