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[h3 Welcome to Lothian High]

Lothian, a very successful company with franchises across the globe, has built a new school near Shibuya, Japan named Lothian High. This school has state-of-the-art facilities & technology for their students and teachers. The school is for Junior Highschoolers & Highschoolers. Anyone can join the school as long as their application is accepted, meaning no one has to have excellent grades or lots of money to join. Lothian High is always open to new students and always has positions for staff to fill.
Come send your application. People are usually accepted, no matter what impairments, inabilities, ailments, defects, weaknesses or disabilities they have, students and staff alike.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/pApE9aK.png]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/ng1J6vq.png]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/aim1UAu.png]

[h3 About the school building]

Yes, as stated above this school has state-of-the-art facilities & technologies and it is for Junior Highschoolers & Highschoolers.
The building is pretty large and has 3 floors. There are 60 classrooms & rooms in it, many of which can be used as club rooms or for other purposes.
There are of course the aspects that most schools have such as restrooms, cafeteria, nurses' station, gymnasium, outside area for sports and showers for sport players.
Some important facilities the building has a water purifier connected to a nearby river, solar panels and a wind turbine for electricity and a rooftop garden for growing food and other things.
There is also of course a parking lot.
The entire school and the parking lot are surrounded by a large metal fence, with a main gate that cars and people to enter through and to keep out trespassers.


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[center Verena kept glancing behind them, worried that the train wouldn't arrive before something happened. Perhaps it was her nerves that were bothering her. Either, she didn't like the idea of anything that may happen. In her mind, too many things were going wrong and she didn't know if they'd be able to stop any of them.]

[center Hearing the train, she swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was terrified, and the feeling was only getting worse the further they went.]

[center Taking one more glance before her, she hurried onto the train, leaning against the door once it closed. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 222d 10h 20m 54s
"Sounds like a complete enough plan to me." Takumi says.

"Don't worry about food or water, there'll be plenty of that on the boat, and fuel too." Emi says. "After all, it's used for long fishing trips and if worst comes to worst, we can fish for food."

"If any of us know how to." Madoka replies. "Well, other than you Emi."

The train soon approaches and stops at the station. The doors open and a few people are gesturing them to hurry in.

"Come on, come on, hurry inside before they get here if you're going this route!" One man shouts.

"There's enough room for you all if you need a ride!" One woman adds.

"Coming!" Ryo responds as he runs over into the train.

"W-wait, we don't know if-... oh damn it all!" Emi says then runs inside too.

"Best not to get separated now." Madoka says.

"I don't want to find out how many followed the train to here so yes, let's hurry." Reiko states.

"Right..." Takumi replies.

The rest of them run inside the train and hopefully await for Verena to come along.
  Students / Okimichi / 254d 7h 55m 34s
[center Verena looked back and forth between everyone. She was weighing out the pros and cons of the ideas, biting her lip before she leaned against the wall. They were lucky enough at the moment that nothing was around. But she didn't know how long that luck would last. If the crash was loud, somebody, or something, was bound to be on its way.]

[center She glanced up the stairs, shuddering as she thought about what may be up there. To her, the boat sounded like the best idea. But what if there were undesirables on the island? It seemed like a stretch, but at this point, she didn't know [i what] was possible.]

[center Turning to them, she sighed. [b "I...the boat may be the safest idea for now. But we don't know how long this will last. Will we even have food or shelter?"] She glanced over at the sound of the train, wrapping her arms around herself. [b "The train may not even stop. If anything, we can wait. But I say; if there's anyone on board that looks like they're going to harm us, we make a run for it."] It was risky, but she felt like they were backed into a corner.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 255d 21h 32m 50s
"I don't like it either but our chances are just as bad wandering around the streets." Takumi says. "It basically comes down to where we want to go in the end."

"The forest could be good to lose them but just as good to end up trapped." Madoka says. "An island... well, a smaller island could be good if the ways to it are blocked or if it can only be gotten to by boat or air."

"Then... oh wait, I have an idea!" Emi exclaims. "My dad has a boat he likes to use for fishing over in Odaiba, which we can use to keep us safe for at least a day to really think this all over."

"What about your dad?" Takumi asks.

"He's overseas on a business trip right now... I don't know what's happening anywhere else in the world but he knows how to defend himself, I'm sure he'll be fine." Emi answers. "Anyway, this train just so happens to have a route getting us close to Odaiba."

"The train could also lead us to our deaths if it's full of... anyone that wants to do us harm." Ryo responds.

"I think I hear the train coming now so we better come to a decision quick." Reiko says. "Personally, the boat sounds nice but the chances of it still being there when we get there are slim."

