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Roleplay: For MK & Grace_

For MK & Grace_

/ By MeisjeKelly [+Watch]

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The action of my stories have come to a halt.
I do not know why.

If you are interested, please PM me.

Short and sweet. I do not like to beg so I will not type reasons on why you should join this.
I am looking for a person to play a male role.
Real pictures.
Literacy and creativity is a must.

We can talk about this more in PM.

I tend to play roles of strong women, women who rule Kingdoms and know what they want.

I do hope you join me.

Remember, PM me =]


Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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The fighting had happened, there was no excuse for Victoria's behaviour and instantly, she regretted the way he treated Dario.
The Queen was in love and knew straight away that the Angel was her soulmate. Instantly, she knew that would want to die if she did not have him and frankly a part of her did as she married Luca.

In the aftermath of their love making, the pair laid together in each other arms and remained silent just simply basking in total bliss and happiness. So this was what it was like? It had been such a long time and Victoria could not remember what it was like to sleep with someone who was the other half of ones soul.
The moment Dario opened his mouth and spoke on certain things, Victoria couldn't help but smile and shifted her body onto her side, her head upon the Angel's chest and an arm snaked over his lower torso.

[b "You did use Nancy. As horrid as that sounds, you did and now she is rotting in a cell because ...because I ..got jealous. If I release her, I'm just worried that you will fall and bed her again behind my back. I'm scared..."] she spoke softly, hearing a reply from Dario that he would no longer bed Nancy. He would no longer flirt or do anything sexual to the maid.
Victoria said the same, but now it was too Luca.

[i He will grow suspicious if you stop making love to him. We cannot let him find out. He will punish me, most likely kill me, but the things he will do to you is much worse. You have to pretend as if nothing has changed between you two. You aren't mine, Victoria. Not really."]
[b "Oh Dario, do not be dim witted. Luca would never hurt you. As far as he is concerned, you tried every ounce of your being to fight me coming onto you. I bullied you, I made you fuck me. That's all he needs to know. I love you Dario and I will do anything to protect you from hurt and harm. "] Victoria admitted, loving the feeling of being close to the man she loved.

The one thing she loved more was listening to his heart beat. It made her feel more alive and made her remember into the past when she was a human being. Full of hope and full of life.

Again they were silent, eyes staring around the room while Victoria was getting warm all thanks to Dario's body heat. That was when he opened his mouth and spoke on this being a one time deal.
Victoria raised an eyebrow and lent up from the mattress and his body only to stare into his eyes.
[b "Are you kidding? No, that is not what I want. A one time thing, please tell me you are joking?"]

Dario was going to be her secret lover which was a shame as all she wanted was for the Angel to be out and about, plainly being happy because everyone knew that they were in love.
It was not mean to be.
The two of them had to keep this secret as it was her that ruined of all this. Victoria was married to a King and Dario was loyal to him....well not anymore.

[i "I love you Victoria, and I want to continue showing you just how much you mean to me."]
[b "I love you too, Dario. I will always love you and that's the truth..."] she spoke before leaning in and kissed the Angel's lips once more for a few seconds only to remove herself from the bed and slowly moved on top of the Angel, straddling his waist naked and closed her eyes enjoying the feel of him underneath her. However the moment she opened her eyes and before they could fuck once again, Victoria looked at the time and sighed. [b "Is that the time? ..Shit..."] she muttered and got off from Dario and started to rummage around the room for the linger'e that was on her body before it was taken off and strewn across the room by her lover.

[b "I have to go. Everyone is getting up and so is Luca. I'd like to go for a walk tonight through the garden, if you are willing to take me. I have yet to see it. And I kind of like the idea of making love to you by the roses..."] Victoria replied giving off a smile and placing on the dressing gown onto her skin before tiring it up and headed towards the door. [b "I'll go and ....let Nancy out.."]
  VividYellow_ / 3y 222d 15h 55m 19s
[font "tahoma" [size11 They had fought beautifully for so long, continually dancing around one another's feelings. The jealousy clung to them like a second skin, leaving it's stain in their wake. But now, neither guard nor queen could deny their true feelings for one another. In that moment, Victoria was not a vampire queen and Dario was not Luca's fallen angel, but rather a man who so desperately wanted the touch and love of a beautiful woman. Nancy had been good in bed whereas Victoria had been heaven, the closets thing he had to the pearly white gates in such a long time. He had not realized how much he had craved the touch of another until he felt the touch of his soulmates. After all, there was no denying that Victoria was his soulmate.

In the aftermath of their love, neither one of them could foretell the child they had just made together. An ancient blessing that was bestowed upon only a few angels to supply God with more of his creations. Dario was one of those angels. Hugging Victoria tighter to his chest, he let out a deep sigh into her beautiful hair as he listened to her speak. He was relieved to hear that Nancy would come out of this unscratched, though he could not say the same for the guard who had manhandled her so roughly. [+crimson "My heart belongs to only you, my queen. I'm ashamed to admit I used Nancy to cover up my feelings for you. She's a wonderful woman and I never should have done that. I think you for letting her go. I won't bed her, she deserves love and I can never give that to her."]

But the questions still remained, what did they do now? She would still be married to Luca, whether she bed him or not. Besides, it was not as if her husband would go a day without sex. Luca had an appetite and would not be denied. [+crimson "You mustn't deny him, my sweet Victoria."] He said softly, even though the words were hard to get out. [+crimson "I, no more than you, want to think of you in any other man's arms, but you cannot deny your husband. He will grow suspicious if you stop making love to him. We cannot let him find out. He will punish me, most likely kill me, but the things he will do to you is much worse. You have to pretend as if nothing has changed between you two. You aren't mine, Victoria. Not really."]

It was hard to admit the truth, even to himself, but as long as Victoria remained queen, she would forever be bound to Luca. Dario would never take her title or the well being of her people away from her. [+crimson "What do you want to do about this? If you wish this to be a one time deal, I will respect your wishes, my queen. My silence is golden, I swear to you that."] As much as it would pain him to let her go and pretend that he did not love her, if Victoria wished it, that was exactly what Dario would do. If they were smart, neither of them would look back at this moment and consider it nothing more than a lapse of judgement. If their affair caught win, then they would not be safe anywhere.

