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[center For a moment, Yin stared up at Vergil. A mix of emotions swirled in her eyes; anger, confusion, confliction, pain, and a glint of longing to want to trust someone.

She then broken her stare and turned towards where she and her sister were supposed to meet.
"I am supposed to meet her at a large temple. It may seem narcissistic to have a temple of us in our own dimension, but... it is vital to have, especially now." She pointed where it was, and then began walking, trusting he would follow.

Her tail occasionally brushed against her own legs, and at one point, it flicked against his coat. She blushed and grabbed her tail, as if scolding it.

"Yang... has a personality that resembles her half of the symbol. But due to our mortal forms, we still have unique traits." When she realized she must've sounded like she was rambling, she bit at her lip.

"S-sorry. My point is, she's a little fiery, and not as open to trusting. She... has been the focus of being angered to the point of breaking. Many have killed me to do so. She suffers so much with the memories of destroying the things she loved..." Yin stopped walking, sighing loudly. "I don't understand what she ever did to deserve that agony..."

Once again, she caught herself going off on a tangent.

"I mean, I just- please don't mind if she's stubborn with trusting you." Yin sped up her pace towards the temple, mentally cursing her sudden openness to this stranger. Yet something about him felt so... comfortable. That feeling equally brought her joy and terror.

While Yang had been the focus of being thrown into a rampage, she had been the focus of betrayal by those that presented themselves as trusted beings. Close friends, even lovers, all only taking advantage of her desperate want to trust in someone besides fragments of her imagination, and her twin. The sisters were spiritual, and emotional beings. It would seem odd on the outside, but the twins were capable of dying from heartbreak.

As they approached the large temple, Yin stopped, staring up at the typical round symbol of Yin Yang that adorned the wall above the doors. While it was a temple with a large room for worship, there were separate rooms for the twins to live in. With a flick of her wrist, the doors opened. She stepped in, looking around for any signs of her sister.

"Rebel? You here??"

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/WIQvWvI.png]][center Raiden tilted his head slightly at the words "infestation" and "demons". This place just seemed to get weirder and weirder. However, he decided not to try questioning it too much. All he really needed to know is if he could kill them.

The mentioning of a twin was curious as well. He couldn't help but wonder if the twin was a sister as cute as her. He smirked at it his own thoughts and sighed, shaking them away. "[i You're not here to pick up girls.]"

"Oh, I'll keep that in mind." His hand fidgeted in his pocket, but he decided to restrain from playing with her ears. At least for now.

As her lengthy explanation began, Raiden remained quiet. "[i The living embodiments of Yin and Yang...? ... I'm definitely way in over my head.]" Even as confused as he was left, it made sense. They had to be powerful, and like moths to a flame, the power hungry swarmed to them to take advantage. He felt bad for her.

He watched her body language become frustrated and upset. When she started to burst, he seemed unphased, remaining calm and watching her. Every word that left her lips really sank in. He felt deep sympathy for her. Perhaps because he understood what it felt like to lose control, to destroy everything around you and feel like a complete monster.

When she apologized, he gave her a kind smile, and reached forward, very gently rubbing his hand between her ears.

"You seem like a strong woman, and I'd have to guess that if your twin is anything like you, she still loves you and sees you as a wonderful person." For a moment, he took a thumb and index finger to rub one of her ears, before he withdrew his hand back into his pocket.

When he looked forward, he realized they were no longer in the forest. "Where are we going, anyways?" ]
  {Yin} / LeonKarnak / 4y 65d 17h 4m 19s
Vergil smiled a bit more again. “Thanks, I think so too. Heh, kind of ironic since my brothers name is Dante. Don’t know my moms reasoning but...” he gave the slightest shrug. Really he did know, being his father was Sparda and all, be he wasn’t going to say that yet. Maybe one day soon, but he just didn’t want to tell her about his heritage since it might scare her away at the moment.

