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[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" The Leonidos and Nyx family had always been mixed. As the daughter of Melanthe Nyx, Kalonice seemed to always find herself wandering back to the blue house with the white picket fence. As the son of Issac Matthew Leonidos, it was no surprise that Daemien's heart would be stolen by the youngest of the Nyx family. Falling down the path of their parents, which neither party really wanted, Daemien and Kalonice would go through many trials and levels in order for this 'GAME' of back and forth to be OVER.]]]

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/KalAndDaemChildren_zpsede1147d.png]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Forced together as children, thanks to the love of their parents; his father and her mother, Kalonice and Daemien met at the young ages of three and eight months. Unlike Daemien, Kalonice never liked him during their first encounter thanks to him pulling her hair. Though as the years went on, she slowly became fond of the little blonde baby boy.]]]

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/ToBestFriends.jpg]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Years later, after being separated due to the unfortunate deaths of two important people in Kalonice's life, Kalonice returned to the city where she once lived, finding herself meeting the same people; her closest friends Kenneth, Xavier, and Zachary. Thanks to Kenneth and Xavier, Kalonice meets the not so baby boy anymore, Daemien Leonidos at Comic-con.

Dressed as the Dark Phoenix aka Jean Grey, Kalonice catches Daemien's attention. The boy is instantly smitten in his blonde Clark Kent cosplay, to his surprise she understood.

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/DK.jpg]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" As the two began to grow closer, Daemien's true feelings for his redheaded friend began to show. Having her feel awkward in many situations that the two found themselves tangled in. But one thing was certain, something that she wanted to hide, and never wanted to feel... Confused by her own desire to him, Kalonice found herself falling more and more for the dorky blonde. Something she did not want to do... A destiny that she did not want to succumb to...

[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Is it love? Or a simply infatuation? Deamien, certain about his deep love for Kalonice, only wishing to be able to be hers for the rest of their lives.... And Kalonice.... No... She couldn't ever be his... right?

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/TNTM.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/Karen-6.jpg]]
[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Name:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Kalonice Atheia Eglantine Ryan Nyx]]]
[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Age:}]]]]
[center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Nineteen]]]
[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Gender:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Female]]]
[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Short Bio:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Kalonice grew up knowing she was beautiful. Any man would remind her constantly. And the girl became to be a bit of a man hater...]]]


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A rather amused expression took over the young redheads face as Daemien simply kept rambling on once again. He was nervous, it was written all over his face. And it only brought comfort to the young woman's heart which had been suddenly mended enough to make her feel somewhat happy again. Not that she was happy about him being nervous around her, but the mere fact that he was so much like her that she felt that maybe, just maybe, she had met her soul mate. A friend who was her soul mate. This would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that would definitely make her forget all the wrongs in her life...

Kalonice rose from the bed and grasped his hand. The young woman simply locking eyes with him as she flashed him a reassuring smile with a pat on his hand. "No one is perfect. But you are perfect enough to me." She giggled. Soon leaning up and placing a small kiss upon his cheek. Her arms then wrapping around him tightly, her head simply resting against his chest. "Thank you." She began softly, "For making me forget everything." It was in that moment that Kalonice had felt something unusual, something so rare to her that she had almost forgotten what it felt like; Pure trust.

Pulling from the hug, the young woman sat back on her bed, her hand still linked with his when she pulled him to lay beside her. Kalonice simply cuddled up to him and pulled the covers over them. Reaching over momentarily to shut off the lamp and cuddle back up to him. "So.... I'm a turn on to you, huh?" She tried hard not to giggle, but as she instantly looked up at Daemien, the smile gave way to her amusement. "I guess our friendship will be a little 'hard' on ya?" She hinted with a rather pleased expression. Only to lay her head back down and close her eyes. Her body simply drifting off to sleep with contentment.

The morning after had seemed pretty normal. The young woman had woken up with a different outlook on life. A more positive one. Though it did not mean that her heart did not still ache from the circumstances of the prior night. Kalonice had still woken up to the bittersweet morning of a new day. A new chapter in her life, with a new friend. Speaking of which... The young woman looked over to simply notice the young male still asleep. Had she really fallen asleep in his arms? They must of been dead... dude to lack of proper circulation...

A small smile conquered her lips as she slipped quietly off the bed, and picked up her phone. Moving over to the side of the bed, the young woman laid in it gently, and took a picture of the sleeping boy, before taking a picture of the two together with a goofy smile. It was then that she felt him flinch. Was he awake? "Good morning sunshine. Slept well? Or do you need an expresso?"

Looking down at the time upon the screen of her phone, the young woman raised an eyebrow as it read 10:58 a.m.

"Shouldn't you call your family? I mean... they must be worried that you didn't go back home... Maybe they think I kidnapped you and sliced and diced you. Maybe even fed you to my cannibal cult." She chuckled.
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A chance with Kalonice? Damien blinked, was that what Chloe meant by it? He just thought the woman was mad… and didn’t want Kalonice to give herself away to someone who wasn’t her. But, to think he had a chance with Kalonice… he didn’t really, did he?

Her next words confirmed his own thoughts. No, of course not. She was a lesbian, as she said. There was no way she’d be interested in him. Yet… Daemien froze as she continued to talk, reaching over towards him… Her hand against his chest. His eyes following her hand, then trailing back up to meet her eyes.

Fear, uncertainty was evident. What.. what was he supposed to do, say? Never had he’d been in such a situation before. It was uncharted territory. And.. he didn’t want to fuck up. He smiled as she admitted to being happy about meeting him.

