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Carrick had silently helped her to stand as the pillars stepped aside. Light! It blinds her as she walked through, but as her eyes adjusted, she noticed a familiar sight. It wasn't swamped with cobwebs or for that matter, it didn't look fake. She gasped when she realized who it was... There was no mistaking the aura. [I "... Aria? "]

She hurried to the woman, and after checking for a pulse and confirming that she was alive, she sprung awake. Saraya stood and with everything in her, it took that for her not to over excite herself. She saw the markings on her back, and she noticed a change, but summed it together for another time. She wanted badly to hug her, but... Aria had gotten to it first. She hugged Saraya... Carrick came in, then Lara and Adimar... Rhuarc was last, and had a hug of his own from her. Saraya smiled in relief. She was real...

But as the reunion reached its peak, Ursula had appeared with her Watchers. Just the woman she needed to see.... But as she tried to approach her, Aria had intention that felt a little harsh considering situation. She punched her, and Saraya had not flinched... But, her eyebrows went up in surprise to see her so upset to see her.

[b "Priestess… you’re stronger than you look,”] she squeaked through her bloodied hand. Apparently, Aria struck true to her nose, and blood seemed to stain the front of her armor.

[b [i “Oh Shove it,”]] Aria groaned, clenching her fist so to ignore the pain before sitting on the stone. Then Aria said something that even confused Saraya... And the way she said it puzzled her even more... [b [i “We don’t care for your praise, you put us through this,”]]

[b “I did not, Volshi did,”] Ursula groaned, pinching her nose.

[b [i “It was a necessary evil,”]] One of the guards explained. Saraya breathed in, wanting so bad to curse in her language, but calmed herself before anything else could be said.

[b “If you had visited any of the other holds instead of this one, you would have been put through similar trials by the other Guardians,”] another guard spoke, walking to Aria to kneel beside her again. He began to reach out, but Aria's face said it all.

[i “Do not touch me,”] She warned him through gritted teeth. The guard suddenly frowned, and stepped back, displaying a face only she could recognize. Just what was this man's desire? Perhaps there was a hidden want in him...

Rhuarc and Carrick took it as a cue, standing up and taking guard. Rhuarc voluntarily stood before the broad Watcher, and after a few moments, the Watcher bowed down to the Jai, and in that, Saraya was satisfied with the action.

Despite it, though, Rhuarc had asked a question to the Watchers: [b "There are more important matters than that to deal with Watcher. Tell us about the outside world. How is Ayab's wound? What has Balden been doing all this time? What has become of Shade-stealer, the Fade, The Mage?"]

The Watchers took their time answering him, and afterwards, a shifty, breezy silence, and as it did, Saraya's desire to get the truth out of them became a desire unable to hold back any longer... She had to know... And everyone knew but her

[I "This trial has lasted six months. After keeping this to myself for what seemed a few days... I feel like six months is time enough and I now want answers"] she looked up to Rhuarc, then looked to Carrick, knowing he would follow her forward. She looked to Ursula as she continued to pInch her nose. [I "You have told me something about my truth before i entered... And while I was here, I have seen a hooded figure on a massive stallion... My spirit will not go in detail, and now I want answers... "]

She approached Ursula and grabbed her by the neck, her face monotone as she lifted her off her feet. Carrick turned and kept the Watchers away. [I "Who is my father?! Who is the hooded figure?! Why will none of you answer me?! "]

Her sudden anger and determination to know shocked even Aria. She never saw Saraya so demanding, or even that strong to lift an fully armored female from the ground. Everyone was compelled to stop her, but Saraya turned to everyone before dropping the Watcher. [I "You have had us struggling for six months, and now you all stand against me?! "] she growled. This side was never seen before. The armed Watchers were surprised, if not afraid of the possible damage Saraya could bring. She stared at the Watchers, she looked to Carrick before Aria. [I "I have seen things... Things in these trials that even I cannot fathom. The apparition of Malik had spoke: 'How can you destroy someone that my father could not? ' I have heard again in the next trial from Carrick's lips: 'My father would be proud... That I stopped a beast even he could not stop'"] she turned to Ursula. [I "Now, I ask you once more... My Truth... What is my Truth!?! "]
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Rhuarc stood facing the massive doors into where he knew Aria would be, he was certain that this was the end of their trials but there was nothing to be done until Lara and Saraya awoke from their Trial of Desire. Rhuarc tried to be patient, to remain calm but his emotions were all over the place and he was unable to quiet the storm running through his mind. He resorted to practising his sword forms, flowing from form to form in order to bring discipline and calm himself, the forms had always worked int he past, emptying his mind of distraction and allowing him to focus. Although he didn't actually carry the blade of heavy black steel with him, working through the sword forms as if he did and shifting his stances helped him to no end. Saraya awoke from her Trial as did Lara a short time after, Rhuarc noticed that her leg injury had healed during her rest. With all of them awake and passing the trial there was only one more thing to do. They must go through those doors and reunite with their Priestess.

As one the Guardians passed through the doors and an impossibly bright light obscured their vision as it blinded them. The flash of light only lasted for a heartbeat or two but it was enough to set the Jai on edge, a bird's call rang out but Rhuarc ignored it instead his eyes took in the large room in front of him when the light cleared, or more precisely the unmoving figure lying on the floor of it. Adimar barely had time to get his whisper out but Rhuarc was already moving towards the prone figure, he saw the markings on her back for the first time but he didn't care about that he was far more preoccupied with whether she lived or not, in his eyes everything rested on her, she was the High Priestess, she was the one to lead them to the Holy Sanctum. The world needed her alive. It was painful seeing her so still, the Jai cast an eye over her wounds, living in the Wastelands gave all Jai an understanding of what wounds were lethal and what ones were not, and thankfully none of the Priestess' injuries looked mortal. As Adimar gave the Priestess a small shake they were joined by a figure that Rhaurc wasn't particularly happy to see, Ursula the Shield Maiden sent the other Watcher Luther to wake Aria, Rhuarc watched him intently, one hand resting on his belt knife. [b "Six months?"] Could they really have been down in the labyrinth for such a long time? That would mean that half of their year of sanctuary was over already and then there were other questions. What had happened to their allies who had not come into the labyrinth? How was Ayab's wound? What had Balden been doing all this time? How was the war faring back home? There were so many questions and so few answers. He was determined that these Watchers would give them to him.

At Luther's actions Aria did indeed wake up and at her question Rhuarc knew that she too had faced her own trials. [b "Of course we are real, we are here aren't we?"] Rhuarc would be totally oblivious that his answer echoed the one that his reflection had given to Aria during her Trial of Desire, she embraced the guardians one by one until only the hulking Jai was left, her apology caught him off guard, clearly it was preying on her thoughts. Rhuarc hugged Aria backed and Jai'hash's warmth flooded from his body into hears, heating her cold skin back up to a normal temperature. [b "You have no apologies to make Priestess, you did not leave me, you were taken. There is no reason to be sorry. You have not acquired any [i Toh] to me."] Rhuarc released Aria from their embrace and although he yearned to keep holding her he did not, his face held the same expression as it had before their embrace but his eyes burned with a warmth previously absent. The High Priestess attempted to manoeuvre herself towards the Shield Maiden, obstructed by Adimar and Carrick but they submitted to her insistence and gave an almighty strike to Ursula, even drawing blood! In his homeland such a strike upon meeting someone would symbolise an enormous respect for their strength but Rhuarc suspected that this was not her intent in this regard. As Aria stumbled, her strength expended after her strike, Rhuarc repositioned himself so that she could lean against him and remain upright, the floor was no place for someone of her station, she was far too dignified for that. It was interesting to hear what the Watchers said, they would have been tested at any hold they had visited, if they were in his homeland would the trials have been the same? Would they still have passed? It gave him much to think about, the Watcher named Luther approached yet was halted by a harsh word and cold glare from Aria, he recoiled and ended up facing Rhuarc. [i “No hard feelings about leaving you on the field?”] Those words were met by silence, if Aria's glare was cold it was nothing compared to how cold Rhuarc's look was, his knuckles were white as they gripped the hilt of his belt knife as hard as physically possible. Rhuarc wanted to react but he knew anything he did would shame him, Luther was not worth the dishonour that reacting how he wished would bring.

[b "There are more important matters than that to deal with Watcher. Tell us about the outside world. How is Ayab's wound? What has Balden been doing all this time? What has become of Shade-stealer, the Fade, The Mage?"] These were more important than anything else, while they had been enduring their trials the enemy would be moving against them somehow, whether that be marshalling their forces or making plans to break them some other way. He turned to Aria, [b "Priestess, it is clear that your trials have been difficult but we need to talk, privately if possible. I understand that you need rest so I will leave the decision with you. Shall we talk now or in a few days when you are better rested. It is not so urgent that it can not wait."] Regardless of Aria's decision Rhuarc would need to check on Ayab, his friend had been badly wounded the last time they had seen each other and Rhuarc worried that Ayab would never truly recover from recieving a wound at the hands of such a dark weapon. The Jai stared at Luther, Ursula and Varyis...they did not impress him, perhaps it would be different if he were Volshi, growing up knowing about Kil'heed and hearing legends about the Watchers but as it was they had done nothing to earn his respect. The battle against the dead showed they could fight but there was so much more to being a warrior than simply being able to kill, it was about honour and Rhuarc was not convinced that they had showed any honourable behaviour either towards the Priestess of to any of the other Guardians.
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The Pointe was quiet again, and it had remained quiet for many hours. The Hawk had returned, but it stayed to one corner of the platform preening its wings. What if the Guardian’s succeeded in their trials, but she failed in hers? Would they find an empty room? Would she rot to death up here after she died of starvation and dehydration? The only way she saw getting off this platform was just to fantastic to believe. She didn’t want to voice it either or be perceived as insane. Didn’t matter, she’d been going a little mad since Malik had found a way to whisper in her mind since Tanaka. She laid staring at the clouds that passed over head and by her, when she suddenly heard a voice. She sat up and frowned, only to feel someone tap her shoulder. She turned to find Saraya. Beautiful as ever and smiling kindly at her as always. With an elegant hand extended, Saraya helped Aria back to her feet.
“Come now Priestess, you know just what to do, in here,” Saraya said and put a finger to Aria’s chest where her heart beat nervously under her breast.
“You have to jump, whether you can transform or not,” She saw Lara next, who appeared out from the veil of clouds beside Saraya.
“We are counting on you…” Rhuarc appeared and spoke next. Aria nodded her head in understanding.
“I don’t want to let you all down,” Aria confessed, and though she was afraid, Saraya smiled kindly at her and cupped her cheek.

Around them a new cloud rolled in, this one dark, and heavy. Aria could feel her hair starting to stand on end from the electricity in the air. The cloud seemed to engulf everything. Including the guardians. The cloud rumbled around Aria, wind whipped past her, trapping her inside a storm cloud. She called out for Saraya, circling herself and shouting into the all encompassing storm.
“Saraya! No please! No… don't leave me alone. I’m so confused!” She shouted into the cloud kicking up a storm around her.
“Then quiet your mind,” Aria gasped at the stern voice of Adimar behind her, and this time the Hawk sat on his shoulder. She turned to look at him.
“You will jump, because that is the only way to test your faith.”
“My… faith? ”She was more confused than before she’d arrived here.
“You have powers not yet unlocked,” Adimar’s voice sounded different, and Aria realized it was because the hawk spoke through Adimar. [i Volshi] spoke through Adimar.
“Will I turn into a dragon?” She asked. Adimar smiled warmly at her, as if amused and shook his head.
“Perhaps…” He said. Aria watched him as he walked towards her with silent steps, and the storm quieted. “With time. That is up to you to discover.” Aria reached a hand up to touch the smooth flesh of her back shoulder. The totem of the guardians were impressed in her skin, and she felt the wings of Volshi’s totem vibrating under her skin. The knowing told her she had the map to that goal on her back. Aria met Adimar’s challenging gaze knowing what needed to be done. She looked out to the edge of the platform, and took a shaky breath, walking towards the edge.

Adimar and the hawk followed, coming to stand beside her. “You are full of fear,” Adimar noted. Aria couldn’t move, staring below where all she could see were the clouds underneath the platform. From up on the point the world seemed so small, and so very far away… but as she glanced up, she saw the stars dancing brightly above. Suddenly she felt vert small.
“Yes,” she admitted truthfully. “I’ve always been afraid.”
“That sounds tiring,” Adimar observed, but when Aria turned to look at him Adimar’s gaze was elsewhere. It was the hawk that was staring her down. [i “You do not strike me as someone who lives in fear,”] The hawk said plainly now speaking in her mind. [i “You waded through sewage and waste to reach the Guardians in a city where nearly every person was looking for you. A Place where you would surely have been caught and killed. You went anyway. You put your faith in strangers, helped a guardian in battle, and you’ve fought your own battles too.”]
“I had no choice,” Aria said. “It was my duty,”
[i “Is this not different?”] Volshi challenged. Aria’s brow furrowed and she looked back over the edge. He was right, and even if she couldn’t turn into a Dragon just yet, she would certainly aim for it. She still had to jump, no matter what. She still had to defeat Malik.
“No… I suppose not. If I can defeat my fear of Malik… I will defeat this too. Death is inevitable…” She whispered, quoting Malik from her trial. She took a calming breath, and closed her eyes. She heard the wind gently breeze by, felt her heart hammer in her chest, adrenaline pumped through her body, but her mind was finally quiet. Toes on the edge of the platform, she let herself fall forward and swan dived right off the Platform.

