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[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=398306 Kei is almost ready. Almost. Just a few more things. You guys can thank MUTA for the gorgeous male. ]
  Kei / morbidchild / 1y 105d 7h 28m 0s
Thanks you
I appreciate it o3o

  -Solaris- / 1y 105d 8h 48m 9s
Akio's bio and personality are done. He came out different than I imagined, but I like him :D
  [Ak] / Tsumu / 1y 105d 8h 55m 37s
  |blossom| / muta / 1y 105d 9h 28s
Oh oh. muta, can i has the unedited version of that pic i asked for the other day? it's so pretty ;_;
  -Solaris- / 1y 105d 9h 3m 3s
@ muta aaaaa they're so pretty that first one makes me wanna throw out tsubasa and start over as a dragon~
  Hijira Tsubasa / kaitoXi / 1y 105d 9h 6m 50s
For now, yes. I'm going to switch a character to have something different to play - Akio.

Though if another is needed later in the roleplay she will make a reemergence!
  [Ak] / Tsumu / 1y 105d 9h 7m 48s
[https://orig00.deviantart.net/28ff/f/2017/029/1/a/up_by_gin_uzumaki-dax6hhl.jpg SO] [https://weheartit.com/entry/214269651?context_page=2&context_query=oni+anime&context_type=search these] aren't the same but I love these if anyone needs them
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 105d 9h 8m 33s
the narcissistic Misao reeaaally threatened lmao

is it bye-bye to etsuko for now? :o
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 105d 9h 9m 8s
Misao is plenty pretty eru!! this is just a village full of really pretty people
  石 田 暁 美 / monday- / 1y 105d 9h 11m 50s
Because demons are pretty creatures <3

I really like it...I might be able to work with it. Play with my editor a bit. I think I'm gonna make Akio upbeat. Sort of an opposite to Kylo in a way.
  [Ak] / Tsumu / 1y 105d 9h 12m 2s
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 105d 9h 13m 59s
[https://data.whicdn.com/images/295557920/large.png Ori] its not the same art style but I absolutely love this photo
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 105d 9h 18m 30s
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=383551 This] is their character profile and its got some pictures and stuff if you wanna look]
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 105d 9h 19m 28s
Meet Akio <3
Also Muta-chi, I would LOVE those other pictures you said you had.
I'm debating on editing this picture, but I don't want to mess up how wonderful it looks >:]

I've done a LOT of reworking with my characters today.
  [Ak] / Tsumu / 1y 105d 9h 19m 43s

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