Under the Red Hood

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Basically I'm a Jason Todd fan and I have been toying around with the idea of him having a daughter and Bruce paying off the mother to keep the daughter far away from Gotham and the Bat family in general. Which is all fine and dandy until the mother dies in a hospital and they daughter is forced to move back to Gotham. Her mother's family is tight lip about who her father is and with the famous Todd temper the daughter lashes out and starts to dig around to find out who he is. When she gets too close the Red Hood pays her a visit and tells her to back off but she doesn't saying that only idiots let themselves be blind themselves into thinking the world is prefect.

She attends Gotham Academy and meets loud mouth Damian and Teacher Assistant Tim Drake fighting in the hall about The Red Hood causing trouble for the family again. Damian doesn't care what Todd does but doesn't think Bruce should be giving money away when the family can't listen to one simple rule. A few months later Robin finds himself in a bind and she helps patch a wound up and keeps Robin company till Batman can arrive. Robin begins to ask where she learned to fight and she tells him she use to compete. Until a shoulder injury forced her out and then she began to learn how to shoot. Her mother said that she was just like her father but she never knew the man.

This all I have so Far I really just need someone to play Jason Todd and whatever other people are need for background. Any questions ask away.

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