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[font "denmark" When I have a long day out, when I'm gone for hours, it feels so good to be home after.
And home is you, my everything.
You give me a hard time for leaving, but it's how our relationship works.
I would kiss you and try to make it up to you and you would give in.

Words can't explain..
How worth it being with you is.
Everything just feels so right, I can't imagine life without it.

Who I'm so happy with..
It's you, it's always been you.]
  / Lucis / 1y 316d 13h 48m 53s
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[font "denmark" When I think about it, I think I'd be beyond depressed.
Had a not met you, had you left me forever.

So thank you for saving me, thank you for staying.

I can't imagine my life without you..]]
  / Lucis / 1y 330d 15h 45m 33s
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[font "denmark" It's my birthday.
But most importantly, it's yours as well.

I have a couple wishes in mind, one wish came to me without me saying anything.
So I'm grateful for that.
But this wish is gonna be made for the both of us.

Happy birthday and may you continue to rest.

Love, your other half.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 336d 23h 53m 32s
[center [pic]]
  Lucis / 1y 339d 21h 51m 41s
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[font "denmark" I am making mistakes left and right.
I let go of my other half.. because I couldn't handle myself.
Because I love her too much.
Because every time we are together, I fall in love again.
And then it gets painful cause I can't have her.
And maybe.. just maybe.. she feels that way too.
So the distance.. it gets painful.

But all I ever did was suffocate her.
I figured that I'd suffocate myself instead.
And let her breathe.

Still, why does it still feel wrong?
Why am I still hurting her?
Am I still being selfish?]
  Lucis / 1y 339d 22h 42m 19s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" It's hard watching you go through this almost daily.
And I can't do anything about it.. at least, not beyond what I'm already doing. It's really hard.
I care about you so much.
I want to protect you.

Would you let me be your dark horse?]]
  / Lucis / 1y 343d 17h 29m 32s
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[font "denmark" I will do my best to protect you.
I will not lose you, I don't want to imagine it.
It does ache to think about that possibility.
So I'll make sure to it won't happen.

I'll make sure that light doesn't go away.]]
  / Corrupt / 1y 361d 55m 33s
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[font "denmark" Not gonna lie, I really enjoy this small walk down memory lane.
And the nostalgia of our beginning.
It's crazy to even think such a small thing lead to [i us].
We met over something we both loved.
And we're basically our muses together and individually.
We are opposites that complement each other so well.
And it's funny how I see all these posts of what people want in a relationship and a partner.
All I could see is they want something we have, right down to how we deal with one another when times get rocky.
So the fact I'm able to have that.. that's where I feel lucky.

Heh, now I'm the one making these journal entries instead.
I remember all the ones you have made about me before.
When we were younger and crazy for each other, trying to figure each other out.
But I love the way we grew together.

So I'm feeling very blessed I found my other half this early.
Blessings on blessings.

Just gonna say I'm glad the sun finally shined on me.]]
  ꜱ ᴀ ꜱ ᴜ ᴋ ᴇ / Corrupt / 2y 4d 23h 31m 58s
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[font "denmark" Not gonna say much about it because I don't kiss and tell, I like to be private.
But last night was unforgettable and it felt beyond special.
We've had many incredible nights but this one was one of the few that stood out.

I can only say passion did not need words.
And I'll give it to her, I'm glad I was patient.. tch ~
She just allows me to let go all these feelings.
Not trying to get sappy, so I'll just say I'm really happy and peaceful.
Wouldn't change a thing.

So when she called me her moonlight drifting off to sleep..
I couldn't help but smile all night till I fell asleep after.]]
  ɴᴏᴄᴛɪꜱ / Corrupt / 2y 10d 20h 23m 53s
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[font "denmark" When your girl complains you give [i too much affection]...
I am going to make her miss it all and have her appreciate a little more.
It's not easy for me to be comfortable and open to be affectionate like this to anyone regardless since I'm so emotionally withdrawn.
So if I'm so passionate towards you and I end up showering you with affection, then that gives you the right to say that you're very special to me.
Don't you make me hold myself back like everyone else already does.

Best believe, you better take them for what they're worth.
This is all in light heart though, we squashed it out.
I'm still a little ... [s butthurt] bitter.
And I hope you're reading this > >

You'll be complaining to me 'nobody loves me!!' soon instead.
You idiot ♥]
  ɴᴏᴄᴛɪꜱ / Corrupt / 2y 12d 22h 44m 4s
[center [font "denmark" You're my home.
And yes, sometimes home can be broken.
But what's broken can be mended and what hurts can be healed.

I want you to remember that no matter how dark it gets,
[b the sun will rise again.]]]
  / Corrupt / 2y 47d 15h 25m 54s

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