The wind rushed past her, and she broke past the clouds that shrouded The Pointe. Below her was all of Volshiv, and ahead of her were the floating cities hidden in the clouds. She stared in awe of them, but below was where she wanted to go. She could see the Mountain of Kil’heed and the great wall that protected it. She was surprisingly calm about her speed, and the height. The wind made it hard to see clearly, but she had faith she would go where she needed to go. Zipping past her went the hawk, and she followed him down. Like flipping a switch, the Volshi totem on her back came alive, and the wind came to rush at her back. She felt it carry her quicker towards the ever revealing platform. Was this what it felt like for Adimar? Was it always this satisfying? Aria spread her arms wide and let the wind carry her down to the platform.

She came up at the last minute to drop her feet down on the stone. As soon as her toe touched the platform, the weightless sensation died off and the wind carried itself away from her. She looked around breathless, her eyes filling with exhausted tears. She felt her wounds roar with pain, and of all things she began to laugh. She was broken, bruised and bloodied, but she was not defeated. She collapsed to her hands and knees on the platform where she began fade. She was too exhausted to go further, and felt she had been running a marathon that lasted months. She had no idea how true that was. Her eyes lazily looked to the door, it didn’t move, and remained as closed as ever. She winced in pain and wondered if the others were alright. She had confidence they would reach her, but at what cost? How much was Kil’heed willing to put them through? Unable to think much more, she let her eyes drift close as the wind rushed over her.

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Rhuarc was the next to wake with as confused a face as Adimar’s and Carrick’s. He asked how long they’d been asleep and Carrick frowned.
“I do not know, in my dreams I felt months had passed…”
Their talks were silenced as the women came awake. When Saraya came awake in his arms, Carrick was there, holding her and brushing the hair back from her temple.
“Welcome back,” Carrick teased with a small grin, and helped her to sit up and regain her composure.
“You’re real…” She breathed trying to sort out the same confusion of truth vs illusion that Carrick and Adimar had been doing. Carrick smoothed a hand over her back in comfort as she muttered something else to herself. Once Lara finally woke up, they were pleased to find her leg wound had healed during the time they were asleep. Surprisingly they all felt amazingly well rested. They all looked to her and when she met Adimar’s gaze he grinned back at her to see the flint of determination and resolve in her eyes. Without words he knew she was ready to move froward, and if she was -they all were.

Adimar was the first to rise up to his feet, and start towards the steps. The stone sentinels stepped aside and allowed them to pass. The doors cracked, fissuring cold air from the seams and finally the doors gave way. The other Guardians came to his side as the doors finally opened. Blinding white light illuminated the space and made it hard to see, but from the light came a hawk’s screech. Adimar blinked as the Hawk circled above and came to land on his shoulder. Adimar dared not move and noticed that the eyes of this hawk were different than his own. They were far more intelligent, a milky blue, and brimming with magic. It nibbled at his cheek before flying back through the doorway. By then the light had faded and they saw a large open room. Adimar entered first looking around, but the Hawk’s screech caught his attention to see a large platform of stone jutting out over the city of Kil’heed. The Hawk was standing beside a fallen and twisted body. The white hair and slender limbs gave her away. For a moment Adimar was rooted to the ground in horror -she looked just as she had in his Trail against Fear. Dead.

“Aria…” Adimar breathed. She was precariously laying alongside the edge of the platform, able to tumble over at any moment. He hurried over with the others to pull her from the edge, and noticed her back was exposed. Only Saraya and Lara would be able to tell that the totem along her back had changed. The Wings of Volshi now spread across her back in white lines. She was not covered in cobwebs or dust the way they had been, and when they reached her; she was ice cold to the touch. Her skin damp as if she’d been wet. Adimar felt out her torso for the multiple stab wounds he could see that tore through her tattered dress, but found that all that remained were angry red scars. Her shoulder was still discolored and swollen, and her other arm was caked in blood, but poorly wrapped. Pale sickly skin with dark circles under her eyes like bruises, she looked as if she’d lost too much weight, and had been through hell.Whatever had happened to Aria, rocked her hard. Saraya was able to confirm that Aria was at least still alive by listening to her heartbeat. Just knowing she was alive allowed the entire group to let out a collective sigh.

“Aria?” Adimar asked giving her a gentle shake.
“Give her a moment,” A Voice suddenly said as footsteps entered the room. Coming to greet them was Ursula and her men. “You all passed. Congratulations, I know the past six months could not have been easy.” She came to stop at the edge of the room where it met the platform and gazed out at the Guardians with appreciation. “Luther, wake up the Priestess.” The first Watcher from the battle approached the group, stopping only when Adimar and Carrick both moved to stop him.
“I won’t hurt her,” He assured them. Carrick hesitated, but backed away, as did Adimar and allowed Luther to kneel beside Aria. He held out his hand over her forehead, and for a moment it glowed faintly. Once the light was absorbed into Aria, he removed his hand and stepped back.

Finally her eyes opened and looked around as if confused, and disbelieving that her Guardians were with her. She didn’t move from where she laid, and instead bore her gaze into each and every one of them.
“Are you… are you all real?” She asked. Adimar smirked, slowly helping her to sit up.
“As real as can be… we think… this place really messes with your head,” Aria actually gasped on a laugh. Her eyes filled with tears and she gave Adimar a great hug. She quickly turned to the others, grabbing Saraya and Carrick at once and hugging them, and turning to Lara to hold her too. She finally turned to see Rhuarc and was shocked to find he looked no different then when she’d left him behind on the battlefield. A small sob broke her control and she reached for him. She hugged him last. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to leave you there,” She whispered holding his gaze a moment longer before she looked back at the others. “I’m so glad you’re all alright,” she breathed looking at them all with supreme relief and exhaustion. Aria was ready to pass out again, and just sleep for months, but as she brushed the tears from her face and caught her breath; she saw that the Watchers had returned and were standing on the far end of the platform watching them. She glared and forced herself to her feet. Adimar and the others got up to stop Aria from moving too much, but she ignored their protests and walked right for Ursula. Ursula was caught off guard by Aria who had walked towards her and with the very last bit of strength and energy, decked the Shield Maiden square in the face.

Aria fell down at loosing her balance, and shook her hand that now throbbed in pain. Ursula stumbled back slightly in shock, and cradling her nose. Ruby red blood trickled from her nose and Ursula’s tongue darted out to taste it, causing her to grin. “Priestess… you’re stronger than you look,” she mused with a distorted voice.
“Oh Shove it,” Aria groaned and sat back down on the stone. “We don’t care for your praise, you put us through this,” Aria stated coldly.
“I did not, Volshi did,” Ursula groaned behind her pinched nose.
“It was a necessary evil,” Varyis intoned.
“If you had visited any of the other holds instead of this one, you would have been put through similar trials by the other Guardians,” Luther told her and came to kneel beside her again. He reached out to comfort and hold her, but Aria pushed him away, a cold glare on her face.
“Do not touch me,” She warned him through gritted teeth. Luther frowned, and stepped back to standup looking defeated and hurt. She felt two of her Guardians on either side of her, to help her stand up again as she glared at the three Watchers. Carrick and Rhuarc had her back, and Luther coming face to face with Rhuarc, took a small step back from him.
“No hard feelings about leaving you on the field?” Luther tried, but he even saw how Aria gave Rhuarc a side glance. Permission to attack him, if the Jai so wished it.
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Rhuarc helped her stand back up, and it was he who helped her to walk. In a way it felt gratifying, as it meant that Rhuarc was not holding any grudges towards her. Or at least Lara thought that that was the case. She was no mind reader, able to pry into the privacy of people's minds, she could only feel around and guess the thoughts of others. Unless they decided to express themselves truly, who knew what thoughts a person had bouncing around in their heads. 

The actual walking itself was not the most comfortable of walks. It was similar to a three-legged race that occurs at events, parties or other joyous event, except precisely one-half of the third leg wasn't pulling its effort. From Lara's point of view, it did not seem that Rhuarc was having any trouble. Her wounded leg could only drag uselessly across the ground, but Rhuarc's physical strength overcame her terrible balance. 

If the passages had been as the passages had been previously, then this weird 'three-legged walk' would have been near impossible. The passages had been only wide enough for one big person, maybe two extremely small people to walk abreast. But this passage, it was as if someone had finally heard all their wishes for wider passages to be installed. This passage was wide, wide enough to where one could ride a troop of horses down the passage if it hadn't been for the pillars keeping the ceiling from crumbling on them. 

Sine she was mostly focused on walking, she did not notice what everyone else had managed to see up ahead. Rhuarc's sudden acceleration, and then deceleration, it was all she could do to keep herself stable and upright. There was pain, but it felt awkward and she could only look around in painful confusion. She could see a mist start to fill the room, and it had a smell of a sea breeze and dinner. As she was slowly falling asleep while standing, Rhuarc fell down and brushed against her wounded leg. She let out a yell of pain as she fell down. The pain in the leg cleared her vision, allowing her to see some sort of gate with some suits of armor before the gates, before falling on the floor and falling unconscious. 

Lara opened her eyes. There was a table in front of her. Looking around, there was a fire roaring and crackling in the fire pit. Above the fire, a small, thick and pitch black cauldron stood on a tri-leg. The smell, it was one of soup came from the cauldron. Occasionally one could hear a bubble pop lazily. 

Turning her head around the other way, there was a space between the two walls which led to the kitchen area. The smell of roasted fish came from the kitchen, and it mixed with the smell of the spicy soup. It made her stomach rumble lushly.  Looking down at the table, it was set for a total of three people; she was sitting down at one of the spots which had been set for: a ceramic plate, metal fork, metal spoon, metal knife, and a ceramic cup. Looking at the other two seats, they had also been set up in the same manner. One of the cups looked extremely familiar. Cocking her head and squinting at the cup, Lara noticed that it had a specific design on that cup; it was her dad's cup! She was going to have dinner, at her house, and with her parents. Lara couldn't believe this was happening. 

As if that feeling of joy was a que, her mom and dad walked in from the kitchen. They were ecstatic, big smiles on their faces. Even though it couldn't have been possible, it looked as if te smiles on parent's faces turned up even more. She could only smile back, but it wasn't an artificial happiness that was filling her. It was a happiness which could only come from the heart and soul. 

The dinner was cheery and loud, just as it always had been. It always started with das telling about how the fishing had gone, unless the weather had been too stormy that day, and on some days he would include something funny that had happened while out on the waters. This evening, her dad had nothing funny to relate, but that did not dampen the atmosphere. Not one tiny bit. Even when there was no talk at all, only the sound of utensils cutting food, food being eaten, drinks being drunk, and even the fire continuing to spark and crack occasionally, the atmosphere still felt intensely charged with just joyousness. Lara did not know the last time when she had felt this happy, but that was now completely inconsequential.

After all the eating and drinking, she went through the process of cleaning the dishes. For that, Lara walked down to the beach with the dirty plates and bowls to where the water quietly and consistently lapped against the sand. It was dark, but the moon was bright and illuminated the beachhead just enough to see clearly. The water was cold, but she wasn't planning to swim in it. Looking back away, away from the dishes, she could see a road made of light as the moon shined itself over the water; so beautiful, but it was not the only
beautiful object to fill the sky and water. In the night sky, stars filled the darkness with tiny pricks of light. 

After putting away the dishes, Lara went to her own room. In her room, there was a bed, it was a simple one but it did its job well enough. There was a door which opened into a small closet, she didn't need much in the way of clothes either. 

And she went to bed. She felt so good, it was just such a good feeling that she felt asleep with a big smile on her face. 

Awakening the next day, she could already hear her parents up and about. Her dad would be leaving soon to the port city, where his fishing boat would be. She was about to swing her legs over the side to sit when her dad walked in. He was whistling a tune which he stopped once he was right beside her bed. Even though his smile was small, she could see the joy in his eyes at seeing her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, Lara both smiled and blushed, which caused her dad to smile even more and lightly chuckle, before saying a final farewell. As she swung her legs over and stood up, she smiled once again. It just felt so good, so deep in the bones to be back home with her parents. A nice and safe place, with the occasional sea monster popping up at the nearby beach but not doing much. 

The rest of the day, until her father returned from fishing the deep blue seas, she was up and about the house helping her mom. Whether it was cleaning the house, washing and drying the clothes, making clothes, it felt good to do them. Especially when her mom was around. With her mom, any task didn't seem as hard. Whenever her mom worked at a task, she would always sing a song; Lara would sing along and both of them would begin to smile. The day was filled with such small shores before her dad arrived back in the evening, hauling the day's catch to the market, occasionally bringing back a few fish that he had caught. Then preparations for dinner began. 

And it was like this day after day, after day. 

At some point, Lara began to notice some fish engraved on the doorway. She didn't pay any attention to it at first, but something curious happened. Each day, the engraved fish became more and more clearer, and began to have a more detailed design. It looked oddly familiar, but Lara couldn't recall where she had seen such a fish design.  It was the next day. She was sitting alone in the small dining area, when her eyes fell again upon the fish. It seemed to beckon to her, it seemed to want to make her open the door and walk away. But why should she walk away from here? Here it was a fine life that she had with her parents. What was the point in ditching a comfortable life for one that was completely unknown. 

A voice inside her answered, [i [+purple "This is not real, this is simply a dream."]] This was her own voice, and Lara was taken aback by it. If this wasn't real, and it had been all a dream, then why was everything portrayed so vividly and in great detail? Or had all this detail simply be an exaggeration?

It was as if a disillusionment came over her. She had been living a life which did not exist anywhere at all except in some minute part of her subconscious. Could one even call it living if all the events had happened inside one's head while dreaming? And as a matter of fact, she had never once left the house, yet something inside Lara's mind was telling her that she had been outside plenty of times before the house had burned down. 

