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Dwindling light continued to darken the night among the void filled forest. Swaying limbs became less visible, more ominous as they continued on. Without removing himself from his task he continued to search whilst speaking to this fresh new sea-to-land dwelling little minx. Vashjs voice was layered with 3 different octaves. One demonically deep voice covered by two higher pitched voices almost. As though 3 people spoke through him at once like a horrific possession. [i "They're easily spooked creatures. They're low on the food chain. There natural instinct is to run. Here we are... I was saving this just in case."] The massive tail of his smashed into the ice with shattering impact send small shards cascading. A frozen thick hoof began to emerge his hands and tail dragging a massive unicorn from the depths of the large hole.

[i "I had been saving this for just in case. Now is as good a time as any. Unicorns grant many magical properties to those who are willing to partake in there blood. Most humans and the likes forbid it, but my kind... We thrive on it. They're extremely difficult to find and I was quite lucky to come across this one."] Vashj dragged the beast nearer to her as he began to rip into the monstrous horses neck. Dark black-silver blood spilled from the beast as it began to thaw.
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She wondered what it would be like to indulge in another life forms blood and existence. She had grown to love the smell of a man's fear, and lust. Roh couldn't help but shiver as she thought of the look in a human man's eyes. The way they were over come with fear but wanted to know more of her being. [i "Like what..?"] she inquired. More curious about what else was out there, she had forgotten why she was on land again. Vashj's presence made her feel...normal. Like she belonged on land, walking on two legs and breathing the thick forest air.
A new scene came into view as she looked down to the puddles frozen over. Being placed down, she could then feel the earth's soil, the branches and rocks that poked her feet. She couldn't help but kneel down and touch the layer of ice. She had memories flood her mind of times being trapped under the surface like this. It was beautiful from underneath, the rays of light just breaking through and casting beams down into the deep waters. She slid her finger tips across the surface, her nails lightly scratching it. It was different being above the ice.
[i "Running will be a-"], just as she was speaking to him, she felt a winged animal flutter against her face, tangling itself in her web of hair that flowed down her back. She swiftly brushed it out and stepped backwards, frightened. [i "..challenge."], her voice broke as she looked up to Vashj. [i "Why did it do that...?"], she asked, looking around and walking backwards more to the tree line. Just as she did, her eyes shifted to the side, a sound rustling behind her as she stood so still, she blended with the trees. It sounded like footsteps, smelled like dirt. She clenched her jaw and slowly turned around, walking backwards one more time in Vashj's direction. [i "I hear something wandering through the woods."], she said quietly. Her arms, once crossed over her body, laid down by her side. She could feel her eyes growing black, solid orbs staring into the trees. She couldn't see much, but now her sight was almost like a vision of heat. Everything was black and white, warmer objects were whiter. She saw a four legged animal walking through the woods. Whatever it was, she wasn't fond of it. She looked to Vashj and sighed, [i "it's one of your ground friends"]
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The winds picked up, pressing into his wings as he let them spread and be picked up. Thick moonlight poured through the few openings it could find in the thick forestry. Bats of all sizes began to flock around him as the night grew. All of which were carnivorous, latching to rabbits, deer, wolves, anything that seemed to come near them or try to run. Roh had a sweet voice, charming, serenading almost as she spoke. [i I will teach you of new tastes. There's much sweeter, more powerful bloods than Mans. You simply need to find and kill them.] Branches thickened as he used one wing to shield Roh and the other to help push branches out of the way.

It opened to a meadow with small pools dotting the area. [i We head for my den. My kin will protect us in the night. Nothing will make it within a longbow shot of us. My den is many days walk from here. Would you rather simply I carry you? We can make it in a day or so if we do. I have moved much of my homes native plants to there. I've turned much of the surrounding area into swamp land over the last 200 years.] Setting Roh down gently as he looked around he waved his hand with a faint red aura around it to disperse the bats around the forest. An effective alarm system were something to attempt to sneak up on them. The night had calmed to a dull howl of wind and soft crashing of the ponds and pools dotting the meadow. Many of which were connected under ground. The pools were brimming with ice, but not frozen over. Vashj began to search among them for one in particular. A very specific one he had been using here as a safe.

