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Kris couldn't stop smiling. Someone could get shot outside and Kris would still be smiling like an idiot at the fact Inu was willing to date him. He wiggled slightly as Inu covered his mouth and looked down. Fuck it was cute BUT THAT WAS LESS IMPORTANT THAN THE FACT THAT HE'D GET TO DATE INU.

Fuck he was pumped. He was practically jumping in joy as Inu talked. [b "Of course I still want to- I can take you somewhere really nice! It'll be fun! I can pick you up whenever you want and take you out somewhere-"] His entire face flushed red when he realized how excited he was, almost as red as his freaking hair, and so he looked away and pulled some of his hair in front of his mouth to chew as he tried to...calm his excitement. [b "We could do whatever you wanted to- there's always the movies? Or...or literally anything. I'm just..."]

He looked back at Inu and his nervous eyes softened and...his blush stayed but...lightened softly. He looked...calmer. And softer. [b "I...I didn't think you'd say yes. I'll...make sure you won't regret it, Inu. I promise..."]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 72d 17h 21m 2s
Inu looked up once Kris jumped. He blinked in confusion, not having... expected such excitement.
Why would Kris be so excited?
Sure, Kris said he wanted to date him, but wasnt the excitement just a bit... much? It couldnt have been that big of a deal to Kris... yet he looked so absolutely euphoric.
What on Earth...

But it made Inu feel... warm, so he took a moment to cover his mouth and look down at the ground.
He coughed a bit awkwardly into his fist.
[b [+grey "...y-yeah. I thought about it. It sounds like it could be fun.... if you still want to."]]
He brushed his hair out of his eyes before looking back up at Kris.
[b [+grey "...I still dont have work for the next few days... we can do whatever you want.."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 80d 8h 38m 13s
Kris wasn't expecting it to be any different when they went in the next day. He figured Inu might spend some time away from them, since Kris had just asked him out and it was probably going to at least be slightly awkward while Inu thought about things. So when Inu came to sit against him- Kris was in shock for a moment. He could feel his heart beat a little faster, and knew his face was getting flushed but- he didn't try and hide it or move. He was just...so happy. That Inu was comfortable enough to be this close to him- that Inu was basically cuddling against him. He didn't dare shift the entire time Inu was against him, so he was very careful about drinking his tea, making sure not to bump Inu off while him and Odis planned their wedding.

Hours passed and Kris got over his initial freaking out and being gay. He was just calmly sitting with a tiny dragon against him, listening happily to Odis and then looking down when Inu nudged him.

Wha- Oh my god. Kris got so excited that he literally raised his arms in front of his chest and smiled so goddamn brightly. [b "Yes!"] He didn't mean to be that loud but holy FUCK Inu was actually considering going on a date with him and it was incredible. [b "Of course! I'd love to! I mean- obviously. You...want to?"] His cheeks were flushed and he was the absolute EMBODIMENT of excitement.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 84d 6h 17m 26s
The day went by relatively calmly. Inu didnt interact very much with the two of them as they continued on their wedding plans, but Odis was practically over the moon!
Aww yiss gonna get his bf a DATE M

The next day they went in the same as usual, but as they went to sit down and talk, Inu went over and joined them.
He picked up a seat and placed it so close to Kris's that they were practically connected--immediately sitting down on it and hugging his knees to his chest as he leaned his entire weight on the other.
But then he remained silent for the entirety of the two's conversations, aside from a brief greeting as he pushed some tea in front of Kris.

Though as a few hours passed, filled up entirely with Odis rambling and Inu thinking deeply, the latter looked up at Kris, nudging his jawline with his nose to get his attention but not sitting up off of him.
[b [+grey "...Do you still want to go on a date..."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 84d 7h 32m 20s
Thank god- Inu seemed to...believe Kris now, at the very least. Which was good! It might be good for Inu to have him know that someone liked him! Even if he wouldn't actually date Kris- wait.

Inu grabbed his sleeve. Inu wasn't making him leave. He apologized? What. Was. Happening? Inu didn't even have a reason to apologize-

Kris' cheeks heated up a bit as he looked down at Inu. He was cute but obviously felt bad but instead of being as comforting as he was he just...let out a little laugh, covering his mouth to not make it be. Too loud. [b "You're so cute oh my god-of course it's okay I-"] Another little laugh. [b "I'm sorry I'm really awkward about this-"] He moved his hand away and smiled down at Inu, happy stimming by rocking back and forth on his heels. [b "I'm...glad you'll at least consider it. And- of course I want to stay- I just don't wanna...overstay my welcome and make you uncomfortable. Since I y'know- just impulsively asked you out a lot sooner than I was planning to-"] He stopped rocking and nervously rubbed the back of his arm. [b "But if it's okay to stay- Odis and I can just work on our usual wedding planning and I promise I won't bring it up and pressure you or anything."] He glanced back at Odis, giving him a nervous grin.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 84d 7h 37m 14s
[b [+grey "Oh."]]
Kris sounded like he... genuinely liked Inu. That didnt happen often. Inu actually felt a little bit guilty being as accusitory as he was, since Kris seemed genuinely upset by the judgement.
But.... nonetheless... Kris... liked him?
He... liked him.
Inu looked down at the ground again.
[b [+grey "Oh..."]]
He felt his cheeks heat up a little and brought up a hand to chew lightly on his knuckle as he glanced away briefly.
Kris liked him... somebody liked him...

