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[center A prince from a kingdom with a history of power, control, and bloodshed can only watch as the walls around him crumble and the forces which wish to crush him close in. [+ffa500 Muse A], is that Prince. A young and cold hearted ruler whose reign began in warring times and it seems it will end in them as well. It wasn’t just a rebellion of the citizens that brought [+ffa500 Muse A]’s kingdom of Chamlek to its knees, it was also the force of a neighboring realm which threats from either side had been passed and with the Rebellion building up, the outside Kingdom decided to attack, declaring war and sealing [+ffa500 Muse A]’s demise.

The neighboring realm, though a smaller territory, has many more resources and alliances then the Chamlek Kingdom has. And with the Rebellion going on, this smaller kingdom arrived with the upper hand and swiftly brought Chamlek’s fall. [+4169e1 Muse B] was the ruler of this smaller kingdom, and with the fall of Chamlek it comes as a surprise when [+ffa500 Muse A] is captured near the border having fled the capital and his home lands. [+ffa500 Muse A] still has a group of his loyal warriors spread far across his fallen kingdom, but nothing can be done now that he has been captured. Now the question’s rise about what should happen to [+ffa500 Muse A]. He isn’t a very pleasant person to have about but even with the loss of his kingdom, he still has his use. Besides his rather short life story, [+ffa500 Muse A] has some fairly interesting tales to tell, when he’s in a good mood. But there is also a rumor of a grand secret of Chamlek that only the royal family knows about and it is said to be some sort of great treasure.

It is up to [+4169e1 Muse B] to decide what happens to [+ffa500 Muse A]. Should [+4169e1 Muse B] listen to the calls for an Execution or should [+4169e1 Muse B] keep the defeated prince around as an asset for the future.

[I ]


-01- This roleplay is open to any pairing. Though [+ffa500 Muse A]’s gender has already been decided, so they have to be pairings that work with that, unless it’s with two other character
-02- Make them interesting. Don't make your character flat
-03- Art/illustrations or photographs, either works
-04- I do not mind any posting speed as long as you don't fall off the face of the planet. Please notify me before long hiatuses. My PM box is always open!
-05- I require you be able to post at least 1000 CHARACTERS for this roleplay. I understand writer's block, but please don't be lazy. Please have a decent grasp on the English language.
-06- This is not first come first served.

[b Viewer's discretion is advised-] Mature subject matter is sure to occur. If you are not okay with discussions of drugs, violence, cursing, graphic scenes, maybe character death, or anything of that nature, then this is not the roleplay for you. That being said, any sex, if any, will be taken elsewhere if it is to occur or time skipped entirely.
[b This is a team effort-] I am not going to be the only one responsible for plot twists. If you join me in this, please be willing to contribute.
[b Fantasy-] I am fine with this just being an average fantasy world. But I am very open to suggestions!

[I Also this has been inspired by a Rp started with [b -Solaris-]
You should go check them out, they have some pretty cool threads to watch.]

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[b [i The wedding, even after Eric had reminded her again and again that it was just for show and she be bound to him in any real way, as still uneasy. The ceremony was private and short, and only publicly announced once it was over. During the ceremony, the demon insisted on keeping his hands covered, even as they exchanged vows and rings, he didn’t touch her with his hands. Partially because he was afraid of cutting her on accident, but he held up the confident facade till the ceremony was over. Behind closed doors, maids and servants gossiped that Eric had knelt down and bowed to Dosia after the wedding, telling her again that she would still hold all of the power, he would only have his title. He was sure that she wouldn’t believe him, but he digressed. He would stand behind her, never to ask anything of her and try not to show his resentment for the unease that she felt around him. It couldn’t be helped, but there was nothing left for the two but to continue on living. Maybe things would would change as their lives continued, but for now the Demon would be The Kind Hearted Lady’s wall and shadow, supporting her with silence and letting her rule how she wished. Almost like it had been before.]]

[h3 The End]
  valkyira / 256d 13h 16s
[i Why are you doing this? I must be a fool to accept your offer. Handing over the title of king to you so easily...]

Yet Dosia let him take her to capital without any protest. She took his hand silently as if she had no other choice and she put her life and her country's destiny in his claws. But if she didn't, if she married one of those kings, Dosia was going to lose Deloriak for sure. She would be a doll, easily tossed around. At least Eric was being honest with her, He didn't love her and he was only doing this for his own benefits. The queen was not waiting for any love from a demon. It was a life of queen. Love was never happening in her life and she was going to always fear the day Eric turned on her.

Dosia barely noticed the flight with Eric before they landed. She was back at the castle and those greedy kings were waiting for her impatiently to argue on claiming the Light nation lands and even claiming herself. This sent a shiver along her spine. She did not need to inform them of anything for Eric spoke up and the kings of course reacted immediately. Dosia was looking away, still not believing she had agreed to be his queen to escape a sealed fate.

The blue king who was the youngest of all, glared darkly at the Demon who invited him to a duel. He turned to Dosia and snapped at her,

"We had an agreement-"
"Tell us, how can we defy a demon's wish who has murdered several armies with bare hands?" Dosia coldly answered him.
"Tsk." The Blue King marched towards Eric with a hand covered in flame. " are humiliating me again, I will not allow that. I will not-"
"Are you insane? He is a demon. You don't have a chance!" The king with white moustache growled, shaking in anger.
The one with red beard just cursed loudly. Now that Dosia had a weapon on her side, It was hard to take more lands than they had agreed to.
No, none of the three dared to lay a finger on Eric. Just seeing his bare claw made them pale. One by one they left the throneroom and the Blue King whispered hatefully at him, "It is not over yet...I will take my revenge." and took his leave.
Dosia felt exhaustion and stress wash over her before suddenly falling down, holding her head. Servants and maids rushed to her but she murmured something and they hesitantly looked at the dangerous Eric before one of them stepped forward shakily telling him they will show him the room he was going to stay in temporarily before moving into King chambers after the marriage.