The icy waters rippled with something ominous beneath them every so often. Vashj would need to work swiftly to get his brood back to the den before another monster arrived tonight.
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Roh was perched upon his shoulders, dangling a few thousand feet in the air, what it seemed like to her. His size was identical to the trees that surrounded them. He could blend in easily, casting stares to those who ventured through the thick woods, without being noticed. The view she was given was better than what she had before, she almost felt grateful until she realized how far up she really was. She clenched a hand around his neck tighter as she held her breath. The descend to the ground wouldn't be forgiving, but of all things, she had trust within his grasp. She felt safe, for once on land.
She listened intently to his story, the tale of his life and family. It made her question her father's existence, but at the same time, she didn't want to over step any boundaries or make anything uncomfortable. She was still at a lost for their journey, but she was making her way farther into the world like she was supposed to be doing.
[i "Your eye sight.. it's like mine. Everything right now is bright. Almost like everything is placed under extreme sunlight.. glowing".] She looked around to the flowers glooming under even the night light as she blinked a few times and focused more. She could see better in the dark, considering the ocean was a pretty dark place. [i In the daytime, things are entirely too bright.. it prevents me from watching a sunset or sunrise".] She felt a sadness overcome her as he looked down to his body and face from above. She admired his size. She would never grow to be as tall and massive as him, she was a newly grown flower bud compared to a rain forest tree. [i "Where are we going.."], she asked.. looking upwards to the night sky. She hadn't been outside of water for this long in a long time and she almost felt dehydrated, but her higher power told her that she shouldn't be weary of this feeling. She simply needed to keep moving. Exhaustion would soon creep onto her if she sat still, and she could fall asleep, losing her life from lack of water.
[i "I come from a sinful place. A place of music, though. Beautiful music that sounded the most deadliest creatures. I wished so many times to be something other than what I am. It's a burden to constantly have the overwhelming feeling of a man's taste, and I don't speak of love or affection"]. She pondered the many memories she could recall, casting men down into the waters, watching their faces morph from pure ecstasy to morbid terror. The realization of their death so near. She would kiss them before opening her mouth, her jaw dislocating and wrapping itself around their faces and skull. Her song was as enchanting as her looks.
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Deep thuds with every foot step gently shook the earth. Pushing tree branches, bushes, and other foliage out of his way carefully not to leave a carved path through them that would be easily tracked. Vashj hadn't told her yet, but he was nearly blind. Four thin, brown horns etched there way up from each of his eyebrows two per side. Four smaller tips cascaded from his chin perfectly between the blue markings on his body. Curved spikes protruded off his elbows.

The bright solid white eyes turned to stare at her as he walked backwards. "Amongst my people there are stories of our origins. Our history. I was born abnormally large. It is said a god known as Vashj the Destroyer was our creator. Father. He birthed us from the stones of the earth. Many of my people are in hiding. Among the city tops. Even some have found there way to the oceans depths. Still cast in stone. I was named for my strength. I proved myself ten times over. Slaughtering men, women, children... My history means little to me. We are born from rocks and we will eventually return to our homes in the mountains in death. My name is our fathers name. The god Vashj. I carry his strength in myself, My size. He blessed me with his favor in my size, my magic, my sight. I'm not entirely blind. I can see during the day. It's hazy, but I can see more than any of my kin, more than any they will ever see." Turning back around he smashed off a limb from a tree and turned towards the west and abandoning his walk north. The trues began to change. Thicker, taller, more abundant. Vines, overgrowth, and wild animals were not as afraid of him as they made there way into the wilds. The furthest reaches of the forest were terrifying to humans. The animals grew bigger, The forest grew thicker, the land was harsh and unforgiving to the weak.

