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Alec had spent the night at a local bar Moe's. The owner of the bar had taken his keys and Alec was pissed, not wanting to waste his money on a taxi he decided to walk home. It was only two miles away and he was sure he could make it.

Stumbling out of the bar Alec was on his way, he almost made it until he stumbled out into the road. [#2c4ec3 "Bloody hell"] he said to himself just missing a pot hole, he didn't see or hear the car that came barreling around the corner and it only took a moment before he was out cold. The driver of the vehicle called 911 but fled the scene of the crime after leaving an anonymous call about an injured man in the road.

Sirens came moments later, and Alec was being lifted onto a stretcher. It hadn't take long to get Alec to the nearest hospital and the paramedics called out for someone to help them as they didn't have time to call in the patient before they had arrived.
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Victoria smiled at Julia, [+dodgerblue "Feel free to borrow anything you want, me closet is su closet. Or something like that."] She chuckled before taking a sip of her coffee. As she drank more of her coffee sehe sighed a little, [+dodgerblue "To be honest I am just glad today is only an 8 hour shift. I am still exhausted from the 48 hour shift. It should be illegal to force us to work another shift with only 8 hours in between. Like our brains are going to be working fully today."] With that she got up and made her way to the fridge, grabbing ingredients to pack a lunch she decided to grab enough for two lunches. As she made herself a Turkey wrap she decided to cut up some avocado slices to throw on the wrap. Packing up the lunches she gave one to Julia. [+dodgerblue "I hope you like it, I figure if we bring lunch we will save time from standing in the lunch line. Do you want to car pool this morning? You have to get dressed and I need to straighten my hair which will take 10 mins and we will be on our way."]

Making her way to her car she rolled down the windows to air out the already blazing heat that had started their morning. [+dodgerblue "Just so you know I am hosting a little work get together tonight so we can get to know our fellow coworkers. Size up the competition if you know what I mean."] The drive took a total of 7 minuets. One of the reasons why Victoria loved her apartment but knew it only took 3 minuets more from her actual house.

Waiting to be assigned to a resident for the day Victoria and Julia spent their time checking out the surgical board seeing what things they would one day be able to do. In the moments they waited an male came in with lacerations to his testicles from cleaning the bathroom naked and his cat attached himself. Victoria follow a fellow doctor into an exam room and was lucky enough to do some of the stitches herself. The guy on the table kept moving which made it difficult but Victoria was happy with her work. The Resident looked over her stitches and told her she was a natural. Now that the patient was stitched up she had to wait for another patient.
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Julia took her time washing her body twice over, something about being awake and working for 48 hours made her feel dirty. She grabbed some shampoo and after putting some on her wet hair decided to use the bottle like a microphone while she put on her one woman show for all the towels and washcloths to enjoy. [+purple "Ice ice baby..."] she belted, uncaring about who might hear. [+purple "Ice ice baby"] she continued, rinsing out her hair before applying conditioner and grabbing a razor, [+purple "Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby. All right stop, Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention.Something grabs a hold of me tightly. Then I flow like a harpoon daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yo -- I don't know, Turn off the lights and I'll glow. To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal-"] It was then that Julia heard what sounded like the front door close. She assumed it was Victoria so instead of calling out she just continued to rinse off her hair and body, this time however, without the one woman show. [+purple "Time to pack it in boys"] she whispered, smiling to herself before turning off the water and grabbing a towel.

In her room Julia was having quite the predicament, she hadn't really planned her ,over very well and thus the only clothes she had to wear were what she had worn that night. She let out a sigh, she had already helped herself to whatever was in the shower, she wasn't sure she wanted to started being that roommate that borrows everything. Still, she couldn't bring herself to put dirty clothing back on. She worked up her nerve and finally made her way to the kitchen where she found Victoria in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee. [+ purple "Good morning, yeah I found the place really easy, it popped right up on mapquest and I slept like a dream. I hope you don't mind but I borrowed some stuff from the shower, all of my things are still at my parents house."] She made her way over to the mugs and took a sip before turning to Victoria, [+purple "Which leads me to my next question...."] she paused, [+purple "Everything I own is back home, which means I completely forgot to bring clean clothing, do you think I could borrow something of yours?"] She smiled wide in a 'pretty please' kind of way which she had always sworn she would never give, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
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Sending Julia a quick message, [i sorry I didn't even see your text until this morning. I am eating breakfast now then will head home for shower and coffee. how did you sleep?] Looking up from her phone she saw that TC was looking at her the same grin he has had since last night. [+dodgerblue "Sorry, I have to go. I need to shower for work. See you later."] with that she got up and headed for the door, realizing she was only in her undies and bra she went back toward his room to retrieve her clothes.