The boy shook his head. “No. I would have already tried…” He paused shaking his head. “Not that I plan to try or want to try… or… I.. I’m not perfect. But, I’m not lying… I…” Daemien shook his head again. His hand ruffling through his blonde hair.

“I wouldn’t take advantage of you…and I'm not gay... but I would be lying if I said you weren’t attractive and I wasn’t….. turned.. on. You are attractive, very attractive.” His face was beet red. Well, at least wasn’t lying right? But maybe he was saying a bit too much. “I won’t do anything, I promise.” He held his hands up, still embarrassed to even look at her.
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Kalonice stared at the male as he began to undress. Her eyes widening before looking away. A small smile formed on her lips, her cheeks flushed. Her hand reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear. It wasn't like she hadn't seen a naked male before. She had seen a few thanks to Xavier and Kenneth in porn. And Zach... well Zach was a lost cause.

Fuck buddies... The thought sent shivers up her spine. It wasn't the fact of having sex with him made her skin crawl. It was the fact that they were strangers. And she wasn't ready to be used...again. She never wanted to feel used. And she definitely did not want to use him. Why had she even suggested it?

She could feel her heart race, and the room seemed awkward. But despite feeling slightly uncomfortable, Kalonice pulled off her outfit, the young woman then changed into her pj's and looked over at him. "Chloe... really think that about us? Does she really think you have a chance with me?" She questioned before shaking her head. Soon sitting upon the bed and letting her hair loose.

"I mean... I'm a lesbian... Sex with a guy is really not something I want to think about...But then again I guess she could be right. You're cute. Kind... and are a good listener." She smiled soon pointing up at his shorts. "Good sense of dorky fashion. And... you have a nice body. It's not overly masculine." She giggled soon looking down at her hands. Reaching up, she placed a hand upon his chest, grazing her fingertips down to his stomach. Her eyes soon trailing up to meet his.

"Fuck buddy. Not wanting me as a fuck buddy makes me wonder if you are gay. But... at the same time, it tells me that you are too much of a gentleman to even try to step over the boundaries of a new friend. Even though you find me very attractive, but you are also trying to keep me as a friend, and not mess up." She smiled. "It's alright Daemien, I understand. And having sex, in general, is scary to me. But if I had an option as to who I would want to... I would like for it to be with someone like you. Less complicated having your first time with a person who hasn't done anything before either."

Retrieving her hand, Kalonice laid back and pulled the covers over her body, and smiled faintly up at him. "Chloe just wasn't the right person for me. I have to accept that. But I guess, despite the heartache, at least I got something good out of it..." She said softly holding her hand out to him. "At least I met you. Made a new and true friend. Unless you are a lying bastard that is acting all perfect guy to just get into my pants." She pouted. "Are you?"
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Daemien froze upon feeling her forehead against his back. Yes.. he knew it was probably a bad idea to bring up the movie, but he hoped it would some how cheer her up a little, yet it had not. The blonde nodded softly. He allowed for her to pull him over to where she wanted. He placed an arm around.

He smiled slightly as she spoke. It was only the body wash he used that morning. He kept quiet, listening to her words. Wait… what? Daemien curiously looked at her boundaries? Like… he shook the thoughts from his head, blood rushing to his face. Maybe that wasn’t what she was thinking of and he was just going way over his head with this.

Daemien watched as she sat up. His eyes watching as she wiped a few tears from her eyes. He wished he could be of more help to her. If he was in father in this situation, his father would say something right? He shook the thought from his head. Her voice clouding his own rational thoughts.

Could they? No… he wouldn’t mind, but that wasn’t the issue here. Would she mind? Though, part of him did mind… she’d be using him. And.. he wouldn’t be used like that again. But, she wasn’t like Delilah… No, Kalonice was partially his friend now. And Daemien would do anything for his friends.

Daemien shook his head, it was a lot to process. “I’m alright. I have shorts under and I usually just fall asleep in my clothes, to be honest,” he shrugged. Daemien sat up, pulling his shirt off before taking off his own pants, leaving just his shorts.

A sigh escaped his lips. “I’m sure Chloe already thinks there’s something more here… her just finding me around you might fuel that anger and heartbreak. She was sure you could sell be hers until she saw me there.” Daemien shook his head slightly. “Kalonice… you know I don’t want you as a fuck buddy right? Like what Chloe thinks I want from you…” He trailed off uncertain of why he even brought it up. He should have just kept quiet about it.

Yet, he felt like he may not have said what he meant the right way… “I mean… you’re beautiful... any person would be lucky to have you, body, mind, soul, heart… from what I know about you right now… but us doing… anything sexual.” He gulped slightly. “it wouldn’t be fair to either us… if it’s for revenge and… you’ve been upset, crying… she broke your heart. I would never take advantage of you…” He looked over to her, honest and sincere.
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[i "We still have to watch the Superman movie you wanted to see. And... I'll leave them here... that way you can distract your mind when I can't be here."]

Right, the movie. That was the whole point why he had come over in the first place. But the motivation, the excitement of having a newly made friend to hang out with had gone. Kalonice knew that maybe this wasn't exactly her fault, but what could she do about it in the first place?

Kalonice sat up from the bed, crawling over to the blonde's side, pressing her forehead against his back. "I... to be honest Daemien, the movie sounded great about an hour ago... right now... All I really want to do is cuddle up to someone... anyone..." She said softly.