And weeks later, when Deloriak managed to get back to normal from war, the two unlikely ones made their vows to stay together forever. Everyone were shocked but they trusted their queen. Dosia, the conqueror of Light nation, even if the other United nations did not like to call her that but there was now a painting of her victory on the throneroom's wall. It only reminded Dosia of the dear ones she lost. Sorit...Abantes...She still shed silent tears in night, hiding her miserable face in pillow from Eric though he probably didn't care. Dosia was still uneasy around him, spending most of the day in her garden, reading books.

But as Romeo says, "These two little lovers can't keep up with the act forverer. One day they will drop their-"

But that calls for another story.

Once more, the Dark and Light survived and started living in harmony. This age still had many flaws but did not deserve to end.
  valkyira / 257d 1h 7m 25s
“Come on.” Eric’s voice was low and soft and he’d put his gloves back on only one of his hands which he was now offering to her again. He’d paced closer to her till they were next to each other and he held his hand out to her again after she started crying. She gave him a pitiful look which made him glance away and he openly sighed, still waiting for her to take his hand. “There is no point in dwelling on what hasn’t happened yet.” He murmured, gently taking her hand in his and he began walking her down the tunnel towards the capital. “You can only keep going, and see if he’ll change his priorities.” That last part was muttered, almost said under Eric’s breath as he lead her along at a leisurely pace. Her sob story was… Pitible and he felt his own mind twist with conflict of knowing he shouldn’t care, but also seeing an opportunity.

Dosia deserved nothing less than what she agreed to, but he also had himself to think about. He could change those three king’s minds, and he could make them leave, either out of diplomacy or out of fear. They reached the end of the tunnel and he let go of her hand to move the stone that had been rolled in front of it to keep it hidden. Walking forwards to it, he placed both of his hands on the stone and braced himself, pushing to move the rock over. His wings shifted tighter on his back and he gave a little more effort before the rock started moving, once it had started rolling, he easily moved it out of the way before straightening up and going back to the young Queen.

“Do you know what I think?” Eric asked her as he walked back to her, his voice still low and no longer holding the sly, and amusing banter he had earlier. “I think you don’t deserve everything that you are going to lose. Every responsibility to care free moment for you, you deserve none of it… But,” He looked at her, meeting her gaze as he continued. “I didn’t come here to make you suffer. That was never my intention when I first was brought here.” He offered his hand to her again and lowered his voice even more, still holding her gaze. “I am going to do something when we go back. You may thank me for it or hate me for it once it is done but neither will stop me from acting as I will. I will challenge the Blue King for you, and if I best him, I get to take his place in your deal and he will leave, Else I will take his throne instead. Dosia, I do not love you, and I do not care if you are set aside and forgotten about. But I now want to accept your offer that you gave me a long time ago.” He paused and glanced away, debating whether he should give her a reason or not. Over all he decided he should, just so she wouldn’t think he was trying to take what she’d offered the Blue King.

“Like this,” He motioned to himself, with claws and glowing eyes, and horns and wings and a tail. “I will have no place, but as your supporter.. At least I will get a chance to live out the remainder of my life without being hunted. Accept my help and you will lose no power, I won’t ask for any high claim or for your hand in anything. I only ask when all is said and done, that you let me live in your shadow in peace..” He paused again, holding her gaze before looking away. The capital was only a short distance away and they would be there in just a few minutes if he flew. So when she did finally take his hand, he walked with her out of the tunnel before holding her close and taking flight without a second thought. There was no time for him to reconsider, and there was no time for him to hesitate.

Eric’s reasoning showed that he only cared for himself, but the pity he felt for her also showed that he still had some humanity left in him, that was also an underlying reason why he was helping her. Once they arrived at the castle, he set her down and immediately stepped away, walking back towards the castle and heading straight towards the Throne Room. the three kings were still there, despite having already sent orders out for their soldiers to begin returning home. “It is done, she is here.” He said loudly and clearly, and he could see the pleasure and content from each of the greedy men. “But I’ve had some time to think,” He said, catching them off guard as he spoke his claim. “And I’ve decided that I shall take her as my own.”

“WHAT?!” The first king to react he assumed was the blue king, so Eric turned and fixed his demonic gaze on him.

“Oh right, I heard about the agreement that you two have, and I’ve decided that I won’t be honoring that. If you want her and this kingdom, then you will half to duel me for it.”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 257d 11h 41m 42s
It had been a long time since the last time Theodore visited this island. His family sold pearls and became richer and richer through ages but did not move out of here for it was a safe haven for lurkers of the night like them. He stepped into the sand and glanced back to make sure Valerie had noticed the mansion too. "On the other side of the hill, there is a village and port." He explained in case she needed some supplies. Theodore then led her through the small forest, where it was noisy with life, and bugs abused her uncovered skin to take some blood. Theodore saw how uncomfortable she was and not wanting her to get some sort of allergy, he took her shoulder and pulled her close under his cloak. They walked together for twenty minutes before they reached the hill to climb up. Valerie could barely catch up with him so Theodore bent over slightly and pulled her on his back to carry her up. After ten other minutes they were on top of the hill and in front of the huge but empty mansion. The giant door was covered with opportunistic plants which he easily cut off with his claws and revealed a door handle in shape of the eye that had been on his sword. He bit his own hand and let it bleed, touching the handle. The eye opened and the handle turned, the door unlocking with a sharp [b click]. The vampire stepped into the front room and it was obvious it needed a serious cleaning. He set her down to let her roam freely. "Upstairs, choose a room for yourself. The one locked with the eye is of course mine and you are not allowed in. Never. Once you choose a room, clean it. There are cleaning utilities somewhere..." He glanced around, seeing the dusty paintings of his ancestors before turning to make his leave. "I will go get some food. Your room is going be to clean and ready once I come back, Hm?" This was his very first order in the mansion which was more like talking to a kid before Theodore left Valerie alone to explore.

This was her home now and how she got used to live here is another story to be told.