Finally pulling into her parking spot she saw Julia's car and made her way into her apartment. [+dodgerblue "Julia I am home..."] She didn't see Julia at first but heard water running from the main bathroom. She was going to knock but didn't want to scare her. Instead she headed to the master bathroom and jumped into her own shower washing off the stench from her 48hr shift and sex smell. The water felt great cascading down her body. Not wasting any time she got out of the shower and threw on some clothes. A simple black flowing skirt and a white tank top and made her way to the kitchen, giving her hair time to air dry.

In the kitchen she grabbed the coffee beans to brew a fresh pot of french roast coffee. Taking a seat at the table she pulled her Ipad out and checked her emails. Email was one of the only means of communication she had with her father because he was so busy. She pulled up an email stating that the house would be finished in one week and the movers would move her stuff back into the house for her immediately. She wouldn't have to lift a finger because they already had keys to the apartment and the house. The thought of finally being able to move back into her home put her in a great mood. She considered seeing if some of the other interns would want to move in with her and Julia since she had 4 bedrooms and it would only be the two of them, something she would talk over with Julia. Sending her father a quick email she saw Julia walk into the kitchen.

[+dodgerblue "Good Morning, sorry about last night. After that shift I really needed the stress relief. How did you sleep? Did you find the place alright?"] Taking a breathe she realized she was throwing a lot at her without giving Julia a chance to respond so she poured them both a cup of coffee for home and a nice thermal mug for work.
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Julia continued to make small talk with Andrew while she let her eyes scan the room looking for Victoria and Dr. Callahan. [+orange "Am I keeping you from something.... or someone perhaps?"] [+purple "Hmm?"] She stumbled, feeling a little off guard at his comment. [+orange "You haven't let your eyes focus in for mp1re than a second in over 5 minutes, if I'm keeping you from something please just tell me and I'll leave you alone."] Julia let out a sigh before she felt her phone buzzing, it was a text from Victoria. She smiled as she read it then looked up at Andrew, [+purple "Sorry, it was my friend, she took off with some guy and I just wanted to make sure she was alright, but she texted me and everything is fine so I can focus now."] She crossed her legs on the stool and took another sip of her drink, [+purple "So anyways, where were we?"]

The two had a few more hours of meaningless conversation before Julia made her way out of the bar, she may have been horned up on bourbon but she had her eyes set on a different prize. Sorry Andrew. Once outside Julia pulled her phone out and sent Victoria a text, [i Headed home now, will you be home for breakfast?]

The apartment was larger than expected much to Julia's surprise and she was kind of excited she was alone when she saw it for the first time. This meant she could really explore the place without feeling like a total creep. She started in the kitchen, silently memorizing where everything was. Thankfully, it seemed pretty basic. Next she opened the fridge, praying her new roomie wasn't some kind of health nut. 2% milk, a half a dozen eggs, some juices, a 6 pack of beer, cheese and other items eased her. Looking over into the livingroom Julia caught a peak at the clock, it was already nearing 2am. She decided to end her tour and find out where shed be sleeping.

The next morning Julia checked the other bedroom and after finding it was empty texted Victoria once more [i I see out first breakfast as roommates has been canceled due to a certain attending whom shall remain unnamed.... they might be reading our texts. Coffee before work to talk?] She made herself something quick to eat before showering and getting dressed for work.
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Pushing her way out of the bar, Victoria couldn't help but smile. She was once again alone with Dr.Callahan and while she knew in the back of her mind that starting anything with him was a bad idea she didn't care. Making their way over to the side of the building Victoria leaned against the brick that was cold due to the night air and it felt good against her back. [+dodgerblue "You got me out here, what would you like to talk about."] He words no sooner left her mouth and his lips where against her. She found herself peering over his shoulder realizing if anyone saw them they wouldn't be able to see who was making out like teenagers and this made her relax into his kiss. Wrapping her hands around his neck she continued the kiss for a few minuets before taking a breath.

