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Obviously they wouldnt... ACTUALLY leave the kid here. Jessie wasnt that much of an asshole--even if they loved to act like it.
[b [+teal "Yeah, kid, Im not gonna leave you here."]] They rolled their eyes a bit then stepped back onto their skateboard, gesturing for the kid to come over. [b [+teal "Hop on, we should get out of here before anyone else shows up."]]
They werent sure how much damage Jackson did to the asshole who was attacking Nest, but they knew the guy was probably still alive. So they didnt want to stick around.

Jackson frowned down at Nest, pain gripping at his heart. He didnt know how to help. Hes dealt with a lot, but not this. At least, not this exact thing.
It was different with Jamie.
It was different with Kin and Jin.
It was different with Cole.
This was... different.
He wrapped an arm tight around Nest and lightly kissed his forehead as the other turned around. Nest didnt love him, he knew that much. He was just... upset, and neglected.
He didnt love him.
[b [+blue "Im sorry.."]]
Nest pressed up against him and Jackson held him close, both for comfort, and so that Nest didnt fall off of Rocky. In this position it would be a lot harder to stay balanced.
The worst thing that could happen right now would be for Nest to fall off.

But then Nest seemed to ask for his help, and he frowned. Hed be happy to help, but... what the hell could he do about this? The only thing he did when he was worked up or upset was... sleep. Or, occasionally, wrestling with the other Denims to blow off some steam.
He didnt think either were really options for Nest.
[b [+blue "We're almost there..."]]
They were going through the woods, now. They were getting closer to the cliff that the Denims had chosen to settle in.
Rocky slowed down to climb down and between little rocky cravices and revines, traveling into an underground cave-like area before climbing back up towards an opening.
[b [+blue "What can I do to help?"]]
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 [b [+purple "I'm [i Chloe] who the fuck are you?"]] She stared at the guy in front of her, crossing her arms over her chest, tapping her foot in annoyance until Nest was mentioned. He was [i alive]? She froze and just stared at the guy, then frowned at his remark. [b [+purple "Wow, you're so nice. If you're gonna be like that maybe I d-don't wanna go anyway."]] But Nest was there so- [b [+purple "I'm...I'm the only one here. Everyone else is at the hospital. Can I go see Nest now? I thought he was [i dead]."]]

Nest looked up at Jackson with the fucking brightest pink of eyes, smiling softly as he threatened Crow because [i nobody had before]. They didn't dare- he'd...he'd done it to most of them. They were all [i terrified] of Crow. He smiled as Jackson pressed kisses to his cheek and neck, biting his lip. He just stared lovingly up at Jackson as he spoke and just stayed like that for a minute afterwards before- [b [#FF1493 "I love you."]]

He'd said that to so many times to so many people. But Jackson was so much [i nicer] than any of them. He was going to protect him? [b [#FF1493 "You're sweet and I love you and you're very nice and [i thank you]."]] He shifted to turn around, which almost made him fall off the fucking dog but still. He hugged Jackson and just...tried to force everything away. But Crow's hands were still [i there].

[b [#FF1493 "Get them off. Get them off. Please. I-I can't stand it anymore."]] He whimpered. He no longer cared that Jackson had already turned him down last time- he needed to try again. [b [#FF1493 "Please. I-I can't-it's not good. I want it to go away. I want it to feel better. It-It's gross."]] He pressed against Jackson, trying to calm him shaking. [b [#FF1493 "I want it to feel better."]]
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Jessie blinked in shock. When they walked in here, they were prepared for a lot of things.
A little SHIT was not one of them.
They walked in and the first thing she did was curse them out, leaving them to just pause in the doorway with a shocked look on their face.
It passed pretty fast.
[b [+teal "The fuck am I? The fuck are YOU."]]
Jessie turned a bit to look outside and see what was going on. They could see Jackson packing the little guy--Nest??--onto Rocky and absconding the hell outta there, so they figured it was time to go.