Negomin immediately jumped into the new Ryuu's hug and smiled up at him as she did not mind their bodies be so close. They only had each other now and she was going to enjoy every single moment with him. Negomin pulled herself up before planting a passionate kiss on his lips to seal their love for eternity. This was indeed one happy ending for the two. They had found their ow paradise and they deserved to live peacefully and with no worries from now on.

Dosia was silent, not reacting when Eric joined her as she watched the paintings which were twlling the story of an important marriage between races which produced new races like Shapeshifters. It was some sort of an arranged marriage with benefits and destined for the two. The queen stayed in front of the scene of marriage for a longer time before she sighed softly.

"Once I go back...I will have to marry the 'Blue King' as I have promised to do so in return for his army." Dosia bit her lips, feeling like she betrayed Sorit by not telling him so when she did. What she said next, sounded more like a scared naive girl. "I...I have no idea what is going to happen next...I will lose most of my authority to the new king and...and I have heard he has a harem...A harem that he once massacred simply because he wanted to...He could easily fill it up again...And I will be forgotten among...among others...until he gets bored again and accuses me of betrayal to have me killed too. I no more have my loyal men...nobodg will support me. The good ones are gone and...the castle will be filled with strangers from other nations...." Suddenly Dosia sobbed and knelt down. "This is the least I can do for my country but...but...I never imagined I would end up like that. Never...never...loved And treated object. Never taken seriously....and merely to be a fake face to Deloriak and an entertain to the king I never knew of before." She was not sure why she was telling these to Eric who could care less. She just wanted to pour it out before accepting her fate. Dosia starter crying quietly, ashamed of herself for dreaming of marrying the one she loved the most like a little girl.
  valkyira / 257d 16h 18m 4s
Valerie glanced around and peered and the canon rocks, the red sandy color with slight variations between each layer of stone. It had been a long time since she’d visited this side of the empire. She didn’t respond to Theodore’s tired suggestion and she only held onto the reins tighter, still glancing around, knowing she was now a stranger in these lands. She didn’t look back at Theodore till she felt him lean forwards against her and his soft breaths breezing past her. She glanced at him and saw how deeply asleep he was. He was just as exhausted as she was, if not more so and she looked a head again, sighing. She wanted to rest, she really did, but she couldn’t with only one of them awake. Their horse may be stolen right out from under them if she closed her eyes for too long. She noticed the people walking on the path with them, seeing their strange fruits and woven clothes, but they didn’t pay her staring any mind and eventually they reached the a sea side port. It probably had been a great trading port when it was built but now it seemed only good for local goods to sell to locals and those who traveled there.

As they reached the outskirts of the port, Valerie felt Theodore shift and slip before he awoke with a start. She glanced at him again as he murmured mostly to himself and after a few minutes they arrived at the docks of the port. The Vampire got down from the horse first before he helped his prize down and at his question, Valerie began to speak. “No I’ve never…” But he had already turned away and walked off towards a fisherman to speak about prices. She watched him and walked to him when he motioned for her to come over. She didn’t expect him to suddenly pull her top dress off to use as a bargaining chip. She quickly crossed her arms up to cover over her chest. The dress she had on was indeed shorter since the skirt only reached just below her knees and the top was very revealing, being low cut to match the sewn in corset that slimmed out her figure. It had no sleeves and the fabric wasn’t as thick or as fine as the dress Theodore had taken off of her. She narrowed her eyes at him slightly, her arms still covering her cleavage that was showing but she waited silently, there was no use trying to berate him with the situation they were in, but she didn’t understand why he couldn’t have just sold the horse.

When they were given the boat, Valerie waited for Theodore to get in first before carefully following after him. She was acutely aware of how she looked now, but the slimmer dress she had on wasn’t at all dirty from the travel. Which was nice, but she still felt in decent. The rocking and swaying of the boat was sickening and she felt her stomach flip with nauseating fear. But they didn’t have as far to go as she thought. Just as soon as the port was out of sight, another shoreline came into view and Valerie watched as the island grew bigger and bigger as they rowed closer and closer. Soon they were close enough to beach the boat and Theodore jumped out into the shallow water with ease, motioning for Valerie to do the same so he could pull the old wooden boat onto shore. She staggered a little getting out, feeling the water splash and soak through the bottom of the skirt, but she didn’t pay too much attention to that. What she was instead looking at was the mansion built up on a hill through the forest grove that separated it from the shoreline. She didn’t know that Theodore’s family had owned this and she didn’t know that this was where they were going to live.

Ryuu’s dragon form swooped down as Negomin pointed towards the lake excitedly and he watched her jump down to the grass as he landed, bolting towards the water and jumping in without a second thought. He settled down on the grass contently, watching Negomin enjoy herself till she invited him to change forms and join her. He too had his own human form, but the human Ryuu that Negomin had met would stay asleep for a long time. When she looked towards him with a tilted head, he stood and his body morphed, becoming a human shape with the same jet black hair and icy blue eyes, except his face looked different, and the scars he had on his dragon form were still visible on his human body.

But that didn’t bother him much. With a grinning smile, and no clothes on either, he took several powerful strides towards the lake shore, bounding into the water before it was deep enough for him to dive under. He resurfaced quickly and shook out his hair, looking back at Negomin with great content as the two ancients stood together in the waist high water. He agreed that this place was perfect and it was also safe, far from any of the old troubles they had recently left behind.

Eric smiled a little less but he didn’t feel any less amused. She was going to be stubborn but he wouldn’t give up just because she said she’d ignore him like a bug. He chuckled as she began walking, stomping away irritably and he sauntered along after her, carelessly watching her walk till she fell through the ground with a sharp scream. Immediately Eric raced forwards cursing and he looked down through the hole to see if she was alright. She apparently was since she was standing back up and walking out of his line of sight. With gritted teeth, he yanked off his gloves and clawed at the ground, making the hole bigger so he could fit through and once he could, Eric dropped down into the tunnel after her.