[b "want to go for a ride to my place? I could use a break from this place."] Victoria smiled but then thought about Julia, [+dodgerblue "I came here with Julia, wouldn't be nice to take off. Let me text her."] Reaching for her phone she sent a quick message to Julia, [i Going to head out, here is my address. key is under the frog, let yourself in.] After hitting the send button she quickly found herself climbing into his car. The drive only took fifteen minuets, pulling up to a beautiful condo Victoria took in the view, the condo was lite up from the outside lights.

Getting out of the car, she made her way to the condo. Dr.Callahan had a wide grin on his face, clearly she wasn't the only one excited for what could happen between the two of them once they made their way inside. Entering the condo, he turned on the light and lead her into the bedroom........

The next morning the sun is what woke Victoria up, beaming in the window she rolled over in the California king bed to realize she was not in her home. Grabbing for the sheets she got up and made her way to the kitchen that had smells of bacon and eggs cooking. Dr.Callahan was at the stove cooking in a pair of black sweatpants and no shirt. He had the same grin on his face that he had the night before. [b I hope your hungry. I made a big breakfast bacon, pancakes, eggs and toast with a fresh pot of coffee brewing."] Taking a seat at the bar she watched him cook and realized her phone was plugged into the bar. [+dodgerblue "Thank you, I am hungry. Did you plug my phone in?"] she asked as she looked through her messages seeing a couple from Julia.
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Julia, although still high on her first shift felt a little more human taking off the 2 day old scrubs and slipping into her own clothes, a pair of dark wash jeans, a while lace shirt and a pair of uncomfortable yet totally worth it heels. She was taking down her hair when Victoria finally responded to all of Julia's blabbering. She listened intently while staring at herself in the small mirror hanging in her locker and brushing finger to loosen the strands of her hair.

Before hearing the words [i 'Want to go to a bar'] Julia's responses had been hardly more than a nod and an occasional noise to let Victoria know she was listening, but hearing those beautiful six words snapped Julia's mouth right open,  [+purple "You bet your skinny ass I do"] she smiled, grabbing Victoria's arm and walking out of the locker room.

Moes seemed to be the place of choice by nearly every first year, resident, and attending of the surgical wing as well as a few others, it was packed from corner to corner.  Together they pushed their way threw the crowd until they made their way to the bar. [+purple "Get me an old fashioned while your at it"] Julia chimed in after Victoria ordered her drink. Moe; clearly a man who cared more about the appearance of his bar then his own smiled and nodded before turning and making his way over to the whiskeys.  [+dodgerblue "Want to sit at the bar? Doesn't look like there is an open table."] Victoria asked, [+purple "It's like you reas my mind"] she called, trying to be louder than all the other conversations around her.

The two found a couple of bar stools off to one of the sides and took a seat just as Moe slid their drinks in front of them, [+green "Jack and coke and an old fashioned for the two fresh faces."] He winked before his attention was pulled away by another customer.

Noticing Victoria's head in the clouds Julia looked over at her, she saw her lips moving but before ahe could ask what she had said they were in the pressence of noneother than Dr. Callahan. Not wanting to interrupt Julia turned to her right and struck up conversation with a young looking man that looked too young and innocent to be anyrhing more than a nurses aid. [+purple "Long day at the office?"] She pried, noting as Victoria left with Dr. Callahan. [+yellow "Not really, just winding down... Names Andrew."] He reached out a hand which Julia shook, [+purple "Julia, brand new surgeon."] She chimed with a beaming pride.
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Victoria had been so lost in her own mind that she didn't even hear Julia enter the room. She even jumped as Julia talked about the incredible shift she had just had. This made it harder for her to hold herself together. [+dodgerblue "My day was one for the books, I lost multiple patients and the last one we couldn't determine what caused her death. She was alone in the world and we couldn't give her peace."] Victoria stood there for a minute and then turned to Julia with a slight smile on her face, [+dodgerblue "I am glad you had such a wonderful day, I would like to hear about it. Want to go to a bar? I could really use a drink right about now."]

