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Grimsage Asylum was founded in the mid 1800's. It was an asylum for the criminally insane at first. Over 10,000 people occupied the rooms of Grimsage at one point. Judges would send people here if they thought they were 'unfit' to be among the general population in jail. The people that were sent here were brutally tortured by the leading physican, Liam Grimsage. Liam was allowed to do his work in the West Wing of the asylum... This was the torture wing as most called it.

Liam would chain people up, put cages over their heads, and even cut off body parts. He did this because he claimed that it helped 'cleanse' the evil with in the people. Secretly... Liam just enjoyed torturing people. Unfortunately in the mid 1900's the local authorities found it odd that Grimsage had such a high body count. The deaths in the asylum was growing rapidly... So, it was shut down for quite some time.

The asylum was rebuilt with in fifteen years, and once again was offering its services to the public. Liam Grimsage had died a few years before the asylum was open at the age of 67. Liam's son Reid Grimsage was now the leading physican at Grimsage Asylum, and he vowed to make Grimsage a pleasant place for people to stay.. After all, he is there to help them, not make things worse.... Right?

Reid noticed strange things happening in the West Wing, where he stayed... At night he could hear people screaming, and even some nights he felt some one touching him. It gave Reid an uneasy gut feeling that this place wasn't just inhabited by the living... But the dead still resided there as well. He wasn't surprised when he discovered a skeleton in one of the walls in the West Wing... The spirits didn't bother him, what his father had done did though. He swore to the spirits that he would make sure they all could stay here, as long as they didn't harm any living human there.

Grimsage welcomes people with any mental illness. Grimsage's doors will always be open to those seeking help. Grimsage has over 1,000 rooms available for any one seeking help. All are welcome!



Sexual Orientation:
Single or Taken?
Room Number:
What is your illness?[can be more than one]
Small Bio:

Character List

Username: DirtyPretty


Name: Nikola 'Nix' Michaelson

Age: 20

Race: White

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Single or Taken? Single.

Room Number: 106

What is your illness? Anxiety, Slight case of Schizophrenia, Severe Depression, Impulsive, Anger Issues.

Small Bio: Nikola grew up by the Russian capital, Moscow. She lived there until she was 13. Her parents moved her to America, hoping for her to have a better life.... They were wrong. Nikola started public school in America almost immediately after they arrived. The kids started making fun of her... Some even put their hands on her. She developed 'issues' as her parents called them... Then on her 20th birthday, she tried to hang herself in the family's basement. She felt as if her parents never listened to her. She always tried to tell them she wanted help, they'd simply tell her to 'suck it up.' Her parents came home to find their precious daughter hanging... They called an ambulance, and she was taken straight to Grimsage.
Username: Shesmorethanamemory


Name: Jasper Wierson

Age: 23

Race: American

Sex: male

Sexual Orientation: straight

Single or Taken? Was taken, now single.

Room Number: 116

What is your illness?[can be more than one] Mild paranoia, and delirium.

Small Bio: Jasper has a routine: at six in the morning he goes to work, works eight hours, and then comes home to his loving wife. They spend some time together before Jasper ventures off to go running or the gym. He then makes his way back home to have dinner with his wife before falling asleep at nine. This has been their routine for three years now, but everything changes when a simple headache turns into a series of trials and his permanent institutionalization. Grimsage is his home now...


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The hall was somehow stale, too clean and completely unremarkable. Following the broad-shouldered man down the hall, Jasper couldn’t help but get a sense of dread settling deep into the pit of his stomach. Every fiber of his basic instincts were telling him to turn around, to leave the narrowing hall and to resist going into the room on the left. The man keeps his back to Jasper, his dark brown hair cut close to his scalp gave him the impression of a military general from behind, as he slowly pushes the door open. Licking his lips once before finally moving around the side of the large warden, Jasper is faced with a neat room lined with countless books. A pale man with night black hair welcomes him in.
Apprehensively he starts forward, locking his eyes with the head of Grimsage Jasper felt as though he was looking at the devil. Just like fallen angle that was once God’s best friend, Dr. Grimsage took Jasper by surprise. His complexion was flawless, at least from the doorway. Striking blue eyes set above his cheek bones captured the view of all that happened to look directly at them. Once again, Jasper licks his lips chasing the word “beautiful” from them.

“Ahh, you must be Jasper. Please, come in and take a seat.” Spoken softly and invitingly, Dr. Grimsage inches forward on his chair, eager to meet the newest addition to his ranks. Swallowing around a lump in his throat, Jasper moved forward and took his place in the matching leather chair across from the doctor. Straightening his shoulders, trying to appear less nervous than he was, Jasper is able to look around. Hundreds of books line the room, sitting in neat rows and columns on bookshelves pressed against the white walls. Just as carefully as Jasper had eyed him, Dr. Grimsage eyed the new patient. Glancing once more at the chart laying in front him, he refreshes himself with Jasper’s story. Murder, confusion, and apparently complete uncontrolled fear were scrawled across the crisp chart in black ink. Coupled with his medical records, the chart also showed the police report and a general practicing doctor’s medical advice. Returning his attention to Jasper, Dr. Grimsage started to continue with the initial meeting.

