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Of course Clint was eager to score a free meal, and Natasha didn't mind not having to cook her own food. Bruce, still nervous about having a deranged god in Tony's tower, opted to stay as well, in case the other guy was needed. Thor looked eager to speak more of his brother, and couldn't help but respond to Tony, partially oblivious or possibly ignoring the undertone of Stark's words.

"Perhaps a more open approach, with more freedoms to breathe in his surroundings might be beneficial to my brother. I think your idea is a good one, Man of Iron. I will always hold hope that he someday understands the errors of his way."
Thor gave a firm nod at the end of his speech, to affirm his thoughts. He did want his brother to someday learn to act more goodly, to be a role model to others and perhaps someday welcomed back into the halls of asgard.

After some time of gathering his thoughts, Loki took stock once again of his surroundings, and noticed the small red splashes of colour that stood out so much against the whiteness of the floor. He put a hand up to his lips, the obvious source of the blood, and found the area raw, with crusted blood dried in small rivulets down his chin. He huffed a sigh and looked over at the bed. He knew he shouldn't sleep in the house of an enemy, but he was tired and hurt, and he felt that this place was more prison chamber than torture cell. The odds of him being attacked in his sleep were low, as it seemed, and so he went to the bed, tentatively laying down with his back facing the door, face hidden from any prying eyes that might enter. He did not feel comfortable with enemies gazing upon his face as he slept...
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Tony was almost disappointed that Loki couldn’t talk. He somewhat missed the snarky banter that usually happened between the two of them. He took pleasure in seeing Loki all riled up over something that had been said.
When Loki didn’t even acknowledge Tony’s words he shrugged a bit. He didn’t know what more he could do and he wasn’t ready to let Loki out, knowing he would only attempt to escape. Maybe he would be able to put some measures in place on the building to make escape an impossible thing.
He went back upstairs and looked around at the group as they conversed. “If you guys are staying for dinner it should be ready soon. Then we should probably all discuss how to handle this Loki situation. Like the question of how long he is going to be here until we unload him on someone else.” He sat down in one of the armchairs and rested his arms on his knees.
He looked straight at Thor. “I’m gonna start working on a system that will prevent Loki from escaping so that we can let him out of that room. I’d rather have that empty in case we need it for someone more important.” He wanted Thor to know that he was clearly unhappy with the arrangement and wasn’t going to stand for it for very long.
He leaned back and turned on the tv, wondering what horrors had happened in the world today. Obviously none of them were terrible enough for them to be called but it seemed that there was something new every day. Lately though, they hadn’t been needed for much which was a good thing and it gave him more time to work but he knew that there was always something brewing.
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Loki looked up as he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, and was partially intrigued to see Stark in the doorway. For the moment, his identity crisis was forgotten as he stared at the man who was speaking to him. He only partially listened as he brought up memories of when they last fought, and how easily defenestrated Thor's "man of iron" was. He let his mind wander for a second, not letting it show on his face as he continued his unwavering gaze. Let him look the mess he was, bloodied lips, mussed hair, and the pallor of a tired man. He thought it would be best now to play the part of poor punished Loki, weak and defenseless. He would use those assumptions to his advantage, as he always did. He did what he had to to get what he wanted, or even to simply survive. He had played the part of proud warlord upon Thanos's command, and while he added aspects of his own personality to that part, his goals were much less straightforward than "take over midgard"