Wrapping her arms around him, Kalonice pulled him back to lay upon the bed beside her. Hugging him tightly from behind, and placing her chin over his shoulder. A smile formed on her lips at the warmth of his body against hers. And it wasn't exactly the body heat that got to her, the scent he had was calming, loving, sweet? It wasn't cologne though... It.. it was his natural body smell.

Chloe always smelt like perfumes, and... well.. other women. Maybe that's why she always smelt like perfumes...

"You smell nice..." She said with in somber tone, soon laying her head against her pillow, closing her eyes. "Maybe tonight... we could step over the boundaries? If you are comfortable with that. I don't mind."

Yes, boundaries. Boundaries like this. Just this. Maybe other things. Get back at Chloe? No, she didn't want to use this poor guy to get back at the bitch. But... well. He wouldn't mind, right? He was a guy. Most guys wouldn't mind at all. Right? Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Not bad at all. All she had to do was... touch him... Feel him... maybe... kiss him?

Kalonice blushed brightly, sitting up as she wiped her tears from her eyes. "I want to get back at Chloe... Make her feel how I feel. I want her to feel as heartbroken I feel. I want revenge..." She looked over at the blonde, soon looking back at her lap. "Maybe... you and I could.... Could make her think that we are... Or that we.... Just for her to think it... I mean we don't have to do anything if you don't want to...I mean... you're a guy, you wouldn't mind... would...you?"

Reaching over, Kalonice pulled herself to sit upon him. Staring down at him, as she pinned his hands on is sides. "If you want...Or... maybe not. This might be considered sexual assault, to minor...." She shook her head before climbing off and walking over to the closet. Pulling out a pair of wonder woman Pj's. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled softly at Daemien. "Do you want some Pj's? I am sure I have something around here that might fit you... Or maybe you could go a sec to your house and pick up something for you to be more comfortable in?"
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Daemien watched as her eyes lit up. Her smile only causing a warning sensation in his chest. He chuckled S she squealed. Yup, he did thanks to his dad who knew how much he loved watching Superman as a child. Well, he had his father to thank for his love of superman, with all of those morning tv shows, cartoons, superman was the only one that really caught his eye because Daemien thought, and still believed Superman was cool. The greatest superhero of all times.

His eyes followed her, his eyes lowering... the movie in view, but how could he ignore those.... he shifted his eyes upward to her face instantly. Daemien nodded, he glanced down at the movie, the one she chose out of all of them. "Oh... ok."

Daemien took a deep breath once she left the room. Why... she was much too nice, much too... interesting to him. What was he getting himself into?

A crush, it was a simple crush. But... man did this feel like so much more. His eyes shifted, catching her. Kal's beautiful red hair, a super girl shirt to match him... a soft smile came upon his lips. She wanted to match him... he shook his head. "No, I-I don't mind." He took her hand, standing and soon enough heading with her. His eyes looked over at the guy who stood at the door.

His eyes looked over to Kalonice. He could see it in her eyes. Harboring behind them were thoughts that could break feelings. He remembered that look from Mia a few years back, before she developed that strong dislike for Zach.

Daemien smiled kindly though, "Yeah, must be." But if that was so, why didn't Chloe just tell Kalonice about her? Secrets were never good.

Somehow, Daemien found himself holding pizza, along with the dessert she had chosen. "Maybe they just didn't write it down and they change workers." He was trying to make sense of it. There were a lot of variables that could have been the factor of such a mess up. He shook his head with a smile. "It's ok, I really don't-" Chloe?

Blue eyes watched Kalonice, his eyes shifting to the cafe, he wanted to drop the pizza. But he had to keep it in hand. Though as he shifted his attention back to Kalonice he could see her eyes.... the tears forming, the heartbroken look upon her face. He followed her right behind. "Kalonice, Kal wait.." but he knew she couldn't hear him. Her mind was focused on one thing, one person.

Unable to do nothing, Daemien stood on the side, watching a girl he had quickly became close to or.. at least that's what it seemed to him, get her heart broken right in front of him.

Daemien stood quietly listening to Chloe's reason, a reason that was just an excuse. Love... if that was the case, why would she? His father had taught him, love comes before your own personal needs. Your needs simple, to keep the one you love happy, smiling forever when they are with you. He was about to follow Kalonice, but he was soon the target of the bitter blonde woman's words.

What did he want from Kalonice?

Daemien sighed, walking around the corner, he found the redhead, tears in her eyes and a forced smile plastered on her face. No, she didn't need to apologize. There was no need to do so. Blue eyes simply watched her, concern clear as day over his face. He planned on placing the stuff on the floor, but she had took them from him and did it herself.

Instantly, he wrapped his arms around her tightly. "I'm sorry... but, someone... like that doesn't deserve someone like you." He placed his chin against her shoulder. "I just want you happy."

Yes, that was what he wanted from her. To see a smile on her face, the way her eyes lit up... that happiness he saw for a split second when she was searching through his box of geek as Jenny would call it.

Back at the apartment...

Daemien closed the door behind her, placing the pizza on the counter. He was quiet, he wasn't fully sure what to say to her. The most he was sure he could do was just bs there with her.

"Daemien?" He heard his name being called out. He walked over to the doorway. A soft smile on his lips, reassuring her he was still there.

No, she was right, he didn't have a girlfriend. At all, but that didn't make him lucky. Heartbreak would shape him though, that'd be one thing. But, to not know how it felt to fall for someone..

"You're a very good guy."

So he'd been told.