“Welcome to Grimsage. I am Dr. Grimsage the second…” Grimsage continued, pulling Jaspers attention away from the books on human anatomy and those particularly centered around the human brain and behaviors. Quickly getting to the point, Jasper found that his intelligence, or the appearance of his intelligence was something that he could like about the man. Patiently waiting for Grimsage to finish his little introduction, Jasper knew that he was going to ask for more information. He wasn’t sure how many times he’d told the story already, but he knew that he would flow freely from his dry lips. Taking a deep breath, he readies himself to repeat the tale. As the night’s events flow into his mind, Jasper somehow keeps himself from sobbing. The adrenaline was finally leaving his system and allowing him to think clearly.

A more rational part of his brain was convinced that something terrible had happened, that he had done something horrific, but the other side of his brain, the more dominant part, was still convinced that the woman he’d beat to death with the snow shovel was an intruder. Emotionally he needed to cling to that idea even though he didn’t know it yet. Talking to Grimsage about what had happened felt like he was talking about a distant memory. Jasper twisted his rough knuckles together as he retells the story, just as he had told the police and the paramedics. Intently, Grimsage listened, surprising Jasper as he wrote on the chart in front on him, nodding in all the right places and glancing up every once in a while; looking interested. When the little egg rounded timer chimed loudly, suddenly, Jasper jumped slightly in the leather chair. Neither men had noticed how time had passed quickly in the small room.

Arching his thick eyebrows, Grimsage took the timer and reset it, placing it quickly back on it rightful place between the pen holder chained to the desk and the stapler screwed down. In that moment, Jasper noticed how everything on Grimsage’s desk was there merely because it was necessary. He only had one black pen in the holder, clearly closer to him than to Jasper, and the stapler couldn’t be pulled or pried up. The latest edition of a human anatomy book lay cover down close to the doctor’s left side, a shiny paper back with barely any weight or thickness to it. It appeared that even though Grimsage felt safe in his office, he still didn’t trust his patients. This made Jasper wonder if anyone had tried to attack him in the office before, or if it was a precaution that he was aware of.

Thanking him for retelling his story, Grimsage dismisses Jasper. As though on some unspoken schedule, the warden pushes the door open and waits for Jasper to get up and follow him. Grimsage continues to jot a few more notes down on Jasper’s chart before standing and shaking the man’s hand. Boldly and with a sort of respect, Grimsage locks eyes with him; as though they had finished signing a priceless business deal. Nodding finally, Jasper turns and starts to follow the warden out and back into the hall. The walk to the meeting room was short and quiet, leaving Jasper enough time to wonder why Grimsage hadn’t followed the pair to the meeting. Inside of Grimsage’s office, the doctor ruffled through a few drawers of nothing before finally remembering that his note pages were in the bottom right hand drawer. Taking a deep breath, he lets the silent office around him seep into his bones. He writes her name in thick clean ink at the top of a new page, he then waits patiently for Nurse Lola to bring her in…

Even though the walk was short, it wasn’t any less confusing than Jasper had expected it to be. After a right then a left, the passing of a few doors and then coming to a set of double doors he is lead into the therapy room. Sitting in a crooked circle were men and women of all shapes and colors. One woman stood out to him, her dark red hair was almost the same shade as his wife’s. Swallowing thickly, he follows the warden to an empty faded green folding chair. He is directed to take a seat and he avoids looking at the woman. Her full lips were stained dark red, as though she had been wearing blood red lipstick that had worn away or her lips were still stained from when she last wore it. Her freckled shoulders were shown off perfectly by a green knit sweater that hung off her skeletal shoulder. Light green eyes stared out at the circle from above dark bruise-like bags. Jasper could see that she had an eating disorder of some kind by the way her collar and cheek bones looked like they would rip her skin open at any moment. Long fingers, their knuckles looking breakable, pulled at the long sweater’s sleeves pulling it further over her palms nervously. It must have taken a lot for her to seek the help she needed. With her legs crossed, Jasper could truly measure how much muscle mass she’d lost during her struggle.

Uncomfortably Jasper fidgets in his chair, forcing himself not to stare at the woman and instead alternating quick glances at the faces around him and the ground. Behind him the door opens and closes a few more times before a tall blond haired woman with too straight teeth and a thick line of eyeliner under her eyes takes her place in the center of the circle. Introducing herself as Doctor Lucy, she explains that they were all friends, that everyone had issues and just because someone appeared to have more issues than someone else didn’t make the latter’s problems any less important. Doctor Lucy’s voice reminded Jasper of a song bird that sang too high. Carefully she turned in a smaller circle within the circle, trying to look at everyone’s face all at once and inviting those that were clearly ashamed to be at Grimsage to look up at her. Jasper wasn’t ashamed, he stood by his decision to bludgeon the intruder to death, he didn’t want to risk looking at the dark red haired woman anymore. Her face hurt his heart even though her bone structure was nothing like his wife’s. The woman was much too thin though her lips were just thick enough and her hair stopped just before hers did.
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[center [font "candara" Nikola peeked up from her note book every now and then... This place was so bland. White walls with inspirational quotes, and motivational speeches all through out the halls.. The carpets were even bland. It reminded her of her house. Her green eyes focused on the cream colored carpet. Her living room had a carpet just like this one... Nikola bit her bottom lip as she turned her attention to her poetry once again.. Poetry, was her biggest release...]]

[center [i "He was supposed to be her guardian."]
[center [i "But, he simply tore her soul to pieces and left her to drown in sin..]]

