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is a normal fifteen year old girl of a rich family that have lost their man of the house hold. Her father, in other words. Her life was evolved around a single cat, she named

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Yayoi shook his head and tried to ignore the cat, as he seemed to be the source of how rude Kichigai was being today. Obviously he took a sip of the wrong side of the cup. (#168037
Yayoi frowned, as Kichigai had ruined his fun. Again. "Well, you don't have to be all mean about it, Boushi-sama." Yayoi complained, crossing his arms as he sat back down, somewhat slumped. This was not turning out to be fun, as he had only broken one tea cup so far today.
Alice shook her head, still confused.
"Prophecy child? What do you mean by that...?" She trailed off, not sure what to call what used to be her cat. In her heart, she missed the adorable, funny kitten she was used to being with, seeing as she had no real friends.
"Even so," She began again. "I would not have the slightest clue to what it would mean, or even what it was."
It was then Yayoi snorted, rather loudly. Cheshire, flicking his tail, let out a low growl, as a warning to the rabbit. (#880088 "Is there something you would like to say, Yayoi?" He snarled, in a sarcastic, challenging voice. The rabbit was quiet and shut his mouth, saying nothing.
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Kichigai closed his eyes, a vein popping from his left cheek, but a warm smile seemed to stay on his face somehow. (#168037
  || Kichigai Boushi-Sama || / UlquiQuiPanda / 10y 225d 23h 35m 14s
Alice seemed a bit uncomfortable at the thought.
"Um, no thank you, my mother says I too young for that." She answered, shly shaking her head no. She returned a warm hearted grin to Kichigai, who was yelling at the two. This was all insane
Yayoi couldn't help but keep smiling as he got a reaction out of Cheshire, chuckling a bit as he stuck out his tongue once more and turned towards Alice and the Hatter. This girl could not have been THE ALICE, it was impossible.
"Oh," He said disappointed, then putting back on a smile. "Then would you like some tea?" He asked, using the same cup and teapot. Alice frowned at this, feeling a bead of sweat drop from her cheek.
"I-I thought you just said that was wine."
"No.... I did not say such a thing!" Yayoi protested, changing his mood drastically. Alice seemed a bit frightened and confused by this.
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Alice watched on to everyone, quite confused. Yayoi,meanwhile, tried his best to not snicker. It was amusing, this Alice girl, and quote frankly did not see a resemblance. Yes, he had heard the girl say her name was Alice, but she did not seem like Alice. With a shrug, Yayoi did as the Hatter said, sticking his tongue out to Cheshire when Kichigai was not paying attention.
Alice stood nearby, thankful the odd man with the huge hat had spoken up about violence. She was not one who like rough housing, well, not in front of her at least. It was one of her weaknesses: fighting. "Begins...?" She slightly questioned, shaking her head as best to ignore it. This place is without a doubt mad! She thought, clearing her throat. "Not a problem at all. My name is Alice Kingsley, how do you do." Alice asked, curtseying. Despite how they all acted, they did seem to mean well.
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Alice seemed even more confused as the Hatter had said she was un-welcome, and then smiled. Clearly he had been the one to throw the tea-pot at them. Crossing her arms and looking away from him staring at her, she slumped a bit in her chair, slightly listening to the conversation.
"That's Alice?" The rabbit asked, looking a bit uncertain and scowled in disbelief. Alice kept quiet, trying her best to hold her tongue and not speak back. These people were quite rude, even to her. "I don't believe you have the right person." Irritated, Alice closed her eyes and let out a sigh, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She wasn't used to people speaking like this, well, except her mother. There was always something wrong with her in her mother's eyes.
"My name is Alice," She spoke up a bit quietly, showing no irritation in her voice or on her face. Cheshire blinked slowly, looking back at the two.
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Alice found herself following the cat man whom she had once called Cheshire at a time. It was all confusing- being pulled into a mirror and next second being in a place she could not recognize. For one thing, her cat had transformed into a person. Well, somewhat like a person. Glancing over as the two walked forward, she looked closely at him. Yes, the ears and tail were still there. She must have still been dreaming.
Cheshire, or this impostor rather, had told her something about going to see "The Hatter". Whoever that was. Why on Earth would some one refer to another as a "Hatter"? Alice wondered, deciding not to voice her opinions or questions. In fact, she remained somewhat quiet since he had gotten here, like if she didn't something bad would happen. Still, she found everything quite curious.
"Greetings" She heard the cat greet, as they walked into the house of this so called "Hatter". Alice let out a small "Eep!" As she ducked a tea-pot being sent in her direction. This had all been confusing and getting on her nerves since she got here.
"What ever was that for?" She asked, a bit ruder than how she had planned. Cheshire's ears seemed to twitch slightly at this as he looked over at her, his eyes having their usual glow.
"It's a friendly greeting," Was all he said. She lifted an eyebrow at him, confused, but kept her mouth shut, again."I see I've missed an enjoyable argument while I was gone," He noted, a small smile on his face as he looked between the two. the gun Kichigai held was still smoking slightly, recently used. Pulling a chair up, he sat down across from the table, gesturing Alice to join them. Shyly, she did so, far away from everyone else and watching them, eyes still wide in fear and wonder.
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(I (u

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