He saw Dosia a few meters away, looking at the paintings and only having seen the beginning of the tunnel’s on the mountain top, he slowly joined her, gazing over the painting also trying to figure out the story. He felt a slight breeze through the tunnel and looked towards the way it was coming from. They had been going north but this tunnel seemed to be going east, towards the capital. If they continued along, looking as the painting progressed they would soon be where Eric was trying to get Dosia in the first place. So he didn’t disturb her as continued looking at the painting, eventually moving on to the next and the next and he slowly, quietly followed after her, his golden eyes blazing in the dark.
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The borders neighbouring with the 'Blood Rock lands' were not guarded for it was not much of a threat. Only a few peaceful clans lived there, worshipping their own gods and barely interacting with anyone outside. Their lands were not rich so it was a waste of soldiers to attack there so the clans were left alone. Theodore had an eye on the sky when they entered the vacant rocky lands, knowing that some wild vultures were there that could pick up a full grown man. He pulled over his hood to protect himself from the burning sun. "You better take a nap. I can't tire the horse in this heat by forcing it to rise so it will be a slow journey." The vampire emotionlessly suggested as he lazily yawned, a bit bored by the repeated rock scenes. Some huge vultures flew above them but the presnece of a vampire was odd for them so they preferred not to risk anything.

After half an hour Valerie felt him lean on her back as his soft deep breaths hit her head. He had fallen sleep. As a vampire day meant bedtime for him and he had already skipped too many sleeps in the recent stressful days. His arms slowly wrapped around her waist instinctively to keep his balance as his sleep became deeper. Eventually some people with baskets of strange fruits passed them but paid the two travellers no attention.

After an hour Theodore jumped a bit, waking up since his head slipped from hers. Blinking he looked around, smelling the salty smell of the sea. "Oh." He murmured. He had actually fallen sleep. Theodore unwrapped his arms from her waist without a word and made the horse go faster. Soon the port appeared with a few boats for rent and no ships...since no merchants travelled to here. He stopped the horse and climbed down, helping Valerie to get off. "Have you ever travelled on sea?" Yet he didn't wait for an answer and headed to a fisherman, talking about prices. He did not have any money but he glanced at Valerie's clothes which were from fine cloths. He gestured to her to come closer and immediately took off a layer, leaving her with the dress beneath it which she probably never showed up in it in public for it covered less of her royal body. But the vampire could care less about her boundaries and just handed over the dress which could be a nice gift for the fisherman's wife even if it was torn.

It was a deal and the boat was theirs. It was an old one, barely having balance but Theodore easily got in it and helped her to follow him. He started rowing in silence, letting Valerie sleep if she could in all those shakes and the slight water going in the wooden boat.

Negomin was even more excited seeing those green lands which were unknown to her and she jumped up and down, pointing at a lake below. "Over there! Over there! It is surrounded by pretty trees!" She dreamily described it. When Ryuu landed down, she jumped down and ran to the lake jumping right in it without having trouble to take off clothes because...she already did not have anything on. "Oooohhhhh! It feels so good! Ryuu you should join in too!" She then noticed his huge body which could make a tsunami in the lake. "Ummm...Doesn't your human want to join in?" Negomin tilted her head, not knowing how two independent souls work.

Dosia could not believe him. Was he actually going to follow her everywhere? Well, she was not going to retreat. She could be as stubborn as him. "Oh? Is that so? Wipe off that smirk, because I can just ignore your presnece like you are some sort of a fly! Hear that? A fly!" The queen stomped off to north, not really going where she wanted to go but just wanted to show Eric he was not the boss. Too bad she was too tired to shaoeshift. She just had to keep walking and walking and..."Ah!" She felt the ground disappearing beneath her feet and she fell into a hole, screaming. Dosia landed hard on her behind and groaned, looking around. She was in one of those ancient tunnels dug by the Dark. Earlier she did not have the time to watch the paintings but now she just wanted to waste time so she just entertained herself by observing the paintings and trying to figure out the stories.
  Johar / valkyira / 258d 1h 53m 47s
Valerie felt the Vampire pick her up with ease again and she was too exhausted to protest. Not like she’d want to anyways. She still didn’t know where they were going and still couldn’t being herself to ask. It was like she was losing all of her sharp vibrance that she’d showed him only a few times before. She didn’t seem to notice all of the hopeful life around them and she only noticed as Theodore took off her shoes, making her toes curl with discomfort when she saw for herself how blistered and swollen her feet really were. She gave a soft sigh as she was sat by the river bank and she looking up at her keeper as he told her to wait and rest.

“Alright.” She quietly said and watched him walk away. With an uncaring glance around, leaning back from the river and eventually lying down. She closed her eyes to rest and didn’t barely noticed the two pairs of footsteps nearby. Somehow she noticed it but now she really didn’t care. She didn’t care until the younger brother splashed water on her. That made her look up, before slowly sitting up and she looked towards the two boys silently. She heard the older brother apologize and she saw the younger brother wave, but the once Powerful Queen was hardly a shell of her former self. She sighed again and looked up when she heard Theodore coming back. She hesitantly put her shoes back on before she stood and she didn’t say anything as he helped her up in front of him and they took off towards the border.

Ryuu thought for a moment before turning his course over lands they didn’t know the names of. He knew of a lake on a mountain side, one that he remembered was teeming with life. He wasn’t sure if it would see be there and as alive as he remembered it, but as the got farther and farther away from the destroyed kingdoms, there was more and more life below. Which was promising for both of them.

Eric lowered his hand as Dosia stubbornly turned her back to him, crossing her arms and stalking a few steps away from him. He rolled his eyes as she continued talking and he walked calmly after her, unable to help himself but smirk as she continued by swearing at him. He stopped when she turned around to face him, pointing accusingly and he held his smirk finally shaking his head and chuckling a bit.

“I’m not meant to scare you. Though I suppose my appearance could be scary.” He smiled, watching her scowl at him and begin to turn away. “But I must insist you come back.”

“No.” She snapped over her shoulder.