[center [font "candara" Nikola shook her head as the words started to blur a little. The page was suddenly blank. Her eyes widened when she saw she was some where completely different. How was that possible? She didn't remember going out side or any thing. She stood up... Nikola was having a hallucination. She looked around the empty room as she started walking around. Lola, the nurse was in the room now and watched as Nikola aimlessly wandered around the recreational room. A tall, dark haired male bumped into Nikola. He was another inmate, he looked just like Xavier... The man that took her innocence, and sanity away. The man apologized, and Nikola snapped. In her mind Xavier was standing in front of her, laughing and saying she was a whore... She grabbed a hardback book and hit the male in the back of the head with it.]]

[center [#9407e9 "You think it's fun t pick on innocent women Xavier?!"]]

[center [font "candara" A male nurse pulled Nikola off of the dark haired inmate. Her bangs swept over her green eyes as if she were hiding from the world as she tried to break free from the nurse. The male nurse escorted Nikola out into the hall way. Nikola elbowed the male nurse, and he let go of her. She didn't get far though. Security grabbed her, gave her a sedative, then she was carried to her room. Lola followed them after she grabbed Nikola's things.. Between Nikola and Jasper, Lola wasn't too sure who was worse right now... Nikola seemed too normal to be here, so did Jasper... What made them snap? Lola kept her eyes on the white tiled floors. This place really was bland.]]

[center [b "If she gives you any more trouble, Lola be sure to page us. Remember, the group meeting for the noobs is in an hour."]]

[center [+red ~~ Mean while, Dr. Grimsage is about to get into the mind of Jasper Wierson....~~]]

[center [font "comic sans" As the warden walked Jasper down, Dr. Grimsage sat in his leather chair reading over Jasper's chat... He was going to be a tough cookie to crack indeed. Today, Dr. Grimsage wanted to hear Jasper's side of what happened. An intruder? The only people inside of the house were Jasper and his wife... Also the murder weapon was obvious. The warden knocked on the doctor's door, then opened it slowly.]]

[center [+blue "Ahh, you must be Jasper. Please, come in and take a seat."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Dr. Grimsage had a friendly smile on his face. His pale complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair sort of made him seem like the child molester that no one knew about.. Once the warden closed the door and Jasper was seated comfortably, Dr. Grimsage put a glass of water in front of Jasper then he leaned back in his leather chair. The oak desk seemed to shimmer in the lighting of the room. The walls were lined with book shelves full of book about the human brain, body, and psyche. He sighed as he looked at the dark haired man before him. He seemed almost too normal...]]

[center [+blue "Welcome to Grimsage. I am Dr. Grimsage the second, my father was the first leading doctor here. Jasper, please tell me what landed you here? I mean, you're a hard working man, beautiful wife.. What happened?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" The doctor listened as Jasper explained his side of the story. An intruder that was posing as his wife, was trying to cause him harm.. So, he grabbed a shovel and took care of the intruder. Jasper felt his story was real to him. The doctor jotted down a few notes as Jasper explained every thing. Once he was done, a timer dinged. It was time to go to the meeting for new people. New inmated meet, talk about why they're there and what they can do to make their recovery easier... Dr. Grimsage had different plans for Jasper. He wrote down to begin shock treatments next week, after that they will figure out a plan as to what medication to put him on... Dr. Grimsage had never seen a case like this..]]

[center [+blue "I am afraid that we are out of time. Thank you, Jasper for sharing that with me. I hope that we can help you find out what really happened... The group meeting is going to begin. The warden will walk you there. Next week I will meet with you again. Good day, Mr. Wierson.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Dr. Grimsage sat back in his leather chair and undid his tie a little after the warden and Jasper walked out. He is going to have his hands full... He smirked as he moved Jasper's case, under it was Nikola's. He really couldn't wait to dig his claws into her...]]

[center [~]]

[center [font "candara" The guards placed Nikola gently down on her bed. Nikola didn't make a peep as she slept. Lola watched as the two tall guards walked out of Nikola's room, locking the door behind them. Lola covered Nikola up with the blankets after she took off her shoes. She couldn't help but feel bad for Nikola. Lola frowned a bit as she pulled up a chair. She gently ran her fingers through Nikola's wavy dirty blonde hair as she hummed softly. Nikola began to move after a while.]]

[center [b "Nikola?"]]

[center [font "candara" Nikola moaned as she slowly rolled over onto her back and slowly let her eyes open. Her head felt like a Mac Truck ran it over. The bright light hurt her eyes a little, so she held up her hand as if she were guarding her eyes from the sun. She jumped when Lola's pale hand was in front of her face with four Ibuprofen. Nikola took the Ibuprofen, and drank the cup of water Lola gave her. Once the Ibuprofen kicked in, she slowly sat up and scratched the back of her head.]]

[center [#9407e9 "What happened?"]]

[center [font "candara" Lola wanted to tell her the truth. She hallucinated about a man named Xavier, and gave an inmate a minor concussion. But, she didn't think that would be right. Nikola had been through enough. Lola looked at her watch, ten more minutes until the meeting. Lola stood up slowly, grabbed one of Nikola's notebooks and a pen for her.]]

[center [b "You took a nap dear that's all. Now, get changed. There's a meeting for the new people here. Also, you have an appointment with Dr. Grimsage after the meeting. He likes to get to know the new people that come in here."]]

