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He nodded as she said she didn't want to talk about the guy she fell in love with. He assumed that he broke her heart or something like that. He the smirked as she stated that she knew what he was.
"Well that saves some explaining. Yes I'm a demon." He added then went wide-eyes at her next statement.
"Wait a second. You can't have alcohol? Well ain't God just a prick. Don't worry, your body can take it." He stated and poured her a glass of less extreme liquor from hell. While he kept to his hardcore whiskey and sat near her.
"So how'd you figure out what I was?" He asked her curiously.
  Cole Garren / DarkVulpis / 2y 210d 4h 8m 19s
"I would rather not talk about him right now" she looks down sadly and then looks up and nods her head "ill take whatever you want to give me, oh and i know what you are its not that hard to tell with that alluring smell you have." Lilith meets his eye and smiles softly knowing that this demon could do terrible things to her if he wanted to. Looking at the alcohol lined up on the back wall and shakes her head, " I thought angels and demons couldn't drink this stuff? or was everything the Almighty one said a lie to keep us pure?"
  Lilith Marie / AliceJakkobs / 2y 210d 6h 50m 25s
"That explains the crater. So who was the lucky guy? Or rather not talk about it?" He asked then went back behind the counter after he finished his drink and looked to her as he got a refill.
"Would you like a drink? There's booze from hell here to if you're interested." He asked with a smirk. He wondered if she had figured out the truth of what he was, or if she was still clueless.
  Cole Garren / DarkVulpis / 2y 210d 14h 42m 9s
Looking around at the strange building she smiles and nods her head yes I am an angel and I have fallen because I had fallen in love with a forbidden person here on earth, Lilith looks Down and frowns, the almighty one wasn't happy with my choice so he stained my wings black and pushed me out the gates and down I fell, honestly I thought I was going to die.
  Lilith Marie / AliceJakkobs / 2y 210d 16h 22m 42s
He smirks and nods.
"Yeah police, they'll inspect the large crater you just caused. You're an angel right? Don't worry, I won't tell no one, I know about you lot and demons. You could say I'm a sort of exorcist." He lied and led her to the bar.
"My friend owns this bar, he mustn't be in at the moment, but he'd be fine with hiding you here for now." He said as he went behind the counter and got an odd bottle of whiskey. It was labelled 'Hell's Guilty Pleasure'. He began drinking and sat at the counter.
"So what brings you down here? Aren't Angels usually up in heaven?" He asked trying to play innocent. He knew she must have been a fallen.
  Cole Garren / DarkVulpis / 2y 210d 17h 57m 37s
Looking around stunned Lilith takes the young guy's hand and smiles weakly. "thank you young man" she says quietly. looking up she sees the smoke coming from the cigar, "Cops?" she asks confused. She looks around taking in her surroundings. i wonder where i am and why i am here and what happened? i honestly dont know what is going on.
  AliceJakkobs / 2y 210d 18h 15m 17s
Cole continues walking while puffing on his cigar. He arrived near the bar when he heard a whistling streak through the sky. He quickly jumped back, dodging the falling object as it made a crater in the ground. He huffed and walked towards the female that rose from the hole.
"The hell you doing?!" He said rather calmly still puffing on his cigar as he pulled it out of his mouth with one hand and sighed, the smoke still leaving the small cigar.
"Come on. Before the cops arrive." He said stretching out a hand. He was ecstatic on the inside. He hadn't devoured a fallen angel in a long time. From what he found out, souls and essence taste better through a contract, so he'd need to take his time with this girl.
  Cole Garren / DarkVulpis / 2y 210d 20h 24m 2s
Lilith falls from the sky and crashes in front of the bar leaving a huge crater in the ground she arises a fallen angel from the crater dazed and confused.She gets out of the hole slowly and starts to walk around wondering where she is at, hoping to see something or realize where she is at.
  Lilith Marie / AliceJakkobs / 2y 210d 21h 40s
In a bustling city, colours livened by the night sky. A blonde male who appeared to be in his early twenties was strolling through the alleyways, towards a bar owned by an old pal of his. In his mouth was an odd black cigar, black smoke emanating from his mouth as he puffed on it. His eyes seemed to flash red briefly as his gaze landed on a young brunette female who appeared to be 17. He began walking faster towards the female, but not fast enough so he would be noticed. Black smoke wrapped around his right arm, slowly his arm began to twist and elongate into a large slightly curved black blade. The smoke still lingering around his now blade arm. He walked closer then grabbed the female from behind and plunged his blade arm into her back, aiming at where her heart would be. He swiftly removed his arm from the girl's now cold and lifeless corpse. He grinned as red and black energy emanated from the girl's corpse and flew into his body. It was her soul and essence. He gasped with pleasure from the deliciousness, he smiled then continued to walk towards the bar he was heading for. Still puffing on the cigar as his arm slowly became normal.
  Cole Garren / DarkVulpis / 2y 211d 56m 5s

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