Once Kris's guilt seemed to expand, he immediately looked up.
[b [+grey "Im sorry."]] He reached out and took a hold of Kris's sleeve to keep him from leaving. [b [+grey "Im... sorry. You dont have to go unless you want to. I didnt mean to accuse you. Im sorry. Really. Im just. Um."]]
He rubbed the back of his neck with the hand that wasnt firmly grabbing onto the other.
He felt.
Very bad.
He just snapped--sort of--at somebody who was genuinely trying to be sweet.
[b [+grey "Im sorry. I will. Think about it. Is that okay.."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 84d 7h 53m 39s
Fuck. Fuck, Kris had fucked up. He made Inu uncomfortable and Inu was going to never want Kris to be around again- but at this point, there was nothing he could do. So he just accepted his fate and tried to at least make Inu less...uncomfortable right now. He looked away and rubbed the back of his head, messing with his hair to try and calm down. [b "Look- I don't know what kind of asshole made you think you're not good enough, or that you're not anyone's type- but you [i are] my type. You're small and cute and sweet-"] He was just making this all weird for Inu, but FUCK he was trying. [b "And I mean, Odis thinks you're really cool, and he's a little ball of sunshine- so obviously you're doing something right- wow I'm- I'm really bad at this."]

He let a nervous laugh out and looked down, lightly tapping his foot against the ground. [b "But- I like you a lot- and- I...don't know how to convince you of that. But I mean- I really do like you."] Hopefully this helped a little bit-

He should probably...get out of here. Or just start planning the wedding, or literally anything other than stand there and bug Inu. He was thinking of how to word this but isntead on impulse what came out instead was: [b "Just...consider it?"] Fuck. That sounded selfish and fuck- [b "I mean- do you want me and Odis to leave- at least for today? I don't want to make you more uncomfortable than I already have."]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 88d 12h 11m 31s
Inu frowned a little bit more as the other gave an explanation. Okay, so Kris wasnt doing it because of a dare, or because Odis asked him as a favor...
For quicker comfirmation on that latter part, he glanced over at Odis again, who quickly shook his head in denial.
Okay, hed like to think Odis was telling the truth.
He looked back to Kris, but didnt feel.. much better.
It wasnt out of a dare, or a favor.... but that still didnt really explain why Kris was asking at all.

Inu hasnt interacted with very many people for a long, long time. But he remembers his older interactions.
'Fish eyes.'
'What are you, some sort of emotionless plant?'
'Grow a heart, robot freak.'
What hes gathered by that is that he wasnt really... attractive. Dragons may choose their human and other shapes, but changing his own wouldnt help the problem.
His eyes.
He didnt... understand expression. He didnt understand how people just... KNEW how to show their feelings through physical qualities.
It didnt make sense to him.
Years on this Earth and he has yet to have figured it out.
But what he has figured out? Is that this quality is unattractive to most, if not all people.
So.... it didnt make sense.

[b [+grey "Why... would you want to go on a date with me."]]
He rubbed the back of his head and stared down at the ground, taking a step back.
[b [+grey "How can I be your type. Im not anybodys type. Wouldnt you want to date someone better."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 88d 12h 49m 14s
He expected a negative reaction. Inu telling him no and getting creeped out that Kris would ask. Inu telling him not to come back. But this wasn't what he expected. Kris tilted his head in confusion, expression showing how little he understood what was happening. [b "What- no. Why would he..? Why would you think that?"] Oh my...oh my god. Had people asked Inu out as a joke before? Is that why he thought-

Kris could relate, although that hadn't happened since highschool. [b "No-No. I'm serious. You're...really cute and really sweet and make good tea so I-"] How could he make this not awkward. [b "You're just my type and I'd really like to go out with you-I'm sorry, this is probably awkward for you but... I'm serious, Inu. I really like you- a lot."]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 89d 15h 11m 7s
Inu gave each little stone a gentle tap before chirping comfortably. Then he turned to acknowledge Kris addressing him again, and then cocked his head to the side at the question.
[b [+grey "Free. I dont have work for the rest of the week if thats what you mean. Why."]]

