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Melanthe smiled, leading him into her humble abode. It had been a while since she had had someone to be around, to simply chat with. And it was the first time she could remember ever having anyone in her rather broken down house. Then again, Melanthe hadn't really befriended anyone in her job, for many simply wanted meaningless sex or just a trophy wife. And some only wanted a pretty face to have on the side of their own spouses. No, Melanthe didn't consider herself to be like her coworkers.

All of them devoting their lives for fame and fortune, for any price. Melanthe, though, believed that dignity was not something to be sold for something so meaningless. Now… if it was out of love for someone… It always depended on the situation. Because if the person actually loved you, your dignity would be priority to anything else.

A whistling sound had caught the woman attention, and had finally brought her back from her thoughts. Had she been quiet for so long? Apparently so. Melanthe had taken her time into pouring the hot tea into the two cups, and gently dropped some diced strawberries into the beverages. Soon grasping both mugs and bringing them over to the counter, where Issac sat patiently. Grasping a spoon full of sugar, her eyes glanced up upon his question, making her accidentally knocking over the cup of tea as she had dropped the spoon. “I-I’m sorry!” She blushed, quickly rushing to grab a towel from the shelf, wetting it with cold water from the sink, and over to him. Quickly the young woman simply began to gently wipe the tea away from his pants as he stood. “I am so sorry, I get very clumsy sometimes… “ She sighed, soon realizing that the effort she put into cleaning simply left a stain upon his pants. A red one at that… The young woman bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes with frustration. “I know that this will sound rather suggestive, but… Would you mind removing your pants for me? I will wash them for you, and you can go shower off the rest of the tea that I am sure is burning badly against the skin.” She said softly before placing the towel upon the counter. She was embarrassed, and all he could do was laugh?

{For your sake, you’re going to have to wait for me to take my pants off.}

“I guess this is why I never have anyone over…” She giggled slightly to herself before leading him to the bathroom. The woman waited quietly outside of the bathroom door, her back leaning against the wall beside the door. This was simply not her night, yet somehow Melanthe had felt alright. This man, Issac, he was something else. Someone she felt like she would not regret. The question was, would this always be like this? Melanthe opened her eyes at the sound of the door opening, the woman then noticed the stained pants being held out for her to grab. And in exchange the young woman handed him a blue towel. “I don’t have anything else that might fit you to wear…This is about it.”

[You can just admit that you’d like to see me half naked. If you would like, you can dress me up in one of your skirts.]

Melanthe’s eyes widened, the woman bursted out laughing, and shook her head. “I guess you could say that… And I doubt my skirts will fit you, so a towel will be fine.” She smiled softly before pushing herself off the wall and staring at him as he stared at her from around the corner of the door. “Though it seems like you are the one who really wants me to see you half naked. Apart from being handsome in the face, are you trying to show off your body as well?”

[At least I’m aware you think I’m handsome. I wouldn’t mind if you saw me naked, I have nothing to hide. That’s only if you’d like to of course. Besides, I’m not the one who spilled tea and told you to remove your pants.]

Melanthe grimaced and nodded. “Touche, my dear.” She soon grasped the doorknob and smiled, “Go change, I will go put this in the washer.” She smiled, closing the door, and quietly walking off.

After having a rather hard time removing the stain from the pants, Melanthe had finally put the pants to wash and hung them up to dry. Returning back to the bathroom, Melanthe knocked lightly upon the door. “You know, you can come out. I know you’re a gentleman… Come sit with me in the living room.” Her eyes soon glanced up at the pair of blue eyes that stared at her. She refrained from looking further down. “This can’t get any weirder. So might as well make the best of it.” She smiled soon leading him back to the living room and sitting upon the couch. Looking over at the male sitting next to her. Her eyes looked over at the broken down porch that he had pointed out. “This is a very old house… A friend of mine from the hospital decided to give me this house. I am supposed to fix it up, but I really am not handy. She told me that the porch had gotten swept away by the sea around ten years back. She never got to build it again. So I guess it won’t be built again…But I least I have the view of the beach.” She smiled, looking back at him. “About the…chocolate chips… I actually have a very rare condition. When I eat chocolate I have a bad reaction to it basically… Hence I just don’t eat it…It’s actually something not many people know and something I never feel comfortable telling people… Except for you, now.”
Issac walked quietly beside her. His fingers laced in hers. His eyes soon caught sight of what he could only be certain was her place. A light blue wooden home by the sea… just what she always wanted.As they reached the door, Issac smiled at her. His eyes catching her fingers fiddling with the keys. He chuckled lightly. “Yes, I would like a cup of Strawberry tea.”

He was aware she meant it an innocent way. He wasn’t expecting to be invited into her home. Granted, he would have never denied the opportunity to spend more time with her.


“Can you sign this for me please?” Issac handed the piece of paper over to his mother.

“I thought you weren’t planning on going Matthew.”


He didn’t even have to finish. His mother had raised her hand for him to stop. She reached for the paper and took it from him. “You do know that Mason already left. He said they would possibly leave early.”

Issac’s eyes widened. His mother smiled softly. “I’m sure Melanthe won’t leave without you.” Issac nodded, taking the paper from his mothers hand.

“Thank you,” He murmered as he lifted his bag over his shoulder. He rushed to the out the door and down the street.

As he reached the school, his eyes were set on the bus. The teacher that stood outside and had finally saw him. He continued to run, handing her the slip as he reached her. “I’m sorry I’m late.” He managed to say as he huffed. Issac climbed into the bus, his eyes catching Melanthe with an empty seat right beside her. He nodded with a smile. Issac would do anything to make her happy.

Once they reached their destination, Issac kept close to Melanthe. Wait what? Stay together, but he was already certain they would place him with his brother. Granted, he was sure they’d just sleep, but... it wasn’t right for girls and boys to be in the same tent, alone... people would suspect something. He didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Especially about Mel.

Issac kept his mouth shut as Melanthe had asked. He couldn’t help but smiled as she called Mason a trouble maker. He nodded as the teacher said it was fine. “No.” He shook his head. It was just Melanthe, he’d be fine... they were friends after all.


