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She helped him happily and peeked up at him slightly.
He smiled and went to work on the bed room finished up all the dressers and stuff.
  Loki / ganondorf / 23d 21h 40m 57s
She blushed brightly and looked away nodding shyly.
He nodded smiling softly. "now lets finish the rest of the house my little nympho."
  Loki / ganondorf / 23d 21h 49m 31s
Kvinna stepped out as well and followed him hugging him slightly. "T-thank you..."
Loki stepped out the bathroom from the shower stretching.
  Loki / ganondorf / 23d 22h 38s
She blushed and shivered. "Loki... Thank you....."
"Its ok. let me take care of you." he said as he kissed your neck.
  Loki / ganondorf / 24d 22h 43m 55s
She blushed and kissed him back. "I'm sorry, Loki... I didn't want to wake you up."
He saw her and smirked and closed the door locking it before going to kiss her.
  Loki / ganondorf / 24d 23h 15m 40s
She froze and blushed brightly trying to hide what she had been doing.
Loki felt his tent and ground rubbing himself gently before getting up opening the bathroom door.
  Loki / ganondorf / 24d 23h 32m 56s
Kvinna was in the bathroom and tried to relieve herself blushing brightly.
Loki slept. the next morning he groaned sitting up stretching.
  Loki / ganondorf / 24d 23h 40m 1s
She was curled up in a ball on her side and slept soundly squeaking softly.

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