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[center The world is infested with demons, however these demons devour the flesh of humans and anything they can get their hands on. Usually in all shapes and sizes the demons can however hide themselves among the humans. Each demon became more powerful the more humans it ate, and even more so when it ate what would hunt them.]

[center There was a group of humans that came forth and called themselves The Organization, however they were not normal human. They were half demon half human. Inside this Organization however was a group of warriors called Claymores. These warriors started out at first as male and females both, however the first warriors started changing into what the Organization called awakened beings. Warriors who cross the line of their demonic side.]

[center These Claymores were sworn to protect humans and hunt down those who are demons or awakened. However they have a special connection to their demonic side. Each claymore has a rank within the Orginization, and because of this they are ranked based off strength within a fight.]

[center [size20 [b Rules and Regulations]]]
[center 1. No God moding]
[center 2. All photos are to be of warriors ]
[center 3. Posts are to be at least 2 people between your own.]
[center 4. Fill out a skeleton and Send it to me with the title of the Rp]
[center 5. Any Rule breaking and your character will be killed and you dismissed]
[center I left the plot fairly open so we can build upon it together.]

[center [size20 [b Skeleton]]]
[center Photo: A link to your photo]
[center Puppetmaster: A link to you]
[center Name: last, first]
[center Nickname: What other claymores call you]
[center Gender: M or F]
[center rank:]
[center Weapon: Rapier, Claymore, etc]
[center Special skill: what sets you out from the other claymores?]

[center [size20 [b Accept characters]]]
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[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Colorful_insanity]]
[center [b Name:] Tori, Ash]
[center [b Nickname:] The silver eyed King]
[center [b Gender:] Male]
[center [b rank:] one]
[center [b Weapon:] Bow and Arrow]
[center [b Special Skill:] He can sense Demonic essence within anyone, no matter how little it is. He can also fight close hand combat even with his bow and arrows. He is also the only first generation claymore left.]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ MistakenIdentity]]
[center [b Name:] Atun, Beliel]
[center [b Nickname:] Soul of Cinder]
[center [b Gender:] Male]
[center [b Rank:] Two]
[center [b Weapon:] Burning, Coiled Greatsword]
[center [b Special skill:] He can generate and manipulate fire to his will, seen by the embers that trail up and down his armor, and the eternal flame that covers his greatsword.]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Kikido]]
[center [b Name:] Rhiannon, Agrona]
[center [b Nickname:] The Silent Girl]
[center [b Gender:] Female]
[center [b Rank:] Three]
[center [b Weapon:] Bastard sword and throwing knives]
[center [b Special Skill:] She's able to hide herself with shadows by pulling it over her like a blanket. She can pull the shadows to her to use in fighting, but it only lasts a few minutes and it exhausts her so it's a last ditch effort.]
[center [pic]]
[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ MistakenIdentity]]
[center [b Name:] Nui, Shira]
[center [b Nickname:] Those Who Don't Exist]
[center [b Gender:] Female]
[center [b Rank:] four]
[center [b Weapon:] Each HOST body has a different weapon;]
[center [b Fluted Knight:] Knight Sword]
[center [b Elite Knight:] Silver Knight Straight Sword]
[center [b Faraam Knight:] Fume Sword]
[center [b Lothric Knight:] Lothric Knight Straight Sword]
[center [b Hunter:] Moonlight GreatSword; A special sword that grows in the power of the moon. Was once Shira's personal sword before losing her body.]
[center [b Special skill:] Shira lost her body long ago, but her demonic ability allowed her to linger in the form of a soul that travels between mutliple HOSTS. She is a one-man army, as she can manipulate each of the 5 bodies to act differently while inhabiting only one, like a hivemind. 4 of the bodies are traditional knights, but the last is a hunter that wears seemingly normal clothing. Each of the 5 bodies are female, so Shira's companions don't become confused. When each body died, their existence was wiped from all records, meaning they do not exist, and since Shira lost her body, she technically does not exist either. The bodies will either all speak in unison, or one at a time.]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Puppetmaster:] [ Colorful_insanity]]
[center [b Name:] Silver, Ursa]
[center [b Nickname:] The Blood Warrior]
[center [b Gender:] Male]
[center [b rank:] One of Elrieth]
[center [b Weapon:] Fangs and claws]
[center [b Special skill:] Ursa is the only non human Claymore. Ursa was but a young polar bear when he had been turned into a claymore. During a fight in the northern lands between demons and claymores alike. Upon the demon's death Ursa had feasted upon the thing's body only to be tainted. His transformation had started. Agonizing pain had taken hold of the bear's body, however his deep sense of urgent sense of need Ursa was turned into a claymore as he wished to protect his family and home.]