It registered in his mind that Anthony Stark had stopped talking, but he continued his pointed stare. He couldn't speak, nor did he know this language of signs that had been spoken of earlier. Not that it would have been useful or even nessecary to converse with Stark, or anyone.
He would bide his time until he could break out once more, and then caught eventually, only to be dragged back to Asgard for yet another punishment...
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“Thor, I know you have this great belief that Loki will come to this grand conclusion and decide to change but you don’t see what the rest of us see.” He shook his head and gave up on explaining the suit. This was all so frustrating to him. How did anyone think that Loki was going to change? He had played them many times before and Tony wasn’t going to let it happen again.
“Look, you go share your ideas with the others. I’m gonna go figure out a backup for when this plan fails.” He walked out of his office, wiping his hands on his jeans, ridding them of the grease that was still on the suit from earlier. He was getting fed up with everyone always wanting to find the best in their enemies.
He went to check on how it would be. He informed the newly hired cook that they would need an extra plate sent down to the containment room. He hoped this cook was better than the last. Since most of the team just stayed here he had decided that a cook was needed.
As he was exiting the kitchen he thought of something and immediately went back in. “Make sure to cut the food in small pieces.” As funny as it would be to watch Loki struggle to eat his meal, he didn’t want Thor on his ass for being inconsiderate.
He once again exited the kitchen and headed down to the containment room and saw Loki in the corner where he had been left and crossed his arms. “Your brother seems to think that you will see the errors of your ways and change. I, however, don’t believe it is possible.” He wasn’t at all thrilled to have Loki there. “Since your brother believes in you I will try to make your stay as painless as possible but I will also plan for when you fail.” He shrugged. “Anyway, your food will be down soon and I was kind enough to have it cut up for you.” He waited to see if Loki would attempt to communicate.
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Thor watched idly as Tony showed him things about the suit he probably wouldn't remember. He never was one for sciences. It bored him as a child. Now as an adult, it was harder to retain information about Stark's suit, or even his Jane's research.
"This punishment is not like previous punishments he has faced. This is the very same punishment I had faced when I first came to midguard. Like I was, Loki is now stripped of his power and made mortal. If he wants his godhood and powers back, he will learn the lesson that allfather has set out to teach him" Thor explained as he thought back to his own punishment. He was very grateful now to The Allfather for that life lesson, and he was sure that someday Loki would too.
Thor seemed to really believe this would work.

Meanwhile, Loki had managed to calm himself enough to start taking stock of his surroundings. Barely furnished, nothing to be used as a weapon, no air vents or other means of escape. His eyes darted around the room, looking for any weaknesses. For a brief second, he had the idea to use his magic to turn off the power in this area of the building and causing a chaotic situation in which he might escape, until he remembered he no longer had his magic, and he inhaled sharply through his nose to keep from reeling. He had his magic so long, it was part of him, but now it was gone and he felt hollow.

Loki's hands flew up to his mouth as a sudden thought struck him. If he was mortal, he would require sustenance or perish, and his mouth was sewn shut! In a mixture of fear and desperation, he clawed at the threads until his lips bled, but they held fast. Perhaps the threads were spaced enough he could fit smaller amounts of food, but it would be a challenge. He cursed Odin and returned to the corner he had been placed in when he first arrived, not yet wanting to use the cot on the opposite side of the room.
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Tony was having a great time trying to get under Loki’s skin but when he turned around he saw Thor standing there with a serious look and he shut up, wondering what he had to say. It still was funny to him that Thor continued to call him ‘Man of Iron’ and he felt as though he would never get tired of it.
He listened to Thor’s words, taking them all in and considering them. “We’ve been through this before though, hoping Loki would change so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.” He looked back at the solitary room and shook his head. He didn’t have any hope that Loki would change but if it were possible then he would do his best to help.
He led Thor back up to the living room and then to his office and began showing him some of the fixes and upgrades to his suit, most being nothing special. He was still trying to work on upgrading the weaponry of the suit but that would still take a while and he hoped it would happen before they were called to action.
“What makes you think that Loki will change?” He was curious about that since he couldn’t seem to stop thinking of the, for lack of a better term, prisoner that was being held downstairs. He couldn’t be held here forever and he was curious as to what would become of him if he refused to change.
“I mean, sure, he has helped us in the past but each time we quickly found out that was mostly just for his personal gain. It’s difficult to see a scenario in which he isn’t trying to gain more power to cause more harm.” Maybe he was biased because he never knew Loki outside of times when they were fighting. However, he felt as though most people would react the same way he currently was to the idea of Loki turning over a new leaf.
His normal joking and sarcastic attitude was gone and he held a serious gaze as he leaned against his desk and waited for Thor to respond to him. He needed to know what the plan was and how long this was expected to take and the likelihood of it actually working. He was a man of hard facts and statistics but this situation was anything but.
  Tony Stark / iPride / 3y 364d 10h 10m 6s
Loki had barely paid attention to anything that went on. His mind was working to process all that had happened, everything that this arrangement would mean. He didn't even fathom thinking of an escape plan. For the first time in a long time, he wasn't thinking two steps ahead. He was barely rooted in the present, and it was far from a good feeling.

They led him down to a cell not unlike the ones he had been in before, with sparse furniture and clean white walls. Nothing there to use as a weapon, but he barely noticed, keeping his head down as he was half-dragged into the room and placed in a corner, where he stayed, legs splayed, head slumped down, trying not to show any physical signs of his distress. He could not speak, nor communicate in any way. He registered Stark's words, something about a language of signs, but he knew no such language.

