A Killer's Paradise

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There Is A Door. A Clean, White Door That Is Covered By Darkness All Around. A Dark Light Shines From Beneath It. You Go Towards It Slowly, Something Thrilling. . . .Yet Dangerous Drawing It Towards You. As You Stand In Front Of The Door, You Turn The Knob And Open It. Blood, Gore, Bodies Everywhere.You Can Never Turn Back, Only Move Forward.

Welcome To A Killer's Paradise.


This Place Is For All Who Wish To Be Assassins, Ninjas, Hit-men, And Any Other Cold-Blooded Killer There Is Out There. Of Course There Will Be Training Grounds, Which Are Located Inside The Door. The Outside World Is Were Missions Take Place. You Live To Kill. Show No Mercy, Or You May Not Survive.


The W.A.O Is A Highly Secretive Organization That Hunts Down And Kills Anyone On This Long List Of Names. Everyday, There Are Thieves Who Steal Money From The Poor. Big Corporations That Cheat People Out Of Money, Small Organizations That Supports Prostitution By Selling Women And A Variety Of Other Selfish, Idiotic And Illegal Crimes.This Organization Is More Secretive -And Certainly More Dangerous- Than The CIA, SWAT Or Any Other Very Known Army Or Security Organization/Team.And It Is Run By Not Only The Government, But The President As Well.

In Other Words, Unless You Have A Chance Of Beating A Super Fast, Deadly And Lethal Killer That Will Shut Down You And Your Wrong-doers, I Suggest You Do Not Fuck With The W.A.O.


The W.A.O. Needs New Trainees And New Assassins. You Have Been Invited To Train At The Widow Elite Assassination Training And Rank School (W.E.A.T.R.S) To Become One Of Elite Trainees To Train For The Finals And Graduate Into The W.A.O. We Need You. And We Need 100% From You. If You Give Us Any Less .... Your Life May Just Be In Risk.

Welcome, To A Killer's Paradise.



-Rank 1: New Students; Lowest Rank. Limited To One Weapon.

-Rank 2: Given To After First Two Weeks Of Training;Limited To One Weapon And One *Plus Attribute.

-Rank 3: Earned After Passed The Beginner's Test;Limited To Two Weapons And One Plus Attribute

-Rank 4: Earned After Passed The Intermediate Test;Limited To Three Weapons And Two Plus Attributes

-Rank 5: Earned After Passed The Advanced Test;Limited To Four Weapons And Three Plus Attributes

-Rank 6: Highest Title; Title Of All Trainers.Earned After Graduation;Unlimited Weapons And Five Plus Attributes

Higher Ranks: The Ranks Go On Until 10. However, Rank 6 Is The Highest Rank In The Academy. Other Ranks Are Given As You Advance In The W.O.A. Most Trainers Have These Ranks.

*Plus Attributes Are Like Powers. For Ex. Enhanced Hearing, Super Strength, Hearing, Vision, Stealth, Etc.

Current Students

Rank 1

1.Ziitron Black

2.Annastasia Thompson

3.Akane Akatsuka

4.Kaine Tyrann

5.Renshou Yonai

6.Azure Tenote

7.Nelson Giles


Rank 2









Rank 3








Rank 4







Rank 5






Rank 6






-Ariana Takameh :Head Master Of The W.E.A.T.R.S


19 yrs Of Age

Rank 10

Born July 6th

Don't Be Fooled By Her Young Age Or Appearance. Although She Is Young, She Can Be As Scary, Sneaky And Deadly As The Devil Himself. Her Height Stops At About 4'10. But If You Make Fun Of Her Height, You Are Setting Yourself Up For Certain Death. I'd Advise You To Not Get Sent To Her Office For Misconduct, For She Will 'Straighten You Out'. But If You Meet Her Expectations, Miss Takameh Will Surely Be very Kind Towards You, Even If You Do Mess Up Once Or Or Twice.

-Sishimo W. :Trainer Of Ranks 1 And 2.


24 yrs Of Age

Rank 8

Born April 8th

The Kindest Trainer of All. Miss Sishimo Is One of The Most Likable teachers On Campus Due To Her Kindness And Easy Connections With The Students. This Woman May Seem Easy To Fight And Very Fragile. However, You'd Be Surprised.Miss Sishimo Is One Of The Hardest Trainers To Beat. No One Besides Those Higher Than Her Rank Has Rarely Even Touched This Teacher In Battle. The Only One Who Has Come Close To Killing Her That She Has Battled Is Mr.Hitake, Who She Has Really Grown Attached To. Miss Sishimo Always Refuses To Tell Her Students Her Last Name, Since She Was Born In A Lethal Family Of Assassins That Have Killed Many, Including Innocent People And Children. She Hates Her Past, But Chooses To Ignore It And Not Tell Her Last Name To Anyone.

-Nina Salishi: Trainer Of Ranks 3 And 4.


21 yrs Of Age

Rank 7

Born On October 7th

Miss Salishi Is The Favorites Of All Male Students. Most Students Call Her The Coolest Or Most Fun Teacher. And Most Male Students Call Her The Sexiest And Such. But, Teachers Would Call Her Immature, A Shame, Strange, Irresponsible, Sometimes Untruthful And Just Too Caught Up In Her Drinks And Parties. She'd Often Call It, 'Being Youthful'. Despite Her Attitude To Most Unimportant Things And Her Sarcastic Ways, When The Time Comes To A Fight, Drunk Or Not, She Would Always Become Serious And Lethal. Her Seductive Ways Make It Sometimes Easy To Fight Others Her Age Or Younger. She Is Very Skilled In Medicine And Stealth, And Can Be Very Sneaky And A Trickster When Using Her Powers. She Is The Only Teacher With A Rank Lower Than 8.

-Kim Hitake: Trainer Of Ranks 5 And 6.


27 yrs Of Age

Rank 10

Born On October 27th

Mr. Hitake Is One of The Toughest Trainers In The School. Many Rumors Have Spread About His Past And Who He Is, Although No One But Miss Takameh Knows Of His Past. He Keeps Everything A Mystery And Makes You Almost Want To Know And Find Out. It Is Of No Record That Any Of His Students Have Lost In Any Battles or Failed Any Test In The Academy. Most Say That If You Goof Around Too Much, He Will Kill A Student Instantly Before The Final Test Would Begin. If It Wasn't For Ms. Takameh,He Would Be The Head Of The Academy At A Young Age As Well.

*NC's (Non-Characters) Can Be played By Anyone. Just Try To Make Sense Of What You Are Doing. And Don't Change The Character's Personalities. If This Gets Out Of Hand, I Will Only Play NC's.


Rules & Regulations

Academy Rules

~No Pointless Fights On Campus. Go To The Training Grounds Or Outside.

~Girls And Boys Can Share Dorms.However, You May NOT Share Dorm Rooms!

~Show Affection On The Campus Is Prohibited.

~Respect All Trainers And The Head Mistress At ALL Times!

~Stealing Is Prohibited!

~Cheating To Make Another Student Fail A Test Will Result In A Rank Being Taken Away OR Expelling.

~Skipping Detention Or Classes Is Fatal.You Will be Sent To Ms. Takameh's Office.

~Three Or More Warnings Will Result In Detention!

~Show No Mercy in Anything You Do. Anything.

~Follow ALL Rules Or Accept The Consequences.

Roleplaying Rules

~No Godmodding.

~If A Major Love Scene Comes Up, Timeskip Or Continue On A Place Other Than ES.

~Post All Character Profiles And Questions Through PM Or In The OOC

~Three Strikes, You're Out.

~Target's Will Change After They Are Eliminated.

~No Grammar Or Spelling, No Roleplay Position.

Steal My Idea, I Steal Your Soul.

~Post At least Three Times A Week And On The Weekends.

~Try Your Best To Post More Than Or 1000 Characters.Anything Less Than Two Good Paragraphs Will Be Deleted From The Thread And You Will Get A Warning.

~PM Me Saying 'I Have Read And Accept All Rules And Regulations' With The Title Saying, "Paradise?".

~Use Quality, Anime Pictures. I Can Be Picky.

~No Insta-Love. Please, Just ... No.

~I Am Ultra-Head Master. I Can Change Rules If I Want.


Character Profile

Username: Self-Explanatory

Name: First And Last

Nickname(s): Optional.

Age: 18-28

Gender: Self-Explanatory

Sexual Orientation: Gay, Bi-sexual, Bi-Curious, Straight, Pansexual, Etc.

Birth Date: Month And Day.

Crush/Lover: If Lover, Make Sure You Approve It With The Other Person.

Current Rank: Everyone Starts At Rank 1.

Personality: Give 5-10 Traits. Be Detailed.

History: A Good, Lengthy Paragraph Or More.

Likes: At least 5

Dislikes: At least 5

Plus Attributes: Put N/A For Now.

Weapons Of Choice: Up To You, But Nothing To Extravagant. One For Right Now.