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Ursa had seen much blood, but nothing like the smell that came off these claymores. It seemed they knew much pain, much battle, no they knew the ways of war with the demons like he did. He could smell it upon them Ash he could tell was much older then what he looked. A child, a male of what looked to be the young age of twenty or so was well over several centuries old, he was rumored to be the first of the claymores and the last of the first generation Ursa could smell the blood of many enemies upon him and it almost over powered the bear.
Hearing the words of Cinder the second rank claymore Ursa flashed a smile of teeth. [b “Blood and Honor mean nothing to the demons of the north Brother Claymore. They will fight us five on one if it means they win. We are fighting creatures far more powerful then the common vermin many humans come in contact with.”] The bear’s ears flickered back and forth as if on guard.

Hearing the words of the silent girl the great bear smiled. [b “Agrona, I have heard of the silent girl before. I had heard that you had been sent to the north once to help us claymores here. I do believe you helped the second rank claymore. We called her the sharp shooter, Annun Silvers. “] the bear’s smile faded as he stood in front of the silver eyed king. [b “If you do not mind Silver eyed Prince We must demonstrate what it means to be rank one of our organization, and what it requires to lead our ranks.”] The bear stepped backwards into the fighting area [b “Silver eyed king, I am Ursa The Bloody rank one of the Claymores of this realm. I hereby challenge you to a duel.”]

The prince looked on as the fighting between members of the claymores commenced, that was until his third in command stepped into the ring her partner was no one but herself, however she took on rank four and five. The male noticed her growing potential, however he also knew her wit was what kept her at rank three and to try and not go any higher, but it also kept her from going any lower as well. Seeing her fight end he smiled as the two seemed to once again be humbled into place within the ranks.

Watching and waiting the prince had seen the exchange between Cinder and Ursa. The two seemed men of little words, but they would get along well enough if the two of them made it past the fight with the demons. Seeing the third in command however step up to his side after making acquaintance with the brother claymore he had smiled under his armored helmet.

Hearing the call out from Ursa himself the prince’s smile faded. Perhaps it was time to show them what power their rank one had so they all knew exactly what it meant to have a chance against him. Removing his helmet and placing it on the ground, along with his armor the prince smiled. [b “As you have no armor, I shall not either.”] The prince this meant he would be more vulnerable however it made him more agile which also meant he had more speed. Removing a single set of Knives from his armor as he placed it with his helmet. Ash stood six foot two with pale skin and short hair which was dark chocolate brown. His eyes burned the bright silver that gave him his name, which match the intensity of Ursa’s red ones.

Stepping into the ring the male drew up his defense and watched the bear with intent. Of course the bear charged it was the way of any berserker like claymore the prince moved out of the way, however he was side swiped by the bear’s giant paw and knocked to the ground. Taking a deep breath Ash stood back up and went back into his position. He understood now he would have to be faster than that if he was going to defeat this enemy.

Ursa had taken the first blow, and even drew blood it was a small amount, but a scratch was still a small victory for anyone against a top five claymore including their own. The great bear turned around to face his advisory again only to see the silver eyed king disappear from view. He would guess he had jumped, however when the bear looked up he didn’t see the boy. No instead hearing a rustle of movement from behind him the bear felt an pain coming from his arm.

Ash had ran behind the bear to draw his blade across the animal’s left arm his intent was to cut it off, however seeing that his blade only drew half way through the limb the bear would reattach it soon however he would have to focus on it instead of fighting. Seeing the bear look at its arm in surprise a howl of rage came from the thing. It tore off the rest of its arm only to have a new one appear in its place.

Ash now understood why he was called Ursa the Blood. His limb grew from nothing but the blood that flowed out of the freshly opened wound on the bears arm. Thinking how he would be able to do this with anything but removing his head from his body it presented an even bigger challenge to the prince. The bear charged once again, only as the prince went to move out of the way the bear changed to still have a direct impact against Ash. Quickly dropping to his knees the prince cut the bear’s legs half way through as well and lost his blades in the process to have them stay in the bear’s legs.

Another charge from the bear as a sharp pain came from his legs this time the bear ripped off both his legs as he dropped to the ground. His limbs grew back, but the more limbs he had to grow back the longer they would take, which meant he had to be more careful and play more defensively. This was the Silver eyed king he was facing, This boy was the oldest of them all and knew the fighting styles of most of the claymores and he could pick them out based off a single move. Ursa could tell Ash was wounded he had several cuts on him from the bear however Ursa was losing the fight.