Dario thought a long time before he decided to offer the next thing that came to his mind. It was the thing he wanted most, but also the thing that would seriously hurt them in the end. For their love could not go on forever without being known. [+crimson "Or..you take me as your secret lover. No one has to know of me. I will please you, my queen. Any time and anywhere you like. I love you Victoria, and I want to continue showing you just how much you mean to me. I'm warning you though, I can never be more to you than a hidden lover. Perhaps one day, I can be a known lover for it is not unusual for royalty to take lovers, but until then we must keep this between us."]

Moving back slightly so he could look into Victoria's eyes, Dario leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her tender lips. [+crimson "Whatever you choose, my darling, I promise to respect your wishes."] He said as he waited for her to tell him how they would carry out the rest of their time together. Eternity felt more endless than ever before.]]
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 229d 19h 29m 32s
Dario came into Victoria's life like a whirlwind of emotion. The two definitely had their up's and down's and there was no denying that when they fought, chemistry was still there and it was ever so electric. Each night the Queen woke up brought forth excitement, anticipation and it built up more and more each night that came and went.
Tonight, Victoria had every intention of letting the rage of the past days and the current situation of catching Dario red handed out in the open but instead, she found herself in his enchanting aura and giving in slowly to temptation.

It was wrong.
Victoria was a married woman and recently just said her vows not even two weeks ago, giving herself faithfully and respectfully to Luca and here she was now, breaking those vows for a man who was an Angel who lit up her night sky with the brightest of stars.

With the single step Dario took, it was within seconds that he, like her gave into the sin of lust and slowly snaked his arm around the Queen's body, an action she took in and let her body become crushed against his naked form only to tilt her head up and stared deep into the Angel's eyes.
Words filled her ears.
Words that were perfect and exactly what she needed to hear and for a fraction of a moment, Victoria felt the need to pinch herself.

[i "I had fallen out of grace from one king and now I am about to do it all over again. I have fallen once and I am not afraid to fall again."] Dario spoke and Victoria closed her eyes and smiled. However once feeling his arm loosen grip, Victoria quickly reached down and grabbed his hand only to gently place the hand against her mouth and kissed in the inner palm softly before gliding his thumb across her pouty soft lips letting make the next move, the ultimate move of unclasping her bra, keeping eyes on each other as the brassiere fell onto the ground at their feet.

This was not a moment to walk out on or to be missed because Victoria would regret it for centuries to come. She had wanted him since the moment she laid eyes on the Angel and her nerves were not to get the better of her even when her long legs wrapped around Dario's waist as he lifted her up like she was a feather, bringing her onto the bed and pushed the Queen down onto the mattress as if she were a rag doll.

[b "I hate to love you. I guess my feelings of wanting, trumps me hating you....."] Victoria responded after she straightened her back onto the bed from arching her spine, tilting her head back moments before she felt Dario take off her lush panties with only his teeth, leaving the Queen bare naked just like he was.
Within moments, the passion started to unfold. The two kissed with rough force once Dario rested on top of Victoria while she welcomed his body by spreading her legs apart not even thinking about her husband who laid in a deep sleep on the other side of the castle.

Moans escaped her throat.
Moans that turned into growls with every thrust Dario made deep within the Queen. Faster he got, the harder he got which caused Victoria to scream out in pleasure.

With scratches carved into Dario's flesh, what came next was something Victoria did not expect. They were not fucking anymore. It was no longer hard and fast and sex filled with anger but rather sex that was meaningful, respectful and warm.
They were not fucking anymore but instead they made love to each other, with each other all through the night.

Hours later, the pair breathed heavily, covered in sweat, saliva from all the kissing and the fluids that they could not help but give off because of all the excitement.
Victoria stared at the ceiling with a smile upon her face before turning over onto her side and gently placed her head upon the chest of a man that she knew was the one.

That night was a special night. Not because it was their first time together but because that night, something incredible happened. The impossible that would become possible. The Angel and the Vampire Queen came together as one and conceived.

[b "What happens now?"] Victoria spoke softly, lifting her body up slowly and looked at him. [b "I hate to love you, but I do. I am in love with you.I will let Nancy go, I just don't know what id do if I see you and her...together again. You don't need to worry about me with Luca. I'm so crazy you..I .....I cant bed him any longer. You are, the one I want.."] against she spoke soft, leaning in and gently kissed Dario upon the lips. A kiss that was did not think twice about any longer. They had just shared hours of passion, Victoria did not hesitate on kissing the angel.
  VividYellow_ / 3y 234d 15h 44m 36s
[font "tahoma" [size11 His towel dropped, fluttering to the floor around him. He stood before his queen uncovered and exposed. He found himself watching her to see if she was taking in his body. Did she like it? Did it cause her to have dirty thoughts? For the first time since the Queen had gotten here, the two were alone. No Luca, no Nancy, no maid, and no guards. She had come to him alone and early, no one would be up for a few more hours. Traitorous thoughts were running through the man's head. He had not thought this way, not even with Nancy, in such a long time. It was both exhilarating and beyond scary.

When Dario walked closer, his strong and capable hands came up to clasp around her waist, pulling her body towards his. [+crimson "We crave what we cannot have. There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. You, Victoria, are the most unattainable and sinful thing I have ever craved. You do not belong to me, you belong to the King I serve. I had fallen out of grace from one king and now I am about to do it all over again. I have fallen once and I am not afraid to fall again. After all, I have no where else to fall. I have sunk as low as one can go."]

With that, Dario could no longer hold back. He needed Victoria like he needed oxygen. Moving his hands to the ties that held her robe together, he tugged firmly, unraveling the knot. The front of her silk robes open, exposing her matching lingerie set. If this is what she wore to bed daily, then Luca was an even luckier man that he would have suspected. Still, she was wearing far too much articles of clothing for his liking. Skillfully, the fallen angel reached around and unclasps the hooks of her bra, letting it fall to the ground alongside her robe. Her breasts were full, milky and perfect. Seeing them, he could no longer remember why he was so mad at her, but only that his anger and lust were one of the same.

