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She was passed out with her head leaning on the wall, red under her right eye and dried blood from her recent nosebleed under her nose and lips
Rogue woke up after a long time, and it looked like she didn't remember anything.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 19h 52m 0s
She winded up passing back out with her head on the bed then jolted awake in a cold sweat
Rogue seemed to be reliving the trauma from her past when she was injured by a sniper shot to the same shoulder about ten years ago.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 19h 56m 57s
She shakily sat down and watched over her then coughed up blood
Rogue did not seem to acknowledge that Amy was there, and then she looked like she was in pain.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 20h 2m 57s
She put her hand on her good shoulder and shook her gently
Rogue was in a seemingly comatose state, but she looked like she was having a nightmare.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 20h 5m 54s
Nods as she held up a bottle of juice she got and felt something pressed to her nose.
The surgeon stitched up her wound, and told Amy to keep an eye on Rogue for a while.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 20h 8m 58s
She was sat where she could lean on a wall in case she got dizzy and was helped in a chair.
Amy watched as they patched up Rogue's shoulder, which took over three hours to reconstruct the muscles that were destroyed by the gunshot.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 20h 13m 23s
Nods as she was helped stand up then was helped to Rogue's room
"I need to go help the surgeon miss, I need to go." the nurse said, and went back to helping the surgeon.
  Rogue the bat / SilentHiller / 59d 20h 18m 13s
"J..jesus", she rasped as she closed her eyes then coughed into her hand.

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