Making there way to Moe's bar across the street, Victoria decided that she was going to let the trouble from the day roll off her shoulders because she knew that holding on to the painful losses would not do her any good. The bar was packed like it always had been every time Victoria thought about going but it didn't bother her today. Looking around she noticed that most of the people inside where from the hospital, that brought a smile to her face. The ladies made their way to the bar and Victoria ordered a Jack and Coke. [+dodgerblue "Want to sit at the bar? Doesn't look like there is an open table."]

No sooner did she take a seat did the door to the bar open again and she found herself looking to see who entered. It was the doctor she had been working with all day and she felt color rush to her cheeks, trying to turn her head before he noticed her was almost impossible. [+dodgerblue "Fair warning doctor is in the house."] She said under her breath to Julia. Taking in her drink she took it down in one gulp and waited to order another when she felt his presence grow nearer to her. It was like she had a sixth sense, she got chills up her arms and she knew he was pulling up a spot at the bar right next to them. [b "Victoria, nice work today. I was wondering if I could speak to you outside for a moment."] Dr.Callahan whispered into her ear and she couldn't help but want to go with him. Looking toward Julia who acted like she hadn't seen him she smiled and decided to follow him outside.
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Once the last stitch was in place Julia looked over at Dr. Bailey with the biggest smile hidden behind her mask, [+purple "That was the last stitch Dr. Bailey, shall I go inform Zachary's parents that the surgery was a success?"]

Dr. Bailey stood silent, she couldn't tell exactly what she was doing but it appeared as though she was counting, [+purple "Dr. Bailey, is everything alright?"]

[b "Yes Dr. Washington, everything is fine, I was just double checking to make sure we hadn't left anything undone or any stone unturned is all. Why don't you go ahead and get yourself cleaned up them go find Chris and Joanna, tell them that the surgery was a success and that they can see Zachary in the recovery wing in about an hour. Once you're done I'd like for you to head to the lab and practice that stitch a few more times before your shift ends, tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I'd like you as familiar with stitching as you can by then alright?"]

[+purple "Of course."] she replied, making her way out of the OR and removing her mask.

She could still feel the way it felt to hold the instruments in each hand as she washed them, she thought that today would have gone so much differently than it had, but she was thankful for that. This had been one of the hardest days she had ever had but it had also been one of the most rewarding. She had learned first hand what it felt like to lose a patient and also what it felt like to save one. On her list of best days ever this one was certainly in her top 5.

[b [+pink "Is he alright? Is Zachary alright?"]] Joanna sprung up the moment Julia entered the waiting room.

[+purple "He's doing fine, everything went great, his body didn't reject the lungs. You can see him in about an hour in the recovery wing."]

She was met with four arms wrapping around her, thanking her profusely. [+purple "It is really Dr. Bailey you should be thanking, she did practically all the work."] Julia responded before graciously excusing herself and making her way to the lab to practice her stitches as promised.

As if it had only been a few moments the hours had flew by and it was time for Julia to finally go home after her first 48hrs. She made her way into the locker room with a smile from ear to ear on her face. [+purple "Today was incredible! It was absolutely incredible!"] she spoke, pulling her scrub top off. [+purple "How was your day?"] she looked at Victoria and her smile quickly faded, [+purple "Yikes, are you alright Victoria?"]
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Once Victoria was done with her patient she went to find Dr.Callahan. She wanted to get approval to head down to the lab room in order to practice stitching her patients and strengthen her technique. Turning the corner she looked and spotted Dr.Callahan sending a patient down to the morgue in order to figure out cause of death as there was nothing that showed in his labs for him to pass away so suddenly. Once Dr. Callahan saw Victoria a smile swept across his face, [b "Dr.Rhodes, would you care to assist me in finding out what caused Edie Rose to pass away? Typically it is not something I would do but there is something about this particular case that doesn't add up."] Nodding her head she followed Dr.Callahan to the morgue, it was so quiet down here. She watched as Dr.Callahan turned on some music and then went to wash his hands and put on some gloves. Victoria did the same but as she reached for a mask he put his hand on hers, [b "You don't need a mask for this the patient is already dead, you wont spread infection."] Putting the mask down she made her way to the patient and went around the left side.

Dr.Callhan handed her a scalpel and had her cut down Edie's chest and then each side of the chest in order to open the chest completely. The first thing they did was remove the organs and weigh each one in order to find any thing out of the ordinary. Victoria found herself so deep into this patient that it didn't bother her that she was dismantling a human body She would ask questions and continue cutting and looking for a cause of death. She had flash backs to class when the would work on a corpse but it was so different working on someone that had died moment before, she was looking for a cause not training although this was also a learning experience it felt different. She found herself wondering what Julia was doing as their shift was winding down.