Extra Info: At least One Thing Interesting About Them .... Nothing Extravagant.

Roleplaying Skills: Send Me A Link To A Roleplay You Are In.

Image: Link Or Picture Is Fine.


Current Students

Ziitron Black

Username: YommiNoms

Nicknames: Ziim or Black

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious

Birth Date: October 5th

Current Rank: 1

Crush/Lover: No One ... At The Moment.<3

Personality: Ziitron is more of a mysterious charmer.He can be very optimistic and intelligent, Yet an asshole at the same time. He is very loyal and trustworthy, A bit of a slacker when it comes to a lot of ward work. In All, He is still a good friend and a good lover.<3

History: Ziitron was born without a mother. If Anything, he was a bit of a cry baby. His father was the total opposite and always tried to tell Ziitron to stop his crying. No matter what, his son wouldn't stop crying. After a few months of attempts, His father finally talked to him when he was about 8. He told him how wonderful his mother was, and his father started crying in front of him. Ever since, Ziitron promised himself to stop being so emotional. He wasn't sure why seeing his father cry made him stop, but he just couldn't cry anymore. His father and him started bonding more, and he trained him more.

When he was about 18, his father told him about his job. He worked at the W.O.A. Due to certain request, His father enrolled him into the Academy and his new life at the Widow's Elite Assassination and Rank School began.

Likes: Ziitron is a fan of yuri manga and swords. He likes anything cute, Especially girls, candy and poetry.

Dislikes: Ziitron can't stand arrogant people and losing. He doesn't like any type of pie, anything ugly, bullies and snobby people. He absolutely hates being around foolish people who are too immature. Also, He hates people seeing him cry.

Plus Attributes: None At The Moment.

Weapons Of Choice: Short, thin blade sword.

Extra Info: Ziitron has a black and red tattoo on the right side of his body, stretching from his elbow to his waist. He also smokes and is a bit of a nerd when it comes to anime.


Annastasia Thompson


Nickname(s):Anna or Tas



Sexual Orientation:Pan sexual

Birth Date:20th February.

Crush/Lover:N/A--- At the moment ;

Current Rank:Rank 1.

Personality:Anna is a very outgoing person she is loud and very very open but she doesn't care. Her honesty though can often land her in sticky situations as she will tell is how it is and what she thinks but hey honesty is the best policy right. Unfortunately one of her downfalls includes her anger and mood changes. Her mood can change within seconds and usually without warning. However she is one of the most loyal and reliable people you could meet. If you make a friend within her or it's something she believes in you will never lose her. You can come to her for anything at all and she will not turn you down. Often though she will detach herself emotionally without a second thought as she has taught herself to do this throughout her life due to some stuff she went through in her previous years. She is a risk-taker and loves the thrill of anything that is deemed dangerous. She is quite flirtatious though which is not always the best of things. She craves attention whether that be positive or negative, but hey, she has nothing to lose.

History:From a young age Anna knew what it was like to be alone. She lost her parents at age 5 due to her parents being brutally murdered as well as herself being assaulted. A lot of the homes she was placed in could not handle her due to her violent tendencies and lack of empathy, she had cur herself off from emotions for a long time so she was passed around quite often. Never having a stable home to live in and no-one to care for her she taught herself to detach from human emotions. She left the care of the state at age 14 and lived on the streets until she met Jackie. The first person that ever showed compassion for her until she was ripped from her by the hands of drugs. She began training in martial arts and soon got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Through all the horrible stuff that had happened to her she still moved on with life and kept going without a doubt in her mind.

Likes:1. Reading 2. Music 3. Martial arts 4. Coffee 5. Attention 6. Video Games 7. Knives

Dislikes:1. Licorice 2. Liars 3. Cats 4. Any food that is coloured green 5. Her Biological parents

Plus Attributes:N/A.

Weapons Of Choice:SIG SG 550 sniper rifle.

Extra Info:She plays the cello Plays the cello and has two tattoos one on the back of her neck of two swords crossing and a treble clef behind her ear.


Akane Akatsuka


Nickname(s):The Crimson Conqueror



Sexual Orientation:None

Birth Date:10/10


Current Rank:Rank 1.


History:Akane never cared for anyone. She killed her parents when she turned 13 because they didn't get her a red adult kimono, ever since then she liked killing and the sight of blood. When she turned 16, she started doing assassinations for random people for free. She eventually liked torturing people when she wasn't out killing someone. The day she turned 18 she learned of a place where they train people for assassinating and decided she might like it there.

Likes:Red, raw meat, killing, blood and torturing people

Dislikes:Annoyances, failing and not getting what she wants

Plus Attributes:N/A

Weapons Of Choice:Katana

Extra Info:Her kimono is red from the blood of her parents. She also has sharp teeth.


Kaine Tyrann





Sexual Orientation:Pansexual

Birth Date:December 14th


Current Rank:Rank 1.

Personality:Kaine comes off as a cold person who distances herself from others. She has a bit of a bad mouth and her words come off as harsh. She does it on purpose in order to keep the safe barrier between herself and people. Though she has a soft spot, she absolutely refuses to show it to anyone unless she somehow allowed herself to let down her guard. Once she becomes dedicated to something, such as her training, she focuses on nothing but that. It can go so far as forgetting her own personal health depending on the situation. That’s how devoted she can get to something.

History:Kaine originally grew up in a quiet village with her parents and grandmother that was rather old fashioned. Nothing much happened there, but that didn’t mean it was necessarily “ordinary”. Everyone knew how to fight, or at the very least protect themselves, due to the fear of being raided or attacked by outside forces. They didn’t trust outsiders all that much. Her grandmother took it upon herself to train the girl at a young age to fight. The training regimen was difficult and the woman was harsh, but she did love her grandchild and truly wanted the best for her. Eventually she did become very strong and proficient in taking care of any problems that came to the village.

One day they did get raided, but they were not as prepared as they thought they were. Though they fought valiantly, they were facing none other than the Taliver Bandits who are known for their absolute ruthlessness and unbiased way of attacking and murdering everyone in their sights in order to get what they want; money. Few escaped alive that day, including Kaine. She was urged by her family to escape while they fought the men off. They did not make it out alive that day. Since then, she has held a pure, burning rage towards the bandit group and vowed to slaughter them all one day.

That’s when she came across an ancient creature she should never have encountered; a demon. It needed a host but she refused at first. But that’s when it made a deal that she could not refuse. It would simply dwell in her body and provide her strength whenever she needed, which would be necessary when the time came to face the Talivers. The deal? If she ever showed weakness or let go of the rage she felt, then the demon would completely take over. She accepted blindly.

To show the evidence of their bond, it left dark tattoos that covered most of her left arm, left leg, and around her neck. She covers it all with white bandaging so that others won’t see the mark of pure evil.

Likes:Fighting, warm weather, anything sweet, the night, and flowers.

Dislikes:The demon, her tattoos, reading, when people stare at her and say nothing, and weakness.

Plus Attributes:N/A

Weapons Of Choice:Dual blades

Extra Info:Sometimes the demon will talk to her through telepathy, but she mostly ignores it. If she starts to slip up and show signs of weakening, the tattoos will pulse and cause harm to her as a reminder of their deal.


Renshou Yonai





Sexual Orientation:Bi-sexual

Birth Date:May 6th


Current Rank:Rank 1.

Personality:Absolutely lazy. He doesn’t really care about anything and doesn’t want to do hard work that doesn’t interest him. If he had it his way, he would most likely become a hermit. Well, one thing that keeps him from being the human-version of a sloth is dancing. No, not like dancing at a club or party. The professional kind of dance where you get on stage and impress people with whatever kind of dancing you’ve got. He likes the traditional along with the contemporary. It would explain why he has muscles despite his laid-back, uninterested attitude. He also has a great sense of memory which makes him academically smart. His social skills are… so-so. Despite this, his heart is always in the right place and will never be mean towards someone .

History:By looking at Renshou, it would be very hard to imagine that he came from a family of elite ninjas. Known for completing any mission, no matter how dirty, with absolute proficiency and without fail, that’s the kind of environment he grew up in. Despite his parents expecting great things from him, they learned quickly that their expectations were misplaced. Napping whenever he had free time and skipping training to explore neighboring towns and cities, he was an embarrassment to the ninja clan and the Yonai family line. The most infuriating part was that he seemed to not care how much of a “disappointment” he was. He just wanted to live life as he chose and do whatever the hell he wanted. As a last resort, his father forced him to go to W.E.A.T.R.S. hoping that that would snap the man into his “proper role”. Renshou will entertain the man, but only for a short while.

Likes:Sleeping/Napping, eating, dancing, reading books, and music.

Dislikes:Being forced to do something, work, responsibility, fighting, and drama.

Plus Attributes:N/A

Weapons Of Choice:Kusarigama

Extra Info:Even though Renshou comes off as lazy and weak, if someone were to attempt to threaten his life or the life of someone he cares about, his personality snaps into a complete 180 and fights with such ferocity until the threat is no longer there; dead or otherwise.