There were still a few more cubicals to check, though, but maybe this kid knew whether or not there were others here.
Itd cut the work Jessie had to do pretty short, after all.
And that was VERY relevant to their interests.
[b [+teal "If Crow is that jackass who took Nest, then my boss probably beat the shit out of him. Look, brat, is anyone else here? Cuz we gotta go before more doctors come, and Im in charge of getting everyone else who might be here out."]]
They then paused and gave the other a huff.
[b [+teal "But if theyre as shitty as you clearly are, then it might not hurt to let the doctors take them."]]

Paws beat against the ground as Rocky retreated from the holding area, her witch and his claim on her back.
Jackson held Nest close to himself, wincing a bit as Mari spoke to him.
Not just because she had startled him.
But because... of what she said.
[b [+blue "Thats... a reasonable reaction."]]
He would have tried too if he was in Nest's situation.
He gave Nest a gentle kiss on the back of the head.
[b [+blue "Im glad I got to ya in time... and if that fuckin bastard ever tries to touch ya again Im not going to be as god damn forgivin. I wont hesitate to rip off his god damn head and crush it with my boot."]]
His eyes still burned red, and he didnt really like the feeling of being so... angry.
It felt like a fire in his throat that wanted to be let out.
As Nest pressed back against him in discomfort, Jackson wrapped both arms around the other to give gentle kisses to Nest's cheeks and neck.
[b [+blue "He wont touch ya again, I promise. I shouldnt have let ya run off alone, I thought the others would watch ya but I shouldnt've trusted 'em to do that."]]
He knew he shouldnt direct his anger at his Denims, but still.
Nest got hurt, and he was angry about it.
He needed to direct it somewhere.
[b [+blue "Ill keep ya safe from here on out."]]
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Crow wasn't that intimidated at first. He just stared at an angry Jackson protecting Nest. Nest flinched when touched, looking up in a panic and then relaxing when he saw it was Jackson. He just went sort of limp and let Jackson place him with Rocky. He felt...safer enveloped in fluff. He kept trembling but just...curled up in the middle of the large dog. Because Crow couldn't hurt him here. Crow stood and brushed himself off while Jackson turned to walk back to him, looking unimpressed. [b [+blue "Oh, please. I'm not afraid of you."]] He did, however, flinch when Jackson slammed his fist into the wall near his head. Ah, of course this guy wasn't human. He was going to open his mouth the say some sort of bullshit but...

A punch came before he could. He cried out in pain and looked up at Jackson, not liking the feeling of his entire face...basically being broken. He glared, but...couldn't respond. Not with a broken jaw. But he planned to get revenge, naturally. Nobody got away with punching a [i god] and got away with it. So he just laid there, crumpled on the floor as he waited for his bones to mend themselves, and watched them leave.

Nest pressed as close to Jackson as physically possible once they were both on the dog, feeling much safer with Jackson there. Jackson wouldn't let anyone hurt him. Jackson could keep him safe. Jackson actually...stood up to Crow.

He felt a lot better about that.

He waited until they were a safe distance away before looking back at Jackson, not wanting to look back and see the holding cells. [b [#FF1493 "Thank you..."]] He mumbled, Mari's head also turning to look back at Jackson. [b [#FF1493 "I...I...I c-couldn't go through th-th-that again. I...I was se-seconds a-away fro-m de-deacti-"]] [b "Killing himself."] Mari answered for him, not having patients for Nest's stuttering. [b "So thank you for getting there when you did."] Nest teared up again, unable to shake the feeling of...stickiness. He felt gross. He wanted the feeling to go away. Crow's touch wasn't good.

He looked down and was suddenly aware of how...little he had on. Shorts weren't much when they barely covered your ass. Normally he would have been fine with that. But...he could see Crow's nail marks in his skin. He leaned back against Jackson more, wrapping his arms around himself to try and cover as much as physically possible. He sniffled, trying to get the feeling of hands on his flesh off. His only thought was to replace it with something better- but Jackson had already turned him down, and Nest was a little bit afraid to try again. Especially in this state. [b [#FF1493 "I want it off. He's still touching me."]] He whimpered, his own nails digging into his skin in an attempt to pry it off of him, even if it wasn't really there.