Issac sat in the kitchen, his blue eyes focused on Mel. Her back turned to him as she heated up the tea. “Is there a reason you don’t like chocolate and like to pick it from your ice cream?” He chuckled. It was a simple conversation starter. He simply felt as though if he kept quiet she may have felt odd, after all, Melanthe never did like it when he was quiet.
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Melody smiled, his words simple and sweet. But the young woman couldn't help but feel a bit guilty. Just a tad bit.

His birthday... She didn't know. Then again, she barely knew him. It was not that bad since he had commented on the fact of being happy to have spent it with her. Was it because he did not want to feel alone again on his birthday? Or because she reminded him of his wife? Was she going to simply be a replacement?

Melody shook the negative thoughts from her head and slipped her fingers between his and lead him back to her own house.

A small light blue colored wooden home by the sea side. It was small, yet cozzy. Something that brought comfort to her soul... And this had been the first time she had ever brought anyone to her household. The young woman looked behind, and up at the tall man. A polite smile upon her lips as she pulled out her keys and opened the white door to her house. "Thank you so much for today, Issac. It was a wonderful time... I... I was wondering..." She played with her keys nervously, "Would you like a cup of tea? I mean that is not code for anything, it's just tea. Strawberry tea to be exact." She explained before smiling. "You would be the first person to enter my home... Or well appart from the previous owners." She giggled


"Wait!" Melanthe called out, Mrs Evans, the outdoors  teacher, glanced up from the metal clipboard. "Issac isn't here yet." The young girl explained. It wasn't normal for the boy to be late. It wasn't like Issac at all, and the thought only concerned the poor ginger. But as much as her classmates gave her the evil eye, Melanthe remianed with a small smile as Mrs. Evans gave her a nod. "That is very true Melanthe, Issac is not present. I guess we could wait a few more minutes for Mr. Leonidos to arrive."

And just as she had said, a few minutes they had waited before the young blonde had arrived. Melanthe quickly stood up from her seat and smiled brightly. "You made it!" She cheered before the blonde sat next to her, and she sat back down. "Thought you'd never get here... I am happy that you did make it though."  She grinned as the bus suddenly began to drive off.

Holding hands, playing games of the road, reading a few books of nature and heroism,  Melanthe felt happy and free as along side her best friend. The road was long, and the air was fresh and smelling of old oak. Melanthe's eyes grasped a glimpse of nature's best as her foot had finally set foot upon the ground of their destination.

"It's beautiful out here." She whispered to Issac, her hand still gripping on to his. Het eyes glittering with amazement. Pulling her blue tent and sleeping bag straps over her sholder, Melanthe smiled over at Issac and pointed over to the professor. "Let's see if Mrs. Evans allows us to stay with eachother tonight. I would much rather stay with you than with Suzie Manderson." She spoke as she followed the teacher and her classmates deeper into the woods. Soon arriving to a rather open space where they had all settled down their belongings.

"Alright kids, it's pairing up time. Who would lile to pair of with who first?" Mrs. Evans called. Her eyes instantly looking over at Mela the who had always been the firat to respond to...everything. "Yes, Ms Ryan."

"I was wondering by any chance Issac could stay with me?"

"Well that would be very innapropriate Ms. Ryan. A girl and boy cannot sleep in the same place unless they are married." Mrs. Evans explained. Her eyes soon catching sight of Melanthes rather broke hearted look. "Oh..." She simply said softly. The woman then smiled and sighed as she shook her head. "But I guess I could make the exception given Issac is a gentleman and very proper, keeping to himself, unlike his troublemaking brother. And you are a good young lady. So I suppose no harm will be done... But I expect yoy both to behave, understood?" Melanthe instantly nodded before grabbing Issac's hand once again and leading him off to the campsite. Allowing for the tent things to fall on the ground, the young girl smiled up at him. "You won't freak out sleeping with a girl now will you?"
Best friend... yes that they were. Yet, why did the idea of just being her best friend made him a bit sad? Issac shook the feeling. Yeah, they had invested Mason, because Mason was popular. Issac was the... loser brother. And Issac would have never been seen at any party. Mason on the other hand, he always showed up and people seemed to like him.

Issac smiled in return, allowing his arm to be much more accessible for her to wrap around. He wished they could just sit together and watch a movie or something, stay this close...but they had soon arrived to the party.

Issac noticed the look on Johnny’s face. He was right... Johnny wanted Melanthe to go alone. Issac felt unsure of himself as he stepped through the doors. He wasn’t welcome, but Melanthe wanted him there so that counted for more than the amount of people who were there. Luckily, his hand was gripped tight by the girl. Their hands never separating even as the others stared at them.

He sat next to her. His eyes glancing around, soon catching Johnny who had his attention on Mel.He was gonna speak, but Melanthe had spoke before he could, saying something along the lines of what he planned to say. But, that he was... keen to making a girl happy. Mel happy.

Spin the bottle, 20 minutes in heaven? Issac shifted his eyes to another girl, one who had called Melanthe’s name. He shifted his eyes back over to Mel, watching the two speak. His eyes soon catching hers. Her fingers twirling, was she nervous? Issac smiled softly at the girl. “Good to see you too Felicity.” He responded back politely. Hoping for.... His eyes shifted to Melanthe, he was uncertain. Would he really be playing? Did he have a choice?

He could hear Johnny mocking him. No he was not social, nor as his brother was. But, that was because Issac did not want to put on a facade and make friends with people who only cared about popularity. No, he had other goals in mind than to simply receive attention. Issac ignored the guy. There was no point in responding back to such hostility. Though his eyes shifted to Mel as he heard her speak.

No, he didn’t have a choice but to play.

Issac followed Felicity’s lead. Him across from Melanthe, beside him his brother. “I see Mel dragged you.” Isreal Mason snickered lightly. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

“I never wanted to come here. And now I’m playing a game...” Issac shifted his eyes to Mason, really not caring for the game at all.

“A game that’ll give you a chance.”
“A chance to what?”
“Finally kiss Mel.”