Daemien blinked twice. Staying over... there with her? She wanted him to sleep beside her. Chloe's words resonated in his ears. He shook his head. He just wanted to comfort her... nothing more. He smiled softly. "I can stay." He slipped his shoes off, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"We still have to watch the Superman movie you wanted to see. And... I'll leave them here... that way you can distract your mind when I can't be here."

Ok, so maybe he was actually freaking out inside. He was agreeing to stay at this beautiful woman's place. Not only was she beautiful, but she was nice and loved the same things he did. She had a smile he wanted nothing more than to see her face at all times.

And... and she wanted him, a dorky kid like him to be around her. Yes, he was one lucky teen. But, he knew where the boundaries were. And he wouldn't dare to cross them.
He hoped.
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Kalonice smiled. Slidding off the couch, and getting on her knees, she made her way over to the box. "May I?" She asked before opening the box. Her eyes lit up like christmas lights. Like if she had seen treasure for the very first time!. Well technically she had... It was her passion. Her pet peve. She loved every little single item inside.She only wished she could of had this massive collection. Hers seemed so little compared to his...

"This... This is amazing, Daemien!" She said cheerfully as she went through the comics and movies. Soon pulling one out with excitement. "You have Atom Man Vs. Superman?!" she nearly squealed. "This movie is so hard to find! It's a classic from 1950!" She looked up at him, was... Was he.. Maybe he was her souldmate. A friend could also be a soulmate...Right?

Kalonice moved over to him on her knees, soon holding the movie up to his face. "This one. I know you probably have seen it over a billion times but... I really want to see this one." Her eyes soon looked down at her shirt, her massive cleavage was showing... maybe this wasn't... No this was not something she should wear around him. Even though he was very... Respecful. Kalonice soon placed it on his lap, getting up and smiling. "I will go change. It will make you feel more comfortable. Besides, I could just match your shirt... More so than now." She giggled before leaving the room and walking into her bedroom. Pulling out a pair of short jeans, and a supergirl t-shirt from the drawers, Kalonice quickly dressed. Looking over at the clock, Kalonice sighed as she had realozed the obvious...

"Hey Daemien?" She called out before walking over to him. Looking down at him with a small smile. "Mind walking me down to the pizzeria? I kind of ordered the pizza like...about three hours ago...Guess they forgot about me. So mind walking with me? Ot well I should not even ask, you seem like the type to say yes... Because you are a gentleman, right?" She reached down, taking his hand and pulling him with her grntly. Soon grabbing her Majora's Mask themed wallet, keys and opening the door. Her eyes soon trailing up a dark haired man standing infront of her door. "Is Michelle here?" He questioned, Kalonice raising an eyebrow. "Michelle? I-I am very sorry, sor, but Ido not know any Michelle..."

"Oh... I thought she would be here... She comes here usually almost everynight to meet with her friend Chloe."

"Chloe?....Well Chloe is my girlfriend...but I have really never seen a Michelle..." Kalonice said softly. The smile on her face fading as the man simply shrugged his shoulders... "Well if yoy see her, tell her that her brother is looking for her...Sorry to take up your time..." With that the male walked away, leaving Kalonice filled with unhealthy thoughts... Michellel... Who was Michelle?

Kalonice shook off the thought and looked over at Daemien. A small smile forming on her lips. "I guess she must be one of Chloes friends..." She said softly before pulling him gently again.

At the Pizzeria...

After about 15 minutes of the cashier stating to have never gotten an order from thw ginger, Kalonice simply ordered another pie with a dessert. Paid it, and left with the blonde."I can't believe they would lie about such a thing! I called in three hours ago for delivery! I am pretty sure they do not get many orders of half pepperoni half pepperoni and pinapple." She argued mainly with herself before looking over at him. "I am sorry..." She said as she walked. Her eyes soon fallimg upon another familiar blonde in the distance. "Hey look, it's Chloe!" She smiled brightly.

At a small cafe on the other side of the street, sat Chloe, and... who Kalonice could only assume was Michelle... Going out in a group of friends... Maybe they were waiting for them? Kalonice was soon answered, her heart shattered as she watched her supposed other half press her lips against the brunettes lips. Kalonice could feel her heart sinking deep. Her eyes swelling up with tears. This... This was not happening... But... It was... Kalonice made her way over to the window, hobking and cars stopping did not affect her as she blindly crossed the street. She could hear every step she took closer to the window. And watched as her hand automatically had tapped against the glass windoq. Her girlfriend instantly breaking from the kiss, only to notice Kalonice. Her eyes grew big, as she quickly got up and rushed out to Kalonice. "Kal! I can explain..."

"Don't... Don't even bother... How... How could you? What have I done so wrong for you to do this to me? Was... Was I ever enough for you?" Kalonice sobbed, Chloe soon shaking her head."I am sorry Kal... It was... I just... What can I say about you? You never want to have sex with me! You just are too afraid to even do anything past touching and kissing. I love you Kal, but I have needs too... And well.. i fucked up ok? But I guess I just could not hold myself back... I am sorry..." She said as she hung her head in shame. "Please... Forgive me?" She asked softly as she reached out to Kalonice, Kalonice simply shrugged her shoulder away from her. "Don't touch me..." she said bitterly. Soon pulling off a small rose ring from her finger and flingging it to Chloe. With tears dripping from her eyes, Kalonice narrowed her eyes at her. "Tell Michelle her brother is looking for her. And Chloe, I hope you are happily fucking your slut!"