[center [font "candara" When the door shut behind Lola, Nikola stood up. The floor was sort of cold, even though she had on thick socks. She shivered a little as she walked over to her duffel bag full of her clothes. She pulled out a grey half shirt, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black high- tops. She slipped out of her sweater first. She winced when the material rubbed against her neck. It was still raw from the rope burns. She put on her half shirt, then slid into her black jeans. Once she felt satisfied with her outfit, she opened the door. Lola smiled. Nikola really was beautiful.]]

[center [#9407e9 "I'm ready."]]

[center [font "candara" Lola lead Nikola down the halls. It felt like there were a million twists and turns before they finally reached the group therapy room. The room had three big round tables where inmates could play and work on group projects.. Against one wall was a line of desktop computer with chairs in front of them. A few inmates were playing on the computers while others just sat in chairs that were set up in a circle, sort of. Lola lead Nikola into the room. They found an open table in the back. Lola sat down, then Nikola sat across from her. Lola slid over the notebook she grabbed for Nikola and Nikola smiled once Lola handed her the pen. Dr. Wolfe would be in soon... She was the group therapist. She was a sweet, short, Italian lady.]]

[center [i Maybe this place isn't so bad..]]

[center [font "candara" Nikola got lost in her writing as she waited for group meeting to begin. She was nervous, but excited at the same time. It was nice knowing that she wasn't the only 'crazy' around. She smiled a little as she hummed softly. Lola bit into an apple she grabbed from the cafeteria. Dr. Wolfe came in and sat down.. She started going around the room asking every one what their story was, and if they didn't want to tell it right now that was okay too. It was only their first session after all. Nikola listened to every word each inmate said. Some of the stories made Nikola's seem almost sane.... Almost... So far this whole group things wasn't so bad
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Stretching slightly and reaching over, Jasper pushes the dismiss button on his phone. He rolls over once again and wraps his large arm around his wife’s waist. With a slight murmur of protest, she snuggles closer; fanning her dark red hair over his face. Shutting his eyes, he laughs slightly into her hair and nuzzles her neck. She sighs and then settles back into a deep sleep. Finally, he swings his legs over the edge of the bed and sits up. His muscles ache from the night before and a dull throbbing starts behind his right eye. Groaning, he rubs his face with his hand before making his way groggily into the master bathroom. He squints against the harsh white lights of the bathroom before turning on the shower. The hot water prompts steam to rise and fog the mirror and window. This is the normal routine for Jasper. The hot water rolls down his broad chest and clings to his hair.

Getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, Jasper leans forward looking at the dark circles under his dark green eyes. Absently his rubs his beard, stubble really. He lets his fingers trail over a slightly patchy area. He yawns and then reaches for the razor sitting on the shelf near the sink. He runs the silver razor under the running water in the sink before looking back up. His wife wraps her arms around his waist, her lips touching his back. He smiles and watches her move past him and to the toilet. Sitting down she laughs softly at him.

“Cleaning up your patches?” She questions him, looking up at him from her sitting position. Shaking his head slightly, leaning closer to the mirror he trims the edges of his stubble. He fights the ever-present patchiness has been a curse since he was a teenager. Carefully he moves with the grain of his hair, keeping with the edge. Running his hand back over the now cleaner edge.

“Smelling up the bathroom?” He retorts with a sense of humor. Leaning away from the mirror, finally satisfied he watches her. She arches a thin eyebrow she challenges him. He smiles and then leaves the bathroom. He retreats to their room, pulling out a pair of dark slacks and a dark blue button up shirt. He slips on a dark pair of boxers before continuing to dress himself. The dull ache behind his right eye intensifies. While buttoning up his shirt, a mysterious noise draws his attention.

The sound reminds him of quarters on a washing machine, but louder. Looking over his shoulder toward the bathroom, he can see his wife applying her layer of beauty for the morning. Unlike him, she doesn’t react to the noise. His thick eyebrows knit together slightly as he ventures from their room, a pair of bundled socks in his right hand. Cold hard wood makes him shiver as he moves down the hall and into the kitchen. His stomach churns slightly as the pounding in his head moves away from his eyes and more toward the back of his skull. He closes his eyes tightly against the dizziness making the room spin. The noise gets louder as he pops his eyes open.

“What in the fuck?” He asks the empty air, making his way throughout the house. The sound makes him venture toward the laundry room, several ideas on what the noise could be torment him, making his head hurt more and puzzling him.

Finding herself in the kitchen, Clare starts the coffee pot. The bubbling greets her ears warmly and she pours herself a bowl of cereal. She pauses in her breakfast making to jot down a note to herself. Clare settles down at the island and just begins to eat her breakfast when a crash in the laundry room makes her stand and rush to the laundry room. There she finds Jasper standing in the middle of the room. He’s brandishing a snow shovel like a sword, the sharp metal shovel part pointed toward the ceiling. A cold sweat had broken out over his skin and his shoulder rise and fall with faster breath. Her heart starts to pound in her chest, she’s never seen him like this before.

“Jasper…” She calls softly, she starts to reach out toward him, but he spins wildly toward the sound of her voice. Starting back in surprise, she watches him. She rips over her own foot before catching herself on the door frame.

“What is that noise?” He asks her, his dark green eyes wide and wild. There is a light in his eyes that she doesn’t recognize. She backs away from him further when he yells at her.

“What the fuck is that noise!?” He questions again. Speechless, she stammers.