Meanwhile back at the holding cells Chloe was just...staring at the door until it opened. Like she did everyday. And once it was open it was immediately [b [+purple "Bitch, who the fuck are you? You're definitely not a doctor."]] It was...probably a weird thing to hear from a tiny twelve year old who you were SAVING but hey that's Chloe for you. She got up and looked them over, raising an eyebrow. [b [+purple "Wasn't Crow out there? How the fuck did you survive? I mean, [i you] clearly didn't fight him, but still."]]
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Nest didnt deserve this.
Everything the man said didnt change that--Nest did NOT deserve this. Jackson felt sick to his damn stomach seeing Nest sob like this, clinging onto Jackson all because of this god damned MONSTER laying his fucking hands on him.

Jackson felt his blood boil.
"Oh, so ya'll've heard of me?" Jackson practically snarled, turning to speak to Jessie, who was watching from the entrance.
"Go check the other cubicals, see if theres anybody else locked up. If there is, were taking them with us."
Jessie gave a nod and skated out of there to do just that.
Jackson turned to crouch down, picking up Nest and bringing him over to Rocky.
"Make sure nothing touches him."
Rocky crouched down and curled protectively around Nest as Jackson turned back to Crow, venom in his stare.

"So, if ya've heard of me, ya should know that I dont fuckin APPRECIATE anyone putting my partners in danger." He slowly began to head towards the other, practically glowing with anger. "You know who I am, and you still thought this was a good fuckin idea? Ya must be the biggest idiot Ive ever met."
Once he got close enough to Crow, he slammed his fist into the wall right by the other's head, keeping it there to all but pin the man in place.
"I. Dont. Give. A shit. What Nest did. I dont give a shit what Nest IS. Not human? Obviously--do I look human to ya, either?"
God, all he wanted to do was rip this fucking guy to shreds. But... no. He needed to make an example out of this scumbag.
"Ya aint anythin like Nest. For example--I wouldnt do THIS to Nest."
Immediately, he pulled back his fist and brought it crashing down violently against the other's jaw.
Before Crow even had a chance to crumble down, Jackson grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him back to his feet.
He pulled the other up, so that Crow's feet werent even touching the ground, and scowled at him.
"Take THIS back to your fucking hospital. If they come after Nest, I wont be as fuckin KIND to them as I have been with you. If I see a single one of you, Im ripping yer god damn heads off on the spot. GOT IT?"

He didnt want to look at this piece of shit any more.
He all but threw the other onto the floor before turning and walking back to Nest.
He crouched down to lightly brush the other's hair back.
"Cmon, sweetheart--we have to go."
He helped Nest onto Rocky's back and then got on himself, pulling Nest close to himself.
"Im not lettin ya out of my sights again--"
He turned to send another glare at Crow before running out of there.
Hed leave Jessie to their own devices, they didnt need him to stick around.
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Nest was about to deactivate himself despite Mari's protests when he felt things shake and heard the wall fucking [i shatter]. Nest's abuser stared at Jackson in shock, finger nails digging into Nest's skin for a moment before Jackson hit the wall and demanded that he let go of Nest [i now]. He wasn't going to lose his life to this. There were plenty of other people back at the hospital. And once the guy let go Nest was up off the floor within [b seconds], running behind Jackson because it felt safe there and then falling over to hug his arms around his waist and sob. Loudly, and horribly, to the point he felt even sicker.

Crow looked up, a nervous smile decorating his features. [b [+blue "We can talk about this in a calm manner, you know? Surely you must realize that Nest isn't human? He needs to go back to the hospital for the safety of all human kind. Sludge bloods are monsters who need to be locked away."]]

[b [#FF1493 "You're a sludge blood! And I'm nothing like you!"]] Nest shouted from behind Jackson, the ground shaking as he panicked. [b [#FF1493 "I'm nothing like you! I'm nothing like you! I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!"]] [b [+blue "Because you're below me."]]

