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  1. [Allowed] CreamCheese
  2. [Allowed] OutriderKnight
  3. [Allowed] Isamu
  4. [Allowed] Leon-
  5. [Allowed] Pixel
  6. [Allowed] _FNAF_TALE_
  7. [Allowed] Libre_
  8. [Allowed] Creep
  9. [Allowed] GalacticKattunge
  10. [Allowed] If_Only_You_Knew
  11. [Allowed] MaoMao
  12. [Allowed] Euphoric
  13. [Allowed] Axeon
  14. [Allowed] _BlueXephos
  15. [Allowed] Kunpimook
  16. [Allowed] Blind
  17. [Allowed] DemiousMonska
  18. [Allowed] -Tiny
  19. [Allowed] Lilbluejay
  20. [Allowed] Tennyson
  21. [Allowed] Vlanderson
  22. [Allowed] Psyk
  23. [Allowed] Atorie
  24. [Allowed] Atmosphere
  25. [Allowed] Forsythe
  26. [Allowed] Gladdy
  27. [Allowed] Deiri
  28. [Allowed] Persistence
  29. [Allowed] _Prompto
  30. [Queued] Kamishiro
  31. [Allowed] TimeBomb
  32. [Allowed] Suga
  33. [Allowed] -Psyc-
  34. [Allowed] Knitemare
  35. [Allowed] Believe
  36. [Allowed] Delsin
  37. [Allowed] Ulric
  38. [Allowed] Keunakeun
  39. [Allowed] sinssbinss
  40. [Allowed] pinkra01
  41. [Allowed] AtomicBomb
  42. [Allowed] Mercy_
  43. [Allowed] RedComet
  44. [Allowed] Namjoon

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[center [google-font] [megrim [size18 Greetings/Welcome, I'm glad you happened to stumble upon this thread! This is simply a place where one is encouraged to talk freely, especially about food! Come share baking ideas, recipes, desserts, and just how much you adore food~ I sure know I do [pic]]]]

[center [pic] [google-font] [megrim [size18 This is indeed a club, and I would appreciate it greatly if everyone would get along. If there is a conflict, I expect it to be taken out of the thread and dealt with through PM. Having that said, all ES rules apply plus some: ]]]
[center [#F8BBD0 *★*―――――*★*―――――*★*―――――*★*―――――*★*]]
[center [size10 [#C5E1A5 1. [i Anime or Illustrated photos only, please.]]
[#81D4FA 2. [i No sexually explicit or revealing images ]]
[#D1C4E9 3. [i Cursing is allowed to some extent, misuse or excessive cursing is prohibited, always]]
[#F8BBD0 4. [i Most importantly; have fun and enjoy yourself, there is nothing more I could ask for]]]]

[center [google-font] [megrim [size18 So, would you be interested in joining my aspiring club? If so, to become a full member simply send me an IM with the subject as "Sweet Treats" then I ask for a short paragraph describing yourself, things I should know about you, likes, dislikes, favorites, etc. Just be creative! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via PM.]]] [center [pic]]


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