Instead of being a charming place, it turned into a haunting place. A place where one was haunted by their biggest desire. It was so sickening, the feeling was of one's life being wasted. 

Lara stood up, looked around one last time before walking to the door. She closed her eyes, found the handle on the door, and pulled at it with all her might. 

Her eyes opened with a jerk, and she coughed and then sneezed. [i [+blue You've woken up."]] It took Lara a few seconds to understand where that voice had come from. [i [+purple Looks like someone has come out of the blue all of a sudden."]] [i [+blue I hope you do realize that you've been sleeping, and dreaming for quite the while?"]] [i [+purple Seriously, this again? Stop pulling on my legs, one has already been pulled enough on.]] [i [+blue Why not look at yourself, and see for yourself.]]

With nothing else to do, Lara looked over herself. She was covered in dust and cobwebs, and that could only mean one thing and one thing only. [i [+purple If I'm covered in this much dust and cobwebs... then....]] [i [+blue You are finally realizing what had truly happened young one.]] It had been another test, another experiment of Ursula's. [i [+purple But, the fish I saw, was that..... was that your work then?]] [i [+blue Indeed that was my work, it was part of me that was engraved on that 'door' within your dream.]] [i [+purple But did you only come sometime after this dream began?]] [i [+blue No young one, I was there from the time you started to dream.]] This puzzled Lara. She would've have noticed anything odd, like a fish engraved on a door right away. The Fenlyck spirit could read her confusion, [i [+blue Why you couldn't see me right away? Your hopes and dreams were too strong, you could only start to see me as a part of you within you began to realize that it was merely a dream. You know that now, that you had to overcome your deepest desire.]] [i [+purple I know that now, but why have you stayed silent until now?]] 

There was a pause, and then Lara heard a sigh inside her head, but not coming from her. [i [+blue I as a spirit, never above the surface. Do the animals living under the water seek to go above the surface? No. It is only by going below the surface if one is to have hope of seeing an animal. You, you at first ignorant at whom you carried with you. But as you learned, you blocked me out. If one closes the surface completely, how is an animal like a fish supposed to rise to the surface and listen? There is just no way. You, ever since this dream began, you have started opening up. Somewhere deep inside you, I know not from where t comes from, a realization has dawned on you. You have slowly begun to uncover the surface, and attempt to probe what is below the surface.]] There was a pause, and it was completely quiet inside Lara's head. She mulled over what she had just heard, but she had a question.

[i [+purple But if I "closed the surface" as you say, then how was I able to summon that sea serpent from the water?]] [i [+blue That happened in a moment of desperation, when you were attempting to do anything that would save your life. You opened the lid wide open, but then you shut it even tighter.]] [i [+purple So what you are saying, is that I should start delving deeper.]] [i [+blue Exactly. You have much to learn of what is below the surface. Now, you should go and join the rest. You'll find that the leg is alright to stand and walk on.]]

And the spirit was right, the leg was fine enough to stand on. She noticed everyone else was standing, she did not mind being the last one to awaken. She averted her gaze on Adimar, a gaze that was filled with determination to finish this puzzling business.
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She did jump in fear when she felt a warm hand press against her back. It startled her, and she wasn’t expecting it. She turned around ready to throw fisticuffs and spotted Rhuarc. His expression always a glower, but at the moment he looked concerned. She didn’t think, having last seen him on the battlefield, and the horrors of her first trial still fresh on her mind; she simply turned and dove into his arms. Hiding her face in his chest, she could smell him, hear his heartbeat, and felt the warmth of Jaihash’s fire within him. She trembled, shaken to her core and wanting to cry. Rhuarc stood patiently as she gathered herself. It helped to calm her nerves, but not enough to calm her completely.
“Please tell me you're real!” She finally breathed, and looking up at him in her madness. Rhuarc cupped her cheek and smiled faintly.
“Why do you ask such questions? I’m here, aren’t I?” He asked. Aria sniffled and welcomed the gentle reprieve of being held. It was nice, it was comforting, and it felt safe. She didn’t bother to step away, and allowed herself to be held by him.
“You are! I was so afraid, and I’m so sorry! I never wanted to leave you behind. I don't know what’s going on, where are the others?” She asked looking around.
“I did not bring them with me. I came for another reason.”
“Run away with me,”
“What?” Aria blanched at that chuckling in disbelief, and watched in surprise as Rhuarc took her small hands in his much larger ones and held them tightly. He placed them over his heart and, again he felt so real. She gasped at the feeling. She must be going mad, the blush that burned her cheeks was evidence enough.

He should not have felt so real, so warm, or so safe. He should not be doing these things to her and making her heart hammer the way he was. There was no way the Watcher knew more about her own emotions, than she did… right?

“Rhuarc, what are you saying?” Aria asked. This couldn't be true…
“Let’s go as far away from here as possible.” She blinked in shock, and with a loss for words. “Come with me, the Farlan-Jai will welcome you, and we will be so far south Shade-stealer will never find us,” Aria’s heart was racing. His hand lifted her chin up to look at him. Her eyes nearly bugging out of her head with shock. He wasn’t about to do what she thought he was, was he? His eyes bore into hers with an intensity that rooted her to the floor. “I’ll never let him hurt you.” She believed him… for a moment. If her previous test had taught her anything it was that no matter what… Malik would find her and destroy all she loved if given the chance. This was surreal, from living an absolute nightmare, to being offered a chance to cast away her fate and live a life of her choosing. For a moment she considered it. Leaving with him, discovering what it was she was beginning to feel for this man, and desperate to know what it would be like to live as any other person. She could almost see a picturesque future playing out in his eyes. She saw a sea of sand cut with a brilliant emerald green river. It was The River Nine, and she could see the cities of terra-cotta gleaming under the warm sun. She could see them racing one another on horseback across the desert, cool nights tucked safely away in a hut under animal furs. She saw the freedom of roaming the world with him. She saw dances by large fires, learning to hunt, and to fight. She saw laughter, warmth and happiness in his eyes… but it was a future that would never be.

This was clearly not Rhuarc. Rhuarc would never suggest running away and hiding. It was not in Rhuarc’s nature to concede to the enemy. Rhuarc would never allow her to turn her back on her Arak’toh either. She had her own obligation and honor to uphold. He was right… she did have Toh, and she finally understood it now. A part of her had always wanted to run away, to kill off the name Aria and become someone new. Someone free… someone that didn’t have to save the four provinces and everyone in them. Someone who could be a normal woman. Who could grow old, enjoy her leisure, fall in love, and do all the things she’d only ever dreamed of doing. She realized this was her deepest desire, and it was toying with emotions that were just starting to grow inside her. Tempting her with things not meant for her -just like the old woman said. She could not turn her back on who and what she was, and it was high time she embraced it. She smiled at him, her eyes growing misty, and delighted how this vision of Rhuarc smiled at her with so much ardor. She didn’t think Rhuarc had it in him to smile like that, not a large smile like the one this vision gave her now, one with all of his teeth showing. It was almost amusing… and contagious. He cupped her cheek intending to draw her close, but Aria stilled him. “Let’s go away, together,” he tried. Aria continued to smile at him, and though this was not [i her] Rhuarc, she reached up to cup his face in her hands.
“You know we can not,” She told him gently, taking in the sight of him.
“Who says we can not have what other people have…” he whispered. “Come with me and you’ll never be lonely again.” Aria didn’t sniffle, even as her tears came fresh. Definitely not her Rhuarc… but it was a nice try on the Trial’s part.
“I’m not worried about being alone… I’m worried I will fail those oppressed under Malik. Liberating the people of Azeroth means more to me, than being alone.” She looked away from him and towards the clouds. “This is my burden to bear!” She finally shouted up to the sky around her slamming a fist to her chest. “I will not abandon this world!” She said stepping away from Rhuarc, and looking at him with longing. He represented all she wanted and couldn’t have. She had to let him go, and so she released her hand from his. “Not even for love,” She said her voice wavering. If she couldn’t have both, the High Septum and love -she’d take the High Septum and fulfill her life’s purpose. Rhuarc smiled at her, seemingly proud, and leaned in kissing her temple. Real or not, Aria took the moment to relish that one small moment of contact… when she opened her eyes again, he was gone. She was alone once more, and a quiet calmness settled over the platform. She had passed the second test.

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Everything went black and still, just before Aria felt air filling her lungs once again. She came awake, startled and confused only to find herself in a dark cell. Fear settled over her as she realized what was about to happen… again. Over and over again she relived capture by Malik, torture, rape, and murder at his hands. She watched her Guardians go through violent ordeals that always ended in their deaths. she watched the four provinces burn to ash, and the Holy City become a haven for the dregs of the underworld. She was killed over and over again, just to wake back up in a veritable Hell. She felt she had spent a lifetime reliving Malik’s cruelty, but something in her was changing. She woke up for what seemed like hundredth time, but instead of experiencing shock at the sensation, she felt a weight of exhaustion. She woke up this time on the floor, a heavy collar around her neck, and naked. She was forced to sleep at the end of Malik’s bed, chained up like a dog. Instead of bothering to sit up she laid there and looked around, of all thing, bored. She heard his boots before she saw him, but by now she’d learned who it belonged to. She glanced over to see Malik grinning wickedly as always at her. Perhaps Aria had lost the will to fight, or maybe she was no longer frightened of him, but whatever it was Aria seemed not to care and looked away from him.
“Hello my pretty,” He said and she mocked. It earned her a kick in the stomach and she doubled over. More frustrated and angry about it than frightened. She curled over to her side and away from him, but she felt his hand reach in her hair and rip her head back, the metal collar digging into her skin. “You are either one stupid cunt, or very brave,” he hissed in her ear. Aria caught herself as he threw her into the floor. “I own you!” Malik snapped.
“You do not have to shout. I’m stupid not deaf, remember?” Malik sneered in frustration. This image of Malik clearly didn’t know how to respond to Aria talking back. It was the first time she’d seen him nearly speechless. She wasn’t surprised when he lashed out and slapped her across the cheek. She simply turned her head back to face him and frowned.
“I wish my horse had the speed of your tongue. Though I hate the sound of it, I’d rather put it to other uses,” He reached for her, ready to trust her face between his legs, but Aria had other plans. She realized then, that she wasn’t afraid of Malik…. not anymore. He carried a knife in his boot, which on multiple reenactments Malik had used to carve her flesh from her, or the other guardians. She let him man handle her, while her hand carefully removed the knife from his boot. When the moment was ready and she was faced with his exposed self, she placed the knife right under his balls.
“You’re going to think twice about this today…” she warned. Malik tensed and sneered at her.
“You’re the one still chained up, my pretty,” He growled at her.
“And yet I’m holding a knife at your cock,” She warned back with a look of her own. What was the worst that happened? He killed her again? She’d just wake up in the same Hell over and over again until she learned some sort of lesson. She’d been violated enough, and had seen enough carnage he really couldn’t do worse then he’d already done countless times now. It was strange to look upon his face and feel…. nothing. “Keys,” She demanded digging the knife just enough to make him flinch and growl at her. “Now.”

He growled and handed over the key to the lock and stepped away from her. He clearly coveted his balls more than whatever carnage he could bestow on her. Aria slowly stood up still holding the knife towards him and used the key to unlock her chains.
“You will rue this day,” He warned. Aria remained impassive, and unimpressed as the locked collar fell to the floor.
“We’ll see,” She stated.
“Are you not afraid?” He asked, almost hurtful in a sense. Aria frowned herself. Wasn't she? Was she really as afraid of him as she’d been before coming here? She’d been put through Horrors no person should go through, and yet here she stood. She did not tremble, she did not cry, she felt a resolve in her soul that was empowering.
“I am, but not for the reasons you might wish I was,” Aria stated and dropped the knife to the floor and at his feet.
“You [i should] fear me stupid girl.” He bent down, eyes rapt on her as he picked the knife up.
Aria’s expression was muted and unreadable. “I fear what you are capable of, and what you might do to the people I love. But I am not afraid of what you can do to me… not anymore.” He lunged for her, but Aria side stepped at the last moment and watched him stumble past her and to the floor. Her lack of fear seemed to weaken him. She turned to leave the room then, leaving Malik behind even as he raged and roared for her to stay.

She walked right through the door and into a bright light. It wrapped her in warmth right before she felt the chill of the quiet platform once more. She was laying down as if she’d simply fallen asleep. It was hard to tell how long she’d been contending against the illusion of Malik, but by her guess and the length of her hair, nails and how dirty she was she’d say it had been a long time. The ordeal had felt so real, it smelled real, it sounded real. She looked down at her chest, She was dressed again, but her clothes were beyond repair. Blood stained her clothes, but there were no wounds on her where Malik had murdered and tortured her. She certainly felt like she could still feel the throbbing pain of his attacks on her. Her entire body was sore all over. Aside from the fatal wounds, any injury Aria had incurred during that trial still remained. She scratched at her own skin to get the feeling of Malik’s hands off her. In a way she had just lived through her worst nightmare. She recognized the lesson in it. Though she could learn to fight and defend herself, the likelihood that she would die was high and she had to accept that. She could not fear him anymore. He was her enemy, not a monster under her bed. She would have to kill or be killed. She couldn’t stop the tears that began to trickle down her face. The dirty feeling that still clung to her skin even though Malik had not touched her or connected their bodies. It had still felt real, but she reminded herself she had fought him off and while she had still failed and died, she still fought. However, to have seen her fellow guardians in such situations, was going to be hard to shake from her mind. It showed Aria, Malik’s deadly reach, and after what he’d made her see and what he’d done to her… real or not… Aria was shaken to her core. It had been a tiring and long ordeal. She wanted more than anything to know that her friends were alright. The only good that came from this was she did not fear what Malik could do to her -not anymore. She was finally resolved to stop cowering in fear.
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[center [size20 (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)]]

Saraya was quiet along the trekking. She worried intimately for Aria. For that while, she could see that there was a reason for her testimony. It appeared to her that she would collide with the worst of the horde. The notion for sacrificing herself seemed stronger than ever thought possible. The reason why was still a mystery, but the only thing in her mind that could come close to explaining the feeling was that she had to do what was necessary to protect Aria.