He gave a slight nod, growing more serious again. Though he thought a moment about how to tell her the king of Limbo was sending his hoards into this world was a bit much. Considering he thought it’d be a bit much to deal with right away. Plus how tense she seemed to get, it would be better to tell her later.

He blinked a little at her response, seeming to think it over and just listening to her. It made sense to him but how could anyone have that kind of power and not be a divine being? The answer to that question was answered when she explained more. He thought about it a moment and gave a small hum. “That explains everything. You two created this dimension to live in peace away from those that would harm or use you. That bastard Mundus must’ve found out and located you two, no doubt to use one of you to take over the human realm in my world, and multiple dimensions after that. Figures Limbo wouldn’t be enough for that demon scum...” He visibly seemed disgusted at saying THAT demons name.

“Sure. We need to stick together now, after all...” The best way out of this mess, and the best hope for all involved, would be to work together. Sure they’d still have one hell of a fight ahead of them but, as the old saying goes “Together we stand, united we fall.”
[h3 ]

She nodded at his question, giving just the smallest huff. “Yeah. My twin and I have had some...problems, with people so...” It wasn’t exactly a lie or fake but she needed a bit to think of how to explain it. “And right now, we’re dealing with a...INFESTATION....and I say infestation because that’s basically what a swarm of demons are.....” That might have been a bit for him to handle but....she had the feeling he’s dealt with enough to at least try to understand.

She chuckled a bit again. “Well, you have more restraint then I do.” She would have just destroyed it right then and there. “Ooof course, that’s partly because I have the worse temper between my twin and I...” She watched him a moment or so, just letting her tail swish side to side as she thought. Judging by the fact that not a lot of cyborgs stretch or anything like that much, he couldn’t have been one long, ten years max but she couldn’t be sure. Definitly hasn’t lost touch with his human side...

Her ears twitched more when he stood next to her, finally giving her a better perspective of how tall he really is....and considering she’s about average height, he was probably between 5‘10 and 6‘2“. Somewhere in that range anyways. She saw him glance at her ears and it just made them twitch a bit more. “If you’re thinking about messing with my ears....just don’t pull them. Hurts like hell...” She actually wouldn’t mind so much, but that was the wolf part talking.

“Hmm, for a wild guess, that was pretty spot-on.Not completely accurate though...” She paused a moment, her tail swishing a bit more. “You see, it take a LOT of energy to make all this, more than I have alone, so it took both my twin and I some time to make this. We were exhausted by the end of it but... it was worth it to get some peace...” Her tail bristled a bit at how obviously short-lived that peace was. “This is going to be a lot of information but...I think you can handle it since you seem like the kind of person that can both fight the best of them, and argue philosophy with the smartest....”

She paused a moment as she once more though how to tell him all this, swirling a small and obviously harmless flame in her hand as she did so before putting it out and speaking again.. “You see, there have been people after my twin and I for...thousands of lifetimes, literally. She and I are the embodiment of Yin and Yang so...If either of us were killed, it would throw off the whole balance of the multiverse and send the surviving one into a rage. Not pretty, especially when I’m the one out of control. Rampaging dragon bent on killing all life, not a pretty sight...And if either of us are captured and manipulated....well I’m sure you can imagine the horror...Both scenarios still give me nightmares to be honest.”

A heave sigh escaped her and her ears flattened against her head a moment, as she’d been the one to go our of control more often then Yin. Though she pushed that away. “Anyways, someone opened a tear in the dimension and...a similar tear seemed to appear where you came out of. So basically not only are a hoard of soldiers coming through but, as I said, demons that are after my twin and I...” She paused as she messed with her tail a bit. “This happens every single lifetime ! Is it so wrong to want to live in peace, instead of being used and hurt every single time. Being made to rampage, feeling the guilt and pain of acting like....like a monster. Having to remember every lifetime, every tragedy, EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE !!!” She thought a moment and sighed. “Sorry....I just...sorry.” She needed to rant for a while now but...what made her just open up to him like that she had no idea.
  Rebel/Yang / Rebel_Rebellion / 4y 113d 13h 36m 36s
[center "Vergil? I like that name. It's... fitting." Her smile was small but cute. It wasn't like she and her twin hadn't left their dimension barren of life, but sometimes she did miss living in the mortal realm. So to meet someone from the outside truly excited her. She was aware she was poorly hiding it, but she couldn't really help the excited twitching of her tail.]

