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I just woke up from a nap (shocker), but this one was much needed than usual, I was exhausted.
Surprisingly, you're sound asleep with me.
But that just reminds me that I appreciate how patient you are with me.
I know you get a little salty that I pass out too early on you and it doesn't give me time with you.
I don't get much time with you during the day.
And this repeats throughout the whole week, so..

I wanna say I love you so, so much.
It's comforting that someone is willing to tolerate me with my schedule, still love me by the end of each day and even love me with open arms.
I love you for allowing me in, for getting to love you back too.
I couldn't have asked for a better soulmate, other half and best friend.

There's been a formal that I was invited to for Saturday.
I could've gone with my friends, but I don't think I'd have as much fun as I would be, staying with you all day.
That's how I like my Saturdays.
Horchata-Boba time is always the best.]]
  Lucis / 1y 188d 13h 20m 3s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 I'm crazy about you too ;]]
[center [size10 You're such a sleepy head, honestly. Noctis fits you well in a lot of aspects but especially that part. If the olympics had the napping games or something, you'd win gold, no problem. NOW that I'm in your account, I'm going to leave you a little surprise..]]
[center [ [size10 I love you.]] [size10 I hope you like it.]] [center ♡]
  Lucis / 1y 189d 15h 45m 46s
[center [size11 I'm crazy about you.]]
  Lucis / 1y 190d 52m 22s
[center [pic]
[size11 Tú eres bella.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 192d 2h 39m 2s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
I love you so much.
I can always count on you to be there.
I'm so lucky.. so blessed to have you.
Thank you for coming into my life.

You've touched my heart in a way no one else can ever.
I'll do my best to show my love for you too.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 195d 3h 43m 12s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
When I'm mean to you, I feel so bad.
I'm sorry that I was a jerk last night.

Let me make it up to you.
Let me show you that I love you so.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 197d 1h 15m 1s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
Maybe I enjoy making her seem like she's suuuuper head over heels for me too much but I can't help it.
I enjoy making her look desperate ~
Haha, but if you ever got to know me enough then you'd realize how I'm just as crazy about her.
I love her to death, and enjoy every second being with her.]]
  / Lucis / 1y 198d 22h 6m 14s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
My idiot has been sick for awhile now.
I feel so bad for her, she's suffering a lot.
And I've been there soooo many times, I can even feel it secondhand.
Even though it's super cute when she calls out for me, I want her to recover.

I managed to put her to sleep for now.
She's gonna need the rest to get through the day.

Get well soon, love.]]
  Lucis / 1y 201d 4h 17m 20s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" [size11
And you tell me just lay back while you go to work
And you're working, yeah you're working ~

Cause you, you do it well
So well, so well, so well ~]]]
  Lucis / 1y 206d 13h 38m 43s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
[i You're the only therapy I know.]]]
  / Lucis / 1y 208d 10m 0s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" I've never related to this moment more than now..]]
  / Lucis / 1y 210d 10h 40m 55s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark"
Now let me show you the shape of my heart.]]
  Lucis / 1y 213d 14h 35m 5s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" Last night and even this morning really shows how deeply we feel for each other.
But it's not just that intimacy alone.
I love how.. when we're together, it seems like we're in our own little world every time we are.
I love how this whole thing still feels like young love because we're still just.. so into each other.
Sometimes we act like an old married couple by bickering a lot and silly little banter.
Not to mention, we've come so far that we don't need to be worried about relationship issues like cheating.
For someone like me... for me to feel so secure now and trusting.. and happy--that says a lot.
I'm not only grateful that you've been so patient with me throughout these years, that you've given me chances to make myself better about it, but I'm lucky to even have someone like you in the first place.

I've found my soulmate earlier than I thought I would.
And I can't ask for more, I wouldn't.. because you're more than enough.

Oh, and--
[i I love you too, forevermore.]]]
  Lucis / 1y 223d 25m 20s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" I haven't had a group of friends that really got on this level to say this..
But I know one person who could easily make me feel this type of way.
And I just so happen to end up loving her.

Lately.. despite the rough time of the year for us both,
I've come to really be reminded why I do love her a lot.
And I can write pages on pages about this, but all I wanna say is that I'm grateful for her always and forever.
She's probably noticed how much I've been showering her with affection, she's probably getting sick of it haha.
But.. I can't help how much I adore her as a human being.
She just radiates my life.]]
  Lucis / 1y 226d 16h 33m 41s
[center [pic]
[font "denmark" I know how people are scared to be saying certain things at a young age.
But where my mind has been at for these three years is--
If not you, then no one else.
Because no one can compare to the way you make me feel.
And I can't imagine anyone making me happier or seeing my life with anyone else.

I really do mean it when I say I am really happy with you.
What we have, us... it's all untouchable.]]
  Lucis / 1y 296d 17h 6m 56s

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