As her mind ran faster than a carriage, Carrick had draped his arm around her in reassurance. She felt ease and that darkness seemed to calm from within her. But, the vision she had saw shook her core. She had to protect him. [I "I saw him... I saw Malik... "] she said simply... The doors had opened and it was quiet.. The air was stiff, so she felt weaker. The hallway was dark, and Volshi statues scaled the length of the hall. Every step forward through it, she began to smell the scent of lavender... She became disoriented, but she watched as Adimar tried to help Carrick from falling and failed, collapsing with him... Rhuarc went down next, Lara safely on the ground she followed suit. Saraya was the last to pass out, and as her head hit the carpetting, everything went black.

She dreamed soundly... And as she dreamed, she felt a soft pair of hands rub against her bare skin, from her thigh, to her hip, to her shoulder before she felt a delicate kiss on her neck. She stirred softly to it... There was none other than one who took his time caring about her... And as she opened her eyes, she saw Carrick and felt nothing but contentment as he planted one on her lips. There wasn't a thought to be had. His body covered hers and she could tell it was night, the full moon rested on his skin perfectly. She marveled at the sight before his face neared hers, and he whispered [I "I love you so much"] . She couldn't remember a thing before this... And as he cradled her body and made them one, she didn't want to. There was no memory of what was happening... And as he hyped up the rhythm, it wasn't a thing she would want to think about...

Her voice sang as loud as her heart could carry. His touch was hypnotic as he made love to his wife. He made sure she was satisfied, and it was more than enough for her. Fingers intertwined, sheets in disarray, the steamy uninterrupted intimacy between the two was paradise. He loved her voice as it sang out his name, and begged for more.

All night, they were too busy in each other's arms, and the scent of their love could be smelled by even them come dawn. She was safe... But as the sun rose into the window, she felt that there was something off about it. Yes, she was content, Carrick was her husband... But... This was too perfect.

[I Your Highness, The Priestess seeks audience with you and mi'Lady]

Highness? Saraya had sat up, then looked around the room. It was luxurious. There was the softest of sheets and most glamorous of robes sitting along her powder seat. She had not the words to say, but Carrick did. [I "Aye, We will come"] sounded. He was holding onto her hips tightly to prevent her from deserting him. His rhythm wouldn't stop... And she didn't want it to. At some point, however, that one word peaked into her mind. [I "highness? "] she asked as he smirked and kissed her soft skin [I "This surprises you? We have been married for more than five years, I have been called that since then"] he then got back on top, preventing her from asking any more questions... But, Saraya and he were interrupted when the door had opened and in ran a child...

Carrick laughed as Rhuarc ran after him. As he covered her up and slid behind her, her eyes were fixated on the child. He was no older than six... His hair was white and curly, bouncy. His eyes were sky blue and his cheeks were rosy as if no sad day had touched his fragile face. Saraya couldn't move. [I "Rhuarc, has Aramis been behaving himself? "] he asked. Aramis... The child's name is Aramis... [b "Aye, he takes after his mother, Carrick. He is quite an unpredictable child"] he admitted, the child then pretending to stab his leg with a wooden sword. [I [b "I got you, Uncle Rhuarc! "]] he yelled and ran away with a heartfelt giggle. Rhuarc chuckled. [b "Augh! The demon cannot be taken down with such feeble blows! "] he played along. He chuckled and looked to them two. [b "I'll let you guys be alone. I know my wife called for you... I'll let her know you two are just getting up"] he said before closing the door.

After the door closed, Carrick had forced himself to get out of the bed, the sanctum that was Saraya had to close for now. [I "Am I dreaming? "] she asked. Carrick looked to her in confusion. [I "What do you mean? "]

[I "Everything seems... Too perfect, my love. I wake up with you in my arms... But I cannot remember any other night before it"] she admitted

[I "As you shouldn't, Saraya. The battle with Malik was torment enough for you the past year... And after you found out your truth, it revealed that you were much more than a mere Guardian.. Or Prya for that matter"] he explained vaguely as he slid on a shirt. Saraya stared at him as the scars had disappeared behind fabric, then he turned to his bride. [I "You are Queen of the Holy Council, the guide to light for tortured souls, the very thing that a Priestess needs... As it is your place to be. "]

[I "My place? This does not make any sense to me, Carrick... What battle? And what Holy Council? "]

He smiled and kissed her. [I "Just relax, Saraya. You will understand when you ascend the throne. Tonight is a big feast to celebrate our son's birthday. You ought to be proud"]

Saraya looked to the door in disbelief. [I "Aramis is my son? "] she asked, shocked to even see another child that belonged to her. [I "I... I thought I could not... "] her breath was literally taken away. She couldn't fathom the joy in her heart knowing that she bore Carrick a son... It was too good to be true.

Saraya had walked into her throne room husband in hand. Aria, Lara, Adimar, and even Balden had stood and bowed to her grace, and for some reason she felt authority. The knights along the walls had done the same, and Carrick had smiled a gleaming smile that would brighten up the room. At last, she saw her throne ahead of her, dressed in the finest of fabrics and next to it, a seat befitting a king. With each step towards it, she felt all the more confused. Though she was wearing a gown that shimmered in the sunlight, and he, a robe that was a beast fur, she didn't feel like any queen at all. She felt that she didn't earn it just yet.

Suddenly, she heard [I Wake up, my love] in her ear... Why... That sounded like Carrick... But, Carrick was right next to her... Wasn't he?

The oddness of the situation didn't stop there. Aria was draped in goddess- like robes, but it never hid from the important asset she noticed... Aria was heavy with child, almost ready to give birth. Saraya kept her gasp inside, seeing Aria carrying. She was about to bow to Saraya, and she halted her before she could move. [I "Do not bow to me, Aria... You are the high priestess, not I"] she said. Aria expressed a face of confusion. [I [b "Why not? "]]

Saraya looked to Carrick before stepping down the throne to face Aria. [I "I do not consider you a subject, or a citizen... You are kin as are the other guardians"] she explained, before looking to her swollen belly. [I "You are... "] Aria blushed and rubbed her belly a moment before smiling. [I [b "Oh, Rhuarc would be shy of this... "]] Saraya smiled to her and put her forehead on hers. [I "I blessed this Aria ... I cannot wait to meet my next kin"] she said soundly. Afterwards, Rhuarc had walked into the room with Aramis on his shoulder. She looked up to him, joy in her eyes as he set her son down, and he threw his hands up. [I "Its my birthday, mommy! "] he yelled before running to him. She embraced her son before picking him up. She kissed his temple, then hugged him. [I "Of course it is, my son... And we are sure to celebrate it"] the guardians gathered as she looked to Carrick. [I "Let us prepare for the big night! "]

The night came slowly. Rhuarc and the group kept Aramis preoccupied as Saraya and Carrick tended to each other. They needed clothes, they needed to prepare for the night... But, throughout the day, Saraya felt all the more confused. What battle? Malik was already defeated? But, how could that be? She was sitting in a hot spring as her thoughts began to run about. There was only one thing making this too perfect... Carrick. And what about the... The Spirit!

As soon as she though of her spirit, a voice suddenly whispered into her ear

[I What you see is what will become... Not all is what it seems...]

She thought a moment... So, this wasn't real, but what was to come?


Every walk of life in her kingdom had came just hours before the sun had set. The throne room was filled with different walks of life. Ayab appeared, and he brought along his kin, who stayed within her kingdom walls as a new home. The people of Tanaka were there, Fenlyk people, at least those they could find, and Caledonians that had been wondering for a new home. Aramis was the center of the party. And Carrick and she sat upon the throne as everyone enjoyed the festivities. Throughout the time, she still felt that something was off... The words her spirit spoke rung in her ears... Carrick noticed that she wasn't enjoying the party. He set his hand on hers, and She slowly looked to him. [I "Are you alright? "] she sighed as she nodded in reassurance, but she still felt the same. Carrick nodded and smiled. [I "Ah, well, this is the reward for destroying someone your father couldn't... "] she felt something click when she heard it. [I "... I'm sure he would be proud... "]

She gasped when it started coming back to her. She wasn't where she needed to be... Not now. Saraya looked to her shoulder... She felt a warmness that felt oh, too real... She remembered now... She had to go back... [I "I have to go... "] she said. She stood. Carrick stood with her. [I "Go? "]

[I "This is not real, Carrick. I cannot be fair if I stay here..."] He looked confused. [I "You are waiting for me in my reality... If this is to happen... I must go back and make this happen... "] Carrick thought a moment, but he kissed her forehead, then her lips. [I "Then... I will see you when you wake "] he said. She took his hand and smiled before hurrying on. Before she could get to the gates, Aramis grabbed onto her dress. [I "mommy, where are you going? "] he asked, full of worry. She smiled and kissed her son.. [I "I will return for you, my son... I love you so much"] she hugged him before saying. [I " But, my world awaits... "] she sighed as she stood and opened the door, and walked into the light...

She slowly opened her eyes to the hallway. She looked around before seeing Carrick. With effort she lifted her hand to his cheek. She pulled him gently enough until she could kiss him. She sighed, but she felt relief that she was back. [i "Your real... "] She nodded and sighed in contentment. She felt well rested, and she wanted so bad to tell Carrick what she saw... But, there was something she had to solve... [I "Who is my father? "] she whispered to herself.
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Rhuarc stayed silent while Admiar and Carrick mentioned what they had faced inside the fog of nightmares, the Jai was still haunted by the whole experience, he never wanted to face that reality but now he had seen it with his own eyes he was sure that if he truly needed to then he would be able to, he would have to. Thankfully Lara and Saraya also emerged from that thick, vile fog in time and Rhurrc gave an audible sigh of relief as the group reunited once more. The comfort that the massive Jai took from the mere presence of his companions was incredible, Lara's wounded leg gave way but Rhuarc managed to react quickly enough in order to steady the Fenlyk guardian and together the Guardians of Azera moved off towards the next challenge deep in the bowels of the labyrinth of Kil'heed. Rhuarc was hoping that the corridors that they had to traverse this time were wider than those that had come before, he had barely squeezed through them on his own and with him supporting Lara, helping her to walk with her injured leg then he wasn't sure if either could go on if the passages in the labyrinth constricted once more, for once Volshi seemed to hear his wishes and the place they ended up was as wide as any room Rhuarc had ever seen in his life, the passageway was immense with an almost endless amount of pillars lining the walls but once he saw the feature at the end of the passageway then his breath caught in his threat. The marble stairs could mean only one thing. Rhuarc quickened his pace a fraction...before he reigned himself back so that Lara could keep up with his strides, her injured leg was hampering her significantly. A thin mist entered the room and Rhuarc's mind immediately went to the fog of nightmares in the last room but this was...different. This mist wasn't as thick or oppresive as the last fog and it smelled pleasant, he knew the smell well for he had spent his entire life around that smell. It was the smell of warm sand. It was comforting to the Jai, it reminded him of his home more than anything else. Suddenly Rhuarc felt exhausted, the strain of everything that had happened lately washed over him and he fell to a knee but he was fighting a battle he would never be able to win and soon enough Rhuarc also drifted off to sleep.

Rhuarc stood before twelve figures, some he knew others he didn't, but while he might not know who they were he certainly knew [i what] they were. These were the chieftains of the twelve Jai tribes. His gaze flickered towards Cauth who was the chieftain of the Farlan Jai, his own tribe but he might as well be looking at a rock, the man was impassive and gave absolutely nothing away. The twelve chieftains were in a semicircle all facing Rhuarc who stood before him, he wasn't quite sure how he knew but he was certain of what was going to happen. His heart fluttered in anticipation. A one armed figure made his way to his side and he recognised Elder Mandarb, one of the Jai's most respected living figures and he spoke, [+blue "The threat from Shade-stealer is greater than ever and despite all that we do we are being pushed further back each day. It is time to do what has not been done for three hundred years, we need the Tribes to unite under one figure. One needs chosen...we need a Car'ai!"] Mandarb's voice boomed out and Rhuarc's skin tingled. This was the greatest honour that any Jai could be given. The Car'ai was elected in only the greatest times of need to Unite the clans to a single purpose. One by one the Chieftains drew their belt knives and made a single long cut along their palm, blood poured from the wound, covering the steel. They all began to chant in the language of the Jai as one by one they went behind him to his back and made another long cut with their blades, their until his back bore twelve distinctive cuts, the blood on their knives mixing witht he blood pouring from his back. He now had the blood of all Jai Tribes, he would be of all Tribes and none for he was above all of that...he was Car'ai. Rhuarc drew his own blade and held it out in a hand before falling ho his knees. He offered the chance for any there to take his life if they believed him unworthy of the position. Every heartbeat felt like an eternity waiting to see if he would be allowed this honour. None took his steel and Mandarb spoke again. [+blue "Flesh has been severed, blood has been shared! Rhuarc you are no longer of the Farlan Jai but of all tribes. May any blood fueds between Jai end this day as the Tribes are united under your charge. Rise Car'ai and lead us to glory!"]

