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Genji didnt move and focused his chakra to help him heal more.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 47d 14h 10m 2s
She began to work fixing the stitches and listened to their surroundings.
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 47d 14h 59m 3s
Genji took his shirt off for her grimacing at the pain.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 47d 15h 58s
she nodded and said. "take your shirt off, genji."
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 47d 21h 47m 32s
"im fine. Its nothing." he said groaning. "you and asako are safe. And i sent thw message to gaara letting him know where we are. "
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 47d 21h 56m 32s
sayaka put asako down and went to genji's side. "your stitches..."
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 47d 21h 57m 42s
They moved as swift as the wind and soon arrived in a cave where genji set them down rolling a boulder in front of the entrance but left space for air and stuff a ninjs symbol of "help" on the boulder before his chakra surge ended and he fell onto his side exhausted and in pain.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 47d 22h 3m 2s
she gasped and kept a hold of asako who was whimpering scared.
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 48d 10h 13m 17s
Genji froze feeling the ground shake and turned seeing a giant meteor falling from the sky. He picked sayaka up his eyes going green and glowing as he took off in the opposite direction of the battle.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 48d 10h 15m 6s
she nodded and followed him hoping gaara was okay.
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 48d 12h 6m 33s
He nodded. "we better move. " he said leading the way.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 48d 12h 8m 59s
"thank you, genji." she said and looked up at him.
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 48d 12h 9m 46s
Genji reached back. "the dragon protects the innocent. The blade he wields becomes him. " he unsheathed it a green chakra dragon flying around the blade. "Ryūjin no ken wo kūrae!!" he charged killing all the zetsu in a blink of an eye before appeared back in front of sayaka protecting her.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 48d 12h 12m 6s
she gasped and frowned keeping asako close to her.
  Sayaka / wingedwolfy120 / 48d 12h 17m 34s
The fell back but because genji was still recovering they took a detour not to slow the main group down. Genji froze and sense chakra around then. "sayaka dont move. We're sorrounded. " he said seeing zetsu pull themselves up from the earth.
  Gaara of the sand / ganondorf / 48d 12h 20m 58s

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