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I'm still debating at this point, right now I'm leaning towards female since right now she seems to be the only female demon and some diversity is always good. Now, if another female demon is accepted then I'll probably make Etsuko male. I REAAALLLYYY like that picture I found.
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 15h 11m 52s
HECK yeah I am so down. Are you keeping her as a female or are you still looking for a picture of a male?
  |hero| / muta / 1y 171d 15h 13m 46s
Oh muta-chi! Could Etsuko and Kylo be friends? Like, Etsuko loves to bug the shit out of him?

I prefer healers/supports too in most games. I dunno, something special about providing the backup.
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 15h 16m 24s
[center [size10 @shirairu Yeah, of course! She'd love that and probably if she knows of his 'nightjob', she'd probably ask for guidance. XD & it'd be interesting if they could switch. If not that, then I'd imagine the human to long for the younger version of the demon who was more innocent back then.
  [[ 平田和美 ]] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 15h 16m 8s
i always like to main healers c:
my favorite to play is healer for suree
  -Solaris- / 1y 171d 15h 21m 3s
I need people to get involved with me bois toooo ugh i need to edit theses photos
  |vixen| / muta / 1y 171d 15h 22m 48s
Ooooh would they be switch back and forth between forms? :o

@Kota : Could Kazumi and Misao be friends or at least acquaintances? I think he could be a regular with her medicines since his adoptive father could regularly need them. :o

Also I'm open to plotting character relationships with Misao~ *ˊᵕˋ*
[size11 I'm trying to think some for him with everyone since he believes in the power of connections--
But I kinda just woke up so my brain is mush]
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 171d 15h 20m 7s
I think the idea that the demon grows rapidly would be very entertaining. What would you do if someone just grew from a 13-year-old to a 23-year-old? XD

I see. Well, do you like your healer sol?
  [Rei] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 15h 28m 28s
yeah, but :t
i don't deal with things this way :v
i don't like when people defend me and pick a fight
  -Solaris- / 1y 171d 15h 30m 45s
[size10 [center @kaitoXi Doubling is accepted before approval. So you can make two characters, however, I may accept one over the other just to be fair. And like mentioned in the other thread, I may create more spaces.
  [[ 平田和美 ]] / KotaKoti / 1y 171d 15h 28m 29s
o I am so excited. I am edited pictures right now and figuring out some stuff
  |vixen| / muta / 1y 171d 15h 42m 23s
[i *Hears the word evil*]

I love evil characters, I love making them, playing them, their mentality. I love it all!
I might have to save that lovely picture <3

Oh, I mean at least your guild leader defended you, right?
  [Et] / Tsumu / 1y 171d 15h 44m 53s
@Kota I was wondering, what's your policy on doubling for us new folk going to be? I'm considering doubling, but there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the thread, and I don't wanna lock someone out of a slot! I know I'm not accepted and may not be accepted, so how would you like me to proceed? Should I wait until my current character is accepted/rejected to send in a second? Or is there no doubling at all until it's clear no one wants the final slots as a first character? Anything is fine, just lmk.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 1y 171d 15h 45m 4s
we were speaking chinese, and i said that the tank called me a liar, and then my guild leader yelled at him ;_;
  -Solaris- / 1y 171d 15h 45m 38s
This tank is trying to leech :T
my guild leader insulted him and now he refuses to contribute.
  -Solaris- / 1y 171d 15h 46m 38s

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