Azure Tenote


Nickname(s):Zuri or White



Sexual Orientation:Hetero

Birth Date:September 16

Crush/Lover:No one at the moment<3

Current Rank:Rank 1

Personality:Zuri is an asshole, just like his old friend Ziitron. Despite how he may come off at times, deep down, he is very caring and protective over those he finds worth protecting. He is a very observant person and reliable, even though he can be everywhere at once sometimes. His very blunt attitude is what makes him an asshole, and he can be uncensored to those he isn't close to. He and Ziitron would often get in arguments because it, until they decided to make peace.

History:Zuri chooses to keep to himself about his past. He wandered around a lot as a child by himself, always stealing from houses and pick-pocketing busy people on the street. He would get what he needed by any means necessary. Not really wanting or caring for anyone else's help, he wouldn't stay at any shelter homes or orphanages once the police caught him in one of his stealing sprees.

The only thing that stopped him from messing around in people's houses was when he came across Ziitron's house that night. He was on the porch crying, and Zuri couldn't get into his house any other way but through the front door. But He couldn't get it through his thick head that it wouldn't be smart to try and steal from his house at the moment.

Zuri proceeds with his robbery and as he tries to climb through one of the high windows on Ziitron's house, he ends up falling and Ziitron comes to look to see what the ruckus was. When they say each other, they paused, and then Zuri tried to run away but Zii wouldn't let him. Eventually, after a long night of arguing and such about why Zuri was climbing his window, Ziitron tended to Zuri's wounds and such, gave him something to eat and let him sleep at his house. The next day, Ziitron's father finds Zuri laying with Ziitron. After finding out that he has no home, he decides to train him with Ziitron.

After getting older and leaving their house, Zuri finds out about W.E.A.T.R.S. and decided to see what it's about.

Likes:Working, fighting, flirting, writing poetry, people who can hold a conversation, traveling, animals , dancing.

Dislikes:Bullshit, people interrupting his sleep, annoying people, unseasoned or uncooked food, night time, complete darkness.

Plus Attributes:N/A

Weapons Of Choice:Dual Scythe

Extra Info:Azure has a dog that he grew up with named Koshi, who has an extremely well sense of direction and a strong ass sense of smell. Zuri does this thing with him where he'll let his dog go and leave and then wait for it to find him. Koshi has yet to fail. When Zuri went to this school, he left his dog and is currently waiting to see if he'll find him.


Nelson Giles


Nickname(s):Caster Mate



Sexual Orientation:Straight

Birth Date:7th January


Current Rank:Rank 1

Personality:Nelson can be quite stoic and quiet whenever he is under enormous stress, in a bad mood, or when being stealthy . On the other hand, he is rather sociable and forgiving in spite of his ruthlessness, and disciplined yet level-headed attitude in combat. Therefore, becaue of his trait as a forgiving person, coupled with his level-headed behaviour, Nelson will not hesitate to have a little chat with the enemy as long as the timing is right. Nelson at times, however, can be overprotective and partially if not entirely insensitive if he is ever to watch a best friend or a close comrade to die before him.

History:If there was any simple description to be told one's point of view, Nelson was perhaps raised with a bit too much of privacy and tradition. Although he was no troublemaker as of what Nelson's family and various law enforcement agencies knew according to his background, Nelson was considerably a different story according to the words spread about on the street. According to the last known local gangs, mafias, and criminal offenders, Nelson was a notorious gunman for hire and was hired in secrecy by all sides alike to do their dirty work; however, as much as Nelson's help contributed for the prosperity and progress upon the last standing side, Nelson also became the destruction for nearly all of these criminal organisations as his way of erasing any trace of his transactions and existence. Therefore, with very little evidence to work with according to law enforcement agencies and criminal investigation agencies as well, Nelson is quite frankly a phantom on both paper and eyewitness accounts. In addition, the only thing that can bring Nelson to life on paper was only his background , and because of such a clean record, Nelson could only be illustrated as a young man who has grown up peacefully yet humbly with his family somewhere up in a corner up north.

Likes:Rainy and/or Cloudy Weather, Forests and Hills, Military Clothing, Retro Computers, Jazz Music

Dislikes:Rap, Techno, and Dubstep Music, Sociopaths, Nosy and/or Snobbish People, Arrogant People, Ignorant People

Plus Attributes:N/A

Weapons Of Choice:L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle

Extra Info:Nelson has two different attires for different purposes; his Battle Dress , and Casual Dress . Nelson's battle dress consists of a black coloured short-sleeved shirt with a grey accented stand-and-fall collar , a black coloured boonie hat , black coloured trousers , and black boots , along with a grey coloured webbing system ; although it should be noted that Nelson's webbing system replaces the backpack with a grey anterior hip pouch which is only big enough to serve as an individual first aid kit . On the other hand, Nelson's casual dress excludes the boonie cap, the webbing system, and the black boots .


Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

The door was opened with so much force that Kaine’s hands immediately were on the hilts of the dual blades as her head whirled around, prepared to strike whoever it was that so suddenly intruded the room. Despite all that, it appeared as if the one who entered the room’s attention was everywhere [i but] on her. Hands dropped to her side as she let out a long exhale, not caring as the girl appeared to check all of her stuff with a sort of panicked fever.

[i [#828282 ‘High-strung, aren’t we?’]] the demon mused.

[i [#d580ff ‘Remember where we are,’]] she reminded it. A place full of assassins was bound to make certain situations either simply uncomfortable or outright dangerous.

Kaine continued on her own business, making sure everything was in there now newfound place before storing the bag underneath the bed. By the time she relaxed herself on the bed she noticed that her roommate had unpacked the cello case of not only the actual instrument but also a weapon; a sniper. She watched with narrowed eyes, lit only by a slight light of curiosity, as Annastasia not only got all the pieces out but managed to put them together to form a complete gun very quickly.

[b “I might have just broken my own record,”] she said with pride to herself, only realizing afterward that Kaine was still present and didn’t leave the scene unnoticed. The blond looked at her but then looked away to do her own unpacking.

Kaine closed her eyes, smirking for the briefest of moments, before rising to her feet. After checking to make sure the strap that held the sheathed blades around her hip was still snug and intact, she stepped out of the room without a word. Just because they were roommates did not mean that they had to talk to each other about anything. At least… not at that moment. Besides, the woman’s skin was starting to itch from all the inactivity. There was plenty of time in the day left before she had to attend that even which was planned so that meant plenty of time to practice and improve her skills. The only problem was finding the proper place to do so. She didn’t imagine the search would take long at all, but it still needed to be found before she could do anything else.
  Kaine / nomey1 / 3y 333d 20h 10m 7s
[pic http://orig00.deviantart.net/8bcf/f/2016/195/f/9/nelson_giles_by_krazykaiser-daa08j5.png]

So far for Nelson, upon taking a glance at the clock mounted above the dorm room's entrance, two out of his four baggage had been unloaded and with most of the contents relocated to their new respectable places. For clothes, including extra pairs of pants and shirts, shoes, and even his webbing system, they were placed in the available clothes drawer next to Nelson's bed. On the other hand, as for the miscellaneous objects, such as, his L1A1 battle rifle, munitions, and its small choice of accessories , Nelson had give some thought into where he could safely place such miscellaneous possessions in the dorm room before he finally settle down; however, fate had to intervene with some inconvenience as a distinctive sound echoed from the door.

"Knock knock, anyone home?" A male voice asked from behind the door upon knocking the door a few times.

"Very funny..." Nelson partly growled to himself rather inaudibly, with his English accent severely evident in his voice; however, Nelson did make a small chuckle before he made his comment.

Quite shortly, the door opened to reveal the young man who knocked on the door, and it was none other than what Nelson could presume to be his new roommate. This young man can only be considered as Crystel Martin according to Nelson's presumptions, though as mentioned before, Nelson was a bit unnvering when it comes to having a roommate since his aura essentially made him stand out as a mercenary soldier rather than an assassin. Fortunately, by the looks of Nelson's roommate, Crystel Martin, Nelson had some relief as he felt his roommate's aura as a rather pally comrade, though this was only just getting started.

Upon Crystel's entrance, for one moment, Crystel had a duffle bag on his right shoulder; however, the next moment, Crystel had tossed the duffle bag on his bed just opposite of Nelson's bed. Although Nelson was a little too busy to notice this detail, Nelson could hear the thud and rustling from not only the duffle bag, but also the baggage and school bag being settled down from Crystel, and not to mentioned as well, the sound of the door being shut became audible for a moment before Crystel settled down. Momentairly, as Nelson remained quiet yet productive upon proceeding to put his guitar case onto his bed, Crystel introduced himself, "It seems we're roommates or partners, best to introduce myself. Crystel Martin."