Seeing the blades underneath him however Ursa now had the advantage as he had his claws and his thicker hide where the prince now only had his powers to rely upon which required time to build up for anything powerful. The bear felt his feet back underneath him and so he charged again this time making sure he would hit the prince. Upon Impact the bear started striking out in a beserker’s rage only to hear clang clang of claws hitting what sounded like armor. The bear rolled away from the boy to a safe distance to stand up and see his armor yet sat outside of the battle circle. His weapons back in hand.
How could he have defended himself from blows as such? Could this boy be even stronger then Ursa? No that wasn’t possible it had to be a trick he was playing. The bear charged again only to feel his feet once again cut out from under him, only this time he was not facing forward, instead he was lying on his back. His face could see the daylight sky with ash’s intense silver eyes right in the middle of his face

The prince had jumped on the opportunity to turn the battle. Using his wits and the bear’s charge against him he had tipped the bear by cutting the legs from under him again and knocking him off by forcing himself up. The bear landed on his back, and before he could grow back his legs or even move the prince was on top of the bear both blades at Ursa’s Throat. Seeing the bear raise his paw [b “I admit defeat to the Silver eyed King.”] called out the bear’s voice in a shaking yell. The prince withdrew his blades and let the bear up.
Though she preferred not to, Agrona wasn't going to argue with Ash about batting each other. Sure it tested their limits and to see who would work with who, but to her it was wasting energy. Energy they could be using for the battle ahead. But she would participate like any other. She would just easily prove why she was rank three out of all of them.

Stepping into the ring, she drew her sword and held it to her side. Her opponent was a kid who was cocky. The smirk on his lips said it all. He knew he was fighting against rank three and thought this would be a perfect time to overthrow her. She wasn't going to let that happen though, not in a long shot. She had come across many who thought they could win against her, and again and again she proved them wrong within seconds. She would humor this kid though, but not for long.

Metal connected with metal, Agrona watching him closely as he took a step back and jumped towards her to attack again. She jumped to the side, dodging, before lifting her free hand. The boy's shadows rippled and started to rise, clinging to his legs. The kid was shocked, looking down and trying to get out of the trap. He made his mistake. He looked away from his opponent. Agrona's sword stopped inches from his chest, the tip poking the kid as he breathed. The battle was won, Agrona would go no farther, knowing that killing the kid would do nothing for him. Hopefully he had learned his lesson and would train more. Or at least learn not to tempt with something too big for him.

Agrona watched another round take place, her arms crossed as her hood was over her head again. Her head ached a bit after using her ability. It was normal for a few minutes afterwards to have a headache, but she never knew why. At least it never lasted long, so she didn't worry too much about it.

Everything stopped as a massive bear walked in. Agrona stood ready, her hand on the hilt of her sword. She never thought bears just walked into towns like this. However, when the bear spoke, she quickly realized he wasn't an ordinary bear.

[#00BABA "So this is the legendary Claymore Ursa."] She spoke half to herself before walking up to him as he sat by Ash's side. [#00BABA "Welcome, I am rank three Agrona Rhiannon, The Silent Girl. Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about our enemy that we will be facing. Knowing all we can will better prepare us for what we are to fight against."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 10d 8h 17m 7s
Beliel watched the claymores fight in the arena. His eyes wandered among all the warriors there, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, fighting stances. If in the even he were to be forced to fight any of them, he needed to know how they fought, how they acted.

One caught him off guard. A group of five permitted to fight together against one. Had Ash lost his mind? Had this group forgotten the rules of the arena? He was about to step in when he noticed something faint for a brief moment. A chain attached from one of them to the other four. It was ethereal, a cold blue, and was only visible for but a few seconds.

[#b30000 "One that has become many. An odd ability,"]

It was then that the bear had approached them. One of the Claymore from here, the top Claymore here.

[#b30000 "Our forces, though relatively inexperienced, will be ready when the time comes. We will be sure of that,"]
  Soul of Cinder / MistakenIdentity / 61d 23h 32m 56s
The Prince had stepped out into the cold wind of the north, stepping around the court yard and with him an arrow on the ground drawing on it a line that seemed to be big enough to hold a group of claymores within. Upon the design being finished the entire area seemed to have the snow falling all at once. It had cleared up completely so the green grass underneath could be seen. The Silver eyed King look around to see the groups made of people who knew each other well. Ash and Cinder, Agrora and Shira, so on and so forth.

Ash had pointed two groups letting them come into the arena. [b “The judges of your powers shall be Cinder and Myself. We will be watching your every move, We will be watching for your every mistake, We will also be watching your powers, and making sure you don’t go near your limit. For if you do Cinder or myself will end you and we will not be kind.”] Ash had a very serious look upon his face as he looked across the entire group. The prince knew he could take every single person if he truly wished, one on one, or one on several. With cinder on his side, the two of them could not loose.