"I say we do or die, as in we take the chance to get to that boat quick." Madoka says. "Getting out of the city during all of this would be a priority for most, after all."

"I just want us to get someplace safe and preferably not near someone with a rocket launcher this time." Ryo says.

"Verena, what do think?" Takumi asks.
  Students / Okimichi / 264d 10h 6m 40s
[center Verena looked over at Takumi and nodded slowly. She was relieved to see that they were okay, but her heart sank over them saying the pilots were gone. [b "They left us?!"] she cried out, her eyes widening. She wasn't sure what else they would've done, considering they all had the chance of being dead, but she still couldn't believe they would just leave them behind.]

[center Getting out, she looked around, wrapping her arms around herself. [b "Is it really a good idea to stand around and wait? We really don't know if the trains are still running, and if they are, I really doubt they'd stop just for us."] Plus, if they were filled with those things, she didn't want to be trapped with them.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 265d 8h 21m 55s
"My head... somehow only my head hurts and it isn't bleeding." Takumi says. "Are you alright, Verena?"

"We need to... to get out." Madoka says.

"Are the pilots... okay?" Chou asks.

"We- er, I'll go check on them after... the uh, door opens." Reiko says.

"Dammit, the door is jammed." Ryo says. "We might have to-"

"Here, let me try." Emi says then kicks the door off. "Gotta appreciate all the workout you get for cheerleading it seems."

Reiko gets out first to check on the pilots while the others get out one by one. Both pilots are somehow gone.

"What the... did they immediately get and run or jump out while we were falling out of the sky or...?" Reiko says.

"If we can't find them nearby then they must have run off or... even worse." Ryo responds. "They're trained military, they would do better than us during all of this."

"Aren't we extremely lucky to have crashed at a train station apparently when the train supposed to arrive too." Madoka states. "We must be the unluckiest luckiest group around right now."

"We'll see about that if the train is even still running and isn't full of... undesirables." Takumi replies. "But, where do even go at this point- I mean, what are we supposed to do now?"
  Students / Okimichi / 268d 10h 2m 4s
[center Verena closed her eyes tightly, pulling her knees to her chest and placing her hands over her head. She didn't see how they were going to survive this. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she curled up, as best she could at least, praying that her death would be quick and painless.]

[center Feeling the helicopter come to a stop, she slowly opened her eyes, lifting her head up just a little to see the others. She was surprised she was alive at all at the moment. But she had no what would be outside the helicopter once they got out. [b "Is...is anyone else okay?" she said softly, trying not to make too much noise.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 269d 22h 34m 42s
"We can't really do anything right now..." Takumi says. "Except trust that the pilots will get us out alive."

The helicopter makes heavy maneuvers as it flies away from the base. Just as it seems they're in the clear, a missile blows up near the back, hitting the tail and causes them to spin uncontrollably.

"We're dead...!" Emi exclaims. "There's nothing to save us now!"

"No, this can't be...!" Reiko says.

"We just have to hold on!" Takumi shouts. "Keep your head still and from hitting anything!"

The helicopter continues to spin as it descends and manages to crash on the Tachikawa Station. Miraculously, it wasn't a serious crash but a crash nonetheless.
  Students / Okimichi / 278d 10h 25m 47s
[center Verena couldn't help but be angry. She hadn't known any of this when her parents had enrolled her into the school. They probably hadn't even known. And if they did...well, they would be getting an earful from her if she ever got to see them again. After she was done crying, of course.]

[center She gasped as she felt the helicopter move, their voices cutting through her thoughts. [b "What the hell?!"] Were they serious? There was no way...]

[center Looking around at everyone, she felt her stomach knot up. [b "What do we do?"]]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 279d 8h 52m 54s
"I don't understand why you would make it a school either." Takumi says.

"Well... it was a way to provide the best schooling to as many as possible for free, and even teach survival capabilities just so everyone there could survive a doomsday scenario." Reiko explains. "Of course, students would have a choice of what wanted to do if that did happen once the school was fully finished but that never came to be..."

"Control, come in." Pilot 1 says. "Control, do you read me?"

"Wait... those aren't ours down there." Pilot 2 says. "Who are they?"

"Control, do you copy?!" Pilot 1 says. "I'm not getting a response!"

"Oh shit, one of them has an RPG!" Pilot 2 exclaims. "We have to-!"

A missile is fired at them and the helicopter manages to narrowly avoid it.

"Oh god, this can't be happening!" Emi says. "First zombies become real then a random group of people take over the military base for evacuation and are trying to kill us?!"

"Are they completely insane?!" Takumi questions.
  Students / Okimichi / 283d 16h 14m 44s
[center Verena sat quietly in her seat, her hands folded in her lap as she stared at them. She simply couldn't comprehend the madness that was surrounding them. Everything had been fine that morning. So why now...]