Issac blinked twice, his eyes soon shifting to Melanthe. He had the chance to kiss her... but what if she didn’t want to? Why did they have to play this game to kiss? If... if she landed on someone else... they’d have her first kiss.

“Relax Issac.” Mason smirked, “look Mel’s up next.”

Issac glanced across, his eyes watching hers. She was nervous... and so was he. There was a lump in the pit of his stomach. His eyes shifting down to the bottle that slowly began to stop spinning before it landed... the two brothers looked to one another then back at the bottle.

As much as Mason really wouldn’t have cared about kissing Melanthe, he already considered Melanthe Issac’s girlfriend. He looked over to Melanthe, the worried look over her face. As if she had anything to really worry about.

Issac glanced over to Mason as he scoffed, shaking his head. There was a rather disgusted look on Masons face as he soon chuckled. “Ew, no. I’m not kissing her, sure she’s pretty but not my type.” Isreal chuckled once more. “No, no.” Isreal picked the bottle lightly for it to point over to Issac. “You can stand in for me this once” he smirked, his eyes soon shifting to Mel as he winked at her.

Issac’s chest burned. He let out a breath he did not notice he had been holding. He was nervous, but the look in Melanthe’s eyes told him she was also. Could he do it? Did she even want to-.... that smile answered the doubts in his mind. Issac glanced to Mason who only have him a look. Issac glanced back to Melanthe. He leaned over. He watched her close her eyes leaning in closer. He hated the eyes that were glued to them, but his eyes were solely focused on her lips. And as his brushed against hers, he closed his eyes, forgetting everyone else in the room.

Issac slipped his arms from around her waist as he pulled away. He smiled softly, a chuckle escaping his lips. “This is by far one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a while.” He spoke softly. “And no you do not have to feel guilty. I wanted to spend it with you.” He placed an arm over her shoulder.

He felt younger than his age. There with his wife, in his arms... he hadn’t had that in what could have been forever. The smell of her hair, the taste of her lips. The feeling of her embrace.
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Melanthe listened quietly at his words. He was right, respect was really what was needed between her parents. Yet her mother loved her father very much, and she was more than willing to give her life up for that man... In more ways than one. Melanthe knew that it was wrong... But the heart always wanted what it wanted. And sometimes it was just not the best option for oneself. She could only hope she would not follow her mothers steps to where she stood now...

Melanthe could feel his fingers brushing against the back of her hand. Her hand simply brushing back against his and lacing her fingers between his. He was trying to compliment her, it only made her smile. Issac was always so kind. It only made her wonder if her father was right about... About him. If he would maybe be...

"Well if you didn't want to go with me, I do have to admit that I would of been a little disappointed... But to answer your question, it's because you are my best friend, Issac. If I am invited then so are you. I mean he invited Mason, why couldn't they just invite you too?" She shook her head. "I don't want to go alone to Johnny's party... Plus, parties are meant to be enjoyed with friends, right? And... I know I would enjoy it more if it's with you."

Melanthe smiled. Wrapping an arm around his, Melanthe leaned her head against his as they walked down the street, soon arriving at the small yellow wooden house by the park. Knocking on the door, the young girl soon was face to face with the rather tall, dark haired, green eyed boy.

"Hey, Melanthe you made it!" The boy cheerfully said.
"Yes, I wasn't going to miss this special day of yours." She smiled brightly, soon noticing the boy looking over at Issac beside her. A slight smirk on his lips notifying her that Issac had been right...

Melanthe stepped into the house, blue light coloring the room full of other schoolmates. Her hand never loosening her grip on Issac's. Soft music played in the air, and she could feel the other kids murmuring about them. But the young girl paid no mind, and simply took a seat in the blue love seat by the staircase. Pulling Issac to sit next to her, she soon noticed Johnny walking up to the two. "So, you brought Issac? Didn't think he was the type to go to parties..."

Melanthe smiled and looked over at Issac. "No, he's not. But he is very keen to making a gal happy." She giggled before looking back the the boy.

"Well, I hope you both enjoy the party. We are going to play spin the bottle soon, and 20 minutes in heaven. Issac, do you play?"

"Melanthe!" A young girls voice called out, soon grabbing Johnny's and Melanthes attention. "I am so happy you made it!" Felicity,  a rather paleish blonde haired girl approached them.

"Hi. Yes, I did." Melanthe giggled soon pulling her from the couch and showing her the empty bottle. "Ready to have your first kiss?" She giggled soon looking behind them and staring at the brown haired boy who stood by the cake in a group of other boys. "I am hoping to get mine from Gene Della Robia." Felicity said before looking back at Melanthe. "Who are you hoping for, Melanthe?"

The young girl blushed brightly before glancing back at Issac. "Um... I..." She twirled her fingers soon noticing her blonde classmate notice. Issac behind her. "Issac! Hello! Almost didn't notice you there. You were so silent. It's good to see you here at a party for once!" She said cheerfully before raising an eyebrow. "What about you? Who are you hoping for?"

Johnny chuckled and shook his head. "Issac? Really? I don't think Issac is into these games. He is more into animals and books. Never really seemed to be intonsocialism unless it's with his siblings or Ms. Nyx here." He chuckled again mockingly. Melanthe narrowed her eyes. "I think it's a good thing for him to be focused on more important things than silly games." She snapped, making Johnny snap his mouth shut.

"Issac and I will play the game." She said softly making Felicity smile. Pulling them both to the circle of kids in the middle of the room. Sitting them down across from eachother, Melanthe by her and Issac by his brother, then placing the bottle in the middle of the circle. Felicity taking the first spin only to be pleased by getting Gene and sharing her first kiss. Johnny soon landing on Felicity. Heather landing on...

"Issac or Frank?" Heather asked as the bottle simply pointed between them. Melanthe felt her heart nearly breaking. But remained with a poker face. Felicity quickly responding, "Frank! It's more to Frank."