“W-what noise?” She asks him in return. This enrages him further. He starts toward her and she moves away from him, backing into the kitchen, and bumping into the island. Her bowl of cereal is turned over as she makes her way around the island, refusing to turn her back on him.

“I don’t hear anything.” She answers him.

“Bullshit!” He hisses, “You’re fuckin’ with me, aren’t you?” He almost growls. He flips the metal snow shovel chipping and scratching the tile under their feet. Letting out a yelp of fear, Clare slides her back against the counter and toward the living room. Without warning, Jasper swings the snow shovel against the counter. Wood countertop slinters and cracks, a medium sized corner hits the floor with a dull thud. Propping up his head with his hand, Jasper closes his eyes and groans. His headache threatens to double him over and make him spill last night’s dinner onto the floor. Clare dashes from the kitchen and into the living room. She pulls the receiver off the charging station and dials for help. Jasper follows her, staggering against the archway and then the large tan laz-e-boy chair.

“What did you do to me! You poisoned me didn’t you, bitch!” He accuses her. Clare falls against the couch, the receiver pressed tightly against her cheek and ear as tears stream down her cheek. She shakes her head violently, her red hair falling across her forehead. On the other line the sweet woman asks what her emergency is.

“Baby, I didn’t poison you. I promise.” Clare answers him and the woman. Her voice is shaky as she has freshly applied make-up running down her face. Another swing of the snow shovel sends stuffing flying into the air. Clare screams in fear and attempts to get away from her husband. The woman on the other end of the phone line questions her, trying to remain calm and decipher the chaos happening on the other end. The woman asks if she needs the police.

“Yes, please; I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” Clare stammers into the phone, choking on her own voice. Jasper stalks forward, abandoning the snow shovel by the chair, he wrestles the phone away from her. Hanging up quickly and pulling Clare to her feet. Too strong for her to fight him, Clare is dragged, kicking and screaming, to the middle of the living room.

“What did you do to me!” He screams, holding her by the arms, he shakes her slightly as his fingers dig painfully into her skin.

“I didn’t do anything to you. I promise.” She insists. Tossing her aside, the sound increases and the room around him spins. He reaches for the snow shovel as he blinks against the green hue filling his vision. He doesn’t hear her words, the noise that had started out as quarters on a washing machine turned into a loud neon sign buzz. He closes his eyes tightly swaying slightly. When he opens his eyes again, it is no longer his wife on the ground at his feet. The imposter looks just like his wife, her red hair falling around her shoulders. Taking the snow shovel, he strikes the imposter on the side of her head. The buzz gets louder as he continues to strike at the crumpled impost on the floor. The sharp edge of the snow shovel cuts into the skin and leaves long gashes. After the imposter stops moving, he succumbs to nausea, doubling over, throwing up just to the right of the couch. He clamps his eyes tightly as the spinning room starts to slow. He settles back into the couch. He leans heavily against the back of the couch, letting the room stop spinning around him and letting the smell of his own vomit fill his nose.

The sound of approaching police sirens isn’t enough to make Jasper lift his head. A cold sweat has claimed his body, causing him to shiver violently as the blood of his wife dries at his feet. He doesn’t fight the police that invade his home, their guns pointed at his chest. They order him to the ground, onto his knees and he obeys emotionlessly. In the minutes that had passed between the incident and the present, his confusion and the sound had faded.

Almost harshly, he is pushed into a police cruiser and taken far away from the crime scene. He sits in a cold, grey, room. A thick police officer sits across from him, asking him another round of questions. He answers shortly, honestly. He tells them about his headache, the deafening noise, and imposter. He explains to them that he didn’t have a headache when he’d first woke up, that it was his wife that had hugged him from behind, but that it wasn’t his wife that poured the bowl of cereal. He insisted that he didn’t know where that kind of cereal came from.

“I swear to you. That wasn’t my wife.” He stares down at the digital picture. The picture depicts a bloody scene, a young red haired woman lays with large gashes on the side of her head. Each gash matches the edge of the snow shovel.

“Then who was it?” The detective questions him, leaning toward him slightly as Jasper stares down at the picture. Chewing his bottom lip slightly as looks at the picture.

“I don’t know.” He chokes out, a few tears dripping off the hairs on his jawline. His stubble looking darker as his skin is pale from exhaustion. The man across from him is bent against the table just as he is. Standing, the detective exits the room and leaves Jaspers to look at the picture. The large round man turns to another that had been assigned to the case.

“He had no idea what he was doing. It’s clear that he has some kind of mental disorder.” The experience man comments to the other, the other having a clipboard in hand start to jot down notes. He nods his head agreeing. The younger investigator heads toward a phone near the wall. It doesn’t take them long to have the evaluator come down to the questioning room to talk to Jasper.

An hour passes with another round of questions and Jasper feels the early morning attacking his muscles. He starts to slump closer to the table and answering vaguer, but still truthfully, still convinced that the woman he had killed was not his wife. Yawning, he looks up toward the evaluator, a young woman with bright blonde hair. She holds in her hands a clipboard some paperwork attached to it. She takes notes, asking him to elaborate on things she didn’t understand.

“Mr. Wierson…I think you need to be sent to Grimsage.” The woman suddenly breaks the line of questioning. This makes Jasper snap up, suddenly more awake than he had been. Opening his mouth to speak, she stops him continuing.