"Roh, Walk clo-.... Better yet." The thick long tail wrapped gently around her as he lifted her up using his hands now as well to hoist her onto his shoulder. Closer up she could easily see the hundreds of scars across his body from the last 400 years of conflict in his life. They sketched thick, thin, broad, and jagged lines across the dark purple skin. Many faded, but the recent arrow in his back was an easily found mark of fresh skin. Thick ripples of muscles lined his body as he moved now carrying her. Carefully and cautiously moving branches out of her way. "There are dangers in this forest. Likes of which you have never seen just as I have never seen your world. The dangers or creatures. They grow large here. Some bigger than myself."

The world was cruel, foreboding, harsh, and unkind to those that are weak.
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The life that surrounded Roh was of the utmost prettiest she has come across in a long time. Down where she dwell, there were plants that could suck you up in an instant, or even blind you by the simplest touch, it was almost impossible to enjoy the most beautiful things below the water's surface. Tiny prickles of the herbal life tickled her arms and legs as she followed behind Vashj. She peered up to his back, staring at the set of wings that took him above the world. Took him higher and farther than even herself could go. Her ability to adapt to the air and land around her was easily established the farther in she went. The air got thicker, as they moved away from the sea. Roh turned to look behind her before loosing view of the ocean. Dropping her eyes, she turned back and crossed her arms over her chest. She wasn't quite sure where they were going, but she was willing to follow, he was already willing to keep her from the water's for a while and if living like Gargoyle would help her, then she would stay above water.
The vast forest encased her in a feeling of safety, but open and vulnerable. She was unable to completely see clearly though the library of trees, the thick fog that cascaded across the forest floor was hypnotizing in it's own way. She clenched her jaw and began walking slightly closer to Vashj. She felt one wrong turn would take her somewhere she didn't want to be, and from what he was telling her earlier, she wanted nothing to do with anyone else. She brushed by a bush and gasped lightly. Roh ran a hand down the length of her arm and stared to her skin. Her skin raised as she got goose bumps. The bush wasn't harmful to her, this time.. but it certainly was something to look at. Small white flowers bloomed from the leaves, tiny pink ones surrounding them. She stopped walking, only to stare down to them. Dew drops hugged the flower petals, sitting untouched and still. Her eyes scanned the bush, noticing more and more as she walked around it and reaching out to touch a flower, feeling the soft, fragile petal on her curious finger tips. Her lips parted slightly as she stepped back from it, removing her hand and crossing her arms once more to return behind Vashj. She felt warm inside, knowing she was able to come in contact with at least one thing that wasn't trying to kill her.
As they walked, she looked up to him and pursed her lips before mustering a couple words. [i "You are.. V-Vashj. Where does your name come from?"] She mumbled behind him, hoping she would hear him and wouldn't make a fool of herself by repeating or even being ignored.
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The night had become a solemn quiet as he turned his gaze to her. Deep white eyes like moons embedded in his head stared at this small child of the sea. Thick, monstrous paws pushed off his knees as he got up. Anger subsided quickly as he watched her the demeanor, movements, holding herself. It had changed suddenly as he pushed her towards the sea. Thick black locks of hair cascaded down his shoulders and over his back. For a moment he could almost see this girls humanity it looked like.

Power is relative in this world. Power does nothing unless wielded cleverly. Especially for our kind hunted as we are. Power gets you killed. Build yourself slowly, quietly. Survive. Never edge too far from the water. It's a lesson you need learn well.

The large wings unhinged from one another to stretch wide before her. Expanding at least 15 feet in both directions. Thin stretches of skin stretched between thin bones lining the inside of the wings to keep there form. Smaller points at the end with claws clearly for holding onto anything in reach. I am Vashj. Amongst my people when we were abundant I was more lively. During the wars and hunting of my families, my kin, my home. We have dwindled. Many find refuge in the North. They do well in the cold harsh caves of the mountains. Few men can live through that journey and they move to rebuild our numbers. Gargoyles are not what they once were. We are mere monsters now. You will learn of history well being with me. Come we have a long journey ahead of us. My den is far away from here.

He turned sweeping his large wings around with a gust in her direction to make his way back into the dense woods. The world was a large uninhabitable place thanks to these frail, small humans. There great cities, powerful magics, and weapons of steel and imbued runes or magic in them. The world was never going to be the same with the rise of the sorcerers 300 years ago. Vashj's people lived immensely long lives. Seeing as how they lived off of the blood of every creature they could find it was a powerful thing to find solace and life in. It would be a long time before Vashj met any sort of end by old age... if he lived that long.