With that she looked over at Mel who smiled softly. And it was now her turn... Nervous. She felt nervous. Melanthe grasped the glass bottle and spun it. Watching it turn and turn, making her gulp. Watching as it had finaally made a stop, her eyes stared up only to notice as it pointed between the Leonidos twins. A rather worried look plastered accross her face when she realized it pointed more to Isreal than to Issac.

"Isreal!" They all clapped and cheered. But the blonde simply made a disgusted look and chuckled. "Ew, no. I am not kissing her. Sure she’s pretty, but no.” He chuckled once more. “No. No.” Isreal poked the bottled lightly for it to point at Issac. “You can stand in for me on this one Issac.” He smirked then looked over, winking at Mel.

Melanthe giggled nervously before looking over at Issac. His eyes only letting her know that he was just as nervous as she was. She smiled softly. She would thank Isreal later. The ginger closed her eyes and leaned forward.
Yes, Melanthe was quite the girl, she was, still was everything to him. He laughed lightly as she joked. His eyes staring directly at her. No, he wasn’t blinded by love although, he did go blind, just not because of Melanthe’s radiant fire. That and he was blind when he met her.

She was shy, he continued to watch her as she looked away from him. Even if she couldn’t remember their lives, maybe she remembered the feelings they had shared once before. He listened to her next words. No, he wasn’t lucky... they were lucky to have found each other at such a young age.

Issac raised an eyebrow at her as he watched her place cash on the table. If he was a gentleman, he’d grab the cash and stuff it back into her hand. But, he also knew how Melanthe was. They were partners... and for that reason, he let her have her way.... at least for now... for always.

The man followed her, letting her lead them back to where he first shared his memory of Melanthe, the boardwalk. He had kept his eyes on her, watching the way she stared out at the sunset. She was beautiful and he was happy to have found her once more.

Issac quietly listened to her words. No she wasn’t causing him any harm what so ever. It did not pain him that he was remembering their past, it pained him that she couldn’t remember their time together. At the touch of her hand Issac smiled softly. No, his memories of their past could never be replaced, but they could go on and make new ones, if she still wanted to...

It was then that he felt her fingers wrap around the back of his neck. She did not need to guide him, he could see it in her eyes as he had many times before.

Melanthe was shy, as she usually was. Her lips only pressing the corner of his lips. Issac could feel his heart beating in his chest, the lump in his throat melting. And as she pulled away, he leaned in closer, pressing his lips to hers.

It was much like their first kiss....

Issac stood at the doorway. His eyes wide for a moment. He shifted his gaze away from the beautiful and partially clothed red head. His face burning brighter than her hair. His arms instinctively wrapped around her as she pounded him in her... undergarments. He swallowed hard. She was irresistible.

No, he’d never let her go to a party alone. Not when she had asked him personally to go with her and keep her company. Of course, the blonde wasn’t really much of a person to party and adding the fact that it was his birthday... he would have much rather spent it with Melanthe than anyone else.

Issac glanced over the blue dress. Yes, she hates blue... he wasn’t sure why she even wanted to...his eyes? He glanced away as she slipped the dress on before looking back over to her. His face still burning red. Stare at her if he wanted? Issac shook his head. No, she knew him better than that. He could never really do so. That was the reason he couldn’t look. It was her. The girl he was falling for more and more every day.

The boy allowed himself to be pulled down the steps. The sudden shatter of glass stopping them both in their tracks. He could hear her fathers words. His heart was breaking for their daughters who had to witness what pride could do to an man, to anyone. Issac tensed as he heard the woman calling out, to save herself from another hit.

There was nothing he could do now... but he would one day... Kimberly was a loving woman, she did not deserve such a thing and neither did Melanthe. Upon hearing his name Issac blinked twice. No... Issac would never try to do so, not against Melanthe’s will. If she was more than willing to allow him of anything, Issac would be more than willing to give her everything she wanted, anything at all.

He followed her out of the house. Walking along in silence, he kept close to her. He hummed at her words. Yes, at least he knew they liked him, trusted him... Issac shook his head. “A man should never hurt the woman he loves no matter what state he is in.” Issac reached out, he wanted to touch her hand again... his fingers gently brushed against hers. His eyes settled on the pavement below their feet.

“You look beautiful... in blue and every other color. Anything you wear...” He noticed his words were becoming less and less. Before it was much easier to talk to her. But they were growing up... maturing. She was getting taller, her body much more... defined. And he was still the same. He was aware he’d catch up at some point, he was hoping for sooner than later.

“Why are we going to Johnny’s party again? I wasn’t invited.... and I’m sure he wanted you to go alone... not that I don’t want to go with you, I do... that’s why I’m here.. to be with you.” Issac shifted his gaze slowly up to hers. She truly was beautiful.
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Rude. His brother was very rude. But it was kind of cute. Yet Melanthe had foudn herself distracted by his sudden answer. Yes. She had made a new friend. A friend that... Liked her hair color. The young girl blushed, yet the smile never left her face. He had invited her over, yet she was not too keen on reallt going to a new house... To meet new people... Yet her mother had insisted on making new friends... Right?

"Gladly." She said before looking bacm at her mother who was finally walking up behind them. "Mother, may I please go to his house? He has a sister, and I would much like to get to know him better." She pleaded. Her mother sinply giggled. Her eyes soon looking over at the boy who seemed happy yet stl stared at her daughter as if she was the one for him... But of course they were still too young to know that yet... Or maybe he was not... She could still recall the first time she had laid eyes on her husband...

"Sure. Go right ahead. Just remember to be home before the lights come on the streets." Her kother sais kinsly before looking back at Issac. "And you, young man, take care of my Mel, alright sweety?" With that the woman walked off with the other child at hand. Leaving Melanthe to simply stare at the blonde boy who's eyes still nevee left hers.

"If I am the sun, then you should stop staring... Cause if not you will become blind." Melanthe joked before tilting her head to the side. "Lead the way, Issac! " She said cheerfully. Soon walking beside her new friend as he led them to his house.

Melanthe giggled as she bit her spoonful of ice cream. "She seems to have been quite the little girl. I can see why you loved her so much. Did you really go blind? Or wait, let me guess, you were blinded by love?" She joked before looking over at him. His eyes staring directly at her, in a rather loving way. Was... Was this how his wife must of felt when he stared at her?

