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[#fd1912 "Do you remember when all this started?"]

[b "'s crazy that it's only been two years. I remember when I heard the dome drop. [i Thoomp.]"]

[#fd1912 "And then that woman came out like 'Citizens of New Haven, please do not panic.' Just booming over some loudspeaker. How are were we not supposed to panic, they'd just trapped us in a bio dome. Fucking idiot."]

[b "Y'know that idiot did manage to sneak a glass dome over an entire city."]

[#fd1912 "So?"]

[b "So she's smarter than us."]

[#fd1912 "Nah, just craftier. I just think she could've handled it better than 'Please don't panic.' Dumb cunt."]

[b "Man we could've handled it better. Do you remember what happened after the keys dropped?"]

[#fd1912 "Nobody even hesitated. They just started swinging on each other..."]

[b "Yeah... nothing's really changed either. Just less people to swing on... Well look I'm not all that keen on staying out in the open like this. Run his pockets and let's move on."]

[#fd1912 "It's not fair, you always win at rock paper scissors. I hate touching dead people."]

[h3 The Plot]

It's been two years since the twelve keys first dropped into Haven. When the dome came down, the lady on the intercom explained that in just a few moments, keys would fall in random places around the city. She went on to explain that at the southern end of the dome, there was a door that would open only with all twelve keys, and that only one person would be allowed to exit the city. All of the remaining population would be eradicated along with the city. A silence fell over the community as twelve glittering objects descended from the dome. If you ask some surviving residents, they'll tell you that in the eerie silence, you could almost hear the keys tang as they hit the ground. Right before all hell broke loose.

But, out of all chaos, eventually there comes order. People began to congregate together, in hope of gathering all the keys. Some groups decided they would try to all get out together while others simply decided that once the keys were gathered, they would just fight. The one who lived would continue living. Some groups with similar interests began to gather together to form factions. Of course, these factions fought one another and naturally whittled each other down and out.

There are now two main factions remaining: The Red Flags, who believe that once all the keys are found that vote should be held for who the most beneficial member of their community was and the winner given his freedom, and the True Guerrillas, who aren't entirely sure what they'll do once they get all the keys, but getting them is most of the battle. The Red Flags offer protection and an equal chance to earn your out, however your chances are realistically slim and all members are aware of that. The True Guerrillas are more of an alliance of smaller groups and individuals all working towards the same goal. They only ask that members treat HQ as a safe zone. Any discrepancies and disputes among members must be handled out in the city, never at home.

Six keys are in the possession of the True Guerrillas, while the Red Flags have only four. Two keys remain at large.

[h3 Skeletons]


Character Name:







Faction Position:


Extra Info:

Anyone applying to be the leader of the Red Flags will have an extra screening process, as I will further discuss the plot with them since they have one of the most important roles.


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