[center She quickly wiped at her eyes, tears threatening to spill over again. She wasn't going to be a baby about this. It sucked, more than anything ever had in her life, but crying over it wasn't going to help them.]

[center Looking up at the nurse, she frowned. [b "Why not just make it a complete base? Why let kids attend? It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen."] Had it really been a good idea to send kids to a secret base? Especially without the students or parents knowledge?]

[center Maybe she didn't have a right to question it. She didn't know all of the details. But the thought still made her uneasy. Looking out the window, she she felt her stomach tighten. She wasn't sure she wanted to be surrounded by strangers. Especially with the worlds so unpredictable.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 284d 10h 59m 55s
"There's still military, surely they can contain this and scientists will band together to find a cure." Takumi responds. "There's no way this is the end..."

"Society was always just one calamity short of an apocalypse." Ryo says. "All we can do for now is wait on whatever happens next."

"Great pep talk there, Ryo." Madoka says. "You really understand how to lighten the mood."

"So um, they really are zombies?" Emi asks. "They come back to life just to eat people?"

"...Look, the last thing I remember hearing about this plague is that it has something to do with parasites." Reiko says. "If they are parasites then are something quite intelligent to take full control of organisms and my only theory of why they are eating people is because that's how they get their nutrients or energy."

"How do you know all of this?" Chou asks. "Where do you hear these things from, who is your friend who knows everything about this and are you really just a nurse at our school?"

"I guess there's no point holding back info now..." Reiko replies. "The school is- was actually a facility designed for safety against doomsday scenarios, that's why it's more advanced than most schools and happens to be free for anyone to attend."

"But that failed." Ryo says. "The most we got was an evacuation, not a full defense against this... chaos."

"We didn't realize how short on time we were, so it wasn't fully equipped with everything we needed through legal means." Reiko states. "We were supposed to get a whole security team at some point but that was debated on how it appears we're forming a private military for Japan."

They soon started nearing the airbase in the helicopter.

"We are approaching Yokota Air Base." Pilot 1 says into the mic on his headset. "Permission to land."
  Students / Okimichi / 285d 8h 40m 40s
[center Slowly putting her phone away, she prayed that her call would be returned soon, only nodding at Ryo's words about it being her family. She wasn't sure what to do. She had no way of knowing if they were alive and safe.]

[center Looking out the window, her eyes widened at the scene down below. Was this some kind of prank that she didn't know about? Or maybe she was dreaming. A quick pinch to the arm tore that thought away.]

[center Hearing the word zombies, Verena began to laugh. [b "Are you listening to yourselves? Zombies? Are you serious?! That kind of thing only happens in the movies! Whatever this is, it can't be zombies!"] Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she looked at all of them, her voice finally breaking. [b "Right?"] There was no way the dead could come back to life. That type of thing was meant to be fake.]

[center However, a quick glance out the window proved otherwise. [b "This isn't the end, is it?"] She asked, looking at Takumi.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 286d 7h 14m 4s
"Hey, what's wrong?" Takumi asks.

"It could be her family..." Ryo says.

"...Some of the city is on fire." Madoka says.

"W-wait a second, what?!" Emi responds.

Takumi and Emi look out the helicopter's windows to see chaos all around the cities, including burning wrecks of vehicles on the streets.

"Everything will end okay, right?" Chou quietly asks. "The military and the police will sort everything out... and then everything will go back to normal..."

"I hope they aren't actual psychos out there who think they can do whatever they want during this... outbreak." Reiko says. "Those people attacked the school... they weren't alive."

"Wha... so you're saying they really were zombies?" Takumi asks.

"That's one word to describe them, yes." Reiko answers. "There's more to this illness than just coming back from the dead."

"What do you mean?" Ryo questions.

"I don't fully know but I know someone who does." Reiko responds. "I hope he makes it out okay, because he's one of the few who understand why this is happening."
  Students / Okimichi / 286d 20h 0s
[center Verena sat back in her chair, keeping her eyes shut tight for a moment. She could've gone her whole life without seeing what she had. But she couldn't deny that it had saved the nurses' life, so that was something.]

[center Accepting the fact that the image was forever burned in her mind, she looked back and forth between everyone, biting the inside of her cheek. She wasn't sure what she was going to do now. Everything was happening so fast...]

[center Glancing at Emi, she felt her stomach knot up. [b "I don't actually know. I haven't been here very long. There might be a friend or two..."] Her eyes suddenly widened and she pulled out her phone, tapping on it furiously. Without another word, she placed the phone to her ear, tears filling her eyes as the ringing stopped and went to voicemail.]
  Verena / Burning_Heart / 287d 11h 28m 59s

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