[center "Wait... you know who did this?" Her ears fell flat and the fur of her tail stood. Whoever did this was going to catch major hell. Though for now she decided to keep her composure. As much as she wanted to burst out in anger, she decided to instead focus on his following comment. "What a coincidence. I have a twin as well." The tension in her body visibly relaxed a bit as she laughed. "Oh yeah, I understand."]

[center When he asked about others, she looked down, seeming to consider her words. [i He's here investigating why someone he knows opened this tear... and he didn't seem happy about mentioning whoever they are... I guess the odds are in my favor that he won't turn on me if I tell him a few things.] Then, with a heavy sigh, she scratched a bit nervously at her cheek. "Besides me and my twin... no one else is here. Well, in a sense. There were... 'people' here. But they were just figments of me and my twins imagination, so when the tears opened it was as simple as willing them to not be here anymore. We... created this dimension that you're in now." It was hard for her to explain, so she couldn't really imagine how hard it was to digest. Then, she mentally face palmed. It would make more sense if she just admitted the truth.]

[center "Whoever created this tear is after me and my twin. If either one of us were killed, it would spell absolute madness, or if one of us, especially Yang, was captured and manipulated, her powers could be used to rule several dimensions." Poking her index fingers a bit, her tail brushed against her leg and her ears drooped forward. "My true name is Yin. But.. please, call me Lexy still. It's my mortal name." Her pink eyes blinked up at him, examining his reaction curiously, hoping she hadn't overwhelmed him with too much.]

[center "Well... with all that over with... I have to head back to my sister. She'll start getting concerned if I don't meet up with her. You're free to join, Vergil."]

[center [#ffffff _]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/WIQvWvI.png]]
[center Raiden couldn't help but sigh in relief that she laughed a little at him being sassy. [i Cool... she's cute and she laughs at me being sassy.] He gave a bit of a yawn and then raised a brow. "A first?" He couldn't really understand what that meant. Were there others that ended up here with other intentions? It was a weird concept, but considering he was in a completely different dimension talking with a girl that had wolf ears and tail, he really shouldn't be surprised.]

[center Rolling his eyes a little, he pushes the scrap off and lets it fall to the side, kicking up some dirt. "Thank goodness, it was getting hard to resist the impulse to cut it into pieces." He dusted off his coat, readjusting the sword on his back and then stretching. Not that he reeaally needed to, but it felt natural to do so he did it anyways.]

[center He walked up next to her, grinning a bit. She was a bit short next to him, and he took a bit of enjoyment in that. There was an urge to reach out and play with her flickering ears, but he imagined that might be a little uncomfortable. And weird. [i Definitely the weird part.]]

[center "So... I'm going to take a really wild guess." He put his hands in his pockets and looked up at the trees. "You said you know every inch of this dimension... so based off that... did you create this place? Or maybe like... rule over it?" It was just a grab for information, in hopes he was at least somewhat right so he didn't look like an idiot.]
  .Yin. / Arcane / 4y 66d 4h 2m 21s
Vergil couldn’t help but be a bit impressed with her sword skills and how she was able to freeze them all, but just gave a small nod and followed her out of the area. It gave him a few moments to think as they ran, as he had to sort out a few thoughts on this place...and on her. ‘Okay, so she is pretty cute but...why is it she’s the only other being here...well the only one I’ve seen that ISN’T a demon from Limbo ? Oh well, I’ll find out in time.’ Even in his thoughts he noticed her staring a bit, but instead pretended like he hadn’t.