Courting Danger and Death Ash watched as each pair went at each other powers. Drawing Limits, Defeats, Draws, and battle cries of victory. Ash had decided upon the groups, but no one would like his decision after watching the battles that had progressed. He did not like the outcome, but it was necessary and would be forever endearing upon his fellow claymores and human kind alike.


In the Far northern lands A single figure stood upon a field of battle. Laying across the field was corpses of Claymores, demons, and humans alike. The figure seemed to stand well over normal human size, larger then a berserk. It also was not human, no instead it was a bear. This bear stood over eight feet tall, and had fur gray like that of a deep fog and snow. His fangs dripped in purple blood as it seemed to seep down into his Esophagus and into his gray fur. The male had stepped into a town close by only to have himself interrupted on his journey. Its breather had fallen, It could smell it in the air the scent of awakened beings and bloods. The Bear stood its full height which would summon fear in the humans.

The bear was the lone Survivor of the raids of the north, Out of more than one hundred claymores he was the lone survivor. The lone Claymore had headed towards a meeting he had heard upon the claymores gathering in the north. Animals had been running away from the claymores for ages, simply because of the demonic blood that is within their bodies, however it seemed the bear drew the demons and animals to him. They had it seemed been draw to the bear. Following the trail the birds told him to take for the claymores.

Stepping into the City of Pernith the bear drew attention of all the guards within the town. The bear looked across the group only to snicker at them all. [b “Down all of you.”] The Giant bear walked into the Court yard to see a gathering of Claymores. [b “Hail Claymores of Kalino.”] The bear hail everyone only to see eyes were on him as he was standing on two feet instead of all four. [b “I am Ursa the Blood Warrior.”]

Who was this human in front of him, no this beast that spoke like a human in front of him Ash was a curious one, however hearing the name the beast spoke Ash raised his hand to halt any who would attack him. [b “Welcome Ursa, Brother claymore.”] The Silver eyed king turned to his company that was in the city with him. [b “Brothers and sisters in arms, This is the Blood Warrior. This is Ursa Rank one Claymore here in Elrieth.”] Ash had only heard rumors of the claymore.
[b “Brothers and Sisters, This shows that our kind can survive Demons and awakened beings.”] Ursa stood up to his full height, standing almost as high as Cinder himself. [b “Greetings from the land of Elreith.”] Ursa The warrior looked over the group of claymores, He could see they would not be of any match for the claymores he claimed as fellow claymores. Looking over the child who spoke to the group Ursa noticed a single defining trait about the boy. His silver eyes, that and several of the group called im the Silver eyed king.

There was no way this child, This boy, was the silver eyed king of old. He had to be more then several Centuries old, but he looked no older then possible a young adult twenty-two at best, Yet this child was rank one in the claymores from Kalino. The second was Cinder, He stood just as tall as the bear himself. It reminded him of his own rank two and second in command. Annun, The Sharp Shooter. The giant bear looked deeper into the group. Seeing the training arena Ursa stood next to Ash on the other side of his second in command. [b “Claymores of Kalino, Know that This is but a small test compared to the next phase that you will face.”]
  Ash Tori / Colorful_insanity / 80d 12h 39m 13s
He was calm, which wasn't surprising. Seemed nothing really took him off guard, which was a good thing. There was a reason he was rank one, and she knew very well of why. And while she was powerful herself, even she knew she could never beat him. She would never beat Soul of Cinder either, nor did she want to. She was perfectly fine at rank three and saw no reason to go after rank one when the two of them were obviously doing there job. Sure she had been challenged a handful of times, but only a few were actually accepted, and they were to teach a lesson of over estimating themselves, so she wouldn't kill them. Just wound them to where they would remember her by.

He had a few papers scattered about the table, all about the mission they would be sent on. Agrona was very curious as to what the papers said, but she wouldn't have a chance to read them, Ash throwing them into the fire once he was done. A smart move, and something they were all told to do when looking over missions. They didn't want any eyes that shouldn't be looking to find them. Even if they were coded, they were never to take the chance.

Agrona ordered herself some food and waited for the other Claymores to arrive. She watched as Ash looked over the map he had pinned to the wall. He seemed to have become lost in thought about the plans so she didn't bother to disturb him. She did wonder, however, just how they were going to cover this much land with so few Claymores. Especially when they didn't know how powerful each one was. Sure you could guess by their rank, but that would just be a quick guess. That wouldn't tell you where their power lied and what little tricks they had up their sleeves. Because of that, there would be a lot to think about of how they would go about this mission. First though, was finding out what the mission was exactly. Only Ash knew, all the other Claymores were just told to come here to gather. Agronoa could only guess what it could be that they were being sent into.

