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[h3 The Sinister Siblings]

News had started to spread about the mysterious deaths of children in other children’s own homes. There were no indications on what killed them but what’s more strange is that the kids who lived in these homes disappeared and were found dead in other homes.
Many people believe it is some curse game where a kid at random gets chosen to continue the curse by another kid until they die when they pass on the curse. No one really knows what happens to those who are chosen but one speculation is that they try hide from the cursed one until they are caught.
Rumors started to escalate on certain kids who managed survive the curse had gotten taken away to some place where they continue the curse on others without dying. So far only 3 kids that had disappeared had never been found but more deaths keep happening. The 3 that disappeared is 1 boy and 2 girls. There have been sightings of them wandering around through dark forests and abandoned buildings.
Even more rumors about the 3 kids have spread around about them being siblings. The oldest of them being the boy and being named Yami. The middle child being one of the girls named Izanami. The youngest being the other of the girls named Karasu.
People even gave out explanations of what each of the siblings do. Yami poisons people through many ways with many types of poisons. Izanami continues the curse on whoever she chooses. Karasu cuts people with either a kitchen knife or her Black Trident.
Whatever you do don’t mess with any of these 3 sinister siblings many will tell you. Investigators went missing trying to find leads on them. An investigator named Clarissa said “If they take a liking to you, they will try their best to get you to join them even if it means kidnapping you or killing you.” before she disappeared.

If you read or heard all of that then won’t they be after you too? I hope you survive an encounter with them as we wouldn’t want you to die when you’ve gotten this far.
We have been waiting so long for someone to finally get through to the very end even if they are just listening because someone else is reading it out loud. Don’t bother trying to hide, we will find you no matter where you are so just keep reading or listening till the very end. You might be wondering why we want you and it is simple really, we are very lonely with it being just 3 of us and we can use someone more “lively” around here. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t try to escape or fight back we won’t hurt you in any way. We will have lots of fun together when you get to our home. If you are still here, then we will see you very soon.


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"We're both dead if we stay down here... and we need to find something, just anything to get out of this." Karasu says as she starts to walk back upstairs. "I know there's a reason why this is all happening, I know we escaped once but for some reason, we're back here."

[i Someone set this whole thing up, someone is controlling them from behind the scenes... but who would it be this time?] Karasu thinks to herself. [i And who was it that freed us last time?!]

"I get the feeling we might have to find weapons to fight with." Karasu states. "Be careful you don't end up hurting yourself while trying to fight back, if it does come to that."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 220d 16h 47m 57s
[center Sena opened her mouth to reply to Karasu, but jumped when the door opening caught her attention. She stumbled back, pressing her back against the dresser. At Izanami's words, she felt her stomach twist. She should've suspected something was wrong. They really had been there for a long time, though it hadn't dawned on her when the two were talking. She cursed herself for being so stupid.]

[center Looking at Karasu, she placed a hand on her shoulder, suddenly worried about the child. She wasn't sure what Izanami had done, but it angered and upset her. She hated that the girl wanted to mock them for wanting to escape.]

[center She waited for her to leave before looking at Karasu. [b "I don't care if they retaliate...we'll get out of this."] [i Somehow...]]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 222d 10h 19m 42s
"Nothing is ever fair... if you've seen what I've seen-... [sub what have I seen?]" Karasu says then hears Sena's last sentence. "It will most certainly not be easy, especially since they likely planned something else rather than us actually cleaning down here."

Karasu sighs then stands up.

"Strange it is that I can remember my past of before this up until it came to be and then bits here and there, because I can remember how I always wanted siblings that truly did care but I was an only child." Karasu states then covers one of her eyes with her hand. "My eyes are an obvious tell of the curse and I can feel it there too... it is a strange feeling but since I'm still living, it's only my eyes that are affected by it for now, though who knows what will happen when it's broken since it's been at least a century since I was taken."

The door to the basement slams open as Izanami marches down the stairs.

"What are you two doing?!" Izanami questions. "Do you both really need supervision everywhere you go now?!"

"...What?" Karasu responds.

"You really think Yami would leave you both completely alone together for that long?" Izanami asks. "He had me hang around near the door and eavesdrop on your little conspiring conversation."

"...What?!" Karasu responds.

"You really care so much about your memories that you will do anything to get them back, won't you?" Izanami questions. "I don't know if you honestly believed any of what you said or how you spun this tale of yours in your head but you better stop with this nonsense now or else the [b real] consequences will begin."

"Well then... we didn't really get that far on being secretive, did we Sena?" Karasu asks. "It seems we may have to figure out a way out of this one then."

"Karasu, if you think you can win this game of yours, then you can keep dreaming." Izanami states. "After all, dreaming is the start of everything, remember- oh wait, you can't!"

"Dreaming... is the..." Karasu mutters as she holds her head as if she's having a headache.

"Oh, I sparked a bit of hope in from the looks of it... good, let it grow so it can be so easily crushed." Izanami says then turns around and begins walking back up the stairs. "Don't worry, we'll let you both live and try to enact these plans of yours for the thrill of it, but we will retaliate to every single one of them until both your wills falter."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 254d 8h 4m 38s
[center Sena's eyes widened, and she found herself shaking her head. [b "That's not fair. You shouldn't have to die to save someone."] No, she was going to find a way to save. She was at least hoping she could, that was. But deep down, she had doubts.]

[center [b "I trust you enough at this point,"] she said a moment later, walking over and patting her head. She wasn't sure what else she could do to try and comfort her, but it was as good as anything. [b "I'm gonna try and save you, too."]]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 255d 21h 43m 1s
"My memory of what it was, was taken by someone... but they didn't take away all of it for some reason." Karasu says then sits down on a wooden box. "It really is strange to remember that your memory of something is gone... but, anyway, I'm starting realize more and more how impossible this will end good for the both of us so... if you'd rather, we can focus more on your escape instead of mine."

