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Alright then dibs xD
Birds and dogs, now I just gotta rethink the abilities.
  [Et] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 37s
[center [size10 aww thanks guys! Lol Muys and a few others were the first to ask. I don't think I would've started back up without that push.

@Muta; Like, what's his exclusive role? Does he serve as a shinobi as a information broker or combat? Stealth missions? Still training? Or If wanted, he could be a villager with a contract. I wanted to know everyone's roles so I don't get submissions who could copy off of those who already are accepted.

@Ori; not as of yet :}
  [ 平田和美 ] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 22h 10m 37s
Do we have a demon who has an affinity with ravens or wolves?
I'm messing around with Etsuko and like this picture, it's dark and alluring <3
  [Et] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 13m 8s
Oh gosh me too!!!!!

And what do you mean by what does he do?
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 171d 22h 17m 51s
Just sayin' I'm really glad that this was brought back ^^
  [Et] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 19m 23s
[center [size10 @Muta; Gotcha! What does Hatara do as a shinobi? I'm just trying to feel everything to see if there can be more relationships created/built on.
  [[ 平田和美 ]] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 22h 21m 17s
-kota, Hatara was raised at the shrine and has always been able to see and talk to spirits. He is actually great friends with the residential Gods. Since he doesn't communicate with people very well and didn't have friends before meeting his demon he is very friendly with spirits and gods. All of the spirits know him around the town and such. Him and Hanae could bond over this
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 171d 22h 28m 29s
@Kota - I would have to think, but as I ponder I kind of like the idea of making Etsuko male or possibly a whole new kind of demon than the Kitsune I had planned.

@Muta - That sounds fun! Three demons friends just chilling, bugging the heck out of each other ~
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 37m 24s
[center [size10 @Tsumu: I'll definently let you know. You can also PM me if you wanted to present some ideas that may involve me or make the RP interesting.

@Muta: Is Hatara someone who deals with spirits as well- an oracle of sorts? That'd be pretty interesting for Hanae LOL At first she thinks he a fake , because she wants to always be the number one at her occupation. But once she notices how he's ostracized like she once was, she could possibly have a change of heart?
  [[ 平田和美 ]] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 22h 39m 19s
Prefer that picture you have, ori.
also, just my two cents, but
flat chest are better <3 LOLOL
  -Solaris- / 1y 171d 22h 43m 11s
It could work out if its only one or two demons.
But Tsumu if you are still down for it it could be fun. The three of them could have breakfast together and be comfortable friends.

Also Kota would it be safe to assume that there are small gods and spirits lurking around the shrine? Because I was hoping for Hatara to have an awkward relationship with the towns people because he would talk the sprites and yokai on the streets.
  |m| / muta / 1y 171d 22h 44m 42s
Ah, I never thought of that.

Well, whatever you decide let me know. I might tweak some things on her, possibly make her a male.

Rei is in need of a demon companion, so if anyone is interested let me know <3
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 46m 6s
[size10 * Do remember, the demons don't want the whole village to know of their existence. So grouping them all in one living space may be suspicious. :o

And, it's up to you, Tsumu/Ori, I may switch out Kazu for a male shinobi. Or my second option, being a power hungry demon who opposes the better-moral demons.
  [[ 平田和美 ]] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 22h 48m 14s
I was just curious.
Would you still want Etsuko to be in a pact with you character Kota-chi?

Ah, muta could Etsuko stay at the shrine? It would give her a place to be when she's not bugging the men of the village ~
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 22h 52m 26s
Hmm Hatara is interested in Misao especially because of the complicated double life.
I have mg super hot demon boy who is single and ready for some mingling. I don't have my picture of them because I have to re edit them. But I think on the role play there is my old post from when the role play was still going that has a picture of Hatara.

Also Shi-chan Kylo is gonna be really protective of his human so this flirt triangle will make for some delicious angst soup.

Does anyone else want some relationships? Hatara runs the shrine so if you are a demon and want to live there that works. Or if you want to be a shinobi that lives the we can work it out. It's a huge shrine on the mountain. I'm gonna a make a map once I get my laptop out
  |m| / muta / 1y 171d 22h 53m 53s

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