Chloe watched as the redhead stormed off. Her eyes soon trailing over to the blonde male. "I know I fucked up bad... But what are you trying to get from her, hm? Do you want her as a fuck buddy too?" She asked bitterly before picking up the ring and walking back into the cafe.

Around the corner, the redhead simply cried. A sound of steps stopping beside her made her look up. She wiped her tears away roughly. Trying to form a smile on her lips. "I am really sorry you had to witness that... This... This was not expected... I... I actually had planned a long perfect night with you... You know... Because I wanted to become good friends with you... But I guess... It all... Got.... Ruined..." She sobbed. Kalonicenfelf herself break apart. Something she had not wanted anyone to see... Not even her friends.... Especially not the new one... The one who stood therd with concern in his eyes. Kalonice placed the bag of chocolate whipcream mousse pie upon thr floor, took the pizza box and placed it on the floor as well. Wrapping her arms around him tightly. She could feel comfort and warmth from his embrace. It was a feeling she had not felt for years... The feeling of being scure... Of being home... "Thank you..." She whispered into his chest....

Back at the apartment...

Kalonie could not stop the tears from rolling down her eyes. But she had managed to make her way back to the dreadful place filled with memories.... The redhead threw her keys upon the counter, her wallet being dumped on the floor. She had made her way intl the bedroom, the dessert bag collapsing upon the floor beside the bed. Kalonice kixked off her shoes, and laid on her back. Her eyes soon shifting ocer to the door. "Daemien?" She called out, soon noticing the blonde appear. "You are lucky not to have a girlfriend....like that... You... I... I want to find you a girl that would never do this to you... You are a vrry gold guy... Despite being so young still..." She admitted before covering her eyes with her hands. "Mind....would you mind staying over? I.... I don't want to sleep alone tonight... I... I need someone with me tonight... Someone I can trust... I van trust you, right? Llease.... Please don't stay quiet... Say something... Whatever.... Even if its absurd... Just... Say it... i do not need more liars in my life..."
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Daemien glanced over to her as she spoke. Next Friday.... he kept his eyes on her, not caring on but that she was ruining his window. He was simply shocked that for once in his life... a beautiful girl actually liked him and was giving him her number. He shook his head. "It's ok." He smiled kindly.

"Next Friday. Ok... I'll, I'll be there." He smiled as she left the car. Daemien kept his eyes on her. His heart beating out of his chest as she spoke. She... she liked him a lot. Heat rushed to his face as he made sure she got to her job. He waved in return, watching as she disappeared through the doors.

What had just happened? Was... did that honestly happen? There was only one way to find out... Daemien kept the number on his window, up until the next day.

A day after...

There it was... still written on his car window. He stared at it, unable to really look away from it. Last night, it wasn't a dream at all. He had given a ride to a dream dressed in a Dark Phoenix costume. She loved video games, comics, superman.... and surprisingly, she liked him.

"Random number on your car?" Questioned a dark haired male who was a little late.

Daemien shook his head. "No... she just... didn't have a pen." He spoke in a soft tone, almost still in awe.

Darse, the brunette who had been Daemien's friend for years, chuckled. Daemien was not one to be this smitten by a girl before, but then again, none had ever shown an interest in him, just as he never really showed much of interest in any girl. Well, no that was a lie. There was Mia at one point, but she had her eyes set on another. Not that she would actually admit it.

"Did you at least call her yet?"

"I... don't know if I should."

Darse mentally face palmed. "She gave you her number... that means call. If someone tells you other wise, they're stupid... did you at least save it... on your phone?"

Daemien shook his head. He supposed he should. He took his phone out and typed it down, saving it under Kalonice.

After an hour of cleaning up the lipstick from his car window, with Darse, the two headed inside and up into Daemien's room. And... with much persuasion, Daemien called Kalonice, or well, Darse called for him.


"Hey it's Daemien... do... do you still want to hang out?"

"Of course she does she asked you and gave you her number. Oh oh tell her I love that color she put on your window!" Darse spoke a little too loud for Daemien's liking.

She didn't remember him... of course she didn't, it was-... He could here the change of tone in her voice... so she did remember him. Daemien smiled softly.

"Daemien yes! Um, Hi! And of course! I gave you my number for this reason... So yeah, Friday, say, 7pm? I'm at South Ave. Darkwood St. Apt. 308. I will be waiting."

Daemien blinked twice upon hearing her sweet voice, excited about them seeing on another Friday. He listened, soon realizing he needed a pen, shit. He looked around his room, soon finding one and writing the address on his hand.

"Uh... uh yeah that's... I-I'll be there."

"Great! I can't wait till you come. Sorry I have to go, but I need to work in a few, kinda caught me in the shower. So, see you then. Goodnight."

Daemien nodded, soon responding back with a simple, “Goodnight.” And as he hung up the phone, Darse snickered.

“You act as if you’ve never talked to a girl before. Stop being so nervous. How are you going to act come friday?”

Daemien didn’t know. But, he really hoped he could manage to say something. Manage to not ramble on too much. He also didn’t want to say or do anything stupid to make her not like him. This was going to be really hard. “Just be your dorky self. You should be fine, pretend she’s not a pretty girl.” Darse said, but that was really hard when.. well she was very beautiful.

Friday night...

Today was the day… Daemien had managed to not freak out while getting dressed, after completely freaking out thinking he should have worn something other than a pair of jeans and a superboy shirt. But, he… after countless of back and forth’s with his father, went with the Superboy shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers.