The moonlight was thick through the dense foliage. Creatures of great exotic natures found there way out beneath it as always. Many fleeing at the sight of the massive behemoth crunching its way towards his temporary hiding place.

Roh would follow or she would most likely perish. This deep in the world of man it was dangerous without any real knowledge of them. Few were clever enough to make a living among them, but this girl would learn fast. Something was different about her. Vashj would see to it now that she was appropriately acclimated to her new climate.
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[size13 [font "Times New Roman" A deep bass of beastly attitude rippled across his body and through his keen, hellion teeth. Before she knew it, she was watching a wave of forest past by her frightened eyes. A grip so tight around her body, it was unfathomable to consider such creature's possessed stronger even. Her neck ached, her gills stretching for air and release as she lost her breathe once more, feeling pins and needles strike her face from a tree he managed to release his anger onto. She wasn't ready for things such as this, and he was right.. she was weak. Nothing to take on the world. Nothing to be alone. She wanted to badly to prove herself differently.]][size13 [font "Times New Roman" Roh was release, thrown onto familiar land. She rolled across the ground and landed near the shore line, water washing up to her neglected body. She gripped a handful of sand between her slender digits, wincing from the fall. His voice echoed in her mind, repeating itself, mocking her power. Her inability to even leave a bruise. She stared down to the ground, clenching her jaw tighter. All she could think of was the others', their way of making her feel smaller than she already was. She was nothing but a joke to those around her and it made her anger. Made her upset and fed up. She didn't want to be seen as the small eruption. The bird that never flew away from its mother's side. The water sent chills up her spine, as she could feel her skin beginning to crawl with scales, her skin becoming a representation of a growing storm. Roh looked up to the creature. His mass sitting beneath the moons glow. She stared to him and sighed lightly, propping herself up. She sat straighter, [i "We are alike.. you & I"], she mumbled, her voice a sweet song, ringing against the oceans waters. [i "Monsters.. "], she smiled darkly and began pulling herself across the beachy land, her legs colliding and growing to be a tail, a slender black tail with transparent curtain-like fins cascading off. Her skin glowed beneath the night's glow, the water droplets sliding down her skin. Her tail grew to be a substantial length. At least the length of the beast before her. She pulled her way before him and pulled herself onto a rock and looked to him. [i "I'm more powerful than you think, land creature"], she stared at him, unblinking; a small smirk forming as she looked up to the moon with him.]][size13 [font "Times New Roman" A part of her wanted to whisk him into the water with a song, the tune of a siren's lost love. She wanted to show him the deepest parts of her, her home, and the underwater coffin she made available for all her interests. At the same time, she wanted this one alive.. well.. breathing. A gill on the side of her neck began hesitating as she slid from the rock, pulling herself to the shore line again to soak. She sighed, staring down to her tail. She thought of herself to be a beautiful being, in her own way. She knew she wasn't outside of her home though. She removed herself from the water and held her breath as she began her transformation one more time, hopefully for the last time for a while. She stood, her body exposed as she bent down to pick up the outfit she managed to find earlier. After she clothed herself, she walked to the man and stood before him, her hair running down the length of her back and over her shoulders. Streams of water ran down her, now, pale skin.]][size13 [font "Times New Roman" "Don't send me back", she whispered to him.]]
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A deep guttural roar erupted from him as she threatened him. Teeth clenched the thick muscles rippling across his body. Vashjs voice picked up heavily as he grew irritated with this childs ignorance. In a single swift motion he let go of her allowing her to drop, but before she could even hit the ground his back was almost to her and the massive, thick purple tail wrapped around her and dragged her behind him. Walking quickly through the many trees the muscular tail squeezing her tighter at any attempt of struggling.

