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Taryn has been transfered to a new school in Hilland, Ohio. His first day, and he already met _______. Taryn and ______ had kicked it off from the start.. and they knew from there on out, they were going to be bestfriends. Taryn roamed the halls of HHS, and ran into _______. Taryn and ______ (Girl) had an instant connection. Taryn was stopped with ________ (girl)'s boyfriend ________ (guy)interrupted. He knew from there on out, they'd have to fight for her heart.


There really isn't any rules,
just no god-moding,
or TOO much cursing.
it's fine, just keep
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Student'S SKELLY;




Name: Alison Smithley
Age: 17
Orientation: Straight
Crush/Love: Um.. idk?
Group: Scene

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Its ok
i had to get off anyways
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 117d 9h 5m 52s
I have to run, i'll bb shortly.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 5h 27m 24s
Ali smiled and took the cigarette and said, ''Thanks...''

She then walked outside and lit it up and took a deep drag off of it and looked up at the sky blowing out smoke rings then let the cigarette rest between her lips and looked over at Taryn.
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 5h 40m 41s
As if Taryn had read her mind, he took out a pack of his cigarettes. He offered her one, with a smile, taking one and lighting it up before they got outside, really not caring. "Mysterious." He said with a chuckle.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 6h 24m 21s
Ali winked at him and said while walking out the door, ''You'll see...'' then she laughed.

She really was gonna go outside and maybe smoke but she was thinking maybe she should change her plans. She didn't want to make him dislike her if he didn't smoke. She shook her head Why should I care...? Its just one guy...
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 6h 28m 42s
Taryn stood up with her, a curious look on his face. "What are you up to?" He said with a mischevious smirk. Whatever it was, seemed fun, and he wasn't missing out on this.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 6h 44m 53s
Ali blushed again and said softly, ''Thanks..''

She then shut her notebook and saw the teacher was asleep then a grin appeared on her face. She stood up and said to him, ''This is my cue to leave... You can come too if you like.'' She smiled at him and picked up her stuff.
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 6h 47m 27s
"I think it's very good." He said with a smile, then looking back infront of him, he really didn't know what to say. "Uh, so, how long have you been here?" He asked curiously, looking up front to see the math teacher, almost sleep.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 6h 53m 10s
Ali blushed when she saw he was looking at her drawing. It was a blue bird in a cage looking out a window. Sure the drawing was kind of sad but she liked it

Ali looked at him then back at her notebook and said, ''Hi.. My name is Alison but I go by Ali... I find Ali to be a more interesting name than Alison.. And yes I drew this by myself... Its a rough draft so its not very good..'' She frowned a little He seems nice... Unlike most people here...
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 7h 42s
Taryn looked over at her and finally said, "Hi.. I'm Taryn." He said looking down a brief second to see what she was drawing. "That looks pretty good, did you draw all of that?" He asked, with a friendly smile, looking from the book to her.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 7h 12m 21s
Ali looked up when she heard the teacher speak and saw the new kid stand up. The teacher then announced his name and carried on with role call. I don't see why he has to do role call when its in the middle of the year... So... the new kid's name is Tayrn... Well thats a different name...

Ali shrugged and sighed when the teacher said, Alison Smithley...''

She groaned and raised her hand. Why does he call me that boring name... I told him at the begining of the year I go by Ali... She frowned then looked down again at her note book continueing with her drawing.
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 7h 15m 51s
Taryn looked over at her, and his eyes met hers for a second, and he nodded, a hello nod. Then turned back to the teacher. "Hello Students, We have a new student." He heard the teacher say, and he sighed softly. The teacher motioned him to stand up and he did as he was told. "Students this is Taryn Hazard." The math teacher said as Taryn sat back down.
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 7h 28m 48s
Yea thats fine ^-^

Ali was sitting in her first class when a new kid walked in the door.


It was probably one of the easiest subjects or her. Well besides English. Or Science. Truth be told Ali was just a good student even though she got lazy some times and didn't turn in her work.

She got out her drawing notebook for she knew she wouldn't pay attention. They were going over the same thing they had been going over for the past three days. She looked over and noticed the new kid was sitting next to her. Should I say hello?... Or just keep to myself... Ali bit her lip and decided not to say anything and opened her notebook and started drawing.
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 7h 34m 42s
Alright. I'll start.

Taryn was walking through the halls of the school, his books in his hand, as he made his way to his next class- math. His worst subject. He walked through the door, and sat in the front of the class, a girl sitting next to him.

That okay?
  Taryn Hazard. / DarkEmber / 10y 118d 7h 40m 59s
That works
i suck at inros just saying
i get better later on =P
  Alison (Ali) Smithley / yume93 / 10y 118d 7h 43m 32s

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