“I believe that you are suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness, this might explain why you didn’t recognize your wife. Also, we are not equipped to house you here.” She explains. The holding cell for him would be small and slightly crowded during processing. With the jail already overwhelmed and all nearby jails almost fifty miles away, they needed somewhere to put him. With Jasper’s evaluation clearly marking him as mentally ill, Grimsage would be the best place for him. The woman had already called them and asked them if they would hold him, even if he isn’t mentally ill, they agreed eagerly.

“I’m not crazy.” He starts to argue, a stern look from the woman silences him. There is no use in arguing this, he was going and it was better to be going willingly. He finally nods agreeing to go, at least for a little while. With his house pegged as a crime scene he can’t return there and his family didn’t talk to him. Let alone live anywhere near him.

The walls are white and the air smells sterile as he enters Grimsage. With his hands cuffed in front of him, he walks slowly, a uniformed officer to each side of him. The warden of Grimsage greets him, explain how he is related and then questioning if the cuffs were necessary. The officers explain that Jasper has proven to be deadly and that it is merely protocol. Jasper is walked to his room, 116. There he sits on his cot while watching the warden and two officers talk in the doorway. The warden explains that he will be appointed a psychologist, one of the best in the state, and that they would start to work on his treatment while he is here. The tallest officer gives him a few papers, each having contact information for his lawyer and court dates on it. The first trial is scheduled to be next month. Setting the papers aside, Jasper leans back against his cot waiting for the warden to turn his attention to him. Eventually the officers leave and the warden enters the small white room.

“The officers offered to bring you some clothes tomorrow morning. After breakfast at nine, there a meeting for new arrivals. You are required to attend this one, but after that you don’t have to attend unless your psychologist suggests it. You will be monitored closely.” He speaks curtly. Jasper only nods and listens to the man, who appears to be a few years older than himself. Remaining quiet, Jasper feels his heart swell with grief and longing. The warden leaves Jasper’s room, letting him settle down for the night. Standing, Jasper closes the door and then returns to the cot. He only lays down and rolls over, staring at the white wall. Memories flood him. The remembers killing her, the imposter that looked just like his wife. Where had his wife gone? Was she kidnapped? He couldn’t stand to not know. Closing his eyes tightly, he lets today’s events consume him. He falls to sleep uneasily.

In the morning, Jasper wakes before the sun peaks over the horizon. He joins the sleepy residents of Grimsage in the cafeteria. Dressed in his slacks and button up shirt, he looks more like a counselor than a resident. He joins the line of people and watches at each grabs a foam tray. The woman serving the residents greets him with a smile and asks his name. He answers her quickly and simply before watching as she takes a handful of grapes and then a scoop of fresh mac-n-cheese. He looks down at the yellow mass before moving on down the line, getting his scoop of scrambled eggs and then a piece of lightly toasted toast. He looks down at the interesting combination before moving to try to get a seat. He watches the groups of people, some swaying back and forth, many shaking, almost all with their heads bent chewing slowly. He chooses an empty table away from the main group. The large windows show a beautiful view of the forest and the hills blanketed lightly by fog. Staring out, he chews slowly. The events of yesterday are a dream, he’s still uncertain if they happened at all.

Stifling a yawn, Jasper hears his name being called before a red-haired woman appears at his side. He greets her with a smile and a quirt nod. The red haired Irish woman sits across from him, introducing herself as Lola. She then continues to explain that she but his clothes in his room, she informs him that it would be easier for him to put his things in a drawer, that he would be more comfortable here. Softly licking cheese from his lips, he cuts her off.

“This is just a misunderstanding, I’ll be found innocent and they’ll send me home. Then I can start searching for my wife, my real wife.” Jasper purses his lips as his gaze matches hers with an unexpected intensity. She nods and softly apologizes, she then makes an excuse for her to leave and do something else. He doesn’t take him long to eat breakfast, the meal was smaller than he’s used to, but it was surprisingly fresh and delicious. He watches the other patients, the ones allowed to walk around, wander outside. They are all dressed casually, though they have white medical bands on their arms. He figured the bands were a way of identifying them if they escape or get lost.

Suddenly a large group of patients stand, they make their way to the trash cans dumping their food, and start toward the exit. Curiously, Jasper watches them. The way they all moved as a mass and lumbered to wherever they were supposed to be reminded him of cattle. It was like they had heard a signal that he was deaf to.

A strong hand clasping his shoulder pulls him away from the patients leaving and to the cold eyes of the warden. He arches an eyebrow at the man as he towers over him. The man’s fingers tighten on Jasper’s shoulder before relaxing.

“Ah, our new arrival. I hope they haven’t given you any trouble.” He begins. Opening his mouth to ask whether they had found his real wife yet or not, but he is unable to get the words out. The warden lets his hand fall from his shoulder before get takes a step back. The same hand that had touched Jasper’s shoulder moves to the dark blue tie around the man’s neck, pulling slightly and straightening the already straight tie. He then gestures for Jasper to stand and follow him.

