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A small chat for two.


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Untitled sent by Misanthropist- want to reply?, 3m 2s ago -- Delete
So why do people get your "wrath" when they call an OPENLY GENDERFLUID person male? What if HE/SHE wants to be called a male that day? Lexy/Leon is genderfluid. Just because you hate men doesn't mean you have to be a bitch and ignore HIS/HER gender identity, not to mention attack people for calling them a male when they are both male and female. You're a real piece of shit, Vlanderson. I don't even know HIM/HER but I know it hurts when someone claims to be your friend and misgenders the fuck out of you. It must be real shitty for Lexy/Leon to feel male one day and then you attack anyone who calls him/her male and force people to misgender him/her.

Go fuck yourself, you sexist bitch.
  Pika Pika / Vlanderson / 3y 200d 10h 29m 56s

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