“You must-.”

“I’m not going anywhere with [i You!]” She shot back, cutting him off and he sighed again.

“Then I guess I’m going with you.” He remarked and she looked over her shoulder, glaring daggers at him. “If you won’t come with me then I must go with you, just to keep you safe.” He added snarkily and he gave her another grin, one that probably made her want to slap him even more.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 258d 8h 21m 25s
Arms scooped Valerie up and Theodore carried the worn out woman through the last trees of the woods before they met the green plains which still had their river alive, giving the Light hope of surviving the hard years ahead. The vampire walked to it and with one hand took off Valerie's shoes to reveal her slightly swollen but delicate feet before gently sitting her on river side and letting her feet feel the soothing water. "There are surely some horses around. I can smell them nearby. Try to rest until I find one." He ordered his prize and left her. Some passing by fishes poked at her fingers and soon lost interest. She then heard steps approaching. They were light and quick. Two small elven brothers ran to the river side, ignoring her and started drinking the refreshing water. Their clothes were once from fine class but now it was torn and dirty. It was a rare thing to see young elves. They barely reproduced for they aged so many years themselves. The younger brother finally noticed Valerie's presnece and stared at her. The older one was busy washing his face and hands. The little one suddenly grinned mischivously and kicked in the river, splashing water all over the former queen.

"Wake up already!" He giggled. The older one flicked his head with a frown. "I am sorry ma'am. I don't know what has gotten into him.Come on, bro!" He pulled the smaller one along and they walked away. "Don't just mess with anyone you meet. Did you see those eyes? What if she was a lunatic?"
"I just wanted to cheer her up. Her eyes were sad..." The little elf protested and looked back at her, waving his hand goodbye.

Minutes later after the elves left, Theodore came with a brown, white spotted horse. "Climb up." He helped her to sit in front of him and soon they rode to the borders of Light nation on the other side.

Negomin hugged one of his clawed fingers as they were in the sky, her hair dancing in the wind. "It feels weird to get a free ride from another dragon~" She giggled and watched the Light nation beneath them, ruined and destructed. Well, they could always rebuild it but she was not sure if it would be as strong as the legendary Light nation. She sighed and looked forward again. "Hey, where are we going to live? I love fishing. Maybe near a lake!" She cheerfully suggested, everything seemed okay as long as she was with her dragon fellow.

Dosia frowned at the hand reached out to her and turned her back to it, folding her arms on her chest stubbornly. "Oh well I refuse to cooperate with someone who has murdered my men. You have interfered enough and don't think I will forgive you for that." She made steps to another random direction. "And you know what?" She was trembling in rage. "I don't give a fuck you don't give a fuck I forgive you or not." There, She had said her first swears and it felt good. Though, her face was dark red for talking like that in front of a...male. "So farewell Eric. I am not coming with you. This is the least I can after all these troubles you made.It is ridiculous how you still can stand oh" She turned to face him, pointing at him accusingly with a red frustrated face. "Like this. Like [b You.] Like... you are so important and everyone should just...listen to you...And don't think your new appearance scares me! You know whag? It suits you and your demonic behaviour, you selfish man! Ugh, I could slap you over and over!"
  valkyira / 258d 11h 49m 4s
Valerie didn’t say anything to his obvious statement, she just continued looked down and walking along side of him. She knew she shouldn’t feel this comfortable being so close to something who only wanted her blood. But at the moment, beggars couldn’t be choosy, so it was either this or an agonizing existence alone. She didn’t think she’d be able to handle staying alone again. She didn’t look back up till they both felt and heard the distant shakes in the distance.

It made the former royal wince as she realized everything was finally lost. Everything. She forced herself not to look in the direction that the sounds and feeling had come from and she kept walking, trying to keep her pace steady while gradually slowing down. Theodore of course wasn’t slowing down, he still had much more energy than she did. Eventually it could be noticed that she was a few steps behind him again, her breathing slow and quiet, but deliberate as she forced herself to keep walking.

Immediately after the chains and guardians and the mark on the ground vanished, Ryuu swiftly stepped forwards towards the fallen Negomin. She had been weakened immensely but they had completed the curse to keep Karim from coming back. He gently pushed past her hand at her words and nudged his snout against her body, his gaze softening. He too felt the weakening waves pass through them and he shifted back up, looking around before turning his attention back to Negomin.

There wasn’t anything they could do about the weapon, so the only thing they could do together was run. Slowly, he stepped closer to her side and lowered himself down, holding out his large clawed hand to carry her since she couldn’t fly herself right now. Once she was ready, he opened his weathered wings and took off, flying far from the source of their discomfort and continuing on even when they couldn’t feel it anymore.

Eric glanced over as Dosia sounded a more concerned about him than she probably should be and he looked away as she managed to make herself stand. “I saved you because I was asked to find you.” He said evenly, turning back towards her with his wings closed on his back and his tail flicking. “There are those that think you should hear the good news.” He added and he saw she was about to speak again when there was a loud boom from the mountain and the ground shook. Eric braced himself against the shaking and he felt her leaning onto him for support. Once the shaking was done, he saw the light blush that was left on her face and he couldn’t help but smile a little arrogantly as she pulled away.

“I’ve already told you that I’m not going to kill you.” He pointed out and chuckled a little. “And that was the good news. The war is over, and the Light has fallen.” He distracted himself a little by wiping at his face and his eyes and he looked back at her with purpose. “Now, I was asked to bring you back to your capital, just to ensure that I wouldn’t [i interfere] with the war again. Heh… Like I’d want to…” He mused and turned towards her, holding his hand out for her to take so he could go back with her.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 258d 12h 39m 8s
Theodore didn't expect to hear the familiar song in such a sweet voice. He could use to her singing. He did not glance at her while she was singing, letting far far memories flash in front of his eyes. They seemed to different from his current condition but he could no more feel anything about them. Once she was done, the vampire turned his head towards and watched her exhausted face before looking ahead again. "We might need a horse."