As the others arrived, Agrona watched quietly, trying to figure them out. If she was going to be fighting along side them, she needed to know who she could trust more than others, and which she should keep an eye on. Agrona stood as Cinder was the last one to enter, signaling that they could start the meeting. She watched as the group didn't seem to pay much mind to Ash, feeling a bit annoyed. Surely they knew who rank one was, and knew that he would be in charge. But it seemed most of them were a bit too ignorant. Wonderful.

The wings surprised Agrona, suddenly seeing a feather at each table, stabbed into the wood. It seemed to have gotten every one's attention though, so she could say it was a good idea. Whatever worked to get them to be quite seemed to be a good one anyways. Still, hearing a kid try to challenge Ash was a little irksome.

[#00BABA "Just who are they letting become Claymores now?"] She muttered half to herself, crossing her arms as she leaned against the wall a bit. [#00BABA "I'll gladly give them a lesson on how to show respect."]

Once the Claymore was given an answer as to who this "kid" was, he was silent. Seemed he quickly saw his error and didn't wish to address it anymore. Smart. With that over with, they were back at discussing the mission. Which was an odd one. There were already Claymores here to take care of the Awakened ones, so why were they called? Did something happen to them? Seemed so. Awakened were Claymores, after all. Had all of them become Awakened, or only a handful? And if so, who caused it? It wasn't so rare that a Claymore became Awakened, but she had never heard of it happening to multiple Claymores in one area. So what was going on?

[#00BABA "Atael? He has to be behind this then if we're being sent to finally take care of him."]

Hearing how Ash would figure out groups, Agrona suddenly had interest. So, the list of names he had been scribbling at was practically useless. She wondered just who would end up in what group. She imagined Ash and Cinder would lead two of the three, so perhaps she would lead the third. She wasn't the greatest at being a leader of a team, but she would put that aside and do her job. It was what a Claymore was to do anyways. With everyone splitting off, she eyed the group of armored knights with a hunter sitting with them. That had to be Shira. Agrona over heard the conversation they were having about how tall Cinder was. Hearing the comment she made about arguing with herself, Agrona let out a slight chuckle and piped in.

[#00BABA "It's not as weird as you think it would be, just as long as you keep the arguments inside your head and only talk out loud when you're completely alone."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 81d 7h 28m 2s
A large hand grabbed onto the top of the gates to the south of Pernith. Smoke seemed to emanate off of it. Some of the lower ranking Claymore turned in fright and began drawing their weapons. Soon, a massive knight pulled himself over the gates. Smoke lifted off of his body, more so the armor that covered him, and embers trailed up and down his body. The Claymores before him began running towards the giant, only to slow down once too close. He began to emit an intense heat, slowing all who came too close. After stepping over the gates, which were not built for a man his size, the intense heat seemed to cease immediately.

The other claymores noticed his sword on his back, and deduced that he was of no threat.

To the east, the gates opened to five, four knights and a hunter. Nothing odd or strange happened to them once they entered, considering they were of a normal human size.

Once the discussion of why they were there had started, the Soul of Cinder enveloped the inn in a calming, soothing warmth. He listened intently until The Silver Eyed King approached him.

[#b30000 "Tis an odd day when the three of us are in the same town at the same time,"]

The hunter watched the giant and the Silver Eyed King step outside. The knights that traveled with her were busy drinking and eating.

"That's the Soul of Cinder. I knew he was big but I didn't know he was a giant!"

[#006600 "He's only nine feet tall. He's not THAT huge,"]

[#333399 "He's bigger than anticipated,"]

[#0099cc "You're not even looking at him,"]

[#808080 "We're all looking at him you dimwits,"]