Nelson, whom he was briefly pondering to where he was going to place his guitar case safely, gave a chuckle upon turning towards Crystel and replying back, "The name is Nelson Giles, mate. Though you could call me Caster Mate if you wish, but it's up to you."

Immedately, Nelson was met with Crystel's response shortly after seeing Crystel lean onto his own bed, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Nelson gave a brief smile on his face before he saw Crystel pull out a box from his vest after giving his response. Even so, Nelson was not quite picky as he determined the size of the box as being appropriate for a containing a pistol; however, upon seeing the box and momentairly seeing Crystel removing and disassemble the pistol for cleaning and inspection, Nelson was prompt to do the same for his L1A1 Battle Rifle. Therefore, Nelson had a bit of an idea to copy Crystel in a passive-aggressive expression as to even the score, yet this was just to show off rather than to express a bout of friendly competition.

So with this idea implanted, Nelson sat onto his bed and unzipped the guitar case in order to access his L1A1 Battle Rifle inside, and he promptly inspected the exterior of the weapon itself. Rather than the plastic furniture as found commonly on all firearms, this L1A1 wielded walnut wooden furniture which expressed Nelson's taste for tradition and classical firearms. Although heavy with its wooden furniture and steel construction, the L1A1 had its fair share of combat and service with Nelson since it has allowed him to achieve countless kills under his belt, and allow Nelson earn himself to become a soldier.

Though not to get carried away by the battle rifle's exterior, Nelson proceeded to check the rifle for any rounds in the chamber before he proceeded to disassemble the rifle and make some inspections; however, as he did so, Nelson could not help but shift his eyes in the manner of a glance back at Crystel before quietly contemplating with his thoughts, [i "Let's hope we're not going off on the wrong foot here with this."]
  Ausslaugand / 3y 337d 47m 26s
An announcers voice sounded over the intercom system of the air port stating the next flights interruptions and delays while people bustled about on their own agendas. A young man walked in off a late flight before by passing security as they were provided a description of whom he was by the school not too far away, but he was late, extremely late in fact as his flight was delayed a few hours. As he grabbed his bags from the luggage carousel and began walking he was approached by someone from behind whom put their hand on his shoulder.

"Sir, are you Crystel Martin?"
"Depends on the person asking." He responded before turning around and taking a step back to put a little distance between the two of them. The person whom approached him was a woman, slender but definitely well taken care of. The way she placed her hand it was precise and not just random, it was just millimetres away from the vital artery that carried blood to the arm. The young man looked at the woman and noticed a faint patch saying W.A.O. and clued into why it her hand was so close but not on the point.
"So you're the escort?"

"Well that depends who's asking." She replied with a mocking smile and chuckle.
"Crystel Martin, academy student."
"Then yes I am, and we're already late so you will have to be ." Her voice had the tone of someone who was not to be taken lightly, authority and seduction were there but not over toning one another. They intermingled like two dancers, Crys took note of this as she escorted him past the usual security.

He up at one of the digital signs as they walked through the air port, the time on it rolled over from 8:14 to 8:15, in his mind that was just explaining how late he was. Despite that he was relaxed as he usually would be when he did his thing, if he'd become completely bent out of shape and besides the first day at school was never exactly something to go flawlessly.

She lead him through a set of doors that had be Assigned to 'Students and Faculty only', which had been used by the W.A.O faculty and no one else. The two travelled to a plane which would take them to the private facility, as Crystel boarded he noticed there were zero windows and that upon take off which happened to be just a few moments after sitting down. He was the last student to arrive he guessed, as he leaned back in his seat he noticed there was minimal sound from the engine. Just where exactly were they going and what they were doing in what he thought was a plane.

Time passed and it had felt like it had been at least two hours or more since they left the airport in the craft before arriving at the academy. He slung his bag of things over his shoulder once more before rolling his suit case behind him. "You missed the opening ceremony which is unfortunate, I have been informed you will be staying in dorm 184 so I will point you in the right direction." The woman said as she carried a smallish wooden box that had a designed that was simple carefully burned into it.

As the door of the craft opened Crystel was met with the smells of instruments of death; metal, blood and gun powder both black and smokeless. He was lead off the vehicle to about 20 yards away before the woman turned and held out the box to him. "We were sure to snag this before TSA could dare touch it at all." He took the box and gave his thanks to the staff member whom didn't reveal her name, not that killer would on the job: and technically escorting was her job. He took in a deep breath of the air before tucking the box into his vest to get it snug to make sure it would not fall out. "Thank you, Miss."

Crystel took a look at the buildings after being lead in the right direction of the dormitory, as he approached it he started to take in the beauty of the surroundings. It looked fairly average but still the sight of nature was always a nice sight to take in. There wasn't the usual sound of birds or bugs in the air which was surprising but not something he took much notice too as he walked. The buildings were predestine almost looking like they were never touched by age or sun, no faded brick nor any over growth. It was all immaculate he thought as he arrived and entered the dormitory building.

As he walked through the first floor which he assumed his dorm was on due to the numerical designation 1, he noticed that there were paired names on the doors. "So each dorm is assigned to two person teams or is it just at random?" He asked himself as he walked through the hall listening to people starting to settle in and the occasional fight. "78..... 79..... 80..... 81..... 82..... Ah here it is, 184." He said with a momentary happiness before looking at the plaque on the door. 'Nelson Giles & Crystel Martin' The names were engraved and painted in with a matte paint, almost like an office plaque.

"Knock knock, anyone home?" Crystel said as he opened the door and throwing his duffle bag into the first available space that he saw, an open bed which he assumed would be his as he walked into the room. He saw his roommate, Nelson Giles, unpacking his things which made sense since had been there for a while longer. He threw a school bag onto the bed as well as he walked into the room with his suitcase and the box tucked into his vest. He looked over at his roommate who he was not sure of what to make of just yet as the door closed and he put his suit case at the foot of the bed before falling back on to it.

"It seem's we're room mates or partners, best to introduce myself. Crystel Martin...." He leaned back and fell onto the bed before taking the case out of his vest and opening to draw out his 'small caliber' handgun. "it's a pleasure to meet you." He said as he placed the box down beside him before he began to check the darkly metal etched PMR-30, slowly inspecting if anything was tampered with before disassembly and cleaning which was long over due.
  Crys / Psyc / 3y 339d 21h 10m 48s
[pic http://orig00.deviantart.net/8bcf/f/2016/195/f/9/nelson_giles_by_krazykaiser-daa08j5.png]

After taking a seat up on the stage with the rest of the students, Nelson momentairly glanced around as a way to check his surroundings and assure himself that he was in the right place at the right time. Quite frankly, Nelson was being overly cautious in spite of his friendly personality, which actually was no surprise since Nelson had been in similar situations like this before. Whether it be espionage or an assassination going into action, Nelson felt as if he was being watched by a million eyewitnesses as he settled into his seat; however, such a stressful mood was cut shortly by the arrival of the headmaster, Ms. Ariana Takameh.

Although when Nelson heard about the headmaster's name for the first time, he was rather expecting an eldery female who has more than 20 to 30 years of experience when it comes to being the head of a top secret assassin's academy; however, Nelson was initially shocked when he saw that the headmaster herself was a young female around his age. Even with the unexpected appearance, Nelson could not be the judge of how people should look, and as he knew for a fact, there were more critics than creators. Therefore, Nelson kept himself silent and silently washed away his surprised facial expression before he momentairly heard the headmaster speak towards him and all the awaiting students.

"Welcome all of you to the Widow Elite Assassination Training and Rank School. I'm glad you all decided to make it on time and safely." Ms. Takameh spoke, with an aura of professionalism and authority gleaming from her speech, "I am Ms. Takameh, your head teacher, and at all times should you address me in this way."

Soon, Nelson did not even dare to glance his eyes on target with Ms. Takameh as she began to pace on the stage and observing all the students before her. Though Nelson was no soldier who had to endure boot camp, it only took Ms. Takameh's authoritarian aura and deadly field of view to impliment silence and obedience into those who dared to challange order and direction. This was all too much of a familiar experience that Nelson became too accustomed to in spite of not living his life as a soldier; however, this was partially optimistic since Nelson dressed and acted like a soldier whenever he went into any kind of combat.

"This is not a lecture, but a warning. I, nor the other staff, will accept any tomfoolery, unnecessary fighting, unruly behavior, or disrespect from any of you. There will only be few warnings in very, very few situations. Otherwise, I, will deal with anyone who thinks otherwise or decides to leave the school as a whole." Ms. Takameh continued once again, this time with her voice going from soft to aggressive within the words of her speech. Nelson knew that some or most dictators in history used this technique of speech whenever they spoke to the masses; however, as previously mentioned, Nelson could not be the judge in what anyone could do, especially for those with omnipotent authority at their arsenal. On top of this detail, Ms. Takameh's warning was enough to simply give Nelson something to consider dearly for the entire time he is within the academy, even if he was not a troublemaker, the rules applied to him and everyone else who were to be students.