“Just be yourself. ‘Cool’ clothes aren’t going to get you anywhere. And… I’m sure you’ll impress her with your Leonidos charm.” He father’s words reminding him to not try too hard. Daemien took a deep sigh, shaking his head. His father was wise, truly wise, but sometimes… Daemien could only wonder how his father became such a wise man. Nevertheless, he stood in front of the door, soon knocking, holding the box of comics in his hands.

Daemien watched as the door was soon pulled open. His eyes falling onto the red head with… nothing.. but a tee shirt on and a pair of… Daemien shifted his eyes upward as he received a hug. A smile on his face. She was cheerful. And.. he enjoyed seeing that smile on her face. He followed her in slowly. His eyes on her hair soon trailing over to Chloe who spoke.

Daemien shook his head instantly, no he wasn't staring or at least trying to not stare or have his eyes wonder around. He couldn't help but watch as Chloe had grabbed Kalonice's chest, though his eyes soon looked away, only listening to her speak.

"Nice... to see you too." He murmured as The blonde woman soon left, leaving him... alone with Kalonice. Her face just as looking nervous as his own. Daemien nodded, looking down at the box.

He nodded. Listening as she stumbled upon her own words, nervous. Daemien smiled softly and nodded once more. It was also his first time alone with a girl... at her place. He was never alone with Mia, Darse was always around. Jenny and Nici didn't count because they were family. He followed her to the living room.

"It's ok." He finally spoke as he placed the comics down on the floor. "I mean... it shows she loves you right?" Not entirely, but it was something similar right? Daemien wouldn't know, he never was in love before. "I... I brought most of my superman comics... and some old movies too." Daemien sat there a bit awkward. His hands in his lap, glasses slipping a bit from place as his eyes were glued to his hands. "We could watch them if you want. Or I also have some of the new Marvel and DC movies."
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Kalonice smiled kindly at the blonde. And for some odd reason, she couldn't manage to make her body to obey by leaving the car. Go to work. She wanted to stay with him. She had felt, a pull towards him. Like a magnet. Something she really had not felt before, or well...not towards guys..

"How about next friday? Here, I will leave you my number." Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her lipstick and opened it. Twisting it a bit to reveal some of it's colored tip and wrote it on the window. "Sorry, no paper, but it comes off easily with soap and water. I promise. If not, I will make sure to clean it off myself the next time I see you." She smiled brightly. Soon putting the lipstick back in her back. "Next friday, come over to my place, I can order pizza, and if your father and you are ok with it, you can stay over. We can read comics and laugh all night long. I'll invite Chloe if you feel awkward being alone with me." She shrugged her shoulders before Opening the car door again and getting out of the car. She looked over at him. "I mean it when I said I liked you alot, Daemien. You aren't like other guys, are you?" She questioned a bit shyly before giggling. "Thanks again for the ride, hopefully I will see you next friday." She said softly before closing the door. Walking up to the door of her job, Kalonice turned and waved at the blonde before disappearing into the lustful hell of a job she had. But the smile on her face was inevitable. She was glowing with happiness. A radiant glow that lived with her through out the night.

[center [size14 A day after...]]

Hearing her phone ring, Kalonice quickly hopped out of the shower, grabbing her phone from the sink. Looking at the unknown number, Kalonice simply answered it.

[i [#8080ff "Hello?"]]

[i [#0914a5 "Hey it's Daemien... do... do you still want to hang out?"]]

[#056018 [size8 "Of course she does she asked you and gave you her number. Oh oh tell her I love that color she put on your window!"]]

Kalonice giggled at the other voice in the background. [i [#8080ff "Yes, Daemien...."]] She pondered on the name for a moment, soon realizing who she was talking to. The girl smiled brightly. [i [#8080ff "Daemien yes! Um, Hi! And of course! I gave you my number for this reason... So yeah, Friday, say, 7pm? I'm at South Ave. Darkwood St. Apt. 308. I will be waiting."]]

The sudden silence only made her raise an eyebrow. Was... was he alright? She looked at her phone. He hadn't hung up so.. [i [#8080ff "Um... Daemien?"]]

[i [#0914a5 "Uh... uh yeah that's... I-I'll be there."]] [i [#8080ff "Great! I can't wait till you come. Sorry I have to go, but I need to work in a few, kinda caught me in the shower. So, see you then. Goodnight."]]

[center [size14 Friday night...]]

"He's probably thinking that you are calling him over to fuck him. Maybe have a threesome?" Thee blonde girl said as she applied some mascara in the mirror. Soon looking over at her girlfriend in the mirror who stood in the door way, with nothing but an underwear of superman, and T-shirt on.

"What? Why would you say such a thing? He is totally not like that. Besides, where are you going? I thought you were going to stay with me... I mean, you said you were... "

"I'm going out with some friends..." Chloe said with a bright smile, applying some lipstick and then turning to look at her girlfriend. "You stay here, with him. If he is just as nice as you said he is, then there is no problem. If not, through him out." Chloe hugged her, pressing her lips to her cheek. Hearing the door, Kalonice walked over, opening the door, soon noticing the blonde male. A bright smile on her lips. "Hey Daemien." She said cheerfully before hugging him. "Come inside." She said softly soon allowing him to get in. Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Staring at my girlfriend, huh? I don't blame ya." She said before walking up behind Kalonice and grabbing her chest. "She's got a big rack to feed thousands! And hips to create a tsunami if she throws herself into the water." She teased, making Kalonice blush.

Pulling herself away from her, Chloe pressed her lips against Kal's neck, while buttoning up her shirt. "Play nice kids I will be back later. NIce to see you again Daemien."