"Talking with yourself would be a lot weirder if it was just one of me,"
  Shira Nui / MistakenIdentity / 96d 23h 14m 56s
The male looked up to see the group had started to form within the in. Counting heads as he went the male counted a total of twenty-four members. It was strange, why would they sent the top ten to face this? perhaps it was within the stack of papers he had been handed before leaving for this place. He would have to catch up on them later if he could, or well preferable before the others had gotten here. He skimmed over them, There had been reports of claymores daying in groups of five or fewer, so the claymores in the north were being sent in groups of ten out on missions and such, but even with higher ranking claymores they were still losing members quicker then they were gaining them up here. They had what fifty up here when the last report went in. That is what enough for five missions at a time?
The silver eyed king looked up to see a women standing in front of him. She knew of his alias, the Silver eyed king, a name he had been given sense he took up the mantel of first claymore. It was given to him by the fourth generation of claymores, as it seemed he would never be removed from rank one, no matter what the new claymores had in power or talents in battle. They could never win in a fight against him, even in groups it seemed. There were few who could match him, Soul of Cinder, Rank two within the orginization, even the women who stood in front of him now Agrona, The silent girl rank three within the orginization while not stupid could also match him for the most part in wit and speed, perhaps even vurosity, but by sher power ash would win. Rank four Shira, while in reality she had not one, but several bodies she would come close as well the the king.
The male just nodded and waved his hand to the chair across from him. Papers all spreed out across the table. Maps, letters in languages so no one could decipher them unless intended to have them. [b "Yes Silent girl, I am busy learning about what it is we are doing up here while we wait for the others to arrive."] Grabbing several papers up from the table the male looked back and forth between them. Perhaps by the time they all arive he'll have learned what in the hell the group was thinking sending them up here. Picking up several more of the papers as he was finishing with them ash threw them into the fire behind them to make sure no one else would know what they said.
Eventually the male noticed he had no more papers in front of him other then the list he had made and the map of the northern lands. Picking up both he threw the one with the names on it away. Pinning the map on the wall the male eyed it over. There was no one they would be able to cover all of the northern lands with only thirty members from their area. Even more so without an assesment of their powers or even without full knoweldge of who they'd be fighting against.

Eventually everyone had arrived. Slowly flowing in all the claymores had taken a seat within the inn. standing up and pushing his seat out Ash stepped up onto the now cleared table and spoke up. [b "Ok, now that everyone is here we can begin."] he said as the very last member stepped into the door. Seeing it was Cinder that had come in last it gave Ash a relief. at the least one person he had fought with before would be here. Ash cleared his throat as it seemed the claymores weren't listening, even with that however it didn't seem to work.

Ash had tried a second time, but seeing it didn't work He let out a small bit of his power. Letting his wings cut across the air every table had a solid metal feather in it. [b "Now if you don't shut your traps I'll shut them for you."] putting the wings back into his armor set it seemed everyone but those who already knew who ash was had their weapons drawn. [b "I am Ash blind. The leader of this expidition."] some whispers went up within the tables about who this guy standing above them all and talking to them was. One claymore was even brave enough to pipe it with words. {b "Who put you in charge kid? We don't even know who you are."]
The silver eyed prince just smirked. Removing his helmet the silver eyed prince opened his eyes to show his bright silver eyes to the entire group. [b "It matters, because I am Ash Blind, Rank one within the Organization. I am also known to many as the Silver eyed King."] the sounds died down as it seemed the group was more intent to listen to this kid. The male pointed to the map. [b "We have been sent to the northern lands, that is obvious, but why we are here in unclear to I'm sure most if not all of you."] Looking across the group he could sense some had fear in them, others had High hopes, and some just seemed to not give off anything by cockyness with the way they held themselves. [b "We are here to hunt down and kill every awakened being within the northern lands. This includes to find Atael the Lord of the north."]
Ash could easily point out the top ten within the group that was here. Himself at the very end. Cinder near the fire at the other end. Agrona next to him. Shira seemed to take a table all to herself in the middle. Rank five was closer to Cinder. and from there on it really didn't matter for the most part. [b "Before we set out however I am going to put us all in groups. I had a list of who would be grouped with whomever, however instead of just reading off a random list of names I'm going to watch as everyone pairs off and fights another group. This will allow me to compare your powers to that of others, and decide who will be grouped."]
Everyone's voices again started to go up, however Ash held out his hand. [b "There will be three groups of ten. We will stay close to each other, that way if one group gets attacked and needs assistance they can send someone quickly to the other two and get it."] the male let his hand drop to his side. [b "We will meet in a few minutes outside in the court yard, so pick your partners and step outside."] With those final words Ash jumped down from his perch on top of the table and walked over to his second ranked. [b "Cinder, You and me lets do this right."]
  Ash Tori / Colorful_insanity / 119d 18h 15m 49s
Slash down right. Swing up and slash down left. Keep both feet balanced. Spin around to dodge. Stab forward, taking a step as well to show force, but quickly step back once hit is made. They're off guard. Make the kill now. Jump and slash the head off.

The dummy's head rolled on the ground, straw falling out of it. She stood there, looking at her kill, assessing what she could improve on. It had a few knives sticking out from its chest, and a stab near the heart. All in all, not a bad kill. If the enemy would be standing still and not move.

[#00BABA "It's the best I got while I'm here..."] She muttered, reminding herself why she didn't have a sparing partner.