Karasu puts her hands on her head and leans forward.
"It might end up killing me and leaving the fate of anyone else unfortunate to read that damn story even worse but I'd rather go out fighting than cowering in the shadows." She says. "I know you probably still don't trust me but I seriously want this all to end without any more pain inflicted on others, I want this curse to be erased from existence... even if it does mean I will have to die in the end."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 264d 10h 25m 45s
[center Sena sighed a little. She had been hoping to find something that was going to help them, but that didn't seem to be the case just yet. She looked at Karasu and tilted her head a little. [b "I have no idea where to start looking or how to help. Can you think of anything specific that could help you?"]]

[center She had a feeling they had to figure it out soon, fearing what would happen if nothing came to mind. Grabbing the perfume bottle, she held it tightly in her hands. She wanted to keep it around just in case. Maybe it wasn't the smartest idea she'd ever had, but she would still try to use it if needed.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 265d 8h 20m 20s
"That... that won't be enough." Karasu says. "All it will do is make her mad, not remember."

[i Dammit, this isn't the exact item we're trying to find.] Karasu thinks. [i It must be something else, something hidden somewhere else...]

"What the hell was it that we're looking for... I can't remember what it is but-" Karasu says then interrupts herself. "Wait a second... maybe what we need to find is a memory from me and then- and then we might be able to figure out where the hell we start looking."

Karasu tries to search around the basement some more then stops and turns to Sena.
"You probably have a lot of questions, don't you?" She asks.
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 268d 10h 35m 14s
[center Sena gasped, stumbling back and almost dropping the bottle, but managing to keep her grip on it. Her heart was pounding a million miles a minute and her legs felt weak. [b "I...I think I just saw the moment before Izanami died..."] Or was she just guessing at that? She couldn't interpret it any other way.]

[center She looked at Karasu and gently set the bottle down. [b "Would she remember this?"]]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 269d 22h 33m 5s
[i This feels somewhat familiar but... I can't remember when or where this happened before.] Karasu thinks.

Sena would start hearing then seeing the memory of Izanami when she last used the perfume as if she was her.
A dark night out. The sky starting to pour down with rain. Some music playing on a phonograph. Izanami is looking at herself in the mirror while she tries out some of her mother's perfume. She seems to be comforted by the scent then starts brushing her hair. A bang on the door is heard and thus she goes over to open it, only to see her parents lying dead in the hallway and a girl holding a cleaver staring directly at her. Izanami screams and runs away but then the memory fades away.
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 278d 10h 43m 39s
[center Sena shuddered at Karasu's words. She [i really] hoped that didn't happen. As it stood, Karasu was her only chance of getting out of there, and she still wasn't one-hundred percent sure she could even trust her. For all she knew, she was leading her into a trap of some kind.]

[center Following her, she took the perfume from her and held it up, examining it. [b "Anyway we could use it on her? If it's her memory?"] She wasn't sure when she'd ever be able to get close enough to her to do something but...it was worth the thought.]

[center Taking a deep breath, she focused all of her attention on the bottle.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 279d 8h 58m 51s
"I wasn't killed to become like this and I still haven't been hurt in a way that would kill a normal human." Karasu says. "Though, that could change at any moment, which might make me less wanting to escape and help you too..."

Karasu walks around the basement, trying to pinpoint the area of the smell. She ends up finding an old dresser that seems to be the source of the smell.

"It smells like... some kind of perfume mixed with something else." Karasu says. "It smells somewhat familiar."

Karasu looks through the dresser and finds a little vintage bottle of perfume. She picks it and hands it over to Sena.

"Don't spray it just in case but I think it might have been Izanami's." Karasu states. "You should be able to see her memory through it if it is her's, you just have to focus on it."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 283d 16h 25m 51s
[center Sena looked at Karasu, frowning at her words. [b "You're alive? How is that possible?"] She looked just like her siblings, or she did to Sena at least. Was there something she was missing?]

[center Turning away, she began shifting a couple of things away from their spots, running her hands over the dust-covered shelves.]

[center Frowning, she walked over to Karasu and caught a quick whiff of what she was talking about. [b "That's strange..."] She quickly covered her nose, just to be safe.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 284d 10h 59m 22s
"I mostly worried about some sort of trap right now instead of looking suspicious by this point..." Karasu says. "I should probably tell you that... I'm actually still alive rather than dying to become this like them... which is why they don't particularly trust me."

Karasu then rummages around through old boxes of random junk as an attempt to "clean" some of the basement. That's when she starts to smell something strange.

"I don't think wood or cardboard can smell like that alone." Karasu says. "I can't tell what it smells like... which worries me."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 285d 9h 7m 6s
[center Sena slowly followed her, a chill running down her spine. She wasn't sure what was down there, but she knew that she really didn't want to find out. Whatever they wanted cleaned down there, it could stay dirty for all she cared.]

[center Glancing over at Karasu, she bit her cheek. [b "I can always check everything as I'm cleaning. At least the job will be done and, if there's anything down here worth finding, I'll for sure find it without looking suspicious."] At least, she hoped that would be the plan.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 286d 7h 14m 55s
"Let's do it right now so we can get it out of the way." Karasu says as she grabs Sena's arm and pulls her along.

The basement was next to the lounge so they arrive in only a few feet. Karasu opens it up and turns on the barely working basement lights then walks down the stairs.

"The last time anyone's been down here was when a guest tried to hide down here a long time ago... only to get caught soon after." Karasu says. "I'd say this would be a good chance to look around but I get the feeling that they have something devious planned."
  The Sinister Siblings / Okimichi / 286d 20h 13m 22s

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