Not waiting for her to make the next move, Dario picked her up and tossed her easily on his full size bed. Not nearly as glorious or big as Luca's but magic was preformed in the bed. In many ways, Dario was Adonis. He was the perfect lover that knew how to please a woman and keep her satisfied for years to come. As soon as Victoria's back hit the bed, Dario leaned over her, nibbling down on the frill of her panties. With his teeth, he discarded them to the floor, smirking down at her. [+crimson "Tell me, my queen, how can you make me both infuriated and full of lost all at once? I cannot decide if I hate to love you or love to hate you. Whatever it is, I just know that I want you."]

Have her, Dario did. He leaned down and kissed the vampire's pretty mouth. His lips were moist and silky smooth. He knew how to move his lips against hers, and soon his tongue found hers. A low growl left the back of his throat, sounding more animal than anything else. Dario was holding back, for he could take what he wanted easily, but it would not have been fun for either of them. He teased her, pleased her with his hands and mouth, and finally connected their bodies. It was something that the both of them had wanted in such a long time, but neither had been willing to make the first move. Today, Dario was not going to stop until he had gotten all of Victoria.

Hours later, Dario laid in bed, panting from the activities both had just been consumed it. He had finally fucked the queen. But it was more than that. Sure, they may have been mad at each other to begin with and were fucking one another out of anger, but something had changed about halfway through. Both had slowed, no longer wanting instant gratification but wanting to draw out the pleasure. They had made love.

Now Luca would have his head mounted on the wall of his palace.
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 236d 15h 4m 27s
Dario was built like an Adonis.
No one could deny it, not even Victoria when she just happened to get a small glimpse of what laid behind the curtain the moment she stepped into the Angel's bathroom and slapped her palm again the steamed glass.
What the Queen saw, even though it was for a single moment, she liked but chose not to swell on it as really, on the inside she was still livid from everything that had transpired throughout the course of the single evening.

What Dario walked out in, did not help the situation of the Vampire Queen already being tempted.

Eyes had to look away for a single moment so she could gather her thoughts but in doing so, ears were still alert and listened to Dario's words.
They were not nice.
Full of spite and venom but honestly what else did she expect?

Victoria could not help but give off a soft laugh before biting the bullet and turned her head to face the man of her dreams and stared at him deep in the eyes trying hard not to look down at the clear bulge behind the towel.

[+pink "In case you forgot, you kissed me. I gave you the option to be mind and you chose Luca."]
[b "You're right, I did kiss you but from what I remember, you kissed me back. Sure you gave me a choice but in doing so, you seemed more adamant that I choose Luca, that I choose my people. I did exactly that."] Victoria replied but the response she got back, broke her dead heart, shattered it into a millions pieces of whatever she had left.

Dario spoke the word of love.
Not the present love, but loved in the past tense.

[b "You loved me, and yet you did not show it to me. You want to be transferred, you did not want to be my guard anymore and you go off, form a relationship with some love class minion and fuck her. You really have a different sense of love than what I do."]

[+pink "I fuck Nancy and wish she was you. But I can never have you. We made that choice the moment you entered Luca's bed."]

There it was.
After speaking her words, Dario admitted that it was her he was thinking about. Victoria did not know to be offended at the thought or to love knowing it was her in his mind.
Truth started to spill out.
If Dario was speaking the truth then she had to do the same.

Taking steps forward, the bottom of her lower lip sliding back behind her teeth as she bit it softly out of habit, the Queen could not take her eyes off the man who was not her husband and with doing so, the temptation start to become too much to handle.
Coming toe to toe with the Angel who was taller than she, breathing started to become faster and heavier to which she tried to hide.

[b "Every time I go to bed with Luca, I ....I imagine that it is that bed.."] she spoke while pointing her index finger to Dario's own mattress. [b
"Your bed that I wish I was sliding into it. It's you that I wish was him, that I make love too. That I kiss, all over with my lips. You're not the only one who thinks the way you do. I am the same, every minute of every night I am awake. It is only you and you being too loyal who thinks you cannot have me..."] Victoria spoke, biting her lower lip once more, breathing in deep only to give in and raised a hand to Dario's chest and slowly the Queen's fingertips slid down his chiseled chest to the rim of the towel and gently yanked on it, watching it fall onto the floor leaving the Angel in all his glory.

[b "From the moment I first saw you...it's always been you regardless on how much you hurt me. You're not the only one who falls in love with the forbidden."]
  Victoria Lannister / MeisjeKelly / 3y 236d 16h 9m 25s
[font "tahoma" [size11 Did the woman know no bounds? Dario had finished his weeping, thankfully for that was the last thing he wanted Victoria to see. She would only exploit his weakness and turn it against him. He had found that out the hard way, for she was becoming just as cruel as everyone else in Hell. The Queen fit her perfectly. Granted, he had not expected her to come barging in on his shower, knocking on the glass. Unfazed that he was completely naked, he turned to frown at her. He stood there in all of his glory, his broad shoulders taking up most of the shower. Water dripped down his chest, perfectly defined from the centuries of war and training.

Dario was every woman's dream of a fantasy lover. He was even better in bed.

[+crimson "Would you like to see me in any other compromising positions?"] He asked, turning his back to her so he could finish up the last of his shower. After another five minutes, simply because he wished to make her wait, Dario finally turned off the shower. He grabbed the towel that was folded nicely on the counter and wrapped it around his torso, low on his hips. It covered some, but left very little to the imagination. Victoria was not worth getting dressed for. At this moment, she was not worth very much for he had never been so mad at a person in his entire existence. How could a woman infuriate him and cause him to lust over her at the same time?

With a deep sigh, Dario walked out with the towel around his waist to present himself to the Queen. He did his best to keep a straight face but it was proving harder by the second. How dare she stand where Nancy should be. How dare she speak to him as if he did not have a choice. [+crimson "People who inform others that they have power truly hold no power what so ever."] He shot back, crossing his arms over his chest as he took a step closer to her. He stood only a few inches away from her, looking straight down. He could see the top of her milky white breasts perfectly.

[+crimson "Are you going to punish me, my queen? Whip me until I comply with you? Demote me as nothing more than a stable boy? Perhaps you would like me to kneel before you in front of everyone so you can make a public spectacle of me?"] He growled, anger that was not necessarily at her was coming up. [+crimson "Trust me, [i Queen,] there is not anymore you can do to me that has not already been done."] Being the only fallen angel, Dario was forced to do some embarrassing and horrible things in the beginning. He was forced to shed his dignity in order to gain Luca's trust. He had done everything thrown his way, but the images had never stopped haunting him. He doubted they ever would.

