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[h3 [Alegreya Chapter 6: Before the quest]]
[Alegreya Alergra looked around as she exited the church. She had always dreamed of becoming a hero of some sorts herself but this... it was more than she had ever thought shed get. Her heart raced and a grin stretched across her face as her tail swished behind her. She held her head high as she approached her father.
[#ffc4da "Looks like it'll be a while before you can dote on me again father."]
She giggled and hugged the man, whom held her a bit too tightly. He wasn't sure what she had in store for her future and it worried him, but the determined look on her face showed him that she had a destiny she intended to fulfill. He released his daughter and gripped her shoulders looking into her eyes.
[I I'm so proud of you.]
A smile turned the pairs lips as the king faced the crowd.
[I Though the festivities were to end today there will be a celebration to send off our princess and her knight tomorrow at noon.]
The crowd cheered as they walked to the castle.]
[##ffc4da Father Arthur will be staying in the knights quarters, correct?]
The princess asked, grinning at the boy who walked a beside her and her father, whom nodded as the entered.
[I Sir James will show him to his room for he night. Knowing how impatient you are Am I correct in assuming you'll be off day after tomorrow?]
The girl looked at Arthur.
[+brown I wouldn't mind leaving then. We should probably start our journey as soon as we can.]
The princess giggled and nodded as the king smiled.
[I Alright then. I will have someone gather things you may need on your journey. Goodnight Alegra. Sleep well.]
And with that the king
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  PurpleFlower / 19d 12h 48m 3s
"Farai chansoneta nueva"
I shall make a new song

before the wind blows and it freezes and rains.

My lady is trying and testing me,

to find out how much I love her.

Well, no matter what quarrel she makes,

she will not loose me from her bond.

Rather I become her servant, surrender to her,

so she can write my name in her contract.

Now don't go thinking I must be drunk

if I love my good lady;

for without her I cannot live...

is suffering is done.

It lies not in our power to love or hate,
For will in us is overruled by fate.
When two are stripped, long ere the course begin,
We wish that one should love, the other win;

And one especially do we affect
Of two gold ingots, like in each respect:
The reason no man knows; let it suffice
What we behold is censured by our eyes.
Where both deliberate, the love is slight:
Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?

Troubadour Bertran de Born

Be’m plai lo gais temps de pascor[1]

Well do I love the cheerful spring,

which brings the leaves and flowers;

and I also love to hear the merriment of the birds,

who send their song ringing through the woods;

and I am glad to see tents and pavilions

pitched in the meadows.

Great is my joy when I see knights and armored horses

ranged on the battlefield.

And I like to see the foragers

send the people and the cattle fleeing before them

and it pleases me when I see many soldiers

come running after them;

and it warms my heart to see strong castles besieged,

the palisades smashed and broken down,

and to see the army on the river-bank

protected on all sides by ditches,

and strong, tight-made palisades.

And I am well pleased by a lord

when he is the first to attack,

on horseback, armored, fearless:

thus does he inspire his men

with boldness, and worthy courage.

And when the battle is joined

each man must be ready

to follow him with joy:

for no man is held to be worthy

until he has taken and given many blows.

Maces and swords, colorful helms,

shields riven and cast aside:

these shall we see at the start of the battle,

and also many vassals struck down,

the horses of the dead and wounded running wild.

And when he enters the combat,

let every man of good lineage

think of nothing but splitting heads and hacking arms;

for it is better to die than to live in defeat.

I tell you, I find no such savor

in eating or drinking or sleeping

as when I hear the cries of “attack!”

from both sides, and the noise

of riderless horses in the shadows;

and I hear screams of “Help! Help!”

and I see great and small alike

falling into the grassy ditches

and the dead

with splintered lances, bedecked with pennons

through their sides.

Love wants a chivalrous lover

skilled at arms and generous in serving

who speaks well and gives greatly,

who knows what he should do and say,

in or out of his hall,

as befits his power.

He should be full of hospitality, courtesy, and good cheer.

A lady who lies with such a lover as that

is clean of all her sins.

In the sweet white time

of early spring, I see the signs

of the fresh season, which delights the senses

the most gentle, most charming,

and best time of the year,

when a man should be at his happiest,

and I enjoy everything the most.

That’s why I’m depressed, for I am standing still…

A sty in his eye and a canker-sore

to the man who now counsels [King Philip of France].

Miserable mourning is never the equal

of noble action;

nor are rest and relaxation

as good as war, trouble and action.

Let [King Philip] know that!

Never have we seen him smash an arm or a side

nor inflict a severe wound on a leg or head!

Nor have we seen him at Rouen or Sées

at the head of his men, or a great army.

