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[center [Press+Start+2P [#0bf4b7 “Breathing in the outer space, drowning in a pile of ash, puking shooting stars, crying fading galaxies, bleeding out flowers. You’re not just another human being, you’re a goddamn masterpiece waiting to be drawn, a poem waiting to be written. You’re so much more than your flaws, so much more than your physical appearance, so much more than your darkness, you’re so much more than you, you’re so much more.”]]] [center [Press+Start+2P [#c105eb It doesn't matter if you're new here, or if you're a veteran of this site. What matters is the fact you are willing to stay gold, even while everyone else rusts, exposing how they were never real. I created this chat because I've noticed a theme on this site, people believe there is seniority, when there is not. What matters is who you are, and what you bring forth. If you wish to join this chat, please do, but understand that this is a place without judgment, and if someone is new in here [i do not] neglect them. You must understand and remember, you were them once, do you remember how terrified you were?]]] [center [Press+Start+2P [#f40b79 I welcome you to my chat, and I hope we can become great friends. Please feel free to make group images for this, I do not mind.]]]
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