[+crimson "Fuck you?"] Now that made him laugh. Why on earth would she ever think such a thing? She was married and whether she wanted to believe it or not, Dario suspected she was happy being Luca's wife. The man was not perfect, but he seemed to be fond of his new play things. [+crimson "In case you forgot, you kissed me. I gave you the option to be mind and you chose Luca."] He reminded, once again closing the space between them. [+crimson "I poured my heart out to you Victoria. I wanted to love you. You think Nancy could satisfy me once I have had a taste of you? I loved you. It was impossible and sudden, but I loved you. And you chose Luca."]

No, he could not blame her for that. She chose her people over him and he could not say he would not have done the same thing if he had been in her position. Though, despite all of that, Dario wanted to push her down on his bed, and take out all of his pent up sexual frustration on her. It was with great concentration that he kept himself at bay. [+crimson "I fuck Nancy and wish she was you. But I can never have you. We made that choice the moment you entered Luca's bed."]]]
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 237d 21h 37m 21s
[+pink "You fuck your husband daily, sometimes multiple times a day. In case you have forgotten, I am a knight. I can take any lover that I wish. You do not dictate whom I bed. I serve King Luca. I do not serve you. You really think you have any power here?"]

The words that Dario spoke the moment before Victoria opened up her chamber doors and stepped inside played through her mind over and over.
How dare he speak to her in that manner. How dare she ...talk to him the way she did. This irritated her to the max knowing that he said everything as she was walking into the room and did not have a chance to retaliate and talk back.

Pacing back and forth, Victoria shook her head before placing a hand upon the top, growling becoming ever so frustrated with everything hat had happened along with still seeing the image of the Angel fucking the hired help. It was something she would not forget in a long...long time.

No longer having a Maid to help her at this hour, Victoria sighed as she slowly removed every piece of clothing that covered her body and tossed it onto the floor. Naked and somewhat cold, it was not long until the Queen pulled a black lace robe from the wardrobe and placed it onto her nude, porcelein body, wrapped it around herself before tieing it up in a bow.
Long hair that was pinned up nice and tight now flowed down her back with the ends of the strands tickling her lower back.
Make up vanished from her face as she took it off with a special wipe but after all of this, it was still pissing her off.

No more.
It was time to end this now.

Walking out of the chambers, Victoria wandered down the elegant hallway like a woman on a mission until finally she got to Dario's door, pushed it open, closed it she and locked it securely and listened to the water fall from the shower in the bathroom.
He did listen.
He did do what he was told and that was to go have a shower. There was no way she wanted to be near him knowing that Nancy was still on his flesh.
Entering the bathroom, her eyes glanced at a man washing himself down in a glass cage that was frosted from all the steam.

Dario was incredible to look at. Sculpted like a God.

Palm against the glass, Victoria banged on on panel. [b "Get out. We're not done..."] she spoke harshly only to take a step back and walked out of the bathroom and into Dario's bedroom only to stand by the end of the bed.

As the Angel joined the Vampire, that was when she became angrier, pretty much at herself.

[b "I am the one who holds dominance. I am the one you listen too and I am the one you do not...speak too in that manner. You have gone one step too far."] she spoke as she stared at the Soldier. [b "I fuck my husband daily because I have too, not because I want too. It is my duty to be at his beckon call and as his wife, I have to listen."]

[b "What you did hurt me, Dario. We were getting on so well and you do this. You fuck the low help rather than fuck me. And don't you say that you can't because I'm married. I know I'm married but that did not stop you before when you kissed me...."]

[b "Just know, that I will never forgive you. I hate you..."]

That was a lie.

Victoria loved him with ever fiber of her being.

Moving hands to her body, Victoria tied up the gown a litter tighter but her clevage was in plain view for all to see.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 239d 7h 21m 39s
[font "tahoma" [size11 The slap the queen had gifted him had been unexpected. Dario had expected her anger, but she had never gotten violent with him before. Still, he tried to explain, ignoring the throbbing in his cheek. For some bizarre reason, Dario felt as if he needed Victoria to understand, as if he had to explain to the queen why she had found in bed with another woman. Except Nancy was not another woman, she was the only woman he bedded. If anything, Victoria was the other woman. Still, the queen slapped him again and this time all he felt was anger. How dare she anger over the exact same thing she did everyday with her husband.

Eyes burning red, he directed his fury at the only person that could push his buttons in such a way. [+crimson "How dare you."] He growled, feeling the need to grab her. He wanted to hurt her, just like she had hurt him countless times. [+crimson "You fuck your husband daily, sometimes multiple times a day. In case you have forgotten, I am a knight. I can take any lover that I wish. You do not dictate whom I bed. I serve King Luca. I do not serve you. You really think you have any power here?"] He sneered. [+crimson "You are nothing more than a glorified lap dog that is only here to unite the kingdoms and bring Luca more power."]

Perhaps it was a bit of a low blow, but he simply did not care in that moment. His anger was taking over his better judgement. Victoria was a stone cold bitch when pushed over the edge, but Dario could be just as bad. His anger only skyrocketed when she ordered the guard to get Nancy and him to shower. [+crimson "I swear to God Victoria, if you lay a hand on her I will never forgive you."] He couldn't kill her. He would be executed for treason and Dario doubted that he would ever be able to truly hurt Victoria, no matter how much she pushed him.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to say more, the guard in the hall was dragging Nancy unceremoniously down the hall. He dropped her at his feet, just as Victoria threatened her life. Nancy sobbed, begging Victoria for her life and not understanding why she had gotten so mad. Dario bent down next to her and scooped Nancy into his arms but his gaze stayed trained on Victoria. [+crimson "Kill her and you will never have me. That's what you want, isn't it? My complete attention? Adoration? I will hate you forever if you kill her."] He hoped that carried weight with her. Nancy sobbed into his chest as Victoria walked to her room, leaving them where they were.

[+pink "Please Dario!"] Nancy cried, clinging to him with dear life. The guard began to drag her away, to the dungeon as Victoria had ordered. Kicking and screaming, Nancy did not go easily.