He smiled a bit as well as he shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Vergil” He could tell she was hiding something by that pause she took but he figured she had a good reason. He gave a small nod at her question, actually holding back a small chuckle as he saw her tail swish side to side. “Yes. You see, I came here to investigate what could possibly attract the attention of the one who opened that portal...” He gave a small, just slight groan of disgust at the mention of one particular demon, though he didn’t use the actual name. “Heh, it’s kind of ironic. I went from my dimension to a sort of in-between one, to here. Usually that’s the kind of thing my brother would do...” He shook his head slightly, giving a slightly dry laugh. “Twins, ya know ?”

He paused a moment or so to think, taking a glance around to actually take in his surroundings for a moment. “Out of curiosity, are you the only one living here ooor ?” By that he clearly means that he hasn’t really seen anyone else in this place so it seemed plausible that either she’d be the only one living here, the only one he’s meet and the others are in hiding, or the only one surviving the demon infestation, as he would call it.

[h3 ]

Suprisingly, prehaps even to herseld, she gave a small chuckle at his sassy reply and gave her head the slightest shake. “It’s fine.” Really she’d rather he not be fake and just say what’s on his mind the way it comes anyways. Plus she probably would’ve said something similar anyways so it actually didn’t bother her. Plus he is really handsome, though she wouldn’t say that for quite a while...if ever at all.

Her head tilted just slightly and her tail gave the slightest swish, relaxing just a tiny bit as she thought a moment. “Hmm, that’s a first...” Usually when people came snooping around where they were, before her twin and she created this world, it was always to use them or hunt them down. She thought for another moment or so and put her sword away. “I think the old and ridiculous, but in this case true, proverb applies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend...”

Her tail swished a bit more and her ears twitched a little bit again. “You could say that. I mean, I do know every inch of this dimension...” She scratched her head slightly, thinking a moment and watching him...almost as if judging him a moment and deciding something [i ‘He doesn’t seem like the type to try and destroy the multiverse and since I’m usually a good judge of character....’]. “You know what ? I really don’t like hiding who I am and I need to explain a few things, so go ahead and push that gigantic scrapmetal off and walk with me....” She thought for another moment. “Unleeess of course you’re not strong enough to lift it off yourself~ I doubt that though, seeing as how cyborgs have the strength of a machine while retaining the mind and humanity of a human....well potentially anyways...” There are a lot of cyborgs that completely disregarded their humanity... She shook off the thought and waited for him to get up before starting to walk.
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[center She could cut and slash at these demons for hours, but it was dangerous for her to be there. Even now, the longer she lingered, the more drained she became. Limbo had a debilitating effect on her, and she was uncomfortably close to the tear.]
[center "I have an idea how to stop them for now, but... it's all I got." Nodding at him, she ran towards the tear, skillfully weaving through the grasping demons. She fell into the middle of a horde of demons on the island half engulfed by the rift. [i Let's hope this works...] She grit her teeth, plunging her sword into the ground and quickly jumping backwards onto another island. From her sword ice began to cover everything. The islands, the demons, and even the tear.]
[center "Let's get outta here while we have the chance. I won't be able to control what gets frozen." Saying this urgently to the male, she made it off the islands and kept moving for a while, just to get away from the feeling of her energy being sapped.]
[center When she stopped, she sighed a little bit. "That one really took it out of me..." It was more a passing comment than anything. Her eyes then moved to linger on the male. Honestly, she was surprised he had followed her. [i Wow... he's super attractive.] Realizing her thoughts, she coughed a little and broke her stare, her ears lowering a little in embarrassment.]
[center "Ahem... my name is..." [i Yin... no, not now.] "Lexy. Call me Lexy." Her hand extended to him with a gentle smile on her face and her eyes glinting. For now, she kept to herself that she could sense him. Not too much at once, in case he's an enemy. "So... you mentioned you weren't used to fighting such large groups of demons. Does that mean... you come from that gnarly gash in the sky?" Her tail swayed a little excitedly side to side.]

