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[h3 The Sinister Siblings]

News had started to spread about the mysterious deaths of children in other children’s own homes. There were no indications on what killed them but what’s more strange is that the kids who lived in these homes disappeared and were found dead in other homes.
Many people believe it is some curse game where a kid at random gets chosen to continue the curse by another kid until they die when they pass on the curse. No one really knows what happens to those who are chosen but one speculation is that they try hide from the cursed one until they are caught.
Rumors started to escalate on certain kids who managed survive the curse had gotten taken away to some place where they continue the curse on others without dying. So far only 3 kids that had disappeared had never been found but more deaths keep happening. The 3 that disappeared is 1 boy and 2 girls. There have been sightings of them wandering around through dark forests and abandoned buildings.
Even more rumors about the 3 kids have spread around about them being siblings. The oldest of them being the boy and being named Yami. The middle child being one of the girls named Izanami. The youngest being the other of the girls named Karasu.
People even gave out explanations of what each of the siblings do. Yami poisons people through many ways with many types of poisons. Izanami continues the curse on whoever she chooses. Karasu cuts people with either a kitchen knife or her Black Trident.
Whatever you do don’t mess with any of these 3 sinister siblings many will tell you. Investigators went missing trying to find leads on them. An investigator named Clarissa said “If they take a liking to you, they will try their best to get you to join them even if it means kidnapping you or killing you.” before she disappeared.

If you read or heard all of that then won’t they be after you too? I hope you survive an encounter with them as we wouldn’t want you to die when you’ve gotten this far.
We have been waiting so long for someone to finally get through to the very end even if they are just listening because someone else is reading it out loud. Don’t bother trying to hide, we will find you no matter where you are so just keep reading or listening till the very end. You might be wondering why we want you and it is simple really, we are very lonely with it being just 3 of us and we can use someone more “lively” around here. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t try to escape or fight back we won’t hurt you in any way. We will have lots of fun together when you get to our home. If you are still here, then we will see you very soon.


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[center Sena gasped, stumbling back and almost dropping the bottle, but managing to keep her grip on it. Her heart was pounding a million miles a minute and her legs felt weak. [b "I...I think I just saw the moment before Izanami died..."] Or was she just guessing at that? She couldn't interpret it any other way.]

[center She looked at Karasu and gently set the bottle down. [b "Would she remember this?"]]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 18h 33m 0s
[i This feels somewhat familiar but... I can't remember when or where this happened before.] Karasu thinks.

Sena would start hearing then seeing the memory of Izanami when she last used the perfume as if she was her.
A dark night out. The sky starting to pour down with rain. Some music playing on a phonograph. Izanami is looking at herself in the mirror while she tries out some of her mother's perfume. She seems to be comforted by the scent then starts brushing her hair. A bang on the door is heard and thus she goes over to open it, only to see her parents lying dead in the hallway and a girl holding a cleaver staring directly at her. Izanami screams and runs away but then the memory fades away.
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 9d 6h 43m 34s
[center Sena shuddered at Karasu's words. She [i really] hoped that didn't happen. As it stood, Karasu was her only chance of getting out of there, and she still wasn't one-hundred percent sure she could even trust her. For all she knew, she was leading her into a trap of some kind.]

[center Following her, she took the perfume from her and held it up, examining it. [b "Anyway we could use it on her? If it's her memory?"] She wasn't sure when she'd ever be able to get close enough to her to do something but...it was worth the thought.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she focused all of her attention on the bottle.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 10d 4h 58m 46s
"I wasn't killed to become like this and I still haven't been hurt in a way that would kill a normal human." Karasu says. "Though, that could change at any moment, which might make me less wanting to escape and help you too..."

Karasu walks around the basement, trying to pinpoint the area of the smell. She ends up finding an old dresser that seems to be the source of the smell.

"It smells like... some kind of perfume mixed with something else." Karasu says. "It smells somewhat familiar."

Karasu looks through the dresser and finds a little vintage bottle of perfume. She picks it and hands it over to Sena.

"Don't spray it just in case but I think it might have been Izanami's." Karasu states. "You should be able to see her memory through it if it is her's, you just have to focus on it."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 14d 12h 25m 46s
[center Sena looked at Karasu, frowning at her words. [b "You're alive? How is that possible?"] She looked just like her siblings, or she did to Sena at least. Was there something she was missing?]

[center Turning away, she began shifting a couple of things away from their spots, running her hands over the dust-covered shelves.]

[center Frowning, she walked over to Karasu and caught a quick whiff of what she was talking about. [b "That's strange..."] She quickly covered her nose, just to be safe.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 15d 6h 59m 17s
"I mostly worried about some sort of trap right now instead of looking suspicious by this point..." Karasu says. "I should probably tell you that... I'm actually still alive rather than dying to become this like them... which is why they don't particularly trust me."

Karasu then rummages around through old boxes of random junk as an attempt to "clean" some of the basement. That's when she starts to smell something strange.

"I don't think wood or cardboard can smell like that alone." Karasu says. "I can't tell what it smells like... which worries me."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 16d 5h 7m 1s
[center Sena slowly followed her, a chill running down her spine. She wasn't sure what was down there, but she knew that she really didn't want to find out. Whatever they wanted cleaned down there, it could stay dirty for all she cared.]

[center Glancing over at Karasu, she bit her cheek. [b "I can always check everything as I'm cleaning. At least the job will be done and, if there's anything down here worth finding, I'll for sure find it without looking suspicious."] At least, she hoped that would be the plan.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 17d 3h 14m 50s
"Let's do it right now so we can get it out of the way." Karasu says as she grabs Sena's arm and pulls her along.

