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Haley winced, feeling weaker even though she wouldn't admit it. The wound wasn't just a cut that she could forget, but Haley was so stubborn she would treat it like it was until she couldn't walk anymore. Haley noticed the Z class daughter of Apollo hurry to her side, not thinking as quickly as she usually did due to the pain in her leg. She did know that the children of Apollo had the ability to heal, but it took energy out of them if the injuries were extensive. Haley assumed the same would be true for Arabella, who had begun to lift her hands and drift them over the cut, letting a golden glow drift from her hands to the wound. It was strange, and Haley watched the wound as Arabella's hands moved down the wound and the glow intensified. Shifting a little, Haley let out another cry of pain as the healing worked to seamlessly stitch her skin back together and stop the bleeding.

Arabella's pure white dress had begun to stain with Haley's blood, and her own darker dress was already drenched near the leg with blood. Not only was it bloody, her dress was ripped and torn from the brutal pull that Matt subjected her to, simply using the air. It was almost scary how powerful he had become, and Haley had no chance as soon as he slammed her down. It was almost as if an invisible person was dragging her along the ground, but the pressure was so strong it took the breath out of her. Haley was petite, but she was tough. She'd trained against Matt several times before, and there was a complete difference in the way he controlled his power in that moment than in the past. He'd been training, and Haley knew that he had. There was something very wrong going on, and she knew it. Haley had always had that sixth sense when something bad was about to happen, and it was stronger than ever now. Her coin was still warm from burning in the way it did when her mother wanted to warn her of danger. She was lucky Jason was there...

All the thinking took her mind off the pain for a few seconds, but it wasn't worth much when her thoughts broke back to Arabella's words. [i "We'll need to go shopping, won't we?"] Haley bit her lip gently to stop from crying out, feeling slightly more comfortable with Arabella and the whole healing process. Haley looked down at her leg, surprised at how the wound had seemingly disappeared. Looking to Arabella, Haley listened to her words of advice. [i "You won't die, but it may be best to stay in bed for the next couple of days, meaning it may be best to back out of the competition."] Haley thought about it, looking away as Arabella walked off, not hearing her words to Jason. Luca was gone... with Matt. [i Matt.] He was back, and she knew something was wrong. Haley was more concerned with finding out what the two were up to and how Matt even got into camp or where he was in the first place. He was stronger, and he was angry- never a good mix.

Haley didn't even have time to say thank you to Arabella before she was off, beginning to stand before Jason's strong arms wrapped under her body and lifted her up. Looking to him surprised, Haley knew that he wouldn't just let her down if she asked. [i Why does he help me so much?] She thought, looking at him as he asked some of her sisters where the cabin of Athena was. Haley was feeling weak anyway, but no one had ever been this nice to her in her life, especially from the more powerful cabins. Jason was this mystery new guy that was evidently a son of Zeus, and he was helping her constantly. Haley hardly even knew him! Haley could barely hear people whispering as Jason walked past them carefully to the Athena cabin where her sister kept looking back at her with wide eyes. It was a first, and they all knew it. Haley gently adjusted herself as Jason set her on the bed almost as if she were glass and could break at any moment. Haley looked up at him, about to speak, but he was already off in the bathroom.

Wincing, she sat up slowly, looking over at him. [b "Jason... I can walk you don't have to take care of me."] Looking down at her dress, Haley sighed, realizing how terrible she looked. What was even going on? She had to know... Haley wasn't just going to sit around ignorantly, hoping that nothing would happen. [b "Jason really..."] She said, looking at his form in the bathroom. He didn't look like he was leaving. [b "Why are you helping me?"] She asked as he kept gathering things in the bathroom, watching him and then feeling bad for saying it. [b "I mean... never mind."] Haley cut herself off, looking down at her leg again, feeling over where the wound had been.

Meanwhile, Kyler had watched Arabella magically heal the daughter of Athena's leg before the blonde woman demanded him to come with her in a bossy tone. Grinning in the cheeky smile he always did, Kyler followed after her slowly, wondering what she might be wanting. Kyler stood just before the water, watching as it rippled when her body broke it's surface. Looking down at her, Kyler made it to the edge, hearing her words as her head popped back up, and she still looked perfect. How was that even possible? Kyler leaned against a tree, not noticing her slipping off the dress yet. [b "What you mean how Matt just came back and nearly killed your brother? You think I have something to do with it?"] He asked in a louder tone, looking back at her. [b "I have no idea what the hell happened, but there is something going on obviously. Why the hell do you think Matt would come back after going missing all that time? He took Luca with him Arabella, and you know that's never good. I would never ever pointlessly waste a life. I'm not that bad of a guy."] Kyler was about to say more, but he realized that Arabella's shoulders were bare. Did she take off her dress? Shutting up and searching over her face, Kyler tried to look under the water more, noticing how beautiful she still looked regardless of the water. Arabella was probably right about him. She was the radiant angel of camp after all, and he was the dark horse. No one had tamed him, and no one ever would. [b "Maybe do something about it if you want to know what happened so badly instead of complain."] He said, looking away from her in the conscious that he wouldn't violate what she didn't want him seeing. Kyler had never done that before.

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Reaching Jason and Haley just in time to see the Auburn haired girl hit the ground, Arabella's face dropped. Her blue eyes searched for a reason for the girl's awful condition, eventually realising there was a major stab wound in her leg. Not bothering to shift her dress out of the way, the blonde fell to her knees. A small light appeared above the two girls out of no where, in order to assist Arabella. Her gentle hands smoothly slid across Haley's leg and drifted carefully just above the part of her leg where the knife ripped her skin. Blood was escaping the cut at a dangerous pace, and serious damage could be done if the blonde didn't hurry.

Arabella's hands soon lit up, in a golden light, beginning to magically heal the wound. Her eyes were closed in order to help her concentrate, and perhaps to avoid looking at her white dress being flooded with blood. Haley's own dress was also clearly covered in the wine-coloured substance. "We'll need to go shopping won't we?" Ari asked Haley in a joking tone, hoping to make her a little more comfortable.

Several minutes passed before the leg was finally healed. Arabella put on a soft smile as she attempted to look reassuring. "You won't die, but t may be best to stay in bed for the next couple of days, meaning it may be best to back out of the competition." she said slowly, something in the back of her mind telling her that perhaps it won't be that easy. She didn't think that Haley of all people would take having to leave this competition so easily. "It's a shame, it would have been great to have another sane person in Z class" Ari told Jason as she stood up.

Jason's face switched facial expressions often. It went from shocked, to extremely worried, then to relieved. Now his face wore a frown as he too was able to tell that Haley would not back out so easily. He bent down, his arms folding underneath the girl's petite body, before picking it up.

"Would you ladies mind showing me where Haley's room is?" he asked a girl who he recognised to be another daughter of Athena. She nodded, and pushed through the crowd, who formed an opening for Jason and Haley to slip through.

As Jason walked away, the people began to whisper, some blaming him for what had happened, some calling him a hero. He ignored the multiple conversation happening at once and walked slowly to the Athena cabin. Indicating Haley's room, the Athena girl left, assuming that Jason would be there to take care of Haley if needed, which he was planning to do.

