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It's the year 1891. Industrialism is now around the world, and so is war. Two sides, Parlouzer and Wormwood, are now creating a worldwide war where everyone is thrown into the crossfire.


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The Reverend nodded, and walked towards a small library about many mechanisms. She seemed to know all about all mechanisms. As soon as she walked in, she shut the door behind her.
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 8d 3h 49m 16s
[B thank you for assisting us.]

Alexander knew straight off that he sounded blunt, not that he cared. Before he stormed out of the engine room and up to his quarters. He was relieved the ship was well what he was not pleased with was his sister's attitude.
  William Carstairs / DothrakiShadowhunter / 4y 8d 17h 30m 57s
She stopped working after a while, dropping the wrench on the ground. "Whoo, boy.... Engine should be done now." She said.
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 54d 23h 30m 18s
Whilst she was collecting resources she heard the mysterious wormwood and her brother talking, he didn't sound impressed she laughed softly oh Alexander.

As she placed down the box she made sure it was secure before heading back out where men were passing boxes down the line, some of them were twisted men and they looked at her like she was a meal. Con growled quite a lot constantly watching each and everyone of them.

They finished up, closing the hatch she cracked her many knuckles.

[+Purple What do you fancy for supper?]
[I Anything will do]
[+Purple I'm afraid we shouldn't waste the better parts of our food supply on quality meals that are much better eaten during our travels.]
[I How about sandwiches then, I am sure Alexander won't mind, we have some excess cheese and a bit of ham]
[+Purple That will do]

Con bolted off to the kitchen where as she made her way to the observatory and sighed


She grabbed the microphone and spoke clearly

[+Purple How is the repair process going?]

Alexander answered

[B Fine... just watching her]
[+Purple She's one we can trust]
[B Yeah whatever]
[+Purple I am the captain Alexander]
[B Yes cap.]
  Anabelle Carstairs / DothrakiShadowhunter / 4y 55d 8h 31m 26s
She slowly explained how the engine was created and put in place while fixing it. "You got a broken generator and small pipe missing, along with some rust forming and a little fluid lost."
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 62d 19h 46m 24s
William eyed her suspeciously. People who tended to say they knew everything annoyed him, Anabelle on the other hand seemed content, grabbing his sister's arm he dragged her away. Con on the other hand watched this Wormwood doing her work
  William Carstairs / DothrakiShadowhunter / 4y 62d 20h 1m 59s
"All I need is an hour. Engines this complex are easy for me to fix, since I was the one who made them with Stark." The girl said while smirking.
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 62d 22h 44m 26s
She thanked Con silently before following this rather mysterious Wormwood towards her pride and glory, as she unlocked the hatch of the ship she went over to her controls.


[+Purple This is one of the fourteen others on the ship. Each of the panels sections are unique and three of them are broken. I'll show you to the other two]



[+Purple Well those are the three, I suggest starting with this one as many of our former mechanics have... this one is the most complicated as well as the most advanced]

she looked at the six designs, all of them more advanced as you took a closer look, they had been there forever, in fact it was a reward from the wormwoods a long time ago when they first started raiding places and taking on missions for the family.

[+Purple We need to leave as soon as possible. Take your time, no need to rush. We have at least a week head start before things become rather dire.]
  Anabelle Carstairs / QueenVerlacian / 4y 63d 8h 24m 29s
"Hm...." She stood there for a moment, deep in thought, before she nodded. She knew that these people were the friends of the Wormwoods, so she said, "Deal. Although I don't wish to be paid, I kindly accept your offer." She flicked a long piece of hair getting in her face behind her ears before walking towards the ship.
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 69d 6h 47m 29s
He sighed at them, they always fought Anabelle and Will. No wonder Ana was given the ship she was more level headed and intelligent than Will who was the sort to be there for the money and power nothing more nothing less. Con decided to speak then.

[I Yes we need help with our air ship. We can pay you if you'd like. We just need someone to check up on the engine is all, having trouble starting it up. If it doesn't bother you we also need you to install a new system that we stole from some other ship that we think would be helpful in our next task.]
[+Purple CON!] Ana was quick to respond [+Purple Don't worry about him.]
[I I am saying what we need Ana. No harm done.]
[B He is right]
[I So What do you say? Ma'am?]
  Con / QueenVerlacian / 4y 69d 12h 39m 3s
"Maybe because I want to work. Have you ever thought of that, sir? Have you ever thought about someone who wanted to work?" She asked firmly.
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 70d 6h 16m 15s
[B What's a wormwood doing down here? Shouldn't you be upstairs?]
[+Purple Shut up Alexander]
[+Purple Yes we need repairs] my sister bit into her apple
[B Haha. You're going to trust a wormwood with him]
[+Purple would you rather we blow sky high?]
[B We are pirates. We are the ones blowing people sky-high not the opposite]
  William Carstairs / QueenVerlacian / 4y 70d 6h 33m 52s
"Alyx Wormwood. I'd say my experience is pretty well." The woman folded her arms. "So what do you need? Repairs?"
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 70d 6h 57m 33s
She swallowed.

[+Purple Yes. Your name and experience please?]

She didn't want anyone who wasn't an expert anywhere near her ship. As she waited her brother came walking in, followed by Con.

[B We ready to go?]
[+Purple Not till I know our ship is in perfect working condition]
[B Ok]
  Anabelle Carstairs / QueenVerlacian / 4y 70d 9h 37m 40s
"Some of us are," A voice called out. "But there are some imbeciles here, being lazy and sitting on their arses." A girl wearing a hood over her red and black and silver dress walked up. "I suppose you need help with the motors, hm?"
  Reverend Alyx / Omnifox / 4y 71d 5h 19m 40s

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