Rhuarc found himself in the heat of battle as he lead the Armies of the High Priestess against the False King Malik, Central City had been breached and the united forces of the Four Provinces were rushing into the city to throw Malik out from where he had no right to be. Men fell before Rhuarc's blade left and right as he was determined to find the False King and pull him down, to return this city to what it rightfully should be. Further he ran into the depths of the Holy Sanctum, adrenaline coursing through his body as he sprinted, ready to defeat whatever he faced. Then he saw it. Sitting upon an immensely ugly throne of heavy wood and golden gilding sat the man himself, Malik, the False King who had caused so much hurt. His face was twisted into a mocking grin, it looked wrong somehow as if such evil could ever smile...even as grotesquely as he did. A mocking applause followed as he sat upon the monstrosity of a throne before he lazily stood up and sauntered towards Rhuarc, who stood watching this abomination of a man warily, as a hunter watched a particularly dangerous animal. Malik drew a blade from the scabbard on his hip and a blade of pitch black steel emerged from it, it was made of the same material as Rhuarc's own although the style was different. It was an elegant longsword and Malik held the weapon with the ease that came effortlessly to a master of the discipline. It was clear that one of them was going to die.

The ring of steel sounded throughout the throne room as the two men engaged in a graceful yet deadly dance, every time that Rhuarc made an advance Malik countered it with his own blade lazily, as though toying with the Jai. Malik's footwork was impeccable, every time that Rhuarc tried to manoeuvre himself to get into a better position or to try and escape an attack from the False King Malik would move himself and counter attack with a ferocity that Rhuarc could barely match. Malik was deceptively strong for being so much smaller than the Jai himself and Rhuarc knew that the longer the fight wore on the more likely it was that Malik would win and Rhuarc would lie dead on the floor of the throne room. Malik attacked with renewed vigour sensing victory was near and landed a few minor blows, one of Rhuarc;s left shoulder and one across his calf as his guard faltered. It was a bad situation he was in, the wound on his leg was not serious but it slowed him and it would only get worse. Malik was probably more skilful than Rhuarc and with the Jai slowing it was only a matter of time before he fell. The only positive about taking a wound so serious was that it did expose the only flaw in Malik's style...he dropped his guard and exposed himself when he drew blood, Rhuarc suspected that he relished in inflicting pain on his opponents and he couldn't help but watch them bleed. Rhuarc launched himself at Malik raining blow after blow against the False King who parried his advances with his blade of dark midnight steel before Rhuarc purposely left himself open for a grievous wound. Malik's eyes lit up as he saw the opportunity and struck, piercing Rhuarc's side with his blade as a yell of pain escaped from the Jai's mouth and glee crossed Shade-stealer's face before throse same eyes widened in surprise as Rhuarc's own blade Pierced Malik's chest. Rhuarc had struck at the same time that he had been wounded, slipping past Malik's guard and landing a killing blow on the man who had caused the land so much pain. It was done, it had ended. This duel would be talked about forever more, two great swordsman in a fight to the death with the fate of Azera at stake...it was the stuff legends were made of. Blood now soaked his side but he scooped up Malik's dead body and staggered out of the Holy Sanctum in order to find the High Priestess, she was outside addressing the crowd that had gathered to hear what she had to say. She turned to see him staggering, blood pouring from a horrific wound and his face quickly losing colour but Rhuarc pushed on. He laid the body of the false king at her feet before needing to use his blade to steady himself and keep himself upright, the point of the sword digging into the stone. As Rhuarc presented his offering to the High Priestess' feet. He wasn't sure what expression crossed her face but he had fought to give Aria her home back and he had done just that, the man who had hounded her from her home was dead, it was a resounding success. That was when he noticed that Aria too had presented something at his own feet...it was a wreath of flowers, beautiful blue, red and yellow flowers were woven into the green vines that made up the majority of the wreath. He could see thorns with the flowers and he smirked at that detail, seeing the High Priestess lay the wreath at his feet. A broad grin crossed his face before he bent down a kissed Aria as passionately as he could.

Rhuarc stayed in the Central City while the wound in his side healed, it would make a magnificent scar and bring him much honour, tales of his duel with Malik had spread quickly and some were even calling it the greatest sword fight in history, however, all of that paled in comparison to Aria's proposal of marriage, that had been what the wreath was, at some point she had made a marriage wreath and by laying it at his feet had proposed the union to him and of course he had been delighted to accept. Aria had blossomed into a wise and fair leader, the Central City was still rebuilding of course but progress was slow. The months had been long and hard but for the first time in his life he had been content to stay in a city rather than live the nomadic wandering existence of his people. He had already secured his place in Jai folklore by being one of the greatest Car'ai's to live and the one to land the killing blow on the False King helped matters. What was more the other Guardians had made it through the battle alive, as had Balden, he had fought well and brought himself much honour. Life was good now and the peace that had fallen over the land felt like it would last for an age. Rhuarc was resting in the quarters he was given while he stayed at the Holy Sanctum, a great ornate serpent had been placed in his quarters and as he was lying down for the night it shifted and slithered over to him, it looked into his eyes with it's own and Rhuarc could see an immense intelligence in them.

[i "See through the illusion my champion. Do not be blinded by bliss. Burn away the distractions."]

Rhuarc woke with a start...what an odd dream he had last night, he went over to examine the gold serpent that had spoken to him in hi mind. Burn away the illusion, what was that supposed to mean. A knock at his door snapped him out of his thoughts. It was Carrick, restored to his rightful place as captain of the Holy Guard and he gave a nod of greeting. [i "I'm sorry to disturb you friend but there is a woman waiting in the Priestess' audience chamber who says she knows you. She says that you are family."] That was certainly curious, Rhuarc had no other family unless...Wasting no time Rhuarc followed Carrick to where the woman waited and as soon as he saw her he knew it was the truth. The woman before him could never be called beautiful, handsome was a better description, she had intelligent eyes,and a long thin white scar down the left side of her face from temple to chin, that was new since the last time he had seen her. He had thought her dead, carried away in one of Malik's raids so long ago but all ow that was behind them now. Malik was dead and he had his sister back. [b "Ahven, is it truly you?"] Rhuarc had wanted to see his sister again for as long as she had been taken but he had resigned himself to the fact that she had been taken as a slave and probably killed long ago. He had checked all of the slaves that Malik had kept after he had killed him to check but he hadn't found her and yet here she stood, it was almost as if she had simply materialised in the city overnight. She was wearing a serpent band around her left arm, the way the light hit it it reminded Rhuarc of the ornate golden serpent in his quarters. He hadn't puzzled out what it meant yet. Do not be blinded by bliss. Burn away the illusion. Maybe he should take it literally. Something felt off about all of this and his sister had put him onto it. [b "Jai'hash forgive me if I'm wrong."] Rhuarc only looked at the serpent as he summoned all the power he could muster, far more mana than he had ever channeled before and more than anyone could ever control, flames engulfed everything as everyone in the room was turned to ash and the Holy Sanctum burned.

Rhuarc woke with a jolt as he found himself lying on the cold hard stone floor of the labyrinth, he was covered in dust,cobwebs spread cross his body and as he tried to stand his muscles groaned in pain. It was as if they hadn't been used in a long time. How long had he been there, he glanced around Lara and Saraya were still asleep, Carrick was with Saraya, nothing unusual about that and it seemed Adimar was also awake. [b "Carrick what has happened. How long have I been asleep?"] It was strange Rhuarc checked Lara's leg to see what had happened to the wound since she had fallen unconscious, it seemed that the injury had healed somewhat, she might actually be able to support her own weight again but only time would tell. Rhuarc looked towards the marble stairs, towards Aria and the end of this labyrinth.
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Carrick yawned, opening his eyes to see the ceiling of the Holy Sanctum’ Barracks. Around him were other beds of Holy Guards, who were also getting up and dressed. Carrick sat up and looked around, before catching sight of himself in the mirror. He looked normal, but he was a Sanctum Guard. It was as if Malik had never invaded the City.
“Captain, are you alright?” It took Carrick a moment to realized that one of the Guards was speaking to him. Carrick was only confused for a moment before he masked the confusion for confidence and gave a nod of his head. Carrick easily accepted that this was his life, and he stood up to get dressed, swearing he’d woken up from the strangest dream. “Are you sure?” the young guard asked again.
“Aye… just a strange dream.” The guard grinned back as he latched his cape.
“Perhaps you should talk to The Priestess, maybe she can help you figure it out,” Carrick eyed the Guard and nodded, standing up.

Carrick felt something was off. He could have sworn something dark and bad had happened in this place, but he saw no evidence of it. He dressed into his armor and uniform, leading his men towards the Holy Septum, and there sitting on the dias in sheer pink and white silk was Aria. An indifferent expression painted her face, as two Temple Father’s stood on either side of her, ready to advise. Even this seemed wrong. Why did this seem wrong, when everything was as it should? The soft pillows Aria sat upon cradled her in comfort as she saw to her daily tasks, which included her speaking with Government officials.
“I am not in the position to give you advice on taxes.” Carrick heard her say as his men entered the septum and lined up against the wall. “Central City is a trading hub for all the provinces, and it’s people rich, but where there is wealth there is poverty and you can not expect all to pay this fee,” Aria told the men who stood before her. Carrick listened to her speak, her tone was bored, monotoned, and almost cold. She seemed entirely disinterested in everything around her, until she saw him. She locked eyes with him and with a wave of her hand, the politicians were bid to leave. “My escort is here, and your time is up,” Aria said, standing up from the mass of pillows she had sat upon. Bare feet crossed the glossy floor towards Carrick and his men, and Aria’s bored expression turned almost playful as she walked past Carrick and his men. They directly turned to follow her.

It was what Carrick had always wanted: That Malik had never invaded, and he was Captain of the Holy Guard. He was the soldier he was always meant to be. He followed and guarded Aria dutifully during her day in the city and among the people. He attended her to an orphanage, where she and a team of Temple sisters distributed clothes, food, and adoring attention. The city was clean and colorful, but most of all it was safe. Aria walked the streets a good ten feet ahead of him, on her own, with chin held high. She was unafraid to walk the streets of Central City barefoot to meet with her people. It was how things should have been… so why did Carrick feel like something was wrong? He couldn’t shake the feeling even into nighttime, after supper and escorting Aria to her room for the evening.
“Something has been troubling you today.” Carrick was caught off guard as she turned to face him at her door. “I see it, in your eyes,” She pointed it out as plainly as the nose on his face.
“I apologize-“
“Don’t apologize, explain,” She said opening the door to her private suite and entering. Carrick hesitated at the door but moved to step inside.
“I woke up this morning and things have not felt… as they should,” Carrick explained. Aria opened another set of doors made of glass and a cool night breeze filled the room. Carrick crossed the room to stand on the balcony with Aria as she looked out at her city.
“How do you think things should be?” She asked.
“I’m not sure, but not like this. Something is wrong, something feels…. missing. It’s almost as if… everything is too good to be true.” Aria studied him for a moment, and try as hard as he might, Carrick could not read the woman. Her thoughts and emotions were completely unreadable, and that had felt wrong too.
“Sounds like you had a very convincing bad dream last night,” she observed, hands on the railing as she looked down below with mild interest.
“Perhaps that is all that it was…” Carrick surmised, but he still couldn’t shake the feeling. “You seem different,” He suddenly confessed. His statement was the first to make her face twist into something readable. It was akin to shock, and maybe amusement.
“Different how?”
“Colder,” He settled with. “Aloof… it’s not all bad, you have a quiet confidence and air of authority…”
“Shouldn’t I?” she challenged. “I am The High Priestess,”
“Yes, but… I feel like something is missing… I keep thinking about a woman, about Caledon… but I don’t know where I’ve seen this woman before,”
“Perhaps… everything is perfect though. I don’t know why I’d be so unsure,” Carrick murmured and looked out at the city with Aria.
“You are my most trusted Guard, Carrick. If you feel you must leave to find the answers to what ails your mind, then I give you my blessing to go and quiet these thoughts,” She said finally turning to gift him a smile and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Carrick sucked in a breath at the sensation that ripped through him. He saw the harsh truth flicker through his mind. Malik’s invasion, his oppression, the ruined Septum… he saw all of it… and then he saw Saraya standing where Aria once was. He was still dressed in the uniform of a Holy Guard, but he was shocked to see that Saraya was there. For a moment he wasn’t sure who she was, but the memories of their nights together, their battles came rushing forward in his mind. “Saraya?” He asked. She helped him back to his feet a look of concern on her face. He looked out and around. Things were different again.
“Come back to me…” She whispered to him. He blinked, reaching up to touch the soft flesh of her cheek. Confusion rife in his gaze as he looked her over, she was slowly fading away as quickly as she had appeared. “Come back…”
-[i What is seen is not as it seems…]-
A voice whispered in his mind, and Carrick realized it was the voice of none other than Caledon.