Sharp pieces of concrete lifted off the ground and pointed toward Crow's head, but even with Nest's panic he couldn't do it. He was too afraid of Crow. The vile man looked up at Jackson, eyes as black as the abyss. [b [+blue "You need to let me take him in. He's killed people before. You realize that, right? He even killed the guy that broke him out in the first place."]]

Nest wanted to yell, to protest, but he could yell through all the crying. He could just make out a weak, sob filled, [b [#FF1493 "He cheated on me."]] Before the sobs overwhelmed him. [b [+blue "So you need to just calm down and walk out of here, understand, Leader of the Denims?"]]
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Jackson laughed a little at the kiss, smiling lightly at Nest.
"Yeah, but that was a few years ago. Its fine now."
Well, not really. It resulted in pretty signifigant damage to his frontal lobe, resulting in problems with his fear processing and attention span--also resulting in the ocassional SHITTY MIGRAINE due to nerves having been knocked out of place and pressing into areas they shouldnt be.
But it could be worse, right?
Definitely hurt like a bitch though, but he was still glad it was HIM and not COLE.
Poor kid would not have been able to handle it as well as he had.

Jackson smiled down at Nest as the other said he wanted to go check out the area, leaning down to give him a hug before patting his head and saying his goodbyes.

He had moved to go back to sleep, as usual. And he... didnt expect the wakeup call he did.
Jessie shook him awake--not TOO unusual, what WAS unusual? Jessie had a look of pure panic in their eyes.
That was enough to make Jackson sit up and arch a brow.
"Whats up, partner?"
Jessie swallowed dryly, they didnt know how to say this. They could still see it happening.
They had spray painted eyes all over town and put charms on them so that they could look through them like windows, see whats happening around town where they couldnt be.
And... what they just saw... what they WERE seeing....
It was bad.
"Someone took Nest."
Jackson froze up, eyes widening.
"Someone took Nest! They injected him with something, theyre taking him into some sort of building!"

Jackson was jumping up quickly, eyes going absolutely red with anger.
"Can you tell me where it is?"
He couldnt risk being slow--it had to be a doctor. He shouldnt have let Nest go alone, but... shit, he coulndt leave while everybody was flooding out of here either! He had to stay at his post!
He jumped onto Rocky, Jessie jumped onto their skateboard, and they were out. It took too long to get there--far too long. Even with their transportation, it still took them about an hour to get there.
And by the time they arrived, Jackson wasnt too keen on being patient with this.
What he saw first was a fence.
He kicked Rocky's flank and she rushed forward, breaking through it in seconds.
He jumped off her before she even finished running, and he IMMEDIATELY set off looking.

He could see into the small cubical type things through a window located on each one. Thats where he directed his attention, since Jessie could only see them enter the gates before their vision cut off.
Jessie having been trailing behind him since they entered, just in case they were needed.
Then, Jackson stopped.
Jessie reeled in horror at what they saw through the window, followed by a few slow steps backwards once it was processed--they knew this wouldnt end well.
And while they loved to fuck shit up, they knew they should... get out of the way for now.
Jackson stared through the window for a few moments, not... fully processing what he was seeing at first.
But then he realized.
That was Nest.
And that was a doctor.
And he was pretty sure he knew WHICH doctor.
That doctor was laying his fucking hands on Nest.

His irises spread until the entirety of his eyes were a dark, bloody red, no trace of humanity left in them as he let out a low snarl.
Rocky barked at him, disapproving of what he was about to do, but he didnt care. He was usually good, she wouldnt get too mad at him for this.
And god youd have to be another force entirely to stop him now.
He pulled his fist back, summoning all of his strength into a single punch.
The wall shattered under his fist, crumbling like a jenga tower as he stormed forward through the rubble.
Then he stopped, and scowled at the man with pure, seething hatred.
Flames flickered and licked at the walls, originating from a closed fist that Jackson clenched threateningly at his side.
His voice wasnt calm, unmotivated like it usually was.
In fact, it could only be described as a furious scream as he took another step forward.
His fist swung into another wall, creating a gaping hole in the concrete as he practically SNARLED at the attacker.
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Nest just stood there silently as Jackson spoke to him, a frown still on his face. Nest didn't [i like] moving. Especially now that, for the first time in YEARS, he'd had a roof to keep him out of the rain! Although Jackson lifting him up, kissing his hand, and winking at him helped ease the sadness [i a little bit.]