With lightning speed the blur of purple and white swept across a tree beside him. Deep torn indentations sent splinters everywhere as the tree began to lean against the open space in it now. It was a simple distraction one he would make use of as he turned swiftly once again tossing her hard towards the soft white sands of the shores edge. [i You are no longer in your realm child! Ignorance and idle threats from a freezing fish. You couldn't fathom the strengths of monsters above your little waves.] Looking over the arm the small indentations from her nails made him audibly laugh. [i You're too frail for this world.] Vashj seated himself along an embankment where the dirt ended like a canyon wall to hold the sand at bay. Staring into the moon as he did the solemn sound of the waves calming his hell fueled rage. The massive draping wings tucked into his back the long claws at the tips of them intertwined to hold them together.

Silence overcame him now as he awaited the girl to leave.
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Whenever you felt alone in the world, you always cascaded yourself into a deep mindset of, no one else feels this way. You almost yelled at yourself because you didn't want anyone else to feel this way, or to know what you felt yourself. Sleeping was the one thing that kept her sound, her own thoughts drowned out the way she perceived everything when she was awake. She wasn't afraid to lie there and dream, even if it was a nightmare, she knew it wasn't real. What was real, however, were the wars and torment that swept the seas or land. The fires she would witness from off shore towns or an occasional body floating down from the water's surface. The wonders of the world weren't only beautiful and powerful, but dark and [i over]-powering. It frightened her in the best of ways, especially in this moment.
A hard exhale escaped her lips as she was groped up from the spot she found herself to cozy into. The hands of a monster, gripping her throat tightly, made it's way to her soul, to her core. It ripped the but of courage and dignity she managed to bring with her on this journey. As she opened her squinted eyes, she peered among the man she met earlier, staring her down with such fury and intensity that she was at a lost for words, even a gasp for air was nearly impossible. His words cut deep into her ears, her throat burning. She raised her hand to press down upon his forearm, nails beginning to dig into his dark skin. Roh was witnessing the power of a Gargoyle in person, something she never wanted to come this close to. She almost wished she never was here anymore, but another part of her couldn't look away from the experience many would faint from. Her feet were no where near the ground, she had to of been a couple feet in the air, dangling. A siren's hallow bones are such a disadvantage when it comes to fighting an enemy much bigger than their selves. She winced, clenching her jaw and trying to keep her focus on him. She couldn't remove the gaze from his face. His skin was a smooth stone surface, soft, but hard. His facial features more intense and sharp. And his eyes, kind.. but fierce. He was [i beautiful].
The mass that was pushed into the tree from her forced body, shook the leaves from the trees outstretches limbs. He also managed to knock remaining water droplets from earlier rain fall. The droplets cascaded down her skin, leaving a trail of black scales down her face. One of her eyes cleared from the foggy haze, to a deep black and purple, iridescent stare. She could feel her gills beginning to peel away from her neck as they protruded beneath her dark hair, but also beneath his claws, unable to breathe and work the way they needed to.
[i "Let me go, beast, or you WILL know my name as you beg for my mercy through the gasps of air you won't be able to take. "], she muttered beneath the grasp of his monstrous hand and stared darkly to him. Violence was never he intent but it was pushed onto her and that is an okay'd sign for herself to defend herself, being so small, she has no choice. She didn't want to hurt the man, for he was kind at first, she knew what he could be to her, what he's capable of. She could feel her gills beginning to slow down, her heart rate losing it's adrenaline. She dug her nails into his arms harder, shutting her eyes.
That voice. The voice of her own. ''[i Relax]''. His voice. She furrowed her brow and spoke softly to him before she felt her chest beginning to burn.
[i "Roh. Roh Medlin. The one of my realm known as the second most prized and possessed."]
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Vashj watched her as she went. Rage seething, coursing through his every fiber. Not only had this girl ousted him, Found it entertaining to tease him, but sized him up and intimidated him. He would not stand for this. Thick growls fell from the darkness of his mask with thick guttural grunts slowly turning to mountainous roars. Cracks, and tearing flesh ripped through the night as the clothes he wore turned to dark purple wings. Black smoke cascaded from him in his transformation and slid across the ground like tendrils of a menacing sea devouring the land.