The young woman blushed, smiling softly before looking back at her now empty bowl of ice cream. He... He was making her feel rather naked. Transparent... This must of been how she felt. And it was somehow familiar...

"Well, for being kids, you already knew who you wanted to marry. You were lucky enough to have found that..." She said softly before slipping out if the booth and placing five dollar bill upon the table as a tip. Before raising a hand to Issac, "No, no. You paid for the ice crwam, I will pay for the tip. And if you really are a gentleman, you will allow this lady to pay for soemthing that she wants to pay for." She giggled before reaching down and pulling him out from the booth. "Come on, let's go see the sunset!" She smiled, soon leading him towards the boardwalk next to the shop. Her arms wrapped around his, her eyes set towards the shimmering light that came forth fron the water as the sun kissed theorange horizon.

The sea breeze gracefully pushing her hair away from her face. She could soon feel the familiar pair of blue eyes stare at her, as her eyes soon met up with his. It was almost as if he was staring at his wife again. Or at least how she pictured him to be staring. Soft eyes, a glow about them showed happiness and contentment. It only made her feel a bit sad... Had she really looked a lot like her?

"Issac... I am sorry if I am causing you any pain for remembering her..." She said softly before reaching up to cup his cheek. "And even though I cannot replace her, maybe... Maybe I could take some of the pain away somehow?" Melanthe wrapped her fingers aroubd the back of his neck, pulling him down gently as she brushed her lips gently at the corner of his lips. A small smile forming on her lips as she pulled away. Only to be pulled into a kiss that simply made her toes curl a bit.

"Issac!" Melanthe called out as she finally saw her familiar blonde friend appear through the door. The young ginger having no shame in being in simple bra and underwear, pounced him, as she hugged him tightly. "I thought I was going to have to go to this party alone. You, you look dashing." She said cheerfully before letting him breathe again as she got off him and walked to the closet. Pulling out a bright blue dress, the young girm then held it up to him with a grin. "Blue is what I shall wear. I know I know, I hate blue... But... I kind of loved it when I saw it... I guess cause it reminded me of your eyes." She sadi softly before slipping into the dress and twirling around for him before noticing the slight blush in his face. "Oh, Issac. I am sorry. You can stare at me if you want. You don't have to look away. I mean come on its only me." She giggled before reaching over to fraps his hand. "Let's go before dad changes his mind on letting me go."

Racing down the steps, Melanthe could hear her mother and father in the kitchen. A sudden sound of shattering glass making her stop in her tracks at rhe last step. Her hand gripped tighter on Issac's hand as she quietly approached the kitchen door. Her fingers pushed gently against the door to crack it open, her eyes soon noticing her mother holding a hand up to her now red swollen cheek.

"You are not the head of this house. What I say goes and that is final!" Her father hissed as her mother sinply nodded. Her eyes teared up as she crouched down to pick up the broken plates upon the ground. "I am sorry honey... It won't happen again..." Her mother held in a sob. Her father sinply reaching down and pulling her to stand from her hair. "You need to learn your place. My boss nearly fired me after that. Just remember thay if I loose this job, we are all going to hell... Where is Melanthe?"

Kimberly looked away before speaking softly. "She is going to a birthday party of Johnny Dixon..."

"Alone? Are you mad, woman? Sebsing our beautiful 14 yearold daughter alone to a boys birthday party?" He raised his hand to smack her, Kimberly flinched and quickly said, "Issac is going with her! Issac... is going with her... He is a very respectable boy... You know this..."

Her fathrr nodded and released her before walking back over to grasp his bottle of whiskey. "I suppose Issac would be fine with her... He is a good lad." He sipped the bottle. "Not like he will try to ruffle her skirt in a barn like we did, right my dearie?"

Kimberly sighed softly before nodding. He continued. "The first time we ever made love. You cried because it hurt. I am sorry it did. But let us pray that our daughter finds a man who will treat 'er right. And have some patience with 'er. Someone like--"

"Issac?" Kimberly spoke softly soon hesring her husband chuckle. "Yes. But right now they are maybe too young to know what love is. Though we were young when we had our little fun. Now... Hows about we have some little fun ourselves now, eh honey?"

Melanthe stepped back, soon looking over at Issac. The young girl simply let go of his hand before holding a hand up to her mouth and signalled him to quietly follow her.

As the two walked out of the house, Melanthe remained quiet as they walked along the side walk down the road to her friends house. That is... She was quiet until... "At least I know that my parents like you." She said softly before looking over at Issac, a amall smile forming on her lips. "I hope you don't feel awkward by father...he is just... A little drunk..."
Issac's eyes soon shifted to another, an older woman. Her mother. Issac smiled softly, at least she was not alone again, as she was before when he had first seen her. He listened quietly, she had a sister. He looked over to where she pointed catching a brown haired girl, around their age on the swings.

His attention turned back to her mother who had asked about him and his sibling. No, they weren't friends yet, but they would be. Issac shook his head. "That's not true." He muttered he allowed for her mother introduced herself. Issac nodded, a smile over his face. He had more time... to be with her... "Thank you Mrs. Nyx."

Melanthe... such an odd name, but he liked it. It was different. He liked odd names. People, faces. Not that she was odd or had an odd face. She simply stood out. Ocean street, that was down their street.

"You don't scare me, you just talk too much and I space out." He muttered before heading into the store.

Issac shook his head. His brother was rude for leaving. Though, he was happy to spend time with the girl. "Yes he blurted out. Not that your a killer or that your hair is on fire. I want to be friends. And I like your hair. It's wild and captivating, like the sun...." he smiled kindly at her, realizing his own words were maybe a bit too bold. Oh he hope he didn't make her want to run away from him.