Unable to see what Karim exactly did as his last chance to leave a 'gift' in this world, Negomin suddenly felt too heavy to keep herself in air and fell all the way down. The guardians immediately disappeared like they never existed and the mark vanished. The female dragon was panting heavily as she slowly turned into her human form to save her breath. The now short girl shakily got on her knees and looked around to see that Karim was no more there. It was over. They had actually done it. Now that her powers had been decreased significantly, the balance of the world was no more affected heavily; So slowly, the clouds started scattering around with a breeze and earthquakes stopped in different parts of the Light nation.

"Ryuu...We did it." Negomin smiled, feeling much lighter now in heart. She carefully stood up and stumbled towards the dragon, placing a hand on his scales. "Now we can live together forever without worrying about a thi-" The same waves passed through them this time a bit more strongly and she shivered since she had been already weakened. They still didn't know where these waves came from but Negomin felt too tired to even fly. They had done the hard part of getting rid of the All Demon, now the rest of the beings had to save their lands.

Dosia was struggling to hold herself above the water, gulping down water in process when she felt being helped up. The young shifter wrapped her arms around Eric so she would not be separated and half swam half floated with the support of the demon. She did not notice him gaining more strength all of sudden as she was more focused on keeping herself awake in her dizziness. The waves started bothering her less as they get further and she was pulled out after a while. Coughing and panting, Dosia wiped off the water from her face and looked to her side, seeing Eric observing himself. She hesitated before asking, "Is..something wrong? Are you injured?" She bit her lips, sounding more concerned than she wanted to be. Eric was her enemy. He had always been. She was the queen of Deloriak and could not feel thankful just because her individual life was saved. Many soldiers died because of him and she was not allowed to feel any comfortable in his presnece if she loved her people.

So she forces herself to stand and wobbled slightly yet managed. Dosia looked away, keeping a safe distance from Eric. "So, why did you save my life?" She knew it could anger him and change his mind by the cold tone she was using but she had to honor Deloriak's warriors and befriending the enemy was not an option. Before she could talk again, she heard a loud boom, Deloriak shaking by the force. It was from the mountains...the weapon was shooting the energy towards Light nation's deadly forests. It was over now. Dosia stumbled as the ground shook beneath her feet and she bumped into him, leaning on Eric for support. The naive woman was reddening as she felt his body over the wet dress she was wearing. She just hoped he was not noticing her foolish embarrassment. Her heart skipped just like when she had fell right into his lap on the night of the Ball.

Maybe she was never fit to be a good ruler.

She was against him for way too long as an accident should be so she just pulled herself away and huffed half heartedly. "Whether you kill us or not, the war is now over."

Theodore felt the wild shakes and fell over, the sound of something exploding far away around the capital reaching his ears. The confused vampire held his head, realising this shake was quite different.

The forests around the Capital...and even half of the capital became a scene of tragedy. Nothing was everything had been vaporized. Light nation was now defenceless and fallen...soon Goldenaria would use this chance and enter the now vacant dead lands of the forests safely. The Light race could even extinct. It was one bloody end for the nation that had been the richest and strongest over centuries.
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"Can you sing?” That question caught her off guard and Valerie glanced over hesitantly, looking at Theodore. “Sing something from the past." He said almost immediately after she nodded yes. At this request, Valerie looked away from him for a few moments before lightly humming and eventually softly singing out an old song. It was a traveling song from long ago, An Ode To Canter that only someone from the far past would remember. She sang it quietly but because there was hardly any other sound, it was easy to hear the old melody. The Ode wasn’t particularly long but it did pass the time, that was till Valerie finished and let the last note trail off.

Karim was still dancing around the circle of guardians, being care not to pass through any of them again since that had put him off balance. But something interrupted him and he looked at the ancient mark burnt into the ground. It took him a moment to realize what was about to happen, but soon the ringing of bells reached his ears and all at once, searing chains wrapped around him. They caught his arms, and legs, and wings, and wrapping around his torso for good measure. “[b No.]” He growled as the chains pierced into his soul and dragged him to the center of the symbol. “[b No, no! Not again! NO!]” He bellowed, his thunderous voice rising to a roar of stubborn protest. But the portal had already opened and he felt Lilith’s song called to him, the shadows reaching to bring him back.

The curse was almost finished now, but Karim wouldn’t leave without giving one more dreadful gift. He still had Valerie’s feather in hand and since the object had been apart of her wings, a connection between the waking world and the one between, he decided he could use it to deliver his last gift. The feather snapped easily in his clawed hands and moment’s before he was pulled completely through, he flung his arms out, tossing something back. Whatever he had thrown could be felt but it couldn’t be seen and it shot off away from the curse, unhindered by the magic that had been in Valerie feather. He then was pulled completely though and the ancient mark sealed, sending him back to the dying world of Muerte.

Because Ryuu had been marked as well, he’d seen what Karim had thrown. It was a piece of his soul and the majority of his dark power that hadn't been stripped away by the distant weapon. The gift traveled fast across the two territories, attaching itself to the only other demonic blood there was. Eric.

Eric didn’t realize what was going on till something washed over him and he felt a burst of strength move through him. Dark energy now radiated from him and he could feel the pain that the Weapon had cause now fading. All that right before Dosia dragged them both into the river. The cold water shocked his senses but his body moved and kept his head above the water. Gasping for breath and regaining his bearings, he looked around for Dosia. He spotted her farther down the river from him and he left his body be swept to her through the currents. When he reached her, he helped hold her head above the water till they were far enough away from the weapon.

He eventually pulled them both from the river and he managed to catch his breath, getting up slowly and glancing down at his gloved hands since he felt different and couldn’t place why.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 258d 19h 48m 39s
So it had some sort of range, that was relieving. It meant the source was not moving and itnwas months natire' s doing. Theodore noticed her gaining her pace back and now she was walking by his side. Valerie was so quiet for obvious reasons and she was so much different from Romeo. Not that he liked that annoyingly cheerful vampire but he always kept talking and talking, forgetting the problems. He finally broke the silence, a bit awkwardly asking her the unexpected,

"Can you sing? Sing something from the past."