[+crimson "I'll get you out of there! No one will hurt you, Nancy. I promise!"] He called after the woman. Dario watched as she was taken away and there wasn't anything he could do about it. Victoria had said her peace and her word was law..at least for now. All the warrior could do was go along with her wishes until he had a plan to free Nancy. Even if he did not love the woman, he never wanted her to end up in a situation like this. Dario would never forgive himself if let anything bad happened to her. So, for now he had no choice but to go along with his queen's wishes.

Turning his back towards the queen's chambers, Dario began to make his way to his own room. Once there, he stripped down naked and started the water to his warm shower. He wanted to forget everything that had transpired between them. Stepping into the warm water, the warrior let it run down his body as he wept for a life he knew he would never have again.]]
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 241d 15h 45m 44s
“To be rejected by someone doesn't mean you should also reject yourself or that you should think of yourself as a lesser person. It doesn't mean that nobody will ever love you anymore. Remember that only ONE person has rejected you at the moment, and it only hurt so much because to you, that person's opinion symbolized the opinion of the whole world, of God.”

Dario rejected her.
Truth be told, Victoria never knew what it was like to be rejected and this was a first time for everything. This whole experience was something new and man first things happened.
Over the course of the last few weeks, from what it seemed to be a volatile relationship between herself and Dario, turned out to be quite flirtacious and friendly.
Hands upon a shoulder or ...the gentle grasp of the hand as the Angel and the Queen spoke, the images of him and Nancy were far back in her mind, right in the back burner.

The two got on perfectly.
Smiles all around and Victoria started to feel like she could actually trust Dario and nothing could come between them. The feelings she had however got stronger but of course had to hide those because she was married to the one man who was powerful. Luca, the Demon King who knew everything.
The one thing Luca did know was the fact that his most loyal Solider was fucking low class maids and the one now he had his heart set on, was that twit Nancy.

Victoria had no idea, she was completely oblivious to all of it but the moment she opened that door and saw an image that would forever be burned on her brain, Victoria was shocked and appaulled.

Now the hatred and the envy kicked in.

Turning around, Victoria practically ran out of the room and down the hallway but did not make it to her private chambers before being stopped dead in her tracks by Dario, one of the culprits.

[+pink "My queen, I..I thought you knew about Nancy and I. I.."] came the words that seeped from his beautiful, intoxicating lips. Victoria listened ever so intently while she turned around and faced Dario only to raise her arm and swiped her left hand to the right hand side and slapped Dario across the face, good and hard, leaving a red mark upon his cheek.
That was all the speaking she did.
Victoria's hand said everything.

And yet, Dario continued to talk despite the fact he was slapped across the face real good.

[+pink "Victoria.."]
[b "You do not get to call me that.."]
[+pink "I'm sorry you walked in on us. I'm sorry I have been taking up all of Nancy's time. It is not her fault, but my own. Do not be made at her. If you must, take out your anger on me."]

Again a nice sharp slap hit Dario's face that made his head turn.
[b "You are a man of high status. You have a reputation to uphold and you go off and fuck...hired help. This ends now, or so fucking help me, I will fucking destroy you.."]

Victoria was going to destroy him anyway with his prized lover getting a big surprise.

Turning her head from Dario, close to the Queen stood a guard who was indeed minding his own business but stared at his Queen only to see Victoria nod in the direction of the room Nancy was in.
The guard shifted from his post and wandered passed the couple and stepped down the hallway and into the room.
All the while, Victoria continued to stare deep into Dario's eyes and took a step in closer to where her body pressed up against his own, nose to nose.

She was no longer fooling around.
[b "Go have a shower. You smell like filth. That's an order...."] she muttered, completely heart broken now knowing nothing would ever happen. Their progress of being friendly ...out the window.

Taking a step back, Victoria kept her eyes on Dario the moment a blood curdling scream came from inside the room and it was not long until Nancy was dragged out of the room by her hair naked, down the hallway and sliding along the carpet getting burns upon her skin.

To the dungeon she would go.

[b "Say your last goodbyes. In three days, her head will be on my mantel."]

Turning on her heel, within seconds Victoria opened up the doors of her private chamber and entered it, slamming it behind her.
Standing in the center of the room, that was where Victoria brought a hand to her mouth and cried hard like she had never cried before.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 242d 15h 22m 43s
[font "tahoma" [size11 Dario had believed that the upcoming weeks would be some of the hardest in his life. He would have to stand by and watch the queen familiarize herself with not only her husband, but her new kingdom as well. Dario had not expected Victoria to appear anymore beautiful than she had on her wedding day, but once again he had been mistaken. The queen had been doused in the silkiest and most richest of fabrics the kingdom had. She had not looked like an angel on her coronation day, but a powerful queen ready to take on the new responsibility of a kingdom. No one could dispute her claims to the thrown that day.

However, Dario had been wrong in his assumption. Day by day, it had gotten easier to see Victoria, mostly because she was amazing in her element. Seeing her kiss and dote on Luca was still hard to watch, but even that he was getting over. He suspected it had partially to due with his new romance with Nancy. The two had gotten more serious over the weeks, whereas Dario had all but moved into her small room. He had stopped his relationships with other flames, no longer needing comfort from multiple women. He found himself content with Nancy, and she with him. More importantly, Dario was finally starting to get along with Victoria.

No, their relationship never crossed the line. They had not kissed since the first day the queen had come to the castle, but the two had started flirting again. It had happened naturally, neither had intended to be so comfortable around one another, but Dario would find himself reaching out to run his hand down her arm, or Victoria would linger her hand on his shoulder for longer than necessary. All completely innocent, but held a deeper meaning that neither of them were willing to explore again. Victoria was a married woman now and Dario could not bring himself to destroy her life by pushing himself between husband and wife.

Overall, life at the palace was going on as normal. For the first time since his fall, Dario had found himself smiling more often than ever before. [+pink "You seem happy."] Nancy had said one night, after thrones of their passion. Nancy was simple in bed, but he liked that about her and enjoyed every moment he spent with her. Tonight, she was curled up against him, running her small fingers over his chests in intricate designs. It was how they had ended each night now.