"Do you want to come over today? I live on the same street. And... I have a sister too. Her name is Jenillyn, I think she'd like you too. And you can bring your sister if you want or your mom too." He just really wanted to make a new friend... and she seemed really nice... someone he could get along with well.
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Melanthe watched as the boy simply ran off again. Did.... did she scare him off by mistake? It hadn't been the first time she had scared off someone by talking so much, asking too many questions... Her father always told her that she spoke too much, and that young ladies didn't look beautiful when they spoke so much. Her mother on the other hand simply encouraged it. To speak her mind, to question everything and learn as much as she could while she was young. Despite her father's wishes, Melanthe had become a curious little girl. And maybe a bit too much of a chatterbox.

"Melly! Melly!" Her sister called out, making her green eyes look over in the direction of her little sister who ran up to her. "Can you please come and play with me?" She insisted as she tugged on her sister's arm. But Melanthe simply smiled at her younger sister and shook her head. "No, I'm sorry Aggie. But today I don't feel like playing. Maybe later when we get home. I promise to read to you, alright?"

Agaetha smiled and nodded, quietly walking back to the swings. Melanthe only wondered how she had been lucky enough to have a sister that didn't fight with her as much as normal siblings did...

"You're here..."

Melanthe looked back only to see the little boy return. She smiled but tilted her head curiously. Did he suffer from short memory loss? But his name... His name was just as weird as hers. But then again, what kind of the last name was Leo..Leoni... whatever it was.

Why would he even apologize... she had been the one to... Wait... What?

Melanthe raised an eyebrow. Her smile growing into a grin. So she wasn't the only one speaking too much. Or scared people away for it. But her eyes soon were caught by a mirrored boy who stood beside the other boy who...was just like him... Or well looked like him. Melanthe stared at the two, blinking twice. Was she seeing double? Or were they twins? Isreal.. Issac... Of course, they'd also have a similar name as well.

Not afraid of strangers or wild animals? Big of heart... What did he think he was? A superhero? Melanthe giggled. Yes she had asked too many questions, maybe that's why she had scared off Isreal and not Issac. Since it seemed like Issac was similar to her. And.. he was bold... very bold... like her... He liked her hair... It had been a first she had heard someone to comment on her hair in a positive manner... Or well by someone who was not her family...

Melanthe blushed and smiled. "I'm--" "Oh Melanthe, I thought I told you to watch over your little sister. Where is Agaetha?" Her mother questioned as she walked out of the store. Her green eyes soon noticing the pair of twins by her daughter. A small chuckle escaped her lips. Of course her daughter would be followed by little boys. It had not been the first time.... But this was a first for twin boys...

"I am very sorry mommy, I forgot. She's playing over there though." She explained as she pointed over at her little sister who too distracted swinging to even notice that their mother had finally come out of the shop. Melanthe simply smiled softly and patted her daughters head. "It's alright, just don't let it happen again. So who are these two little handsome young men? Friends of yours?"

"Um... No. I just met them. They think my hair is on fire... Issac likes it though. Might want me bald. And Isreal is scared of me because I talk too much."

Kimberly laughed soon shaking her head. "I think he just likes your hair because its quite beautiful my dear. And well... Yoy do talk alot. Well, I am going to head over to Aggie, if you wish to speak to them a little longer, go right ahead. You need new friends. And they seem quite adorable." She winked at her daughter before looking at the twins. Specifically the one who contiously stared at her daughter. He... He might be...

"Nice to meet you, I am. Kimberly Ryan Nyx. If anything I will be right over there." She pointed at the park with a grin and walked away. Melanthe looked back at the twins and smiled. "Melanthe. Melanthe is my name. We just moved here from California last week... Down Ocean street. Sorry I had to run off last time... I was called by my father to go back home. And I am sorry, Isreal, for scaring you... I talk a lot. Like your brother... I try not to but it happens." She shrugged her shoulders, soon looking back at Issac. "I love the fact that you are twins. And that your names are similar. Plus your last name... Is very odd. I like it. Would you like to be friends? Or well... Are you willing to be friends with a girl with her head on fire." She giggled. "I mean for all you know, I could be some killer."
"Dad! I met this girl with hair like a wildfire. I invited her over, but then I remembered you said I had to ask permission first before doing so." Issac spoke fast, slightly out of breath after running as fast as he could to get an answer from his father.

"A girl, with hair like a wild fire?" Israel raised an eyebrow at his brother. Was he insane? Issac shook his head practically reading his twins mind.

"I'm not sure if mom will be alright with that." His father chimed in. Yes, Issac had brought home animals, people from the streets, mostly kids his age, sometime older people who looked like they needed help, looked sick or something. But this girl! She was.... she... "what's her name?" His father asked with a kind smile.

Her name? Oh no. How rude of him. He was supposed to always introduce himself. "I'll go find out." He murmured soon rushing back as fast as he could. Though, as he got there, she was no longer there. His eyes searching for her. Catching her fiery hair in the distance, Issac stared watching as she walked off with an older man, probably her father. A sigh escaped his lips. He should have told her his name before running off.

"So where's the girl?" Isreal chimed from behind.

"She's gone." Issac took a deep breath. He walked back to the end of the boardwalk and grabbed the rods.

"You're seeing things. No one has fire in their hair." Israel shook his head, his brother was crazy, he read too many books and watched too much tv compared to him. Israel enjoyed being around his dad more. Working, helping out. Protecting their little sister. Being the best son he could be.

"But she did!"

"He didn't believe me. We were only kids." Issac chuckled softly. The older man watched as she too smiled, laughing. Oh, if only she knew the little girl he was talking about was her.

"Did he finally believe you after?"

Issac nodded, "yeah. A few weeks later..."


Israel headed towards the candy shop. He was ready to help out. He enjoyed being there with all the free candy he could have if he chose, but he never really did. But he always made sure to bring a small bag for Issac and Nilly. As he got closer into view Israel's smile grew brighter.

"Hey! You!"

Huh? The boy looked around not sure if anyone was calling out to him or who the person even was. His eyes soon caught sight of a girl, running up to... him? He gave the girl a questionable look. He'd never seen her before. And... he soon noticed her hair. "Woah!" He blinked twice Issac was right?

