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My other chat was pretty crowded so I thought I'd make another chat for people who wanted something a little more low key and who are open to meeting new people and making new friends.

Don't be afraid to join, you won't be ignored just because you're new to the chat!

Call me Asuna~ I'm a giant brat but you'll get use to me. Just don't take anything I say too seriously, baka~


[+red *****NOTE 1:] Sorry if it takes me awhile to add people. I'm on my phone 90% of the time and for whatever reason it doesn't allow me to accept or deny anyone, even in private Rps. I have to get on my computer for that.

[+red *****NOTE. 2:] Keep the swearing, and vulgarity to an absolute minimum.

[+red *****NOTE 3:] I have noticed that sometimes my other chat randomly kicks people out. if that happens here, don't worry, just add yourself again and I'll accept you once I get back on my computer.


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Let me see if this picture is too big. Test test tes dammit
  Kitten / Pinkra01 / 2y 139d 5h 12m 35s

[center [size20 [#fb709d [font Handlee This is just a pic size test.]]]]
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 2y 152d 6h 9m 20s

[size20 [#fb709d [font Handlee This is just a pic size test.]]]
  RS / pinkra01 / 2y 190d 23h 57m 32s

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