A simple deep swoosh was all that was left in his place eerily swallowed up by the silence of the night. The girls scent was easy to find and easier to track. Smashing into the ground before her, grabbing her by the throat and picking her up to press her against the tree a few feet above her cubby now. "You dare to intimidate me in my own territory? This is claimed land child. You do NOT belong here. You are lucky I don't rip you limb from limb." The massive Gargoyle towered at 11' when fully erected. Bright white claws dug deep into the bark and wood of the tree. Birth marks that looked much like tattoos lay designed and swirling across his arms. Thick black hair cascaded down his head revealing dead white eyes that would bore a hole in the earth to hell.

"Who are you? Answer me now. I do not entertain anyone and my patience has ran its course. I am Vashj I will be deciding whether you live or die tonight." a deep hiss much like a snake emanated from his mouth as a pair of fangs protruded from the top row of dagger like teeth.
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Before she entered the tree line, her steps were interrupted by the man's voice. She sighed lightly and turned around to face him and watched his steady finger point toward her being. Roh almost felt attacked as and eyebrow furrowed slightly. A wandering eye looked him up and down, as she smirked. She obviously insulted him in a personal way. His attempts to retain a secretive lifestyle wasn't only apparent, but mentally outspoken. She could hear the whispers swirling around his mind, enrapturing him in a curious motive to ensue her being. It was enticing and it made her want to tease his pursing impulses.
"This fish has walked and wandered around for hours.. days it feels like", she muttered and rested her arms beside her frail, cold body. She stood straighter, almost trying to intimidate the creature with the height she could some how obtain from stretching her spine. "I don't fear you. If I were you; I'd stand your farthest ground and be vigilant of those who even dare to walk aimlessly and fearfully through a sea of corpses", she stared at him with dead eyes and turned away, walking through the treeline.
Roh was careful of the vines and branches that protruded from mangled bushes and bare ground. She wasn't fond of the forest, it was a home to lurking wonders. A thriving field of large plant life and foreign buds that bloomed in late Spring or didn't die till mid-winter even. The land had strange promises; deathly ones. She questioned the different flowers that hung from swirling vines and red leaves. In her habitat, she was able to identify the different poisons and No-No herbal life that surrounded beautiful water gardens or enraptured the bodies of dead beings. Here, it was harder. A tip she was given though, was the prettier, the deadlier. Does that apply to the land beings too, she wondered. Roh peered behind her to focus on the creature once again, only to cure her curiosity as to whether or not he was following her. He was a being she had never been so close to.. a form of life she had never witnessed before her so closely. She had only gazed upon them in the skies from island rocks or even just from the middle of the ocean. She was almost always looking for them when she came to the surface of the waters.
Roh could feel her feet beginning to become raw. The different land textures were wearing them down. It also had to do with the fact that she hadn't walked upon land in years, it was strange for her feet to feel such. She gazed around the forest, looking up and searching for the moon in the black sky. It was getting darker as she ventured through the woods deeper. She could feel a sense of loneliness beginning to weight on her shoulders and mind. It started to bother her. She crossed her hands across her chest and crept over to a hole that was sunken deep into a tree trunk, a cubby that enclosed her entire body, like a throne. She found herself to begin to shiver as she clenched her jaw. A droplet of water fell from the tree, sliding down her skin and leaving a trail of scales behind. Her skin reacted instantly to the moisture, as well as the moonlight and darkness of the atmosphere. The scales glowed a subtle plum color, a pearlescent, shimmer of blue etching the edges of the scales.
This is what it felt like to be her own being. To be her own creature. Her own existence.
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Realizing this woman was much more peculiar than he had initially.given her credit for, Vashjs entire demeanor changed. The way he spoke becamr more crisp and a thick demonic two toned accent cut through the salted winds like a hot knife. The claw like tips of his gauntlet found its way up to point a finger at her as she seemed to simply dismiss him.

"How long has the fish been out of water? I didn't think Sirens came this far into the lands anymore. It has to be the first time in three enturies I have seen one of you come to the surface. Why are you here child? You are still so young. Your skin is covered in salt and little scales remain, Child. You need a bath. People will find you out quickly if you aren't more careful."