But then Kris answered. And Inu stared at the ground for a few seconds.
Inu has dated people, yeah, but never... seriously. Well.... aside from... /her./
Hes only dated two people aside from that, one because they wanted a wish from him, and the other because she was dared to.
Hes been asked out by a few other people for similar reasons to the latter girl, though.
So when Kris asked him, his response was... clear hesitation.
He couldnt help but glance over at Odis for a second.
[b [+grey "Did Odis ask you to do this."]]
Odis flinched a bit.
[b [+orange "What--I wouldnt do that!"]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 89d 15h 32m 5s
Kris could not express how happy he was in this exact second. Inu might actually like him! And he liked the crystals, even though Kris had been terrified that they were a stupid gift. Kris just kept standing there, eyes soft and full of love. He snapped out of his daze when Inu finally pulled away, blinking and looking at Inu and Odis, watching the exchange and snorting. [b "I'll give you some too, don't worry."] He teased, smiling at his cute boyfriend and the guy he wanted to be his other cute boyfriend.

Fuck. Inu was so...cute. His eyes went gentle again, and his impulse control went out the window because he couldn't focus on anything but how cute Inu was. [b "Hey, uh, Inu-"] He walked over to him, [b "Are you free anytime this week-?"] Kris processed what he said and his expression changed to an anxious one. But it was too late for him to back out. [b "I-I mean- fuck- do you, uh..."] He rubbed the back of his arm nervously, looking down. [b "Do you wanna...maybe...go out on a date?"] He hated himself for asking. It was embarrassing and weird and...Kris didn't feel good.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 89d 16h 30m 43s
Odis saw the act of affection and was practically through the roof about it.
Yesss gonna hook his bf UP.

Inu felt arms wrap around him but didnt really go out of his way to acknowledge it. Aside from nuzzle more firmly against the other.
[b [+grey "Theyre sweet..."]]
Inu pulled away just barely to look down at the crystals still cupped firmly in his hands, his energy focused on charging them efficiantly. [b [+grey "And small... and well taken care of.... I love them...."]]

He finally stepped away from Kris to put the crystals down. Before he could, Odis stepped over to look at them.
[b [+orange "Can I see them?"]]
[b [+grey "No."]] Inu shut down quickly before speedwalking away to put them by the batch of energy crystals he had on one of his shelves.
[b [+orange "Wow ok."]]
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 90d 12h 21m 52s
Kris wasn't feeling great about going back out- he was just bothering Inu and they shouldn't have been planning their wedding here and taking up Inu's time. It was probably stupid of Kris to give Inu crystals- they were nearly as cool as energy crystals and Inu probably hated them-

Kris was brought out of his self loathing by Inu resting his head against Kris' chest, though. He looked down in shock, his heart beat picking up in speed. This was the most attention he'd gotten from Inu. This was almost just straight up [i affection]. Kris felt honored. His face flushed as he just...kinda stared at Inu. He was so...cute. And small. Kris just wanted to wrap Inu up in his arms and protect him forever.

And he...impulsively did? Well, he wrapped his arms around him, at least. He wrapped Inu up in his arms and just stood there, not really processing anything he was doing. [b "This must mean the stones are an okay gift, right?"] He smiled weakly. Inu just...made him happy. Holding him felt right. It felt like holding another, better part of him, a soulmate type deal- like Odis! It felt like holding Odis! Except Inu was shorter.
  -sentientStatic / 3y 92d 10h 47m 8s
Odis cupped Kris's cheeks and nuzzled his head up against the other's.
[b [+orange "Shh, hey. Dont be upset. Youre not doing bad at all! Inu is just.... really hard to get close to. Im sorry. That must be really hard on you."]]
Jeez, Inu was a really awful person for Kris to be into for his first example of polyamory.
Not that there was anything wrong with Inu! He was just really hard to work with when it comes to socializing and affection.
Poor Kris.
[b [+orange "Im sure its fine. Cmon, lets go back out!"]]
So Odis took Kris's hand and brought him back out to the front room.

The moment they had walked out, however, Inu met them in the middle of the room.
Still holding the crystals in his cupped hands, he walked forward and gently nuzzled his forehead against Kris's chest.
  CrayolaBrush / 3y 92d 23h 14m 18s
Damn it- Kris needed to stop being so embarrased and shy. It was ruining everything- he couldn't even talk calmly to Inu, how was he supposed to ever ask him out? Or get to close to him, for that matter- since that was priority. Fuck. Damn it. He looked over with a hand gripped his hair when Odis knocked one the door, sighing and opening it to pull Odis in. [b "I-I don't know how to talk to him- I'm not dissacociating or anything and he's so cute-"] Kris hated how...spinless he was. Katherine and Jace had made sure to make Kris afraid of talking to people- which of course, killed him inside, because he needed conversation to live, he was BPD.

He looked down at the floor, sighing. [b "I-It's bad, right? I'm doing really really bad at this. Damn it..."] He was...anxious. [b "How am I supposed to talk to him when he looks like a cute little puppy- I'm getting carried away."] He mumbled, sighing. [b "I should- go back out there."]
  -sentientStatic / 3y 97d 36m 43s

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