[+crimson "I am. I suppose I have more reasons to smile now."] He murmured, taking a glance over at Nancy. The demon woman blushed, nuzzling into his neck.

[+pink "It's just that...ever since you fell you have always seemed...passive. You did your duty and you went to your room. You did not care that half of the women here were drooling over you or that half the demons wanted to kill you. Nothing seemed to phase you. You have always been loyal to our king and have done everything asked of you. I just don't know how such a man could have fallen."] She said, looking up at him as she did. His fall was something he had never discussed, not with anyone but the king. He was sure that Victoria knew but no one else had known why. Nancy, just like everyone else, was curious. [+pink "So..how did someone such as yourself fall from God's graces?"] She asked softly.

Although he had been expecting that question, his body tensed. Memories of that fateful night started to stir deep within him and it took everything in his power to keep those memories at bay. If Nancy sensed his discomfort, she simply elected to ignore it, her need for answers were stronger than his comfort. [+crimson "Love is a curse, my sweet. I am a curse."] It was not the answer she had wanted, but it was the only answer he was willing to give her at the moment. Nancy looked unpleased, opening her mouth to argue but Dario had caught her face in his hands, pulling in for a passionate kiss. Her words died on her mouth and soon turned into moans.

Not wanting to waste this moment, Dario pushed Nancy on to her back. He spread her knees apart, lifting her legs backwards before taking what was his. It was not their usual love making, but rough, heated sex. Nancy screamed out in pleasure as Dario continued in his movements. Moving his hands to hers, he held Nancy's arms over her head, immobilizing her for time being. Just as he was thinking of putting her into a new position, the door to her room flew open and Victoria strutted in, nearly stopping dead in her tracks. Dario whirled around, shielding Nancy's naked body with his own. His eyes widened as he took in Victoria's figure and her horrified face.

Before he could even get a word out, Victoria was charging out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Behind him, Nancy was shaking, close to tears. [+pink "She's going to kill me! I have been neglecting my duties. Dario, she likes you, please baby, talk to her."]

Even as she said that, Dario was locating his pants and pulling them on. He made sure Nancy was okay before heading out the doors and running down the hallway. He caught up to the queen in a matter of seconds, reaching out to stop her from entering her private chambers. [+crimson "My queen,"] He said softly, begging her to look at him. [+crimson "I..I thought you knew about Nancy and I. I.."] Why was he explaining himself? He could fuck whomever the hell he wanted. He did not belong to Victoria. She was bound to someone else. Still, Dario knew her feelings towards him and he had hurt her. That was not something he had ever planned on doing.

[+crimson "Victoria.."] He said softly, opting out on using her royal title. [+crimson "I'm sorry you walked in on us. I'm sorry I have been taking up all of Nancy's time. It is not her fault, but my own. Do not be made at her. If you must, take out your anger on me."] He said, hoping she would not just leave him without saying anything more.
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 242d 19h 6m 46s
This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Victoria did in fact mess it up the moment she set foot into the Kingdom by falling in love and kissing an Angel who had fallen from the sin of disobedience and sin. The Queen did just the same.
After speaking her thoughts towards Luca the moment her eyes rested upon the sight of Dario and Nancy together, it was only a matter of seconds before the King opened up his mouth and replied in a manner that Victoria did not like.

[i "Let them have their fun."]
[b "Their fun? Luca, Dario is a high ranked official. He cannot be fooling around with hired help, that does not look good on you or me.."] Victoria spoke back as she stared deep into the eyes of her husband but all she got was a hard, passionate kiss upon her lips to silence her voice. She obeyed.
Not another word was said as honestly, if she did after what she was seeing with her two eyes, she would erupt and let all hell break loose because of this view of Dario and Nancy being close together.

The magical event seemed to go on forever. Luca and Victoria were the first to leave, holding each other and waving at the guests goodbye as now it was time that Luca and the new Queen spent some time together. Which did mean, consumating their marriage.
Lucky for Victoria, she did not witness Dario and Nancy leave together, hand in hand, wander down a hallway together and enter the same room. That was for a different night, the night she caught them both red handed.

[i "You have looked so ravishing all day, my queen, that I could hardly keep my hands off of you."]
[b "You really did not. Once you had me ...you never let go and I like that. Makes me feel all safe.."] she spoke with a smile, tilting her head to the side and let Luca kiss her neck, nibble on her ear while his hands glided. It felt nice. There was no doubt that Luca was a great lover and Victoria was thankful for that but still in the back of her mind, she just wanted to know what it felt to be naked and in bed with an Angel.

Throughout the course of the night, the hours that she had left, the new wife of the Demon King made love to her husband. Hands were all over each other. Lips tasted flesh orally and lovingly to which Victoria had to restrain herself to biting into Luca's skin and feeding on his blood.
It went on for hours and by the time it was all over, Victoria was satisfied enough to fall into a deep sleep.

Weeks went by and during the course of the days that passed Victoria was officially coronated into the Demon Kingdom. The spirits had a new Queen and they were happy about this because she and Luca re assured them that everything was going to go to plan and everything was going to be okay.
However one thing that was not okay, that was seeing Dario and Nancy spending alot of time together more than usual and Victoria did not like that.
Dario seemed distracted. Nancy was distracted and it did not feel good.

A week later, one night in particular Victoria woke up from her slumber and no one was waiting.
The candles were lit but there was no one around which made the Queen raise her eyebrow.
Shifting off from the mattress, Victoria wandered over to the door and opened it up, seeing a Guard stand there, protecting her from harm.
[i "Is everything alright, My Queen?.."]
[b "Have you seen Nancy?"]
[i "I have not seen her. She has not been around for a few hours.."]
[b "Do you know if there is carriage outside waiting? I requested that I go to the night market tonight. I asked Nancy to organize that."]
[i "No ma'am."]

Giving out a sigh, Victoria closed the door and begun to get ready herself, all on her lonesome.
A gown upon her body with the corset to which she tied herself, long hair not up in pins but down in loose curls that was a rare sight. Make up natural upon her face before she opened the door once more and stepped out of her Queen chambers.
[b "If you see Nancy, please let her know I have gone to see Dario."] she muttered to which the Guard nodded and remained at post while Victoria wandered down the halls towards the bedroom of Dario and did not stop to knock.