"Your hair is on fire," He murmured. Color of a fruit? No... he was sure it was on fire. He tilted his head examining it with his eyes, listening as she spoke. Hate the color? Well it wasn't his favorite, but it was different. The other day? Left, rude... his head was sinning with all the information she was giving, the questions she was asking.

"Yeah you should so I can catch up to what your saying." He laughed. Let's see did he remember her, no. But that was because it wasn't him, but she didn't know that. And he knew Issac didn't forget about her, especially her hair. "Of course I remember you. You talk a lot. My name... just hold that thought, I'll be back." Israel smirked soon rushing off, slamming into his brother just a few streets away.

"Issac! Issac! The girl, the fire hair. She's at the shop." Israel pushed his brother in the direction, mainly because he didn't want to talk to the girl, she talked too much. He couldn't really listen when she babbled. And she thought he was Issac anyway.

Issac reached the candy shop, the girl still standing there. "You're here..." he stared at her, catching her hair pulled back. "I I never got to tell you.... I'm Issac... Issac Leonidos. I'm sorry for being rude last time... I was just excited to maybe have a friend. I don't really have many. Israel tells me I talk too much and it scares people away."

Issac blinked twice, the girl looked confused as she glanced from him to... his eyes followed hers to see Isreal. "I'm Israel." His brother chimed. "Issac here isn't afraid of strangers or wild animals. Our parents tell him to be careful... but he has a big heart, my mom says. She asked too many questions. She wants to know if you remember her."

"Of course I do." Issac shifted his gaze to her. "I like your hair, it's different. Good different." He smiled kindly, "What's your name?" Issac noticed the girls confused look... the boy sighed, of course... it was because of Israel. People always looked at them odd especially when they first meet.
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Melanthe raised an eyebrow curiously. No fish? Then why even fish? If they wanted to talk they could simply talk without having to fish like normal people... He... he kept staring at her. Was... It was her hair wasn't it? The young girl sighed and listened quietly as he asked if she wanted to come over. TO his house, to eat? But she had just met him! How could he even? She was a stranger! Did he even know the dangers? Apparently not. Unless he was just not too bright...

"Um...I--" She couldn't even speak, the boy had simply run off. Simply shocked, the young girl smiled softly and giggled. He was very odd. Quite funny. Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, she could hear a faded familiar voice calling out to her. Her eyes soon shifting over to notice her father calling for her. Melanthe hesitated to leave, for her interest had been peeked by the odd little blonde boy, but as she could hear the anger in her father's voice grow, the young child simply ran off in his direction.

"What did you think you were doing, young lady?" He growled at her, grabbing her hand and pulling her close behind him as he walked back home. Melanthe sighed, her eyes looking back at the boardwalk. She could see the little boy stare at her from afar, she could tell he had a rather disappointed look. But by this time she was simply being dragged off... It was too bad though... She kinda liked him already. Odd, but nice.

A week later...

"Melanthe, would you be a doll and wait for me here with your sister? I don't want Agaetha making a hole in my pocket when we go inside. So, one lollipop each, alright?" Their mother asked with a kind smile. The two sisters simply nodding and watched as their mother entered the candy shop. Melanthe felt as her sister simply snatched her hand away from her and ran off to the swings in the park next to the candy shop. A small smile formed on her lips, but soon heard footsteps coming up from behind.

Turning her head, the young girl noticed that familiar little blonde boy from before about to enter the shop. "Hey! You!" She called out as she quickly ran up to the boy. Receiving a questionable look from the boy. "I'm sorry about the other day--Wait what do you mean by woah?" She narrowed her eyes at him. Soon grabbing her hair and tying it back again. "My hair is not on fire..." She said shyly before sighing. "It is simply the color of a fruit, alright? Do you hate the color? My dad has red hair and so do I... it's not my fault.." She smirked before looking up at the boy. "As I was saying... about the other day... I am terribly sorry that I had to leave like that, but my father was calling for me and so I had to leave... I hope that you didn't think of me as rude when I really wasn't. Contrary I was very happy for the invitation, however, I also want to ask you...Aren't you afraid of strangers? I am because where I come from people simply are kidnapped easily every day and killed. So should you really trust me or not? You should always question that when you meet someone not just simply invite them over to your house. I mean that's also quite rude for you not even saying your name. Then again I didn't either... What is your name? OR.. Um better yet, do YOU even remember me? Or am I simply asking random questions to a person who forgot about me? Then again you don't know me. Sorry, I guess I talk too much. I should shut up right about now."
Still at 38 years old, the man enjoyed the sunset. Issac Leonidos sat watching the sun fade behind the horizon. Beside him was a lovely red headed woman, the woman his heart was bound to forever. Only, she simply saw him as a man who asked her out for some ice cream. His eyes shifted towards the woman who continued to pick at the chocolate chips in her mint chocolate chip ice cream.

A chuckle escaped his lips. She was disappointed they didn't have mint ice cream since chocolate was her arch nemesis, at least when she wasn't around him... when they were younger. He leaned forward, noticing she was placing them on a napkin beside her. "You didn't have to get the ice cream."

"It gives me an excuse to actually go out with you... without fighting with myself internally.... because you actually made me curious... about... you." She spoke in a low voice. "And I already...kind of... like how you...kind of...insisted."

Although she murmured the last part and refused to look at him, Issac still kept his eyes on her. A smile over his lips. He reached over grabbing the ice cream from her. Their eyes met, colors of the fading sun illuminating her fiery curls. She was beautiful, always had been. "Then I'll eat it for you. That way it doesn't go to waste..."

She was nervous, giggles escaping that smile forming on her lips. "That's very sweet of you."

Issac nodded, refraining from speaking. He wanted to tell her how much he missed her, wrap his arms around her, hug her kiss her. Yet, he turned his attention back to the sunset. He didn't want to scare her off. After all, for someone with amnesia it would have caused her more harm than good. "You look really beautiful Mel... I'm glad you agreed to come out with me." His eyes drifted down towards the ring on his finger.

"You still wear your ring." Her statement come off more as a question. She must have been paying attention, watching him.