Wait. [i Some of them were human?] Did that mean Jackson wasn't. He eyed Jackson a bit, glancing at Mari on his hand to ask her to explain. She...confirmed he wasn't. And Nest looked back at Jackson. [b [#FF1493 "As long as I get to stay near you..."]] Nest mumbled, just...staying up on top of Jackson because this was affection and he didn't want to move.

He watched some other person walk in, watching the exchange with a numb expression and completely white eyes until hearing that Jackson had apparently fell off of a cliff? And split his head open on a rock? Nest looked over at Jackson with a curious expression. He just...stared until the person left. [b [#FF1493 "You hurt your head?"]] He mumbled, looking at Jackson's face with bright pink eyes again and [i finally] noticing the scars.

His natural response, being affection driven, was to kiss them. But Mari told him not because scars can hurt like a bitch, so he...kissed [i near] them. [b [#FF1493 "I'm sorry. That must have hurt really bad!"]] He hopped down and hummed, looking up at Jackson again. [b [#FF1493 "I'll...go check it out, but I don't want to stay there when you're here! So I'll leave to go map the location but then I'll come right back here!"]] He smiled brightly, then paused. [b [#FF1493 "Can I get a hug first?"]] He just...wanted to squeeze some affection out of Jackson first. So he did his usual grabby hands and then after he (maybe) go what he wanted, he went out and followed everyone else.

And then on his way back [i everything] went terribly. Mari warned him. She told him to run and he just...didn't think she was serious? But then he saw a flash of a white coat and a syringe and [i then] he understood why she was telling him to run. So he tried but the bastard caught up and the next thing he knew he was on the floor and felt a pinch on his arm and...

He woke up in the holding chamber.

It wasn't the first time. But it was still terrible. It was just basically a giant metal cube with a one way window. His first instinct was to curl up into the corner. But he scooted back into...legs. He recognized the fabric. He also recognized the fact that he...no longer had a shirt. And he instantly felt sick. [b [+blue "Long time no see, Everest darling. Did you have fun on your [i break]?"]] Nest didn't respond. He just froze as he felt the man moving down and hands going around around him. He felt sticky. He felt gross. He missed Jackson. Jackson wasn't nearly as...gross. [b [+blue "You should be glad I found you again. Nobody out there can love you as much as I do."]] He felt breath against his ears and felt nauseous.

Nest would rather die than put up with this again.
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Jackson waved goodbye to Elliot in a perfectly friendly manner.
"See ya, partner."
Moving would be... unfortunate. But itd be the safest way to go. It wasnt like it was that big of a deal, theyve moved plenty of time before. But the yard was starting to feel comfortable, so he didnt like the fact that they had to leave it. Suppose it didnt have to be 'forever' though, just long enough to get the doctors off of Nest's trail.
But where would they go? Hm..

He snapped his fingers as an idea hit him, and he was quickly walking over to pat Rocky's head.
"Can ya go get Jessie for me, hun?"
Rocky stood and butted him lightly with her head before stepping out of the shed to retrieve the mentioned person.
Afterwards, he turned back to Nest and paused upon seeing that the other... didnt really look happy that they were moving.
"Only for a little while, so the doctors dont know where we are. When they lose interest, or take the hint that we arent givin ya up, we can come back."
He hoisted Nest up and propped the other on his arm, taking one of Nest's hands and kissing it with a wink.
"Dont worry, Ill find somewhere youll like. We arent just gonna throw ya to the streets. I know ya can take care of yerself just fine, but its better safe than sorry. Plus, I dont want any of these doctor guys to cause trouble with my guys. Some of them are human, I dont wanna risk 'em gettin hurt."