[center [#ffffff _________________]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/WIQvWvI.png]]
[center He stayed stiff under the scrap of metal. He could easily lift it off, but she looked ready to attack if he made a wrong move. So he stayed under the metal and let out a long, drawn out sigh.]
[center "Not much... was just taking a leisurely stroll through the tops of the trees until I got knocked off by this here piece of mecha." Almost immediately after finishing, he hissed and mentally cursed himself. Now really wasn't the time for his mouth to have zero filter. "Sorry... sorry... it's a habit."]
[center Scratching his head, he moved a little bit, groaning in slight irritation. He really just wanted to shove it off. "I come from the same place as all those cyborgs. Except they're my enemies. Was sent here to figure out what they wanted. Turns out they don't really know." He put an elbow on the ground and propped his cheek in that hand.]
[center Suddenly he noticed something. Maybe it was an ironic thought, but her ears and tail were very odd. He'd never seen anything like it. [i Coming from the cyborg that's more robot than human...] "My name is Raiden. I'm assuming by the way you carry yourself you're familiar with this place?"]
  .Yin. / Arcane / 4y 114d 8h 41m 42s
Swarms of demons as far as the eye could see,and all one could see, aside from the . “What could Mundus want here...?” This dimension wasn’t exactly barren, rather it would be quite nice if not for the swarm of demons entering from the tear, but as far as Vergil had seen so far there there’d been no other life except the demons swarming in. He gave s sigh, pushing some silvery white hair out of his eyes and shook his head.

“Well, as long as I’m here, might as well take care of a few of these pests. Maybe then I can get some investigating done...* Better to thin out the hoard first then start looking around, that’s what he’s thinking anyways. So drawing Yamato he does just that.

Most demons go down easy enough, and normally they wouldn’t be too big a problem but there’s so many of them that it seems like two more appear for every one he cuts down. It’s quite the pain but nothing he can’t handle...at least that’s how it seemed for a while until the hoard got just a bit too unmanageable for him Not that he’s weak or anything but...he’s more the brain then the brawn type.

He sighs slightly in relief as help finally arrived. “Yeah. I’m not used to fighting swarms like this...”He stabbed a demon behind him, barely even needing to look at it as he took down another demon. “I’ll introduce myself properly once these pests are taken care of...” Normally he would have done that right away but given the circumstances...

[h3 ]

A small growl sounded as a dark figure slinked over strange terrain, grass crunched under her feet. Part of the ground was destroyed, only further aggitating her. “It’s bad enough humans use technology to destroy their own world, but now they’re here. Ugh...things never change.” She shook her head slightly, eyes turning from magenta to crimson in almost an instant.

Though she’d rather just go full wolf or something of the like, she decided her half-wolf form would be better for fighting a bunch of soldiers, and that’s exactly what she did. “Better get it over quick, get back to Yin quicker..." Her black and crimson blade cut through enemies like a knife through butter, aided by tornados of wind and flame against her enemies. Her abilities had to be limited in this area though, as she didn’t want to set the forest ablaze.

Dealing with a few of the cyborgs were easy, the giant...mechs, as far as she could tell, were more of a pain. They didn’t last long and the amount of smoke they gave off when they exploded was rather convenient as she used it to take down a few more enemies. Thankfully there wasn’t too many for her to take out until there was only one cyborg left in the area.