Kalonice watched as the door closed, her eyes soon shifting to Daemien, her face beet red. "So, um... I see you brought a box full of comics...." She smiled awkwardly, scratching her head a bit nervously. "I-I ordered pizza... Games are over there... Welcome to my humble abode." She said with a smile before walking over to him. "It's the first time I am ever alone with a guy... apart from Kenneth, bare with me?" She giggled soon walkin over to the living room. "Come on, sit here... I am sorry about before.. Chloe is a bit... territorial... Also she was supposed to stay... but she was going out with some friends tonight... last minute notice...heh...But I am glad you are here. I guess cause I won't feel so lonely and I should shut up. I am talking too much again.
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Yes, he knew she had told him before. How could he forget her name.. it was very unique. He smiled softly as she giggled. She had an attractive laugh.. smile.. everything. Kalonice was just… she seemed.. very beautiful both inside and out.

Daemien shook his head. That wasn’t the point. Just because she was changing didn’t give him he right to look. He was taught better than that. To respect women. He’d blame himself even if she told him not to. But, as her hand rested on his, Daemien could not help to glance over before glancing back to the road.

He listened to her words. Won her heart? So… easily, he could say the same. Though, maybe it was different. Kenneth said she was complicated, but Daemien felt… ok around her. Nervous, unsure, but still ok. Besides, she had someone she loved… he didn’t win her over that much…

Daemien nodded with a smile. “I know.. I can bring my comics and games by. Or you can come by my house.. or well my dads since I sill live with my dad. But my room. I have a lot of comics and games.” He soon stopped the car upon reaching their destination.

Daemien shook his head. No, he didn’t mind hugs, not one bit. He smiled in return. A tempting offer it may have been to most, but as he had said before Daemien didn’t drink and well… He was more than certain he’d feel extremely out of his element there. “Maybe next time.” He smiled kindly to her. “It was really nice meeting you Kalonice. Hopefully we can set something up to hang out another time.”
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Never been what? WIth a woman? Been at a strip club? Never ben touched? Was he possibly gay? Kalonice smiled as he fumbled upon his words. But soon realized that he was underage... Very underage and she had just.. Wow, she is now a pedophile... Even though she didn't...but still...

So he felt uncomfortable around her... She had definitely molested him. And even though he was trying to be nice about it, it still didn't change the fact of what shee had done. Kalonice looked away ashamed even though he continued to talk about himself. And he wanted to know her better. Why would he? Was it maybe that he thought that they could..No He was not like that. If he was he would of tried something on her already. And he would have not said that he felt uncomfortable...

But Kalonice could still not understand how he would be apologizing for looking if she was the one who suddenly began to dress in his car. He wasn't gay then if he really looked... And she was sure it was for more than a second. Daemien.... Leonidos... Why did that name sound so familiar?

"I should be the one apologizing actually.." She said before looking over at him. "My name is Kalonice. I have a very long name so you can call me Kal... You had told me your name before, and I told you my very long name too, remember? I even told you to make one up, but I guess you are so nervous with me here that you forgot..." She giggled. "It's alright if you looked. Everyone looks, and well... I kind of initiated it by mistake. Or well on purpose... I didn't thik it through. So don't blame yourself for it." Looking up she noticed the strip joint coming up, Kalonice looked over at him and placed a hand on his upon the steering wheel. "I like you a lot Daemien. You seemed to have won my heart over. I hope we could maybe hang out sometime? Maybe...at my place one day. I could show you all of my comic books. Maybe you show me yours and I show you mine?" Kalonice thought about what she had said and blushed. Soon shaking her head with a shy smile. "Not like that, but you know what I mean."

Feeling as the car stopped, Kalonice unclipped the seatbelt and reached over, hugging him tightly. "I hope you do not mind hugs. I am a hugger who loves to hug." She said with a bright smile before pulling away. "Thank you for dropping me off." She opened the door, soon closing it before her as she looked over at him. "Sure you don't want tto stay? Free night on me. You can really become a 'man' in there." She taunted with a sly grin. "Or at least for little bit..if not then it is alright."
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Yes, Daemien was more than aware that Benicia shouldn't have been working there. She was under aged, still sixteen just as he was. But, there was honestly no way of stopping Jenicia from what she wanted to do. She had her mind set on things that just weren't good for her.

His eyes soon shifted to her, then back to the road. He was frozen in place his foot against the break as they came to a red light. His breath caught in his throat. She... this... "m-ma-maybe you sho-" he couldn't even get the words out, but she soon stopped which made him exhale. The light finally green, he continued on driving.

He noodled at her response. Than her job was more than uncomfortable. He glanced over to her as he shrugged. There was really no need. Daemien hadn't actually had a sip of alcohol in his life yet. His face turned red as she winked at him. No, he didn't need that either... not yet... this once was... probably enough. And not necessary, but... he did look, unintentionally.

Daemien shook is head. "It's ok, really. I'm just... I... I've never been." He cleared his throat. How embarrassing could this day get?

"I'm sixteen. It was uncomfortable, but it's because I'm not used to it. No one... ever has... done anything like that. Has been anywhere near there." He was nervous, And man... did he feel like a big wuss. "You're really nice. And pretty, beautiful. I'm sorry I looked, I didn't mean to... it's just... I only saw for a second I swear." His fingers twiddled at the steering wheel.