"With that being said, there will be no classes as of today, however, orientation will begin at 5:00 PM this afternoon in the gym, located in the main building. This is where you will get a deeper understanding of why you are here, and what you will be doing." Ms. Takameh continued before she proceeded to point out the staff, "Until then, feel free to get to know our staff, Ms. Sishimo...,"

Nelson, along with the collective movement of the students around him, looked towards the teachers and saw Ms. Sishimo, whom was a female that had long black hair and had a bubbly-like appearance. Shortly, Ms. Takameh pointed towards the other two teachers and spoke in telling their names, "Ms. Salishi and Mr. Hitake."

Finally, Ms. Takameh made her conclusion upon introducing the teachers, "Then she pointed to the white-haired male that stood closest to her. He had a very deadly aura around him. "I will be in my office. In the dorms, your names will be underneath the room numbers. You all share one dorm, but dorm rooms are NOT co-ed. If you have a room by yourself, then good for you. Your bags and such will also be in your assigned dorm rooms. That is all. Dismissed."

Under his breath, Nelson gave a partial sigh of relief as he muttered unintelligibly, "Talk about the consequences of when you go balls-up and arsed the entire academy. Good christ..."

Momentairly, Nelson stood up from his chair and disappeared with the students who were now en route to the dormitory building of the academy. Although it was sometimes not the best idea to follow where the crowd was going at times, that idea was otherwise a splendid one when Nelson looked up momentairly to ingest the view of the dormitory building before he found himself and the ensuing crowd to enter inside the building; however, this was the time when Nelson had to make his departure. Nelson had to find his dorm room, which was desginated as 184, and by then, he could relax once he would find his destination.

Although getting to his dorm room was rather simple, Nelson could not help but sometimes tune his attention towards the chatter of the students around him as he passed by each room in his search for his dorm room. Frankly enough, Nelson was a bit suspicious with his nonchalant stroll towards his dorm room since it gave him plenty of time to hear small snippets of information and briefly eavesdrop while on the move. After all, once Nelson reached his dorm room and saw his designated room number on the front of the door that read, 184; however, he also saw a plaque on the door that read, Nelson Giles & Crystel Martin.

Before reading the plaque, Nelson had heard rumors upon the academy that students were to be placed cooperatively in pairs as a way to encourage and development teamwork among the students. If it were up to fate, and if the plaque were not to have existed before Nelson, Nelson would have not been entirely sure about this since rumors are mostly just information that has been misinterpreted and subsequently scrambled mistakenly with other bits of details. To make matters worse, even if the plaque did not exist, Nelson was a bit unnerving into whom he was going to be partnered with if this rumor was true, primarily because of his appearance and behaviour as a mercenary-like soldier rather than a fearsome assassin.

Nevertheless, when Nelson entered into his dorm room, he saw his baggage arranged in an orderly manner next to his bed; however, he was primairly relieved when he saw the leather guitar case leaning next to the bed, which was in fact his L1A1 Battle Rifle stored in disguise as a guitar. Not surprisingly enough, Nelson walked over to his disguised gun case and laid it on top of the bed before he proceeded to bring his first baggage onto the bed to begin unpacking his possession. Quite frankly, he had some work to do before he could take a look around the academy; however, unloading baggage was hopefully going to be a cinch in spite of the time required for the task, and hopefully his roommate was not going to get off on the wrong foot if possible.
  Ausslaugand / 3y 340d 5h 52m 43s
Akane walks over to the gym. She is pretty early when she arrives.

[i I guess I will have to wait until it is time.] Akane thinks to herself. [i Now what will I do while I wait, maybe practice sword fighting techniques or... yeah that would be best wouldn't it?]

Akane unsheathes her katana and goes into a fighting stance.

[i Heh... they might say that I shouldn't be doing this here but I don't care.] Akane thinks as she starts swinging her katana in an elegant way. [i I do wonder how everyone else fights and with what, it might be fun trying to spar with them or better yet... but I should wait until the make me mad before I go trying to do that.]

Akane continues to practice for awhile. She does a numerous of things in her fighting style, from doing spinning attacks to doing flips in her attacks. It's not until the time for orientation comes.

"That's enough for now..." Akane mutters to herself then sheathes her katana and sits down on the floor, Seiza style.

[i Let's see what they have to say to us.] Akane thinks to herself while she waits.
  The Crimson Conqueror / Okimichi / 3y 345d 7h 27m 15s
Arriving at the dormitories Anna looked at the list and headed to her dorm room. Wondering to herself if she would be placed in a room with another person. If she was this was something she would not be used to. She didn’t like to share her space and when she was around people she would get irritated quite easily. She grew up alone and that was how she liked it. Plus, she knew how annoying she could be sometimes and really didn’t feel like pissing someone off on the first day. Arriving at her dorm room door she read the plaque which read

[b Annastasia Thompson and Kaine Tyrann]

Alas she was not in the room alone. She hoped the other female student wasn’t in there yet. What if she had touched her stuff. This thought made Anna instantly angry she barged in the room and looked around to see a female student on one side of the room with her stuff unpacked already. She didn’t take any notice of the other girl she needed to ensure everything was there and nothing had been taken. Spotting her cello case, she placed it on the bed and opened it. Pulling out the large instrument and resting it against the bed she then proceeded to unlock the backing of the case where she saw her baby. Pulling the parts out for her sniper she made sure every single piece was there. Sighing with relief she put the gun together in record time. It was something she had taught herself for if she ever needed to use it in a hurry. Placing the sniper on her bed she beamed with pride.

“I might have just broken my own record” She stood staring at the gun with her hands on her hips. Until she realised that she wasn’t alone and she had just spoken to herself aloud. She looked over at the girl and then bag at her bags and instantly began unpacking.
  Annnastasia Thompson / DerangedVampyre / 3y 349d 11h 28m 31s
[b “I’m glad you all decided to make it on time and safely.”]

Renshou sighed tiredly as he finally made it to where everyone was gathering. Since the talking had already started he decided to remain in the back so as to not disturb anyone or interrupt. He did feel the sharp eyes of the woman who was speaking however, staring at him as if the comment had somehow been directed at him.

[#990000 [i ‘Yeah, yeah. Message received,’]] he thought in response to the warning glare.

He tuned most of the words out, but he did try his best to pay attention to something. He couldn’t help if it was all boring, protocol stuff, however. He stared up at the sky, the sun shining brightly although he thought that they had gone underground and never really upwards. The trip was rather long, though, and he did lose track of the directions they were heading less than halfway through, to the frustrations of his guide who constantly had to remind him to “pick up the pace”. If you rush through life, however, there will be a lot of moments passed by which could have been enjoyed if only given the time. Speaking of, it was the perfect weather to take a nice nap, but to do so now would most likely get him killed.

Dark browns suddenly blinked as people seemed to be leaving the area towards a building. Shit, what had he missed? Renshou wasn’t entirely quite sure, but he wasn’t going to just stand there and be tempted by the lovely weather to sleep in ignorance. He followed the crowd, though he remained at the back due to his casual pace. Again, there was no rush. Especially since he had no idea where everyone was headed to.

It wasn’t until he entered the building that he saw the multiple doors and the various names that were at each one, along with numbers/codes to indicate what each room was. It finally clicked that he was in a dormitory and that everyone was searching for their living quarters. So began the search of his name and where exactly his room was. He could hear several voices as people talked and unpacked their belongings. There were some that sounded like pleasant talks, and others that sounded vaguely threatening or straight out awkward. If he had a roommate, what would they be like? He had no idea if he would be with someone who was actually interesting or a complete bore like Yakamura.

Renshou was eventually successful in his quest of the assigned dorm room. As soon as he spotted his name, however, he failed to see the other nameplate which would have said the name of his roommate and entered the room abruptly without knocking. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the other guy in the room, clearly having already chosen his half of the room.

After getting over the initial shock, he simply rose his hand in greeting and said, [b [#990000 “Yo.”]]

He spotted the suitcase he brought with him to the hotel, neatly packed up with a note stuck on top. He opened the note to see that it was from none other than Yakamura. It simply said, [i [b “Do as you are told or I will personally eliminate you.”]]

Renshou laughed out loud. [b [#990000 “Charming as always,”]] he said as he crumpled up the note and tossed it in the nearest trashcan.

Afterwards he picked up the suitcase and put it on top of the unclaimed bed, opening it up but doing nothing else with it. As soon as he saw the contents inside he lost all motivation to unpack everything and instead sat on the bed. He knew at least that there were no classes today, but what where they expecting them to do instead? Just… hang around? Run lose or stay in their rooms until the next day? He had no clue.
  Renshou / nomey1 / 3y 351d 5h 55m 4s
Kaine was feeling quite impatient when, finally, one of the adults on stage decided to speak. It seemed as if the introductions would finally be starting. Just as the woman was saying, [b “I’m glad you all decided to make it on time and safely,”] she heard rustling behind her and turned around to look. A young man with dark skin and a rather odd tattoo on his face walked in, relaxed posture and eyes that searched for rest.