The disgusting two tone snake like laugh followed her as he began towards her. "How did you recognize me so quickly? I truly must know. I am rather impressed." He quickly circled to face her. Blades remained sheathed. One on his left hip the other angled across his back. This girl was obnoxiously aggravating him. Seeing through his disguise so quickly and easily. Working hundreds of years to learn and perfect his magical abilities only to have this child toss all his effort out the window in seconds. Vashj could see it in her eyes. She was not fooled and he was going to find out.
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[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc7wSfo3B9Y Her Sea's Chant]

The cold, bitter tinge that swept up her spine felt tantalizing and purely intoxicating as she stood among the men, but stood along with another heartbeat. It wad just as cold as her own, only just a bit faster and hard. Roh turned around, facing a man, from what it looked, tall & brooding. She stared up to him, no expression or words to set the mood. Things like such never frightened her, only made her curious and antsy.
''You musn't walk up behind one's back like that..'' she muttered. Her gone was still cool, collected and straight. The man made her realized the enormities kn the world. The ones' that exist outside of her world. She is used to giant squid, or shark that tend to get ballsy on occasion, but his mass was almost too much for any man to take alone. She stood there, sizing him up but at the same time, comparing herself to him. He definitely wouldn't feel a thing from her... or could he? She motioned her body around and began walking the way she had originally been traveling. Roh stepped gracefully over the bodies and hummed to herself, smoothly. The song of her people, the tune that flows through the seas' ghostly waters' and shadows.
"You are...astounding." Her voice peaked through the fog, as she turned an eye, half-lidded in his direction, a smirk forming and quickly fading. "I have never seen a land-being dressed in such a way." She could smell the stench coming off his fur and metal. The way the stench of blood masked his unmistakably, cold odor. The smell of stone always made her nose itch. The man-made attributes. He wasn't man made though, he was his own being. Gargoyles were a beautiful sight in the days of no war, and no bloodshed. Their wings would cascade beautiful beams of light through the slight gaps between their feathers, or stone, or even marbled wings. There were all types, many that seemed made up, or costumed. She never had such fantasies to meet one, she preferred the distance and sight more than the conversation and neighborly smiles. She kept walking, only to come across another treeline. The sea was so empty, all the time. The land had so many obstacles to avoid and dodge. Rather annoying, if you asked Roh.
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The ambush had taken much out of him, but he needed to spread his fame. The more powerful the foe the more he could gain from them. As morning came he stretched his wings and began his spell. A lengthy, rather innocuous incantation followed by a ritual to ensure the change was complete, Kil'jaedens spell was rather imperfect and his finishings were never quite human. They were close enough though he walked on two legs, with two arms and a decent body. It always took him nearly a full shift in the sun to perform it which bothered him. Seeking knowledge in the capital would greayly benefit him, but put him in danger of extremely powerful foes as well. Especially if a mage or true demon hunter were to recognize his stature. He dawned his "Robes" which was a rather complex spell that turned his tough wings into cloth to hide his whole body. A set of blades he dual wielded much like the claws of his hands, but he stopped dead in his tracks. Sniffing the air with great vigor.

The smell struck him like an arrow in a shield. Salt, thick, heavy and ocean like air. Much closer than usuaL and moving. Something had come ashore at a steady pace moving inland. Not more than a spear throw from him through the forests dense limbs. Vashj, his name in this new form, moved slowly toward his new quarry. Dead silent footsteps, and a ghost like swiftness carried him towards his prey. The girl he found standing amomgst the dead with an eye of curiosity and admiration. Peculiarly it seemed it would be getting rather dark soon. The darkening began to heighten all of his senses.

Vashj entered the clearing watching the woman from behind. She looled rather frai, unkempt, and quite lost. The look in her eyes constantly changing like a child in a new world. Blades sheathed in aN X on his back he kept his distance for now. His accent was thick, and dark. "You shouldn't be here child. Who are you?" The words slipped from his mouth like a snake slithering from its den. A great deal of careful steps kept him prepared for any move she would make as he awaited her reply.
  Vashj / Rumpelstilzchen / Taskaru / 2y 347d 13h 31m 3s

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