The Claymore had been sent to this small town to weed out the demons hiding within it. While she thought it would be an easy job, it turned out that some of the humans wanted to protect them. Why they did that, she would never know, but she had a job to do. Once she gained their trust, she was led right to the demons, taking care of them quickly. However, there seemed to be a few that had gotten away, and she was still searching. At the moment, though, she had taken some down time to rest. That being said, it wasn't a surprise that she wasn't actually resting. She seemed to always be busy with something, be it a job or just training. The only time she took it easy was when she ate and slept, and she didn't spend much time doing either.

She walked over and pulled the knives out of the dummy, placing them back on the strap around her leg. Suddenly, she spun around and held her sword out in front of her. The tip of the blade was just inches away from the man's face, who didn't even seem surprised. Instead, he had a sort of smile on his face as he looked at her. He was dressed in a full black robe, the hood down to show his chestnut hair that was tied back tightly. The start of a beard showed on his chin, almost hiding his lips.

[b "Agrona Rhiannon, do you really wish to kill me that badly?"]

She narrowed her eyes a bit before relaxing and putting her sword back into its sheath. [#00BABA "As much as I would wish it, you're much harder to kill than you seem."] Crossing her arms, she leaned onto one side, her hip poking out a bit. [#00BABA "So, what do they want of me now? I haven't finished my job yet, but I expect it to be done in the next day or so."]

[b "You're being reassigned. Don't worry, another Claymore is coming to finish the job and I'll relay any information you wish to give them."]

[#00BABA "Rare for any Claymore to be reassigned. Especially when they're doing their job correctly."] She replied, raising an eyebrow.

[b "They need their top ranks for this job it seems. Rank one and two will be there as well."]

[#00BABA "Really? Now I'm curious. Do you have the information with you?"]

The male pulled out a letter and handed it to her. Agrona opened it and looked it over, becoming a bit confused, but understanding it. [#00BABA "Strange that we would be sent to the North though. But, as usual, I'll take the job."]

[b "Good to know I won't have to persuade you."]

[#00BABA "When have you ever won at that?"] Agrona rolled her eyes and walked past him to go gather her things for the trip ahead.

She wasn't too far from the meeting place, a day's trip if she took a horse with her. Perhaps two and a half if she walked. Thankfully, she had already worked it out with a stable owner when she was thinking of how to get back home. Her room hadn't had much use while she was here, but she figured the person cleaning the rooms wouldn't mind having an easy job. It also meant a quick leave, since all her things were still in her traveling pack.

Everything was set and she had it figured out where to go to get to Pernith. She explained all that was needed to the man dressed in black for the next Claymore to finish the job. Soon, she was off to her next job, the sun starting to rise a bit now. With the pace the horse was going, it would probably take her less than a whole day. While not half a day, still a lot better than arriving late at night again. And it gave her time to think.

[#00BABA "Now, why would they call sixteen Claymores to the northern side when they have, at least, a hundred Claymores there already? Some might have become awakened, but surly not all of them. And why at least the top three or five of our ranks? Something big is happening and we're not being told what. Hopefully Ash knows more than we do. At least enough to have this all make sense."] Rubbing her head, she could feel a headache coming on. Agrona had to fight it off as she kept going. She didn't need something this small to make her fall behind on getting there. She wasn't sure how far away each of the Claymores were, but she wasn't going to be the last one to arrive.

Thankfully, she wasn't. In fact, she wondered if any of them had made it here at all. She didn't see anyone she recognized, but it was a rather good sized town to begin with, so she wasn't surprised she didn't see a Claymore right away. Her hood was over her head as she left the horse at a stable and headed for the nearest inn. She figured she would start looking to see where they would be boarded up while they were here for the mission.

It didn't take long to find the inn, the town only having a few. Stepping into the right one, she noticed someone sitting in the common room that wasn't like most people. He had a different feel about him, something that actually felt very familiar to her. But there was also something else in that feeling. Something she had never sensed before and wasn't sure how to react to it. Still, she knew who he was.

[#00BABA "Silver Eyed King, I presume."] She said, standing a few feet in front of him as she placed a hand on her hip. [#00BABA "Agrona Rhiannon."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 136d 21h 59m 39s
Far to the south, where ice takes hold of everything, a single flame is lit. The massive ember could be seen for miles. Its source was a man who sat alone in the frigid waste. The man was huge, towering above the small creatures that gathered around him for warmth. The real source of heat was from the sword he sat before. A large greatsword that seemed to surge with fiery energy was lodged into the ground. The sword also appeared coiled from guard to tip.

The man was covered in armor and cloth. None of his skin was showing whatsoever. He appeared to be asleep as his head was hanging down. His breathing was calming, almost hypnotic. However, soon, his head perked up, as if he had heard something. He stood slowly, and pulled the sword from the ground. He swung it over his shoulder, and began to head north.