“If you’re done eating, I’ll take you to your appointment.” He begins, Jasper nods and stands, he then follows what the others had done, dumping his food and tray into the trash. He returns to the warden’s side and begins to follow him down the same plain white hall that the group had disappeared into. Passing through large double doors, Jasper isn’t surprised to find that the rest of the building appears to be white brick and slightly marbled tile. The hall way is lined with slightly darker doors, each door was a room number just to the left of the door frame and then a name plate just below the clouded window. Each door appears to have a heavy lock attached to it, strange that the doors could be locked from the outside. Along with the doors lining the hallway, cheesy motivational posters are bolted to the brick walls. Each have a different quote that’s supposed to make the patients optimistic.
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[center [font "comic sans" Nikola would never forget that night.. The night she finally snapped. The night that her parents finally realized that their daughter was not okay... Nikola is sick, but it really isn't her fault. Growing up her mother Svetlana was strict, and slightly verbally abusive. Her father, Niklaus did nothing. He would hear her mother putting her down, and he would do nothing. Nikola felt as if nobody cared, as if she were alone in the world.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Being in America was supposed to be a good thing. A new life as her mother would say. What new life? Nikola saw the move to America as a sham. It was just going to be a different place, with the same people and the same issues...]]

[center [font "comic sans" Before she hung herself, Nikola sat in her basement for two hours debating on whether or not her life was worth saving. Whether SHE was worth saving. That after noon, she went over her friend Xavier's house. Nikola and Xavier were extremely close friends. She couldn't deny that if given the chance, she would be Xavier's. Xavier was a six foot Russian with blue eyes, dark hair, and muscles that looked as if they were sculpted out of stone.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Xavier had called Nikola because him and his girlfriend had broken up. Xavier and his girlfriend were together for six years, so of course Nikola walked to Xavier's. Xavier lived a few houses down from her. That day felt weird... Nikola couldn't explain it but as she walked to Xavier's some thing was telling her to turn around and go home. She ignored it though. It was just Xavier. He wouldn't hurt her... Boy was she wrong.]]

[center [i Nikola walked up to Xavier's front door with a blank expression on her face. Her green eyes looked around as if she were waiting for some thing bad to happen. She reached up and knocked on the front door loudly three times. She was wearing black flats, and a strapless blue sun dress. The Autumn breeze felt good as it hit her face gently. Her blonde hair moved like gold strands of honey. Xavier finally answered the door. He had a half finished bottle of Tequila in his hand and a dark look in his eyes. His blue eyes seemed darker.. She opened her mouth to speak, but he motioned for her to come in....]]

[center [i Once she was inside, she saw two more males. She felt uncomfortable. Xavier smiled widely and hugged her. They chatted for a little while until Xavier told her to sit in the chair in his living room. The house he lived in was a one-story rancher. His living room had white walls, a cream colored carpet, a leather couch and a leather chair to match it. The other two males smirked at Nikola. She felt like a piece of. When she walked past the other males, one grabbed her ass. She didn't say any thing out of fear of him hurting her. Xavier wasn't acting like himself at all that night..]]

[center [i Nikola remembers chatting with the three males for a few hours before Xavier stood up and said that he wanted to have some fun. He took a swig of Tequila before he walked over to Nikola. He grabbed her hand, yanking her up, she started cursing at him asking him what was wrong with him, and he simply turned around and back handed Nikola. Nikola fell to the floor, every thing was blurry. Her nose felt as if a truck hit her face. Xavier slung Nikola over his shoulder, and carried her to his bedroom. The other two male followed. Nikola wanted to fight back, but she knew it would be useless..]]

[center [i Nikola remembered Xavier laying her on his bed and saying he's going to take real good care of her. She didn't want to do it, but he made her. She fought against him, until he finally had her... He did things to her, touched her, then took her innocence... The other two males watched and even joined in... Xavier let her go and told her if she said any thing he would kill her.]]

[center [i Nikola ran home a bloody mess. There were bruises on her cheeks, the taste of blood was in her mouth still.. She got home and tried to tell her parents what happened. Her mother said she did some thing to deserve it because she's always pissing people off... Nikola felt like there was no other way out.. She wanted to die..]]

[center [font "comic sans" As she sat in the wooden chair in her basement her hands shook violently. Her face had red marks from where Xavier hit her, her lip was bloody and she felt disgusting.... Why? Why did this happen to her? The basement had a concrete floor, washer, dryer, and a wooden chair next to her father's workshop. There was rope on the workshop table. Nikola was tired. Tired of fighting... Fighting with herself, her parents, now Xavier... She let out a scream as she stood up and knocked over her father's workshop.]]

[center [font "comic sans" A loud bang could be heard when Nikola did that but her parents simply didn't care. She tied the rope around the piping in the basement. She tugged on it just to make sure it wouldn't snap... She then tied it around her neck, got on the wooden chair and she just did it... Her parents only came down to do wash.. That's when they saw her. Nikola's limp body hanging from the pipes. Her father cut her down and her mother immediately called crisis. An ambulance was at the house in less than an hour.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Nikola thought she was dead. She was finally free. She even had a smile on her face. Death would have been the sweetest release for Nikola. She finally came to it once they had her in a stretcher. She started thrashing and screaming. She didn't want to live. All she kept yelling at her parents was that THEY did this to her. They didn't listen to their little girl even after she was raped by some one they knew... Nikola screeched when they injected a sedative into her. Within two minutes the sedative kicked in and Nikola slept until they arrived at Grimsage.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Grimsage Asylum was a big, old fashioned brick building. You could tell that the building had aged. You could also tell that Grimsage wasn't an ordinary Asylum. The front lawn had green grass, two weeping willows, and a few gardens were scattered around Grimsage. The doctors at Grimsage greeted the ambulance once they knew Nikola arrived. The one nurse, Lola felt sorry for this girl. Lola was a short five foot Irish woman. Her red hair was in a tight bun and her grey eyes had nothing but sympathy in them for Nikola. Lola was Nikola's assigned nurse. They figured a male nurse would make Nikola uncomfortable, plus Lola was a victim of sexual abuse herself.]]