Tonight, she needed him and she needed his help.
Tonight instead of all the politic duties that Victoria had to intend too, tonight she was going to go out to the night market, walk around, buy a few things and enjoy her time away from the duty of being a Royal for a few hours.

There was noise coming from his room but because Victoria was still a little confused about where Nancy was and excited to actually get out of the house and also spend a little time with Dario alone, she completely blocked and ignored the noise.
Hand upon the handle of the door, Victoria turned the knob and pushed the door open and stepped in.

[b "Dario, I need you too take me to the mar--."] Victoria spoke as she stepped into the room. What she saw was something she honestly did not expect.
Nancy and Dario, together, fucking in bed in a position that she would never get out of her head.

[b "You!....Both of you!...."]

Within seconds, Victoria walked out of the room and slammed the door. Bringing a hand to her mouth, she practially ran down the hallway towards her chambers.
Heart was destroyed.
Her trust completely broken.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 243d 14h 54m 51s
[font "tahoma" [size11 Luca let out a small laugh, completely oblivious to the inner turmoil his wife was feeling. [b "Fear not darling. I simply like to reward my closest warriors. Do not worry about those two, we have bigger things to worry about the lust of two low borns. Let them have their fun."] He said simply, hushing her by pressing his knowing lips to hers. For all of his faults, Luca was an amazing lover. He could kiss any woman and take their breath away, dead or alive. He flicked his tongue across her lips for a brief moment before pulling back, a satisfied smile on his lips as he went back to parading his queen around the ballroom floor.

This went on for what appeared to be hours. The last of the guests began to make their way home. Dario and Nancy had been one of the last to leave. He had danced with Nancy for as long as the woman had wanted. He could not bring himself to pull away, for she had looked so happy to be dancing with him. Hell, someone deserved some happiness, and he would give it to Nancy even if it kill him. She was a sweet girl that did not belong in hell. Probably had sold her soul long ago, not knowing the consequences. Regardless, she was here now and Dario was going to make the most of it.

When the guests began to make their way home for the night, Nancy had finally had enough. [+pink "I do not believe I have ever danced this much in my existence. When I was alive, I was never invited to the balls. My family was low born, simple merchants. This has been one of the bests nights of my life, all thanks to you."] She said, leaning his head on his chest.

Dario had his arms wrapped tightly around her small body, leading her out of the ballroom. [+crimson "I can't say it was all of my doing, my sweet. King Luca gifted us this night. Don't tell me you are too tired for other activities I have planned when I take you back to your room."]

A small blush crept across her lips as she shook her head. [+pink "Never too tired for that, Dario. You know me better than that. Have I ever denied you entrance to my bed?"]

[+crimson "I cannot say you have, though there is a first time for everything."] He mused, picking her up and effortlessly walking her back to the room the rest of the way. He was not the only knight seeking companionship that night. He saw a few of the other demons, Mikah, Stark, and Aiden walking back with their own lovers for the night. He chuckled as he opened the door to Nancy's small bedroom. Like always, he placed her down on the bed and crawled on top of her small frame, careful not to hurt her. He kissed her and kissed her until their clothes just seemed to fall off. Before he realized it, he was connected with her, making her moan out louder and louder with each of his movement.

Meanwhile, Luca was walking his wife back to his room. It was time to consummate the marriage and he wanted her wickedly. [b "You have looked so ravishing all day, my queen, that I could hardly keep my hands off of you."] He murmured into her ear, nibbling on it softly. The guards opened the door to his room and he pulled his new wife inside. If she could please him and learn to love him, Luca doubted he would ever want to bring another woman into his chambers. All Victoria had to do was let him in.

Pulling the vampire close, he began to tease and kiss her neck. [b "I want to make all of your dreams come true, my queen."] He murmured, moving his hands down to her round ass. He gently squeezed her. [b "In a few days, you will be coronated as my queen and all the stress of political business will burden us. However, tonight you are simply my wife and I am your husband, eager to please you in anyway possible. Do you require any of your maids before I make love to you over and over today?"] He asked, still with a firm grip on her.]]
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 244d 18h 54m 40s
sorry its short.
i;m on my phone. =[

[i "Simply because we ended on a sour note, does not mean we have to be cold to one another, yes?"]

There is was.
A sentence that made Victoria look Dario straight ,dead in the eyes and simply raised an eyebrow. He had the audacity to speak those words.
[b "From what I recall, Dario. Yesterday night, you were the one who was cold to me. I stood there and I spoke to you the honest truth in a kind manner. Don't dance with me, look me straight in the eye and say that to me.."] she muttered as the two continued to shimmy on the dance floor in a elegant waltz only to be turned out by Dario and rolled back into his arms and close to his body, chest against chest.
It was nice.
Victoria felt secure and safe when Dario put his hands on her.

There was a lot to be celebrated.
Tonight, marked the occasion that the Vampire Queen married A Demon King, two unions coming together as one however one union was in love with another.

Dario felt so good against her body and he smelt even sweeter but all good things had to come to an end and it all came to a stop the moment the good King gave off a smile and pulled the pairing apart as now it was his turn to dance with the Queen, his wife and she was happy too do so, or so her face showed.
Victoria felt dead on the inside. Victoria already was but the feelings she had just made her unhappy to know the man she loved, did not love her back.

[+red "I'm sorry to intrude, but I must insist I take back my lovely wife."]
[b "I'm all yours..."] Victoria replied with a smile, hoping it would somewhat piss Dario off in hearing that she was indeed all of Lucas. However what came next, it was the Queen that became pissed off and angry, livid but held it in like a Royal should.
Nancy came waltzing in all dressed up, looking pretty and her nose turned up like she was posh when she was nothing.

[+red "Think of it as a my deepest gratitude for all you have done. Enjoy your night."]
[b "Enjoy your night? .."] Victoria spoke as she turned to Luca as the husband and wife held onto each other and moved their feet in the three step to the music. [b "What did you mean by that? I don't like the thought of Nancy being distracted from her duties because of some romance that you are initiating."]