He should remember what men say of him:

that he has never broken a lance on a shield.

Without fire and without blood,

waged for a king of no great power

who is scorned and made a liar,

war is then no noble word;

yet he can just lie around and grow fat!

A youth who does not feed on war

soon becomes fat and detestable.

  PurpleFlower / 40d 8h 5m 47s
[H3 [#ffe375 Lilith]]
creative writing
Political studies, US government, and history
Basic Physical Education
[h3 [#eb75ff Liam]]
Technical writing
Algebra 2
AP Biology
World history, politics, and religions
Basic Physical Education
[H3 [#fe069d Trevor]]
Motion Picture
Digital Arts
Basic Physical Education
[h3 [#abed82 Amy]]
Basic Physical Education
Music Prep
World history, politics, and religions
AP Biology
Technical writing
Algebra 2
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[Amatic+SC [size20 [center Words
[#ffa07a Speech]]]]

[h3 [center [Dancing+Script Skellie]]]
[center [Dancing+Script [center [pic]
[#4B0082 Name: Blake
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
A creature who sleeps through the day: No
Are you a witch, fairy, goblin or other? No
Are you a shapeshifter: Yes. Buny Girl
Are you a staff member: No
Special text:#4B0082]
[b Name: Mercury
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
A creature who sleeps through the day: No
Are you a witch, fairy, goblin or other? No
Are you a shapeshifter: Yes. Ram/Human hybrid
Are you a staff member: No
Special Text: b]

[h3 [center [Dancing+Script Title]]]
[center [Dancing+Script [center [picture link][ text]]]]

[h3 [center [Dancing+Script Classes]]]

Period: Class
First: Art
Second: Math
Third: English
Fourth: Science
Fifth: Drama
Sixth: Training
Seventh: Transforming

[center [pic]
[#CC00FF Older]
[#CC00FF #CC00FF]
[#C20DFF #C20DFF]
[#B81AFF #B81AFF]
[#AD26FF #AD26FF]
[#A333FF #A333FF]
[#9940FF #9940FF]
[#8F4CFF #8F4CFF]
[#8559FF #8559FF]
[#7A66FF #7A66FF]
[#7073FF #7073FF]
[#6680FF #6680FF]
[#5C8CFF #5C8CFF]
[#5299FF #5299FF]
[#47A6FF #47A6FF]
[#3DB2FF #3DB2FF]
[#33BFFF #33BFFF]
[#29CCFF #29CCFF]
[#1FD9FF #1FD9FF]
[#14E6FF #14E6FF]
[#0AF2FF #0AF2FF]
[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
[#00FFFF Yonger]

[center [pic]
Made by Alex
Made by me
  Story / PurpleFlower / 42d 14h 12m 42s
[h3 Azami]
Fire- PandorasBox
Rider's Name: Azami
Rider's age: 18
Dragon type: Fire
Dragon's chosen name:
Rider's limits to magic: Her weak mental state causes her magic to become weaker.
Good or evil: Good
Short bio: As a girl Azami didn't spend much of her time with the other children. She was always busy reading books or training her body to withstand any pressure she put it through. To her toughness was her top priority.
[h3 Melanie Diamond]

[center [pic]
[h3 EDITH]
Rider name: Edith
Riders age: 19
Dragon type: Shadow
Dragons name: Arthur
Riders limits to magic: Her physical strength takes away from her mental capacity, which disables her magical strength.
Good or evil: Good
Short bio: She grew up as an only child to a single father. Her mother died in child birth and her father was always too busty trying to keep Edith strong to find new love. She was taught that the most important thing was a strong body. Her father was a knight for the royal family, head of his own command. He had died in a fight with a group of bandits while he gaurded a carriage escorting the king to a nearby kingdom. Because her father and her had a special bond she vowed to get revenge for her father, which led to many brash decisions.
Picture URL:
Theme Song:
Rider name: Izumi
Riders age: 18
Dragon type: Water
Dragons name: Oogami
Riders limits to magic: Due to the heavyness of her weapon when she summons it she runs out of mana relatively fast, leaving her a while to recover unless she uses short cooldown times.
Good or evil: Good
Short bio: She grew up in a loveing family
Picture URL:
Theme Song:
  Story / PurpleFlower / 42d 14h 15m 32s




Shч líttlє вєαn

[H3 Babe]