As the two doctors continued working on this patient it was becoming harder and harder to find a cause of death. Everything was coming out within normal limits. Once Dr.Callahan determined that it would have to be a blood test that found her cause she asked if they could stitch her back up. There was something that made her feel like their patient was so exposed cut open and she deserved to be closed up. Dr.Callahan looked at her for a moment and they proceeded to close her up. Once Edie was closed back up they put her in one of the boxes in order for her body to still be viable.

Leaving the morgue she found herself cleaning her hands longer than normal. Dr. Callahan looked at Victoria, [b "Are you ok?"] Taking in a deep breath she opened her mouth to talk, [+dodgerblue "It doesn't seem right that there is no reason for Edie's death, our job is all about finding diagnosis but nothing came out of that. What are we suppose to tell the family"] Dr. Callahan lowered his head, [b "She has no family or loved ones, she was alone on the world."] That made Victoria's heart break, this 48 hour shift was the hardest shift she has ever had to deal with, they lost several patients today and it didn't even phase most of them but Victoria didn't like it. She left Dr.Callahan and made her way to the locker room, finally her first shift was over. She stood in front of her locker staring at its contents but not moving or saying a word.
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Heading back into the OR Julia silently prayed to herself that Zachary's body wouldn't reject the lungs, that the past 5 years Dr. Bailey had spent with this family wouldn't end so tragic. [+purple "They asked about the possibility of Zachary rejecting his new lungs, do you think that's a possibility Dr. Bailey?"]

She must have sounded concerned because Dr. Bailey broke concentration from the patient to look at her, [b "Dr. Washington everytime we perform a transplant there is always the risk of the patient rejecting it regardless of the organ. These are things that we simply can not predict, things that we shouldn't let get to us when we are performing such surgeries."] She looked back at the patients open chest, [b "From where I'm standing I see a perfectly good functioning pair of lungs, there's no sign of stress or punctures. But even that can't tell us that he won't reject them in the next 24hours. All we can do now is close him up and keep a watch of him until he's well enough to go home."]

Julia knew she was right, if she was going to make it as a surgeon she needed to accept the fact that there are some things that are out of their control. That she couldn't let herself dwell on the what ifs because it would only make her afraid. She was going to have to be fearless.

[b "Alright people. Let's close him up and get him into recovery. Dr. Washington would you like to learn how to do a backstitch?"]

With a big smile Julia rushed to her side and listened intently while Dr. Bailey instructed her hands to close Zachary's chest with his new lungs safely inside.
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Victoria found herself standing at the nursing station with a smile on her face, finally one of the nurses was able to page Dr.Robinson. Victoria found herself watching for the doctor to appear, as he made his way toward her.
[+dodgerblue "Hey Dr.Robinson, I paged you in regards to Miss.Colton we believe she is going to need surgery for a brain bleed. We need to schedule it immediately do you have time?"] She realized she never introduced herself to him but the needed to get in and save her patient. Dr.Robinson said he was free and she found herself heading into surgery. The patient had already been put out and was ready to be cut open.

Victoria watched as he drilled into this girls head, she knew that it required skill because if he drilled to far he would hit her brain and kill the patient instantly. She continued to watch to try and learn although she knew dealing with brains was not her cup of tea. As she began to drift off into her own thoughts she heard the monitors going off, they where losing her. The doctor continued to work but nothing had changed. Dr.Robinson was calling time of death before she could even let out her breath that she had been holding.

Victoria couldn't believe that she lost another patient on her very first shift. She found herself heading to the locker room with her head down, she knew if she looked at anyone in this moment she would burst out in tears.She sat there for about ten minutes trying to keep herself together. In this moment she was ready to quit, she would become one of the several that didn't make it past the first shift. The thought broke her heart, [I I will not give up I can do this. Toughen up your shift is almost over.] Standing up she shook her entire body as if shaking away the negative thought she had moments ago.