Carrick took Aria up on her offer of letting him take a sabbatical, and headed north to Caledon. He traveled for weeks to reach it, stopping at a village along the boarder and stayed with his brother and sister-in-law and their children. His whole family was there and it had been wonderful, but he was compelled to travel further north. He finally reached the Arctic Ring where the forests turned to a frozen wasteland as far as the eye could see. Out from the snow came the shadow of a massive Caribou. It radiated warmth and power, but when Carrick rubbed his eyes from exhaustion and out of questionable sanity, it became Saraya once more.
“Come back to me,” She whispered again, until she was swept away with the snow, becoming snow in the process.
“This isn’t real?” Carrick questioned and looked down at his hands. When he looked back up, he was face to face with the Caribou. He froze with fear of what the creature might do if it attacked. It didn’t move, just stared him down as if confirming what he’d said. “This is an illusion… am I dreaming?” He asked. The Caribou remained as it was, until it finally snorted at him and turned to leave. He thought of Saraya, and though it was difficult he thought about her until she consumed his thoughts. He began to remember meeting her in his forge. He wasn’t a Guard, he was a smith, he was disavowed. He wasn’t in Caledon or Central City, he was in Kil’heed, trapped in a trial with her! He didn’t think twice and abandoned this perfect world to go back to her.

Carrick came awake with a great ragged breath, jumping up to a seated position. He coughed, and looked down at himself. Dust and cobwebs clung to his hair and clothes. The Endless hallway was still as silent as ever, and the mist was long gone. The stone sentinels at the top of the stairs were still blocking the door. Carrick looked around to find the others still laying down in a dead sleep. Their bodies covered in dust and cobwebs. Carrick wondered just how long they had been there. He reached over for Saraya next to him, his fingers sweeping the hair from her face and brushing dust off her cheek.
“Wake up, my love,” he tried, but she did not stir, so he moved her into his lap where she could at least lay against him. Perhaps if she could hear the beat of his heart it might help her find her way back the way Caledon had helped him.

Adimar was the next to wake up at the other side of the hall. He too jumped with a great gasp for air, as if he hadn’t breathed in ages. He looked around in paranoia, and patted at his chest, dust puffing off of him in small clouds.
“What the hell just happened?” Adimar asked more to himself then anyone else.
“I’m not sure what’s real and what’s false…” Carrick confessed.
Adimar frowned. “I’m right there with you…” he agreed, and looked at the others still asleep. Adimar looked himself over and his frown deepened. “How long have we been asleep?” It was hard to tell, but from the looks of it, they’d been asleep for a long time. Still, as shaken as both Adimar and Carrick were, they had never felt so well rested in all their life.
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Lara finally made it through, and her leg finally gave out on her. Rhuarc was there to offer help, they all were, but he reached her first and allowed her to lean against him. Carrick had Saraya under his arm, allowing her a moment longer to gather her thoughts. Once it seemed everyone was ready, they ventured forward and through an open archway. It was shrouded in darkness, until torches came alive to illuminate the space. It was a massive hallway, that seemingly led nowhere. The hallway was large and dark, with vaulted ceilings so high the top was shrouded in darkness. Their every footstep echoed as they entered the spacious hall. The floor was tiled in black marble, and the pillars were etched to meticulous perfection. The room was massive, and reminded Adimar of a large ballroom, but with no dancers or music. Even so, there was a mystic feel to the air and it seemed to shimmer from the light put off by the torches. It was almost serene, almost peaceful… almost. Out of pure curiosity Adimar looked behind him and saw that the archway he and the others had entered from was gone, and all that could be seen was the endless hallway. Adimar frowned and looked ahead, it was the same view: an endless hallway of darkness. Well, at least Rhuarc would be able to walk without hitting his head on the ceiling, or his shoulders into the walls. There was only one way for them to go… forward.

They walked together, side by side, and spanning the length of the large hallway with room to spare. They passed arching pillar after pillar, walking in what seemed like a never ending hallway. With no end in sight Adimar frowned, not liking this and getting a bad feeling. That feeling was only quelled when finally an end came in view. It was still terribly far away, but it was a flight of impressive marble stairs leading up to a set of large double doors. Massive wings of volshi steel decorated the doors, and two statues of Watchers stood like silent sentinels on either side of it. Adimar pointed ahead.
“There,” He said to the group. The stairs were still far away, but for now they were in view. “Aria has to be behind those doors,” He theorized, and it seemed to invigorate the rest of the group as they all began to jog forward, eager to be reunited with their Priestess. As if hearing his words, and the excitement of the Guardians; the statues came to life with a grinding sound and began to march forward, weapons drawn and blocking the doors.

They hadn’t even reached the stairs yet, but the statues barred their way up ahead, and from around them a shimmering mist curled and wove its way down the stairs towards the group. Adimar and the others stopped then, as the mist wrapped around their legs. It sparkled with power, and smelled of lilacs and roses to Adimar. That was when he felt a sleepy haze take over him. He shook his head to stay awake, and he wasn’t the only one. One by one, he watched the Guardians slowly succumb to their exhaustion.
“Does anyone else smell that?” Carrick asked with a yawn. “It smells like linden oil…’ He observed and Adimar frowned. That was not what he smelled. Unbeknownst to him each guardian smelled something else. Carrick moved to sit down on the floor, looking on the edge of sleep. Adimar yawned as well and reached forward, quickly forcing himself to stay awake.
“Back on your feet, Carrick,” Adimar tried, pulling at the man’s arm, but Carrick’s head was already fallen forward and in a deep sleep. Adimar let him go and the man fell back with a thud. He heard another body succumb to the sleepy haze and saw Lara cradling her injured leg and sitting down. Saraya and Rhuarc, weren’t too far behind -nor was Adimar. Slowly he too fell to a knee, too tired to fight it any longer. The mist seemed too wrap around him like a gentle caress, carrying him to bliss and relaxation. Eventually, with the image of the door and stairs going fuzzy, his head and body fell back into the mist and he went to sleep on the floor.

It was peaceful and warm. He felt so relaxed and comfortable. It was the best sleep Adimar had ever gotten. He yawned and stretched, shifting the blankets around him, as he awoke to find himself in a comfortable bed. He felt something move beside him under the covers and looked over to find a familiar face poking her head out from under the covers. He tensed to see her there, but so relived at the same time. He didn’t question such a stroke of luck as sun beamed in through the window. The room he was in, obviously wasn’t his, it was her’s, but he could see his gear sitting on a chair. He knew exactly where he was: His favorite brothel back in Aero City. She was still just a gorgeous as the day he’d left Aero City.
“Good morning,” she murmured sleepily with a soft smile to him. Adimar didn’t know what to say… he hadn’t seen her in years. Cautiously he reached out and cupped the blonde’s cheek in his hand, her curly hair mused from sleep, but her full pouty lips tilted in a smile just for him. It made his heart pound.
“Iliza?” he asked. She had been his first love, or at least real infatuation, and she hadn’t seemed to have changed a bit.
“Of course, silly. Who where you expecting?” she teased. Adimar could only shake his head.
“I-I don’t know,” he confessed. “What are you doing here?” Iliza arched a pale blonde brow at him and gave him a look.
“Ummm this is my Brothel. What are [i you] doing here?” She asked. He couldn’t help but grin at her, even as she moved to straddle his body. Adimar chuckled in the back of his throat and grinned.
“To see you it seems.”
“You sound so uncertain,” she teased.
“Well… I’m not sure how I got here… oh!” He tensed as he felt her do something rather naughty under the covers, she simply sat over him with a playful smirk.
“You came stumbling in drunker than a skunk late last night with your friends. They’re probably still here… waiting on your lazy ass.”
“Spoiled, more like it… oooh that feels good,” Adimar purred at the sensations she was giving him. He had to hold her, so his hands found her hips and rocked with her.
“Of course it does, no one know how to take care of you the way I do…”

Adimar was in heaven. There was nothing better than this. The smell of her, the feel of her kisses and body against his… It was all he wanted lately, and he had no qualms indulging himself with his long time favorite prostitute. Her giggles and moans a soundtrack of pleasurable funtimes on play just for him. Adimar didn’t want to leave, having too much fun, and finally able to just forget the madness. Nothing calmed his mind better than bedding a gorgeous woman. By the time she had exhausted him, for the second time, he was content to remain in bed and simply hold her, his fingers twirling her curly hair in his hands while she napped peacefully and stated from their fucking. It was peaceful and quiet, but something in Adimar kept him on edge. Something pulled and tugged at him to leave the bed, and Iliza behind. He felt the burden of unfinished business. What was it he had to do though? He couldn’t quite recall what it was supposed to be….
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She felt a hand on her shoulder, and by the size of what she felt it could only be Carrick's hand. She felt inside of her that Carrick was making an attempt of reassuring her, but the logic with which he was attempting to reassure felt odd and off to her; especially the last bit. Sure, Adimar hadn't told of his 'royalty' status to all of them, and so what? Adimar wasn't acting like a royal twat from the stories, nor would it personally change her current thoughts about him. Simple as that.

Although one couldn't say the same of what happened next.

They did meet up with Adimar and Rhuarc, and walk through a tunnel with Rhuarc making fire, but that's where it ended as all of them entered what appeared to be a fog. But it had to be something much more than fog as everyone disappeared and nothing whatsoever could be heard. The temperate also took a huge drop, and Lara felt herself shivering.

But then the temperature decided to take itself to the other extreme as a fire suddenly blazed up. She could see a house on fire, her old house on fire. The fire was so intense that the reflection of the moon on the ocean water was covered up by red, orange, and yellow flames which occasionally licked as soon as it had touched anything not burning. There was someone fleeing away from the house, a solitary figure running away wildly without looking back; she was seeing what had happened to her three years ago from a third person view.

And then it disappeared, it became completely dark with not a sight nor sound.

It was a weird sight, a burned out house but still somehow standing. She still could see the road that led down to the beach, and on the shore there was still the small sailboat with no external damage whatsoever.

Now she wasn't an observer, but an active participant in what was currently occurring.

Lara stood around for a tad bit longer, unsure of what to do. All of this did not have a natural feeling to it, all of it felt odd. But at the same time she had curiosity, curiosity of what was inside the house; her curiosity reached a critical level and she began to approach the the house very slowly. One step after the next, her walking was starting to get worse due to the wound on her leg, she slowly approached with nothing happening.

But as soon she was near the door, three feet away, it opened and out came two people. Lara's heart raced as recognized who they were - her parent. But something in her mind was not agreeing with what she could see and feel with her senses. She had gone back after a year had passed, and there had been no burnt out house left; only a patch of burned out ground remained from that frightful night. Near that area there had been two dull gray tombstones poking out an area of mown grass; evidently people had come here and paid their respects. Instead of flowers, there had been various necklaces made of various sea creatures. The tombstones themselves were carved from stone dragged out of the sea, and had simply the name of the deceased with a short saying.

But what she was seeing now, did not match the description of what she had seen two years ago. There were no tombstones, no bare patch of burned ground. There was instead a "house" which had been on fire but had been repaired, and both her "parents" were alive.

[+grey "Lara? Is that you?"] Her "dad" had a bit of a croak to his tone, probably from the "ash" in the house. She approached, and answered with an unsure [+purple "Yes"]. Both her "parents" came to hug her, first her "mom" and then her "dad". Her "dad" then wrapped an arm around her shoulder and was leading her back to the "house".

But there was a cold feeling coming from inside the house, the feeling of death and corruption. It felt so disgusting that Lara struggled against her 'dad', and successfully wrangled herself out of it.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

Her "dad" reached out with his hand and tightened it around her throat. Lara could feel the powerful grip, and she could feel herself being slowly choked. [+grey "Where do you think you're going Lara?"] The tone was friendly, but her actual "dad" would never do this. In stumbling phrases, Lara said, [+purple "You can't be my family"]. At these words, the grip became stronger and now she was being choked unconscious.

Lara tried to dispel the fog as a last ditch effort, but all that happened was that what she saw blurred out a tiny bit before it refocused in even greater clarity. She could see her "dad", his skin stretched thin enough to where bones were showing in a few places. His eyes, his eyes instead of being a pleasant ocean blue were a cold and icy blue. As she slowly lost unconsciousness, Lara did the only thing she could think of; she grabbed her "dad's" hand with both of her hands and gripped tightly on the wrist. The hand came away and she stumbled backwards while breathing in the air. [+purple "You are dead, I am alive. You will not drag me down to the bowels of the earth."]

And just like that, the fog disappeared as it had appeared. She could see the others, but before anything else could happen her wounded leg finally gave out and she fell down. Lara looked at those who had made it out of the fog, [+purple "Could someone please help me walk?"]
  Lara / NorthernWolves / 293d 21h 25m 13s
The Pointe, Aria quickly learned; was a needle like structure that went up into the clouds and she was dropped on a small platform. It was a good mile up in the air with thousands of feet below her to fall to her most certain death. It was cold, damp, and the small platform was large enough for her to lay down on and spread out, but not much more than that. How ever would she get down? Around her a cloud rolled in like a thick fog, soaking her to the bone with icy water. Aria was tense, and unsure. She was entirely alone.
“Well I was wanting alone time… but this is not what I had in mind…” Aria noted as she looked around the cloud. It seemed to settle right over her and trapped her inside. Aria shivered, pulling her sleeve back up since Ursula had not bothered to retie her dress closed. Aria heard a clacking sound, and she looked around frantically for the source, until she saw a Hawk that was walking on the floor to stop right at her feet. For a moment she stared at the Hawk and it stared back.
“Volshi?” She asked and held her arm out, the knowing telling her exactly what was going on. the Hawk flapped it’s wings and landed on her arm. She winced, he was heavy and his talons cut the sleeve of her dress and her arm. “I have no idea how to get down. I will surely fall to my death.” The hawk tilted its head to the side and finally took off from her arm, the jarring movement and the digging of his talons had Aria gasping out in pain as he sliced her arm wide open. Her blood dripped down onto the platform in thick rivulets. She winced, it was deep and it stung. She whimpered and moved to sit down on the platform and managed to rip a swath of fabric from her dress and wrapped her forearm tightly. Her shoulder was still throbbing too and still stuck out at an odd angle, still dislocated. She took another swath of fabric from her dress and laid it on her lap, and bit her lip as she grabbed her dislocated arm, and forced it back into place for now. She gasped at the pain, and if possible she thought it might hurt more, but for now it was back in the joint and she’d look to get it healed properly later. If she could ever get down from this thing.