Her body was placed softly on the bed, before the tall male slipped into the bathroom to grab some towels, attempting to remember what his sister would do in a situation like this.

Arabella, with her hands and res soaked in blood, after standing up walked straight to Kyler. "You're coming with me" she told him in a bossy tone, and made her way quickly towards the Lake, expecting him to follow. Taking off her heels, the blonde quickly made her way into the water, diving straight in to get rid of all the blood.

Once her head popped back out, her make up was surprising staying on quite well. "Are you going to explain what the hell happened?" She shouted at Kyler from the water. Under the surface, the attempted to rip the bottom of her skirt, in order to allow movement freely, but then, with the realisation that she did not want to destroy the dress, slipped it off, hoping the son of Poseidon wouldn't be able to notice.
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Haley cursed to herself, wincing as her coin began burning even hotter, pulling it up by the strings to the cloth of her dress. Keeping her eyes alert, Haley seemed to notice a tension in the air. She had always been observant, noticing little things when most others didn't, but she was missing something... Haley didn't move, thinking that Luca hadn't recognized her there. What she didn't know was that there was someone else lurking in the shadows, watching his messenger do his dirty work. Jason knew about it, but it was too late before Haley realized where the hidden man was. Turning her head to the right where he would have been, Haley felt her entire body being lifted up off the ground. Widening her eyes, she tried to keep her feet on the ground and pump her legs so that her feet would be going in super speed. It wasn't enough. The sheer force of the wind under her feet was pushing her up off the ground at a rate faster than she could react.

Haley knew where the canyon was, and she had nothing to hold onto. She let her eyes instantly scan over the scene in front of her, trying desperately to find something to slow things down and keep her alive. The force that was lifting her up was unnatural, and she couldn't seem to get down no matter how hard she tried. It was like she was immobilized in the air. She couldn't believe how easy it had been to trick her. Haley was usually always observant, especially as a daughter of Athena. How could she not see this? It could cost her more than she expected for one small mistake. At first, Haley figured it had been Jason, knowing that he was a son of Zeus and fully capable of manipulating the air. The ground was a dangerous drop away, and Haley's terrified eyes went to Jason immediately. He wasn't the one who had lifted her up...

Why was he so involved anyway? That's when she realized who was really holding her so precariously in the air. Matt. Glaring at him and Luca, Haley wanted nothing more than to wipe the stupid smirk off his face, but she was in more danger than she could control. [i "Put her down."] Jason ordered, and Haley couldn't help but wonder why he had been so prevalent in her life in particular. It was like everywhere she turned, there he was. Camp Half-Blood was always known for fate, risk, danger, and war, so each year was like a explosion waiting to happen. Monsters were continuously trying to get into the camp, forcing the demigods to send out some of their best on quests to find ancient artifacts that would save the rest of the world from the evil of Kronos and other forces. They hadn't even seen this coming. Haley knew she was small, and she always had been. That's when she realized that Jason had the same kinds of powers that Matt had. He could control the air.

Looking down towards him, Haley knew that she couldn't expect him to do anything, but he already seemed aggravated with Matt. What was going on? Haley sighed, knowing what the burning of her coin had meant. [i I should have listened mother...] She thought, cursing in her mind. After all this time, Athena had been sending her messages to help her, but she yelled at her for never saying anything. Haley called out feeling her body drop as Matt twisted his hand down, rapidly descending towards the ground before another force counteracted the falling. Looking up, Haley saw Jason's palm twist, realizing he was helping her once again. She knew they needed help, but Haley was reluctant to leave Jason all by himself with both Luca and Matt. They were elites anyway, and she figured that no one had seen them go outside. Music was pouring out of the meeting hall in loud blasts, and Haley knew that Luca had planned it for the perfect moment. He was hitting them at the exact moment of surprise that he wanted. They were up to no good.

[i "Go grab Dionysus."] He said, and while Haley hated being bossed around, she knew it was the right thing to do. She was about to head off in super speed when Luca charged at Jason. Sighing, Haley knew she couldn't leave him. Luca said something about joining some kind of group, and Haley hesitated for a moment as Jason threw his body against a building, running up to him. Matt wasn't going to be easy to take alone. He practiced his skills every day, spending time with the many books they had, and Haley knew how powerful he was. She couldn't just leave Jason there with him... Haley raised her eyebrows, acutely sensing the dagger coming towards Jason with her advanced knowledge of the battle field, nearly forgetting that Luca had been thrown behind them. Quickly summoning a force field, Haley knocked the dagger off its path before it lodged into Jason's back. [b "Jason!"] She called as the dagger fell just to the left of him, blowing her cover. If she hadn't said anything, Jason wouldn't have stepped to the right as the instant she summoned a force field to knock the dagger down, another force pushed her forcefully to the ground. Matt noticed her in that moment, and angrily twisted his palm downwards at her.

Wincing, Haley tried to grab at the ground, but she couldn't hold onto anything or get her feet under her, feeling rocks and stones drag across her skin. Pain shot up her arms and her dress ripped, widening her eyes as she realized where Matt was pulling her. She was headed straight for the edge of the cliff. Before she could do anything, Haley felt her body flying off the cliff, screaming as her body rapidly descended downwards and her stomach dropped. This was it. She was going to die. Closing her eyes for impact, Haley felt time stop. She fell and fell... but she didn't ever hit the ground. Strong arms wrapped around her body, and she suddenly began to ascend, forcing her eyes open. She was still shocked when her feet touched the ground, looking up into those familiar eyes of Jason's. The knife hadn't touched him. That was the first thing she saw, and then she realized that he was the one who jumped in after her. Looking into his eyes a little longer, Haley began to say something before wincing in pain, cursing as she looked down at her leg which had been caught by the knife when she stepped in front of him to knock it down. The path had been altered by Matt, and it must have hit her own leg before dropping down to the ground. [b "I can't..."] She began, beginning to drop down lower as the blood flow increased if she stepped on the leg with the cut. Haley was tough, but she couldn't just ignore it. [b "I need healing..."] She said, as she leaned back on the ground on her hands, holding her cut together even though it hurt. The best healers could expend some of their own energy to make another person's good as new. Haley knew that as she knew most things about camp. She needed a child of Apollo.

Kyler ran out with Arabella close behind, watching as Matt and Luca rode off in the all too familiar chariot of Apollo. [i "You will regret it because soon enough this entire camp will be under my power!"] Matt yelled back to Kyler, laughing as he made his getaway. Suddenly there was a crowd of people all seeming to be staring at something. Forcing the thoughts of what Matt had said out of his head, Kyler pushed through the crowd behind Arabella, noticing Jason standing before the cliff and the daughter of Athena bleeding below him. They were both disheveled in appearance, and Kyler cursed to himself. That's what the waves had meant... [b "What the hell just happened?"] He muttered under his breath as Arabella pushed to the front of the crowd as well.

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Once he was dragged outside, the evening air filled up Jason's lungs. He didn't seem bothered at all by Luca, nor did he look like he was planning on picking a fight. Standing outside, the son of Zeus noticed how harsh the wind seemed, extremely unusual for this time of the year. He didn't make his confusion evident as his facial expressions stayed quite relaxed.