"I take it off when I shower, sometimes during rescue missions. I made a vow... and even though she's gone, she's in my heart. I still remember the first time we met." Even if she didn't remember him at all.

"I'd like to hear about it. About when you first met her." He glanced over as he felt her weight shift against his arm. He moved ever so slightly to wrap his arm around her shoulder so she was safely secure, tucked in his embrace.

"It was right on this boardwalk...." he began recalling the day himself.

37 years ago....

Autumn was finally around. The breeze pricked at Issac’s skin, the young seven year old boy knew this was going to be their last “fishing trip” until spring came around. His father, Spencer Leonidos had came up with this idea to create a bond with his sons, Issac and Isreal. Every weekend they would have a trip twenty minutes from their house. A fishing trip was what his father called it, but really it was just them sitting on the boardwalk, striking up conversations until the sun began to set and once it began, they would pack up the fishing rods they kept rested on the rails for hours and head home for dinner.

"Time to pack up. I'm sure your mom has dinner ready." The older man smiled at the two boys on both sides of him. The two nodding back in return. Issac's father stood first. The two identical boys looked to one another. "I'll help dad." Isreal spoke first before Issac could even ask. They knew one another well.

Issac enjoyed staying behind. He watched his brother stand before turning his gaze to the sunset. He loved the way the sky burned as the sun attempted to hid behind the clouds and slowly disappeared beyond the horizon.

He was fully mesmerized that he must hadn't even heard his father ask him to not go take long or to forget the rods. The fiery sky held his attention. He felt calm, at peace. Though, his little mind wandered to his fathers story about love. How he met their mother ten years from the age they were now, that he knew right away. He went on about how they'd know, even at the age of seven, they would know. Issac shook the thought from his head.

Yes, Issac was what many called a dreamer. He had plans, goals he wanted to complete. And the first was to help his parents. After all, he was the oldest by a couple of seconds. Issac could hear footsteps behind him, quiet ones, not like his father. Was Israel trying to sneak up on him again? No, the voice that he head was not one familiar to his ears. He turned, his eyes falling upon a little red headed girl. Her hair glowing in the moment.

"I... I didn't catch any fish." Memorized, he couldn't help but stare at her. "We leave the rods there and talk... my my dad and brother. They.. they're actually waiting for me." But he couldn't leave a girl alone... his dad had even said it was dangerous to leave them alone that's why they always kept Nil close. "Where's your mom or dad?" He questioned.

"We're actually going to have dinner. My mom's making lasagna. You should come. Let me ask! Just wait right here." Yes, that way he didn't leave the girl alone. She could come and eat dinner and then after he can take her home. And... and they could be friends. He hadn't made friends yet, since he was a little quiet in school, but that was because he liked to listen and learn. Still... "I'll be back in a second."
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A hard-working father, and a loving mother... The perfect family figure. Everything was so perfect. Everything had been fine... Everything was just...

[i Slam!] Melanthe jumped in her seat, startled by the sudden suitcase that was slammed against the table, making her cup of strawberry tea tip over. Her mother who was at the stove looked back at her husband and angered look plastered across his face. Melanthe looked over at her little sister who quietly nibbled away at her biscuits. "What's wrong?" She could hear her mother ask quietly, cautiously. Placing a small cup of coffee upon the table, in front of her father. The man pushing the cup away from him, causing it to tumble over and crash against the floor. Her eyes watched as her mother sighed softly, faking a smile as she quickly grabbed a small cloth from the sink and began to clean up the mess. "What day at work honey? I am very sorry you had to go through that..."

Her father scoffed. "Sorry? Sorry! You're not sorry, you're happy because you can now proudly say that you are making more money than me. I got fired!" He growled, making Kimberly gasp. A look of concern filling her eyes as she signaled her daughters to leave the room. Agaetha simply grabbed two more biscuits and walked out of the room, rushing up to play in her room. But Melanthe had stayed behind the door of the kitchen, listening quietly to her parent's argument.

"You don't have to be this way, Lester... We can make things happen, just give it some time honey. I am sure we can- -"

"I don't need time, I need money! I am the man of the house. I am the head of this house! So I have to provide for the house. If not I am useless..." He said, soon sighing and looking down at his hands. "What good is a man who cannot provide for his own family?"

Kimberly frowned, soon walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around him. "The same man who I fell in love with, who I ran away with, who I got married to, and who struggled to leave Ireland and brought me here to create a family. He is the same man that I still love, and that I know and have faith in to get back on his feet again." She smiled softly and pressed her lips against his cheek. Soon feeling as he placed a hand upon hers and sighed.

"I don't deserve you, Kimmy... You're too nice to me... I don't know what you see in me..." He said softly as he closed his eyes, leaning his head back against her chest. Soon receiving a kiss on his forehead from her. "I will always love you, Lester, no matter what occurs..." She whispered.

Melanthe smiled as she watched her parents through the crack in the door. Soon closing the door quietly as she walked away. It had not been the first time that they had argued about something, or his temper get the better of him, but Melanthe knew that her mother never changed. She was always so calm, and always willing to be humble no matter what happened. She only wished she could grow up to be like her. In every aspect. Except she hoped to find a better husband. At least one who would not scream or throw things around...

A few weeks had passed, and the weeks had suddenly turned into months. Melanthe had moved around with her family from state to state, town to town. It had felt like forever, but Fall had finally had peeked around the corner, and her family had finally arrived to the shores of Cape Cod. At the age of eight the small little girl dug her feet into the grainy sand. The sea salt smelling air, the young girl had fallen in love with the shore. The boardwalk. The... Meanthe noticed the fishing rods resting upon the rail. The young woman simply walked over to inspect it, but what she had found was more than just a fishing rod. Her eyes had settled upon a a small blonde boy staring out into the orange sunset. The little girl smiled softly, clasping her hands together behind her back. "You know, if you caught any fish you should set them free. I find fishing to be animal cruelty, since you do have to leave the fishes gasping for air before you hit them on the head with something hard and heavy." She explained as she tucked some of her fly away hair behind her ears. "Life is too valuable to allow suffering like that..."

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