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And then as the contract was being made...louis was punched in the face. When he landed" ow...you stupid woman! How dare you hit a noble man!"Louis shouts at her. Then before she could say much her hand burns with a sensation of basically if you out your hand in an oven...at the highest temperature...and dint take it out...then it set your body on fire."
  nazo17 / 3y 345d 8h 29m 43s
[size11 [b Still wondering who, why and where she was, Mizu was startled by the loud bursts of laughter.] Once that happened, she realized what sll was going on. The young man in front of her was being bullied! Her face turned a bit red in anger. [I Why are they being mean to him?! That's so rude!!] But everything was happening so fast, she almost couldn't keep up with it.]

[size11 [b Listening to the young man's mutters to his apparent authority, she frowned again, her mind being thrownbback into confusion.] She had no idea what to do, and half of what he spoke was gibberish. When he turned back to face her, he was gloomy. Then, the strangely handsome stranger starts .... chanting in a way. [b "Huh?"] And then it clicked. She poofed in front of a whole group of strangers, he has on a cape, and now he's speaking strange words in front of her. He's a [i .... Wizard!] As Mizu came to this realization, soft, pale lips connected with hers.]

[size11 [b Mizu's bright pink face dropped.] For a brief moment, it felt as though she was floating into nothingness, and then all of a sudden, she was bonded onto something ... very tightly. Her whole body was brand new, until the feeling went away. Staring into the eys that just kissed her, she involuntarily raised her hand and slapped the boy's right cheek in embarrassment. [b "Who ARE you and WHY DID YOU JUST KISS ME?!?"]]
  Mizuho Takameh / YommiNoms / 3y 345d 9h 25m 12s
There was a long moment of silence...then the crowd explodes with laughter behind Louis" well I guess that is the best Louis the zero could muster up! A mere commoner!"some one says...and Louis just glares at the ground with in rage before running up to the teacher" cobalt let me retry! This isn't a familiar just a commoner!"Louis argues. Any thing would be better then this. Any animal. But the teacher just shakes his head with a sigh" Louis...while this is strange and not a usual familiar summoning I have ever seen...you can not retry this. It would dishonor the thousand year old scared ritual. Weather you like it or not...you must finish the familiar contract."he says sternly...and Louis just looks at the ground in defeat...he then sighs then glares at the...commoner sitting there before walking up to her.

You better be grateful. Its not every day a commoner gets to do this..."Louis says then takes his wand out and pokes her forehead keeping it there" by the founder of all that is magic. I bless thy familiar with the contract seal..."Louis says...then he gently cups her face with his hands, then he kisses her"
  nazo17 / 3y 347d 8h 35m 19s
[size11 [b A breeze drifted through the thick, long, black hair of Mizuho.] She smiled, holding her camera up to her face and snapping pictures of flowers and other small things around her in the open field. Her photograph class demanded that she take photos of still life or outdoor life, so of course she would rather choose the outdoors. She almost couldn't stay in one place as she went from field to field to find more and more beautiful scenery.]

[size11 [b Once she made it to the last field for today, She spotted the strangest creature she has seen of her time.] Nothing strange really happens in Mizuho's life, no matter how much she craves for adventure. However, this was the strangest by far. A Black butterfly, which apparently had some type of white or silver lacing on it's wings, fluttered past her eyes. [b "Ooooh! That would really make my portfolio stand out in class!"] She began to chase the creature into some lighthearted woods, trying to get a good shot onto it. Once it decided to land onto a branch. She was able to get close enough to snap a few pictures.]

[size11 [b As she snapped her last quick picture, everything around her went poof!] It was almost as if she was floating into nothingness and was choking at the same time. Before her eyes could even get a hold of where she was, she felt like people were surrounding her, staring her down in confusing. Coughing, Mizu glanced at the faces around her as her eyes adjusted. Once she got a good view, her wondering pupils landed on one guy in particular that stood in front of her with a wand and a cape in his hand. [b "W-Where am I!? Is this a Cosplay Club!?!!?"] She backed up on the floor a little, a bit scared at what was going on at the moment. This had to be the strangest moment of her entire life.]
  Mizuho Takameh / YommiNoms / 3y 347d 11h 8m 26s
At tristion school of magic and wizardry a young man awakens to the sun of a new day. He gets up yawning removing his bed robes to put on his school uniform. In the mirror the boy looks like he could be a pre teen how just started growing...but the thing was he was all ready 16. He wore a white shirt brown pants both made by the schools silk and to top it all off he has a cape. All proper wizards had a cape of nobility on there back. He was a second year so his cape was purple. He had bright pink hair from his mother and light red eyes from his father...but its light from his mother. He is the only son of his family Louis la Valery. And today was the day he would summon his familiar.

Since the second years would summon there familiar's today classes where canceled. It was a glorious day of summoning your loyal companion. Some summoned strange creatures like a flying eye, or common animals like an owl or a frog...the most fantastic was a wind dragon, a rare animal..." Has every one summoned there familiar! " the teacher said. He wore a wizard robe and had a staff. But then some one called out" Louis hasn't yet!" A boy from the crowd says...then every one laughs and Louis walks into the center of the crowd ignoring the laughter. He then took out his wand and said" the five elements of the founder...water, fire, wind, earth, and void. Please from this universe or any other, send me my familiar!"Louis says the throws his arm down pointing his wand in the air...and then an explosion"
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