Jason looked extremely uninterested as Luca spoke, in fact the only time he was able to grab the son of Zeus' attention was at the mention of Kyler's name. [b "I'm not interested" ] Jason said calmly turning his body and beginning to walk back towards the door. Due to the break in the wind, Jason had known all along that there were two other people present, he was also aware that Haley was one of them.

The blond hoped that the girl would be unnoticed, and that was part of the reason he shut the conversation down so quickly. He wasn't about to make a scene outside, he simply intended to abandon Luca and inform everyone at the camp of the danger which he felt to strongly in his bones.

When Haley was discovered, Jason shook his head slowly, turning back to face Luca, there was no telling what he would do now.

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[b "Don't you-" ] Jason began to say, but a dark haired male stepped out of the shadows, just when the son of Zeus expected him to. Haley's petite form was lifted off the ground with ease by what seemed like an invisible force. Her body was floating three metres off the ground, a height which was already quite dangerous.

Inside Jason began to panic a little, but this was air, his element, theres no way anything would happen to her while he was there. [b "Put her down" ] Jason ordered, his voice cold and aggravated.

[b "As you wish" ] Mathew replied his throwing his hand down, Haley falling with it. Jason twisted his palm a little, catching Haley mid air with his own powers and setting her down on the ground slowly. [b "Go grab Dionysus" ] Jason told her, his tone coming out let aggressive, yet not friendly in any way.

Mathew chose to ignore the girl for a moment, or so Jason thought when Luca came charging towards him. The son of Apollo pulled out a dagger from under his suit and aimed it towards Jason. [b "Come on Jason, you can still decide to join us" ]. Ignoring his comment completely, Jason lifted his fingers, the wind picking Luca up and throwing him against a building.

Meanwhile, Matt decided that this was the perfect time to express his displeasure towards Jason's decision. He used his powers to roughly pull Haley along the ground, leaving a number of scratched and bruises due to the rocks and sticks. He pulled her towards the edge of the cliff where they were standing, looked over at Jason a small smirk playing on his lips when he saw the male's horrified look. He then flung Haley off the edge, watching as Jason bolted towards the edge and without hesitation threw himself off the cliff.

At the point the crowd became to gather and both Luca and Mathew hurried to take off on the Apollo cabin's famous chariot.


Arabella didn't seem surprised by the noise coming from outside for one reason or another, but this would not stop her from quickly following Kyler, getting there a few second after him. She wasn't able to hear what the male flying off on the chariot had told Kyler, but she didn't seem to care. The girl pushed through the crowed to see what everyone was staring it.

Jason managed to catch Haley in the darkness and fly her back up to the top, coming up to a number of people applauding, a few of them still looking quite scared of what they had witnessed. Once he stepped onto the ground he looked down at Haley in his arms and placed her down on the ground.

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Kyler looked through the mask the woman was wearing into those bright blue eyes. He hadn't recognized the woman at first, but it was unmistakable now that he looked into those eyes. Arabella... It was shocking to him that she hadn't already spat off to him or hit him. From their conversation before, Arabella obviously disliked pretty much everything about him. She hated the whole idea of Kyler Moore. That's when he realized she didn't know it was him. Kyler couldn't help but smile in that boyish smirk that always seemed to play on his lips when she stood much shorter than he. Her eyes showed much more than disdain for him as they did before. It was nice... almost like she was giving him a chance. She saw him in a different way. In a moment the look faded from her eyes, and Kyler let his smile drop slowly. She knew it was him... the guy that she hated.

She knew it was Kyler Moore. [i "Ugh, have you got a new stalker?"] Kyler heard the voice, sending an angry glare at him before looking away. Was there any point in staying? She didn't want him there. But it wasn't like he was one that would stop. Kyler rose his eyebrows, surprised when she said yes. It had to be for some other reason right? Kyler wouldn't complain though, holding her hand with his larger one, leading her out to the dance floor. His eyes looked down at the blonde, practically sensing something was wrong with her. She wasn't even really looking at him. Arabella wasn't even looking [i for] him. They were dancing, but she didn't care. Kyler felt her small hand on his blazer, forcing him to look back down at her. Suddenly, Arabella tightened her grip on his blazer, and Kyler looked at her slightly worriedly, moving his hand for a moment to her side to steady her.

[b "Arabella... are you okay? Arabella?"] He said, feeling her head in his chest. Kyler began to move his hand gently to the back of her head before she pulled away, hurriedly walking away after muttering the name 'Haley'. It was like she'd seen something, and Kyler raised his eyebrows, watching her leave before he knew what was happening. The expression on her face had been so pained, almost as if she needed to stop something in that moment or something very bad would happen. Kyler lost track of her, cursing a little and pushing through the crowd, searching for her again. There was something wrong, and Kyler was starting to feel bad premonitions as well. Haley had gone back into the crowd, getting a few things to eat before walking around the meeting hall back to her former viewing spot. She had no idea what was going to happen, but her coin necklace began to heat up, and Haley looked down at it, touching it with her fingers. What was going on? Her coin almost never heated up unless there was something that she needed to be aware of.

She looked around a little before hearing a familiar voice. Turning her back to look at the man, Haley recognized him as the son of Zeus from earlier. His name was... Jason? That's what they called him out as anyway. There he was, and he was asking her to dance? It seemed strange, and Haley raised her eyebrows a little. [b "You helped me earlier... with Luca. Jason right?"] She asked, noticing how handsome he looked in his tux that seemed to fit in all the right places. What was it with her though? She was a nobody in camp. It was just hard for her to believe that anyone would do what Jason had done. Everyone in camp just wanted power and the hottest partner... They didn't see anything else, and she hadn't liked that ever. Haley didn't want to be used again or put down. She was weary of it. It just happened to be bad timing as Luca strolled up to Jason with an evil grin. [i "Talking about me huh? Well... I'm flattered seeing as we need to talk right now Jason."] Luca grabbed the collar of Jason, pulling him to the side and pushing him outside, closing the door as he did. [i "Listen here Jason. There's something you should know about tonight..."] He said, not realizing Haley had followed behind, worried that Luca would do something to Jason.

Widening her eyes, Haley listened to Luca's speech, unsure what to do really as her coin began to burn almost. [i "Listen, you're a son of Zeus you're meant to be way more than this camp can offer. I have a guy coming tonight... If you want power, higher than that of the gods, come with us when I send the signal. Kyler, son of Poseidon is in on it too. We'll have everything Jason!"] Luca said, and Haley cursed as her coin began to hurt, lifting it off her skin and moving attention to her. Meanwhile, Kyler was inside with Arabella, both of them unaware of Luca slipping Jason outside and Haley following. Kyler raised his eyebrows angrily at Arabella as she accused him of knowing about something Luca was planning, raising his voice slightly. [b "What? You think I'm such an ass all the time huh?"] Looking around more, Kyler lowered his voice, looking at Arabella. [b "Luca asked me..."] Kyler began, but they were cut short when they heard a scream coming from outside.