Just a few moments later the door opened and Jackson turned his head to greet Jessie as they walked in.
"What do you want?"
Jackson just snorted and grinned at the other.
"Howdy to you too. Gather the others and tell them we're leavin' soon."
"...Where to?" Jessie arched a brow, hands on their hips.
"Ya remember that cliff by the edge of town?"
"You mean the one that you fell off of?"
"...Im so glad thats the only reason ya remember it." Jackson huffed a bit. "Find the shortest route there and tell everyone to head in that direction by tomorrow evenin'. Ill leave after all of ya are out there, bring as many supplies as ya can to make camp."
"Ill make sure everybodys right at the rock that you split your head open on." Jessie gave a thumbs up, and Jackson huffed.
"Dont be an ass."
"If you didnt want me to be myself then you shouldnt have hired me." Jessie paused for a few moments. "And... what should I tell everyone? Why are we leaving?"
"Tell them Ill explain when we get there."
Jessie nodded, giving a little salute before turning and walking out. Jackson turned back to Nest and smiled.
"Ya wanna go with the others now? Im gonna stay to see everyone off, but ya dont have to stay here with me. Ill be there by the day after tomorrow."
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Nest glanced up at Jackson. Really? Jackson didn't think this was a trick? Sure, it didn't [i sound] like Elliot was trying to lead them into a trap. But it hadn't before either! Even if Jackson was...you know...making a good point.

Elliot sighed in relief when Jackson believed him, just standing their silently to catch his breath because holy hell running here had [b sucked]. Nest giggled at Jackson's description of the doctors, then looked up at Jackson when he came over. His eyes got brighter pink and they went all heart eyed. Jackson was going to protect him!


But Nest liked it here. His eyes paled and he just stood there while Jackson thanked Elliot. [b "I...y-you're welcome. I-I'll...I'll let you two...talk."] Nest didn't look...happy. And he at least trusted that that was...bad. So he left and Nest looked down at the ground, trying to make sense of things. [b [#FF1493 "Move? Us? Not just me? But it's so nice here..."]] He looked up at Jackson again, afraid that this would make Jackson leave him. [b [#FF1493 "I...th-they wouldn't actually be able to take me! I can defend myself! I'm fine here!"]]
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They were coming for Nest?
Jackson stared hard at the other, standing in silence as Elliot pleaded for his understanding. ...He didnt seem to be lying. Elliot seemed genuinely panicked, and only half of it was likely because of Jackson's size.
So, they were coming for Nest.
Someone was after one of them.
What else is new?
Nest stepped out and snapped at the panicked doctor, and Jackson turned to look at him.
He paused, glanced at Elliot, then looked at Nest again.
"...I dunno. I believe him."
Jackson shrugged a bit and looked back to Elliot.
"Ya dont seem like a bad kid, and I dont think yer lying. Ya look pretty shaken up, and I dont think ya'd come all the way back here just to make up some bullshit about doctors looking fer Nest. Its not like yer trying to get us to come with ya, so I cant really see how ya could be trying to lead us into a trap with this."

Jackson placed his hands on his hips, glancing around for a few moments in thought.
"So... doctors are looking for Nest."
After a few moments he simply smirked.
"Well, theyll have to get through us to get to him. And Id like to see 'em try. If I can handle the prissy elves in the capitol chasing my tail fer the last ten years I can handle a bunch of stuffed up doctors with a superiority complex."
He turned and walked over to Nest, eyeing him for a few moments.
"Ya can trust me to keep ya safe. Im not gonna let them get to ya."
A pause.
"But... I guess having them know where we are would be a bit of a problem. Guess its high time we move... itd help to at least have THAT over the doctors."
He looked to Elliot for a few moments, smiling lightly.
"Thanks for the warning, kid, we owe ya one."
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Damn it this guy was making this so much harder. Elliot sort of shook where he stood, both because of the shock of the information he'd learned earlier and the fact he was staring at an intimidating guy who could kill him by sitting on him. Damn it. He wanted to tell [i Nest] because if he told Nest he wouldn't be pissing off a fucking [b gang leader].

