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[center [Size10 Thanks, everyone! Ill keep your links up on the Roles + reservations page. Once we're ready, I'll tell you which names to delete from your character pages.

For those of you who plan on joining and do get accepted, I'll send you the relationship card to fill out.
  [ KoTa ] / KotaKoti / 1y 43d 21h 35m 24s
My characters were Reikoku Seto and Estuko Eshimoto. I don't have their profiles, however, I did save their layouts.
  [ooc] / Tsumu / 1y 43d 22h 6m 8s

If you have any opens spots available, I am also super interested in this. ^^
  Maelyn Peterson / morbidchild / 1y 43d 23h 17m 44s
Hatara Hatsuharu and Ryuke Kylo ♡♡
I'm so happy that this might be coming back.
Ily kota
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 44d 7h 1m 17s
Tosho Sen and Mori Tooru

deleted their character profiles, but still have them ^^
  -Solaris- / 1y 44d 9h 9m 43s
Duly noted, I'll wait for that info :)
[+white filler]
  m o n d a y / Monday- / 1y 44d 14h 44m 1s
[size10 [center @moday I wouldn't mind at all, however I do need to find out what spots can be opened. Hopefully within a day, I'll atleast have a few open spots for you to take over.
  [ KoTa ] / KotaKoti / 1y 44d 14h 48m 51s
Just out of curiosity because this looks really good as well would you be okay with me joining this?
  m o n d a y / Monday- / 1y 44d 14h 57m 51s
Hoshikawa Misao ✩°。⋆⸜⸝
[size9 morefiller]
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 44d 15h 2m 15s
[center [size10 For those of you who'd like to continue this Rp, please comment with your character name and watch the thread.
  [ KoTa ] / KotaKoti / 1y 44d 15h 18m 52s

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