Raising his eyebrows, Kyler watched as most people stood frozen in place or ran out of the building. [b "What the hell?"] He said, running out the doors and looking around as the scene unraveled before him, and Luca was flying off in a chariot next to another unfamiliar man. [i "Should've come when you had the chance Kyler! You'll regret it."]

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The blonde stared at the male in front of her, taking a moment to process the situation. He had caught her off guard, right during her process of thought had taken her to Luca. Arabella's eyes assessed the blonde man carefully, as she got up from her seat. She was about to agree, as the male she didn't recognised stood at 6'2, and was extremely attractive, his suit fitting him well, almost leaving the blonde speechless.

Her senses came back to her however when she noticed his smirk, one that seemed a little familiar. It took her another couple of seconds to actually realise who was in front of her. [b "I-" ] she began to speak, but another member of Z class interrupted. [b "Ugh Ari, have you got a new stalker?" ] David, the son of Hermes joked, lifting his champagne glass in the air, as if to propose a toast.

She was about to protest when a strong feeling of discomfort and worry overcame her. Like her father, the god of prophecy, there were times when the girl had visions of the events to occur. This time she simply had a feeling. Arabella knew that Luca would be involved and that this was the night she should be worried about, therefore the overwhelming pain in her head was clearly warning her of something. She needed to find Luca, and she needed to do it fast, and from the middle of the dance floor she would have the best view of the rest of the room.

[b "Alright" ] Arabella replied finally taking Kyler's hand with her pale fingers and leading him on to the middle of the wooden area of the room, reserved for dancing. There wasn't too many people on the dance floor, but it wasn't empty, ensuring a clear field of view. Arabella slowly brought her hand up, placing it gently on male's chest. Her mind though, was somewhere else, her eyes continuously scanned the room in search of the one man on her mind.

Suddenly, the blonde's eyes shut tightly, her thin fingers grabbing Kyler's blazer. With a pained look on her face, she pressed her head against his chest for the briefest of moments, before stepping back, trying to catch her breath. [b "Haley" ] she muttered, clearly distressed.

Without an explanation she walked in a frenzied pace through the people, to where she knew Jason would be sitting at the competitors table. He was having a pleasant conversation with the second daughter of Athena. Her brother was extremely charismatic, so it only made sense he got along so easily with pretty much everyone he met. [b "Jason, Haley now, go make sure nothing happens to her" ] she ordered and without questioning the girl's words Jason nodded, excusing himself and getting up from his seat.

It wasn't too often that Arabella got bossy with him, so if she did it meant there was a reason. He was aware of her powers, so questioning her at a time like this would be a big mistake.

As her brother walked off Ari quickly made her way back to Kyler. [b "You, what do you know about this!" ] she asked in a furious tone, her expression staying calm in order to not attract attention from the people dancing around them.

Jason took a couple of minutes to find Haley in the crowd, considering everyone looked completely different in such formal clothes. His mask was off for a long time, and the tie around his neck loosened. He even considered using the lightening trick to find her, deciding eventually that was possibly the worst idea he had ever come up with. [b "Hey uhh" ] Jason said, approaching Haley. He couldn't help but notice how gorgeous she looked, but this was no time to be dwelling on such thought. Once he was there, the son of Zeus realised he didn't actually know hoe exactly he was supposed to look after her without coming across as a creepy stalker. [b "You wanna dance?" ] he asked without knowing that Arabella was currently at that same place.

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Kyler smirked again in that half smile he used, hearing her comeback. [i "Not fighting me means you actually get to go onto the next round."] Kyler kept his hands on the bar, leaning forward before dropping them to his sides. [b "You forget who I am Arabella."] [i "Listen pretty boy I'm not here to flirt with losers like you. I believe the girls you're looking for are in the Aphrodite cabin."] Kyler just grinned again, shaking his head with a small laugh. [b "You still called me pretty warrior princess. Even if I am a loser right?"] He was just joking with her, but he felt her words deep inside. Yeah, he was a loser. He was the son of Poseidon, and his dad didn't even want to communicate with him like all of the other gods did with their children. He was pathetic because he took away the pain with girls and alcohol. He was pathetic because his mother didn't even want anything to do with him. But mostly, he was pathetic because he didn't try to fix himself, acting so arrogant and confident to hide it. She didn't know any of that.

[i "I know Luca is up to something, and if you get in my way... I will squash you."] She said in his ear, and Kyler watched her eyes, impressed. He hadn't ever been rejected, meaning she was the first. [i She's not just any Aphrodite girl...] He thought, standing there as he watched Arabella destroy the son of Aries to the point of him crying. It proved how she had gotten into the level Z elite team. Arabella was powerful, but it wasn't like he didn't know that. Talking softer than before, Kyler looked at the blonde. [b "Luca isn't my friend."] Walking off, Kyler went back the Poseidon cabin that he lived in by himself. The ball was tonight, and Kyler didn't notice the crashing waves against the shore, another sign from Poseidon rather than Athena. Kyler was too busy thinking about the encounter with Arabella and getting ready. It was new to him, but there was still some kind of bad feeling about something to him. What was he missing?

Putting on his tux and fixing his hair back, Kyler made his way to the meeting hall, walking in and instantly being met by some of the Aphrodite girls that he slept with, wearing revealing clothing. Looking at them, Kyler couldn't help but feel tempted, but it didn't feel the same. As the girls started trying to dance flirtatiously, Kyler simply walked away, looking for a certain head of blonde hair. [b "Maybe later."] He said as they wouldn't stop chiming for him to come back. He found the level z table, but there were only about three of them there, none that he was looking for. Dancing eventually with one girl, Kyler lost track of time before remembering what he had to do. Walking back, Kyler searched for that same head of blonde hair, finding it at the level z table. Making his way over to the table, finding the name he was searching for in gold writing, Kyler stood beside the chair that he stopped at. [b "We need to talk about what you said earlier..."]

The son of Apollo stood, turning to the man who was talking to him with a smug look on his face, bringing him to the side. It was Luca. [i "It's simple Kyler. If you want into this, then you have to come with me when I give the signal. Don't you want the power? Think about it."] Walking off, Luca sulked for the one person he was looking for. [i "Where are you Jason?"] He said lowly and put his hands in his pocket as he searched angrily for the son of Zeus that had gotten in his way. Kyler shook his head, thinking about it. What did that even mean? Was it what he really wanted? That's when he saw her, and his thoughts melted away. She was talking to someone else, dressed in white that seemed to glow in compliment with her blonde hair. The woman was stunning. Walking to her, Kyler stood confidently, holding out his hand. [b "Care to dance?"] He said with that smirk that always played on his lips. Little did he know, Kyler was talking to the one woman who didn't want anything to do with him, Arabella.
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Haley's eyes widened at Jason's words, surprised at how angry he was with him. Did he know something about Luca before he came to camp? It didn't seem possible, and Luca wouldn't target him like he did her. Jason was just a stronger demigod, well in Luca's eyes... It was like some sort of high school stereotype. Watching the two men, Haley listened to Jason's heavy threat towards Luca. While it was true, Haley knew it wouldn't solve anything. It would just make Jason the bad guy, but it was starting to be a little scary how powerful he could be. It was true. He was a son of Zeus, so he could easily summon lightning or storms of lightning to kill or badly injure a person. It wouldn't be good to get on his bad side. Haley still didn't even know if he was to trust or not. Why would he help her? She had it anyway, and he didn't even know her. This was a competition anyway and the children of Zeus were competitive. it wasn't like she was any benefit to him whatsoever, but he still helped her.