The basement was next to the lounge so they arrive in only a few feet. Karasu opens it up and turns on the barely working basement lights then walks down the stairs.

"The last time anyone's been down here was when a guest tried to hide down here a long time ago... only to get caught soon after." Karasu says. "I'd say this would be a good chance to look around but I get the feeling that they have something devious planned."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 17d 16h 13m 17s
[center Sena nodded at her words as a knot formed in her stomach. She hoped she could pull off whatever she needed to. Otherwise, they could both possibly be in trouble.]

[center Following her, she watches the two, keeping quiet as she listens. [i Cleaning. That's not so hard. But what's the catch?] She didn't bother asking out loud. She was scared the question on it's own would bring problems.]

[center Instead, she nodded, glancing at Karasu. [b "When do I start?"]]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 18d 7h 27m 59s
Karasu opens the door after hearing Sena fall down and hears Sena's question.

"I don't know what's going to happen other than that I'm supposed to take you to the lounge." Karasu answers. "It seems Yami may already suspect something... which means we'll have to act quickly now."

Karasu waves at her to follow and walks to the lounge where Yami and Izanami had been waiting.

"So, we were thinking that the basement and attic need to be cleaned." Yami says. "If Sena can do such a simple task then she won't have anything to fear for a while as long as she behaves."

"You're going to help her too, Karasu." Izanami adds. "She needs someone to guide her, after all."

"But I rarely go to either of those places." Karasu responds. "I wouldn't be able to guide her effectively."

"Still, this is your job for today so you better do it if you want to be leaving the manor anytime soon." Yami says. "Unless you prefer being restricted to your room only now?"

"..." Karasu doesn't say anything.

"Thought so." Yami says.
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 22d 14h 31m 17s
[center Sena woke the next morning with a start, her heart pounding against her chest as sweat beaded down her face. She knew she'd had a nightmare, but she couldn't remember what exactly it had been about. She just knew it had ended with her getting-]

[center She sat up at the sound of voices, doing her best to crawl out of bed quietly. Tiptoeing towards the door, she placed her ear against it, trying to make sense of what they were saying. She knew she definitely didn't like it.]

[center The knock on the door made her jump, causing her to stumble and hit the floor. Scrambling to her feet, she dusted herself off and slowly opened the door, looking at Karasu. [b "Is it time for something else...?"] she asked, fearing what the answer would be.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 23d 5h 5m 36s
The morning came and Karasu was heading to Sena's room. She stops when she sees Yami waiting outside her door.

"Already taken a liking to her?" Yami says. "Or you have something devious planned?"

"What does it matter to you?" Karasu asks. "You're just going to toss her aside when you get bored like you did with the others."

"But it's been so long since we've had a guest that I feel like we should hang onto her for a bit longer~!" Yami responds. "Who knows... maybe you'll be getting a new sister soon."

"She's not going to accept." Karasu says.

"It's funny how you think she'll have a choice in the matter." Yami says then walks up close to Karasu. "Somethings been off about you recently... you're just tired of being cooped up in here, aren't you?"

"You realize that's been the only time you've let me outside in who knows how long?" Karasu questions.

"Well, you know the rules as much as I." Yami answers. "Those who deserve such luxuries will receive them when ready and you... you don't deserve anything quite yet."

"Are you done with your games yet or shall I just stand her a while longer?" Karasu asks.

"You better behave yourself or else you might be punished." Yami says as he walks away down the hall. "Escort our guest to the lounge."

"Tch... right." Karasu mutters then knocks on Sena's door.
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 24d 3h 14m 47s
[center Sena pulled her knees to her chest, nodding to Karasu. She felt somewhat better knowing that she had someone on her side, even if she wasn't entirely sure she could trust her. She was willing to do just about anything to make it out alive.]

[center Nodding to Karasu, she watched as she left, finally falling back onto the bed. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. Did she have to worry about being attacked in her sleep? Would she even be able to sleep?]

[center She sighed and rolled over, tears filling her eyes once more. Curling into a ball, she wrapped her arms around herself. She was going to figure things out, no matter what it took.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 24d 3h 52m 38s
"There's a few ways actually." Karasu says. "Though, most of them will put your life in more danger than it has been so far..."

Karasu hears someone walk by and signals Sena to keep quiet until they no longer hear anything for a couple minutes.

"You can either be good and Yami might let you roam around with one of us accompanying you or you be bad and the next punishment game will be hide and seek, something that will also let you roam freely as long as you don't get caught." Karasu whispers. "Of course, you could always try to figure out your own way if you think of a plan but regardless, you only have a few days until they both get bored of you... that's when they set the traps for you to fall victim to."

Karasu gets up and starts to leave the room.

"Oh, one more thing... don't bother trying to use weapons as it won't work and will only cause anger." Karasu says as she opens the door. "See you in the morning, if you don't get yourself killed."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 24d 4h 51m 1s
[center Sena sat in silence, listening to the girl talk. She actually felt bad for her. Part of her wanted to reach out and pull her into a hug. It hurt her to see her so sad. But she wasn't entirely sure that this wasn't a trap. The girl seemed genuine, but she had to tread carefully.]

[center She frowned at her next words. [b "How am I supposed to search? I doubt your siblings will allow me to just wander around as I please..."] Would she even be able to with Karasu's help?]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 24d 5h 7m 4s

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