[i [#828282 ‘You are not one to judge others’ tattoos,’]] the demon commented. Though she couldn’t see the grin, she could practically hear it in its voice.

[i [#d580ff ‘Shut up,’]] she thought as she returned her attention back to the front. [i [#d580ff ‘Fortunate for him, it appears he arrived just in time.’]]

[i [#828282 ‘Fortunate or unfortunate?’]] She didn’t know how to respond to that so the question remained unanswered.

The rest of the talk continued. The woman made sure to take mental notes of all the rules, not wanting to die anytime soon before the completion of her life goal. It all sounded pretty standard, despite the place being anything other than normal. Maybe it was normal for these kind of people, but not to the rest of the world and it was best to keep it that way.

When it was over, Kaine wasted no time and headed for the dorm building. Everyone was headed in the same direction, though there was already little groups of guys and girls walking together since none of the rooms were co-ed. She didn’t particularly care, but she would be lying if she said she wasn’t glad for the set up. She hoped to have her own room but, considering her luck, that might not be the case.

Sure enough, when she arrived at a door which held a plaque with her name written on it, there was one other name there; Annastasia. Her roommate, most likely. So long as they kept her distance, there should be no problems between the two. The last thing Kaine needed was a noisy woman getting up in her business. She entered the room and realized that she was the first one to arrive. Realistically, it shouldn’t take the other too long to catch up since everyone was heading to the same place at the same time. Though the person’s pace might affect arrival time by a few seconds or minutes… She focused on unpacking and organizing the very few belongings she had . She picked the bed at random and made sure to leave the other half of the room untouched.
  Kaine / nomey1 / 3y 348d 22h 58m 1s
[i Sooo... We have to share a dorm...] Akane thinks to herself. [i I better get my own room lest I may end up slicing someone in half.]

Akane gets up when Ms. Takameh finishes talking and heads towards the dorm.

[i What everyone else will do doesn't concern me as long as I don't get dragged along into some sort of confrontation.] Akane thinks to herself as she enters the building. [i If someone does disturb me... I think I've already thought about it enough.]

Akane reads the names on the dorm rooms. She eventually finds her room.

[i I do get my own room... that is simply splendid.] Akane thinks as she opens the door and enters her room. [i My belongings... how did they get here?]

Akane shuts and locks the door behind then proceeds to rummage through her stuff. Everything she owns is here, not like she owned that much to begin with.

"It is very interesting how they managed to find it all..." Akane mutters to herself. "Even the pictures of my parents... why did they bring them here?"

Akane grabs the pictures and tosses them on to the floor.

"If I wanted to see them I would have just brought their bodies with me." Akane says to herself. "Besides the fact that they are quite literally with me at all times."

Akane continues to go through her things until she has sorted it all out.

[i It's time again...] Akane thinks to herself as she gently places her katana on the bed. [i It feels better when it's someone else's... a shame I only have mine for now.]

Akane disrobes her kimono, grabs her katana and unsheathes it. She carefully cuts her shoulders a little bit, allowing blood to drip down her body.

[i It feels so invigorating but it would definitely be so much better if I used someone else's!] Akane thinks to herself as she spreads the blood around her body. [i I need to hurt or kill someone to take their blood soon... mine is only good enough for so long.]

After awhile, Akane eventually cleans herself off, puts her kimono back on and grabs her katana.

"I'd better head out now." Akane mutters then leaves her room.
  The Crimson Conqueror / Okimichi / 3y 351d 20h 22m 40s
Looking around at the other students and the teachers on the stage Anna knew that she would get along quite well here. If her big mouth and short temper decided to stay in check. She wondered how other students had found themselves to be here and what their back stories were. She knew it was none of her business but she knew curiosity would get the better of her. Scanning the chairs, she noticed the difference in male and female students or lack thereof.
Anna sat back in her chair and waited patiently for all students to arrive. It looked as if that was all the students that were attending today either that or there were quite a few late ones. By the looks of the teachers it seemed they wouldn’t be too impressed if any of the students had turned up late. Looking up at the teachers who stood on the stage as still as statues her eyes kept landing on Ms. Takameh. Anna could not get over how young she was yet she was the head of the school it amazed her and she knew that the women must be something special. Scanning the other teachers standing up there with her Anna’s eyes flicked back to Ms. Takameh who took a step forward and glanced at the students sitting in front of her.
With a sly smile on her face she greeted the students:
[+red "Welcome all of you to the Widow Elite Assassination Training and Rank School. I'm glad you all decided to make it on time and safely."]
She looked over the students making sure none of them were late and that all the new students joining her academy were accounted for.

[+red "I am Ms. Takameh, your head teacher, and at all times should you address me in this way."]

As she walked across the stage her eyes focused on all the students Annastasia couldn’t help but think this woman could see everything about her and that there was nothing she didn’t know. It made her shuddered at the thought. Ms. Takameh continued on with her speech mentioning the rules and conduct that was expected from each student. One thing Anna knew was that she would hate to get in any trouble here and be sent to see her. She knew nothing good would come of it if she did end up in trouble. Ms. Takameh continued on

[+red "With that being said, there will be no classes as of today, however, orientation will begin at 5:00 PM this afternoon in the gym, located in the main building. This is where you will get a deeper understanding of why you are here, and what you will be doing. Until then, feel free to get to know our staff, Ms. Sishimo,"]

She pointed to one of the teachers that was at the end. Ms. Sishimo looked a little more approachable than Ms. Takameh but she knew that even though she may look sweet and outgoing that she could be the complete opposite. Next she pointed to a dark haired woman that stood next to her Anna thought to herself that she would be very popular with the male students. She was gorgeous.

[+red "Ms. Salishi, or Mr. Hitake."]

Ms. Takameh then pointed to a silvered-haired man that was standing the closest to her. There was something about him that made him seem very dangerous and not someone that Annastasia would want to get on the wrong side of.

[+red "I will be in my office. In the dorms, your names will be underneath the room numbers. You all share one dorm, but dorm rooms are NOT co-ed. If you have a room by yourself, then good for you. Your bags and such will also be in your assigned dorm rooms. That is all. Dismissed."]

Annastasia looked around at the other students as they began to stand and walk away. She wasn’t sure what to do did she stay and talk with some of the students or just return to her dorm to unpack her things. She quickly decided to head back to the dorms to make sure her cello had arrived and that it’s precious cargo had not been damaged. She knew what she would do if she her sniper had been damaged and she was sure she would not be able to hold back her temper if she found out someone had damaged it. Following the mass of students, she made her way towards the dorms.
  Annnastasia Thompson / DerangedVampyre / 3y 353d 9h 22m 46s
[center [pic http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee455/Whitewolf_Shadows/tumblr_m7jolyDgo61r3qzwao1_500_zps5a57624d-1_zps8367623b.jpg]]

[size11 [center [b This was definitely the right place to be if you had a few bloody screws loose.] The vibe around the school itself alone was enough pressure to drive someone with a clear conscious and an innocent mind crazy. Ziitron loved it already. He leaned back into his seat, watching the stone teachers. They didn't move at all besides their occasional blink. Ziitron couldn't help but wonder what his father went through when he came here.]]

[size11 [center [b The teachers waited a few more moments until the last student walked in ] Ms. Takameh, with her bob-cut black hair and slim figure, took a step forward on the platform and briefly looked over all of the fresh new faces of her academy. Taking a deep breath, she did almost a little smirk before she spoke. [#ac0c15 [b "Welcome all of you to the Widow Elite Assassination Training and Rank School. I'm glad you all decided to make it on time and safely."]] She nodded as if confirming that no one the students were late. [#ac0c15 [b "I am Ms. Takameh, your head teacher, and at all times should you address me in this way."]] She began pacing as she stared into our souls. [i God, I'd hate to piss her off....] Zii thought to himself and almost chuckled.]]

[size11 [center [b [#ac0c15 "This is not a lecture, but a warning. I, nor the other staff, will accept any tomfoolery, unnecessary fighting, unruly behavior, or disrespect from any of you. There will only be few warnings in very, [i very] few situations. Otherwise, [i I], will deal with anyone who thinks otherwise or decides to leave the school as a whole."]] Takameh's look turned peaceful but violent at the same time. Zii was sure she has had to deal with a few 'rule-breakers' before this group of students came. And he was also sure that she dealt with them in the worst way possible. [#ac0c15 [b "With that being said, there will be no classes as of today, however, orientation will begin at 5:00 PM this afternoon in the gym, located in the main building. This is where you will get a deeper understanding of why you are here, and what you will be doing. Until then, feel free to get to know our staff, Ms. Sishimo,"]]- She pointed to the bubbly-looking long-haired beauty that stood at the very end of the teachers, then at the dark-haired, full figured goddess that stood next to her-[b [#ac0c15 "Ms. Salishi, or Mr. Hitake."]]- Then she pointed to the white-haired male that stood closest to her. He had a very deadly aura around him. [b [#ac0c15 "I will be in my office. In the dorms, your names will be underneath the room numbers. You all share one dorm, but dorm rooms are NOT co-ed. If you have a room by yourself, then good for you. Your bags and such will also be in your assigned dorm rooms. That is all. Dismissed."]]