It didn't even look like it was hard for Jason to slam Luca down and knock him out, almost as if it didn't matter. [i Who is this man?] She thought, making her way away before he could ask her anything else. She had to think... She had to get away for a moment. Haley hurried backwards, past the Athena cabin to the woods that most people didn't even care to go through. Searching upwards, Haley looked for that familiar owl that she found when she needed advice. [b "Come on... come on..."] Haley said to herself, pushing through branches to try and find that elusive owl that always gave her good luck. Owls were her mother's symbol mostly as they were a sign of wisdom and good fortune. If she saw the owl, Haley knew that everything was going to be okay. Finally getting to the meadow where a single tree stood, covered in moss and flowers, Haley let her feet step onto the grass. It wasn't there. The owl was nowhere close, and Haley sighed. [b "I just wanted your help mother."] As she left, a flower wilted and died, followed by another and then another. The tree worked on good fortune for the rest of the camp. If something was to happen, it would begin to die. If only Haley had stayed just a moment longer, she would've known.

But she was off. She didn't see it. [i "Welcome to the 25th annual ball for the games of our camp..."] Haley heard, and she widened her eyes, cursing a little. She had to hurry. Haley forgot about the ball, and it would take her longer to get dressed anyway. Super speeding the way back, Haley slid into her room with messy hair from the forest, taking the quickest shower she could. Once she was finished, Haley dried her hair, putting it up in a bun with a silver and blue shining hair piece. The daughter of Athena didn't have many dresses, but there was one that she had picked out for this particular ball, a navy blue flowing dress that fit her like it was made for her. Slipping on blue heels, Haley checked her light makeup in the mirror. She didn't normally dress up, but it would have to do. It wasn't like she had time to fix anything. Hurrying to the ball, Haley tied on her black and blue masquerade mask, tying it around her head. Taking a deep breath, Haley took her dress in her hands and stepped up the few stairs to the entrance, seeing almost everyone already there. [i Great... I'm late.] She thought, walking inside and trying to keep to herself. No one wanted to see her anyway. She was a nobody in camp.

This was the best night for the Aphrodite girls already, as they always made the party what it was known for. Everyone would have their eyes on them. She probably wouldn't even come if she didn't have to for being in the games. Grabbing a drink, Haley put it to her lips, sipping and thinking about what had happened earlier. Maybe she'd get more answers later... in the meantime, she would stay as far away from the Z class table as she could. Her eyes wandered over the huge canyon that the hall was built over. It was truly beautiful... There was a glass outcropping that she made her way over to, getting a better view of the landscape outside the meeting hall. It was like the ball didn't matter, and that was nice. Besides, if Luca was going to reveal what he was up to, Haley wanted to be there. He wasn't going to get what he wanted if it was up to her.
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When Haley claimed that she 'Got this' Jason simply nodded and took a small step back, dry leaves making a crunching sound under his boots. His blue eyes caught the sun which was shining through the gaps in the leaves above them. He watched closely as Haley fought the man in front of him, analysing her every move. She wielded the sword better than anyone he had ever seen, her skill set was truly amazing.

Despite the lack of practice swordsmanship came naturally to the son of Zeus, but certainly not at this level. As the bright light blinded Jason, it was almost like he completely blanked out for a second. Even at the state of complete and utter confusion, the male recognised this power as the same as his sisters. Luca must also be a son of Apollo, and if he had the same energy level as his sister, for some reason Jason wasn't sensing it. The only realistic explanation was that he was significantly weaker, which was hard to believe since the male was also in S class.

As his eyes finally went back to normal, and he was able to see once again, Jason blinked multiple times, trying to recognise his surroundings. As soon as he was aware of them, he also realised that for some reason Luca was now facing him. He looked exhausted, and had multiple cuts on his body, but this was accompanied by a wild look in his eyes. The son of Zeus looked down at his sword briefly, before dropping the weapon to the ground. The look on his face was almost mimicking a smile, he was almost mocking Luca, which seemed to aggravate the son of Apollo further. [b "You realise I can simply summon lightening and kill you on the spot" ] Jason said, in a cold tone. [b "Though I don't think that would make me look great, considering I only just joined the camp." ] Jason said shrugging, as he took a step forward.

Luca charged at him with the energy he had remaining, a terrified look on his face as his body was suddenly lifted off the ground, and the slammed down. He began to get up, when Jason simply landed one perfectly times and positioned punch, knocking the male out, for what Jason assumed would be an hour or so. He then followed Haley and dropped his card at the base, taking the second place. The two of them were soon followed by the second daughter of Athena who seemed to be delighted she was not facing Luca.


Arabella's eyes followed the male who had approached her, not giving off any sign of intimidation. [b "No, I think it's good for you, because not fighting me means you actually get to go on to the next round" ] she said in a mocking tone, crossing her arms over her chest.

As the male leaned over her, that was the last of the girl's patience. [b "Listen here, pretty boy. I'm not here to flirt with losers like you, I believe the girls you're looking for are in the Aphrodite cabin." ] she said, giving him a sarcastic smile before leaning forwards and petting his chest with her thin fingers.

[b "Also I'd choose better friends if I was you" ] Ari added. [b "I know Luca is up to something and I am going to stop him. And if you get in my way- " ] the blonde paused, standing on her tippy toes, her mouth moving up to his ear. [b "I will squash you" ] Arabella added just in time for another person to come towards the base. He however, was a son of Aries, who belonged to the other base. Instead of searching for a new one, he announced that he would fight Arabella, who sighed and waved her hand ever so slightly, before the male started walking around in circles, looking absolutely terrified, as if he was seeing the most awful of nightmares. The illusions caused by wielders of advanced photokinesis users were enough to drive even the strongest people insane. Arabella however, had no intention in doing this, so when the son of Ares fell to his knees, with a frozen look of terror of his face, crying unknowingly, she waved her hand once more, lifting the hallucinations.

The son of Ares then ran away, tripping over his feet, just in time for two people who actually belonged to the base to arrive. Concluding the first part of the tournament.


The inky darkness was lit up by a number of fairy lights and other glowing decorations which were placed all over the large space. The responsibility of decorating the hall was given to the Aphrodite children, who have been just as, if not more excited for the yearly masquerade ball taking place after the first competition. People were flooding inside and taking their spot at their cabin's table. The six winners of the first round, Two daughters of Athena, a son of Zeus, A son of Poseidon, and two Ares children were to be seated at the front, all together.

Next to their table, stood the table reserved for the six Z class members of camp half blood. A son of Apollo, Luca, A daughter of Apollo, Arabella, Son of Ares, Jackson, Son of Hephaestus, Liem, Daughter of Hephaestus, Bella,and a son of Hermes, David. Most of this table of course tended to be 'fashionably late' so the only members of Z class that were present at the table as the clock struck 7 o'clock were Liem, Bella and David.