Meanwhile, far to the east, a cloaked hunter ran through a forest. Behind her, a feral beast followed on all fours. A trail of purple blood was left behind it as it ran. When the hunter ran past a small clearing, she looked to her left and right, nodding. Something in the trees began to move, and when the beast came into the center of the clearing, they jumped out. Four Knights, all clad in different armor, flew to the center of the clearing. As they fell, their swords were pointed downward toward the beast. All four landed on the beast at once, piercing its hide. The beast screeched before dying.

The Hunter returned to the clearly and took the head off the beast with her own blade. The group then turned to where they had come from and began walking, making it to a small town shortly after. The Hunter threw the head of the beast into the small crowd of villagers who gasped at the groups work.

"No need to thank us. We do what we can,"

Just then, before they were to leave, a man in black approached the Hunter and handed her a piece of paper.

"A summons? To Pernith? We've no choice then. We'll head out immediately,"

And so, the group began their journey north, while the man in the south did as well.
  Soul of Cinder / MistakenIdentity / 143d 19h 15m 50s
A current of wind blew in through a window to blow on a light flickering candle that had long been burning, from its short little stub that was left came out an aroma like Lilacs and Salt water, however next to it was a seventeen year old in looks male. His nose pressed into a book the male only had a cloth wrapped around his waist exposing his chest to the late night December air. Hearing a silent tap tap tap coming down the hall the male looked up to the door, but put his noise back into the book. A man in black stepped into the room and only smiled at the boy. [b "Ash I have a new assignment for you. Up in the north is a wide spread rumor of demons gathering up. You and a selected group of warriors shall be going and dealing with them."] This seemed to peak the boy's so he looked up and placed a marker in the book.

[b "Ah I see that caught your attention. You have to play nice with everyone now."] a smile appeared on the male in black's face. [b "We expect a low amount of death from our side, but we don't need people being heroes over something stupid."] the male pulled form his sleeve a white letter and placed it upon the table. [b "This is a list of everyone who shall be there with you. As you will be leading the expedition. There is a total of sixteen warriors with you, so choose careful how you proceed."] The boy watched as the man in black left, Perhaps the organization was getting worried about activity in the north from the demons, but why were they sending Claymores from Erne to face them? Was there not one hundred claymores in the northern lands as well? Ash's eyes narrows as the door closed with only a single question in his head. How many of these demons were actually awakened beings that were the claymores from before. And if they turned were any of them within the top ten?

Ash picked up the piece of paper and looked through the list of names. It was himself, Beliel, Agrona, Allister, Maro, Shira, Aris, Isavella, Serenity, The Torini twins, and fourteen other people that Ash didn't seem to recognize with names. Perhaps the other six were all new recruits sense his last mission with someone else. The male recognized everyone's rank and their names, but working with them before is a no go all accept two. Ash had worked previously with the Torini twins when they were but fresh recruits to rid what the organization calls a nest. It was a town of demons that look like normal humans and go around and feast upon any travelers. The three of them worked well as a team, the only down fall was that the Torini twins would more watch each other's back rather then someone else's if they could.

Pulling a separate piece of paper ash started writing down the names in a list leaving a few lines between some of the names. The male collected his armor and weapons and left the inn he had just occupied. As he left the inn he waved to the keeper. [b "Fairwell stranger."] Ash only nodded. and shot the keeper in the head. The male's eye's went from the normal brown of humans to a dark gold of a demons. Its purple blood dripped from the tip of the arrow that stuck the male to the wall. As Ash left the building he shot two more people as well with his arrows, each one falling to the ground dead their bodies showing the demon form and their blood oozing out of their bodies. The male only called out [#0b75b1 "Your town is now safe. All the Demons have been removed."] the group of people that gathered around just seemed surprised and stunned that a person could kill them so quickly.

Ash turned around and walked down the street to leave. [b "A man in black will pass by shorty after I leave to collect the price. Consider the demon in the inn as a parting gift, as I was only sent to kill two."] Ashen left the village and started headed to the northern city of Pernith. The village where all the Claymores would meet up and set up as their base of operations.

Upon getting to Pernith Ash noticed he was the first claymore within the city. He had stepped into an inn and claimed the entire in as a claymore resting place. Getting the rooms The male went to the very top and claimed the only room on the top floor as his own. Placing his armor and weapon down in the corner the male washed himself from the long journey to the city. Washing away the dirt and grim. [b "The others will arrive soon. I can tell."] The male could sense several other claymores close to the city, a few others a days march away. The last group would arrive a day and a half later if they kept the pace they were going. Stepping into the common room of the in Ash now would wait.
  Ash Tori / Colorful_insanity / 144d 23h 42m 6s

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