But he supposed if he had to die for this, he...just had to die for this. But he couldn't let the doctor do what he...wanted to. [b "Look, did Nest tell you anything about the hospital? Because I found out some shit and he-fuck-he can't go back there. I-I...they really did send me with poison last time. I thought..."] He paused. Just get the right words out. [b "They know where he is, and they want him back. I...I wanted to warn him so he knew that you could-you could be prepared for if they come to get him."]

Damn it. He needed to talk to [i Nest] about this. [b "If I could just...talk to Nest about this."]

Nest came out of hiding, not feeling threatened anymore. [b [#FF1493 "As if he'd fall for that! You're just trying to take me back there!"]] [b "I want nothing to do with that hospital! Th-They made me..."] Nest glared and Elliot paused. [b "You've got to listen to me. They're coming for him. They want to [i kill] him."]
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Jackson fell asleep comfortable, but figures that it wouldnt really stay that way. He was being SHOOK awake and that was definitely enough to make his eyes SNAP open in surprise. He wouldnt say he was a deep sleeper.
More like it was easy to wake him up, but it was hard to get him to acknowledge you.
You could be trying to wake him up and he could be completely awake but would not make any effort to let you be aware of this--or even open his eyes.
But this was definitely enough to get his attention right away.
He opened his eyes and sat up, more hostile upon seeing that Nest was moving to go hide.

Jackson looked over as the door opened, immediately standing to as... 'greeting' towards the one entering.
Oh, wasnt that that doctor person who showed up about a week ago..?
Any other time Elliot's arrival would have been greeted with a nonchalant wave, hello and just general disinterest.
But Jackson was already stressed enough as it was and, with how things went with Nest the day before, he didnt... have much tolerance for anything that was going to make things worse.
He stared silently at Elliot, eyes showing dull irritation before he slowly looked in the direction of Nest.
His eyes went back to Elliot.
"Now's not the time. If its so 'important' ya can take it right to me. Ya dont need to talk to Nest."
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[font "Microsoft Yi Baiti" [size17 Nest woke up...extremely comfortable. He just...laid there with his eyes closed for a while, not wanting to move. Until he remembered what happened yesterday and realized that he had [i no] idea where he was. So he opened his eyes and took a panicked glance around and then just...cuddled against Jackson because he was safe and nothing could hurt him here.

They almost fell asleep again despite Mari's hissing that they should stay awake but...there was rushed noises coming toward the shack and he saw a flash of lab coat and was [i instantly] on edge. Shit. Of course. They knew where he was now.

He sat up and shook Jackson in a panic, whimpering slightly. [b [#FF1493 "Jackson..."]] He hurried to hide again as Elliot came in for the second time, clearly...not as stable as he was last time. He bit his lip, looking at Jackson and...a giant dog. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Holy shit. But no- he needed to warn Nest. [b "I...I'm sorry, I'm sure you don't want to see me after last time but I need to talk to Nest. It's important. Do you know where he is?"]
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Jackson looked down at Nest when he felt a kiss on his collarbone.
He couldnt help but frown as the other spoke. It sounded a bit familiar, and that bothered him. Does that mean that... this has been happening to Nest the entire time he was at the hospital? For, what, months? Weeks? Years? More?
Nest has been suffering through this for far too long, it made Jackson feel sick to his stomach.
He paused as he watched the other doze off, tapping Rocky to let her know she could speed up.
He gave Nest a kiss on the head, sighing quietly.
"Yeah... youre here now."

It wasnt much longer before they arrived at the yard. Jackson gave a brief greeting to a few people as they passed by, and then was silent once they reached the shed.
He wrapped his arms around Nest and then jumped down, readjusting the other so that he was carrying him bridle style. Itd be easier to walk inside that way.
He kicked the door open and nodded for Rocky to come inside too. She took up most of the space in there, honestly, but she was really comfortable.
So, clearly, he crouched down and laid Nest down to use her as a pillow. He paused for a moment before deciding to just lay down as well.
He looked at Nest for a few moments, eyes turning a light shade of pink as he hooked an arm around the other to pull him closer.
"Ive been there, kid..."
After a moment of tracing his fingers over the scar on his head, he allowed himself to doze off.
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