Both Arabella and Jason arrived together, walking through the large area designated for dance, Ari's high heels making a rhythmic sound of the wooden floor. The two soon separated and took their designated seats at the tables next to each other.

Arabella was the second last person to arrive to her table, chuckling softly when she realised that fifteen minutes into the ball, Jackson and David were already drunk. The dim lighting, as well as the masks people wore made it quite difficult to realise who was the one person missing from their table, but looking at the empty seat beside her, the girl noticed a card with golden writing, Luca's name on it.

[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/252427751/large.jpg ]
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Haley knew that she wasn't supposed to fight Luca since she found the base that coordinated with the color she had picked, but it was obvious Luca arranged that. He knew she would find the base, and he wasn't just going to back down. Taking her out of play in the competition or even messing with her head was something that he would do anything to participate in. Luca didn't care if he hurt her, in fact, he was so evil that he liked it. Luca hated people that could take over and show him that he wasn't the leader of camp and all the campers. Haley was potentially one of those people but the thing he hated most was that she challenged him. With such a high reputation in camp and his status as a level z elite member, Luca could force anyone to do what he wanted. Every camper wanted to be buddies with him, so they'd do anything to get into his line of friends, although he just played them. Luca liked having control and complete dominance over the other campers that would do anything to have the power that level z held.

Haley knew better. Luca had constantly tried to force her on his side, trying to get her to use her battle strategy and other powers that only Athena children had to his advantage. He needed information mostly, trying to find the lost son of Zeus that had just been replaced seemingly out of the blue. Luca hated that too. Haley knew that if someone didn't come soon, Luca would try to force her into providing some kind of information about where his comrade was, but she knew what the man was like. He wasn't a normal camper that fought for the Gods of Olympus. He and Luca had always been the same kind of person, selfish and power-wanting. However, Matt, the son of Zeus, had so much more power teeming in his fingers. Practicing the skills of Zeus gave a person an extreme amount of power, and Matt had fallen into how tempting it was. Haley could see that and when he left, she worried. He would do anything to get what he wanted, and he vanished right when it seemed like the tension in camp was at an all-time high. There was something wrong, and the way Luca was acting proved that.

The games were obviously just a set-up for something, and she saw that in his eyes. He kept flashing her grins and now he was about to send pain through her body just to get her to submit to what he wanted? She was stronger than that. Haley didn't ever go down without a fight, especially not to someone like Luca. Luca was smart, and he knew how to get what he wanted when he wanted it. Now that Matt had gone missing, Luca needed to find him before he finally had the power to finish what he had started. It kept Haley on edge, but no one listened. Who would she tell? Almost every camper had a big head of their own, and they didn't like being told something by another camper that they considered of lesser importance. That was how it always had been.

Haley let her eyes close, getting ready for the wave of pain, but it didn't come. Opening her eyes, Haley got up on her elbows, seeing the stunned Luca on the ground at the base of a tree. [b "What the hell?"] She muttered under her breath, surprised to see Jason, the new son of Zeus in camp, holding his hand out to her. Why would he help her? Haley took his hand, letting him pull her up and then looked back to Luca then at Jason again. Wouldn't he be working with Luca? That's what it would seem like... [i "She's got the colour of your base, you're not even supposed to fight her."] He said, and Haley noticed the genuinely frustrated and angry tone in her voice. She had to admit she was impressed. Haley had never seen anything like it. Haley couldn't help but smile a little to herself before looking at Luca with disgust and confidence at the same time. [b "You want a fight? I'll give you a fight."] Haley said, holding up her hands, getting angrier and angrier at him.

[b "Thanks but... I've got this."] Haley said to Jason dismissively, still unsure if she could trust the man that just so happened to be someone that Luca would be associated with. [b "You messed with the wrong girl Luca."] Haley said angrily, pulling out the smaller-sized sword she had in her boot. It was an amber color, engraved in ancient signs of owls and other signs of Athena. The sword was more an extension of her arm than anything, and Haley could weld it like no other. Surging towards him, Haley ducked as he went for a punch, quickly slashing at his arm, not aiming to give him deep cuts rather than a sharp hint of pain. She knew just how to do that. Seeing his foot coming up, Haley quickly jumped backwards, using her hands to spring herself back to her feet and super speed around him to slash his back a few times as the engravings began to glow. Luca turned, flashing a grin at Jason and then summoning a blinding light straight towards him, catching the two of them off guard. Swiping his feet under Haley, he laughed, holding up his large sword over her, ready to aim a blow to her face with the hilt.

Haley widened her eyes, quickly summoning energy to her hands, holding them above her face. As the hilt of the sword came down on her, Haley winced, holding the force field she had summoned just above it, feeling the hard-pressure of the hilt on her energy. Cursing, Haley finally saw a weakness, about to give out, spinning her leg up, Haley knocked the sword out of his hands and scrambled to her feet, allowing Jason time to recover unknowingly. Breathing heavily, Haley rubbed her arms from skidding on the ground of the base and the bruises that were forming on her back. She was used to it, and it was worth it to beat Luca and put him in his place. Finally dropping her card in the spot, Haley returned her dagger to its place, keeping an eye out for the two men who seemed to be facing off against each other then.
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Kyler wrapped one hand around the hilt of his sword that was tucked away in the very light armor that he wore. The male wore little to no armor because he didn't really believe he would need it. He'd find Arabella's camp using the water that ran underground. It would be simple. He wouldn't even have to fight. Of course even if he did get to Luca, the fight would be simple. That's what Luca said of course, but Kyler wouldn't have just let him off easy. He was the son of Poseidon after all! He didn't need help... Just like he never had. Why would that change now? His sword was a stunning silver with sapphire engraved in patterns along the middle and edges of the sword. It was a masterpiece. The sword had been passed down from the very few Poseidon children, and Kyler held that place. He spent more time than he could count working on it, doing simple moves or even just holding it. The sword was comfort, and it was powerful. It seemed to roar with the power of the ocean.

Kyler was ready. Most of the other campers looked so anxious and nervous, running off at full sprint as soon as the competition started. Kyler simply held his hand above him, focusing on the energy of the groundwater naturally leading down towards the larger body. There would be larger amounts under the bases as they were mostly located near the sea or some larger source of water as Luca had told him from previous years. Smiling, Kyler laughed to himself. [i Good luck to whoever gets Luca and has to fight him.] The entirety of level z was basically a way to show the other campers who really ran camp. Luca was all about that, and Kyler was just a pawn in his game. Everyone was just a pawn in Luca's game. He was only worried about what would serve him well, and Kyler knew that. There was no way that he would win this for Luca... if he won this, it would be to prove his father that he was worth communicating to. Kyler wanted answers. He didn't want to be ignored for the rest of his life.