Yang growled slightly again, watching the male stuck under a large piece of the metal for a long moment and twitching her ears a bit. As much as she wanted to just get this the hell over with, perhaps he could answer a few of her questions..and the look on his face didn’t exactly seem like he wanted to fight. “Who are you and what the heck are you doing here ?” Her tone seems very suspicious and somewhat aggrivated, but not particularly hostile at the moment. She wanted answers more than anything.
  Rebel/Yang / Rebel_Rebellion / 4y 114d 14h 15m 7s
[center Atop a moderately sized building in a little town, stood a fox eared female. Her brown hair whipped with the wind, and her tail twitched with what seemed like irritation. In her hand was a long blade that she gripped tightly with white knuckles. Pink eyes narrowed as they stopped scanning and pinned onto something.]
[center Below her on the streets was a hunter demon, seeming unaware of where his prey was. In one hand was his large dagger, in the other was his gun. He was huge in comparison to the fox girl, but she seemed unphased.]
[center Leaning forward, she let her weight fall completely off the building, plummeting straight towards the demon. Looking up, he slashed at her, but she bounced off the blade and used the momentum to go straight at his face. Her sword lodged square in his head, and from the wound ice began covering his whole body. Crying out, he tried swatting her off, but she easily avoided that by hopping onto the ground. With a placid face, she watched as the demon reached for her as ice soon enveloped the entire demon, leaving his hand inches from her face. When she removed the sword, he shattered.]
[center "Low grade demons... looks like nothing major has pushed through the portal yet. Yang would be glad to hear this..." Sighing loudly she journeyed through the streets towards her destination, knowing exactly how to traverse there. Then again, of course she would. She helped create this dimension after all.]
[center Her goal was a power source she had felt conflicted about that was close to the tear. It was partially demonic, yes, and also very powerful, but part of it was... angelic. Though Yang elected to see it together, someone had to deal with all the military men coming in from an entirely different tear.]
[center In the distance, the tear into Limbo lingered ominously. Not only was it pouring out demons, but the energy was dark and corrupting. It was like a red gash in the horizon. The entire area around it was destroyed, and some of the chunks of her planet floated around.]
[center She stopped before the destruction and growled a little. She may have been a powerful deity, but that didn't mean it was easy making all of this a reality. Literally.]
[center In the distance she saw the source she had been searching out. It was quite far, so all she could make out in terms of details was white hair and blue clothing. It looked like he was fighting, too.]
[center Easily hopping across the floating islands, she made it onto the larger one he was fighting on, and she easily cut through a handful of the demons.]
[center "Dunno who you are, but it looked like you needed help." A row of ice daggers formed above her, and then drove into the faces of some of the demons around her. He was fighting the same guys as her, so she assumed there was a good chance he was at least a future ally.]

[center [#ffffff ____________________________________]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/WIQvWvI.png]]
[center The cyborg yawned as he kneeled in the high branches of a thickly groved tree. Below him were a bunch of lower grade cyborgs and a few K9 Units. Behind him was the tear that got him in this weird... place, in the first place. Ahead was the unknown. Well, unknown besides the large amounts of enemies.]
[center Raiden had been tasked with finding out what this tear was and why their enemies were sending armies of cyborgs inside. So far, all he had accomplished was slaughtering countless cyborgs and a few Metal Gears. He had tried getting information from some, but as it turned out, communication to their world was impossible from here, so all the information was unattainable to him. It seemed they barely knew what they were doing here either.]
[center "Never liked dead ends... what to do..." He leaned back, careful his sword wasn't moved on his back, and adjusting his coat. Not really like he needed it, but in case this place was unfamiliar to cyborgs, he brought it to help lower the shock factor of seeing a human with a lot of cyborg parts.]
[center He was uninterested in fighting the enemies below him, but it seemed someone else was intent on killing. He heard crashing and watched as the people beneath him became alert and ran towards the sound with guns ready. Someone was cutting down these nuisances. He was intrigued to find out.]
[center Getting up, he carefully maneuvered through the high tops of the trees. When he came close to the action, he stopped. The exploding Metal Gears made for a lot of smoke, so he couldn't quite see who was responsible. Suddenly, a large piece of one of the things rocketed towards him, forcing him onto the ground. He just hoped whoever was across from him in the smoke didn't automatically see him as an enemy.]
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