[Size11 [center [b Once she said that, Ziitron took a stand and stretched.] [i This is gonna be one interesting year.] He took a look over all of the other students, and decided to wait to socialize until after he unpacked his stuff and changed into some more comfortable clothes. It was hot with all the black he was wearing. Moving through the rows of chairs, he continued on with a few other students, towards the dormitories to continue his day.]]
  YommiNoms / 3y 354d 8h 25m 53s
[pic http://orig00.deviantart.net/8bcf/f/2016/195/f/9/nelson_giles_by_krazykaiser-daa08j5.png]

An analog alarm clock rested gently and motionlessly on top of a wooden nightstand, with the only sound emitting from the clock being a perpetual clicking sound every time a second passed. According to the arms on the circular shaped clock, the time was identified as, 06:34 AM. In addition, with redundancy illuminating ever so bright, there was a circular shaped analog wristwatch with partly worn yet sturdy leather straps that only could fit on a skinny wrist.

To the left from the front of the nightstand, there was a Twin-XL sized bed with the grey patterned top sheets bundled rather sloppy as if someone had made the bed in a hurry. The top sheets and the comforters, however, were unusually clean and free of wrinkles, which could only indicate that the owner of the bed had just recently moved in, or had gone to the launderette days before. The two pillows on the bed were of the same grey patterns like on the sheets and comforters; however, the blanket were of an unusual dark green colour as if it was meant to blend in with cold forestland environments.

To the right from the front of the nightstand, about less than a few centimetres away, there was a small yet tall rectangular window with dark red curtains that were partially opened to allow the morning sunlight pour into the bedroom and provide the necessary light whenever electricity was absent. Outside of the window, it appeared as if the apartment itself was five stories above the ground; however, this was just a simple illusion since the apartment is actually two stories above the ground due to the height and elevation. Plus, directly across the street from the apartment, there was a small park with a considerable amount of trees, which provided reasonable shading and scenery for whoever were to look outside the window.

Suddenly, the left at the end of the Twin-XL sized bed, a door opened to allow the entry of a young dark haired Caucasian male who was partially dressed in nothing more but black coloured trousers and socks. The young man was ruffling a white towel on his head as if he was drying himself from a shower; however, the young man casually yet sternly walked out from the bathroom and walked to the right side of his bed to pull out a flat rectangular shaped plastic container from underneath the bed. Within that container, he removed a white undershirt from the container to cover up his lean torso before he headed back into the bathroom without closing the door behind him.

Momentarily, the young man, who was none other than Nelson Giles, emerged from the bathroom again without the towel and proceeded to push the container back under the bed before turning to the right to pick up the wristwatch on top of the nightstand. The tiny yet notable clicking and rustling sounds of the wristband being secured onto Nelson's right wrist partly echoed along with the alarm clock before he turned back towards the bed and pulled out another flat rectangular shaped plastic container and pulled out a black coloured short-sleeved shirt with a grey accented stand-and-fall collar and shoulder loops. Shortly after putting on the shirt and fasten the last few buttons, Nelson made a sight of relief with a notable accent in his voice as he looked down at the alarm clock, "Ah, thank god I had got my belongings packed ahead of time, otherwise the morning traffic is going to eat me alive if I don't get out of here soon."

Then, as if it were a curious thought, Nelson looked back at the bed in front of him for a moment before he turned around at the window and mumbled under his breath out in hassled style of brief frustration, "Bugger it all. I'm going to close it."

Shortly, after closing and fastening the curtains, Nelson slipped the flat container back under the bed using his right foot before he exited the bedroom via by another door located directly ahead of the footboard of the bed. Although despite his rush, he took the time to gently close the bedroom door before he turned to his right and ignoring his living room and kitchen while in route to his front door. Though before he could leave, he immediately slipped on a pair of black running sneakers located to the right of the front door before he proceeded to check his pockets for two important things; his keys, and his I-Phone along with its small microphone.

"Bugger, I feel my keys..." Nelson muttered under his breath before he continued, "...and my phone, but where's my..."

Though before he could mutter any further, he immediately changed his tone of voice as he felt for the small microphone and took out of his left pocket, "Ah, there's my microphone."

Soon after he placed his microphone in his left ear, he took out his keys in his right hand and proceeded to exit his apartment all the while remaining in calm rush. Although Nelson knew he was not going to return back to his apartment for a while, this was something he had to think about later as there was an even bigger dilemma that overshadowed quite a problem. Not surprisingly, it turned out that the young man's residence is more than an hour away from the airport, and with the morning on the rise, the morning traffic was going to bog down the young man's trip towards the airport if he did not hurry.

Luckily, just days before his departure, Nelson had already bundled his baggage together inside his respectable automobile of choice, which was a grey Bedford Rascal Van. Plus, his other belongings including his L1A1 Battle Rifle , his extra pair of clothes , and even an extra bed roll in case there was the possibility of being stranded and having to provide someone with something to sleep. Otherwise, with no more than just four baggage along with the additional belongings, Nelson was already heading on his way as he entered in his van and drove off into the streets in route to the motorway and then towards the airport.


Just more than an hour later , when Nelson arrived at the airport, it was no surprise for Nelson to come back to the airport since he had arrived in the city just almost a month ago; however, such a familiar sight had to put aside for now since Nelson had to finish one more thing before he could head into the airport. From what he remembered the last time, finding adequate parking in the airport was rather horrendous especially with rush hour since Nelson was conflicted with two outcomes if he were to find parking. First, if Nelson did find parking, he would be far away from the nearest entrance into the airport; on the other hand, if Nelson were to find parking close to the airport, he would have to cross a busy section of road or area that had so much traffic.

Fortunately, if finding a good parking spot was difficult, Nelson's small yet nimble Bedford Rascal van allowed him to park in some of the tightest spots on the street or even a cramped parking spot within any car park possible. Therefore, that being said, and with Nelson making up his mind about where to park, Nelson managed to get himself in a parking spot that was at less than a kilometre away from the nearest entrance, and was fortunately free of having to cross a busy stretch of road. Though Nelson was lucky for this time, he knew that he was not going to be seeing his van for a while either much like his apartment; however, shortly after exiting his van, and as he proceeded to unload his baggage, Nelson managed to catch sight of a peculiar individual.

The individual was a male wearing a black suit and tie along with a pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes and partly hide his face from the CCTV cameras throughout the airport. Although this was unusual for the ordinary citizen to see on a regular basis, Nelson was partly no stranger to seeing quite an individual since he knew that the person was possibly a bodyguard; however, Nelson could only presume this assumption until he quickly noted that the man was walking towards his direction. Even so, Nelson was rather expecting the man's arrival since Nelson had been warned ahead of time by a letter sent by none other than his final destination, which was a classified school.

"Are you Nelson Giles, sir?" The guard greeted with a deep authoritarian voice towards Nelson's direction.

"Certainly." Nelson replied back, knowing that his accent would give away who he was no matter what he did, "And if I wasn't?"

"We would've already known who you were. This is just a confirmation process." The guard responded again in the same voice.

"Hmm, that's fair enough." Nelson partly agreed before he made only one question that could have been forgotten, "Oh...and, by the by, should I get my belongings?"

"No." The guard replied sternly, "Follow me."

Nelson made a sarcastically playful mutter under his breath with a deep accent before he followed the guard, "Right you are."

Eventually, the guard had lead Nelson to the back areas of the airport before heading down a stairway and going through a presumably endless amount of doors along the way. Although Nelson was no stranger in going through so many doors, which is partly due to his cramp living space back at his apartment, the amount of doors that Nelson and the guard had to pass through seemed to be so similarly repetitive that it was almost like being brought into the heart of a maze. Fortunately, Nelson and the guard finally came upon a clinical door that had a sign up above that read:


Although Nelson was expecting to be brought into a school-like area somewhere in the airport, entering through a clinical door seemed to be a little secretive in nature and out of place for a school. Nevertheless, when the door opened, the guard gestured for Nelson to enter, and without a word , Nelson proceeded towards his destination; however, that did not go without a surprise just a few paces inside. A bright phosphorous light briefly blinded Nelson before he found himself in an unusual place from entering through a clinical door.

Nelson found himself in the middle of a field which reminded him of the Cambridge University Campus, though he had to certainly think for a moment for what had just happened. One moment, he was within the confinements of an airport, and all of a sudden, upon walking through a clinical door, it seemed as if Nelson virtually teleported to another location; however, the idea of being upon the campus of Cambridge University was one place he had some familiarity with in case he were to guess where he was. Though as much as he pondered upon his new surroundings, his eyes shortly fixated upon a stage in the field with a bunch of chairs occupied by what can only be catagorised as students.