Following the trail, Kyler just let his eyes close, trusting the path that tingled from his outstretched hand. Opening his eyes, Kyler let the boyish grin he always had stretch across his face. [b "One down, two to go."] He commented, having no doubt that he had found the blue base first. The other competitors were incompetent of course. They didn't have anything useful. They didn't [i do] anything but lose. Walking through the force field, Kyler strode with a confident look in his eyes and a confident walk. [b "Hey warrior princess. No fighting for you."] Kyler smiled at her with that grin once more, walking just past her and reaching over her shoulder to drop in his card. [b "That's good though. I mean we both wouldn't want your hair to get messed up. I know how important it is to you being daughter of Apollo and everything..."]

Grinning, Kyler kept his usual jerk act up, hiding everything and only showing the pain and coldness. [b "What do you say we have a little congratulating party after the games... Just you and me. I mean we were paired together it must be fate. Plus... why not?"] Smirking, the male reached up, grabbing the bar at the top of the domed base, letting his suit tighten and leaning just over her. [b "You know you'd like it."]
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With two hours to go Arabella insisted on dragging Jason all over the camp grounds and showing him around. Despite his lack of interest, this was an order she received and therefore any of his complaints were shut down completely. The final stop of Arabella's tour was the Zeus cabin. It stood at the foot of the woods, but was no doubt one of the most extravagantly decorated buildings on the grounds. [b "Your father is a show off" ] Arabella said and took out a small key out of her pocket, handing it to the blonde male beside her. "There is currently no other children of Zeus at camp Half-Blood, so lucky you, you get it all to yourself!" ] she announced happily already secretly making plans to move in to the Zeus cabin with her brother.

The Apollo cabin was also large, bright and well decorated, not to mention that it looks like it was made out of solid gold. There was always music playing, and plenty of optimistic faces, which wasn't surprising considering Apollo's status as the god of Music and Light among other things. Having been at the camp for many years, Arabella worked extremely hard, attempting to reach the full potential of the abilities passed on from her father. Having been one of the first people to make it through to Z class when the tournament started only a couple of years ago, she did in fact get special privileges, including the largest room in her cabin all to herself, but considering Jason would be getting a whole [i Cabin ] to himself, Arabella thought it was only fair enough that he shares it with his sister.

She allowed Jason to unpack his bags, get ready for the tournament, and headed to her own cabin. Arriving at her own cabin, the daughter of Apollo, put on delicate golden armour, which seemed like it would serve no real purpose in battle, however with how developed her healing abilities were, she didn't often need armour in the first place. Arabella threw her sack of arrows, over her shoulder, each arrowhead with an engraved golden sun to represent her father. Also grabbing two small daggers, which she attached to her armour, Arabella looked in the mirror for a moment before leaving her cabin.

Plenty of Demigods assembled around the woods, excited for the competition to come, and to see who will go on to become a z class member. They were cheering for their siblings as the Apollo kids used photokinesis to create a light screen in the air, displaying a clear image of the woods inside. Many more of the screens were made, to allow the other demigods to view the event without actually getting in the way.

Arabella made her way to her base, creating a force field around her body which allowed her to be unseen by anyone outside of it, making sure that the location of the base stayed a secret until the very end.

Jason arrived at the designated spot with the other demigods, wearing the armour which was placed for him in his cabin. In his hands he held a large sword, with his father's emblem on it. The sword almost seemed to be making static noises, electricity radiating off of it. The son of Zeus stood, tall and confident, but unlike the people around him, be bore a playful smile on his face. This was after all just a game, which he was going to win. The signal was given and each of the twelve demigods started to run in their own direction, attempting to look of the base which would match the colour of their flag. Glancing down at the bit of red string attached to his armour, Jason realised that in order to avoid a battle, more specifically a battle with Arabella, he would have to find his own base, the red base.

To him, there was no point running around like a maniac in the hopes of simply finding what he was looking for. He stood still, and shut his eyes, concentrating, forcing the wind speed to increase all throughout the woods. He then looked up to the sky, and just like that without any storm clouds, a lightening bolt hit an area which he knew he must head towards.

Noticing the light-bolt which came out of no where, Arabella smirked a little. Jason was going to be one of the first three at his base for sure, with the trick he was tough by that one, and only time he was able to meet his father. She waited at her own, which was quite a bit further from the starting position. It was a beautiful warm day, perfect for a swim in the lake. So instead of focusing on the task at hand, Arabella's mind drifted off, thinking about the swim she would go for after the tournament.

As Jason ran towards his base, he felt a sharp breeze pass him. He soon realised it was another person running past, and judging by the sweet sent which lingered afterwards for only a moment, he assumed it was a girl. [b "Quick" ] she muttered and continued to run.

When he finally arrived at his destination what he saw was no regular scene. A tall male with his foot up, standing over the girl from earlier, who was holding her stomach. Luca was about to slam his foot down when suddenly, his body was forcefully thrown against a tree, by the powerful wind that came towards him. Jason then quickly ran up to Haley and extended his hand out, while still keeping an eye on the z class member.

[b "She's got the colour of your base, you're not even supposed to fight her" ] Jason said, looking quite frustrated.

[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/252427751/large.jpg]
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Haley listened to the instructions, but she had memorized it from the years before. She couldn't forget what Luca and his level z bullies did to the rest of the camp especially her and the Athena cabin. His eyes were on her as she left. She felt them, that same cold and ruthless stare, as if threatening her with his look. Haley bit her lip, feeling her fists clench and unclench. Turning her head to the side, Haley made slight eye contact with the son of Zeus before he turned his head away, looking down at her hands. Luca was going to use him wasn't he? He was going to cheat to get that new guy in the level z's. Well, him or Kyler. Every time she tried, getting so close to winning, they shut her down. Haley had been in the competition before, but she was alone. She hated that. It wasn't fair. They were all alone most likely. They didn't have families. They didn't have siblings, well at least most of them. She was alone, and it wasn't right that this selfish, controlling group was after her again and again.

Haley hurried off with the other daughter of Athena, eating in their cabin and strategizing before they went out. Luca would probably target them first, most likely her. He wanted her out of the competition, with no way of ever getting in again. It was time for Luca to find out that being a demigod meant working together. They were at risk every single day by monsters that could literally wipe them all out, and it wasn't fair. But of course she would see that. She would see what people were really supposed to do because she was gifted with the wisdom of Athena. Haley tried to forget it, and she went outside, practicing with her daggers and then swords moving up with each weapon. It came so natural to her, almost as if they were extensions of her arm.

Haley bit her lip, hitting the dummy harder and faster,finally stopping and taking deep breaths. She had to do this. Looking at her hands, Haley gently touched the coin, smiling as it began to burn slightly. Her mother was with her. If no one else was then her mother was. At least now that was... The coin only burned whenever she really needed it. The bell rang, and Haley put her hair up once more, closing her eyes and taking out one of the cards, hoping for blue. She didn't want to deal with Luca. Pulling out a red, Haley sighed, putting it in her pocket and making eye contact with Luca as he flashed an evil grin and held up his fists. He knew she wouldn't put down a fight, especially with him. Looking away, Haley got ready for the countdown, nodding to her fellow daughter of Athena before taking off. She was determined to get to the first blue base, running through the forest and suddenly it felt like she was flying. The wind rushed past her hair as her feet and arms worked against the speed of the wind. She was running in super speed, searching the area for the first red base she saw.