Victoria made her way back to her bur victim patient, it was time to change the dressings yet again. Ad she turned the corner of the hall she pasted a smile on her face and headed into the patients room. She saw that she was sound asleep and the doctor had just given her more pain medication so she wouldn't wake up when her dressings where being changed.
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Making her way to the waiting room Julia tried to think about what she would say to Zachary's parents. Did she tell them about the complications or did she leave that place out? She knew that these were the types of things that she should have talked to Dr. Bailey about beforehand, but she didn't dare ask her at that moment.

Rounding the corner she was immediately spotted, she could feel her heart beating in her ears as they stood, eagerly having anticipated her check-in. [b [+pink "Please, tell me he's alright?"]] Joanna started.

[+purple "He's fine. He's still in surgery and Dr. Bailey is doing everything that she can. There were some... complications..."]

[i [+blue "What happened? Is he alright, should we be concerned?"]] Chris piped in.

[+purple "His stats started to drop when we took out his old lungs and began to put in the new ones, but we were able to stabilize him and he's doing just fine now."]

[b [+pink "Does this mean that his body will reject the lungs? Dr. Bailey said that there was a chance that his body would reject them"]]

[+purple "We won't know if his body will reject the lungs until after his surgery when he is in recovery, but right now your son is doing well, there is no reason to start panicing right now. I'm going to get back in there and I will give you another update as soon as I can."]

[b [+blue "Thank you Dr. Washington, thank you for everything."]]

After nodding Julia turned from them and made her way back to the OR, back to the surgery.
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Dr.Rhodes listened intently to her patient, when she mentioned her pain in her head it raised some concerns, [+dodgerblue "Miss. Colton we are going to send you down for a full body CT. We want to get a clear picture of what is going on with your body."] She looked over at Dr.Callahan realizing that she didn't clear that with him but having pain in her head wasn't normal and could be cause for concern. She smiled at him and he returned the smile. She felt confident that she made the right call.

One if the nurses came in to wheel Miss.Colton down for her ct. Both doctors made there way out of the room and headed down to ct to look at the images being produced. [+dodgerblue "Before we go in there, do you think that it could be a brain bleed? She said that she fell during rehearsal maybe she hit hard enough. I know it's not typical but it could explain the seizing and pain."] She watched him as he thought about her words, [b "It is possible but it rarely happens, let's look at the results and go from there."] Making their way into the imagining room they looked at the CT and it was apparent that she did have a bleed in her head. Dr.Rhodes knew it meant she would need emergency surgery, she looked to Dr.Callahan. [b "We are going to have to page Dr.Robinson, he is the brain surgeon that is going to save our patients life."]
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Surgery was long, it was long when you were the one performing the surgery and even longer when you were the one observing a surgery. Julia was trying the best she could to stay interested in the operation that was taking place only a few feet away from her face but she was failing. Instead of watching Dr. Bailey remove a patients lungs and replace them with a new pair she was thinking about the heated exchange she and McSteamy had taken part in only a couple of hours ago.

It was while she was lost in thought that Zachary's machines began o go off, snapping the young doctor back into reality and out of dream land. [b "We're losing him!"] Dr. Bailey shouted, panic weighing heavy in her words. [+purple "Dr. Bailey do you need a hand?"]

Nothing, there was no reply as Dr. Bailey worked diligently and in a panic to try and save the boy she had practically had a hand in raising. [+purple "Dr. Bailey?"] she tried again, this time noticing the tears that had begun welling in her eyes as the machines continued to go off.

This time Julia didn't stand back and watch, she knew that if they were going to save Zachary then she was going to have to react. Stepping up to the bed she grabbed Dr. Bailey's hand, [+purple "Let me help you."] Dr. Bailey, for the first time stopped, she stopped and looked into Julia's eyes as though she would find the answer to her problem in her eyes. [b "O... Okay."] she finally responded to which Julia carefully grabbed the tools from her hands and began to work, [+purple "Walk me through it Dr. Bailey, tell me what to do."] Nodding Dr. Bailey took a deep breath and began to instruct Julia's hands, after only a few minutes Zachary stabilized and the machines fell quiet once more.

[b "Thank you Dr. Washington."] Dr. Bailey spoke, taking back her tools since the trouble had passed, [b "Please go find Chris and Joanna in the waiting room and update them on their sons condition."]

[+purple "Right away Dr. Bailey."] Stepping away Julia removed her gloves and exited the OR.
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