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Virtuous Sins [ Limited Space! ]

The Orphanage Of Sins And Virtues. A place dubbed for the children that live there. Each one seeming to possess one of the seven sins and virtues. Most of them are not real orphans, their parents are still living, but they found themselves unable to handle their children. To other people, the orphanage is like a mental facility, though it only hosts fourteen children. Said children are rarely ever seen, all of them are home schooled by the Nurse that has taken care of them since they were little. Now, ranging between the ages of 16-20, the fourteen children are experiencing the full power of their sins and virtues that they supposedly possess, experiencing things with each other, finding feelings that they hadn't known existed. It is said that once the child's sin or virtue is broken, they will be able to leave the Orphanage if they choose to do so.


1. No cybering. PM or timeskip.
2. Real pictures, please!
3. At least semi-lit. Try your best to use proper grammar and spelling. Try to get 2 paragraphs at the very least. If you have writers block, then less is understandable.
4. Post regularly, and try not to take a really long time to reply. If you're going to be away for a while, please let me know.
5. Drama is encouraged! Keep things realistic.
6. Violence? If you want. I like the idea of a bit of violence.
7. Each Virtue will be romantically paired up with their Sin counterpart. What happens with that relationship is entirely up to you.
8. Sins can by male or female, as can Virtues. There's no set gender.
9. Yaoi, yuri, and het pairings are all accepted.
10. Be creative and have fun!
Please post Sinfully Virtuous in your skeleton to prove you've read all the rules.


Age: 16-20
Anything else?:

Accepted Characters



Name: Lyrica Starr Odin
Age: 16
Birthday: July 23rd
Hometown: Bristol, England
Sin/Virtue: Chastity
Mini-bio: Born to a family of five older brothers, Lyrica's parents had known the little girl was special from the moment she arrived in the world. At the age of eleven, the specialities had become more and more noticeable, and more and more incontrollable. She would freak out over everything that seemed impure. Over the years, she'd started to grow out of it and lean a bit towards the Lust counterpart of her virtue, though keeping her complete innocence in-tact. Coming to the house, she became attracted to the male that personifies Lust, though she tends to tease him more often then not, being polar opposites in personality.
Anything else?: She acts younger than 16, while staying mature in situations that need it.

Your counterpart is Lust


Your counterpart is Gluttony


Your counterpart is Greed


Your counterpart is Sloth


Your counterpart is Wrath


Name: Storm Jasper Odin
Age: 16
Birthday: July 23rd
Hometown: Bristol, England
Sin/Virtue: Kindness
Mini-bio: Born with a twin sister, his parents knew the two twins were different as soon as they were born. Like his twin, at the age of eleven his differences were more noticeable than when he was younger. Most people that he's spoken to say he's the nicest person around, unable to say no to almost anything.
Anything else?: He's openly gay.

Your counterpart is Envy


Your counterpart is Pride



Sinfully Virtuous;

Name : Taryn Hazard.
Age : 19
Birthday : 4/17
Hometown : Unknown.
Sin/Virtue : Lust.
Mini-bio : Taryn was the oldest out of his family. He hasn't talked to his parents since he was 14, and has been on his own since. He is very alluring, and makes sure he gets his way. Does have a nice side, but mostly darkish.
Anything else? : He likes both genders, and loves painting.

Your counterpart is Chastity


Your counterpart is Temperance


Your counterpart is Charity


Your counterpart is Diligence


Your counterpart is Patience


Your counterpart is Kindness


Name: Maggie Smith
Age: 17
Birthday: October 13
Hometown: Paris, France
Sin/Virtue: Pride
Mini-Bio: Born in the city of love her mother abonded her on the streets for she didn't want men to think she wanted to settle down. She was given to a nearby orphange where they gave her, her name and sent her to a couple in America. There she was raised up but was different than all the other kids. She developed her sin Pride there for she hated the fact of kids making fun of her for being adopted. She was then sent to Orphanage on an account of her adopted parents thought she was too struck by knowing about her Mother's past. Even though that wasn't even the case.
Anything else?: She is a bit outspoken and hates to be proven wrong

Your counterpart is Humility

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Maggie sat on her bed unsure if she should get up fully and and go downstairs. She sat there for a while then finally got up with a sigh and changed out of her pjs into her jeans and a tshirt then headed downstairs.

Once downstairs she saw Lyrica. Maggie never really talked to her but she did know her name and she was the virtue Chasity. She then got out some cereal and milk and a bowl then poured it all in a bowl and sat down to eat.
  Maggie Smith / yume93 / 10y 89d 6h 2m 30s
[ Alrighty ]

Lyrica sighed as she woke up, blinking a few times as she stared at the ceiling. It was still early, she could tell by the way the light was shining through the window into her room. After a few years of being at the 'orphanage', she was used to waking up at odd times. After a few minutes, she got up and made her bed quickly, making sure her room was entirely clean and tidy, she pulled out some clothes before heading into the small en suite bathroom that she had in her room. Taking a quick shower, she dried her hair and got dressed in a red tank top, white hoodie, and a pair of jeans.

Leaving her bedroom once everything was tidied once again, she made her way downstairs into the kitchen, wondering if anyone else would be awake at this time. Opening the refrigerator and rummaging through it, she pulled out a carton of milk before walking over to the cupboard and getting a glass before pouring some for herself. "I wonder what's going to happen today," she muttered softly.
  Lyrica Starr Odin / serahfarron / 10y 89d 6h 42m 27s
I'll wait til you do yours lol
i kinda suck at intros =P
  Maggie Smith / yume93 / 10y 89d 6h 53m 12s
That's a good idea. I'm going to go through and delete all the OOC posts. Feel free to do your entry post. ^_^
  Lyrica Starr Odin / serahfarron / 10y 89d 7h 2m 4s
Maybe we should go on and start then other people could join later?
  Maggie Smith / yume93 / 10y 89d 7h 2m 57s

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