Branches cut at her, but she bit her lip through the pain. This was what she was determined to do. It wasn't really getting into level z and having power over the other campers. It was taking down Luca and making things right. When she saw a red base, Haley skidded to a stop, feeling sparks coming from her shoes and stopping herself as her hands impacted with a tree. Wincing a little, Haley shook her hands off, not realizing how fast she was going. Slowly making her way over to the base, Haley rolled her eyes. Luca was there. Of course he was. She wasn't backing down. [b "Been missing me?"] She called, standing out and stepping onto the base. [b "Looks like it's you and me Luca, and I choose to fight. I also choose to win."] Glaring at him determinedly, Haley got in a defensive fighting stance.

She didn't see the person coming up behind her, finding the same base as she had. Haley was focused on fighting him. Charging after him, Haley got the first punch, ducking and seeing the spots of pressure she could use against him. It was part of her battle strategy and weaponry skills. Luca bent down, catching her off guard, grabbing her next hand and whispering in her ear. [i "You know... you look really sexy in that suit of yours."] Getting caught off guard and looking at him disgusted, Haley hesitated as his boot caught with her stomach. Gasping in pain, calling out and falling to the floor of the base. Holding her stomach, Haley looked up at him as he brought his foot up over her stomach , laughing evilly. [i "You're too easy to get rid of Haley."] Wincing, Haley saw his boot coming at her again, hating how he used her hatred against her. She was expecting blinding pain, staring up at him angrily and coldly. If he was going to do it, she would dare him to. She wouldn't go out without a fight.
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Kyler let his eyes move over the stage, seeing all the competition before the games really started. Just his luck, Jason was another son of Zeus that would just complicate things more. He had to just fight through it. Water didn't go with electricity though, and Kyler could feel that just standing on stage by him. There was one thing that the children of the big three shared and that was the confidence and power that their fathers held in such high regard. It could be taken either way. They could be dangerous, but they could also be incredibly useful. Kyler was almost a mix of the two, so guarded and cold. He would do anything to stop the pain, and he didn't care who it hurt or what it did. Poseidon never spoke with him or sent him signs no matter how long he stayed by the water in his room or on the outer edge of camp. That was where he was supposed to be right? King of the ocean? Well, he wasn't.

Half-listening to the game that Luca had already told him about, Kyler walked off, going to sit by the water behind his cabin. He was just so attracted to it no matter what he did. It was like the power of the water ran through his veins, and it made everything somewhat make sense for once. The water was his safe place... Sitting at the sand, Kyler looked out to the water, holding his knees to his chest. What if it didn't matter? What if Luca was just using him? Well, he could play that game as much as he wanted. Sighing, Kyler took some alcohol from his cabin, drinking and then throwing the glass angrily in the ocean. [b "Why don't you ever talk to me!"] He yelled, hitting the sand with his fist. Rubbing his head, Kyler stood and got some food before the games, walking away from the water just as the waves started to ripple up against the shore.

He ate quickly and then he went back to the ocean for the last remaining minutes, taking his stance and then concentrating on the water. Lifting his hands upward, the water began to slowly rise, and Kyler felt the same power running all over his body. Closing his eyes, Kyler smiled a little at the power, letting the water swirl up in a hurricane vortex of water before letting it fall down into the ocean just as the bell rang. He was ready. Striding to the stage, Kyler grabbed his card from the box, revealing a blue. [b "Of course... I get all the gorgeous women. Thanks dad."] He grinned, talking mostly to himself and walking over to the side next to the blonde daughter of Apollo. She was stunning, and he underestimated her. He figured she got to level z by cheating or whatever Luca did, sleep to the top whatever. Kyler was just returning back to that part of him that was trying to forget all the pain and the confusion.
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Twelve contestants made their way towards the stage, a loud round of applause only stopping when they were all standing together. One son of Zeus, a son of Poseidon, two daughter of Athena, Three sons of Nike and four Ares children. The Ares and Nike kids all seemed to be the most confident, despite two sons of the big three standing right beside them. A confused look was still painted on Jason’s face, but soon was replaced by a small cheeky smile when he saw his younger sister loudly cheering at the back of the crowed. Looking at the girl from far away, she looked very fragile, where’s in reality Arabella was probably the smartest person he knew. Jason was aware how much effort and time she put into practicing her abilities, so it was no surprise that she moved up to the higher class of Demi-gods so soon. Thinking about it now, Jason realised this is exactly what this competition was about, moving up to the higher class. 

From what he was told from his sister, there was only around 6 people in the z class, most of whom she couldn’t stand. She however was one of the only people to win the competition without cheating, and that is why she held a certain respect within the group, but still even the other son of Apollo, Luca was one of those people to stay clear of.

[b “Now” ] Dionysus said loudly. [b “The first challenge will be taking place in the forest. All 12 contestants will start in the same place of the forest. And somewhere in the woods, there will be 2 bases, each guarded a Z class member. The base will be ether a red colour, or a blue. One of these colours will be given out to 12 participants. 6 blue, and 6 red. If the base you find first is is the same colour as the one you are given, you are safe, and the z class member will allow you to stay. If it is of the opposite colour, you must fight the z class member, and win, or try to find the other base. Only the three first people in each base will go to the next round. That is 6 in total. ] he said and before continuing looked at the contestants to make sure they understand. 

[b “The two z class members will be, Luca, at the red base, and Arabella at the blue” ] Dionysus said and waited for the whispering within the crowd to stop as Luca and Arabella got up on stage and stood side by side, not trying to hide how much they detested each other. 

Both Arabella and Luca cam from the same god, but it almost seemed like they were representing the two sides to him, Luca-the cheerful, intelligent and a healer, and Luca-the cruel, ruthless and self-obsessed. All of these things, famous traits of their father.

As Jason listened to the rules, he tried to decided whether he would want to play it safe, or if he would be looking for a fight. He had total confidence in his powers, but it was almost like he didn’t care whatsoever about moving up to level z, he didn't even know what it was truly about. Extremely curious about everyone's powers, he decided that if an opportunity to fight would appear he would take it without hesitation. Growing up in a different environment, even if he knew which participant was a child of which god, to him there was no telling what powers they would have.

[b "Wouldn't want to be fighting with Ari" ] he muttered, shaking his head slightly. His stance was confident, but he had a playful smile on his face, which could be easily misinterpreted as a smirk.

[b "The first round will be starting in exactly two hours. So eat plenty and get dressed in appropriate gear" ] Dionysus concluded and wondered off the stage.

Most of the contestants began to leave the stage, looking ether extremely nervous, or extremely excited. [b "Don't worry I'll go easy on you" ] Arabella told her brother in a joking tone before glancing at Luca. [b "You better not kill anyone" ] she said in a calm, yet threatening tone, even though she stood at 5'6 and he stood at 6'2.

As everyone walked off, Jason noticed that there were only three girls competing, out of the twelve people in total. Two daughters of Athena and a daughter of Ares. He took note of the auburn-haired female, who seemed just a little determined that the rest, and something told him she was the one he should look out for.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/16/06/ef/1606ef0e85b9f8b5e9fb82b7d4fa1ff1.jpg ]
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