Even though Nelson had quite a social and rather carefree personality, there was a sense of uncertainty that otherwise threatened to place Nelson in a state of stress. Plus, it did not help that there was also a seemingly glowing aura of authority and omnipotent surveillance as if the entire world was watching him; in fact, Nelson felt as if he was standing in a place almost too similar and eerie to Chernobyl. Nevertheless, Nelson calmly mustered his way to the stage to find his awaiting seat somewhere; however, as he approached the stage, Nelson heard a chilling whisper as if the head lady was behind him like a formless phantom:

[i "Welcome to Killer's Paradise..."]
  Ausslaugand / 3y 354d 22h 31m 11s
[i Ugh, this is starting to get boring!] Akane thinks to herself as moves around closer to the group. [i When will I be able to kill something?!]

Akane grows very tired of the wait for everyone to arrive. She might just end up attacking someone if this continues.

[i Do they expect me to wait for everyone?!] Akane thinks to herself. [i If all there was to do here was wait then I wouldn't have bothered with even coming here!]

Akane tries to keep herself from killing anyone for awhile longer.

[i I will wait a little longer but if this continues then I may just snap!] Akane thinks to herself as she sits down on the ground Seiza style. [i ... How pathetic, I need to get a better hold of myself, if this is the only thing annoying me so far then I will not have to worry about anything else... as long as I do get to kill something soon.]

Akane tries to stay focused on whatever the teachers may have to say.

[i Focus, I need to stay focused on what they say instead of letting this all get to me so easily.] Akane thought to herself.
  The Crimson Conqueror / Okimichi / 3y 355d 11h 47m 42s
[center [pic http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee455/Whitewolf_Shadows/416763-bigthumbnail.jpg]]

[size11 [center [b It was early in the day, 6:35 A.M. to be exact.] Despite the cringe-worthy time for most, Azure was one of those hated 'morning people' that a lot of others often despise. A kettle whistled in his kitchen of his one story apartment, as the white haired male stood from his couch and continued toward the noise.]]

[size11 [center [#df0e07 [i I hope this school doesn't mind me bringing my lovely chamomile and peppermints ....<3]]]]

[size11 [center [b His slight obsession with tea was always strange about this lad,] yet he would rather him be in love with tea and not sugar or salt. After Zuri pours the steaming hot water into his cup, he sits down at the small, brown table that took up a corner of his living room and crossed his legs on the chair not too far from his own. Relaxation before a big introduction to a completely new environment was Azure's first plan of action, and it is nine times out of ten always carried out. Once his tea was brewed, he sipped and breathed deeply, almost as if he was attempting to meditate. The silence in the house, with the absence of his pet, Koshi, was engulfing the man, making his mind venture even more into thoughts about how the day will proceed at W.E.A.T.R.S, especially with his expectation of coming across an old and very missed friend.]]

[size11 [center [i [#df0e07 Zii ....]]]]

[size11 [center [b Smiling and glancing at the time, the wall clock above his fridge read [i 7:15].] [i [#df0e07 It's about that time....]] The school sent a letter out that requested that all students be at the front court by 9:00 A.M. sharp. And by Mr. Black, Ziitron's father's description of Ms. Takameh's strict outlook on tardiness, Azure would be more than happy to show up early to his designated place of business. So, a few more sips of tea later, He stood from his comfy living room chair and set the dish in the sink before making his way to his bedroom.]]

[size11 [center [b His clothing preset out, Azure went into the restroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, then into the shower.] He ran hot, soothing water down his toned body before washing it and hopping back out onto his black, fluffy bathroom mat where he dried off. [i [#df0e07 Nothing can beat a nice, hot, clean shower....except for a hot cup of Oolong.<3]] Once everything was dry and he lathered himself in lotion, Zuri went back into his room, where his deep, lavender eyes set locked onto his outfit that was laid out on his bed. A red and black decorated pull-over shirt that fit him a little snug, some loose, black slacks and a pair of black, leather loafers. Despite his favor in traditional japanese kimono's , he decided to go for something a little more modern and professional western taste.]]

[size11 [center [b The man pulled his shirt over his head] and finished getting dressed before stretching a little and grabbing his bags, car keys and any other necessities he needed to add to his luggage and made his way to the door. [i [#df0e07 It's 8:00 .... won't be seeing this place for a while .... May it stay blessed while I'm away.]] Azure bowed before taking a deep breath and closing the door behind him, locking it with a click.]]

[size11 [center [b He headed toward the airport entrance after parking.] His place of residence wasn't too far from the airport described in the letter, which made him feel even more relaxed this morning. If he ever needed to withdraw from the academy in a harsh manner, it wouldn't take him long to retreat back to his well secured home.]]

[size11 [center [b Azure hopped out the front seat and locked his doors ] before heading to the trunk. After he unlocked the trunk, he proceeded to take out his items until he froze once a large hand slightly gripped his shoulder. [b [u "Are you Mr. Azure Tenote?"]] A deep, sort of frightening voice muttered to him. Azure didn't dare turn around. [#df0e07 "And if I was?"] [b [u "We already know it's you. This is just a confirmation process."]] Azure tensed up a little. He didn't know who this man was, but whoever it was needed to back down as fast as possible before he disrupted Azure's morning flow. [u [b "Calm down sir. I will be your escort into the school."]] With that being said, Azure let out a breath and turned around to face a man dressed in a black and white suit, sunglasses and a small, wired earpiece attached to the side of his face. [#df0e07 "I hope Ms. Takameh didn't train you all to approach people as such ... You almost started a completely unnecessary altercation there, Mr. Security Guard."] Here comes the asshole...]]

[size11 [center [b The man said nothing in regards to Azure's smart-ass mouthful,] but proceeded with his work. [u [b "Someone will get your bags. Follow me."] He turned and proceeded towards the airport. [i [#df0e07 Well she does train them well I see...."]] Azure chuckled at his though and closed his trunk before continuing behind the buff man.]]

[size11 [center [b After many encounters with doors and staircases,] Azure and the guard eventually made it to a plain, white door that stated "For Students and Faculty Only." Wasn't quite what Azure was expecting for an entrance into such an elite school, but it was an entrance nonetheless. The guard opened the door and gestured for Azure to continue on. The light was damn near blinding once he opening it, but Azure's eyes quickly adjusted. [i [#df0e07 What have I gotten myself into....]]]]

[size11 [center [b Continuing through, Azure took in the view quickly.] A big building, bigger than he expected, a slightly smaller building next to it, and a stage with chairs and quite the crowd sitting in front. Four people stood across the stage, all with stern looks and auras that simply said "Don't Fuck With Us." Making his way to a chair, a wave of slight uncertainty overcame Azure. And there, he knew exactly what he was getting into. And the thought of it almost made him grin. As he took in the vibes and views of this exhilarating place, a whisper crossed his mind as if the head lady herself approached him sent chills down his spine.]]

[size11 [center [b [#df0e07 "Welcome To A Killer's Paradise."]]]]
  Azure Tenote / YommiNoms / 3y 359d 20h 26m 45s
[i This place may just be where I belong, having to kill for not a hobby but as a duty, that seems like a place I will love.] Akane thinks to herself while she surveys the airport from a distance. [i There better be no annoyances to bother me if I decide to stay here, I might end up destroying whatever would cause it.]

Akane hated anything and anyone that would annoy her. She wouldn't hesitate on attacking whatever would annoy her, no matter who or what it is.

[i I don't want anyone to annoy me so I have to carefully make my way over there.] Akane says in her head as she walks over to the airport while trying to avoid anyone's attention.

Soon Akane reaches the building, looks around and notices to men walking into the airport. One of them looked like a security guard of sorts.

[i Hmmm... I think they might lead me to where I need to go.] Akane thinks to herself as she starts to shadow them. [i Better not be caught.]

Akane follows them while trying to not be seen. They eventually reach a white door with a note on it. The security guard opens it and the other man goes through.

[i I grow tired of this.] Akane thought to herself. [i I'm going through that door and I don't care about getting caught anymore.]

Akane starts to walk over to the white door and the security looks in her direction and gestures her to also go through.

[i Were they expecting me the whole time?] Akane wonders as she goes through the door.

Akane looks around the grassy area and notices the platform with people standing on it. Three women and one man.

[i This looks very interesting... so far so good.] Akane thinks to herself. [i If it continues to prove more interesting then I think will like it here indeed.]

Akane then walks a little closer to everyone and hears one of the women speak.

[i A killer's paradise huh?] Akane wonders. [i I will be very happy if that is true... and if it isn't then I will certainly make it true.]

Akane notices another more people coming in, one after the other with a little bit of time in between them.

[i Some of them look like they will annoy very easily.] Akane thinks as she glares at them then looks away. [i I will at least ignore them for now.]
  The Crimson Conqueror / Okimichi / 3y 360d 4h 50m 35s

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