She sat there with her arm in a makeshift sling and her other arm throbbing from the hawk’s talons that cut her and looked around. Still trapped in the cloud and feeling worthless and defeated, Aria sighed, and was about to lay down, but she saw the pool of her blood that had fallen onto the platform begin to take shape. It wiggled and moved, before expanding and growing to a full sized human. Aria scooted back as far as she could and watched in horror as her blood solidified and took the shape of her! Aria looked to her clone and slowly stood up. The Clone stood before Aria naked as a babe, and perfect in every way. This was clearly not normal. The clone looked Aria over and her nose wrinkled in disgust.
“What a weakling you are. The Guardians will die trying to save your ass before they ever get a chance to defeat Malik. You’re so pathetic, cowering from yourself…” The clone’s tone was callous and cruel, even her eyes looked darker and meaner. She came face to face with her, and glared. Aria could only blink as she tried to process that she was seeing a copy of herself. “You deserve to have Malik destroy you…. you’ve only had a thousand nightmares of his capture of you, wouldn’t it be fun to live one of them?” She asked reaching out to caress Aria’s cheek. Aria trembled, and then shivered as the air grew colder and she felt a presence behind her. Aria stilled, too scared to look behind her, even as the clone stood up and vanished into the cloud with a wicked smirk on her face.

That was when Aria felt a hand curling around her throat, it dragged her back and clean off the platform, and landed her into a firm bed. She sat up and looked around. She was in a room, dark and cold, and the door opened and closed. Aria looked around for a way to escape, but there were no windows. Boots clacked on the wooden flooring and finally stopped, pulling back the covers of the bed.
“My pretty little prize…” that hauntingly familiar voice crooned. Aria turned and saw herself face to face with Malik and she was frozen solid. “I have waited a long time for this…” Aria’s senses came rushing back to her. Malik was standing over her, dressed in his dark robes, and smiling sadistically.
“This isn’t real…” She breathed. “It can’t be…” Malik chuckled darkly, his greasy black hair hanging around his face as he leaned in to take her jaw in one of his spindly hands. She backed away from him even as he told her it was all real. That she was his prisoner, that he had the guardians and by dawn they would all be dead.
“But not you… no…” He crooned softly. Aria flinched when his hand made contact with her temple and brushed her hair back to tuck behind an ear. “No, I’m going to keep you around for as long as you entertain me,” he chuckled darkly, and Aria began to climb away from the bed to flee. Malik was there to block her a malicious grin on his face, and then Aria felt it. He smacked her with the back of his hand full force, and sent her sprawling to the floor. Could a dream really hurt this way? She kept trying to tell herself this wasn’t real, but it hurt like it was. The blood she tasted in her mouth was real. She tried to sit back up, and instead felt his hand in her hair wrenching her head back. “Want to see something fun?” He asked and dragged her towards a window that had suddenly appeared. Aria knew then, this was all an illusion… this was magic. What sort of magic would put her in this situation. If it was fake why did it feel so real?

He smashed her face up against the glass, causing it to crack. Aria could see a wooden platform down below, but not much else. Standing on the platform and chained up to their own post, broken and defeated stood Adimar and Rhuarc. “I’m going to flay their skin off and let my crows feast on their bodies. But I’m gonna put the big one right outside your room.” His lips came to Aria’s ear and whispered darkly, “I know he’s your favorite,” He sneered taking his tongue and raking it up along her neck and to her ear. Aria felt she was going to vomit.
“This isn’t real… ‘She whispered to herself, eyes shut tight, but she could hear him… could hear Rhuarc calling her name. Her name, not Priestess, but by her name. Adimar began to wail with a blood curling shout, as Aria could practically hear their flesh being peeled off their still living bodies. Her heart began to pound, opening her eyes and seeing they were now as Malik had promised, skinned like animals, with Crows sitting on their bloated corpses and pecking at their eyes. Around them, all of Central City was in ruin and burning to the ground with dying embers. Aria gasped, her eyes filling with tears, and then Malik was dragging her else where. “No,” She breathed, “NO!” She shrieked. This was her nightmare made flesh, and while she didn’t want to leave Rhuarc or Adimar, their images were being consumed in the same fire that destroyed her beloved city. She was dragged across a stone floor, and thrown down with such a force she smacked her head against the stone. When she lifted her head she came face to face with the lifeless eyes of Lara, her throat slit wide open and standing over her was none other than Saraya.
“I had to… he said he could bring my baby back -my husband…”
“But… Lara…” Aria tried, reaching for her lifeless body. She had been so young, with so much life ahead of her. But then the vision of Saraya saw what she had done, and took the knife to cut her own throat too. Aria screamed, reaching out for her too, but she was helpless as Saraya’s blood spurt forth from her jugular and splattered against Aria’s face and body. She fell with a sicking smack to the floor and behind her Malik laughed with glee. She lifted her head, to glare at Malik. He simply smiled and sprang for her.

What happened next to Aria was beyond what words can describe. She bore witness to the loss of her guardians, the destruction and ruin of Central City, and within a pool of the guardian’s mixed blood, Malik forced himself on Aria in a blood magic ritual. She screamed for help, she screamed until her voice was raw… she screamed until she realized no one was coming to save her… no one was left. She couldn’t keep relying on others to save her anymore. From around her she could see the Necromancer, the Mage, The Fade and other glowing vicious eyes waiting for their turn to partake in violating her violently. Something inside her roared to life, and she grabbed a hold of Malik’s face to dig her thumbs into his eyes. She began to fight back. She fought like a hell cat, spitting and hissing and kicking her way out from Malik’s grasp, and right for the knife Saraya had used moments ago. She took it up into her hands and spun around just in time to plunge it in his chest, but as she turned he bore down on top of her and forced the knife from her hands. She cried out as he took it and sunk it down to the hilt into her chest. Blood began to bubble up from her throat and leak from between her lips. “No one will be able to save you all the time,” Aria gasped for breath even as Malik brought his face closer, and stabbed her again. “Death is inevitable…” He whispered. He stabbed her three more times and Aria finally lost consciousness. Failure weighing deep in her soul.

To Be Continued...
  *Aria Tolshiv / darien / 295d 12h 38m 14s
[center [size20 (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)]]

Quiet breath had exhaled from the darkest parts of the room. Saraya felt uneasy. She could see nothing, but she knew something was waiting... Then, an unfamiliar language had spoken from the darkness... [I Hintutah rustal til... Saraya...] She felt like the air from her lungs escape... It was ragged, and as she stared intently into the entryway, she felt an uneasy feeling that something was there and it was waiting for her...

Carrick had grabbed the torch and Lara walked in. Carrick looked back to see Saraya stiff, and it puzzled him. [I "Saraya? "] he asked. She took a slow breath, before looking to him. [I "... There is something... It feels as though its eyes are on me... "]

It had grown dark... But suddenly, Rhuarc and Adimar had appeared. With relief she shook her head before they were covered in fog. She had lost Carrick in the smoke, and suddenly felt like she was falling. She gasped as she retained balance, and felt herself descending. She landed lightly on her feet, but she was surrounded by fog. [i "Carrick!!! "] she yelled... No sound... She stared about, but she wouldn't move. [I "Carrick!! "]

A slow exhale stopped her calls. She slowly turned to see a familiar build... [I It cannot be...]

There Felliope stood, wearing his formal attire he married her in. She felt tears well up and fall as she approached. [I "Felliope? "] she asked as she drew near... Suddenly, Felliope slowly turned, and she saw a blanket... And it was stained with blood. She gasped when she realized what it was... [b "How could you, Saraya..."]

[i "Felliope, i-"]

[b "I told you to run, Saraya! I told you to get somewhere safe! Why would you not listen to me?! "] she was too hurt to speak. All she could do was look at the bloody bundle. [b "This is the price for your arrogance! "] he grabbed their child from within the bundle, and the sight of it broke her heart. Felliope was holding the stillborn by his throat, and it wasn't the half of it. The body was crushed, and it had slice marks left and right on the poor body. She held her hand over her mouth and doubled over, fighting to breathe as tears dropped like rain. She dropped to her knees. [b "THIS IS YOUR FAULT, SARAYA!! YOU MURDERED US!! "] Saraya held onto her head, crying harder from the opened wounds. Slowly... As he ranted on, a shadow shrouded him. Saraya suddenly couldn't hear him. A hand had grabbed to her shoulder. She turned her head to see a dark horseman towering her. She stared upon it, the magnificent steed neighing loud. [I "Hïgasçá... "] she whispered. The horseman had nodded his head and reached out his hand. Hesitant, Saraya stared upon his hand before looking up to him. The horseman had not budged. She sighed to herself as she grabbed onto his hand and stood.

Hïgasçá spoke slowly in his otherworldly tongue, one she wasn't familiar with... But, as she listened, she slowly began to hear her Caledonian language... And he had spoke only two words. [b Your Truth...] Before she could speak, the fog consumed the horseman, and she turned to see Malik. Malik had his hands gripped on the corpse of Felliope and unborn.

[I "... Malik... "] her voice came out as a growl. She looked into scorching eyesight of him, the evil glare with a twisted grin that, in the beginning, had made her skin crawl. The sight of him only enraged her... His smirk mocked her... As though he thought she wasn't capable of attacking. [b How much longer are you going to run, Caledonian? How much longer must I torture their souls to do what I wish... And kill them again, and again? "] he dropped their bodies, and walked over to a bound figure. She felt her heart tense as she saw who it was... She felt her heart stop. [b " Do I have to kill you... And the only person that loves you? "] She wanted to run at him, but her feet was planted. She couldn't let him touch Carrick... She refused it! [I "See, Felliope? I have at least tried to save you... Malik had killed you... And now... "] She felt something dark come across her. She saw it form into a bow in her hand, though it wouldn't completely take form. It was in form of smoke, but in her hands, felt as real as the weapon would. She aimed it at Malik, and as blood tears dropped from her eyes, she felt the darkness of her anger consume her. [I "You shall not claim him, Malik... You shall not use him against me... I will kill you when I find you... "]

Malik smiled and turned to her. [b How can you kill what your father couldn't? "]

Saraya growled, and like a predator, crouched. [i Like this!!! "] she pushed off the ground reaching for him. Malik was ready to make his killing blow while he said [b You disappoint me"] Saraya had ran fast as she could and swept Carrick up into the air with her before Malik could make his weapon true. She had dodged Malik as she flew into the fog, but she hadn't realized that she would collide into the door, slamming it open. She tucked and rolled out of instinct, getting to her feet before turning to the door, and let out a battle cry so strong, it shook the atmosphere. Wind whipped across the room, and she dropped to her knees, screaming over and over in Caledonian [I Deshe pragä änúä] [I I am your Grim reaper "]

She doubled over, hand over her womb as she saw the last image in the doorway... Felliope's standing corpse with the bloody bundle in his hands... She stayed as her head dropped, finally letting the tears go. She felt relief, and though she heard everyone running to her, she still felt it in her ears The Spirit. [I I am proud of you, Saraya]

Saraya nodded before shakingly sitting up, fixated on the now closed door. [I "Felliope... One day, you will forgive me... "]

She let her head drop before looking to everyone else. It seemed she had became fourth to appear... She took in a deep breath, then stood, looking to everyone as the stared worryingly to her. [I "I passed... "] was all she could say. She nodded, her face still wet with tears... But as she stared, her eyes still had a darkness to it. It wasn't a scary darkness, but a vengeful darkness. She finally made peace with the deaths of her past... But there was something in her past she still didn't know... She chose love over tragedy and self pity. She chose her new family over the past... She had passed
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Adimar followed into the chamber with the others, but he quickly lost sight of them in the heavy fog. Adimar looked around in the fog, and down to his feet when he heard the sound of familiar footsteps. He turned and was stunned to see the Hand to the King approaching him. Karrot was an older man and had served Adimar's uncle for many years in overseeing the Volshi Empire, and to see him here was not good. Adimar looked around quickly to see where the rest of his group had gone, but it was only the old advisor, Karrot.
"Your Highness," He said with a quick bow, Adimar dared not move and was slowly questioning his sanity. How was it that Karrot was here? The man should have been up in Aero City with his Uncle.
"Karrot, what are you doing here?" Adimar questioned.
"I bring grave news, my lord. Aero City has been attacked. She has begun to sink from the sky and will likely fall upon the earth." Adimar tensed, everyone in the city would likely die, and any ground city below would be crushed.
"My Uncle? My father?"
"Dead your Highness... you are now king." Adimar forced himself to breath, or run the risk of vomiting. He closed his eyes, not wanting to believe a word Karrot had said.
"I can not be king... I am a Guardian-"
"You are King now," Karrot told him again. "It is because you are a Guardian that you were not here to help protect us, and now our most glorious city has fallen. You will sit on the throne and you will rule as is your duty." Adimar was fuming, but it came from a deep seated fear. Fear that he would not be around to protect his people if he left to be a Guardian. Was he a Guardian first, or was he King to his people? Could he ever just be Adimar the man? Did this mentality make him lazy? Dishonorable? Was it really so bad he just wanted to be left to chose for himself what he wanted to be?

