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OOOHHH. Maybe a flirting lesson gone wrong.
[size11 like maybe it suddenly turns into a competition on who gets to make the other blush first--
....though that's more awkward for the people around them tbh XD]
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 224d 14h 11m 42s
Sen's trade secret on how to get more money out of customers.
Mostly joking with that one btw. Mostly
Umm. I dunno. I'm sure we can think of something that'll be funny for us but Hella awkward for them :" )
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 14h 20m 20s
A specific type of flirting or? :O
[size11 Since he sometimes flirts with people just to tease them XD]
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 224d 14h 30m 21s
Eri, we should definitely have a scene where he goes to her to ask how to flirt rather than for books lolol.
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 14h 34m 30s
No no that can definitely share the shrine. It's huge and has several temples. I'll make a page for it that has a map
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 224d 14h 38m 15s
Muta ~,

So, I think Hanae and Tooru also reside in the shrine. Would it be safe to say they share with Kylo/Hatara? Or should the village have two?
  [ 安西華英 ] / KotaKoti / 1y 224d 14h 45m 49s
I need to edit some new photos for my babies.
If you wanna talk make any kind of relationship with my sons let me

Also my characters have a very close relationship and it seems hella gay but it is family love not romance. Wanted to put that out there
  |nindo| / muta / 1y 224d 15h 5m 3s
Right. :o He asked her to teach him at some point during his training I think? XD
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 224d 16h 24m 30s
Yes, I believe so. Because she underwent similar training when she was apptenticing under a geisha. So they had similar pasts.
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 16h 31m 21s
I remember making Misao as that little shit character who annoys his friends so yeah? XD I checked and he calls her Sen-chin ahaha
I think she knows of his double life? .o.
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 224d 16h 55m 57s
I guess so? I mean Idon't remember writing that but xD
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 17h 1m 29s

Hoshikawa Misao
-- shirairu 」

"He's cute. It's easy to see why he's popular. A good friend although a bit annoying when I just want to read and he wants to pester me." 」
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 17h 1m 55s
Ohhhh right :O
Isn't Misao that Annoying Friend who bugs Sen when they're reading? XD
  ✿星川操 / shirairu / 1y 224d 17h 5m 43s
OH YES! Eri, let's talk about Sen and Misao c;
I remember them being frands.
  -Solaris- / 1y 224d 19h 26m 44s
[center [size10 Alrighty, the roles/reservations are updated. When finished, please post in that [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=144683 [size10 thread]] as instructed.
  [ KoTa ] / KotaKoti / 1y 225d 32m 20s

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