Negomin was now flying faster, the world spinning around her but she could not stop. It was like she now more had her own will and each wave that passed only wavered her slightly, making the toll of the curse harder on her. Now the ghosts had surrounded the trio, some jingling bell like objects and it rang in their ears. Negomin felt a sharp thing pass through her and she shrieked out in pain. A giant ghost like spear had pierced through her soul, marking her for the one who casts the curse and it would add a stain on her forever. She felt her energy leaving the energy...The guardians were taking half of her soul in that case she could...die...

Her death was absolute if Minerva had not stepped forward. She admired Karim, yes. But now she was one heartbroken girl who hated anyone who started a war...Because bloodshed changed her darling Theo forever. Minerva's fragments of soul was gone forever and the only thing that remained of her was the physical shape of Negomin's human form.

The dragon desperately flapped her wings as her eyes glowed, losing her powers along. She could no more devour souls for she was impure with a curse.

Once they were done with her, an ancient mark burnt on the ground and judgement of Karim started. They did not quite considered what we normally call sins but simply the things he had done to destroy the balance. Even choosing a human woman as his wife, letting the child live, activating the power within the child and breaking his seal coming back and many other things. Chains shot from the guardians and the bells made louder noises as the chains chased Karim to pierce through his soul too. Some chains wrapped around Ryuu too and only inflicted a bit of pain to the human Ryuu sleeping in him for his own sins of interfering in strong spells. Though Negomin was not planning on it, his soul was marked too. It could bring problems later but that is whole another story.

The chains on Karim started pulling out an orb out of him...A shadowy orb. The ability to travel through dimensions...something that Lilith had sung into him. Then the ground started shaking, cracking and opening as the swirling portal of Muerte appeared, long hands shot out of the portal and started dragging Karim in...

Dosia kept coming back and forth between world of sleep and reality, barely recognizing her surroundings as she was carried around with effort. She could not even quite understand what actually was happening and who was moving her. Everything was blurry in her sight and she felt too heavy to try and move. For one moment she thought she could feel the wind lashing at her face before they fell and she felt something huge covering her form. Now that they were further from the source, She could move her hand and touched the thing over her. It felt leatherly and warm. His wing. She blinked several times now seeing his pained expression. "E...ric?" She whispered and asked herself a few times why he saved her. Dosia noticed that something more than the weapon was bothering her and the queen forced herself to get on her knees to look around for a way to escape the waves. Her head was hurting like hell and Dosia had trouble focusing but at last she saw a river nearby. They could use the stream.

The young shifter grabbed on Eric's arm and struggled to drag him to the riverside. She then laid down again, catching her breath before working on the heavy armor he is that could make him sink. She had some trouble taking it off but finally managed to. "One...two..." She whispered before pushing themselves into the river, letting it take them away from the mountain. She just hoped they would manage to hold up their heads.
  valkyira / 259d 15h 56m 21s
Valerie looked up as Theodore began to turn away and she knew he expected her to follow. Tiredly, she sighed and slowly stood to trail after him. She hadn’t gotten a moment’s rest since he took her from the cabin Johar had left her in. She was so tired, but there was no rest for the wicked. She continued to follow him, only stumbling a few times when the strange feeling reached them. As they got farther away, it’s effects became weaker and weaker. Soon she could only feel a small shiver from the waves and it didn’t look like they were bothering Theodore any more. Feeling a little better now, she picked up her pace until she was at his side, but she didn’t say anything. She only walked with him, her eyes set on the far horizon.

Karim’s glaring gaze followed Negomin up as she took to the air but Ryuu stole his attention by lunging forwards again, snapping his powerful jaws at the demon’s wings and forcing him out of the shadows. He was now grinning again as he danced backwards from the chasing dragon and he moved quickly out of the way as the blue and black dragon lunged again. That’s when he passed through something that made his blood freeze in his veins and his golden eyes flash with surprise. A ghostly figure, whispering ancient words. It turned to face him after he’d stepped back from it and he was partially distracted by the stunning realization.

Guardians. The next wave caught him off guard and he turned sharply towards it again, only to see Ryuu’s tail right before it struck him and sent him flying back a few dozen meters. The attack had knocked him back into the moment, literally and the All Demon hissed with quiet amusement. He’d lost his touch but it shouldn’t take long to get it back. As he thought this, he saw the burning glow in the back of Ryuu’s throat and he leapt aside just as the jet of flames scorch the ground where he had landed.

With narrowed eyes, the All Demon decided to turn on the offensive and he weaved back towards Ryuu. Narrowly ducking under the ancient’s snapping jaws, he reached for the dragon’s side and dug his claws deep through the armored scales. Ryuu gave a bellowing roar and turned to snap at the all demon, but he’d already slipped under him to the other side, dragging his claws and ripping a wound across the dragon's belly. Ryuu opened his wings and beat them down, trying to catch Karim off guard but he had already moved again and was stepping out from another shadow, cackling.

“[b Come on then! You useless lizard! Show me your worst. Show me why you get to survive the ages!]” He jeered and stepped back again as Ryuu whirled around to attack him. More and more guardian’s were appearing but now Karim just seemed to be playing with them, giving Ryuu a few more shallow wounds as he was chased around through the trees, buying Negomin more time to make the curse work.

Eric winced at the way Dosia sounded and he groaned again as another wave washed over them. “We have to go… And.. Get away from it.” He panted, drawing on his reserves of energy to make himself stand and pull Dosia up with him. Breathing hard, he began to half guide, half carry her away from the weapon and his limbs trembled from the effort it was taking to move. The more he tried to push through the more the weapon seemed to be taking from him. Gritting his teeth, he wasn’t sure if he should try to stop and wait of keep going. Neither option was good and Dosia may die if he stopped. With a stubborn and pained growl, he turned to the young shape shifter and scooped her up. They needed to get away and fast.