"This is all your fault," Karrot spat, and Adimar, feeling a cold dread grip his throat, was finding it hard to breathe. "You left us, and for what? An olde wives tale about monsters and myth?"
"It is not a myth. The Priestess is alive," Karrot scoffed as he usually did, unwilling to believe that such 'lowly creatures' could wield magic, or that the Priestess was even still alive.
"Please! Did you really think you could be a hero? You are not free to make those decisions. The Council demands you return to Aero City before she plummets to the earth." Adimar grit his teeth, a part of him knew this couldn't be truth, and yet another part of him feared that this was a very real threat.

Adimar had been so focused on Karrot he hadn't realized the space around him had begun to solidify into the Sanctum of Kil'heed. It was so visceral and real, Adimar was struggling to understand if he'd been spirited away from the group and back to the sanctum to hear this dreadful news. He turned around and took in the sights again of the sanctum and frowned. Leave behind the Guardians? What would happen to them if he left with Karrot? What would happen if he didn't leave? What would become of his people? Adimar was torn between duty to his people, and his duty to Aria and the others. Adimar was torn.
"If you do not come with me, you will forever be dead to the people of Volshiv, and your sister will sit on the throne." That certainly caught Adimar's attention. His sister? They wouldn't dare put such a timid and sweet innocent thing on that black void of a throne. He grit his teeth -nothing mattered more to Adimar than his sister. It was a choice he wasn't prepared to make. "As it stands your people are dying, you allowed these foreigners to enter our most sacred land. You led them right here! You even showed those lesser fools how to use arcana! You betrayed us all!" Karrot spat, his spittle flying freely and only a small portion of it getting caught in his curled grey beard. The portly old man, never had liked him.

Karrot had always intimidated Adimar, when he was a boy he’d been terrified of the Advisor. Karrot was not known for being a kind man, or even one who laughed or smiled -unless in a mocking and condescending manner. Adimar backed away as the portly old man marched towards him, finger raised and his face turning red with rage.
“The Gods chose for them a fool! All you have ever done is slack off, play games, go through women the way you go through wine! You’re a lazy fool with no heart or care for your people. You’re selfish and only think about yourself! When will you do something worthwhile? When will you stop being a burden on the royal purse?!” He spat. Adimar flinched, actually flinched and raised a hand to stop Karrot from striking him. It shocked Adimar to see… he was a small boy once again, and at the mercy of the vicious Karrot. “Look at what your selfishness has caused!” Karrot pointed behind Adimar, and he turned to see an army of corpses staring at him with dead eyes. They were all people he recognized. His Uncle and father standing at the front, dressed in their elegant robes, now rotted and decayed like their flesh. Slowly, one by one, the Volshi Corpses raised their hands and pointed a finger at Adimar.
“Your fault…” they all grumbled. “Your fault…” the repeated it over and over, until Adimar was holding his head, covering his ears and screaming.
“I can’t save you…” Adimar murmured. “I can’t save you all… I can’t be king…”
“If you are not King… then all of Volshi will fall,”
“I am a Guardian! I can not be King!” Adimar shouted again, desperate for that to ring true.
“Are you a Guardian? Or do you just think you are? You can’t even protect your own people, what makes you think you can protect her?” Karrot asked, and pointed in a new direction and Adimar looked up to see a sight that ripped at his heart.

Aria was laid down, face first on the floor. Her body was twisted strangely, and her clothes nothing but rags. Adimar crawled over, a man once again and touched Aria’s shoulder, rolling her body over, only to find it dead and crawling with maggots. He dropped her corpse and scooted away, only to hit Thad’s dead body. He sucked in a breath. “Your friends will die too, because you are worthless,” Karrot reminded him, and Adimar turned to see that not only was Thad dead, but so was Rupert and Max -his closest mates, his friends that would follow him to their demise. “If you are a Guardian,” Karrot told him, towering tall and formidable over him. “Then you are a piss poor excuse for one. Now come with me, be king… I need a new puppet!” He hissed and reached forward to grab Adimar’s hair and dragged him away from the corpses of his people, and his friends. Aria’s body had a glow to it, before it too was snuffed out and she was left, pale, dull and dark.

Adimar struggled under the weights of his insecurities, with Karrot driving the route to self destruction, before he was thrown into a massive throne, carved from darkly stained wood, capped with silver plates of filigree and jewels and soft sapphire velvet on the seat. The Silver crown was perched on a pillow beside the chair, but it was the most horrifying thing Adimar had ever seen. He’d lose his freedom, no longer be able to be himself. He had no qualms about giving his life in battle, or for the guardians… but he had a problem with wearing that crown. To Adimar it was good as wearing shackles, and being locked in a cage. He couldn’t do it… His days would be scheduled to a full load, his life would be limited, and his freedoms none. The elders would even be in their right to force a bride on Adimar, dress him, puppet him, and turn him into nothing more than a trained monkey. Karrot lifted the crown and came towards him with it and Adimar raised his hand up to stop Karrot.
“You must make a choice… Us… or them?” Adimar swallowed past the lump in his throat, and for a moment almost conceded to Karrot, his people came first… he should take up his birthright, it was his duty… but…

“I chose them.” He managed. “I can not be king. I am The Guardian of Volshi! I can not save my people if I do not accept what I am!”
“A King-“
“A GUARDIAN!” Adimar roared, and from his corse a great burst of air shot away in all directions, sending Karrot and all the others away from him. They all faded and Adimar fell to his knees panting for breath. He saw between his hands was the crown, just glittering before him. He swallowed tensely and reached out to lift it up. He grabbed it and rose back to his feet and with a frown, crushed it into dust. He would be considered dead to his people if he turned down the crown. He’d also be banished from the Aero Cities, and would lose his home. It was a sad fear, the fear of his insecurities. He looked up from where he stood and saw the dim light illuminated a path. He followed it into the next cavern and saw Rhuarc already standing there. He wasn’t surprised to see that Rhuarc had defeated his test so easily, but there was no hiding the haunted expression in his eyes, or Adimar’s either. Adimar looked to Rhuarc and glanced behind him to see the fog came no further towards them, it was as if there was a shield keeping them from being swallowed up again.

Carrick was the next to walk through, looking pale and shaken. Adimar didn’t want to ask what they others had seen, but when Carrick noticed them there, he looked frightened and turned around to look for Saraya, no doubt.
“I saw everyone I ever loved… killed… I saw Malik, he murdered, tortured and raped the people I cared about… and all I could do was watch… before he killed me too,” Carrick admitted. “My cowardice and past came back to haunt me,” He looked to Adimar and Rhuarc and bowed his head. “I made a choice many years ago, after the fall of the Holy Septum… I was supposed to take Aria to Malik, I was supposed to lead Malik to you all… instead I betrayed him. I accept what will happen to those people… for the greater good…” Adimar’s brows furrowed with understanding and he nodded.
“For the greater good we will all have to make sacrifices, and live with the consequences of our actions, or inaction,” Adimar advised.
“I had to choose between my people and you all,” Adimar said darkly. “I had to learn that I can not carry both, but I can save both by fighting with the rest of you…”
Carrick gave a nod of his head in agreement. “Let’s hope the girls make it through alright…”
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[b "I have no doubt that we will find her Adimar, whether she is breathing when we do is a far more uncertain matter."] The first trial had almost killed them and their only option was to wait here for the others to make it through their trial, were they too fighting the same monstrous beast or were they facing something worse, Rhuarc doubted whether anyting in this labyrinth was easy, The two men waited there in silence for what seemed like hours for the others to return. Rhuarc was sure that they would he refused to believe that anyone in the group could be defeated by these trials, they would prove to Ursula and the Watchers that they were more than capable of passing their little tests and defeating the False King. Eventually, after Rhuarc knew not how long, Carrick, Lara and Saraya entered from another corridor, a smile crossed the Jai's face and he gave a nod in greeting to his companions, grateful to see that they had survived. Lara's injury from the battle was evident but it did not seem that anyone had picked up any new injury during the course of their trial, it was reassuring to see.

The party decided to advance through the endless labyrinth, not that they had much choice, and Rhuarc was not happy to discover that this corridor was even more cramped than the last! It was fine for Saraya dn Lara, short and lithe as the were, and a little uncomfortable for Adimar and Carrick but for the Jai it was unbearable, he couldn't go two steps without being scraped by the rock or struggling to pass through the corridor, all of which was accompanied by a few choice words in the harsh, guttural language in the Jai tongue. One of his own flames lit the corridor but it was still new to him how to use fire in a non combative role so occasionally the fire spluttered and almost went out with only an immense amount of concentration from Rhuarc keeping it lit. Mercifully the corridor came to an end and opened up into...well Rhuarc couldn't exactly see what was at the end of the corridor as a thick fog masked his view, the flame that was lighting their way was smothered and died out quickly...curiously enough wherever they were was not plunged into darkness but a soft, pale light permeated the fog. The fog was disorientating and despite being just behind Adimar and Carrick as they walked through the labyrinth as a group the massive Jai found himself completely alone inside the oppressive fog. A few experimental shouts for his allies and their lack of response revealed to him that this was not merely the strange workings of Kil'heed and the labyrinth but something else entirely. Rhuarc was certain that this was their second trial.

Pain ignited in Rhuarc's left hand the likes of which he had never felt before, once...twice...thrice the hammer fell imbedding the nail into his flesh deeper every time, the same process was repeated on his other hand and his feet before he heard the heaves of men as the heavy wooden cross that he was nailed to was hoisted up and he could see the worst thing imaginable. Before him lay his homeland, the Wastelands of the Adbhu'Jai but never before had Rhuarc seen them like this, from where he was being crucified he saw the great terracotta cities along the River Nine being overrun and falling to Malik's armies, the sacred lands and hidden temples to Jaihash and Ouk'nu being perverted and turned into shrines to Malik, the ultimate desecration. Blacksmiths were being lined up for execution, the secrets of thrice-forged Jai steel would be lost with their deaths, mounds of bodies wearing white were piled up by the soldiers and left for scavengers to feed on, children in chains being carted away to the Central City...to Malik's domain where they would forget all they had learned and become nothing more than Malik's pawns, puppets to be played with whenever he wanted. Rhuarc tried to blink but found himself unable to do so, it was agony to even try, clearly Malik wanted him to watch the destruction of his people. Again Rhuarc tried to close his eyes and could not, pain shot through him and suddenly with a sick feeling he knew why he couldn't do it. He had no skin. Malik had flayed him completely from head to toe, all of the scars he had earned defending his people were gone...all of the tattoos he had proclaiming glory and honour to the Jai were gone...all of the brand he had burned into his skin to show his devotion to the old ways were gone. He could not blink or look away because he had no eyelids. It was horrifying. It was gone, everything was gone. The Jai people were dead or enslaved, their monuments and cities had been turned to rubble, their very culture had been annihilated. The Jai had been the last of the provinces to keep the Old Ways and they died with the Jai.

This was Rhuarc's greatest fear.

The Old Ways were gone, his people were no more, what was the point of going on...what was the point in fighting Malik any longer. Rhuarc had never feared death, he knew others who did but he never had, he had always wanted to do the honourable thing, to seek a glorious death, to die in service to his people, to keep the Old Ways. To see it all gone, filled him with despair and it made him want to submit, to admit defeat to simply die...and yet he did not. If it really was true that Malik had enslaved his people and destroyed his homeland then he was all that was left. The flesh may have been stripped from his bones and this crucifixion would be a slow and very painful way to die, in fact every breath he took was a painful labour, but he would remain true to himself and to his people. He may be about to die, that was evident and there was nothing he could do to change that outcome but that didn't mean that he had no options left. What he feared most above all else had come to pass, his people and his culture was no more...but as long as he lived Rhuarc was the Jai. He would not submit, he knew who and what he was...he was the Guardian of Jaihash, the embodiment of fire and he was a proud Jai warrior of the Farlan Tribe. He would keep the promise he made to himself as long ago as he could remember, he would have an honourable death and serve his people. The Jai may be abut to die but as long as he could still draw those slow, excritiatingly painful breaths then he would do so with dignity. The Old Ways, the way of [i Ahrak-Toh] of honour and obligation lived in him, he was honour bound to face his death with dignity and he would was obligated to live the way his people always had. He would not submit. Malik was powerful, perhaps even too powerful to be defeated but Rhuarc would stand against him always. He was the Jai and that was what was honourable, that was his obligation. That was what the Old Ways demanded of him. In that final moment of resolve, in defiance of Malik, the False King, Shade-stealer, Rhuarc took one long, slow agonising breath and died.

The thick fog dissipated as Rhuarc drew breath and opened his eyes, he ran a hand over his face, arms, chest just checking that his flesh was indeed still there. It was surreal, he could still feel that lingering pain, he could feel every injury that had befallen him in the fog of nightmares. This labyrinth knew what he feared most and it had almost caused him to falter and fail, he was ready to abandon it all. It was his resolve that gave him the strength to continue, he thought that was what this trial was about at it's heart. In the last trial he had Adimar with him, he needed to rely not on his weapons but on his wits, here he needed to know that he was strong enough to face whatever presented itself, with or without the others. There would be times when Rhuarc and the other Guardians would be alone, he was sure of it but by facing his worst fear alone and finding the resolve to continue, he would be able to conquer whatever Malik could summon against them. Alone the Jai walked in that eerie light that was so like moonlight until he came to a cavern. Here he would wait for the others to conquer their nightmares as he was sure they would. Whether he faced the next trial alone or in the company of the others he knew that he would be able to face whatever came next. Rhuarc was one step closer to finding Aria which also meant that he was one step, however small, closer to bringing down Malik and saving his people. He would ensure that the Old Ways survived.
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