Luca and Victoria continued to dance on the dance floor and whenever she could, whenever Luca looked away, her eyes would stare upon the most incredible man she had ever known.
It was going to be hard.
Staying in this Kingdom knowing Dario was around and ...hearing Nancy speak on her little ..dance it would destroy the Queen.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 245d 1h 35m 55s
[font "tahoma" [size11 Despite the tense situation, Dario could not help but laugh. He supposed he deserved that, her malice. After all, he had said some crippling insults to the queen last night and it would have been well in her right to punish him in anyway he seemed fit. Granted, Dario doubted that Luca would let her do more than a slap on the wrist, punish him, she could. [+crimson "Simply because we ended on a sour note, does not mean we have to be cold to one another, yes?"] He asked, taking a moment to spin her around before pulling Victoria back to his chest. [+crimson "Besides, you should be overjoyed today, my queen. You just married a king and united your houses. Much is to be celebrated."]

No, he was not going to ruin Victoria's day, no matter how much he hated the pairing. At times, it killed him to be fiercely loyal to a king with no honor. He yearned for heaven's gate, but knew God would never forgive him of the crimes he had committed. He did not belong in this world and most certainly not dancing with another's wife. A wife he lusted over, but more than that, a wife he felt such strong feelings for. He dared not say love, for it was love that had sent him to Hell in the first place. He vowed to never love another and he planned on keeping that vow. Victoria was simply making it hard to do so.

[+crimson "I do not mean to confuse you, your grace. I just know that we are going to be spending an awful lot of time together and I want us to be civil. You are a married woman and I will respect that. King Luca will be a great match for you, giving you everything you desire and need."] By default, he wanted her to know that Luca could give her everything that he could not. He had to count his lucky stars that Luca did not know of their secret kiss. He would have never allowed Dario to live; he would have been made an example of and executed in front of the entire kingdom. He was certain that the other knights would love to see the fallen angel go.

Dario danced with his queen until the song ended and he let her go. By then, King Luca had come back, wanting to dance with his wife. [b "I'm sorry to intrude, but I must insist I take back my lovely wife."] He smiled warmly at Victoria, extending his hand towards her. [b "Oh, Dario."] The king had said, before the man could leave. Dario straightened at his name, looking expectantly at his king. [b "I took the liberty of calling down a certain maid to keep you company for the night. Think of it as a my deepest gratitude for all you have done. Enjoy your night."] He said, smirking before taking Victoria away, kissing her on the cheek.

Dario was confused, unsure how to make out his words. Yet, the knight did not have to wait long. For as soon as he turned around, he saw what Luca was talking about. Behind him stood a beautiful, petite ginger wearing a rose gown. The gown was simple, but stunning none the less. It was clear that it did not cost as much as the other women's fancy dressed, but somehow she made it work. For a moment, thoughts of Victoria was pushed to the side as he took in Nancy. Kind, beautiful, and naive Nancy. She blushed as she noticed his eyes on him. [+pink "The king gave me permission to come to the ceremony. He said you seemed lonely and thought I could cheer you up."]

Dario had been lonely, but it was not anything Nancy could ever fix. Sure, she was beautiful, the sex was nice, and he liked seeing her happy, but he could never love Nancy as she loved him. He could be content with her though, and wasn't that more than what others got? Maybe he had never truly given the woman a chance. Smiling, Dario offered his hand to the beautiful maid. [+crimson "The king has a keen sense. You look ravishing."]

Another blush crept across her features as she took his hand and Dario pulled her close to his firm body. Nancy seemed to gasp as he took her hand and lead her in a waltz. Victoria had been more graceful in her dancing, but Nancy had not been born royal. Dancing did not come naturally. For her part, she did just fine. [+pink "The wedding was lovely. It makes a girl wish they were in the Queen's shows."]

[+crimson "You wish to marry King Luca?"] He asked, raising a brow.

Nancy chuckled, shaking her head. [+pink "No, just married to a man I love. Don't you want that? To be married? To be happy?"]

Dario hesitated, knowing that Nancy was wanting more than he was willing to give her. Yet, he did not want to hurt the woman. [+crimson "Perhaps someday."] He said, treading carefully. [+crimson "But for now I am happy with where things are."] He said, earning a small smile for her. For now, he would remain a man in love with a vampire he could never have.]]
  .:D.L:. / FallenGrace- / 3y 246d 14h 43m 59s
Mikah was indeed a handsome man.
To be blunt, the men in this Demonic Kingdom were quite intoxicating compared to the Vampire men back home. Sure her men were seductive but nothing compared to Luca's men.

The one whoever that captured her heart and her eyes was a man who was not a Demon but a man who was an Angel, one who fell and was banished from heaven all because of him protecting the one woman who made him feel whole.
Now Dario was empty again and deep down, Victoria wanted to be the one who made him smile, made him warm and the one who would make him whole again, but due to recent circumstances, the Queen was starting to feel hatred towards the Angel.

Hatred was something Vampires had. Victoria as sure she did not have hate in her system but after listening to Dario the night before saying that he regretted the whole passionate moment they shared together. How could he say that?
Dario enjoyed it more than she did. Victoria could see it in his eyes as she also saw him being so loyal.

As the music continued to play in the back ground, Mikah and Victoria continued to waltz along the marble floor, smiling, talking to one another and getting equainted since the pair would become close in the years to come.
It was while dancing that Victoria did see Dario and Luca stand close together, speaking while looking in her direction and she somewhat prayed that Dario kept his mouth shut about everything that had happened within the last few days.
Still nothing was said as the moment dragged on but the moments did deliver someone she did not except.

Mikah stood back with a broken face and Dario took his place in front of the Queen, hand in hand while the other hand of the Angel's wrapped around her waist and she ...held his shoulder.
This was the moment if she had a heart it would beat a million miles an hour.
This was what happiness was however she had to hide it.

Tilting head up, Victoria stared into Dario's eyes as they simply danced with one another and spoke words.
[+pink "If it is not too forward, my queen, you looked breathtaking coming down the isle. King Luca is one lucky man. I wish the two of you nothing but happiness."]
[b "That was too forward and you are nothing but a liar. You stand there, in my room and say the nicest things a man has said to me in centuries and then you turn around and take it all back. I am now confused on how I feel about you."]

Now that was a lie.

Victoria was in love and it wasn't with Luca either...
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 246d 16h 19m 18s

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