“Hold.. on…” He told her and soon the world around them seemed to slow but also go by in meer seconds. Immediately, Eric felt his body screaming for him to stop, just like it would if he pushed past his first two warning when he was still mostly human. But now he didn’t know what would happen to him if he ignored it. Any he was about to find out. The world then suddenly spun and he didn’t realize he was falling till they hit the ground and rolled, waves of pain greeting him the moment he stopped on his side. That mixed with the waves from the weapon, felt agonizing to him and his hold loosened on Dosia. The weapon didn’t hurt as much now, but it still put him off balanced and he needed a few long moments before he could try to get back up.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 259d 18h 21m 45s
Theodore observed her as Valerie spoke up. He was not quite convinced with her apologies but she couldn't do anything more than that. His eyes softened slightly, though his expression did not change and he still had his emotionless face. The vampire looked up at the dark sky, not even one star glowing. It was trully like the end of the world. "Learn....yes, indeed. You will learn and change, it is an absolute fact for all alive beings but getting better? Well, it is too soon to judge, that did not happen for me." He felt the wave again and gritted his teeth. "We should hurry. We don't know what the source of this...feeling is but whatever it is, it is for no good. I wonder if it has a limited range or not. Come on. I am not going to carry you all the way, I have not gotten myself a weakling." He turned away and started walking with a fast pace, expecting her to follow.

Negomin was triggered when he mentioned that [b dragons] were causing this chaos. No. This couldn't be true. She still belonged here. Unlike him,...who had done way too many sins...Creating a hybrid above it all. No wait, He was just playing with their minds. She was not going to let him in her head. Snarling, the female dragon swiftly turned her head to spot Karim coming out of shadows. He could still teleport himself. If only they could cripple his wings and close the dimensions to him...The curse could trap him in one dimension but it needed a price. Any price. Negomin made up her mind, half of her powers for cursing the All Demon, trapping him where he belonged, the dying world of Muerte. She would not be able to fight after that and had to begin the curse anytime soon since something else was already sucking on her. "Very well, Karim. We will which blood is richer in killing the other!" Negomin roared to the sky and flew up, talking in dragon language to Ryuu. "Aim for his wings. They grant him speed! Don't let him have the time to vanish! We have no choice I am cursing him!" She flew in a circle with a fast pace, making a small whirlwind under her wings as she let out ear tearing roars towards Karim. She was calling on the guardians and swearing to their names. Slowly, figures started appearing..Ghost like figures who were whispering ancient words.

Dosia wabted to feel relief when he told her he was not there to kill her but she felt that she was going to die anyway by the deadly weapon. How much magic it needed? She felt very tired and was so close to lose her concious when she jolted by his hand in her shoulder. Dosia barely focused her eyes on Eric, hopelessness waving in her eyes. "I don't" At least he was not killed by Eric and could be alive but...with these waves...was he in pain? Her heart ached again. "Th-this...was save...Deloriak..." She did not try to hide anything, maybe because it was too late to stop the invention. The crystal could explode if somebody messed with it. The engineer had warned her. "" She found it too hard to keep sitting up and suddenly fell on his chest, whining weakly. " sides..." She started losing consciousness as the crystal's capacity was becoming full, its color darkening since Eric and Karim's power were overwhelming.
  valkyira / 259d 23h 26m 27s
Valerie winced as Theodore got up off of her after falling and she looked away from his berating words. She grimmest at his bitter laugh and she gave a quiet sigh. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, still not looking back at him. “I’m sorry that you’ve lost your sword, and I’m sorry that I’m not more thankful. I know it’s more trouble than i’m worth now, for the Light and Dark, for you, and for [i him.] It would have been better for you if you let him kill me.”

She swallowed and sat up, one of her hands going back up to rub her neck, which felt raw and ached. Valerie didn’t think that Karim would come back after them for a long time, but she knew fully well that she was dragging him into this when she made that first promise to Theodore. “I don’t want to live miserably,” She finally confessed, her voice soft and ruthful. “I have no choice now. But I can learn, and i can be better…” She still didn’t look back at Theodore and swallowed, shivering as another wave reached them.

Karim was seemingly jolted back into the moment as Negomin slammed her claws near him. He narrowed his eyes at her and straightened up, no longer bracing himself for attack. He glanced over his shoulder towards Ryuu who had also started to move forwards threateningly and he gave a quiet laugh. “[b Who are you to say that I don’t have a place here.]” He grinned and his golden eyes shown with a clear challenge to her words. “[b This world isn’t falling into chaos because of me. It’s falling apart because of the little insignificant lives that have ruined the land and relics like you who won’t. Just. Die.]”

Ryuu gave a snarling roar at Karim’s insulting remark and he lunged for the All Demon, only to land on the spot where he had been standing and the two dragons heard a taunting chuckle behind them. Karim stepped out of the shadows of the trees around them and he had his teeth bared in another grin. “[b So dear ancients, tell me, do you really want to go down this road? It is in my blood to kill your kind and I do not fear your judgement.]” He ended with a low hiss as another wave passed through them and his mocking expression darkened.

“Dosia…” He repeated, staggering back to his feet and braced himself next to a tree as another wave forced the breath from him. He didn’t hear her first question, he only noticed her crying and frightened expression. Was she hurt? No she didn’t look like it. But maybe she knew what was going on. He tried to go to her and collapsed to his knees under the strange strain his soul was going through. She had scooted back from him and was now crying quietly, begging that he had mercy. Mercy… Did she think…? Eric looked up at her for a moment, his gaze focused on her and he understood what she thought he was there for.

“Wait.” He breathed, groaning as he tried to stand up again and he made his way over to her, seeing her shaking and closing her eyes tightly as another wave brought him back down to his knees next to her. “Calm down. I’m not- I’m not here to kill you…” He managed, placing a gloved hand on her shoulder to make sure she was listening. “But what is going on? Why are you alone? … Where is your captain and what is- Rrrhh, what is that?”
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