Meanwhile, Thor was waiting for Tony to be done with loki's new accomidations, and when Tony turned away, Thor stepped forward, his eyebrows set in a serious frown as he spoke.
"Man of Iron, I thank you for providing lodgings for my brother. I have been informed that Loki has been given a similar sentence to what I have in the past received. It is my greatest hope that he too find the error of his ways, and perhaps then he can ascend to his rightful place as prince of Asgard, and someday right hand to the king" He said, eyes sparkling with hope. The king he mentioned, of course, was himself someday. Thor knew he was most fit to be a ruler, but he would need an advisor for court dealings, as those were not to his liking, aside from the feasts and tales of heroics that were sometimes called for, of course.
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Tony had been tinkering with his suit as he often did in his free time to add upgrades as he thought of them when he heard Thor in the living room. He wiped his hands on his pants in case he had any grease on them before walking out of his office and stood in the doorway, listening as Thor asked permissions to have Loki held there.
“I would never deny an opportunity to put your brother in confinement.” He walked up toward Loki and studied him, focusing in on his mouth. “Plus, this will be more fun now that he can’t talk back.” He slapped Loki on the shoulder and turned to Thor and gave him a thumbs up. “There is a room downstairs that I’ve been saving just for someone like him.”
He led the guards down to the room and within moments Loki was shut inside. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you out eventually. For now I just want to make sure you’ll be a good boy before I trust you roaming free.” Granted, with the amount of cameras around the apartment and Jarvis watching out for the building, Loki could be easily tracked but he didn’t want to take any risks.
He studied the isolation room, looking for any flaws that may cause Loki to escape. He may not have his powers but everyone was right that he would still be dangerous. He certainly knew how to cause an uprising and create problems for the team.
He rubbed his eyes, exhausted from having been up all night. “There is a button in there that I ask you only use if you really need something. Jarvis will connect you to either Thor or I.” He yawned. “Right Jarvis?”
Jarvis agreed and Tony focused his attention back on Loki. “Any questions before I leave?” He waited for a moment for an answer then stopped and laughed when he realized Loki wouldn’t have been able to give him an answer even if he wanted to. “Gosh, I’m happy I’m not you right now.” He looked at his watch, considering getting back to his research. “Maybe you should start learning sign language.” He grinned, Loki’s containment giving him great satisfaction.
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"As the Allfather, I hereby sentence Loki Liesmith to banishment on Midgard with his lips sewn shut, so that he may not spread lies. Let the punishment commence."

Loki tried to focus his pain internally, focus on the hurt and the hate and all the negative emotions swirling inside his chest as they held him down. He tried his best not to make a sound as the needle first pierced the flesh of his lips. Oh, it hurt, but he would not give them the satisfaction of hearing his pain.

When it was all over, his mouth burned, and he wanted badly to claw at the enchanted thread that held his lips shut, but he let himself instead be lifted, presented in front of the court, and then escorted out of the room, eyes cast downwards, only looking up once to shoot a venomous glare at the allfather.

Their trip to the rainbow bridge seemed to span an eternity, and Loki, with his head down, failed to notice Heimdall's disapproving sneer as he opened the portal. It was in that swirling vortex that the weight of this punishment made itself clear to him. He was banished to Midgard, meaning his powers would not return unless the allfather returned them, just as he had done with golden boy, Thor. Of course, Thor got his powers back, but there was little hope for Loki, and the thought sent him reeling.

Upon arrival to midgard, loki, no longer paying attention to the outside world, fell forward, landing hard on his knees. The guards simply held him upright from his new position of kneeling on the ground, but he was too busy trying to fight back the surge of panic at the loss of his magic to react.

The guards had landed inside Stark Tower, having sought out Loki's brother, Thor. Thor, at the time, happened to be in the living room of Tony Stark's tower, idly conversing with his teammates.
They announced their presence, explaining Loki's punishment, and asking Thor if he and his friends would be willing to take upon this punished prisoner, because even without his magic, Loki was still dangerous, and could not be left unattended.

"I would gladly watch over my brother until he learns as I have, to appreciate the midgardians. Man of Iron, I ask of you, would you have room in your tower for him? Stark Tower is a most impressive building, and I feel that until Loki has reconciled, this is the safest place to hold him" Thor spoke, looking first to Tony, then to the other avengers.
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