Adult єnσugh


Lσvєstruck вєαn

  Story / Sekushi / 55d 1h 35m 47s

  Story / Sekushi / 84d 11h 46m 41s

ᗪOᒪᒪY'ᔕ ᗪᗩᗪᗪY





  Story / Sekushi / 103d 10h 59m 58s

ᗪᗩᗪᗪY'ᔕ ᗪOᒪᒪY

ᗩGEᗪ ᒪIKE ᖴIᑎE ᗯIᑎE



ᔕᗰOᒪ ᒪITTᒪE ᗷEᗩᑎ

  Story / Sekushi / 94d 8h 33m 14s
[youtube ]
  Story / TimeBomb / 103d 10h 18m 8s
[h3 [center [Dancing+Script Tardy]]]
[center [Dancing+Script [center [pic]
A loud ringing sounded through the entire room as two bodies shifted in separate beds.
[#4B0082 Uhggggg. Turn it off Merc!]
A small girl said, pressing a pillow to her ears. The boy, Merc, just shrugged, smirking as he sat up.
[b Get the hell up you potato. We have a school to get to.]
[#4b0082 Awe schools not important.]
the girl mumbled while begrudgingly sitting up. She stroked stray strands of her white blonde hair out of her face and looked over at her brother who hit a button on the alarm clock to turn off the ringing.
[b It's a very important part of growing up and yada yada as mom used to say.]
the boy grinned. The girl only scoffed.
[#4b0082 You're such an idiot.]
The two siblings got out of their beds and picked up the clothing that the girl, Blake, had set out the night before. They each pulled on the standard button down shirt along with the blazer to go with it. Next came the bottoms, which, due to the girls refusal to wear something so absurdly short on her as the standard skirt, was a nice pair of pants. And as the pair got dressed they were ready for the day, as Mercury didn't brush his hair because there was no need, and Blake simply needed to remove the braids she had put in the night before to create a soft wave. The pair walked together to the kitchen and grabbed their lunch boxes from the fridge and hooked arms. The two siblings were twins and, as anyone could tell, were identical in almost every way but their appearance and gender. They didn't live to far from the school they would attend so they walked every morning. The walk took at most five minutes, meaning the two were there in no time.
As they walked up to the school and witnessed the people around Blakes ear flicked angrily. The two didn't socialize very well.
[b Calm down sis. I's just a few hours. and I got my schedule changed to be in your classes.]
the boy said, grinning down at his sister.
[b A big bros gotta look out for his little sis right?]
he mocked.
[#4b0082 I was born first stupid.]]
  Disney World / TimeBomb / 161d 11h 37m 1s
[h3 [center [Dancing+Script Lost?]]]
[center [Dancing+Script [center [pic]
[#4b0082 "So bro since you took the liberty of being transferred into all of my classes why don't you tell me what our first class is."]
Blake smirked, looking up at her older brother. He smirked back at her and laughed.
[b "Why my darling little sister of course I know which class is our first class. It's....Well, it's..."]
he scratched his cheek, the corners of his mouth tilting down.
[b"I suppose I don't know. Huh."]
The girl just rolled her eyes.
[#4b0082 "It's art idiot."]
she grumbled, flicking his forehead. Mercury chuckled and pushed her shoulder, causing a small yelp to escape the girl as she pushed him back and so came the push war, which was sure to attract some attention from passersby. After a few shoves the boy got the advantage and the girl fell to the ground. From there she proceeded to yank out the boys feet and pull him to the ground. They both stuck out their tongues at each other and laughed.
[b "Alrighty, lets hop to it then."]
the boy said, grinning ear to ear.
[#4b0082 "The rabbit jokes are a little old after 16 years."]
the girl said, walking toward the classes. The boy followed behind.
[b "Bet you don't know where the class is."]
he mocked, earning a scoff from the girl, who gave him the "lead the way" hand signal. He happily took her arm in his own again and led her around, but after a few minutes and passing the same painting in the hallway three times it became apparent the pair were lost.
[#4b0082 "Of freaking course you got us lost on the first day. This is what I get for letting you be in charge!"]
the girl growled as she glared at her brother.
[b "You try navigating a- oh wait there are some people! Lets see if they know where it is."]
The pair walked up to the students they saw and Mercury put on a smirk.
[b "At least they are cute, eh."]
he whispered as they approached. Blake stomped on his foot and gave the girls a soft smile.
[#4b0082 "Excuse me. We are so sorry to bother you, but do you know where the art room is? That is our class and we might be a teensy bit lost because someone-"]
she glared at Merc,
[#4b0082 "Didn't read the school map."]]
  Disney World / TimeBomb / 161d 11h 38m 51s
[h3 Me]

тεℓℓ мε ι'м α gσσ∂ gιяℓ




тнεη sραηк мε ℓιкε ι'м ησт

[h3 Chris]

∂ση'т sαss мε ℓιттℓε σηε




σя ιт's σvεя мү кηεε

  Disney World / TimeBomb / 165d 6h 31m 45s

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