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She opened the door, her hair messy and had slightly glassy eyes
[B Amy, open the door, it's us, the Wonderbolts...your old team.] Spitfire said
  Wonderbolts / SilentHiller / 6d 5h 32m 37s
She could hear the knock from the air vents then signed as she downed her 17th beer
There was a loud knock on the door, but it wasn't unfriendly.
  Wonderbolts / SilentHiller / 6d 5h 38m 21s
She went into her bad room and sat on the ground breaking a glass bottle to pieces
she smiled and she went to the shooting range out in the countryside.
  Widowmaker / SilentHiller / 6d 6h 2m 11s
She opened the vent and pit the bag into it then sighed slightly
[I Hey, if they're giving you too much trouble...just let me know...] she said with a wink.
  Widowmaker / SilentHiller / 6d 7h 8m 42s
She nods as she took a Puff of the inhaler, her hands shaking
Widowmaker gave Amy an inhaler that helps her breath for a while. [I if they try anything...knock their teeth out like you did to me in the war, okay?]
  Widowmaker / SilentHiller / 6d 7h 10m 32s
She tried to breathe but her chest felt tight and was making it hard for air to come in or out
[I I don't take advantage of people unless I am about to kill them, and you are the last one I would try to kill...] she said truthfully.
  Widowmaker / SilentHiller / 6d 7h 13m 37s
" tired of be..being taking advantage of", she says her breath hitching slightly
[I Amy!] she shouted, and chain slapped the others that were bitches in Amy's school years.
  Widowmaker / SilentHiller / 6d 7h 16m 23s
"I'd rather be hanging out with illiterate Charlie, big bird Dee, egotistical Dennis, asshole Frank and Gay Mac than people who use other people to climb the ladder to popularity, hell I'd rather hang out with Rickety Cricket", she says as she grabbed some alcohol from the table "if you need me I'll be in my bad room", she mumbled slightly

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