"But yeah... I'm... I'm sixteen. My name is Daemien Israel Leonidos. I like video games and comics, computers and gaming graphics." He nodded with a soft smile. "What about you? I'd... like to know more about you. I mean I think I should since... you know... I'm driving you to work."
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Kalonice looked up as the car had suddenly shifted abruptly. Her eyes quickly staring at Daemien. Was he staring at her? Well of course he would. It was only natural for a guy to stare at her while she was changing... Even though Xavier wasn't that type nor was Kenneth... Zach amazingly had never stared at her either...

"Your cousin? I probably know her... But she shouldn't work there if she is a minor...Now about your question...."she said softly as she reached over and placed a hand on his lap. Soon dragging her nails softly across his lap, playing with his zipper teasingly.

"Does that answer your question?" She said before giggling. "That's what men do to me all the time. Plus touching else where, wolf calling, staring. Asking me if I can give them a show." She shrugged her shoulders. "I am really just the bartender. Not a show giver, unless it involves throwing or spinning bottles in the air or doing drink tricks." She smiled before retrieving her hand and looking down at herself. "I can sneak you into the club if you want one day. Free drinks on me all night. Plus, if you go, I will have someone to talk to besides drunk horny men... And who knows, maybe I can also give you a free little private show." She winked at him. Obviously it wouldn't be her giving the show, but she would find someone. Not that she would mind doing a show, if he was actually a girl. Or well, he had already looked like one. At least his hair made him seem like one. But she was sure he was a guy.

Kalonice could feel the tension in the air again. He was possibly nervous, and she didn't blame him. She had basically molested him just as she had been molested by her clients. She felt sorry for him. Maybe she shouldn't have done that...

"So what about you? Tell me more about you, I would love to get to know you. How old are you?" She quetioned in attempt to break the awkward silence. It was hard to do so with a male she had barely known, and she had just teased. It wasn't like she was looking for trouble, but she had nearly made the kid crash by simply changing in his car. What kind of female did she make him think she was? Not the girl she really was that was for sure... But she knew he was trust worthy, if he was Kenneth friend. Not Xavier's, Kenneth's.

"I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. It was not my intention... I can just get a little out of hand when I feel comfortable around people... And you seem like a nice kid... I actuallt like you so far... And that is something hard for me to say and do... You can feel flattered, if you want...Then again, it is not a commandment." She joked.
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Daemien nodded. Sixteen. And now she was… nineteen. He blinked twice and her next choice of words. He let her continue, listening to her doubts about their relationship. She had no reason to be though, from what he could see already she was kind, beautiful, mind and.. well looks. It was hard not to nice.

Daemien shook his head. Sure, somewhere… eventually. Or maybe she already passed him by, the point was Daemien wouldn’t think about that right then. Like his father said, when the girl came along, he’d know. He chuckled at her choice of words. Yes, talk nerdy or fail at ever aspect of talking to her. Either way, yeah, he was aware, someone was around.

The blonde, gave her a questionable look before noticing her slipping out of her costume. Blue eyes widening, attention distracted for a moment. He was able to pull his eyes away before hitting the curb. But, he was sure she already noticed that. “Uh..sure? I guess.” He cleared his throat. “You.. could always hide in the back.” He was sure that she was much too confident to worry about the effects she was giving him. “Superman.. Dark Phoenix Batgirl, the usual. Thor. Link’s cool too.. He shrugged his shoulders, attempting to to glance over although he had already noticed the superman bra and matching underwear… the small skirt..

“So you work at the strip club. My cousin works there too. She’s.. underaged though.” He shook the thought of Nici half naked in a strip club. Jenicia was usually clothed, ripped up clothes, but never half naked. But, he was aware she worked there. “I had to pick her up once at the same address Ken gave me for you.” He murmured slightly. “Never been in one so… but it’s a job.” He shrugged not really sure what to say. “Do you like your job?” Maybe that was a dumb question. She had a girlfriend, why would she like guys drooling all over her? She probably ignored it like she did when those people around them stared at comic con.
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Kalonice smiled as the boy began to ramble on. Trying to make conversation with her. It was cute, she had to admit that much. But she wasn't sure she wsnted to talk about her slowly ending relationship with Chloe... She was inlove with her...but she seemed to have her heart marked elsewhere...

"Yeah Chloe and me go back three years... She became my girlfriend when I was 16. She and I hit it off very well... But I guess we don't see eye to eye anymore..." She auietly spoke. Was it really this easy to talk to him? The words seemes to continue to slip out from her lips unstopabbly. "I think she doesn't like me the way I like her.... I guess it's because we still haven't gotten further than second base..." She shrugged her shoulders. Soon looking over at Daemien, she smiled softly. He was someone she could trust... Or at least that's what it seemed like so far...

She reached over and patted his hand gently yet confidently. "I am possitivelt sure there will be a girl out here somewhere who will love you and also love the nerdy side of you the most. It's actually quite cute. And well I am sure the girl who is right for you will have alot of mutual things with you. Will not care what car you drive, or how passionatw you are about comics. And obviously will find it a turn on when you talk nerdy to her." She giggled soon opening her bag and zipping down her latex cosplay. Taking off the mask and stuffing it into the back as she pulled out a small crop top, a blue mini skirt, some black stilettos, and an appron. "Mind if I change in the car?" But before he could answer, Kalonice began to slip out from her costume. Reveailing the superman underwear and bra. "So what is your favorite super heroe? Besides superman." She innocently asked as she pulled on her skirt and shirt. Then tying her hair in a braid. "My second favorite is Link from the legend of zelda. Oh and I also love Thor!"
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