[center [font "comic sans" The inside of Grimsage was bright. The floors were white linoleum, the walls were turquoise and had art work scattered all over it. At Grimsage they treated people of all ages. The younger kids were kept in the South Wing. Most children at Grimsage do get better and eventually leave.. While most are 'lifers.' Nikola felt the sedative wearing off. She slightly opened her eyes. The bright lights hurt her eyes at first.. Things were blurry as she opened her eyes all the way, things got clearer..]]

[center [#9407e9 "Where am I?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" The doctors wheeled Nikola to her room. Room 106. She didn't really remember any thing... Her mind was numb, which maybe a good thing right now. The doctors put a duffel bag her parents gave the paramedics. The bag had some clothes in it, her hair shampoo/conditioner, perfumes, and her most prized possessions ; her notebooks. The doctors slowly lifted Nikola out of the stretcher. She began panicking a little bit, but calmed down right away once they laid her down.]]

[center [font "comic sans" Before she shut her eyes, the doctors introduced her to Lola. She couldn't really talk so when Lola came in, Nikola rolled over and passed out. Lola sat in Nikola's room until the small Russian girl was awake. Nikola's green eyes opened quickly as she sat up. She thought she was still at Xavier's until she saw blank, blue walls with a plain white tile floor. Lola tilted her head as she watched Nikola closely.]]

[center [b "Hey Nikola."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola wasn't going to push Nikola into talking just yet. She was shaking as she looked down to see herself in a hospital gown. Her neck burned, her face hurt, and she knew what was taken from her.. Tears began pouring down her cheeks. Lola stood up, grabbed a box of Puffs tissues then slowly walked over to Nikola. Nikola didn't move, she just covered her face and cried. Lola gently rubbed Nikola's back which seemed to calm her a bit, then she finally gave Nikola a small tight hug just to let her know that she was safe..]]

[center [b "It's okay kid, I promise you as long as you're with me you're going to be just fine."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola's accent was heavy and when she spoke she pronounced certain words in a weird way. Lola sat back down when Nikola stopped crying. Nikola slowly swung her legs over the edge of the bed.. Good thing they gave her socks, because the tile floor was probably freezing. She looked to Lola, then at the walls again. Did she land herself here? Xavier... She shook her head, ran her fingers through her blonde hair then sighed loudly.]]

[center [#9407e9 Can I please get some thing to eat?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola smiled. That was a good sign. Nikola felt her strength coming back a little bit. She saw the duffel bag in the corner, and gripped the edge of the bed tightly. Her parents wanted her here. That's why they never truly listened to her... Lola stood up, dusted off her uniform then she nodded.]]

[center [b "Course you can dear. Get dressed and when you're ready I'll walk you to the cafeteria. Perhaps later we could take a tour of the Grimsage building eh?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola reminded Nikola of a really sweet, loving grandma kind of. The way she talked made her seem so much older than she really was. Lola walked out of the room, and Nikola grabbed clothes to change into. She grabbed a black sweater, black leggings, and her black combat boots. Once she was done, she walked out of the room. Lola was standing next to the door waiting for Nikola. Nikola followed Lola down the winding halls.. She saw some inmates in the halls.. banging their heads, some were screaming She rubbed her arm as they stopped at a large door. Lola opened the door... It was the Cafeteria.]]

[center [b "It's burgers, fries, yogurt, and whatever soda ya want for Lunch. I'll be over there at the back table. When you have your food come see me."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Nikola bit her bottom lip. Maybe, this place wasn't so bad. She walked up to the line, waited to get her food, then went over to sit with Lola. She actually ate a full meal. Lola also ate some thing she brought from home. A slice of Apple Pie, and a breaded chicken wrap with milk was Lola's Lunch. Once they were both done, Nikola wanted to write... She NEEDED to write in her notebook.]]

[center [#9407e9 "Is there anywhere to have free time? I want to write."]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola told her there was a recreation room where patients could go and have 'alone time.' Nikola wanted to go there. They stood up, tossed away their trash then made their way out of the Cafeteria and down the hall to the Recreation room. The room had black carpet, white walls, a few windows, and three round tables with chairs around them. Lola grabbed Nikola's notebooks after she got Nikola settled in a seat. Nikola smiled widely when Lola brought her notebook and pen to her. Lola sat next to Nikola and Nikola felt clammy... She felt like Lola was going to read every thing she wrote..]]

[center [#9407e9 "Can you sit some where else please?"]]

[center [font "comic sans" Lola laughed, she should have known better. There were quite a few patients in the recreation room today. They were drawing, painting, and some were even playing instruments. Nikola looked around, soaking in every thing around her... She opened her notebook and began to write... She wrote about what went on in her head... Sort of like a journal. Lola sat at the table where other nurses were, peeking over at Nikola once in a while. Nikola was lost in her own little world as she wrote... Maybe, just maybe this place wasn't so bad.. Then again no one ever thought Hell was that bad either..]]
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